Game Name: Dynasty Warriors 4
Available On: Playstation 2(PS2){best system}
Released On: March 25, 2003
Author: Tony Quach aka Master Tony
Contacts: AIM- TTQ8025, E-mail -
If you plan on e-mailing me please read the section below the Introduction. 
That way I don't block you and delete your e-mail.

DD  DDD  YY   YY  NN NN    NN  AA   AA SSS        TTTT     YY   YY
DD  DDD   YY YY   NN  NN   NN  AA   AA SSS        TTTT      YY YY
DD DDD      YY    NN    NN NN  AA   AA     SSS    TTTT        YY
DDDDD       YY    NN     NNNN  AA   AA SSSSSSS    TTTT        YY
DDDD        YY    NN      NNN  AA   AA SSSSSSS    TTTT        YY

WW      WW AA   AA RR   RR  RR   RR     II    O     O RR   RR  SSSSSSSS
WW      WW AA   AA RR   RR  RR   RR     II    O     O RR   RR  SSS
WW  WW  WW AA   AA RR  RR   RR  RR      II    O     O RR  RR        SSS

                              444 444
                             444  444
                            444   444

0.1 - Legal Stuff
This is MY Item FAQ. Which means you cannot sell it, copy it, or put it on 
your webpage. I spent my own time writing this, and it wasn't made for people 
to steal and say they wrote it. If you lie and steal, the world will crush 
you eventually. First, I would like to address Muni Shinobu. You are the 
Dyntasy Warriors King! Your FAQs are the best, and most of these items that 
I received was through the greatness of his writing. I know it's hard to 
translate Japanese to English, so I tried to figure out how to get items and 
translate it in a more detailed way. I hope you know that 90% of these items 
were gained through you! Thanks Muni Shinobu!!!!

0.2 - Versions
1.0 - 4/17/03 Started Item FAQ

1.1 - 4/18/03 Elaborated on STATISTICS more, Added contributions and a 
section in the credits, added new area for great item pick ups, added a few 
things to the Q&A section, fixed Dynasty Warriors 4 intro picture thingy at 
the top, added Legal Stuff, and updated INTRODUCTION

1.2 - 4/25/03 Conclusion as to how item levels affect statistics, added 
hilarious conversation Muni had with spammer, added more contributions, 
Storm Harness effect added, and updated Q&A

1.3 - 5/06/03 Changed layout of items(A bit clearer to see, still working 
on it), Added Fun With Idiots section, contributions added, Added Tips 
section, and updated Q&A

FINAL UPDATE - 6/28/03 Updated Q&A stuff, added contributuions, removed Fun 
With Idiots, changed e-mail address, tried to fix up all tiny errors, and 
removed all Charge Bracer comments. Sorry for removing you guys, but there 
were just so many contributions that I started to get e-mails that flamed 
me for not putting them on the FAQ.

1.0 - Table of Contents
0.1 - Legal Stuff
0.2 - Versions
1.0 - Table of Contents
1.1 - Introduction
1.2 - Controls
1.3 - Statistics
1.4 - Q & A
1.5 - Tips
2.0 - Items
2.1 - How To Get Good Items
3.0 - Credits
3.1 - Legal Stuff
*NOTE: You may press at anytime the Ctrl+F to do a word search. Just type 
in the numbers to find them more easily. Let's say you want to go to the Items 
section. Instead of scrolling and looking press the Ctrl and F at the same 
time and type in 2.0 and Vwa-lah! You're at the "Items" section!

1.1 - Introduction
This FAQ will help you in Dynasty Warriors 4. I decided to write this FAQ 
because I simply love the game. This is my 2nd contribution to GameFAQs and 
I hope it is used appropriately. I think Dynasty Warriors 4 is a mix of 
action/RPG/strategy. The action comes from fighting obviously and it's got 
a bit of RPG because you have a defensive and offensive level and you can 
level up by collecting points after games. This game has tons of strategy 
also because you have to find the quickest route to get rid of all the generals, 
and it requires quick decisions when an ally asks for help. The game is 
absolutely outstanding and well worth the money. You may contact me via e-mail 
or AIM. I've listed these at the top of the FAQ. Any contribution will be 
added to my FAQ and credit WILL be given. Any tips or hints can always help 
this FAQ out. Also, it never hurts to drop a line telling me how good/helpful 
my FAQ is. Good comments make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. ^_^

I'd like to ask CONTRIBUTORS to pay attention to this. Lately, I've received 
a lot of e-mails regarding the horses. I'd like some solid proof if they 
actually have those effects. The Hex Mark I'll be testing myself some time 
later down the road. I'd like e-mailers to know a few things before e-mailing 

1) Do not e-mail me multiple times to get attention. I will simply delete 
them all and block you.(happened twice already)

2) Do not steal information from Muni's FAQ and say that you discovered it. 
By copying and pasting it in my e-mail you clearly did not write this yourself.

3) This runs with number 2. I've formatted each item section in a style which 
I think the reader can "read". Don't send me a bunch of words all in lowercase 
with no periods or grammer at all. If it's not readable it's not 
contributional. Period!

4) No flamming! Yeah, I will admit that I did look at Muni's work to get most 
of my items. That's why I say that this FAQ is nearly a translation of his, 
but with a little more detail. Don't send hate mail to me if I've clearly 
credited him.

5) I cannot post multiple contributions, so if you happen to not get anything 
posted it was either because too many people sent me e-mails or that you were 
not descriptive enough. I've received a grand total of 37 e-mails regarding 
the effects of the Hex Mark and Lightning horses.

6) Being a FINAL update it means that I've moved on to my next game. I will 
add in whatever seems to fit. Anything that seems like garbage or a teeny 
tiny bit useful I'll just delete.
Contributor: Eko
This link will warp you to a hilarious conversation between Muni and a spammer. 
Now, this is how you deal with spammers. Kudos to Muni and his intelligence 
and Eko for sending me this awesome link!

1.2 - Controls
Control Pad------------------Moves your character
Left Analog Stick------------Moves your character
Right Analog Stick-----------N/A
Square(S)--------------------Basic Attack
Triangle(T)------------------Charge Attack
Circle(O)--------------------Musuo Attack
L2---------------------------Turns off/on life bars of ally/enemy
R1---------------------------Pulls out bow 
R2---------------------------Switches between large and small map
Select-----------------------Switches bodyguard actions
Start------------------------Goes to menu screen

Some people don't know what L3 and R3 are(like me). If you press down on the 
left analog stick it is considered to be L3. Pressing down on the right analog 
stick is R3(now I can do that Baldur's Gate cheat, heh heh). It's just a little 

This game requires a Playstation2 controller. Unlike DW3 or DW3:XL this game 
requires the use of R3. The playstation dual shock controllers never had R3 
or L3 programmed into them. This is why a playstation controller will not 
work on DW4. 
Contributor: Billy Bissette 
Personal Comment: Wow, my boss told me a totally different thing. I work at 
a GameStop store, and having someone tell me how a controller functions leaves 
me in the dust. Boy, do I feel like an idiot. ^_^
The PSX Dual Shock 1 controllers have L3/R3 buttons.  Games like Tobal 2 on 
the PSX used them.

The main difference between the PS2 DS2 and the PSX DS1 is simply the
inclusion of pressure sensitive buttons, which DW4 does not utilize.

Why don't DS1 controllers work?  Koei simply didn't code support for
them.  Personally, I see little reason why even the original PSX digital 
controller isn't supported, as the only function that would be lost is your 
taunt.  (Well, you'd lose the option of the analog stick for movement, but 
you can still use the D-pad for that.)

Now admittedly, there could be some hardware related reason why they
decided to block out the DS1.  The PSX went through a few incarnations of 
analog controllers with varying properties.  But even then Koei wouldn't 
really have an excuse for blocking out the controller rather than letting 
the person simply play without the taunt/announce control.

1.3 - Statistics
In DW4 you must concentrate on HP and Defense. These 2 combinations will 
prolong your existence in the world of DW4! Remember to always pick up every 
single shield and meatbun pack. As they say,"A good defense is a good 
offense." In this case it is true because having more life means that you 
can enter Musou attack much quicker with more life to spare. Also, with a 
strong defense you can maintain a state in Musou attack much longer since 
you can sustain hits. Attack and Musuo is nice to have, but in the long run 
you'll want more defense than offense. 
I'm thinking why not elaborate on each statistic while this section is up. 
I'll finisht his up when I have time, but I'd like some feedback on "Luck".

HP- Also known as Hit/Health Points. This is your life in Dynasty Warriors 
4. If this is zero you lose. If your HP turns red you can activate your True 
Musou attack. To gain more HP you can either grab the Dim Sum(+10 Life) pickups, 
or equip a Peacock Urn

Musou- You can refer to this as MP(Magic Points) if you want. Musou is the 
very essence of DW4 that makes the game unique. Your musou bar is used to 
enter a musou attack, or use your Orb power. During musou attacks you are 
invulnerable to damage and can deal great damage to enemies. You can increase 
your musou by grabbing Fairy Wine bottles, or equipping dragon amulet. 

Attack- The damage you inflict to enemies. Attack is important for someone 
who has lots of musou. You can increase attack by picking up various swords 
dropped by officers, equipping Tiger Amulet, or picking up a War God's Axe.

Defense- The damage you can sustain from enemies. Defense is very important 
with HP. With lots of defense and HP you can las a lot longer. You can increase 
this by grabbing shields dropped from various officers, equipping Tortoise 
Amulet, or picking up War God's Armor.

Speed- Speed is the quickness in which your character moves. With high speed 
you can run past enemies with ease and skip tot he last boss if you'd like. 
The way to increase speed is by equipping speed scroll, or picking up speed 

Jump- Jump is the how high your character can, well......JUMP! Jump isn't 
a huge importance in the DW4 universe, but it's important if you face 
elephants. The only way to increase jump is by equipping jump shoes.

Bow Attack- Bow attack is the damage you inflict by using your bow. Bows are 
weak, but under the arms of a few characters they can wield awesome power. 
You can increase bow damage by equipping Huang Zhong's Bow, or by using XIahou 
Yuan or Huang Zhong. Their arrow attacks are higher than others.

Bow Defense- Bow defense is the ability to sustain damage against arrows. 
Arrow damage has been toned down from DW3 and DW3:XL, so this item is more 
uselss. You can increase its' effect by equipping Nanman Armor though.

Ride Attack- The damage you inflict on a horse. This item is pretty useless 
unless you're riding the Shadow Runner. It's hard to stay on a horse, but 
by being able to never get knocked down you can deal tons of damage. Try using 
Ma Chao equipped with this. You can increase its' effect by equipping Horned 

Ride Defense- The damage you sustain while riding a horse(not in that way 
^_^). This is pretty useless unless you ride Shadow Runner. Increase the 
effect of this statistic by equipping Cavalry Armor. Give this to Ma Chao 
and rule the plains.

Musou Charge- The ability to charge your Musou bar quicker through ATTACKS. 
In DW3 and DW3:XL you were given the ability to manually charge the elixir 
with CIRCLE, but now it is done through attacking only. Still good, but not 
as good as before. To increase this effect you can equip an Elixir.
Charge Attack- The damage you inflict through charge(triangle) attacks. Any 
attack resulting in a press of the triangle button is considered charged. 
Whether it be on ground, in the air or on a horse. To increase the effect 
just equip Herbal Remedy. 
To increase its' effect equip a Seven Star Sash.
Throughout RPG history Luck has been something that befuddles all players. 
There is no true defintion as to how LUCK actually works. It varies through 
all games. I've made a section devoted to this to find out what people think 
about Luck. I think Luck effects items statistically. I'm also starting to 
believe that it effects item drop rate as well. Being able to prove this you 
can checkout my Q&A section to hear about my 3 easy rounds at Xu Chang. Luck 
seems to effect them, but I may have been lucky. Maybe I can get some solid 
proof from some people out there. I don't expect any bashing though!

Contributor: Wolf
Personal Comment: I think we all know what luck did in XL. The instruction 
booklet stated that it would increase the efficiency of an item when you 
picked it up. I'm not so sure on the defensive levels, but hey, I never tested 
it out.
I have only played DW3, and dream of what DW4 would be like. Anyways, in DW3, 
it effects many things. For example, it effects the damage an enemy soldier 
will deal in effect with your defense. For example, extremely low luck may 
get a stronger attack from an enemy soldier more often. Extremely high, and 
this will rarely happen. Luck also effects item drop rate, BG item and weapon 
drop rate (for XL), and it will effect how high the ability of the item or 
weapon is. The level difficulty also effects this greatly, more then luck 
does actually. If there are any questions about what luck affects, I may be 
able to answer them, may not.

This section will be left opened for the time being. At the moment I have 
no plans on updating this FAQ until DW4:XL is released. The release date that 
I know of now is November of this year. I will still accept e-mails, but under 
my new address. I won't reply to anything that has no punctuation, no e-mail 
title, and anything that can be answered in my FAQ. I will also not reply 
to "Who's your favorite character?" and "I can't get (insert item name)" I 
have done the best that I can to describe on how to get an item.

1.4 - Q & A
I await your e-mails if you have any difficulties getting an item. I will 
not reply to items with statistical boosts. If I find a question that is 
answered here in this FAQ I will most likely flame you and block you, so please 
read through this FAQ. Questions on my other FAQ could have been answered 
90% of the time if the person read through my FAQ. Remember that Ctrl+F will 
bring up the find index and search for keywords for you. Another thing to 
remember is to title your e-mail "DW4 Item Q&A". I plan on making a Duel FAQ 
and possibly a character FAQ, but not sure who yet so it helps me out if things 
are titled correctly.

Q: Will I receive credit for contributing?
A: Yes, you will receive 110% credit for your contribution

Q: I sent you an e-mail. Why haven't I received a reply or why isn't my 
contribution on there? 
A: First of all, getting around 15 e-mails a day that are usually filled with 
flammers, or hard to read e-mails is very difficult to manage. Usually 1 out 
of 5 e-mails will be replied, because your e-mail probably had a question 
that could be answered in this FAQ or an Intsruction Manual, or it was a bit 
useless. Not to be a jerk or anything, but I really don't need to know things 
such as how good you think an Herbal Remedy is. When you make your own FAQ 
you can say whatever you want. Fair enough?
Q: Where is the best place to get items?
A: I go to Battle of Xu Chang on Liu Bei's side. I can get a total of 5 items 
there. The stage is hard, but well worth it. Recently I've been going to Race 
For The Nan Territory on Allied side as well.

Q: Hey, I contributed! Why didn't you post up my contribution?
A: Let's see, it may be because you either: typed in a different language, 
didn't use correct grammer so I decided to delete it, not detailed enough, 
no proof of how to get the item, does not make sense, too many contributions 
on a particular topic(excluding LUCK), flammed me before, sent the same 
e-mail more than once to get attention, and/or you asked a question that could 
be found in the instructions booklet or has no relative content to my FAQ. 
I am sick of getting asked questions as to why certain characters start with 
one item attachable and others get 3. Look in the instruction book!

Q: Why do you have "Unknown" items? 
A: Because I haven't found them yet. Right now I'm currently busy with work, 
school and my little sister.

Q: Does Luck effect the items you get?
A: That's a good question. From my experience I'd say yes, but I'll never 
be able to prove this. I have a Lv.15 Seven Star Sash and I equipped it for 
3 rounds in Battle of Xu Chang on Easy(this was a trial). With a total of 
18 items I received 11 that were somewhat high, which was my Herbal Remedy 
at Lv.10 and others at around Lv.9. So far it seems like the abundance of 
items, such as meat buns, hasn't changed much. It seems to kind of effect 
item stats, but again, this is "Luck" after all and I might've been "Lucky". 
I can't really prove this at this point, but I'm jsut going to leave it as 
is and say, "Screw Luck!" ^_^

Q: Man, I don't have any orbs! How can I get Orbs?
A: It's totally random. I got my first one in the Yellow Turban Rebellion. 
It was a Lv.1 Fire Orb. Be patient and it'll come to you. Try playing on Normal 
too. I first played through Musuo mode on Easy and got 1 orb, but when I played 
again with the same character on Normal I received 4. It might be luck, but 
I think it makes sense to say that difficulty has an effect on Orb appearance.

Q: Hey, I got an Orb, but it doesn't work. How do you use them? 
A: Well, first off you need to equip an Orb prior to the start of a stage. 
The next thing to look out for is your musou bar. If it's not max you cannot 
activate your Orb. The only way to use your Orb without a max musou bar is 
by acquiring a Lv.10 weapon. You also have to do a charge attack to initiate 
it. I noticed that some characters might not have an elemental attack on a 
few charge attacks. I use Yue Ying and her S,S,T cannot perform an elemental 
Q: What's the best Orb?
A: I can't really answer this yet, because I don't have a Vorpal Orb, but 
out of the other 5 I'd rank from best to worst: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Blast, 
Poison. Fire is nice because it slowly burns away my opponents HP. I like 
Ice, because a frozen general is like a free kill. Ice goes well for only 
a few warriors though. Lightning is okay, but if you try to do a S,T or 
S,S,S,S,T it won't knock them in the air and that annoys me. Also, if your 
lightning finished off a general you don't get weapon experience. Blast hurts 
enemies while they block, but only a small amount. Poison just plain sucks. 
By the time you get the chance to hit them a second time the poison will 
dissolve away.
Q: How come you're always at Battle of Xu Chang?
A: Because you can get a total of 5 items in that stage. On Easy you can easily 
build up lots of items at a rapid rate. Just go through the Musuo mode with 
a Shu character and once you get the stage opened visit it in Free Mode to 
get lots of items. I'll have a list as to who will drop item boxes.

Q: Who do you use?
A: Well, I like using Yue Ying, Zhou Yu, Zhou Tai, Zhang He, Pang Tong, Lu 
Bu, and Xiao Qiao. These are my favorite characters. It's hard to choose 
between them, but I maxed out my Zhou Yu first and Xiao Qiao second. Probably 
because they're husband and wife. Yue Ying would be 3rd though since she can 
kick anyone's butt :) 
Q: (Note- this is more of a contribution) I'd like to contribute information 
on your saddles. From my sources, the Hex Mark Harness gives you luck up, 
and the lightnign harness gives ride attack up.
A: Well, at the moment I'm pretty sure most of you read Muni's FAQ and got 
this information from his FAQ. I cannot post answers at this moment until 
I have solid proof that these give the actual bonus. I've received nearly 
40 e-mails now. I'm to the point where I'm about to change my e-mail address. 
If you don't have proof as to if it works or not, I cannot post it up. Please 
provide solid information. Too many contributors sent these in, so 
unfortunately I can't post yours up.
*Note* Storm Harness has been solved, but Hex Mark is next. 
Q: How do you open up Battle of Xu Chang?
A: Well, you could always checkout Muni Shinobu's Stage Flow Chart FAQ. It 
shows you hot to open every single one. Though, it's a bit hard to read I'll 
try to translate it for you. This is straight from Muni's FAQ now, so credit 
is given to MUNI SHINOBU. You must activate the Fire Event and the Zhuge Liang 
must PRAY FOR THE WIND SUCCESSFULLY at the Battle of Chi Bi.

Q: Are bodyguards resetable through the CAW menu? How long did you take to 
write the FAQ?
A: To reset bodyguards go to the Edit Mode on the menu screen(after title 
screen). Then select the Edit Bodyguard portion to recreate your bodyguard 
units. Keep in mind that if you intend on creating a bodyguard team over one 
that is maxed out it'll erase them! I'd say that I put in a good 5 hours in 
on this FAQ. I spend more time reading e-mails from people than with the FAQ 
itself. I'm actually to the point where I think I can wrap it up and make 
a final update.

Q: Are you gonna write more Dynasty Warriors 4 FAQS?
A: At the moment I'd like to make a DUEL FAQ, but I'm very limited on my time. 
I started playing Phantasy Star Online on my GameCube and that's eating my 
time up. I do plan on for sure making a .hack//MUTATION FAQ once it comes 
out. I might make some more FAQs for DW4 as time passes. Maybe some time around 
DW4:XL comes out?

Q: What? They're making a DW4:XL?
A: Yeah, it's suppose to come out in November 12, 2003. I work at a GameStop 
and we're taking reservations on it already. Of course, I got mine already. 
It's gonna be $30 like the last XL unless they plan on doing a before the 
minute price change. I've received emails about this. I'm saying that I've 
reserved my DW4:XL, and I haven't yet received the actual copy of the game! 
Happy now!?!?!? :)

Q: What's gonna be in Dynasty Warriors 4 Xtreme Legends?
A: At the moment I have a little information on the game. The only possibility 
is enhancing the CAW(creataa a warrior) feature, and they WILL have more 
items(perhaps more then DW3:XL). Also, I've heard the ability to play through 
one player and choose another warrior as your bodyguard has been put in 
again(seems like they purposely leave this out to make a cheap rip-off of 
XL series). Supposedly you can erase your character again and 3 new challenges 
will be put in. So far that's all I know of. Of course you can visit to see if there's any information, or unless you live in 
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota you can visit my GameStop shop and I can give you 
any information needed.

1.5 - Tips
Contributor: Twoski
Xiahou Yuan and Huang Zhong have Charge attacks in which
they wield bows. If they equip Huang Zhong's Bow, this increases
the damage of those moves. So, stacking Tiger Armlet, Herbal
Remedy, and Huang Zhong's Bow would be a worthwhile strategy.

Ma Chao has a great charge attack while riding on a horse. Although he can 
only equip 4 items you could make a generic character and get to equip 5. 
With that extra item it can create a character far superior than that of Ma 
Chao. I personally liked my CAW(Create A Warrior). His name was ZhouTony(Wu's 
my favorite) and once he was maxed out I equipped on him: Shadow Harness, 
Lightning Orb, Elixir, Horned Helmet, Tiger Amulet, Cavalry Armor, and Reach 
Scroll. With Reach Scroll and Elixir you'll easily hit people and fill your 
musou bar in seconds flat. Your Tiger Amulet and Horned Helmet shall increase 
attack and Cavalry Armor is there to protect you while you ride the 
unknockable Shadow Runner.

Keep in mind that defense should go over offense when playing on Hard. With 
a solid defense you'll stand more of a chance against tougher officers.

Musou Elixir has been degraded a bit. Your musou bar will charge faster when 
you attack and not when you manually charge. It's still useful, but sometimes 
a Wind Scroll takes a better spot Elixir.

Contributor: Makien
Forgot to include something I had noticed. Holding down the R1 button for 
the bow for longer periods of time makes the view zoom in. This I found 
especially useful for the Bridge Melee(Challenge mode) cause you
can pick off the crossbowmen without them even seeing you. In foggy conditions, 
zooming in not only magnify the target area, but also makes the area seem 
much less "foggyish"

Declining duels will cause a drop in morale. Causing a TIE in a duel will 
not. It's best to duel and run around in a circle if you know you can't win. 
(Ex: Lu Bu on Hard)

Try saving Musou attacks. Right when an enemy is about to hit you push 
Circle(not hold). By doing this you'll be safe for the time being. Charge 
up your musou bar again by attacking and if someone manages to hit you push 
Circle(not hold), so you won't get a full combo on you. What I use Musou for 
is to protect my life. Instead of getting hit by someone 6 times I'd prefer 
getting hit once and tapping Circle so I can break their combo. This protects 
my life.

Every general has a certain "back off" point. If you run away from certain 
generals you may notice them run away. This is not because you are running 
too far away in a sense that they chased you too much, but they have an 
invisible line where if you cross they will run away. A cheap thing to do 
is to step into the line to draw them near and to then step behind the line 
and shoot arrows at them or do a few quick hits before going behind the line. 
Some characters however will go pass this line eventually. When certain stage 
triggers happen they could still advance and follow you for a long time. Also, 
some characters just plain like to chase you(Ex: Lu Bu).

2.0 - Items
Items are broken down into 3 main categories in Dynasty Warriors 4. You can 
equip a saddle, orb, and 4-6 special items. I'll list these items in order 
from top left to bottom right. Going from left to right now. 

 Name of Saddle  *Number* <-Refer to bottom for tips

Appearance: The graphic of the horse
Effect: What the horse's ability is 
Commonly Used By: DW character who rides it the most
Side: Which side I played(In CAPS)
Item Found At: Stage where the item can be found(In CAPS) 
Valuable Item Location: Where the item appears
How To Get: Quick summary on how to obtain the item

How I Got It: A very detailed explanation as to how I got the item
Errors that will caue no events to pop up and the such. This is important 
to read if you cannot get this item. These are things you might be doing wrong.

| Saddles |

 Red Hare Harness  

Appearance: A red horse with decorative horsey clothes.
Effect: Fastest horse in the game
Commonly Used By: Lu Bu, Guan Yu
Side: LU BU
How To Get: See Guan Yu meets Red Hare event(southeast peninsula). Cannot 
kill any generals(including sub).
Valuable Item Location: Near Red Hare

How I Got It: I played on Normal and I was using Lu Bu. I played in my Musuo 
mode with my little brother(Gan Ning). I ran towards the peninsula located 
towards the south and waited for Guan Yu to show up. I saw him running at 
me and I ran away form him(leaving him alone with Red Hare). Once I saw an 
event where Guan Yu climbed onto the horse me and my brother double teamed 
him and I finished him off. Seconds later an item box appeared near Red Hare 
and I picked it up.
I experienced a point where Guan Yu did not go to red Hare, but instead went 
to the east(right) side of the castle. I later discovered the reason for this. 
My Zhang Liao killed Xu Zhu. I set the difficulty on Normal to prevent this. 
If Guan Yu doesn't head toward Red Hare you should avoid him as well. The 
first time you should see him is when he's running toward your Red Hare on 
the peninsula.

 Hex Mark Harness 

Appearance: Dark grey horse with blue and white saddle 
Effect: Unknown(checkout Q&A as to why this hasn't been updated)
Commonly Used By: Liu Bei
How To Get: You must first play the Yellow Turban Fort Defend Battle. Then 
select the Liu Bei Invasion battle. Now, while playing Liu Bei Invasion you 
should see Zhao Yun instead of Zhang Fei. Defeat Zhao Yun and Guan Yu before 
the back-up troops appear. After that invade LIu Bei's castle and fight Liu 
Bei until the Item Report appears. You'll either need to kill his surrounding 
soldiers or lower his health a little bit.
Valuable Item Location: Left of the entry point in Cao Cao's castle. 

How I got it: I had to use 2 players for this one. Me and my friend killed 
both officers quickly. I wiped out Guan Yu real quick, while he dueled Zhao 
Yun and killed him. After that Liu Bei tried to charge at us, and we eliminated 
all his privates around him and the item report appeared. 
Speed is the key here. If you kill Guan Yu or Zhao Yun and the message that 
says you defeated them appears AFTER Huang Zhong appears you'll need to reset! 
You MUST play Musuo mode! The reason for this is because if you play Yellow 
Turban Fort Defend Battle, Zhao Yun will take the place of Zhang Fei in the 
Liu Bie Invasion battle. Make sure you're playing MUSUO MODE.

 Storm Harness  *1*
Appearance: Yellow horse with yellow tail 
Effect: Ride Attack+12 (solution towards the bottom)
Commonly Used By: No one
Scenario: LU BU 
How To Get: Circle around behind Yue Jin's secret ambush party. To do this 
you must head right and down. You'll see an ambush party of Xu Huang. Kill 
him, and one of your generals will inform you about other ambush parties. 
A flashing white dot will appear south of the castle on the left side of the 
map. Head down to Cao Cao's caslte and head left and up, so you are to the 
rear entrance of the castle. Yue Jin's ambush party will run away, and after 
a few minutes Xiahou Dun will appear in the empty section to the top left 
area of the map. Kill him and the item report shall appear.
How I got it: First I headed to the right and rushed down the path. After 
Zu Huang made an appearance I killed him and circeld behind Xiahou Yuan and 
a hidden ambush party appeared(Yue Jin). Yue Jin immediately escapes and 
Xiahou Dun appears minutes later. I ran up and killed him and then my Item 
Report appeared. I went towards Cao Cao and picked my item up and finished 
the stage. 
Failures: You have to circle behind Yue Jin, so don't go through the left 
side of the map. Other than that, I don't see how this could be failed.

 Shadow Harness  *2*

Appearance: Black Horse 
Effect: Cannot fall off horse
Commonly Used By: No One
Scenario: SHU 
How To Get: Make Han Sui think about defecting, and before Han Sui defects 
cause him to decline Cao Cao's offer.
Valuable Item Location: Bottom right area of map against right wall 
How I got it: This is confusing so listen up! First, you'll want to kill as 
many officers as you can, but not so many in which it'll cause a quick victory. 
What I first did was killed the 4 generals in the bottom right area of the 
map. After this I stayed near Han Sui and made a pathway for him and Cao Cao. 
After they met up Cao Cao tried to convince Han Sui to defect in an EVENT. 
After this happened I started to kill EVERYTHING on the board excluding Cao 
Cao. Kill every single general and sub-general on the board and try to get 
rid of most of Cao Cao's units. Once Cao Cao had nearly 10% of his troops 
left with one morale star Han Sui refused to defect and my item report appeared. 
This one is VERY frustrating to get. Just always play through the stge, 
because you never know if it'll appear or not. Basically, if you get Han Sui 
to NOT defect the item should appear. Just try to work fast and play on easy 
for sure! This may take a few tries so don't give up!

 Elephant Saddle 

Appearance: Elephant mounded with armor 
Effect: Begins stage mounted on a slow elephant
Commonly Used By: Meng Huo, Zhu Rong, and other Nanman generals
Scenario: NANMAN 
How To Get: Ride an elephant into Zhuge Liang's camp
Valuable Item Location: South of Meng Huo's castle
How I got it: After clearing the Nanman Musuo mode I played it again as Huang 
Gai on easy. I used his triangle attack to knock my allies off their elephants. 
After I stole an elphant I charged my musou until it maxed. Next I ran into 
Zhuge Liang's camp and received my precious item report. I walked all the 
way back down and picked the item up in a little southern wall in Meng Huo's 
You must not even take a step into Zhuge Liang's camp before entering with 
an elephant. Make sure you arrive out of the forest on an elephant and venture 
into Zhuge Liand's camp until the Precious Item report appears. If you're 
afraid of getting knocked down then enter in with a Musou Attack.

| Orbs |
Orbs are new to the Dynasty World. Orbs functioned in DW3, but were attached 
to weapons initially. Now, in DW4 you can choose what you want to equip on 
your weapon. There's a catch though, because you'll start with no orbs and 
you have to have your musou bar at max to have it take effect. Unless you 
have your Lv.10 weapon! So, remember that to use orbs you have to have a max 
musou bar(unless you have a Lv.10 weapon), you have to equip the orb(duh!), 
and you have to use a charge attack. A 6 square combo will not pull off 
elemental hits. You have to use the Triangle button! Also, the higher the 
level of an Orb the higher its' effect will play. These items are received 
rarely in item boxes, so there's no sure way in getting one yet.


 Name of Orb 

Appearance: Color of Orb/Graphic Display During Gameplay
Effect: What the Orb does 
Advantages: My opinion on how good it is
Disadvantages: My opinion on how bad it is
My Level: My current Orb level
Where I Got Mine: Stage where I received my Orb(In CAPS)
Side: Which side I played(In CAPS)
Difficulty: The level of difficulty the item was obtained


Appearance: Red/Sets fire to enemies
Effect: Burns HP, your opponent will lose health slowly while they burn 
Advantages: Slowly hurts your opponents HP(like poisoning)
Disadvantages: Fire damage done is minimul, but works well against officers 
My Level: 4
Where I Got Mine: Race For The Nan Territory
Difficulty: Hard


Appearance: Lightning bolt from the sky
Effect: Damages other enemies in the surrounding area
Advantages: Hurts enemies around the lightning and adds extra damage
Disadvantages: Can steal your kills and cause your weapon experience to be 
a couple of points. Disturbs most DW character's S,T and S,S,S,S,T attacks.
My Level: 4 
Where I Got Mine: Battle of Jian Ye
Side: WEI 
Difficulty: Hard


Appearance: Purple smoke with a red slash mark
Effect: May kill enemies or damage officers severely
Advantages: Kills enemies and damages officers based on percentages
Disadvantages: Doesn't work a whole lot like it used to 
My Level: 3
Where I Got Mine: Race For The Nan Territory
Difficulty: Hard


Appearance: Ice shards brush off
Effect: Freezes enemies in ice
Advantages: Freezes enemies and keeps them from moving
Disadvantages: The ice doesn't work 100% of the time and doesn't do extra 
My Level: 3
Where I Got Mine: Battle of Xu Chang
Side: SHU 
Difficulty: Hard


Appearance: Bluish white circles
Effect: Damages enemy even while defending 
Advantages: Can easily level up weapons when fighting officers
Disadvantages: Too weak in damage and doesn't break the enemies defense
My Level: 3
Where I Got Mine: Battle of Si Shui Gate
Difficulty: Hard


Appearance: Purple and green bubbles
Effect: Causes defense to fall by roughly 10%-25% for 5 seconds
Advantages: I honestly don't see any. The graphic looks cool though
Disadvantages: The effect lasts so little that by the time you recover to 
hit them again for extra damage they'll have recovered from the poison.
My Level: 4
Difficulty: Hard 
| Special Items |
There are 2 types of items. Statistical items and Aid items. Some items will 
have a Level on them while others just have special effects. The Level on 
an item determines how much bonus it gives. I've added these asterisks(*) 
with numbers indicating side notes on some items. Scroll to the bottom to 
take a look at these.

I've tried coming up with a formula as to how effective the Leveled items 
are. The max for an item is Lv.20 and I assume for the most part you multiply 
the level by 3 to get its effect, but this would not make sense for speed 
and jump. I know the max for a speed scroll isn't 12, because I have a Level 
15. Right now I'm going to assume that for Peacock Urn and Dragon Amulet you 
multiply the level by 3 to get it's effect. For Tortoise Amulet, Nanman Armor, 
Huang Zhongs Bow, Cavalry Armor, and Horned Helmet theie effects are 
multiplied by 2. Finally we have Tiger Amulet, Speed Scroll, Jump Boots, Seven 
Star Sash, Elixir and Herbal Remedy which have a multiplied effect of 1.

I equip...... 
Lv.18 Peacock Urn(x3)
Lv.15 Dragon Amulet(x3)
Lv.9 Tiger Amulet(x1)
Lv.19 Tortoise Amulet(x2)
Lv.14 Nanman Armor(x2)

I get a stat boost of.....
+54 HP 
+45 Musou
+9 Attack
+38 Defense
+28 Bow Defense

Just like in DW3 the max for HP is 60. By using this forumla of easy 
multiplication I can find that a Lv.20 Peacock urn multiplied by 3 would in 
fact give me 60 HP. The same goes for Musou. I noticed this while playing 
Si Shui Gate. I played that stage on Hard over and over again and received 
3 Lv.20 Peacock Urns. If this is the case then lv.20 is the maximum for an 
item. If not, then I'll have to rework my formula. When I equip a Peacock 
Urn I can see a fairly large increase in my life, so I assume it's 60. I'll 
find a way in which I can prove my theory later.

My conclusion comes to an end. Each item truly does increase its' effect by 
multiples. My final statement is that Peacock Urn and Dragon Amulet give you 
+60 for stats. If you checkout your character's statistics after you equip 
the Peacock Urn you'll see their HP drastically increase. This indicates how 
much is grown. By equipping Tiger Amulet you'll see a pinch increase. This 
proves that Peacock Urn and Dragon Amulet has a 3x increase judged by their 
Level. I'm not to sure as to how Herbal Remedy, Elixir, Tiger Amulet, Speed 
Scroll, Seven Star Sash and Jump Shoes fit together. I'll assume that their 
level will give you an additional of that stat added to your character.

I listed where I got my item and on what difficulty. This does not mean that 
you are guaranteed the item. I only listed the area incase someone wanted 
to contribute and tell me where they got a maxed item, so that I may test 
it out. I'm pretty sure certain stages hold certain items. For example, in 
the Yellow Turban Rebellion you will most likely NOT get an Elixir. Why? From 
my experiences I have not seen one. Me and my brother have probably spent 
a good amount of time in that stage, because it's a nice place to level up 
new characters. I've never seen ONE elixir there.

Name: Peacock Urn 
Appearance: Golden urn shaped as a peacock
Effect: Raises your max HP 
My Level: 20
Where I Got Mine: Battle of Xu Chang
Side: Shu
Difficulty: Hard

Name: Dragon Amulet
Appearance: Necklace with blue beads
Effect: Raises your max Musou 
My Level: 20
Where I Got Mine: Race For The Nan Territory
Side: Allied Forces
Difficulty: Hard
Name: Tiger Amulet
Appearance: Yellow necklace with a tiger tooth in the middle
Effect: Raises your Attack
My Level: 19 
Where I Got Mine: Race For The Nan Territory
Side: Allied Forces
Difficulty: Hard

Name: Tortoise Amulet
Appearance: Necklace with a tortoise attached in the middle
Effect: Raises your Defense
My Level: 19
Where I Got Mine: Battle of Xu Chang
Side: Shu
Difficulty: Hard

Name: Speed Scroll
Appearance: Brown cloth(scroll?)
Effect: Raises your Speed
My Level: 15 
Where I Got Mine: Race For The Nan Territory
Side: Wu
Difficulty: Hard

Name: Jump Boots 
Appearance: Yellow boots with springs
Effect: Raises your Jump(really, jump boots raise Jump! ^_^)
My Level: 20 
Where I Got Mine: Battle of Xu Chang
Side: Shu 
Difficulty: Hard

Name: Huang Zhong's Bow 
Appearance: A wooden bow
Effect: Raises your Bow Attack 
My Level: 10 
Where I Got Mine: Battle of Hu Lao Gate
Side: Dong Zhuo
Difficulty: Normal

Name: Nanman Armor 
Appearance: 2 piece wooden armor
Effect: Raises your Bow Defense
My Level: 15
Where I Got Mine: The Two Qiaos 
Side: Wu
Difficulty: Hard

Name: Horned Helmet 
Appearance: Helmet with horns
Effect: Raises your Ride Attack
My Level: 17 
Where I Got Mine: Race For The Nan Territory
Side: Allied Forces
Difficulty: Hard

Name: Cavalry Armor 
Appearance: Sturdy armor
Effect: Raises your Ride Defense
My Level: 18
Where I Got Mine: Wu Zhang Plains
Side: Wei
Difficulty: Hard

Name: Seven Star Sash 
Appearance: Sash with an oval coin-like object in the middle
Effect: Raises your Luck
My Level: 15 
Where I Got Mine: Yellow Turban Rebellion
Side: Han Forces
Difficulty: Hard

Name: Elixir 
Appearance: A yellow pouch
Effect: Raises your Musou Charge
My Level: 15
Where I Got Mine: Battle of Xu Chang
Side: Shu
Difficulty: Hard

Name: Herbal Remedy 
Appearance: A red pouch
Effect: Raises your Charge Attack 
My Level: 15 
Where I Got Mine: Battle of Xu Chang
Side: Shu
Difficulty: Easy

 Art of War 

Appearance: Orange stick with a silver dragon head 
Effect: Increases the longevity of Attack, Defense, Speed, and Musou Pick-Up 
Scenario: DONG ZHUO
Precious Item Report: Supply team starting from the bottom left near the 
castle and moves south through the gate
How To Get It: Quickly enter the castle that Sun Jian resides in. After 
entering his troops will vanish and the Wu family will appear. Defeat 4 out 
of either Sun Shang Xiang, Sun Ce, Lu Meng, Gan Ning, or Zhou Tai.

How I Got It: I had a Red Hare equipped and ran towards the castle. Once in 
I activated the mini event where Sun Jian disappears and pops out near Dong 
Zhuo. Once here I circled back to duel Sun Shang Xiang. Then I moved left 
to kill Zhout Tai and Lu Meng. Finally I continued left to finish off Gan 
Ning. I waited for the Supply Captain to show up and killed him quickly.
If you spend too much time outside the caslte and don't enter before Sun Jian 
disappears you cannot get the item. You must also personally defeat 4 out 
of the 5 Wu generals. I suggest keeping bodyguards off or equipped with 
bows/crossbows. Do not let anyone steal your kills!

 Survival Guide  *3*

Appearance: Red stick with a yellow dragon head
Effect: When your health is in danger you get Attackx2
Scenario: WU
Item Found At: THE TWO QIAOS
Precious Item Report: Below the center bottom bridge. Where Dong Zhuo will 
How To Get It: Rescue Da Qiao and then Xiao Qiao 

How I Got It: I ran up to Da Qiao and killed everyone around her and then 
the same to Xiao Qiao afterwards. Very simple 
The only way you could miss this item is if you save Xiao Qiao first, so don't 
do that! Otherwise I don't see how you could miss it.

 Bodyguard Manual 

Appearance: Green stick with a bronze head
Effect: Bodyguards become stronger
Scenario: SHU
Precious Item Report: Halfway in the section after the 5th gate.
How To Get It: Defeat Xiahou Dun after the 5th gate

How I Got It: It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use Guan Yu. All you really 
need to do is beat your way through the stage and once you see a message about 
Xiahou Dun's unit in pursuit of carriage just get past the 5th gate. Just 
wait in the section after the 5th gate. Kill him in this section and Item 
Repot should appear.
Play as Guan Yu. I can't stress this more than enough. Make sure you wait 
for Xiahou Dun AFTER the 5th gate. The section where you exit should be where 
you should be waiting for Xiahou Dun. Once he is killed by your hand the item 
report shall appear just a few in front of you.

))))Alternate Method((((
Contributor: Eko 
Personal Note- I would like to greatly thank Eko for this contribution. I've 
tried literally 22 times in getting this item. To my surprise, using Guan 
Yu was an actual smart thing to do. I would attempt with Lu Bu all the time. 
A thousand thanks to Eko!
Appearance : mmm, I forget the color. It loooks like
the other stick with dragon head.
Effect : Bodyguards become stronger.
Scenario : SHU
Item Found At : GUAN YU'S ESCAPE
Precious Item Report : red box(crate) at the last
enemy stronghold (near the escape point).
How To Get It : Let Xiahou Dun catch up with you AFTER the 5th gate.

How I Got It: I recommend using Guan Yu. Because if you use another character 
and Guan Yu & the carriage already arrive at the escape point, the stage will 
end. If you use Guan Yu, as long as you don't go to the escape point the stage 
won't end. The trick is simple. Just clear the 5th gate and wait for Xiahou 
Dun AFTER the 5th gate. After he catches up with you, he will say something 
like "Finally we meet". Then the valuable item report will show.
This item annoys me a lot. I failed many times. Then I realized my mistake. 
I always met Xiahou Dun between the 4th and 5th gate. If you do that, the 
item report won't show up.

 Way of The Musou 

Appearance: Blue stick with white dragon head 
Effect: Allows you to use your True Musou attack regardless of HP
Scenario: WEI
Precious Item Report: Supply Team right from the 4th gate
How To Get It: Enter the 5th gate and kill the supply captain

How I Got It: I would advise to you that a Red Hare Saddle be equipped. First, 
start off by running near the carriage and damaging it until it gets very 
low HP. Dodge Guan Yu while you do this, and once you're done head forward. 
To get the supply team to appear you need to pass the 5th gate and run back 
toward the entry point to the right of the 4th gate. Once the supply captain 
appeared I rushed over to him and killed him to  pick up the item. After this 
Guan Yu was about to head through the last gate, so I ran over to the carriage 
and slashed it twice to complete the game.
Make sure you run to the END of the 5th gate. Once the supply captain appears 
you should run towards it. If you followed my steps in damaging the carriage 
you shouldn't worry about Guan Yu completing this stage. Without a Red Hare 
this is close to impossible. 

 Power Scroll 

Appearance: Yellow scroll with Chinese lettering 
Effect: Won't lose weapon deadlocks
Precious Item Report: Supply Team on top left of map heading to top right
How To Get It: Kill Zhao Yun and Guan Yu

How I Got It: This one shouldn't even need explanation. After I killed Zhao 
Yun and Guan Yu I had my Red Hare set and ready for me. I raced toward the 
supply captain and killed him to recieve the item.
Remember that YOU must kill Zhao Yun and Guan Yu. Do not set on your bodyguards 
if you think they're too strong!

 Wind Scroll  

Appearance: Blue scroll with Chinese lettering 
Effect: Increase your weapon range
Scenario: SHU
Precious Item Report: Top left area of the map
How To Get It: When prompted to choose between to protect the ladder or defeat 
Xu Zhu you must succeed in both.

How I Got It: I got it by myself by waiting for Xu Zhu to appear. I waited 
on the left area of the map and once he appeared he dueled me right away. 
I beat him and proceeded towards the bridge. I used a Red Hare and easily 
got there to defend the ladder. After it successfully built I received my 
precious item report.
Protecting the bridge first may be easier, but those little Private soldiers 
can build up, so it's best to fight Xu Zhu first. I don't see how you can 
fail this, but I'll add contributions here.

))))Alternate Method((((
Contributor: Gene Otrovsky
Just a quick observation about getting both "Rear Secured" and "Ramp 
Deployed" messages in Battle of Xu Chang. I've gone through the scenario at 
least 15 times (both Shu and Wu, Free and Mussou mode), and apparently you 
can vastly increase your chances of "catching two birds with one hand" by 
fiddling with the game's timing as follows:
1. When you start the stage, ignore Man Chong - the Wei general in the center 
of the map - in fact, don't even go near him. Instead, go forward and take 
out Cao Xiu, Zhen Ji, Hu Zhen (Dian Wei's sub-general) and Xiahou Dun. I 
usually get those done in under 5 minutes, so that may be a factor.
2. Then double-back to Man Chong; I think that when you approach him (or kill 
him), within 30 seconds both the Ramp Deployment and Xu Zhu's attack events 
occur. Of importance that these 2 events seem to ONLY occur after you go after 
Man Chong. This is crucial. [In theory methinks you could finish the stage 
without the two events ever occurring, but I've yet to test that out; in any 
case, Man Chong seems to be the event trigger.]
3. After that, I just kill Man Chong (since I'm right there), 9 times out 
of 10 I have enough "blue" guys near the Ramp to protect it long enough to 
deploy (and with Xiahou Dun dead, no officer opposition); if I feel insecure,  
I can spend 30 seconds pulling off charge/musou attacks to give the ramp some 
breathing room, but I've yet to have the thing destroyed after Xiahou Dun's 
death (and I've only defended it once). All that's left is to run back to 
your camp and kill Xu Zhu.
4. Notes - I played on Normal, I had Red Hair Saddle equipped (for speed), 
and yes, you can get the Wind Scroll that way. The method was generally devised 
as a simpler way of beating the stage (all I have to do afterwards is go up 
the ramp and kill Cao Cao). The officers I kill before Xiahou Dun are 
"insurance" against allied officer losses (if I leave them alone, they tend 
to wipe out half my army). 
So there you have it, my 3.5 pence on this. Don't know if you want to include 
it anywhere, but thought I'd share. Cheers.

 Fire Arrows  

Appearance: An arrow with a flaming tip 
Effect: Sets your arrows on fire for more damage
Scenario: WU
Precious Item Report: Supply team from the right of the castle moving to the 
upper right area of the map
How To Get It: Defeat Zhou Xin before the announcement of the all-out attack

How I Got It: I headed right on my Red Hare and killed Wang Lang's sub-general 
quickly. Then I ran to the upper area of the map to wait for the supply team 
and killed it. Simple as that.
If you kill Zhou Xin and it says "(Insert your cahracter name here) has 
defeated Zhou Xin" AFTER the all-out attack message you have to play it over 
again. Make sure you kill Zhou Xin very quickly!

 Charge Bracer  *4* 

Appearance: Silver armlet 
Effect: Withstand damage during your charge attacks
Scenario: Yuan Shao
Item Found At: Campaign Against Sun Jian
Precious Item Report: Supply Team slightly south of the castle
How To Get It: Enter the castle before enemy back-up troops appear

How I Got It: I equipped my trusty Red Hare and ran inside. After the supply 
team appears you'll have a VERY small amount of time to reach it before it 
disappears. Get moving!
Like most failures you must enter the castle BEFORE the back-up troops appear. 
If you enter at the exact moment it still won't appear.


*1* Storm Harness DOES increase ride attack. Lucky for you guys I have no 
life, so what I did was measure damage. I played Yi Ling on Hard using my 
MAXED out Zhou Yu equipped with NOTHING except for a RED HARE. I measured 
the ride attack that he did on a private, which came out to be about 1.6 
centimeters. I did a soft reset and this time I equipped the STORM HARNESS. 
I played with the same character, same equipment, and same side as before(Wu). 
I ran up to the exact private that I hit before and slash. This time I measured 
about halfway between 1.95 and 2 centimeters. To be specific it was roughly 
1.975. Now, how do we go about figuring how much Ride Attack this horse gives? 
Luckily, I have 2 memory cards and I made many duplicate files incase the 
time came when I had to test this out. I loaded a previous file where I had 
an almost maxed out attack on my Zhou Yu. What I did was played a stage to 
max out his attack. Now I was ready to test this thing out. I first went to 
Yi Ling on HARD on WU side using ZHOU YU. I attacked on my Red Hare and did 
the usual 1.6 centimeters of damage. Next, I did a soft reset and equipped 
my trusty Lv.6 Horned Helmet. I went into Yi Ling once again with the same 
exact setup except with my Lv.6 Horned Helmet. Now I attacked and did about 
1.925 centimeters of damage. What does this tell me? If a Storm Harness does 
1.975 centimeters of damage and a Red Hare(which doesn't get that so called 
Ride Attack bonus) does 19.25 centimeters of damage, I can then assume that 
a Lv.6 Horned Helmet increases the same bonus as a Storm Harness. I will 
conclude that a Storm Harness increases Ride Attack by 13. Since Ride 
Attack+12 is 1.925 and I'm about half a centimeter off I'd say one more Ride 
Attack should balance it out.

*2* Shadow Harness
Contributor: WilHiteWarrior
My Comment: I checked this out, and it seemed like it worked. I'm not sure 
if a Horse Event is absolutely necessary though, because I do remember not 
getting one myself.

I think i might have figured out the other requirement for the shadow saddle.
It seems that if you are not on your horse when the horse event takes place 
then then the item wont show up. I double-checked this, but you might want 
to test it to be sure.

*3* Survival guide requires you to fall down and get up for the effect to 
take place. Once your life is red and you fall down and get up THEN your attack 
will double. The effect lasts as long as War God's Axe(30 seconds).

*4* So far I've concluded that Charge Bracer makes you immune while you are 
about to execute a charge(triangle) attack. When you press triangle your 
character will have some white air sucking into them. This little process 
is your charge. While you are doing your charge(or sucking up air as it looks 
like) you are immune from attacks. This can be useful for certain characters 
while others will just completely find it useless. I found it nice with Xu 
Zhu's S,S,S,S,S,T attack. Also, while charging your musou you will not be 
disturbed from attacks. All in all, I'd say that you should avoid this item, 
because it is not as useful as other items. For me in order of importance 
is: Tortoise Amulet, Wind Scroll, Elixer, Peacock Urn, Tuger Amulet, Bow 
Armor. The last item is usually a throw in. Usually I use Bow Armor, but on 
occasion I use a Horned Helmet.

Contributor: Nelson Liu
In DW4, you STILL given the ability to MANUALLY charge the elixer with CIRCLE! 
Does English version differ from Japanese version? (I doubt) And you probably 
wanna mention in your FAQ, that an Elixer actually cause you perform a 
*SHORTER* musou even though it helps you to gain your mosou bar faster.  For 
example, if you have Zhen Ji with MAX Mosou bar, hold your circle bottom, 
and she will perform six flute blast, but with Elixer she only perform five 
times! It is comfirm in JAPANESE website, if you're Chinese or Japanese 
yourself, go take a looK! Plus with my experiences, I would say Elixer never 
really work UNLESS......... you have Lv14 or higher! (My friend has Lv16 and 
it does gain a lot faster musou bar, while my Lv10 doesn't really see the 

2.1 How To Get Good Items
I thought I'd throw in a section where I could post any comments or 
contributions here. I'll post some of my thoughts here, and I'll await for 
others.Let's start off by stating some obvious reasons on how to get good 

1) Make sure you play on Hard. I've seen a Lv.15 Peacock Urn on Normal, but 
odds are that on Hard the high statistical items are more abundant

2) Try to avoid charging Sun Jian, Liu Bei, and/or Cao Cao. The reason for 
this is that usually the maps with Shu forces will have a commanding officer 
of Liu Bei. By having 1 Player's maxed character on that stage and Player 
2's weak Liu Bei it'll make the game easier for you. If you did charge them 
it's still okay, but I would advise for you to stop. Either way use 2 player 
as a decoy. Meaning hide them far in the back behind your troops.

3) Equip Seven Star Sash, from my experiences it seems that it gives a bonus 
to item pick up. The item drop rate seems to increase a bit, but some sergeants 
are suppose to drop certain items. An example would be on the Yellow Turban 
Rebellion when you fight one of Zhang Liao's sub-generals named Lu Pi. There 
are a few sergeants around him and onoe of them ALWAYS drops an item to double 
your speed.

4) Try to avoid using characters that are already on the board. An example 
would be playing as YUE YING on SHU side at BATTLE OF XU CHANG. Yue Ying is 
initially there, so being her would be like having -1 general. Make sense? 
You want as many allies as you want. It'll make the game easier

As of right now my "Item Charging" stage would have to be BATTLE OF XU CHANG 
on HARD. You can get 6 items on this stage. I'll post who drops the items 
on the stage in my next update(I'm too eager to get this up on gameFAQs). 
I play as Lu Bu and I usually play with a friend who's either Gan Ning or 
Xiahou Dun. When I'm suppose to choose between protecting hte bridge and 
defeating Xu Zhu I'll wait for Xu Zhu to appear and duel him or kill him. 
Then I head over to protect the bridge. By this time there should be a bunch 
of people around Liu Bei. I usually eliminate all of these guys and then kill 
generals. I save once I hit around 200-300 kills I save. Also, once I see 
Cao Cao's sub general Jia Xu I save before killing him, because he's usually 
the last one that drops an item. If I didn't get what I liked I keep reseting 
until I'm pleased.

While I was working today my little brother found that by playing the Race 
For The Nan Territory on the ALLIED FORCES with a difficulty of HARD he could 
get very good items. Since the stage is short and quick he was able to get 
2 items for each run. Averaging about 6 minutes per try while riding his trusty 
Red Hare and using his maxed out Zhou Tai. My brother was able to get all 
those nice items there. The people who drop them are WANG PING and CAO HONG. 
Not to mention the +12 Defense you can get there. Dropped by XU HUANG(+4 
Defense) and CAO REN(+8 Defense). The stage is quick and a great place to 
get items and get some nice defense.

Contributor: Onehappyelf
Try playing on Yi Ling with Hard Difficulty on Wu Side. Here's a lsit of who 
drops the items.
Subordinate officers who drop the item (who the subordinate is under)
Item 1 - Zhang Bao (Wei Yan)
Item 2 - Guan Xing (Yue Ying)
Item 3 - Guan Suo (Huang Zhong)
The other two items are on main officers
Item 4 - Wang Ping
Item 5 - Ma Dai

That's it guys! I'll post more in my next update sometime next week. Remember 
that any contributions will be posted and credit will be given!

3.0 Credits
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Thanks to Eko Sulistyo for fixing my "Elixir" and "Contributor" typos
Thanks to Billy Bissette's correction on the PS2/PS1 controllers 
Thanks to Alex Garnet on my typo on "Race For The NAN Territory"
Thanks to Vinh Ngo for my typo on Campaign of Nanman
Thanks to gKaiser for correcting a bunch of my typos 
Thanks to Gene Ostrovsky for a detailed explanation on Wind Scroll
Thanks to Twoski for information on Huang Zhong and Xiahou Yuan
Thanks to Onehappyelf for a great place for finding nice items
Thanks to Wolf on his opinion on LUCK
Thanks to loppyc on some typos in getting Shadow Harness
Thanks to WilHiteWarrior for info on the "Horse" event in Tong Gate
Thanks to Makien on the bow "zoom-in" feature
Thanks to Nelson Liu on his Elixir comment
Thanks to Jesse Haglund for fixing my Unification of Jing typo

In closing I'd like to say thank you for all the e-mails. I didn't reply to 
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the moment. I have no intention of updating until the release of DW4:XL and 
I hope I provided you with the best of the best! Thank You! And a side note, 
I never got into checking for how "Luck" works, and as for Charge Bracer I 
never really used it, so I say pass on it and don't worry about it. All 
characters should equip a Peacock Urn, Tortoise Amulet, Elixer and Wind 
Scroll anyways. Any extra item capacity should be Tiger Amulet and a Horned 
Helmet or something.

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