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Kessen II 「決戦II」

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Kessen II, a storyline based military strategy game, is the second installment of Koei’s Kessen series. Characters in Kessen II come from the novel named Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong and written during the Ming Dynasty. Most of the novel is factual and correctly describes the events that occurred in the Later Han Dynasty, many more minor (and a few larger) details are fictional. Kessen II’s storyline is not accurate to history, but I would certainly recommended it to anyone that enjoyed Kessen.

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3/18/05: Linked game information to our database and made new additions (e.g. Google, forums). Access new information through the resources and links above.

1/15/04: Cleaned page up, organized release dates, added Walkthroughs (below).

2/26/03: The Kessen 2 ending song, Ide Mariko - Ao No Tsuzuki has finally been found, uploaded, and posted for your listening pleasure in the game music section (the final listed track). Hat tip: Spookybanana, for locating the elusive beast (may not be available if hosting is needed).

5/24/02: You can now listen to the full Kessen II soundtrack on the music page, my thanks to Kim for making this possible (may not be available if hosting is needed).

5/13/02: Added new Kessen II Officer Portraits page and new Kessen II Avatars page.

5/5/02: Kessen II section navigation and layout revised (and drastically improved). Moved credits to the new credits page. Created a requests page. Created a new site menu (with a Kessen section).

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Kessen II FAQs and Walkthroughs

Submitted FAQs and Walkthroughs for Kessen II.

Kessen II: FMV Screenshot 1 Kessen II: FMV Screenshot 1 Kessen II: FMV Screenshot 1 Kessen II: FMV Screenshot 1

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