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Romance of the Three Kingdoms Novel Officer Appearances

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Nearly all of the officers you see referenced on this site existed in the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which this project is dedicated to. Here you can search through personages that appeared inside it, listing them with mini-biographies and a list of chapters in which they appeared. Each entry links directly to the online Brewitt-Taylor translation published at Use this project to help with the creation of biographies, to learn more about officers, or even simply to refresh your memory about an event. Please share errors or suggestions with the webmaster.

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Kingdom of Wei

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Bao Xin; Lived AD 152–192
Urged Yuan Shao to attack Dong, invited Cao Cao to govern Yan. Died fighting Turbans.
Appearances: 3, 5, 10
Bi Gui (Zhaoxian); Lived AD ?–249
Officer of Cao Shuang’s faction, executed by Sima Yi after Sima Yi’s coup.
Appearances: 106, 107
Bian Xi; Lived AD ?–200
Met Guan Yu with mock hospitality at Sishui Pass, and died for his trouble.
Appearances: 27
Bing Yuan (Genju); Lived AD ?–217
Friend of Hua Xin. Belly of “The Dragon”, a group of three scholars.
Appearances: 66
Cai He; Lived ?–208
Cai Mao’s brother. Surrendered to Wu before Chibi, but executed by Zhou Yu.
Appearances: 34, 46, 47, 49
Cai Lin; Lifespan Unknown
Officer of Zhuge Ke, he defected to Wei with his entire company at Xincheng.
Appearances: 108
Cai Mao (Degui); Lived AD ?–208
Assisted Liu Biao in taking control of Jingzhou, prevented Liu Qi from visiting father.
Appearances: 6, 7, 31, 34, 35, 3941, 45
Cai Xun; Lived AD ?–208
Relative of Cai Mao, killed with an arrow by Gan Ning in a navy battle.
Appearances: 34, 45, 50
Cai Yan (Wenji); Lived AD 177–250
Captured by the Xiongnu, but bought back by Cao Cao. Some of her poems survive.
Appearances: 71
Cai Yang; Lived AD ?–200
Sent to take Runan from Liu Bei and Liu Pi but failed and was killed.
Appearances: 2627, 28, 41
Cai Zhong; Lived AD ?–208
Cai Mao’s cousin. Surrendered to Wu before Chibi, but was killed by Gan Ning.
Appearances: 34, 46, 47, 49, 50
Cao Ang (Zixiu); Lived AD c.177–197
Served Wei. Cao Cao’s first son. Died to save his father.
Appearances: 16, 18, 68, 78
Cao Anmin; Lived ?–197
Served Wei. Cao Cao’s nephew. Died in the battle against Zhang Xiu.
Appearances: 16, 18
Cao Cao (Mengde); Lived AD 155–220
Founder of Wei. Built the foundation of what would become the Jin Dynasty.
Appearances: 16, 1077, 78, 7982, 85, 88, 91, 93, 94, 96, 97, 99, 106, 109, 111, 114, 119, 120
Cao Chun (Zihe); Lived AD 170–210
Cao Ren’s younger brother. Defeated by Zhou Yu in the southern cities.
Appearances: 51
Cao De; Lived AD ?–193
Brother of Cao Cao. Killed by Zhang Kai with his father Cao Song.
Appearances: 10
Cao Fang (Lanqing); Lived c.231/3–274
Cao Rui’s crown prince. Became Emperor at age eight. Deposed by Sima Shi.
Appearances: 106, 107, 109, 110, 114
Cao Hong (Zilian); Lived AD 169–232
Served Wei. One of Cao Cao’s cousins and a vital element of his army.
Appearances: 5, 6, 11, 12, 14, 17, 22, 24, 26, 3033, 40, 41, 43, 50, 51, 5659, 61, 69, 71, 78, 80
Cao Huan (Jingming); Lived AD 246–303
Son of Cao Yu. Last Emperor of the Wei Dynasty. Abdicated to Sima Yan.
Appearances: 114, 118, 119, 120
Cao Mao (Yanshi); Lived AD 241–260
Grandson of Cao Pi. Was made Emperor after Cao Fang’s abdication by Sima Shi.
Appearances: 109112, 114
Cao Pi (Zihuan); Lived AD 187–226
Cao Cao’s second son and successor. Deposed Emperor Xian. First Wei Emperor.
Appearances: 3234, 68, 72, 7882, 8487, 91, 93, 94, 97, 99, 106, 109, 111, 119, 120
Cao Qinghe; Lifespan Unlisted
Wife of Xiahou Mao, she slandered him after he took dancing girls with him to Chang’an.
Appearances: 91
Cao Ren (Zixiao); Lived AD 168–223
Cao Cao’s cousin. Served as Minister of War for Cao Cao.
Appearances: 5, 6, 11, 12, 14, 17, 19, 22, 23, 2931, 35, 36, 4043, 48, 50, 51, 58, 59, 6668, 7376, 8485, 86
Cao Rui (Yuanzhong); Lived AD 205–239
Emperor of Wei, he defended the dynasty from Shu and Wu, but was criticized for his spending.
Appearances: 9199, 101103, 105, 106
Cao Shuang (Zhaobo); Lived AD ?–249
Regent of Cao Fang. Underestimated Sima Yi, was stripped of power, and executed.
Appearances: 106, 107, 110
Cao Song (Jugao); Lived AD ?–193
Adopted son of Cao Teng and father of Cao Cao. Also called Xiahou Song.
Appearances: 1, 5, 10, 11, 22
Cao Wenshu; Lived AD ?–249
Relative of Cao Shuang and husband of Xiahou Lingnü. Executed alongside Shuang.
Appearances: 107
Cao Xi; Lived AD ?–249
Warned his brother about his excesses but was ignored. Recommended surrender.
Appearances: 106, 107
Cao Xiong; Lived AD ?–220
Fourth son of Cao Cao from second wife Lady Bian.
Appearances: 68, 78, 79
Cao Xiu (Wenlie); Lived AD c.178–228
Performed well against Shu and Wu but fell for Zhou Fang’s ploy at Shiting.
Appearances: 56, 68, 69, 71, 80, 8486, 91, 96, 97
Cao Xun; Lived AD ?–249
Cao Zhen’s third son. Younger brother of Cao Shuang. Executed by Sima Yi.
Appearances: 106, 107
Cao Yan; Lived AD ?–249
Brother of Cao Shuang, rose and fell with the faction’s fortunes.
Appearances: 106, 107
Cao Yong; Lived AD ?–211
General of Cao Ren. Killed by Pang De, who also took his horse.
Appearances: 58
Cao Yu (Pengzu); Lived 197–?
Son of Cao Cao. Refused to be Regent to Cao Fang due to his modest nature.
Appearances: 106, 114
Cao Zhang (Ziwen); Lived AD ?–223
Cao Cao’s second son by Empress Bian. Fond of martial arts. Died not long after Cao Cao.
Appearances: 68, 72, 78, 79
Cao Zhen (Zidan); Lived AD c.185–231
Served Wei. Adopted into Cao family. Managed affairs after Cao Pi’s death.
Appearances: 8486, 91, 9395, 9799, 100, 101, 106, 107
Cao Zhi (Zijian); Lived AD 192–232
Cao Cao’s third son by Empress Bian. Originally favored as heir over Cao Pi. Famous poet.
Appearances: 34, 44, 68, 72, 78, 79, 91
Cao Zun; Lived AD ?–227
Relative of Cao Zhen. Appointed as vanguard against Zhuge Liang. Killed by Wei Yan.
Appearances: 93, 94
Cen Wei; Lived AD ?–234
Escort for the captured Wooden Horses but was killed by Wang Ping.
Appearances: 102
Chang Diao; Lived AD ?–223
Led an attack on Ruxu but was ambushed and killed by Zhu Huan.
Appearances: 85
Chang Xi; Lived AD ?–206
One of the Taishan Bandits. Joined and rebelled against Cao Cao several times.
Appearances: 1820
Che Zhou; Lived AD 164–199
Served Cao Cao. Provisional Protector/Imperial Inspector of Xuzhou.
Appearances: 20, 21, 22
Chen Deng (Yuanlong); Lifespan Unknown
Spied on Lü Bu with his father, Gui, for Cao Cao. Joined Liu Bei, then surrendered to Cao.
Appearances: 11, 12, 14, 1619, 21, 22, 24
Chen Gong (Gongtai); Lived AD 154–198
Talented advisor who served, and died with, Lü Bu. Helped Cao Cao in the novel.
Appearances: 4, 5, 1018, 19
Chen Gui (Hanyu); Lifespan Unknown
Father of Chen Deng. Served Cao Cao and Liu Bei spying on Lü Bu, then under Cao.
Appearances: 1619, 21
Chen Jiao (Jibi); Lived AD ?–237
Known as a righteous, happy yet calm person. Highly respected governor.
Appearances: 51, 78, 79
Chen Jun; Lifespan Unknown
General of Sima Zhao. Participated in Sima Zhao’s campaign against Zhuge Dan.
Appearances: 112
Chen Lin (Kongzhang); Lived ?–217
Served under Emperor Ling, then under Yuan Shao. A superior writer.
Appearances: 2, 3, 22, 32, 56
Chen Qian (Xiuyuan); Lived c.212–?
A key Wei officer in the suppression of Zhuge Dan. Brigadier General of Jin.
Appearances: 111, 112
Chen Qun; Lifespan Unknown
Served Cao Rui. Captain under Sima Yi in his campaign against Gongsun Yuan.
Appearances: 106
Chen Qun (Changwen); Lived ?–238
Served Wei. Imperial Censor under Cao Cao. Supreme Commander under Cao Pi.
Appearances: 57, 58, 7880, 91
Chen Tai (Xuanbo); Lived AD ?–260
Defended Wei against Jiang Wei. Wept at Cao Mao’s death, and died soon after.
Appearances: 107, 109111, 114
Chen Zao; Lived AD ?–228
Vanguard of Cao Zhen’s army. Slain by Ma Dai.
Appearances: 95
Cheng He; Lived AD ?–219
Warned Yu Jin of the risk of flooding but was ignored. Killed by an arrow from Guan Yu.
Appearances: 74
Cheng Ji; Lived AD ?–260
Killed Cao Mao and Jiao Bu but was executed by Sima Zhao for it.
Appearances: 114
Cheng Wu; Lived c.201–?
Served Wei. Son of Cheng Yu. Advised Xiahou Mao against Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 92
Cheng Yin; Lived ?–211
One of Han Sui’s Eight Knights. Died fighting Cao Cao at Wei Nan.
Appearances: 58
Cheng Yu (Zhongde); Lived AD 142–221
Served Wei as an advisor. From Dong’e in Dongjun.
Appearances: 1012, 14, 16, 1925, 27, 3133, 36, 37, 4850, 56, 61, 92
Cheng Zu; Lived AD ?–260
Brother of Cheng Ji, lured Zhuge Dan into an ambush and took part in killing Cao Mao.
Appearances: 112, 114
Chi Lü (Hongyu); Lived AD ?–c.215
Slandered Kong Rong leading to his death and took away the Empress’ seal.
Appearances: 40, 66
Chou Lian; Lived AD ?–235
Advised Sima Yi to camp on the hills and was executed for disobeying an order.
Appearances: 106
Wuhuan Chu [Chu of Wuhuan]; Lifespan Unlisted
Tribal chief, swore fealty to Cao Cao rather then help the Yuan sons.
Appearances: 33
Chunyu Dao; Lived AD ?–208
Captured Mi Zhu at Changban but was spotted and slain by Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 41
Cui Liang; Lived AD ?–226
Governor of Anding, tried to lure Shu army into trap but was killed by Zhang Bao.
Appearances: 92
Cui Yan (Jigui); Lived AD 163–216
Scholar who served Yuan Shao then Cao Cao, who executed him for his opposition.
Appearances: 33, 39, 68
Dai Ling; Lifespan Unknown
Served as assistant general to Zhang He during battle against Zhuge Liang.
Appearances: 99, 100
Dai Yuan; Lived AD ?–204
Killed Sun Yi, Bian Hong and Sun He before he was assassinated.
Appearances: 38
Dang Jun; Lifespan Unknown
Served as advisor to Deng Ai. Spread false rumours about Jiang Wei.
Appearances: 113, 114
Deng Ai (Shizai); Lived AD c.197–264
Campaigned against Shu with Zhong Hui and brilliantly struck Chengdu.
Appearances: 107, 110118, 119, 120
Deng Dun; Lifespan Unlisted
Opposed the invasion of Shu so Sima Zhao had him executed.
Appearances: 115
Deng Xian; Lifespan Unknown
Meng Da’s nephew. Under orders from Sima Yi, he betrayed Meng Da.
Appearances: 94, 95
Deng Yang (Xuanmao); Lived AD ?–249
Officer of Cao Shuang, dismissed Guan Lu’s predictions. Confessed to revolt and executed.
Appearances: 106, 107
Deng Yi; Lifespan Unknown
Served under Liu Cong with Liu Xian. Surrendered to Cao Cao after Cong’s death.
Appearances: 40, 42
Deng Zhong; Lived AD ?–264
Served Wei. Deng Ai’s talented son. Died attempting to aid his father.
Appearances: 111113, 115, 117, 119
Dian Man; Lifespan Unknown
Served Wei. Dian Wei’s son, became a member of Cao Cao’s bodyguard.
Appearances: 17
Dian Wei; Lived AD 160–197
Served Wei. One of Cao Cao’s trusted guards. Dian Man’s father.
Appearances: 1012, 14, 16, 1718, 58
Ding Fei; Lifespan Unknown
Magistrate of Weinan. Set free animals at Tong Gate to confuse Ma Chao’s army.
Appearances: 58
Ding Mi (Yanjing); Lifespan Unknown
Supporter of Cao Shuang, part of the clever four club led by Xiahou Xu.
Appearances: 106, 107
Ding Yi (Jingli); Lived AD ?–220
Supporter of Cao Zhi, a man of literary talent. Executed with his brother by Cao Pi.
Appearances: 79
Ding Yi (Zhengli); Lived AD ?–220
Supporter of Cao Zhi after Cao Pi slandered him. Executed with his brother by Cao Pi.
Appearances: 79
Dong Chao; Lived AD ?–219
Objected to Pang De as leader for battle against Guan Yu.
Appearances: 74
Dong Cheng; Lived AD ?–200
Served Han as General of Cavalry and Chariots. Plots to assassinate Cao Cao.
Appearances: 13, 14, 20, 21, 23, 24, 57, 69, 73, 78, 109
Dong Heng; Lived AD ?–219
Objected to Pang De as leader for battle against Guan Yu.
Appearances: 74
Dong Si; Lifespan Unlisted
Sentenced to death for some crime, Cai Yan appealed to Cao Cao and saved him.
Appearances: 71
Dong Xin; Lifespan Unlisted
General of Xiahou Mao, ambushed Deng Zhi but was killed by Guan Xing.
Appearances: 92
Dong Xun; Lifespan Unlisted
Protested against Cao Rui’s palace building and was demoted.
Appearances: 105
Dong Zhao (Gongren); Lived AD 156–236
Served Han then Wei. Advised Cao Cao to move the capital to Xuchang.
Appearances: 14, 61, 76
Du Xi (Zixu); Lived AD ?–c.232
Proposed to the troops that Zhang He take command after Xiahou Yuan was killed.
Appearances: 66, 71
Du Yu (Yuankai); Lived AD 222–284
Served Jin to unification. The Field Marshal that led the invasion of Wu.
Appearances: 120
Duan Wei (Zhongming); Lived AD ?–210
Supplied Emperor Xian’s court despite being attacked. Destroyed Li Jue.
Appearances: 13, 17
Empress Bian; Lived AD 160–230
Wife of Cao Cao and mother of Cao Pi. Made empress dowager when Cao Pi became emperor.
Appearances: 68, 78, 79
Empress Guo; Lived AD ?–264
Wife of Cao Rui, was always consulted in government affairs by officers.
Appearances: 105107, 109112, 114, 119
Empress Guo (Nüwang); Lived AD 184–235
One of Cao Pi’s wives, said to have spread doubts about Cao Rui’s birth.
Appearances: 91
Empress Mao; Lived AD ?–237
Cao Rui’s first wife, forced to commit suicide in favour of Empress Guo.
Appearances: 105, 106
Empress Zhang; Lived AD ?–254
Daughter of Zhang Qi. Empress to Cao Fang. Ordered executed by Sima Shi.
Appearances: 109
Empress Zhen [Zhen Ji]; Lived AD 183–221
Formerly Yuan Xi’s wife. Later married to Cao Pi. Became Empress.
Appearances: 33, 91
Fan Cheng; Lifespan Unknown
Appointed a prefect of Luoyang when Cao Cao moved the capital to Xuchang.
Appearances: MR:14
Fei Yao; Lived ?–229
Officer of Wei. Reached rank of Grand Commander, but died in battle.
Appearances: 97
Feng Li; Lived AD ?–204
Served Yuan Shang. Punished for intoxication. Betrayed to Wei. Killed by Shen Pei.
Appearances: 32
Fu Gan (Yancai); Lived AD 175–?
Advised Cao Cao to concentrate on civil affairs rather then campaign against Wu.
Appearances: 66
Fu Gu (Lanshi); Lived AD c.209–255
Chair of the Secretariat, he opposed Sima Shi’s invasion of Wu.
Appearances: 108, 110
Fu Xun (Gongti); Lived AD ?–c.230
Advised Liu Cong to surrender, urged Cao Cao to become a Duke and Cao Pi to become Emperor.
Appearances: 40, 41
Gao Lan; Lived Unlisted–
Originally a talented officer of Yuan Shao. Defected with Zhang He to Wei.
Appearances: 22, 30, 31
Gao Rou (Wenhui); Lived AD 174–263
Minister of the Interior. Given provisional command of the army to seize Cao Shuang’s camp.
Appearances: 107
Geng Ji (Jixing); Lived ?–218
Launched a coup against Cao Cao. Wounded Wang Bi. Executed after his failure.
Appearances: 69
Gongsun Gong; Lifespan Unknown
Advised Kang to kill Yuan Xi and Shang. Impotent and weak, he was deposed by Gongsun Yuan.
Appearances: 33, 44, 106
Gongsun Xiu; Lived AD ?–238
Originally served Wei. Rebelled with his father, Yuan, and was executed by Sima Yi.
Appearances: 106
Gongsun Yuan; Lived AD ?–238
Originally subject to Wei. Declared himself King of Yan, but was executed by Sima Yi.
Appearances: 105, 106
Gou An; Lifespan Unknown
Drunkard officer under Li Yan. Beaten for arriving late with supplies, and fled to Wei.
Appearances: 100, 101, 107, 108, 116
Guan Lu (Gongming); Lived AD 209–256
A soothsayer able to foresee the coming deaths of others.
Appearances: 69, 106, 107
Guan Yu (Yunchang); Lived AD 160–219
Sworn brother of Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. First of the Five Tiger Generals.
Appearances: 1, 2, 57, 1122, 2428, 31, 3443, 45, 4953, 55, 56, 60, 63, 6567, 70, 7376, 77, 7883, 85, 94, 97, 110, 120
Guanqiu Dian (Zibang); Lifespan Unknown
Son of Guanqiu Jian, he advised his father to rebel.
Appearances: 110
Guanqiu Jian (Zhonggong); Lived AD ?–256
Officer of Wei. Revolted against Sima Shi when he deposed Cao Fang.
Appearances: 105, 108, 109, 110
Gui Lan; Lived AD ?–204
Killed Sun Yi, Bian Hong and Sun He before he was executed by Sun Yi’s officials.
Appearances: 38
Guo Huai (Boji); Lived AD 187–255
Served Wei and fought extensively against Shu. Brother of Guo Pei. Father of Guo Tong.
Appearances: 70, 9399, 101103, 107, 108, 109
Guo Jia (Fengxiao); Lived AD 170–207
Served Cao Cao as a trusted adviser during the formative years of Wei.
Appearances: 1012, 14, 1619, 21, 23, 24, 29, 32, 33, 34, 50
Han De; Lived AD ?–227
Served Wei. Father to Han Ying, Yao, Qiong, and Qi. Died at Changshan facing Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 92
Han Fu; Lived AD ?–200
Governor of Luoyang, killed by Guan Yu while guarding the passes. Related to Wang Zhi.
Appearances: 27
Han Hao (Yuansi); Lived AD 164–219
Rescued Xiahou Dun from being held hostage. Supported the farm reforms.
Appearances: 39, 70, 71
Han Ji (Gongzi); Lived AD ?–238
Sent by Cao Rui to tell Cao Zhen not to give battle against Zhuge Liang.
Appearances: 98
Han Qi; Lived AD ?–227
Served Wei. Youngest of Han De’s four sons. Died at Changshan facing Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 92
Han Qiong; Lived AD ?–227
Served Wei. Third of Han De’s four sons. Died at Changshan facing Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 92
Han Sui (Wenyue); Lived AD c.144–215
Worked with Ma Chao, before defecting to Cao Cao. Lost his hand to Ma Chao.
Appearances: 10, 21, 23, 44, 48, 5759, 120
Han Xuan; Lived AD 163–c.209
Magistrate of Changsha. Wei Yan killed him and surrendered to Liu Bei.
Appearances: 41, 53, 70
Han Yao; Lived AD ?–227
Served Wei. Second of Han De’s four sons. Died at Changshan facing Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 92
Han Ying; Lived AD ?–227
Served Wei. Eldest of Han De’s four sons. Died at Changshan facing Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 92
Han Zong; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent by Hu Zun to attack Wu forts but was killed in a raid by Ding Feng.
Appearances: 108
Handan Chun (Zishu); Lifespan Unlisted
Sent to visit Cao Zhi and was greatly impressed by what he saw. A Confucian Exemplars.
Appearances: 71
Hao Zhao (Bodao); Lived Unknown–
A talented officer of Wei. Successfully defended against Zhuge Liang at Chencang.
Appearances: 96, 97, 98
He Xia (Yangshi); Lived Unknown–
Rescued Mao Jie from jail but unable to restore his rank. Supported Cao Pi’s succession and ascension.
Appearances: 66
He Yan (Pingshu); Lived AD ?–249
Was a trusted friend of Cao Shuang, a leading writer and philosopher. Took drugs.
Appearances: 106, 107
He Zeng (Yingkao); Lived AD 199–278
Son of He Kui. Advised Sima Zhao to make his eldest son Sima Yan his heir.
Appearances: 119
Hou Cheng; Lived 158–?
Cavalry commander under Lü Bu. Defected to Cao Cao.
Appearances: 11, 12, 18, 19
Hou Xuan; Lifespan Unlisted
One of Han Sui’s Eight Knights. Surrendered to Cao Cao along with Han Sui.
Appearances: 58, 59
Hu Fen (Xuanwei); Lived ?–288
Killed Zhuge Dan of Wu. Advised Du Yu to wait before attacking Jianye.
Appearances: 112, 120
Hu Lie (Wuxuan); Lifespan Unlisted
Took part in invasion of Shu, got former a vassal to warn his son about Zhong Hui’s revolt.
Appearances: 116, 119
Hu Yuan (Shiyuan); Lifespan Unlisted
Son of Hu Lie, his army killed Zhong Hui and defeated Jiang Wei’s revolt.
Appearances: 119
Hu Zhi (Wende); Lived AD ?–250
Governor of Dongwan, took part in Cao Xiu’s invasion of Wu.
Appearances: 96
Hu Zun; Lifespan Unlisted
Led the van against Gongsun Yuan then led the van in an invasion of Wu’s Dongxing.
Appearances: 106, 108, 110
Hua Xin (Ziyu); Lived AD 157–231
Head of “The Dragon”, a group of three scholars. Promoted Emperor Xian’s abdication.
Appearances: 29, 56, 66, 69, 78, 79, 80, 91, 94, 99
Hua Yong; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent by Wang Jing to work with others and harass Jiang Wei
Appearances: 110
Huan Fan (Yuanze); Lived AD ?–249
Known as “Bag of Wisdom”, his advice was not heeded by Cao Shuang. Jailed by Sima Yi.
Appearances: 106, 107
Huan Jie (Boxu); Lived AD ?–c.223
Negotiated the return of Sun Jian’s body. Involved with Xian’s abdication.
Appearances: 7, 8, 79, 80
Huang Kui; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent to lure Ma Teng into a trap, he instead aided Ma Teng in trying to kill Cao Cao.
Appearances: 57, 58
Huang Quan (Gongheng); Lifespan Unlisted
Served Liu Zhang and later Liu Bei. Surrendered to Wei out of necessity.
Appearances: 60, 62, 64, 65, 8085
Huangfu Kai; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Wei and, later, Jin. Joined Zhong Hui in his conquest of Hanzhong.
Appearances: 116
Ji Miao (Wenran); Lived ?–218
Son of Ji Ping. Joined Geng Ji’s coup to avenge his father but was killed in the fighting.
Appearances: 69
Ji Mu (Siran); Lived ?–218
Son of Ji Ping. Fled the capital but returned secretly. Died in Geng Ji’s coup.
Appearances: 69
Jia Chong (Gonglü); Lived AD 217–282
Suggested usurpation of the throne to Sima Yan and opposed invasion of Wu.
Appearances: 111, 114, 115, 118120
Jia Fan; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Gongsun Yuan. Was executed by Yuan for opposing his declaration of independence.
Appearances: 106
Jia Kui (Liangdao); Lived AD 174–228
Served as strategist to Cao Xiu, seeing through Zhou Fang’s plot.
Appearances: 79, 96, 111
Jia Xu (Wenhe); Lived AD 147–223
Skillful advisor. Served Dong Zhuo, Li Jue, Guo Si, Zhang Xiu, then Cao Cao.
Appearances: 9, 10, 13, 14, 1618, 23, 30, 32, 59, 6668, 74, 7880, 82, 85, 86
Jiang Ban; Lifespan Unlisted
Advised Zhuge Dan to force a battle to escape but was rejected. Surrendered to Wei.
Appearances: 112
Jiang Gan (Ziyi); Lifespan Unlisted
Friend of Zhou Yu, he was sent to spy on Wu but was tricked, helping to cause Wei’s defeat at Chibi.
Appearances: 4547, 57
Jiang Ji (Zitong); Lived AD ?–249
Advised against moving the capital when Guan Yu attacked. Helped Sima Yi deal with Cao Shuang.
Appearances: 75, 86, 107
Jiang Shu; Lifespan Unknown
Jiang Wei highly prized his talent, was disgruntled and defected in Wei’s invasion.
Appearances: 112116
Jiang Wei (Boyue); Lived AD 202–264
Served Shu as Minister of War, eventually inheriting Zhuge Liang’s responsibilities.
Appearances: 92105, 107118, 119, 120
Jiang Xu (Boyi); Lifespan Unlisted
Helped to drive out Ma Chao, but Ma Chao killed his mother, defeated Ma Chao again later on.
Appearances: 64
Jiao Bing; Lifespan Unlisted
His troops met Zhao Yun at Hanzhong and Jiao Bing was quickly killed.
Appearances: 71
Jiao Bo; Lifespan Unlisted
Bodyguard of Cao Mao, he was slain by Cheng Ji while trying to protect his lord.
Appearances: 114
Jiao Chu; Lived AD ?–208
Served Yuan Xi with Zhang Nan. Betrayed to Cao Cao. Killed by Han Dang at Chibi.
Appearances: 33, 41, 48
Jiao Yi; Lifespan Unlisted
Advisor of Zhuge Dan, slipped over the walls and surrendered to Wei.
Appearances: 112
Jin Xuan (Yuanji); Lived AD ?–208
Served as Governor of Wuling. Defeated by Zhang Fei.
Appearances: 53
Jin Yi (Deyi); Lived ?–218
Descendant of Jin Midi. Advised Geng Ji on killing Wang Bi. Died fighting in the coup.
Appearances: 69
Kong ?; Lived AD 201–208
Played chess with his sister as Kong Rong was being executed. Predicted he would die.
Appearances: 40
Kong Rong (Wenju); Lived AD 153–208
A famed scholar who did not always get on with his lords. One of the Seven Masters.
Appearances: 5, 11, 15, 2023, 40
Kong Xiu; Lifespan Unlisted
One of the defenders of the Passes killed by Guan Yu.
Appearances: 27
Kuai Yue (Yidu); Lifespan Unlisted
Younger brother of Kuai Liang. Became a vassal of Wei when Cao Cao took Jing.
Appearances: 6, 7, 34, 40, 41
Lady Cai; Lifespan Unlisted
Helped install Liu Cong to throne, defended Han Song from her husband.
Appearances: 34, 35, 40, 41
Lady Ding; Lived AD ?–c.220
Cao Cao’s first wife, she blamed him for Cao Ang’s death and they divorced.
Appearances: 68
Lady Jiang; Lived AD c.131–213
Urged her son to attack Ma Chao. Executed by Ma Chao after insulting him.
Appearances: 64
Lady Kong; Lived AD 202–208
Didn’t accept offer of broth as she was uncertain of fate. Met her execution bravely.
Appearances: 40
Lady Li; Lifespan Unlisted
Wife of Pang De, Pang Hui was assigned to her care, she wept as he went to face Guan Yu
Appearances: 74
Lady Liu; Lifespan Unlisted
Mother of Cao Ang, Cao Shuo and one daughter, Liu died young.
Appearances: 68, 78
Lady Liu; Lifespan Unlisted
Wife of Cao Shuang, asked Pang Ju what Sima Yi’s revolt meant for them.
Appearances: 107
Wang Yi; Lifespan Unlisted
Rebuked her husband so he would fight Ma Chao but lost her son. Took part in city defence.
Appearances: 64
Xiahou Lingnü; Lifespan Unlisted
Married to Cao Wenshu, a relative of Cao Shuang, mutilated herself rather then marry again.
Appearances: 107
Lady Zhao; Lived AD ?–260
Executed along with Wang Jing, told him she didn’t regret being executed.
Appearances: 114
Lady Zhi; Lived AD ?–211
Wife of Huang Kui, she knew something was upsetting him but couldn’t find out what.
Appearances: 57
Li Chunxiang; Lived AD ?–211
Concubine of Huang Kui, was executed along with her lover by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 57
Li Dian (Mancheng); Lived AD c.181–c.217
Served Wei. Assisted Zhang Liao in the defense of Hefei.
Appearances: 5, 6, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 2224, 27, 3033, 35, 36, 39, 40, 42, 48, 50, 53, 67, 68
Li Feng (Xuanguo); Lived AD ?–254
Famed from a young age, had a habit of faking illness. Plotted against Sima Shi.
Appearances: 109, 110
Li Fu (Zixian); Lifespan Unknown
Snuck through the Wei lines into Ye and then back out again.
Appearances: 32, 97
Li Fu; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent by Zhong Hui to besiege Wang Han at Yuecheng.
Appearances: 116
Li Fu; Lived Unlisted–
Memorialised Cao Pi saying signs from Heaven said he should become Emperor.
Appearances: 79, 80
Li Hu; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent with documents of kingdom to Deng Ai and to arrange the surrender.
Appearances: 118
Li Kan; Lived AD ?–211
One of Han Sui’s Eight Knights. Accidentally killed by Yu Jin’s arrow.
Appearances: 58, 59
Li Peng; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Sima Wang, rode to Wang Zhen’s aid but was killed by Jiang Wei.
Appearances: 112
Li Sheng (Gongzhao); Lifespan Unlisted
Member of Cao Shuang’s faction, he was sent to check on Sima Yi’s health.
Appearances: 106, 107
Li Tong (Wenda); Lived AD c.168–c.209
An officer of Wei. Saved Cao Cao’s rearguard in the retreat from Zhang Xiu.
Appearances: 18, 48, 58
Liang Ji; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent by Sima Yi as messenger to Meng Da, tricking him into revolt.
Appearances: 94
Liang Kuan; Lifespan Unlisted
Revolted against Ma Chao at Yicheng, executing Ma Chao’s family.
Appearances: 64
Liang Qian; Lifespan Unlisted
General under Ma Zun, he had a few roles in Jiang Wei’s plans.
Appearances: 93
Liang Xu; Lifespan Unlisted
Originally of Wei, he submitted to Zhuge Liang and was made Governor of Tianshui.
Appearances: 92, 93
Liu Ba (Zichu); Lived AD 173–222
Rescued Shu’s economy after Liu Bei’s troops had plundered the treasury.
Appearances: 62, 65, 91
Liu Bei (Xuande); Lived AD 161–223
First Emperor of Shu and sworn brother of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.
Appearances: 1, 2, 57, 1128, 3145, 4749, 5158, 6074, 7684, 85, 8689, 91, 93, 97, 102106, 117120
Liu Cong; Lifespan Unlisted
Inherited Liu Biao’s kingdom upon his death, then surrendered it to Cao Cao.
Appearances: 34, 40, 41, 43
Liu Da; Lifespan Unlisted
General of Wang Jing, helped fight Jiang Wei.
Appearances: 110
Liu Dai (Gongshan); Lifespan Unlisted
Fought Liu Bei with Wang Zhong but had no success.
Appearances: 22, 23, 24
Liu Du; Lived 168–?
Governor of Lingling. He surrendered to Liu Bei after his son was defeated.
Appearances: 52
Liu Fang (Ziqi); Lived AD ?–250
Recommended Cao Shuang as joint regent of Cao Fang. A brilliant writer, Han lineage.
Appearances: 106
Liu Fu (Yuanying); Lived AD ?–208
His farming and defence improvements in Yangzhou allowed Wei to keep control of the area.
Appearances: 48
Liu Shan (Gongsi); Lived AD 207–271
Liu Bei’s son and the second Emperor of Shu. Destroyed Shu through ineptitude.
Appearances: 34, 41, 42, 54, 61, 73, 80, 81, 8587, 91, 96, 97102, 104, 105, 107, 108, 110119, 120
Liu Shao (Kongcai); Lifespan Unlisted
Sent by Cao Rui to save Jiangxia from Wu. Compiled a considerable number of works.
Appearances: 103
Liu Shi (Zizhen); Lifespan Unlisted
Predicted Shu would fall but also that neither Deng Ai nor Zhong Hui would return.
Appearances: 116
Liu Xi; Lifespan Unlisted
Mourned the death of his father Liu Fu.
Appearances: 48
Liu Xian (Shizong); Lifespan Unknown
Served under Liu Cong with Deng Yi. Surrendered to Cao Cao after Cong’s death.
Appearances: 40, 42
Liu Xun (Zitai); Lifespan Unlisted
Tricked into abandoning his city by Sun Ce and fled to Cao Cao. Executed for extortion and corruption.
Appearances: 29
Liu Yan; Lived AD ?–200
Grand Administrator of Dong commandery. Yuan Shao sent Yan Liang to attack him.
Appearances: 25, 27
Liu Ye (Ziyang); Lived AD 171–232
With other officials, went to Emperor Xian to petition his abdication to Cao Pi.
Appearances: 10, 12, 14, 23, 30, 41, 67, 71, 79, 82, 85, 86, 99
Liu Yi (Gongsi); Lived AD 181–221
Among the officials that petitioned Emperor Xian to abdicate to Cao Pi.
Appearances: 79
Lou Gui (Zibo); Lived Unknown–
A former officer of Jing, assured Cao Cao that Liu Cong’s surrender was real.
Appearances: 59
Lu Chang; Lifespan Unlisted
Attacked Guan Yu while the Shu general crossed a river but his troops fled.
Appearances: 73
Lu Jian; Lifespan Unlisted
Xu Huang’s second in command, he helped defeat Guan Ping’s army.
Appearances: 75, 76
Lü Kuang; Lived AD ?–?
Served Yuan Shang. Defected to Yuan Tan then Cao Cao. Attacking Liu Bei, killed by Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 32, 33, 35
Lü Qian (Zike); Lifespan Unlisted
Served Cao Cao, and later Cao Pi, as Military Aide.
Appearances: 1012, 14, 18, 23, 26, 32, 48, 86
Lü Xiang; Lived AD ?–207
Younger brother of Lü Kuang, whom he followed everywhere.
Appearances: 32, 33, 35
Lu Zhao; Lifespan Unlisted
Dispatched with Liu Bei to block Yuan Shu’s attempts to get to Yuan Shao.
Appearances: 21
Lu Zhi; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Cao Shuang who fled the capital to warn his master.
Appearances: 107
Ma Jun (Deheng); Lifespan Unlisted
Master of Works for Cao Rui. Advised the Emperor to drink Celestial Elixir.
Appearances: 105
Ma Teng (Shoucheng); Lived AD ?–212
Governed Xiliang. Descendant of the famous warrior Ma Yuan. Ma Chao’s father.
Appearances: 5, 10, 20, 21, 23, 24, 44, 48, 57, 58, 59, 65, 78, 120
Ma Tie; Lived AD ?–212
Killed in a volley of arrows as Cao Cao attacks the Ma’s outside Xuchang.
Appearances: 57, 58
Ma Xiu; Lived AD ?–212
Second son of Ma Teng. Executed by Cao Cao on his way to Xuchang.
Appearances: 57, 58
Ma Yan; Lived AD ?–208
Served Yuan Shang, and later Cao Cao. Killed by Gan Ning.
Appearances: 32, 33, 41, 50
Ma Zun; Lifespan Unlisted
Was defeated by Shu and fled to Hu, drives Jiang Wei into Shu by his paranoia.
Appearances: 92, 93
Man Chong (Boning); Lived AD c.171–242
Served Cao Cao as Military Aide. Helped to repel Shu’s fifth northern campaign.
Appearances: 10, 14, 20, 21, 23, 31, 32, 73, 74, 96, 98, 103
Mao Jie (Xiaoxian); Lived AD 161–216
Served as Military Aide to Cao Cao. Later Staff Supervisor, then Naval Commander.
Appearances: 10, 11, 14, 24, 39, 45, 46, 48, 50
Meng Da (Zijing); Lived AD ?–228
Refused aid to Guan Yu. Defeated by Sima Yi. In novel, kills Xu Huang.
Appearances: 60, 62, 65, 7073, 76, 77, 79, 85, 86, 94, 95, 106
Meng Jian (Gongwei); Lifespan Unlisted
Friend of Xu Shu and Zhuge Liang. Joined Wei. Became Inspector of Liang Province.
Appearances: 37
Meng Tan; Lived AD ?–200
Proposed ambushing Guan Yu but the plan failed and he was killed.
Appearances: 27
Mi Fang (Zifang); Lived Unknown–
Mi Zhu’s brother. Served all three kingdoms. Surrendered to Wu after threat of punishment from Guan Yu.
Appearances: 18, 22, 28, 31, 3941, 49, 63, 65, 73, 75, 76, 81, 83
Miao Ze; Lived AD ?–211
Informed Cao Cao of Huang Kui’s plot so he could marry Li Chunxiang.
Appearances: 57
Murong Lie; Lived AD ?–219
Officer of Wei Ping, he was cut down by Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 71
Niu Jin; Lifespan Unlisted
Subordinate of Cao Ren. Attacked Zhou Yu’s camp at Nanjun, but was defeated and rescued by Cao Ren.
Appearances: 51
Pan Ju; Lifespan Unlisted
Commander of the Gates, he ordered his men to fire upon Sima Yi.
Appearances: 107
Pang De (Lingming); Lived AD ?–219
Served Ma Chao, Zhang Lu, then Cao Cao. Fought against Guan Yu at Fancheng.
Appearances: 58, 59, 64, 65, 67, 68, 72, 74, 75, 78
Pang Hui; Lifespan Unlisted
Pang De’s son. Had Guan Yu’s clan exterminated after Shu’s surrender.
Appearances: 74
Pei Jing; Lifespan Unlisted
Advised Sima Yi to move camp on higher ground but agreed with Sima Yi’s reasons.
Appearances: 106
Qian Hong; Lived AD 218–271
Served Wei. District Governor of Jincheng before helping Deng Ai’s invasion of Shu.
Appearances: 116118
Qin Lang (Yuanming); Lifespan Unlisted
Adopted son of Cao Cao. Led troops to pacify the Xianbei in 233. Close to Cao Rui.
Appearances: 102
Qin Liang; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent to scout by Cao Zhen, he was lured into an ambush and killed by Liao Hua.
Appearances: 100
Qin Ming; Lifespan Unlisted
Killed by Zhang Wen as a part of a fake defector scheme.
Appearances: 102
Qin Qi; Lived AD ?–200
Served Wei under Xiahou Dun. In novel, killed by Guan Yu leaving Cao Cao.
Appearances: 27, 28
Qiu Ben; Lifespan Unlisted
Advisor to Deng Ai, calms him down and advises to try and surprise Zhuge Zhan.
Appearances: 117
Qiu Jian; Lifespan Unlisted
Commander of Zhong Hui, helped warn Wei forces of Zhong Hui’s revolt.
Appearances: 119
Quan Duan; Lifespan Unlisted
Defended Shouchun during Zhuge Dan’s rebellion, but surrendered to Wei.
Appearances: 111, 112
Quan Yi; Lifespan Unlisted
Tries to cut way into Shouchun but sees defeat is inevitable. Defects and persuades family to do so.
Appearances: 112
Quan Wei; Lifespan Unlisted
Quan Duan’s son. Aided Zhuge Dan’s rebellion, but had to surrender.
Appearances: 112
Quan Yi; Lifespan Unlisted
Quan Cong’s son. Sent to aid Zhuge Dan’s rebellion, but surrendered to Wei.
Appearances: 108, 111, 112
Red Hare [Chituma]; Lived AD ?–c.220
Lü Bu’s famed horse. “Among men, Lü Bu; among horses, Red Hare.” Novel: Later given to Guan Yu by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 3, 5, 8, 11, 19, 25, 2628, 42, 50, 74, 77
Ren Jun (Boda); Lived AD ?–204
Looked after military stores with Mao Jie.
Appearances: 14, 17
Shao Ti (Yuanbo); Lifespan Unlisted
Advisor of Sima Zhao’s. Warned Sima Zhao about trusting Zhong Hui.
Appearances: 115, 116, 118
Shen Dan (Yiju); Lived AD ?–258?
Brother of Shen Yi. Governor of Shangyong. Surrendered from Wei to Shu to Wei.
Appearances: 73, 79, 94, 95
Shen Rong; Lifespan Unknown
Nephew of Shen Pei. Betrayed Jizhou after the family of his friend, Xin Pi, was executed.
Appearances: 32
Shen Yi; Lifespan Unknown
Brother of Shen Dan. Friend of Meng Da. Surrendered from Wei to Shu then again to Wei.
Appearances: 79, 94, 95
Shi Bao (Zhongrong); Lived AD ?–272
Sold weapons to make a living, became a leading general of Jin and a popular offical.
Appearances: 111, 112, 119
Shi Huan (Gongliu); Lived AD ?–209
General of Xu Huang, captured messenger which gave them vital information.
Appearances: 30, 31, 32
Shi Tao (Guangyuan); Lifespan Unknown
Old friend of Zhuge Liang. Joined Cao Cao with Xu Shu and worked on agriculture.
Appearances: 37, 113
Shi Zuan; Lifespan Unlisted
Joined Deng Ai’s attack on the Riverlands. Was made Imperial Protector of Yizhou.
Appearances: 111, 113, 114, 115, 117, 118
Si Fan; Lifespan Unlisted
Tricked by his old patron Huan Fan into letting him out of the city.
Appearances: 107
Sima Fang (Jiangong); Lived AD 149–219
Sima Yi’s father. An honest hermit who had a sense of public duty.
Appearances: 39, 119
Sima Fu (Shuda); Lived AD 180–272
Served Wei loyally to the end, weeping over Cao Mao’s corpse and refusing Jin princedom.
Appearances: 78, 107, 109, 114, 119
Sima Lang (Boda); Lived AD 171–217
Humane offical, his governing was popular with the people.
Appearances: 39
Sima Shi (Ziyuan); Lived AD ?–255
Sima Yi’s son. Instrumental in the rise of Jin.
Appearances: 94, 102, 103, 106109, 110, 119
Sima Wang (Zichu); Lived AD 205–271
Fought Shu with Deng Ai, ambushed and killed Xiahou Ba.
Appearances: 112116, 119
Sima Yan (Anshi); Lived AD 236–290
Installed as the first Emperor of the Jin Dynasty.
Appearances: 114, 119, 120
Sima Yi (Zhongda); Lived AD 179–251
A skilled advisor of the Wei kingdom. His efforts laid the foundation of Jin.
Appearances: 39, 69, 73, 75, 77, 78, 80, 85, 86, 91, 94107, 108, 109, 119
Sima You (Dayou); Lived AD ?–c.283
Second son of Sima Zhao. Known as a kind and warm-natured man.
Appearances: 119
Sima Zhao (Zishang); Lived AD 211–265
Son of Sima Yi. Father of Sima Yan. Controlled the Wei army after his brother, Shi’s, death.
Appearances: 94, 95, 102, 103, 106118, 119
Song Bai; Lifespan Unlisted
Governor, takes in the defeated Guanqiu Jian, then murdered his drunken guest.
Appearances: 110
Song Xian; Lived AD ?–?
Served Lü Bu, but joined Cao Cao after Hou Cheng was punished. Killed by Yan Liang.
Appearances: 11, 1619, 25
Su Yong; Lived AD ?–228
Vanguard commander of Guo Huai (who served Cao Zhen). Killed by Zhao Zilong.
Appearances: 95
Su You; Lifespan Unknown
Defended Ji when Yuan Shang went to help his brother against Cao Cao.
Appearances: 32
Su Yue; Lifespan Unlisted
Hired to build a new palace for Cao Cao, tree he picks bleeds.
Appearances: 78
Sun Qian; Lifespan Unlisted
Persuaded Pan Ju to stop shooting Sima Yi.
Appearances: 107
Sun Guan (Zhongtai); Lived AD ?–217
Second only to Zang Ba, followed him across the land. Wounded while fighting Sun Quan.
Appearances: 1820
Sun Li (Deda); Lived AD ?–250
Fought against Shu under Sima Yi and Cao Zhen. Became an Excellency.
Appearances: 95, 9799, 101103
Sun Zi (Yanlong); Lived AD ?–251
Recommended Cao Shuang as Regent, advised policy of waiting against Shu and Wu.
Appearances: 96, 106
Tang Zi; Lifespan Unlisted
Served Wu then surrendered to Wei. Collected ships for Zhong Hui.
Appearances: 108, 111, 112, 115
Tian Chou (Zitai); Lived AD c.169–214
Acted as guide against Wuhuan for Wei, refused reward as he felt he had failed Liu Yu.
Appearances: 33
Tian Xu; Lifespan Unlisted
Slew Deng Ai and his son in revenge for Deng Ai nearly executing him.
Appearances: 116, 117, 119
Tian Yu (Guorang); Lived AD ?–c.250
General of Wei under Cao Rui. Dispatched to Xiangyang to counter Wu’s invasion.
Appearances: 103
Tian Zhang; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Zhong Hui in Wei’s later days.
Appearances: 116
Wan Zheng; Lifespan Unknown
Fictional lieutenant under Guo Huai in AD 228. Defeated and spared by Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 95
Wang Bi; Lived AD ?–218
In charge of Imperial Guard, warned Cao Xiu of Geng Ji’s revolt but died from his wounds.
Appearances: 69
Wang Can (Zhongxuan); Lived AD 177–217
One of the great literary figures of the time. Urged Liu Cong to surrender to Wei.
Appearances: 40, 41, 56, 66
Wang Chang (Wenshu); Lived AD ?–259
Compiled treatises on government and military matters. Leading general against Wu.
Appearances: 108
Wang Guan (Weitai); Lived AD ?–260
Came up with a plan to trick Jiang Wei but it failed, died valiantly.
Appearances: 107, 114
Wang Han; Lifespan Unlisted
Defender of Yuecheng, surrendered on the loss of Hanzhong.
Appearances: 113, 115, 116
Wang Hou; Lifespan Unlisted
Controlled supplies during a time when food was short, executed to appease the troops.
Appearances: 17
Wang Hun (Xuanchong); Lifespan Unlisted
Warned that Sun Hao’s army was formidable and that they should wait a year.
Appearances: 120
Wang Ji (Boxing); Lived AD 190–261
Fought against Wu and Guanqiu Jian, fighting in three duels and advising to win hearts.
Appearances: 110112
Wang Jing (Yanwei); Lived AD ?–260
Struggled against Jiang Wei. Supported Cao Mao when Mao tried to remove Sima Zhao.
Appearances: 110, 111, 114
Wang Kai; Lifespan Unlisted
Helped Zhang Miao’s revolt, advised Lü Bu to seek Yuan Shu’s help.
Appearances: 19
Wang Lang (Yingxing); Lived ?–228
Originally the prefect of Huiji, he later joined Wei. Debated with Zhuge Liang.
Appearances: 15, 56, 79, 80, 91, 93
Wang Ping (Zijun); Lived AD ?–248
Served Wei but later surrendered to Shu. Served in the northern campaigns.
Appearances: 7173, 8793, 95102, 105
Wang Qi (Kongshi); Lifespan Unknown
Served Wei. District Governor of Tianshui before helping Deng Ai’s invasion of Shu.
Appearances: 116, 117
Wang Shen (Chudao); Lived AD ?–266
Compiled Wei-shu, the offical history of Wei. Betrayed Cao Mao’s revolt to Sima Zhao.
Appearances: 114
Wang Shuang (Ziquan); Lived AD ?–229
Served Cao Rui. Defeated Zhang Ni, and was later killed by Wei Yan.
Appearances: 85, 97, 98, 99
Wang Su (Ziyong); Lived AD 195–256
The son of Wang Lang. Aided the Sima’s in creating Jin. Father of Sima Zhao’s wife.
Appearances: 99, 109, 110, 119
Wang Tao; Lifespan Unlisted
Civil officer, advised Sima Zhao to pray to the fountain so he could feed the troops.
Appearances: 109
Wang Xiang (Xiuzheng); Lived AD 185–269
Convinced Sima Zhao to name Sima Yan heir, along with Jia Chong, Pei Xiu and others.
Appearances: 116, 119
Wang Xiu (Shuzhi); Lived AD ?–c.216
Served Yuan Tan loyally. Joined Cao Cao after Yuan Tan’s death in AD 205.
Appearances: 32, 33
Wang Yan; Lifespan Unlisted
Captured Gao Gan and was well rewarded. Served as an administrator in many places.
Appearances: 33
Wang Yi (Wendu); Lifespan Unlisted
Helped in Emperor’s Xian escape, he reacted to being fired by going straight to Xu to hand in his seal.
Appearances: 13
Wang Zhen; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Sima Wang, he lost in a duel to Fu Qian and was killed while grounded.
Appearances: 112
Wang Zhi; Lived AD ?–200
Governor of Yingyang, tells Hu Ban to burn down Guan Yu’s lodgings as punishment for Guan Yu’s crimes.
Appearances: 27
Wang Zhong; Lifespan Unlisted
Failed against Liu Bei. Once forced to eat human flesh, Cao Pi made a joke of it.
Appearances: 22, 23
Wei Guan (Boyu); Lived AD 220–291
Sent to keep an eye on Zhong Hui and Deng Ai, he played a part in the death of both.
Appearances: 116119
Wei Huang (Dewei); Lived ?–218
Han loyalist. Participated in a coup with Geng Ji and Jin Yi. Captured by Xiahou Dun.
Appearances: 69
Wei Kai; Lived AD ?–219
Rebelled with Hou Yin but Cao Ren defeated and executed them.
Appearances: 66
Wei Kang (Yuanjiang); Lived AD ?–213
Faced Ma Chao for eight months but with his people starving, surrendered. Ma Chao promptly executed him.
Appearances: 64
Wei Ping; Lifespan Unlisted
Urged Sima Yi to go onto the attack, failed to rescue Zhang He from Kongming’s ambush.
Appearances: 101
Wei Xu; Lived AD ?–?
At first an officer of Lü Bu, he later joined Cao Cao. Killed by Yan Liang.
Appearances: 11, 16, 18, 19, 25
Wen Hu; Lifespan Unknown
Son of Wen Qin and brother of Wen Yang. Followed his brother everywhere.
Appearances: 111, 112
Wen Ping (Zhongye); Lived Unknown–
After Liu Cong’s surrender he secluded himself in shame. Later served Cao Cao
Appearances: 34, 41, 42, 4850, 56, 71, 86
Wen Qin (Zhongruo); Lived AD ?–257
Lieutenant Governor of Yang. Rebelled against Sima Shi with Guanqiu Jian.
Appearances: 109111, 112
Wen Yang; Lifespan Unknown
Wen Qin’s son. Fought Sima Shi’s army. Later pledged loyalty to Zhuge Dan.
Appearances: 110, 111, 112
Wu Dun (Annu); Lifespan Unlisted
Bandit leader who would serve under Zang Ba for Lü Bu and Wei.
Appearances: 1820
Wu the Baliff; Lifespan Unlisted
Looked after the jailed Hua Tuo and was given his black bag so he could become a doctor.
Appearances: 78
Wu Zhi (Jizhong); Lived AD ?–230
Helped Cao Pi become heir, used his wits to avoid disaster in the silk hamper affair.
Appearances: 72
Xiahou Ba (Zhongquan); Lived AD c.185–c.258
Xiahou Yuan’s son. Originally served Wei, betrayed to Shu. Attacked Didao with Jiang Wei.
Appearances: 102104, 106, 107, 109111, 113115
Xiahou Cun; Lived AD ?–219
Advises Cao Ren to fortify banks against flood then fight tired Shu troops. Guan Yu kills him in one blow.
Appearances: 73
Xiahou De; Lived AD ?–218
Dismissed Huang Zhong for seeking battle. Slain by Yan Yan at Tiandang mountain.
Appearances: 70, 71
Xiahou Dun (Yuanrang); Lived AD ?–220
One of Cao Cao’s original officers, with civil and military talent. Lost an eye in battle.
Appearances: 5, 6, 1012, 14, 1619, 2328, 30, 31, 33, 3943, 48, 50, 66, 67, 6972, 78, 79, 91
Xiahou En; Lived AD 167–208
Carried Cao Cao’s Blue Blade. Cut down by Zhao Yun at Dangyang as he plundered.
Appearances: 41
Xiahou He (Yiquan); Lifespan Unlisted
Fourth son of Xiahou Yuan. Fought well against Shu’s Zhuge Liang.
Appearances: 102, 103
Xiahou Jie; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Cao Cao. Panicked when Zhang Fei shouted at him and died.
Appearances: 42
Xiahou Lan; Lifespan Unlisted
An acquittance of Zhao Yun from childhood, he surrendered and became an officer of military law.
Appearances: 39
Xiahou Mao (Zilin); Lived Unknown–
Friend of Cao Pi, not very good at tactics and enjoyed an easy life. Slandered by family.
Appearances: 9193, 102
Xiahou Shang (Boren); Lived AD ?–225
Captured at Mt. Dingjun, but traded for Chen Shi. Defended against Wu.
Appearances: 70, 71, 79, 85
Xiahou Wei (Jiquan); Lifespan Unlisted
Campaigned against both Shu and Gongsun Yuan. Recognised Yang Hu’s talent.
Appearances: 102, 106
Xiahou Xian; Lifespan Unlisted
General who assisted Zhong Hui in taking Shu. One of Cao Shuang’s co regents.
Appearances: 116
Xiahou Xuan (Taichu); Lived AD ?–254
Served Cao Fang. Killed by Sima Shi for plotting against him with Li Fang and Zhang Qi.
Appearances: 109, 110
Xiahou Yuan (Miaocai); Lived AD ?–219
Xiahou Dun’s brother. Famed for his attacks against the western barbarians.
Appearances: 5, 6, 12, 14, 18, 19, 24, 30, 31, 40, 42, 48, 5659, 64, 67, 6970, 71, 97, 116
Xin Chang (Taiyong); Lifespan Unlisted
An follower of Cao Shuang, his sister warned him to stay loyal.
Appearances: 107
Xin Pi (Zuozhi); Lived 171–?
Sent as envoy to Cao Cao but instead urged Cao Cao to attack the Yuan’s. Hugged by Cao Pi.
Appearances: 32, 33, 79, 86, 95, 97, 103
Xin Xianying; Lived AD 191–269
Advised her brother Chang to go to Cao Shuang’s camp, saving his life. Advised Xin Pi and others.
Appearances: 107
Xing Zhen; Lifespan Unlisted
Quarrelled with Cheng Yu and later got rebuked by Wu officers when he was envoy.
Appearances: 82
Xu Chu (Zhongkang); Lived AD 170–2?
One of Cao Cao’s trusted guards and a commander. Leader of the Tiger Guard.
Appearances: 12, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 2325, 27, 3033, 4042, 48, 50, 5659, 61, 6668, 72, 78, 86, 116
Xu Huang (Gongming); Lived AD 169–227
Served Cao Cao. Famous for breaking the siege of Fancheng against Guan Yu.
Appearances: 13, 14, 19, 2227, 3033, 46, 48, 50, 5659, 67, 68, 71, 72, 75, 76, 79, 86, 94
Xu Qiu (Mengyu); Lifespan Unknown
A scholarly man of utmost honesty, he refused to serve Yuan Shu and returned the imperial seal.
Appearances: 21
Xu Shang; Lifespan Unlisted
General of Xu Huang, he helped defeat Guan Ping’s forces.
Appearances: 76
Xu Shu (Yuanzhi); Lived c.170–c.232-4
One of Sima Hui’s students. Served Liu Bei, then later, through trickery, Cao Cao.
Appearances: 3539, 41, 48
Xu Si; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent to Yuan Shu by Lü Bu to ask for assistance against Cao Cao.
Appearances: 19
Xu Yi; Lived ?–263
Led the attack on Nanzheng, but was defeated by Shu’s Lu Xun. Executed by Zhong Hui.
Appearances: 116
Xu You (Ziyuan); Lived AD ?–204
Childhood friend of Cao Cao. Betrayed Yuan Shao to Cao, but was killed by Xu Chu.
Appearances: 7, 22, 30, 33, 45
Xu Yun (Shicong); Lived AD ?–254
Negotiated Cao Shuang’s surrender, friends with Wei loyalists and Wei Emperor.
Appearances: 107
Xu Zhi; Lifespan Unlisted
Minister of Wei. Reccomended Guan Lu to Cao Cao. Later convinced Cao Pi to take the throne.
Appearances: 69, 7980
Xu Zhi; Lifespan Unlisted
A general defeated by Jiang Wei, in the novel he defeats Liao Hua and Zhang Yi in duels.
Appearances: 109
Xue Qiao; Lifespan Unlisted
Failed to ambush Quan Zong, sent to order Cao Xiu to bury his mother and return to palace.
Appearances: 96
Xue Ti (Xiaowei); Lifespan Unlisted
Held many positions in Wei, discovered Chen Jiao’s talent, famed for his honesty.
Appearances: 67
Xue Ze; Lifespan Unlisted
Ambushed Deng Zhi on Xiahou Mao’s orders but was killed by Zhang Bao.
Appearances: 92
Xun Gun; Lifespan Unlisted
Served Yuan Shao then Cao. Son of Xun Shu, father of Xun Yu. One of the ‘Eight Dragons’.
Appearances: 10
Xun Kai; Lifespan Unlisted
Saved Zhong Hui at Nanzheng by shooting Lu Xun. Popular with the Sima’s.
Appearances: 116, 119
Xun Xu (Gongceng); Lived AD ?–289
Child prodigy, warned against Zhong Hui and opposed invasion of Wu. A jealous man.
Appearances: 115, 120
Xun Yi (Jingqian); Lifespan Unlisted
Was sent by Sima Zhao to fetch Chen Tai after Cao Mao’s death. Senior minister.
Appearances: 114
Xun You (Gongda); Lived AD 157–214
Advisor of Cao Cao. Xun Yu’s cousin. Died grieving Cao Cao’s interest in being Duke.
Appearances: 10, 14, 18, 19, 23, 26, 30, 3234, 41, 42, 46, 48, 59, 66
Xun Yu (Wenruo); Lived AD 163–212
Cousin of Xun You, a very talented advisor under Cao Cao. Commited suicide.
Appearances: 1012, 14, 1626, 30, 31, 37, 39, 40, 57, 60, 61, 68
Xun Yun (Changqing); Lifespan Unknown
Friend of Cao Zhi. Didn’t get on with Xiahou Shang, Cao Pi resented it.
Appearances: 61
Yan Ming; Lived AD ?–208
General of Cao Hong, challenged Zhao Yun but lasted only a few bouts.
Appearances: 41
Yan Pu; Lived AD ?–c.230
Advised Zhang Lu on the defence against Cao Cao, stopped Lu becoming King.
Appearances: 59, 64, 65, 67
Yang Biao; Lived AD 142–225
Stripped of rank and banished by both Dong Zhuo and Cao Cao. Drove Li Jue and Guo Si apart.
Appearances: 3, 6, 13, 14, 20, 22, 60
Yang Fu (Yishan); Lived AD ?–c.235
Helped defeat Ma Chao. Criticized Cao Rui’s extravagance in clothing, buildings and woman.
Appearances: 59, 64, 92, 99, 105
Yang Ji; Lifespan Unlisted
Close offical of Cao Rui, respected Liu Ye. Opposed camapign against Shu.
Appearances: 99
Yang Ling; Lifespan Unlisted
Governor, he plotted with Xiahou Mao against Zhuge Liang but was killed by Guan Xing.
Appearances: 92
Yang Xin; Lived ?–278
Served Wei. District Governor of Jincheng before helping Deng Ai’s invasion of Shu.
Appearances: 116, 118
Yang Xiu (Dezu); Lived AD 175–219
A talented scholar and friend of Cao Zhi, helped Zhi cheat Cao Cao’s tests.
Appearances: 23, 60, 71, 72
Yang Yi (Weigong); Lived AD ?–235
Opposed old enemy Wei Yan. Later later stripped of rank for dissensitoius words.
Appearances: 91, 97, 98, 101, 102, 104, 105
Yang Zuo; Lifespan Unlisted
Goes with Bei Yan and makes strong camp, suggests waiting for Sima Yi to retreat.
Appearances: 106
Yin Damu; Lifespan Unlisted
Tried to stop Wen Qin during Guanqiu Jian’s rebellion, but failed.
Appearances: 107, 110
Yin Feng (Zizeng); Lifespan Unlisted
A man of respected family, he played a part in driving away Ma Chao.
Appearances: 64
Yin Li [Lu’er] [Black Boy]; Lifespan Unknown
A bandit leader, he later helped Zang Ba against the Yuan’s. Called Black Boy.
Appearances: 1820
Yin Shang; Lifespan Unlisted
Friend of Jiang Wei in Tianshui. Surrendered Tianshui to Shu, made Prefect of Jicheng.
Appearances: 92, 93
Ying Shao (Zhongyuan); Lived AD ?–c.200
His historical work remain an important source of information on Later Han.
Appearances: 10
Yu Jin (Wenze); Lived AD ?–221
Served Cao Cao. Surrendered to Guan Yu. Shamed by Cao Pi into suicide.
Appearances: 1012, 14, 1618, 2224, 26, 27, 30, 31, 33, 3941, 45, 46, 48, 58, 59, 7375, 78, 82
Yu Song; Lifespan Unlisted
Advised Sima Shi on how to deal with invasions by Zhuge Ke and Jiang Wei.
Appearances: 108
Yuan Shao; Lifespan Unknown
Guard of Deng Ai. Versed in the Book of Changes, he predicts Deng Ai’s success and fall.
Appearances: 116
Yuan Xing; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Zhong Hui during the invasion of Shu.
Appearances: 116
Yue Chen; Lived AD ?–257
Served Wei. Son of Yue Jin. Campaigned against Shu with Cao Zhen. Executed by Zhuge Dan.
Appearances: 98, 100, 102, 103, 106, 111
Yue Jin (Wenqian); Lived AD ?–218
Served Cao Cao from the beginning. Shot from his horse by Gan Ning. Small-framed.
Appearances: 5, 6, 11, 12, 14, 16, 23, 24, 26, 3133, 42, 48, 50, 53, 61, 67, 68, 98, 111
Zang Ba (Xuangao); Lived AD c.162–c.230
Originally served Tao Qian, then Lü Bu. Later joined Cao Cao.
Appearances: 11, 12, 1720, 22, 48
Zeng Xuan; Lifespan Unlisted
Controlled the north gate, opened it up to the attacking Wei forces.
Appearances: 112
Zhai Yuan; Lived AD ?–219
Urged Cao Ren to go on the attack against Guan Yu, lured into an ambush and cut down by Guan Ping.
Appearances: 73
Zhang Dang; Lifespan Unlisted
Gave Cao Shuang woman from the Imperial Harem. Implicated others as traitors.
Appearances: 106, 107
Zhang He (Junyi); Lived AD ?–231
Originally under Yuan Shao, defected to Wei. Died battling Zhuge Liang.
Appearances: 22, 30, 31, 4042, 48, 50, 56, 58, 67, 6971, 81, 86, 9499, 101
Zhang Hong (Zigang); Lived AD 153–229
Minister who served Wu. Suggested changing the capital to Sun Quan.
Appearances: 15, 29, 38, 44, 53, 61
Zhang Hu; Lifespan Unlisted
Son of Zhang Liao. Defended against Zhuge Liang along with Yue Chen.
Appearances: 98, 100, 102, 103, 106
Zhang Ji (Derong); Lived AD ?–223
Persuaded Ma Teng to help Cao Cao, he was a major part in the pacification of Liang.
Appearances: 59
Zhang Jian (Yuanjie); Lived AD c.126–c.200
Much admired, thousands of people died helping him flee. Aware of Cao Cao’s ambitions.
Appearances: 6
Zhang Jie; Lived AD ?–265
Minister of Wei who was executed by Sima Yan when he usurped the throne.
Appearances: 119
Zhang Jun; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent to pacify the people and spread news of Shu’s surrender.
Appearances: 118
Zhang Liao (Wenyuan); Lived AD 165–222
Served in Wei after Cao Cao defeated Lü Bu. Close friend of Guan Yu.
Appearances: 11, 12, 1621, 2328, 3033, 40, 42, 46, 4850, 53, 58, 67, 68, 85, 86, 98
Zhang Lu (Gongqi); Lived AD ?–216
Controller of Hanzhong before surrendering to Cao Cao in 215.
Appearances: 16, 21, 34, 5962, 6467, 70, 96, 120
Zheng Lun; Lifespan Unlisted
General of Deng Ai, he ambushed Jiang Wei but was later cut down by Liao Hua.
Appearances: 113
Zhang Mao (Yancai); Lifespan Unlisted
Remonstrated with Cao Rui over Rui’s building works, put to death.
Appearances: 105
Zhang Miao (Mengzhuo); Lived AD ?–195
Friend of Yuan Shao and Cao Cao, rebelled against Cao Cao. Killed by his own men later on.
Appearances: 5, 7, 1012
Zhang Ming; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Wang Jing, sent out to attack Jiang Wei’s army. Wei army is soundly beaten.
Appearances: 110
Zhang Nan; Lived AD ?–208
Claimed ability on the waters, but was just a braggart. Killed by Zhou Tai.
Appearances: 33, 41, 48
Zhang Pu; Lived ?–228
Served under Cao Xiu. Defeated by Xu Sheng, killed by Zhu Huan.
Appearances: 96
Zhang Qi (Jingzhong); Lived AD ?–254
Executed by Sima Shi for plotting to remove Shi with Cao Fang. Predicted Zhuge Ke would die.
Appearances: 108, 109, 110
Zhang Qiu; Lifespan Unlisted
Served Cao Rui, sent to set a fire trap against Wu, burning many ships.
Appearances: 103
Zhang Tao; Lifespan Unlisted
Allied with Lady Guo and accused Empress Zhen of black magic with intent to hurt Cao Pi.
Appearances: 91
Zhang Te (Zichan); Lifespan Unlisted
Commanded the defence of Xincheng when it was under attack by Zhuge Ke.
Appearances: 108
Zhang Xiu; Lived AD ?–207
He fought Cao Cao after he took Zhang Ji’s widow as a wife. Served Wei with distinction.
Appearances: 1619, 2123, 60, 68, 120
Zhang Yan; Lived Unknown–
Leader of the Black Mountain Bandits. Tried but failed to aid Gongsun Zan.
Appearances: 11, 21, 33
Zhang Yi; Lived AD ?–208
Killed by Gan Ning as he cleared the road ahead for Cao Cao. Historically not at Chibi.
Appearances: 32, 33, 41, 50
Zhang Yun; Lived AD ?–208
Surrendered to Cao Cao with Cai Mao. Served as Cao’s Vice Admiral at Chibi.
Appearances: 40, 41, 45
Zhao Ang (Weizhang); Lifespan Unlisted
Along with Jiang Xu, Yang Fu and Ying Feng, he helped drive Ma Chao out of Longxi.
Appearances: 64
Zhao Fan; Lifespan Unlisted
Offered his sister-in-law to Zhao Yun, who refused as Yun doubted Fan’s loyalty.
Appearances: 52
Zhao Qu; Lifespan Unlisted
Shut Ma Chao out of Hanyang and murdered his family, became a general.
Appearances: 64
Zhao Yue; Lived AD ?–213
Father worried about his fate, kept hostage by Ma Chao and killed when Ang rebelled.
Appearances: 64
Zheng Lun; Lifespan Unlisted
Went underground to get behind Shu camp’s, later cut down by Liao Hua.
Appearances: 113
Zheng Mao (Linshu); Lived AD 189–273
Close adviser to Sima Shi, warns friend against Wei Feng. Literary advisor to Cao Zhi.
Appearances: 110
Zheng Wen; Lived AD ?–234
Officer under Sima Yi. Falsesly surrendered to Kongming. Executed by Kongming.
Appearances: 102
Zheng Xuan (Kangcheng); Lived AD 127–200
Loved wine, a leading scholar of his day but hated court life. Had many students.
Appearances: 1, 22
Zhi Xi (Yuansheng); Lifespan Unlisted
Court Physician, warned his friend Kong Rong about angering Cao Cao. Mourned his death.
Appearances: 40
Zhong Hui (Shiji); Lived AD 225–264
Close adviser of Sima Zhao. Later plotted rebellion and was killed by mutinous troops.
Appearances: 107, 110, 112, 115120
Zhong Jin; Lived AD ?–208
Used a large axe but was dismounted by Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 41, 42
Zhong Jing; Lived AD ?–211
Went to inspect a gate of Chang’an, he was was cut down by Pang De.
Appearances: 58
Zhong Shen; Lived AD ?–208
Had half his head cut off by Zhao Yun as Shen pursued the Shu general.
Appearances: 41, 42
Zhong Yao (Yuanchang); Lived AD 151–230
Famous calligrapher. Stirred up quarrel between Han Sui and Ma Teng, close to Cao Pi.
Appearances: 56, 58, 68, 69, 91, 94, 107
Zhong Yu (Zhishu); Lived AD ?–263
A senior law officer, warned Sima Zhao about his brother’s untrustworthy nature.
Appearances: 107
Zhou Tai; Lived AD ?–261
Wei governor in Yue territory. Helped to secure victory against Zhuge Dan.
Appearances: 111, 112
Zhu Fang; Lifespan Unlisted
General of Wang Jing, one of four sent to attack Jiang Wei, they are defeated.
Appearances: 110
Zhu Guang; Lived AD ?–214
Set up farms at Huan and provoked riots against Wu but Sun Quan attacked and took the city.
Appearances: 61, 67
Zhu Ling (Wenbo); Lifespan Unlisted
Said to be disliked by Cao Cao, his reputation was equal that of Xu Huang’s.
Appearances: 21, 58, 59
Zhu Zan; Lifespan Unknown
Officer of Cao Zhen, sent to raid the Shu camp but failed. Killed by Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 93, 94
Zhuge Dan (Gongxiu); Lived AD ?–258
Zhuge Liang’s cousin. Tried to rebel against Sima Zhao, but was executed.
Appearances: 110, 111, 112
Zhuge Qian; Lifespan Unlisted
Subordinate of Chang Diao in an attack on Zhu Huan.
Appearances: 85
Zhuge Xu; Lived ?–273
Imperial Inspector of Yongzhou before helping Deng Ai’s invasion of Shu.
Appearances: 116, 117
Zuo Ci (Yuanfang); Lived AD ?–306
Taoist named ‘Master Black Horn’. Trained in the occult at Emei Mountain.
Appearances: 68, 69

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