Sun Shang Xiang Faq

Dynasty Warriors 5
By Kyuuketsuki

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 Unlocking Sun Shang Xiang
 In-game Bio


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Unlocking Sun Shang Xiang 

Sun Shang Xiang is an initially unlocked character. So all you have to 
do is turn the game on.

In-game Bio 

The daughter of Sun Jian, she was also the younger sister of both Sun
Ce and Sun Quan.A tomboy, she took interest in the martial arts from
a young age. hen she later became Liu Bei's wife, it is said that her
ladies-in-waiting were constantly outside her room, dressed in full armor.


S- Slash to the left
SS- Slash to the right
SSS- Lower slash to the left
SSSS- Slash to the right
SSSSS- Slash to the left
SSSSSS- Spinning kick to he right
Evolution attacks coming soon...

T- 2 Cartwheels and a downward kick
ST- Knock opponent into the air
SST- Two spin attacks that leave the opponent stunned
SSST- SSX send her Chakram spinning around her (good crowd clearer)
SSSST- Uses a kick to create wind that sends opponent into the air
SSSSST- Sends Chakram spinning around her for longer, juggling enemy

Jump attack- A side-spinning vertical strike
Jump Charge- Shoots Chakram downward, sending enemies flying

Mounted Attack- Very slow and difficult to hit accurately, attacks to
the the right first, then left
Mounted Charge- Same as above only more powerful and goes right and left
Mounted Musou- Continuous version of above-mentioned attacks

Musou Attack- Continuous slashes ending with a spin
True Musou- "I'm not finished yet" Same as above with a gust of wind 
blowing surrounding enemies in the air instead of a spin


1.Battle of Jing Proving (Sun Jian's Forces)
2.Escape from Chi Bi (Allied Forces)
3.Battle of He Fei (Wu Forces)
4.Invasion of Nan Zhong (Wu Forces)
5.Battle of Yi Ling (Wu Forces)

1.Battle of Jing Province (192 AD)
Victory: Defeat Liu Biao
Defeat:(At start) Sun Jian is defeated; (After Sun Jian retreats) Sun
Ce is defeated or the main camp is captured

Your first mission is to open the gates to Liu Biao's inner chamber.To do
this you must defeat many gate captains. he fastest way is to go in
through the east defeating all gate captains and officers along the way.
About 7-10 minutes into the stage, Liu Biao announces that the
reinforcements have arrived and to launch the attack. Su Fei and Cheng
Sheng will then appear. One of them is dangerously close to your commander
while another heads straight for your base. This is where you are at a
crossroads. You must decide between saving your commander and saving your
base. If you already recieved a message saying your main camp is under
attack you will want to rush back to the main camp to defend it. Then when
it is secure go and assist Sun Ce. After you have wiped out all enemy generals
except Liu Biao, Liu Biao becomes a cakewalk. He does have a few magicians
guarding him so watch out for them.

2.Escape from Chi Bi (208 AD)
Victory: Defeat Cao Cao
Defeat: Sun Quan is defeated or Cao Cao reaches the escape point

This battle can be tricky sometimes but for the most part is pretty straight-
forward. You do not need to worry about Sun Quan in this battle as he can hold
his own. Pretty much all you have to do on this stage is pursue and defeat
Cao Cao. It will get tricky at times since some bridges will get destroyed
in the process but if you have a saddle it should be extremely easy. You do
not need to fight the other enemy generals, but if you are going for score
and a buffed character I would recommend fighting them. But if you start to
notce Cao Cao is nearing the escape point you had best bolt toward him and
head him off. Another strategy would be to take out Xun You. Doing this will
cut off Cao Cao's escape path, letting you concentrate on wiping out all of
the enemy oficers. Bear in mind that when Cao Cao reaches the top of the map
he will be surrounded by officers for protection. It still shouldn't be too
awefully difficult to take him out.

3.Battle of He Hei (215 AD)
Victory: Defeat Cao Cao
Defeat: Sun Quan is defeated

Your goal here is to get into He Fei Castle and defeat Cao Cao. But you will
have the added annoyance of Zhang Liao continuously returning. Go around to
the bases and defeat Wei generals until Zhang Liao appears and destroys the
Xian Shi bridge. This is your cue to rush back to Sun Quan and dispatch Zhang
Liao before he dispatches Sun Quan, which he undoubtedly will given enough time.
Eventually Gan Ning's unit will appear. You will get a nice morale boost but
Sun Quan is by no means safe. Continue to stay with him until he jumps the Xian
Shi bridge. This tells you that he is safe and you can go on the offensive.
Now head straight for Cao Cao and wipe the floor with him. His morale should
be low enough by now to be pretty easy. Once you do that you have successfully
taken He Fei.

4.Invasion of Nan Zhong (215 AD)
Victory: Defeat Meng Huo
Defeat: Sun Quan is defeated.

(NOTE: this is not a 4th weapon strategy)

When you first start out you are ordered to go on the offensive. What I
recommend doing is taking out all officers in the southwest corner. As soon as
you approach Mang Huo you will ave alot more on your hands. When you get a
ceertain distance from Meng Huo he will say you fell right into his trap. Then
he will destroy the walls at the sides of your main camp. A short while after
this happens, Nanman troops will destroy the bridge leading out of the camp.
This leaves your main base completely isolated and surrounded, so you are going
to want to help out in a hurry. If you are buffed enough you can just go for
Meng Huo, but if you aren't confident enough then you can just hunt down the
other enemy officers to lower the Nanman morale. Three times during the stage
re-enforcements will show up. They should be dispatched easily enough. When
you are ready, go for Meng Huo.

5.Battle of Yi Ling
Victory: Defeat Liu Bei
Defeat: Sun Quan is defeated

What you want to do at the beginning of this level is hold Shu at bay and give
Lu Xun and Zhu Ran enough time to prepare for the fire attack. Try to stay at
the edge of the Wu encampment and eliminate all enemies around the perimiter.
When Lu Xun and Zhu Ran reach their destination they will light the Shu camp
on fire, causing Liu Bei to flee through the Forest Maze. Now anyone
who has done Stone Sentinal Mazes in previous DW games may be very surprised
to see how much more complicated this forest is. As always they disallow use 
of the mini map and it is extremely difficult to pinpoint your location on
the Pause Map. What I did is I gave chase to Liu Bei very quickly and follow
the Shu troops back to the new camp. Once you get to the new Shu camp all you
have to do is defeat Liu Bei and you have successfully completed Sun Shang
Xiang's Musou Mode.


1st Weapon: Chakram
2nd Weapon: Moon Chakram
3rd Weapon: Luna Chakram
4th Weapon: Sol Chakram

Getting Sun Shang Xiang's 4th Weapon

(must be done on hard)

Invasion of Nan Zhong (Wu Forces)

Rendesvous with Sun Quan after ambush event.
Defeat all enemy officers except for Meng Huo.

For starters you must not defeat any generals before you rendesvous
with Sun Quan. You must wait for Meng Huo to isolate your base by
destroying the bridge. Then you must go see the event with Sun Shang
Xiang talking to Sun Quan. From then you must defeat all 
enemy subgenerals and generals. This includes those that
show up late. The item will appear just outside your base near the


Costume 1- Sun Shang Xiangs starting costume in DW5. A sleeveless red
outfit with flowered leggings. Top cut slightly above the pants. A red
headband and short-cropped brunette hair. Red wristbands and a golden
armband above her left shoulder. Golden earings. Leather boots.

Costume 2- Same as costume 1 only green instead of red.

Costume 3- Sun Shang Xiang's original costume from DW4. Red and white
color scheme.

Costume 4- One of Sun Shang Xiang's optional costumes from DW4. Inverted
red and white color scheme. Complete with shorts.


KOEI for making many excellent series.

GameFAQs and CJayC for this great site.

All my Clash of Kingdoms bretheren

TogeraTwo (also of Clash of Kingdoms) for reference on how to make FAQs

All the fans who keep making DW a success


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