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Romance of the Three Kingdoms Novel Officer Appearances

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Nearly all of the officers you see referenced on this site existed in the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which this project is dedicated to. Here you can search through personages that appeared inside it, listing them with mini-biographies and a list of chapters in which they appeared. Each entry links directly to the online Brewitt-Taylor translation published at Use this project to help with the creation of biographies, to learn more about officers, or even simply to refresh your memory about an event. Please share errors or suggestions with the webmaster.

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Ahuinan ; Lived AD ?–225
Served and executed by Meng Huo. Marshal of the Third Cave. Captured by Zhang Yi.
Appearances: 87, 88
Bao Long; Lived AD ?–209
Served Zhao Fan. Fell two tigers with a few arrows. Executed by Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 52
Bao Zhong; Lived AD ?–190
Served Bao Xin, his brother. Died in battle with Hua Xiong.
Appearances: 5
Bei Yan; Lived AD ?–238
Served Gongsun Yuan. Defeated by Sima Yi. In novel, fell in a duel against Xiahou Ba.
Appearances: 106
Bian Rang (Wenli); Lived AD ?–195
Governor of Jiujiang. Killed by Xiahou Dun reinforcing Tao Qian against Cao Cao.
Appearances: 10, 22
Cai Yong (Bojie); Lived AD c.135–192
Advised Emperor Ling’s court. Hated the eunuchs. Died honoring Dong Zhuo.
Appearances: 1, 3, 4, 9, 29, 40, 71
Cao Jie (Yuanwei); Lived AD ?–181
The Chief of the Ten Regular Attendants under Emperors Huan and Ling of Han.
Appearances: 1, 3
Cao Teng (Jixing); Lifespan Unknown
Adopted Cao Song (formerly Xiahou), father of Cao Cao, into the Cao family. Eunuch.
Appearances: 1, 22
Cao Xing; Lived ?–196
Slain by Xiahou Dun in battle, who lost an eye to the archery of this man.
Appearances: 11, 12, 18
Ce Xian; Lifespan Unlisted
Xiongnu, he married Cai Yan after his tribe attacked Chang An.
Appearances: 33
Cen Bi; Lived AD ?–203
Tried to taunt Yuan Shang into a duel but got Lü Kuang instead and was soon killed.
Appearances: 32
Cen Zhi (Gongxiao); Lifespan Unknown
One of the Eight Paragons of Jiangxia. From Nanyang.
Appearances: 6
Chen Dan (Hangong); Lived AD ?–185
Loyal Minister that, due to slander by the eunuchs, was arrested and died in jail.
Appearances: 2
Chen Fan; Lived ?–168
Served Emperor Ling of Han as Imperial Guardian. Died opposing the eunuchs.
Appearances: 1, 2
Chen Heng; Lived AD ?–195
Van leader with Xue Li under Liu Yao. Shot by Jiang Qin when ambushed by Sun Ce.
Appearances: 15
Chen Ji; Lived AD ?–197
Served Yuan Shu guarding Shouchun, but died after his defeat there by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 17
Chen Jiu; Lived AD ?–208
Chief Controller, led Huang Zu’s navy but was killed by Lü Meng.
Appearances: 38
Chen Lan; Lived AD ?–209
Serves Yuan Shu, then later joined the Songshan Bandits with Lei Bo.
Appearances: 1517, 21
Chen Sheng; Lived AD ?–191
Rode out aid the exhausted Zhang Hu but was shot in the face by Sun Jian.
Appearances: 7
Chen Sun; Lived AD ?–207
Began pillaging the people of Jiangxia. Zhang Fei killed him in one blow.
Appearances: 34
Chen Wei; Lifespan Unknown
Served Han as High Minister. Advisor to Li Ying. Mocked in jest by young Kong Rong.
Appearances: 11
Chen Xiang (Zhonglin); Lifespan Unknown
One of the Eight Paragons of Jiangxia. From Runan.
Appearances: 6
Chen Ying; Lived ?–209
Officer of Zhao Fan. Fought with Zhao Yun, but was later executed by him.
Appearances: 52
Chen Yuan; Lifespan Unknown
Officer of Yang Hu, advised against drinking wine sent by Lu Kang.
Appearances: 120
Cheng Kuang; Lived ?–189
One of the Ten Regular Attendants. Killed by Yuan Shao and Cao Cao.
Appearances: 1, 3
Cheng Lian; Lived AD ?–198
General noted for his courage under Lü Bu. In novel, killed by Yue Jin.
Appearances: 11, 12
Cheng Yi; Lived ?–211
One of Han Sui’s Eight Knights. Attacked Chang’an with Ma Chao. Killed by Xiahou Yuan.
Appearances: 58
Cheng Yuanzhi; Lived ?–184
Served Yellow Scarves as a chieftain. Killed by Guan Yu.
Appearances: 1
Chong Fu (Yingbo); Lived AD ?–191
Served Han as Minister of Ritual. Killed by Li Jue and Guo Si’s troops.
Appearances: 9
Chong Ji; Lived AD ?–201
Served Han as Changshui Commandant. Friend of Dong Cheng. Executed by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 20, 21, 23, 24
Chong Shao (Shenfu); Lived ?–194
Han Court Counsellor. Helped Ma Teng and Han Sui. Killed by Li Jue and Guo Si.
Appearances: 10
Chunyu Qiong (Zhongjian); Lived AD 146–200
Served Yuan Shao. Mutilated by Cao Cao after failing Yuan Shao at Guandu.
Appearances: 3, 22, 30
Cui Lie (Weikao); Lived AD ?–191
Commandant of the Capital Gates. Cui Yi’s brother. Killed by Li Jue and Guo Si’s troops.
Appearances: 3, 9
Cui Yi; Lifespan Unknown
Served Han under Emperor Ling. Cui Lie’s brother.
Appearances: 3
Cui Yong; Lifespan Unknown
Served Guo Si. Killed by Xu Huang after taunting Yang Feng.
Appearances: 13
Cui Jun (Zhouping); Lifespan Unknown
One of Zhuge Liang’s close childhood friends. Friend of Xu Shu as well. From Boling.
Appearances: 37, 113
Dailaidongzhu ; Lifespan Unknown
Younger brother of Zhurong. Participated in the battle against Zhuge Liang.
Appearances: 90
Deng Long; Lifespan Unlisted
Attempted to attack Zhou Yu at Chaisang, Deng Long was defeated and captured.
Appearances: 38
Deng Mao; Lived ?–184
Served Yellow Scarves under Cheng Yuanzhi. Killed by Zhang Fei.
Appearances: 1
Deng Yu (Zhonghua); Lived 2–58
Han Dynasty general and statesman. Major contributor to Emperor Guangwu’s effort to reestablish the Han.
Appearances: 43, 85, 106
Diaochan [Sable Cicada]; Lived AD c.173/6–?
Wang Yun’s adopted daughter. Helped to kill Dong Zhuo. Fictional.
Appearances: 8, 9, 16, 19
Ding Guan; Lifespan Unknown
Served Han as Imperial Secretary. Opposed Dong Zhuo’s change of Emperors.
Appearances: 4
Ding Yuan (Jianyang); Lived AD ?–189
An excellent horseman and archer, assassinated by Lü Bu on Dong Zhuo’s orders.
Appearances: 3
Dong Chong; Lived AD ?–189
Served Han as General of the Flying Cavalry. Lady Dong’s brother.
Appearances: 2
Dong Huang; Lived AD ?–192
Privy Counsellor under Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo’s nephew. Killed by Huangfu Song.
Appearances: 8, 9
Dong Min (Shuyin); Lived AD ?–192
Served Dong Zhuo as Lord of Hu. Dong Zhuo’s brother. Killed by Huangfu Song.
Appearances: 3, 8, 9
Dong Zhuo (Zhongying); Lived AD ?–192
Siezed control of Luoyang and the Han government before being killed by Lü Bu.
Appearances: 18, 9, 1011, 13, 15, 19, 20, 22, 24, 30, 33, 38, 44, 56, 73, 93, 109, 120
Dongtuna ; Lifespan Unknown
Fought against Zhao Yun and Wei Yan. Captured by Zhang Ni.
Appearances: 87, 88
Dou Wu; Lived ?–168
Served Emperor Ling of Han as Regent-Marshal. Died opposing the eunuchs.
Appearances: 1, 2
Du Yuan; Lived AD ?–200
Found Liu Bei’s wives but when he refused to let them go, Liao Hua killed him.
Appearances: 27
Duan Gui (Ziyin); Lived AD ?–189
One of the Ten Regular Attendants. Killed by Min Gong searching for Emperor Ling.
Appearances: 1, 2, 3
Ehe Shaoge; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent with Chen Tai, he was tricked and fell into a pit. Committed suicide.
Appearances: 109
Emperor Guangwu [Liu Xiu]; Lived 5 BC–AD 57
Emperor Guangwu restored the Han Dynasty in AD 25, making him the first Emperor of the Later Han.
Appearances: 1, 6, 10, 12, 13, 15, 29, 37, 38, 80, 120
Emperor Huan [Liu Zhi]; Lived AD 132–168
Emperor Huan of the Han. Destroyed the Liang family, but empowered the eunuchs.
Appearances: 1, 22, 27, 31, 37, 57, 93
Emperor Ling [Liu Hong]; Lived AD 156–189
Emperor Ling of Han (AD 156–189). Ruled through the Yellow Turban Rebellion.
Appearances: 1, 2, 4, 36, 37, 57, 93
Emperor Shao [Liu Bian]; Lived AD 173–190
Emperor Shao of Han (AD 189). Deposed and poisoned by Dong Zhuo.
Appearances: 24, 6
Emperor Xian [Liu Xie] (Bohe); Lived AD 181–234
Son of Emperor Ling. Reigned AD 189–220. Forced to abdicate by Cao Pi.
Appearances: 14, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14, 17, 2026, 31, 33, 34, 38, 54, 56, 57, 59, 66, 68, 69, 73, 79, 80, 115
Empress Dowager Dong; Lived AD ?–189
Of poor background, encouraged Ling to sell ranks. Lost to He family in political clash.
Appearances: 2, 3, 4
Empress Feng; Lifespan Unlisted
Yuan Shu’s fondness for her ended with her murdered by the other wives.
Appearances: 17
Empress Fu Shou; Lived AD ?–214
Wife of Emperor Xian. From Langya. Daughter of Fu Wan. Executed by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 20, 24, 66, 78
Empress He; Lived AD c.160–189
Emperor Shao’s mother. He Jin’s half-sister. Died of grief or through suicide.
Appearances: 24
Lady Wuyang; Lived AD ?–189
Mother to He Miao, He Jin’s brother. Killed by Dong Zhuo.
Appearances: 2
Fan Chou; Lived AD c.135–192
Controlled the Han court alongside Li Jue and Guo Si. A brave general, killed by Li Jue.
Appearances: 3, 5, 9, 10
Fan Kang (Zhongzhen); Lifespan Unknown
One of the Eight Paragons of Jiangxia. From Bohai.
Appearances: 6
Fan Neng; Lifespan Unknown
Served Liu Yao. Died after Sun Ce shouted at him in battle.
Appearances: 15
Fan Pang (Mengbo); Lived AD 137–169
One of the Eight Paragons of Jiangxia. From Runan.
Appearances: 6
Fang Yue; Lived ?–190
A famous officer from Henei, he served Wang Kuang. Killed by Lü Bu.
Appearances: 5
Feng Dan (Shaozhou); Lived ?–286
Close to Sima Yan and part of Jia Chong’s clique. Opposed Yang Hu’s proposal to attack Wu.
Appearances: 120
Feng Fang; Lifespan Unknown
Father of Yuan Shu’s wife, a Han offical willing to slander those that excluded him.
Appearances: 17
Feng Ji (Yuantu); Lived AD c.153–203
Vassal of Yuan Shao. Supported Yuan Shang as Shao’s successor.
Appearances: 7, 22, 30, 31, 32
Feng Xu; Lived AD ?–184
One of the Ten Regular Attendants. An agent of Zhang Jue of the Yellow Scarves.
Appearances: 1, 2
Fu De; Lifespan Unlisted
Brother of Empress Fu, carried her into a boat when they attempted to escape Li Jue.
Appearances: 13
Fu Wan; Lived AD ?–209
Married a Princess, took a lesser position in Cao Cao’s court.
Appearances: 20, 78
Gan Ji; Lived ?–200
A Taoist priest. In the novel, sent to execution by Sun Ce and said to have cursed him to death.
Appearances: 29
Gao Gan (Yuancai); Lived AD ?–206
Nephew of Yuan Shao. Defeated Li Dian and Yue Jin at Huguan Pass.
Appearances: 31, 32, 33
Gao Pei; Lived ?–211
Officer of Liu Zhang. Executed after an attempt to assassinate Liu Bei.
Appearances: 61, 62
Gao Sheng; Lived ?–184
Yellow Scarf officer. Fought with Liu Bei at Quyang, but was slain by Zhang Fei.
Appearances: 2
Gao Shun; Lived ?–198
Defeated Xiahou Dun. Caught and executed by Cao Cao at Xiapi.
Appearances: 11, 12, 1418, 19
Ge Yong; Lifespan Unlisted
Leader of the van, he was killed in the first encounter by Deng Ai.
Appearances: 110
Geng Wu (Wenwei); Lived AD ?–191
Opposed Han Fu’s plans to surrender, Yuan Shao had him executed.
Appearances: 7
Gong Jing; Lifespan Unknown
Imperial Protector of Qingzhou. Attacked by the Yellow Scarves. Supported by Liu Bei.
Appearances: 1
Gongsun Du (Shengji); Lived AD c.150–204
Established an independent government in Liaodong, expanding against several tribes.
Appearances: 33, 106
Gongsun Huang; Lived AD ?–238
Sent as hostage to Wei, warned of the likelihood of war. Executed when war did happen.
Appearances: 106
Gongsun Kang; Lived AD ?–c.220
Executed the Yuan sons, extended power in Korea and restored communication with Japan.
Appearances: 33, 106
Gongsun Yue; Lived AD ?–191
Assassinated by Yuan Shao after a diplomatic mission. Served as envoy to Yuan Shu.
Appearances: 7
Gongsun Zan (Bogu); Lived AD ?–199
Magistrate of Beiping. Fought Yuan Shao. Committed suicide with his family.
Appearances: 1, 2, 57, 11, 12, 18, 21, 22, 28, 31, 120
Guan Ding; Lifespan Unknown
Father of Guan Ping, housed Guan Yu while Sun Qian went to Yuan Shao.
Appearances: 28
Guan Hai; Lived ?–193
Former member of the Yellow Scarves. Besiged Beihai and was killed by Guan Yu.
Appearances: 11
Guan Ning (Youan); Lived AD 158–241
Former friend of Hua Xin. Tail of “The Dragon”, a group of scholars. Became a hermit.
Appearances: 66
Guan Ning; Lifespan Unknown
Brother of Guan Ping. Was a student when Guan Yu came to the farm.
Appearances: 28
Guo Chang; Lifespan Unlisted
Old man who sheltered Guan Yu from the storm. His son tried to steal Red Hare.
Appearances: 28
Guo En; Lifespan Unlisted
Murdered his aunt for some grain, he and his brothers were then made lame.
Appearances: 69
Guo Sheng; Lived ?–189
Warned close friend He Jin about Jian Shi’s plot. Killed by Yuan Shao and Cao Cao.
Appearances: 13
Guo Si (Duo); Lived AD 146–197
Served Dong Zhuo. Later took control of the imperial court with Li Jue.
Appearances: 3, 5, 6, 911, 13, 14, 17, 20, 57, 93, 112, 120
Guo Tu (Gongze); Lived AD ?–205
Vassal of Yuan Shao. Supported Yuan Tan as Shao’s successor.
Appearances: 22, 26, 28, 3032, 33
Han Fu (Wenjie); Lived AD 149–191
Surrendered to Yuan Shao but was abused. Fled to Zhang Miao and later committed suicide.
Appearances: 5, 7
Han Heng (Zipei); Lifespan Unlisted
Refused to join leader Chu in serving Cao Cao due to kindness received from the Yuans.
Appearances: 33
Han Meng; Lifespan Unlisted
Described as valiant, he tried to escort supplies to Guandu but was defeated.
Appearances: 22, 30
Han Rong; Lived Unlisted–
Sent as envoy to Yuan Shao by Dong Zhuo and then to Li Jue by Emperor Xian.
Appearances: 13
Han Song (Degao); Lived AD c.154–?
A tactician of Liu Biao, he served as one of Biao’s ministers.
Appearances: 23, 42
Han Xian; Lived AD 159–197
White Wave Rebel. Helped Emperor Xian. Served Yuan Shu, Lü Bu. Killed by Bei’s men.
Appearances: 13, 14, 17
Han Xun (Juzi); Lived AD ?–200
Cavalry officer at Wuchao, beheaded by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 30
Han Yin; Lived AD ?–196
Sent by Yuan Shu to Lü Bu as a messenger for marriage, and later executed.
Appearances: 16, 17
Han Zhong; Lived ?–184
A member of the Yellow Scarves. Fought with Zhu Jun and Liu Bei at Wan, but was killed.
Appearances: 2
Hao Meng; Lifespan Unknown
Served under Lü Bu. Helped fight Cao Cao at Puyang.
Appearances: 11, 12
He Jin (Suigao); Lived AD 135–189
Grand Administrator in the Han courts, but was assassinated by the eunuchs.
Appearances: 1, 2, 3, 4, 13 [p], 22, 120
He Man; Lived AD ?–196
Nicknamed ‘The Shooting Devil’ in novel. Yellow Scarves commander. Executed by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 12
He Meng; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Lü Bu’s. Rebelled, but was defeated by Gao Shun.
Appearances: 18, 19
He Miao; Lived AD 133–189
Empress He’s older half-brother. Later killed by Wu Kuang.
Appearances: 2, 3
He Yi; Lifespan Unknown
Yellow Scarves commander. Captured Runan after the Yellow Scarves rebellion.
Appearances: 12
He Yong (Boqiu); Lifespan Unknown
Recognised Cao Cao and Xun Yu as men who could deal with the troubles.
Appearances: 1, 2
Hou Cao; Lifespan Unlisted
Stole fifteen horses to sell to Liu Bei but was killed by Hou Cheng.
Appearances: 19
Hou Lan; Lived AD ?–172
One of the Ten Regular Attendants. Tried to make off with Emperor Shao.
Appearances: 1, 3
Hu Cai; Lived AD ?–197
Bandit leader who helped the escaping Xian but was killed in battle.
Appearances: 13
Hu Che’er; Lifespan Unknown
Advisor to Niu Fu. He betrayed him and sided with Lü Bu, who executed him.
Appearances: 9
Hu Hua; Lifespan Unknown
Father of Hu Ban. Retired officer of the court under Emperor Huan. Met Guan Yu.
Appearances: 27, 73
Hu Juer; Lifespan Unlisted
Served Zhang Xiu. Stole Dian Wei’s weapons as part of Jia Xu’s plan to defeat Cao Cao.
Appearances: 16
Hu Miao; Lifespan Unknown
Privy counselor to Emperor Xian. Tried to calm an angry Huangfu Li to protect him.
Appearances: 13
Hu Zhen (Wencai); Lived AD 146–190
He led 5,000 men against Sun Jian but was killed by Cheng Pu after a few bouts.
Appearances: 5
Hua Tuo (Yuanhua); Lived AD 110–207
A famous doctor from the Three Kingdoms period. Killed trying to avoid treating Cao Cao.
Appearances: 15, 29, 75, 78
Hua Xiong; Lived AD ?–191
Brave general in service to Dong Zhuo. Died in battle with Sun Jian.
Appearances: 5
Huan Jia; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent by Hu Zun to attack fort, was run through by Ding Feng’s spear in a surprise attack.
Appearances: 108
Huang Chengyan; Lifespan Unknown
Father of Zhuge Liang’s wife. A prominent scholar of the Later Han Dynasty.
Appearances: 37, 84, 117
Huang Shao; Lived AD ?–196
Yellow Scarves commander. Served with He Yi and He Man. Executed by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 12
Huang Wan; Lived AD 141–192
Sacked for opposing Dong Zhuo’s moving the capital, aided Wang Yun’s plot.
Appearances: 6, 9
Huang Zu; Lived AD ?–208
Served under Liu Biao. Later killed by Gan Ning at Xiakou.
Appearances: 7, 8, 18, 23, 29, 38, 39
Huangfu Li; Lifespan Unknown
Served Emperor Xian. Charged with making peace between Li Jue and Guo Si.
Appearances: 13
Huangfu Song (Yizhen); Lived ?–195
Imperial Commander under Han. Fought heavily against the Yellow Turban Rebellion.
Appearances: 1, 2, 9
Ji Ling; Lived AD ?–199
Served under Yuan Shu. A fierce warrior who was killed by Zhang Fei.
Appearances: 1417, 21
Ji Ping; Lived AD ?–218
Court physician from Luoyang. Forced to commit suicide by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 23, 69, 78
Jian Shuo; Lived ?–189
One of the Ten Regular Attendants. Killed by fellow eunuch Guo Sheng.
Appearances: 1, 2
Jiang Qi (Yiqu); Lifespan Unlisted
Sent to reinforce Wuchao, he was surprised and cut down by Zhang Liao.
Appearances: 30
Jiang Yiqu; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Yuan Shao. Comforted Yuan Shao after his defeat at Guandu.
Appearances: 31
Jin Shang; Lived AD ?–197
Imperial Protector of Yangzhou. Executed after declining office from Yuan Shu.
Appearances: 17
Jinhuansanjie ; Lifespan Unknown
An officer of Meng Huo, he died fighting the Shu army during their attack.
Appearances: 87
Ju Gu; Lived AD ?–204
Maintained Handan. Defeated by Zhang Liao and shot while fleeing.
Appearances: 32
Ju Shou; Lived ?–200
Urged caution when attacking Cao Cao but was ignored and demoted.
Appearances: 7, 22, 2527, 30, 31, 32
King Cheliji; Lifespan Unknown
Fictional. King of Western Qiang. Ally of Cao Rui.
Appearances: 94
King Duosi; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Meng Huo. Said to be the wisest man in all of Nanman.
Appearances: 89, 90
King Kebineng; Lived AD ?–235
Unifier of the Xianbei tribe. Fought often with Wei until he was assassinated.
Appearances: 85
King Meng Huo; Lifespan Unknown
Ruled Nanman after Shamoke’s death. Captured and released seven times by Kongming.
Appearances: 8591
King Mulu; Lived ?–225
A Nanman chieftan. Initially drove back Zhuge Liang’s armies with his magic.
Appearances: 90
King Wutugu; Lived ?–225
Ruled the cave dwelling Wuguo Kingdom in south China. Twelve spans tall.
Appearances: 90
Kong Yu (Shiyuan); Lived AD ?–c.172
One of the Eight Paragons of Jiangxia. Scholar who took a moral line on when to serve.
Appearances: 6
Kong Zhou (Gongxu); Lifespan Unlisted
Known for his eloquent way of speaking. He joined alliance against Dong Zhuo.
Appearances: 5
Kuai Liang (Zirou); Lifespan Unlisted
Adviser of Liu Biao. Came up with the plan that resulted in Sun Jian’s death.
Appearances: 68, 18, 23, 34
Lady Cao; Lifespan Unlisted
Dies early with no children.
Appearances: 16
Lady Chen; Lifespan Unlisted
Wife of Liu Biao and mother of Liu Qi.
Appearances: 34
Lady Dong; Lived AD c.102–192
In the novel, has bad dream and warns Dong Zhuo against going to capital.
Appearances: 9
Lady Dong; Lived AD ?–200
Arrested and executed due to her father’s plots against Cao Cao despite being pregnant.
Appearances: 24
Lady Jin; Lifespan Unlisted
Wife of Jin Yi, left at home during the revolt. Accidentally told Wang Bi that Jin Yi was leading revolt.
Appearances: 69
Lady Kai; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent to split Li Jue and Guo Si up, she spread rumours that Guo Si was having an affair.
Appearances: 13
Lady Liu; Lifespan Unknown
Yuan Shao’s wife. Mother of Yuan Shang.
Appearances: 3033
Lady Qiong; Lifespan Unlisted
Slandered Li Jue and helped create a split between the two leaders.
Appearances: 13
Lady Tang Ji; Lived Unknown–
Favorite concubine of Liu Bian, danced for him as he died. Daughter of Tang Mao.
Appearances: 4
Lady Wang; Lived AD ?–181
Mother of Liu Xie (Emperor Xian). Concubine to Emperor Ling. Poisoned by Empress He.
Appearances: 2
Lady Yan; Lifespan Unlisted
Warns Lü Bu about attacking Cao Cao and points out problems in Chen Gong’s plan.
Appearances: 16, 19
Lady Yang; Lived AD ?–c.213
Admired Wang Yi so convinced Ma Chao to trust Zhao Ang. Ang’s revolt led to her death.
Appearances: 64
Lady Zhurong; Lifespan Unknown
Wife of King Meng Huo. Said to be descended from the Goddess of Fire.
Appearances: 90
Lady Zou; Lifespan Unknown
Former wife of Zhang Ji. Caught Cao Cao’s fancy while staying with Zhang Xiu.
Appearances: 16
Lei Bo; Lived 160–?
Serves Yuan Shu, then later leaves to join the Mt. Songshan Bandits with Chen Lan.
Appearances: 1517, 21
Lei Xu; Lifespan Unlisted
General of Zhang Xiu, aided in fight against Cao Cao.
Appearances: 17
Li Bie; Lifespan Unlisted
Nephew of Li Jue, fell out of his saddle at Li Xian’s death and was killed by Xu Chu.
Appearances: 14
Li Feng; Lived AD ?–197
Served Yuan Shu guarding Shouchun, but died after his defeat there by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 17
Li Feng; Lived ?–194
Served Lü Bu. Killed by Xu Chu after neglecting his post in Yanzhou.
Appearances: 11, 12
Li Gui; Lifespan Unlisted
Advised Liu Cong to hand over power to Liu Qi, rebuked Cai Mao for his actions.
Appearances: 40
Li Jue (Zhiran); Lived AD ?–198
Served Dong Zhuo. Later took control of the imperial court with Guo Si.
Appearances: 3, 5, 6, 911, 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 57, 93, 112, 120
Li Meng; Lifespan Unlisted
Helped Li Jue take Chang’an but was later executed by Ma Teng.
Appearances: 9, 10
Li Ru; Lifespan Unlisted
Served Dong Zhuo as an advisor. Died with his lord’s ambitions.
Appearances: 38, 9
Li Su (Weigong); Lived AD ?–191
Using Red Hare and other gifts he persuaded Lü Bu to kill Ding Yuan and join Dong Zhuo.
Appearances: 3, 5, 9
Li Xian; Lifespan Unknown
Nephew of Li Jue. Helped Li Jue smuggle out the Emperor. Killed by Xu Chu.
Appearances: 13, 14
Li Yiqi; Lifespan Unlisted
Immortal who warned Liu Bei what would happen should he attack Wu.
Appearances: 81
Li Ying; Lifespan Unlisted
Governor of Henan. Visited and impressed by a young Kong Rong.
Appearances: 11
Li Yue; Lifespan Unlisted
A noted bandit, he helped Xian escape Li Jue’s clutches but then abused his position.
Appearances: 13, 14
Liang Gang; Lived AD ?–197
Served Yuan Shu guarding Shouchun, but died after his defeat there by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 17
Liang Xing; Lived AD ?–212
One of Han Sui’s Eight Knights. Killed by Ma Chao in an attempt to protect Sui.
Appearances: 58, 59
Liu An; Lifespan Unlisted
Hunter who fed Liu Bei his wife when An was unable to find a meal for his guest.
Appearances: 19
Liu Biao (Jingsheng); Lived AD 142–208
Inspector of Jing province under the Han. Opposed the Sun family militarily.
Appearances: 68, 1519, 2123, 28, 29, 3136, 38, 39, 40, 41, 43, 44, 5054, 56, 57, 61, 62, 68, 93, 120
Liu Bin; Lifespan Unlisted
Governor who tested out Guan Lu’s ability, asking him what was in the box.
Appearances: 69
Liu Dai (Gongshan); Lived AD 147–192
Governor of Yan. Attacked the Qingzhou Yellow Scarves, but was killed.
Appearances: 5, 6, 15
Liu Fan; Lived ?–194
Han Left Imperial Corps Commander. Helped Ma Teng. Killed by Li Jue and Guo Si.
Appearances: 10
Liu Fu; Lived AD ?–238
Sent to negotiate surrender but was executed by Sima Yi.
Appearances: 106
Liu Gui; Lived AD ?–213
Sent to hold Luocheng, he advised visiting a local sage. Cut down by Zhang Yi.
Appearances: 62, 63, 64
Liu Hui; Lifespan Unlisted
Shielded Liu Bei from the law then recommended him to Liu Yu.
Appearances: 2
Liu Jun; Lifespan Unlisted
Attacked Mianzhu while Liu Bei welcomed Ma Chao. Killed by Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 65
Liu Mao; Lived AD ?–210
A favourite of Liu Yan, illness incapacitated when Zhang took control.
Appearances: 77
Liu Tao (Ziqi); Lived AD ?–185
Accused the eunuchs of bringing down the Han and was murdered.
Appearances: 2
Liu Wan; Lifespan Unlisted
A diplomat, he predicted great things of Sun Quan.
Appearances: 29
Liu Yan; Lifespan Unlisted
Son of Liu Yan, he was betrothed to Wu Yi’s sister but died in his youth.
Appearances: 77
Liu Yan (Junlang); Lived AD ?–194
Liu Zhang’s father. Magistrate in the Yi territory after fighting Yellow Scarves.
Appearances: 1, 77
Liu Yao (Zhengli); Lived AD 157–198
Imperial Inspector of Yangzhou. Liu Dai’s brother. Defeated by Sun Ce, then died of illness.
Appearances: 11, 15, 97, 120
Liu Yu (Boan); Lived AD ?–193
Governor of Youzhou during the Later Han. Quelled Zhang Ju’s rebellion.
Appearances: 2
Liu Ziyang; Lifespan Unlisted
Attempted to recruit his friend Lu Su for his lord.
Appearances: 29
Lord Kou; Lived Unknown–
Father of Liu Feng, who Liu Bei adopted as his heir. His family held a county fief in Changsha.
Appearances: 36
Lü Boshe; Lived AD ?–c.189
Friend of Cao Song. Killed by the fleeing Cao Cao.
Appearances: 4
Lu Gong; Lifespan Unlisted
A warrior of great strength, he killed Sun Jian but was killed by Cheng Pu.
Appearances: 7
Lu Kang (Jining); Lived AD c.125–c.195
Criticised Emperor Ling and the eunuchs, held out for two years despite facing Sun Ce.
Appearances: 15
Lu Kui; Lived AD ?–191
Served Han as Court Steward. Killed by Li Jue and Guo Si’s troops.
Appearances: 9
Lü Weihuang; Lived AD ?–200
Officer of Yuan Shao. Guarded Wuchao as a lieutenant of Chunyu Qiong.
Appearances: 30
Lu Zhi (Zigan); Lived ?–192
Imperial Corps Commander in service of Han. Was Liu Bei’s teacher and friend.
Appearances: 13
Lun Zhi; Lived AD ?–c.238
He was beheaded for criticizing Gongsun Yuan’s plan to revolt.
Appearances: 106
Ma Han; Lifespan Unlisted
Went to face Liu Bei but was slain by Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 65
Ma Midi (Wengshu); Lived AD ?–194
Sent as envoy to stop the war between Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan.
Appearances: 7, 9
Ma Rong; Lifespan Unlisted
A scholar with extravagant tastes, he tutored Zheng Xuan.
Appearances: 22
Ma Wan; Lifespan Unlisted
Served under Han Sui. Tried to protect Han Sui from Ma Chao, but failed.
Appearances: 58, 59
Ma Yu; Lived ?–194
Han Privy Counsellor. Helped Ma Teng and Han Sui. Killed by Li Jue and Guo Si.
Appearances: 10
Ma Yuan (Wenyuan); Lived 14 BC–49
General of the Han who campaigned against the Vietnamese. Ma Teng was descended from him.
Appearances: 60, 89
Ma Yuanyi; Lived AD ?–184
Follower of Zhang Jue and the Yellow Scarves. Torn asunder by chariots for treason.
Appearances: 1
Mangyachang ; Lived ?–225
Second in command to the Nanman’s armies. Killed by Ma Dai.
Appearances: 87, 88
Meng You; Lifespan Unlisted
Meng Huo’s brother. Captured by Zhuge Liang.
Appearances: 8890
Mi Dang; Lifespan Unlisted
Allies with Jiang Wei against Wei but is tricked by Chen Tai and defeated.
Appearances: 109
Mi Heng (Zhengping); Lived AD 176–200
Reputable scholar. Infuriated Cao Cao’s officers with his audacious ways.
Appearances: 23, 40, 60
Min Chun (Bodian); Lived AD ?–191
Opposed surrendering to Yuan Shao and was executed.
Appearances: 7
Min Gong; Lifespan Unknown
Han commander in the Henan district. Killed eunuch Duan Gui. Helped Emperor Shao.
Appearances: 3
Mu Shun; Lifespan Unlisted
General of Governor Zhang Yang. Killed by Lü Bu in a duel.
Appearances: 5
Mu Shun; Lived ?–214
Plotted to save Emperor Xian with Empress Fu and Fu Wan. Executed by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 66
Niu Fu; Lived AD ?–191
Fought against Lü Bu and Li Su, after Dong Zhuo’s death. Killed by Hu Che’er.
Appearances: 3, 9
Ou Xing; Lifespan Unlisted
Rebelled against the Han in Changsha. Defeated by Sun Jian.
Appearances: 2
Pan Feng; Lived ?–190
Officer of Han Fu. Wielded a giant axe and fought with Hua Xiong, but was killed.
Appearances: 5
Pan Yin; Lifespan Unlisted
Warned He Jin of Jian Shou’s plot and then of the Emperor’s death.
Appearances: 2
Pang Degong (Shanmin); Lifespan Unlisted
A famed scholar. Uncle of Pang Tong.
Appearances: 35
Pang Shu; Lived AD ?–194
Sheltered Lü Bu and his family in Chang’an. Executed by Li Jue and Guo Si.
Appearances: 11, 19
Pei Xiu (Jiyan); Lived AD 224–271
Expert cartographer, close adviser to Sima Zhao and Sima Yan.
Appearances: 112, 119
Pei Yuanshao; Lived AD ?–200
Former Yellow Scarve killed by Zhao Yun during an attempt to steal his horse.
Appearances: 28
Peng An; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent to duel Xu Huang, he was promptly killed.
Appearances: 33
Peng Bo; Lifespan Unlisted
Warned Dong Zhuo that killing Lu Zhi would greatly upset the people.
Appearances: 3
Pujing [Universal Purity]; Lifespan Unknown
Monk. Warned Guan Yu of Bian Xi’s plot. Later helped Guan Yu’s spirit to find peace.
Appearances: 27, 77
Qiao Mao (Yuanwei); Lived AD ?–190
Forged decree against Dong Zhuo. Was killed by his enemy Liu Dai.
Appearances: 5, 6
Qiao Rui; Lived AD ?–197
Officer of Yuan Shu. Fought with Cao Cao’s forces, but was killed by Xiahou Dun.
Appearances: 15, 17
Qin Qingtong; Lifespan Unknown
Servant of Dong Cheng. Punished for talking with Yun Ying. Betrayed him to Cao Cao.
Appearances: 23
Qu Yi; Lived Unlisted–
Defeated Han Fu, Yufuluo and destroyed Gongsun Zan. Became arrogant and was executed.
Appearances: 7
Shan Zichun; Lifespan Unlisted
Debated with Guan Lu about the Book of Changes and lost.
Appearances: 69
Shen Pei (Zhengnan); Lived AD ?–204
Served Yuan Shao with loyalty. After Shao’s death, sided with his youngest son, Shang.
Appearances: 13, 14, 22, 26, 27, 30, 31, 32
Shisun Rui (Junce); Lived AD ?–195
Urged Wang Yun to action but claimed no credit so life was spared when city fell.
Appearances: 9
Sima Hui (Decao); Lived AD c.173–208
Named ‘Water Mirror’ by Pang Degong. Former teacher of Zhuge Liang and Pang Tong.
Appearances: 3538
Sima Jun (Yuanyi); Lived AD ?–115
Grandfather of Sima Yi. Governor of Yingchuan.
Appearances: 39, 119
Sima Zhou (Zijiang); Lived AD 227–283
Led the force to which Sun Hao offered his seal and surrendered.
Appearances: 120
Song Guo; Lifespan Unknown
Proposed to Yang Feng that they should betray Li Jue. Overheard and killed by Li Jue.
Appearances: 13
Song Zhong (Zhongzi); Lifespan Unknown
Scholar under Liu Biao with Qimu Kai. Sent by Liu Cong to surrender to Cao Cao.
Appearances: 40
Su Shuang; Lifespan Unknown
Horse trader from Zhongshan with Zhang Shiping. Supplied Liu Bei’s first armed force.
Appearances: 1
Sui Gu (Botu); Lived AD ?–199
Killed Yang Chou who had killed Zhang Yang. Turned to Yuan Shao but killed in battle.
Appearances: BT:19
Sui Yuanjin; Lived AD ?–200
Part of the defenders of Yuan Shao’s supply camp, captured and executed.
Appearances: 30
Sun Zhong; Lived ?–184
Fought with Zhu Jun and Liu Bei at Wan, but was killed by Liu Bei.
Appearances: 2
Tadun ; Lived AD ?–c.207
A Wuhuan chief. Slain in battle with Zhang Liao’s troops.
Appearances: 33, 40
Tan Fu (Wenyou); Lifespan Unknown
One of the Eight Paragons of Jiangxia. From Shanyang.
Appearances: 6
Tang Bin (Ruzong); Lifespan Unlisted
General of Jin who participated in the conquest of Wu. Described as fast as an elk.
Appearances: 120
Tang Zhou; Lifespan Unknown
Follower of Zhang Jue. Betrayed his plans to the Han, and got Ma Yuanyi beheaded.
Appearances: 1
Tao Qian (Gongzu); Lived AD 132–194
Inspector of Xuzhou. Fought violently with Cao Cao. Died of illness.
Appearances: 5, 10, 11, 12, 15, 120
Tian Feng (Yuanhao); Lived AD ?–200
Served Yuan Shao, who ignored his advice. Killed himself after being slandered by Feng Ji.
Appearances: 7, 22, 24, 25, 27, 30, 31
Tian Kai; Lived AD ?–199
Appointed Lieutenant Governor of Qingzhou by Gongsun Zan. Fought against Cao Cao.
Appearances: 11
Tu An; Lived AD ?–225
Defeats Shu army 15 times but it is all a ploy to make Nanman careless.
Appearances: 90
Wang Chang; Lifespan Unknown
Member of Li Jue’s Tiger Army. Wouldn’t arrest Huangfu Li for ethical reasons.
Appearances: 13
Wang Fang; Lifespan Unlisted
Opened the gates of Chang’an, later fought Ma Teng and was killed by a young Ma Chao.
Appearances: 9, 10
Wang Fu [Wang Zifu] (Ziyou); Lived AD ?–200
Part of the ‘Jade Girdle’ plot to kill Cao Cao. Courtier of Dong Cheng. Executed by Cao.
Appearances: 20, 21, 23, 24
Wang Jian; Lived AD ?–238
Sent as envoy to Sima Yi to sue for peace but was executed. Sima Yi called him senile.
Appearances: 106
Wang Jun (Shizhi); Lived AD 206–285
Commander of the force that conqured Wu.
Appearances: 120
Wang Kuang (Gongjie); Lived AD ?–190
Took heavy losses against Dong Zhuo. Despised material things but could be violent.
Appearances: 5
Wang Lei; Lived AD ?–211
Minister of Liu Zhang. Strongly advised Zhang to not allow Liu Bei into Yi.
Appearances: 60
Wang Li; Lifespan Unlisted
Court astrologer and Emperor Xian’s teacher, foretold the Han would be replaced by Wei.
Appearances: 14
Wang Mai; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Zhong Hui during the conquest of Shu.
Appearances: 116
Wang Qi; Lived AD ?–192
Served Han as Commandant of the Exemplary Cavalry. Killed by Li Jue and Guo Si’s troops.
Appearances: 9
Wang Rong (Junchong); Lived AD 234–305
A child prodigy, one of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, noted for his meanness.
Appearances: 120
Wang Wei; Lifespan Unlisted
Served Liu Biao and Liu Cong loyally. Died protecting Cong from Cao Cao.
Appearances: 34, 41
Wang Ye; Lifespan Unlisted
Taken into Cao Mao’s confidence but betrayed it to Sima Zhao.
Appearances: 114
Wang Yuanji; Lived AD 217–268
Empress dowager during Jin Dynasty. Wife of Sima Zhao and mother of Sima Yan.
Appearances: 119
Wang Yun (Zishi); Lived AD 137–192
Diaochan’s father. Orchestrated the plot which resulted in Dong Zhuo’s death.
Appearances: 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 13, 120
Wang Ze; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent as an envoy to reward Lü Bu and get him to make peace with Liu Bei.
Appearances: 16
Wang Zhao; Lived AD ?–203
Fictional officer under Yuan Tan. Killed after only a few bouts by Xu Huang.
Appearances: 32
Wei Hong; Lifespan Unknown
Of a wealthy family, he gave his property to Cao Cao to raise troops to restore the Han.
Appearances: 5
Wei Zhongdao; Lived AD ?–c.190
Cai Yan’s first husband.
Appearances: 71
Wen Chou; Lived AD ?–200
A fierce general in service under Yuan Shao. Killed in battle with Cao Cao.
Appearances: 57, 22, 2628, 41, 45, 49, 77
Wei Yan; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent to offer the Heir Apprant as hostage to Sima Yi but was refused.
Appearances: 106
Wu Anguo; Lifespan Unlisted
Served Kong Rong. Wielded an iron mace. Maimed by Lü Bu after fighting ten bouts.
Appearances: 5
Wu Fu (Deyu); Lived AD ?–190
Famed for his bravery and sense of honour, he failed in an attempt to murder Dong Zhuo.
Appearances: 4
Wu Gang; Lifespan Unknown
Adviser to Zhuge Dan. Took Dan’s son to Wu to ensure Wu support.
Appearances: 111
Wu Ju (Yuanda); Lived AD ?–211
Made Prefect of Cangwu through Liu Biao’s backing. Old friend of Liu Bei. Killed by Bu Zhi.
Appearances: 42
Wu Kuang; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of He Jin, he aided Yuan Shu in breaking the gates and killed He Miao.
Appearances: 3
Wu Qiong (Deyu); Lived AD ?–190
Advised Dong Zhuo to recruit worthy men and acted as a spy for Yuan Shao.
Appearances: 4, 6
Wu Shi (Zilan); Lived AD ?–200
Part of the ‘Jade Girdle’ plot to kill Cao Cao. Friend of Dong Cheng and Wang Zifu. Executed by Cao.
Appearances: 20, 21, 23, 24
Wu Xi; Lifespan Unlisted
Set fire to Emperor Xian’s lodgings but later turned and killed Guo Si.
Appearances: 17
Xi Ni; Lived AD ?–225
Defeats Shu army 15 times but it is all a ploy to make Nanman careless.
Appearances: 90
Xia Yun; Lived ?–189
One of the Ten Regular Attendants, greatly favoured by Dowager Dong and Emperor Ling.
Appearances: 1, 3
Xin Ming; Lifespan Unlisted
Dispatched with fifty thousand troops to Liyang.
Appearances: 30
Xin Ping (Zhongzhi); Lived AD c.165–204
An officer of Han Fu, he later served the Yuan’s loyally when Fu fled.
Appearances: 7, 31, 32, 33
Xing Daorong; Lived ?–208
A hardy commander of Liu Du. Killed by Zhao Yun.
Appearances: 52
Xu Chang; Lived AD ?–174
Raised revolt against the Han but was put down by Zang Min and Sun Jian.
Appearances: 2
Xu Rong; Lived AD ?–192
Defeated Cao Cao and Sun Jian in battle, but never able to press it home.
Appearances: 6
Xu Shao (Zijiang); Lived AD 150–195
A specialist of personalities living in Runan. Praised Cao Cao. Later served Liu Yao.
Appearances: 1
Xu Xun; Lifespan Unlisted
Yuan Shao claimed he was sent to supervise Cao Cao’s restoration of the Han court.
Appearances: 22
Xu Zhao [Shao]; Lived AD ?–174
Son of Xu Chang. Killed by Sun Jian along with his father.
Appearances: 2
Xue Lan; Lived AD ?–195
Defeated and killed Li Qian but was defeated and executed himself by Cao Cao a year later.
Appearances: 11, 12
Xue Li; Lived ?–195
Served Liu Yao with Zhang Ying. Killed by his former ally Ze Rong.
Appearances: 15
Xun Chen (Youruo); Lived AD c.161–?
Younger brother of Xun Yu. Advised Han Fu on administration. Later served Yuan Shao.
Appearances: 7, 22, 26
Xun Shuang (Ciming); Lived AD 128–190
Fast tracked by Dong Zhuo, he calmed Zhuo down when Yang Biao angered him.
Appearances: 6
Xun Zheng; Lifespan Unlisted
Declared Guan Yu unworthy of facing Ji Ling but was killed in one blow.
Appearances: 14
Yadan ; Lifespan Unknown
Fictional. Prime Minister to King Cheliji of the Western Qiang.
Appearances: 94
Yan Baihu [White Tiger Yan]; Lifespan Unknown
Fought with Sun Ce, but was defeated. Killed by Dong Xi.
Appearances: 15
Yan Gang; Lived AD ?–192
Officer of Gongsun Zan. Led Zan’s army at Jieqiao, but was killed by Qu Yi.
Appearances: 7
Yan Liang; Lived AD ?–200
A fierce general in service under Yuan Shao. Beheaded by Guan Yu.
Appearances: 57, 13, 22, 2528, 41, 45, 49, 77
Yan Xiang; Lived Unknown–
Senior member of Yuan Shu’s staff. Objected to Yuan Shu’s plans to assume the imperial title.
Appearances: 17
Yan Yu; Lived AD ?–197
Killed by an enraged Sun Ce after suggesting that Sun Ce join Yan Baihu.
Appearances: 15
Yan Zheng; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Zhang Bao. Killed Bao when defeat was inevitable.
Appearances: 2
Yang Ang; Lived ?–215
Fought under Ma Chao and aided Zhang Wei in building strong defences against Cao Cao.
Appearances: 67
Yang Bo; Lifespan Unlisted
Jealous of Ma Chao, prevented marriage alliance between Zhang Lu and Ma Chao.
Appearances: 64, 65
Yang Chou; Lived AD 159–198
Killed his former lord Zhang Yang, for Cao Cao, but in turn was killed by Sui Gu.
Appearances: 19
Yang Dajiang; Lifespan Unlisted
Acted as an advisor, warned Yuan Shu against attacking Sun Ce.
Appearances: 1517
Yang Feng; Lived AD 153–197
Betrayed Li Jue to help Emperor Xian. Served Yuan Shu then Lü Bu. Killed by Bei’s men.
Appearances: 13, 14, 17
Yang Feng; Lifespan Unknown
Man chieftain. Ally of Meng Huo, who later betrayed to help Zhuge Liang.
Appearances: 89, 90
Yang Hu (Shuzi); Lived AD 2?–278
A talented Jin officer. Held Xiang Yang. Formed a friendship with Lu Kang of Wu.
Appearances: 120
Yang Huai; Lived AD ?–212
Officer of Liu Zhang. Executed after an attempt to assassinate Liu Bei.
Appearances: 61, 62
Yang Ji; Lived AD ?–291
Champion General under Jin. Controlled the field armies during the invasion of Wu.
Appearances: 120
Yang Ling; Lifespan Unlisted
Goes to fight Guan Yu, taunts him but is killed in a few bouts.
Appearances: 53
Yang Mi; Lifespan Unknown
Imperial Corps Commander. Persuaded Guo Si not to kill Yang Biao.
Appearances: 13
Yang Qi; Lived AD ?–c.195
Advised through Li Jue and Guo Si’s abuse, recommended Jia Xu. Plotted against Li Jue.
Appearances: 13
Yang Qiu; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent by Han Sui to Cao Cao as an envoy of peace. Surrendered when under siege.
Appearances: 58, 59
Yang Ren; Lived ?–215
Fought well against Cao Cao’s forces at Yangping, lured out and killed in battle.
Appearances: 67
Yang Song; Lived ?–215
Vassal of Zhang Lu. Known to be greedy, he betrayed Zhang Lu.
Appearances: 64, 65, 67
Yin Kai; Lived AD ?–204
Mantained supplies for Yuan Shang. Killed by Xu Chu in the novel.
Appearances: 32
Yin Kui; Lifespan Unlisted
An expert in astrology, he predicted a Perfect Man would rise, later thought to mean Cao Cao.
Appearances: 31, 32, 37
Yu Mi; Lived ?–194
An officer of Liu Yao. Defeated in a duel with Sun Ce and died.
Appearances: 15
Yu She; Lifespan Unlisted
Served as a commander under Yuan Shu. Killed by Hua Xiong.
Appearances: 5
Yuan Feng (Zhouyang); Lifespan Unknown
Father of Yuan Shu and possibly Yuan Shao. Minister of Agriculture in service to Han.
Appearances: 2
Yuan Shang (Xianfu); Lived c.177–207
A handsome man, won his father’s favor but lost to Cao Cao. Executed by Gongsun Kang.
Appearances: 3032, 33, 106
Yuan Shao (Benchu); Lived AD c.142–202
Childhood friend, and later enemy of, Cao Cao. Defeated at Guandu.
Appearances: 27, 10, 11, 1316, 18, 19, 2131, 32, 33, 38, 40, 4345, 4850, 56, 60, 68, 91, 93
Yuan Shu (Gonglu); Lived AD ?–199
Relative of Yuan Shao. Declared himself Emperor, but soon after died.
Appearances: 3, 59, 11, 1417, 1920, 21, 43, 44, 48, 56, 60, 93
Yuan Tan (Xiansi); Lived AD ?–205
A famed general but a poor governor, fought against Shang for the succession.
Appearances: 24, 3032, 33
Yuan Wei (Ciyang); Lived AD ?–190
A famed minister, aided He Jin’s avengers. Killed by a vengeful Dong Zhuo.
Appearances: 2, 4, 5
Yuan Xi (Xianyi); Lived AD ?–207
Eventually took in Shang, driven out by revolt. Executed by Gongsun Kang.
Appearances: 31, 32, 33, 106
Yuan Yi (Boye); Lived AD ?–192
Admired by Zhang Chao and Cao Cao. Defeated by Yuan Shu and killed by his own men.
Appearances: 5
Yuan Yin; Lifespan Unlisted
Defended Yuan Shu’s belongings after Shu’s death, but was killed by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 21
Yue Jiu; Lived AD ?–197
Served Yuan Shu guarding Shouchun, but died after his defeat there by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 17
Yueji ; Lived AD ?–227
Fictional. Marshal under King Cheliji of the Western Qiang. Killed by Guan Xing.
Appearances: 94
Yun Ying; Lifespan Unknown
Concubine of Dong Cheng. Her interactions with Qin Qingtong got Cheng killed.
Appearances: 23
Zang Min; Lifespan Unlisted
Governor of Kuaiji. Recommended Sun Jian to the court after Jian quelled Xu Chang’s rebellion.
Appearances: 2
Ze Rong; Lived AD ?–195
Buddhist, fought against Sun Ce, had a record of betrayal and murder.
Appearances: 15
Zhang Bao; Lived AD ?–184
Yellow Scarves leader and Zhang Jue’s brother. Self-titled ‘Lord of Earth’.
Appearances: 1, 2, 28
Zhang Chao; Lived AD ?–195
Was a member of the anti-Dong Zhuo coalition, held out for months against Cao Cao.
Appearances: 5, 11, 12
Zhang Chun; Lived AD ?–189
Passed over for promotion, he led the Wuhuan in revolt. After initial success, Liu Yu turned up and Chun was betrayed.
Appearances: 2
Zhang Heng; Lifespan Unlisted
One of Han Sui’s Eight Knights.
Appearances: 58
Zhang Hu [Tiger Zhang]; Lifespan Unknown
Marched out with Huang Zu to oppose Sun Jian. Killed by Han Dang after 30 bouts.
Appearances: 7
Zhang Hua (Maoxian); Lived AD 232–300
Played Go with Sima Yan, approved invasion of Wu. Talented poet, became Prime Minister.
Appearances: 120
Zhang Ji; Lived AD ?–196
Junior partner under Li Jue, attacks Liu Biao in bid for supplies but dies due to arrow.
Appearances: 3, 5, 9, 10, 13, 16
Zhang Ju; Lifespan Unlisted
Led revolt against the Han, he ravaged the northeast and declared himself ruler.
Appearances: 2
Zhang Jue; Lived AD 140–184
Founder of the Yellow Scarves. Self-titled ‘Lord of Heaven’.
Appearances: 1, 2, 28, 29
Zhang Jun; Lived AD ?–184
Blamed the Yellow Turban revolt on the eunuchs. Arrested and flogged on false charges.
Appearances: 2
Zhang Kai; Lifespan Unlisted
Entered Tao Qian’s service after the Yellow Scarf uprising. Killed Cao Cao’s family.
Appearances: 10, 11
Zhang Liang; Lived AD ?–184
Yellow Scarves leader and Zhang Jue’s brother. Self-titled ‘Lord of Man’.
Appearances: 1, 2
Zhang Niujiao [Oxhorn Zhang]; Lived Unlisted–
Bandit leader. After his death from a flying dart, command of his force passed to Zhang Yan.
Appearances: 3
Zhang Rang; Lived ?–189
Most influential of the Ten Regular Attendants. Drowned himself to avoid capture.
Appearances: 13, 115
Zhang Ren; Lived AD ?–213
Remained loyal to Liu Zhang. Executed by Liu Bei. In novel, Pang Tong died in his ambush.
Appearances: 6063, 64
Zhang Shang; Lifespan Unlisted
General of Jin who killed Lu Jing.
Appearances: 120
Zhang Shiping; Lifespan Unknown
Horse trader from Zhongshan with Su Shuang. Supplied Liu Bei’s first armed force.
Appearances: 1
Zhang Su; Lifespan Unlisted
Governor of Guanghan, discovered the treachery of his brother Zhang Song and warned Liu Zhang.
Appearances: 62
Zhang Wei; Lifespan Unlisted
Zhang Lu’s younger brother. Beheaded after a brilliant battle with Xu Chu.
Appearances: 59, 65, 67
Zhang Wen (Boshen); Lived AD ?–191
First ever Han Excellency appointed when out of the capital, struggled to deal with Han Sui.
Appearances: 8
Zhang Wu; Lived AD ?–207
Began pillaging the people of Jiangxia. Zhao Yun killed him with a spear thrust.
Appearances: 34
Zhang Xian; Lifespan Unlisted
Killed by Xu Chu in the third bout.
Appearances: 17
Zhang Xun; Lived AD ?–?
Fought against Lü Bu but was betrayed by Yang Feng. Escorts Yuan family south.
Appearances: 15, 17
Zhang Yang (Zhishu); Lived AD 151–198
A good and generous man, attempted to aid Emperor Xian but wasn’t trusted by other generals.
Appearances: 5, 11, 13, 14, 19, 22
Zhang Yin; Lifespan Unlisted
Prepared Emperor Xian’s abdication to Cao Pi.
Appearances: 80
Zhang Ying; Lived ?–195
Served Liu Yao with Xue Li. Lost in battle to Sun Ce twice. Killed by Chen Wu.
Appearances: 15
Zhang Zhongjing; Lived AD 150–219
Also known as Zhang Ji. Famous physician from the Eastern Han Dynasty.
Appearances: 60
Zhao Cen; Lifespan Unknown
Occupied River Si Pass for Dong Zhuo. Retreated when Dong Zhuo abandoned Luoyang.
Appearances: 5, 6
Zhao Hong; Lived AD ?–184
Fought with Zhu Jun at Wan, held out for eight months but was killed by Sun Jian.
Appearances: 2
Zhao Qi (Binqing); Lived AD c.110–201
Sent to bring peace between Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan, he served in many positions.
Appearances: 7
Zhao Rui; Lived AD ?–200
Escorted supplies but was defeated and killed by Cao Cao’s raid.
Appearances: 30
Zhao Yan; Lifespan Unlisted
Able to use esoteric arts to win a battle against bandits. Kept Xian informed, executed by Cao Cao.
Appearances: 20, 22
Zhao Zhong; Lived ?–189
Emperor Ling considered him as a mother, slandered Huangfu Song, Lu Qiang and Fu Xie.
Appearances: 1, 2, 3
Zheng Bao; Lived AD ?–199
Bandit leader, he tried to force Liu Ye into service. Murdered by Liu Ye.
Appearances: 29
Zheng Du; Lifespan Unlisted
Advised Liu Zhang to adopt a scorched earth policy and was then sacked.
Appearances: 64, 65
Zheng Tai (Gongye); Lived AD 151/2–192
Opposed inviting Dong to capital. Advised Dong Zhuo not to conscript too many troops.
Appearances: 2, 3
Zhou Bi (Zhongyuan); Lived AD ?–190
Executed for bad advice, Dong Zhuo later regretted it. Protected Yuan Shao and acted as his agent.
Appearances: 4, 6
Zhou Huan (Wenming); Lived AD ?–192
Part of Wang Yun’s government, killed by Li Jue and Guo Si’s troops.
Appearances: 9
Zhou Xin (Daming); Lived AD 159–196
Well read, he resigned his position rather then have Yuan Shu to harm his people.
Appearances: 15
Zhou Zhi; Lifespan Unlisted
Fought against Wu. Ambushes and kills Sun Xin then kills Shen Rong in a raid.
Appearances: 120
Zhu Jun (Gongwei); Lived ?–195
Han minister who fought against the Yellow Scarves with Liu Bei and Sun Jian.
Appearances: 1, 2, 10, 13
Zhuge Gui (Zigong); Lived AD ?–c.193
Zhuge Liang’s father. Descended from Zhuge Feng. Governor’s deputy in Taishan.
Appearances: 36
Zhuge Xuan; Lived ?–195
Served Yuan Shu as Grand Administrator of Yuzhang. Later driven out by Zhu Hao.
Appearances: 36
Zong Bao; Lifespan Unlisted
Slain in a few bouts by the Yellow Turban general Guan Hai.
Appearances: 11
Zou Jing; Lifespan Unknown
Served as Commandant under Liu Yan. Fought the Yellow Scarves with Liu Bei.
Appearances: 1
Zu Bi; Lived AD ?–220
Keeper of the Imperial Seal under Emperor Xian. Executed before Xian was deposed.
Appearances: 80
Zuo Feng; Lifespan Unknown
Eunuch of Han. Sent to evaluate Lu Zhi. Demanded a bribe, then lied about his merit.
Appearances: 1
Zuo Ling; Lifespan Unlisted
At Li Jue’s orders, with Jia Xu, restrained Emperor Xian. Slandered Duan Wei.
Appearances: 13

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