=== DDDD   W       W    44     XX   XX   LL     ===
=== DD DD  WW     WW   444  ::  XX XX    LL     ===
=== DD  DD  WW W WW   4 44       XXX     LL     ===
=== DD DD    WW WW   444444 ::  XX XX    LL     ===
=== DDDD      W W       44     XX   XX   LLLLLL ===

|  Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends  |
|  (Shin Sangoku Musou 3: Mushouden)   |
|                                      |
|       Legends Mode Items Guide       |
|                                      |
|            Version 1.32              |
|          December 27, 2003           |
|            By Perry Sih              |
|    Email:  perrysih(at)yahoo.com     |
|   Internet Handle:  The Left Wings   |

1. Recent Version History
2. Important Info --- please read first
3. New Items
4. Old Items from DW4
5. Item Hunting
6. Acknowledgements
7. Miscellaneous

=== 1. Recent Version History ===

Version 1.32 (Dec 27, 2003)
    Fixed the Horseshoes.

Version 1.31 (Dec 19, 2003)
    Fixed the Wind Scroll.

Version 1.30 (Nov 10, 2003)
    English names in DW4:XL now available.
    Added section on item-hunting.  This contains the same info as in my 11th
weapons guide.
    Added note on the Meat Bun Sack.

Version 1.00 (Sept 25, 2003)
    Original version.  Requirements of two new items and the Elephant Saddle
are still unknown at this time.

=== 2. Important Info ===

This is for Legends mode only.  Shura mode is totally separate from this.
Items can be found in ANY difficulty, including beginner.
When it says "precious item report", it means that a red box will appear
somewhere.  Check your message history to find out exactly where it is.  You
MUST physically get the item.
When it says "supply troops", it means that there will be four soldiers led by
a supply team captain, running frantically from one enemy gate to another enemy
gate.  You MUST kill the supply team captain and get the item he drops.
The names of the new items are strictly MY translations.  I'm sure they won't
be like that when the English version is released.
There are people who only have DW4:XL but not DW4.  That's why there are new
ways to get old items.

=== 3. New items ===

=== Power Rune ===
Effect:  Doubles attack power but halves defense strength.

1. Zhuge Liang's Legend mode.
2. Beat Yue Ying 6 times, all have to be quick wins.
3. Precious item report, in a red box at where the 7th and last Yue Ying
appears.  Get the item before killing Yue Ying.

=== Musou Armour ===
Effect:  Prevents you from being interrupted by arrows.

1. Sun Quan's Legend mode.
2. Defeat Zhang Liao three times.
3. Supply troop appears at the left middle gate.  It'll move towards the east.

=== Helm of Might ===
Effects:  You won't be interrupted by enemy soldiers when you try to use R3 to
announce yourself.  However, this is not applicable to any officers.  So this
item is pretty useless.

1. Zhang Fei's legend mode
2. Stay around the Chang Ban bridge (do not go past the wooden gate)
3. Get 300 KOs in 7 minutes, without letting a single soldier across the bridge.
4. Supply troops running fast (and I mean FAST) from bottom left to top right.

Note:  Sounds like it's better done using the two-player trick, because tons of
troops will go through the bridge while you're away catching the supply captain.

=== Master of Musou ===
Effect:  Enemies cannot block your musous, but the musou bar depletes twice as

1. Lu Bu's legend mode.
2. Get 1300 KOs before Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei appears.
3. Supply troops appear.

=== Code of Chivalry ===
Effect:  No time limit in duels.

1. Beat 30 officers consecutively in continual duels challenge mode.
2. You get the item after you die.

=== Meat Bun Sack ===
Effect:  Meat buns drop more frequently.

1. Xu Zhu's legend mode.
2. Kill Yu Jin's supply captain, Yu Jin becomes angry, defeat Yu Jin.
3. Kill Li Dian's supply captain, Li Dian becomes angry, defeat Li Dian.
4. Defeat Dian Wei for the first time.
5. 4:00 into the game, Yue Jin appears in the east (where Jia Kui is in Battle
of Jie Ting).  Wait for him there and ignore Dian Wei.
6. Kill Yue Jin's supply captain, Yue Jin becomes angry, defeat Yue Jin.
7. Defeat Dian Wei for the second time.
8. 6:30 into the game, Man Chong appears (where Zhang He is in Battle of Jie
Ting).  Wait for him there and ignore Dian Wei.
9. Kill Man Chong's supply captain, Man Chong becomes angry, defeat Man Chong.
10.Precious item report.

Note: Kill the supply captains before the officer he belongs to begin
plundering.  It's okay to let Dian Wei's troops plunder.  It's okay to let the
supply troops that appear when Dian Wei appears for the third time to leave.
Note: It may be best to "rehearse" the level first in order to figure out where
exactly the supply captains appear.
Note: It has been reported that it is okay kill the officers before killing
their respective supply captains.

=== Secret of Orbs ===
Effect:  Increases the effect of orbs.

1. Zhou Tai's legend mode.
2. Ignore Sun Quan for the time being.
3. Rescue all four sub-officers and seal all 6 gates.
4. Precious item report.

Note:  Since the red box appears next to the bottom left gate, it is advised to
go in the anti-clockwise direction.

=== War Drum ===
Effect:  Your morale rises more easily.

1. Meng Huo's legend mode.
2. With the only ally gate surviving, seal all enemy gates.
3. Precious item report.

=== Horseshoes ===
Effect:  Higher damage when your horse tramples people.

1. Ma Chao's legend mode.
2. Defeat Yang Huai, Gao Pei and any 3 different enemy gates.  It's okay to let
them respawn.
3. Complete under 5 minutes.
4. Precious item report.

=== 4. Old items from DW4 ===

=== Red Hare Saddle ===
1. Guan Yu's legend mode.
2. Defeat Yu Jin before he retreats to a gate.
3. Precious item report.

Note:  Yu Jin appears around 2:30.  Guan Ping appears before 6:00.  Yu Jin
retreats when Guan Ping appears.

=== Hex Mark Saddle ===
1. Liu Bei's Legend mode.
2. Defeat Liu Gui, Gao Pei and Ling Bao in order.
3. Precious item report.

Note:  Not sure if it'll show up if you killed too many peasants.

=== Storm Saddle ===
1. Dong Zhuo's legend mode.
2. Defeat Yuan Shao before Zhang Rang and the horse carriage begin retreating.
3. Precious item report.

=== Shadow Saddle ===
1. Cao Cao's legend mode.
2. Defeat Huang Gai, Ling Tong, Lu Meng and Gan Ning in order.
3. There may be a 5-minute time limit.
4. Precious item report.

=== Elephant Saddle ===
1. Zhu Rong's legend mode.
2. Kill all the guards before they found you.  You'll need to use your bow and
3. Precious item report.

=== The Art of War ===
1. Sun Jian's legend mode.
2. Defeat Lu BU in the first 2 minutes of the game.
3. Precious item report.

=== Survival Guide ===
1. Jiang Wei's Legend mode.
2. Defeat Xu Chu, Xu Huang, Cao Ren and Zhang He.
3. Before Liu Shan appears, arrive at where Zhong Hui and Deng Ai are.
4. Precious item report.

=== Bodyguard Manual ===
1. Cao Ren's legend mode.
2. Go straight to Niu Jin and meet with him.
3. Precious item report.

Note:  If you get the Bodyguard Manual, you won't be able to get Cao Ren's
level 11 weapon, and vice versa.

=== The Way of Musou ===
1. Zhang Liao's legend mode.
2. Kill everybody except Sun Quan and Zhou Tai.
3. Seal all gates.
4. Precious item report at bottom right.

=== Power Scroll ===
1. Xu Huang's legend mode.
2. Seal the 4 gates.
3. Precious item report.

=== Wind Scroll ===
1. Zhen Ji's Legend mode.
2. Join Cao Pi's army by exiting the castle immediately after the stage begins.
3. Go back into the castle immediately after you switched sides so that the
castle door closes.  Man Chong might follow you inside.  It's best not to let
him in to steal your kills.
4. Start killing everything (including officers and sub-officers) inside
before, during and after the message about Zhen Ji being trapped inside the
castle appears.
5. Get 200 KOs in under 5 minutes
6. Precious item report inside Cao Pi's base.  You'll need to wait for your
allies to break open the castle door.

=== Fire Arrows ===
1. Huang Zhong's legend mode.
2. Defeat Guan Ping and Zhou Cang.
3. Precious item report.

=== Charge Bracer ===
1. Gan Ning's Legend mode.
2. Kill Li Dian right away.
3. Close the bottom left gate.
4. Kill Yue Jin before he regroups his troops at 8:10 left.
5. Precious item report.

=== 5. Item Hunting ===

Use Meng Huo's legend on expert mode.  It's not that tough at all.  Use anybody
you want, but my choice is Sima Yi with his overpowering vorpal orb + elixir +
way of musou + "musou power scroll" combo.  Speed Boot is also recommended.

Ignore all your allies and head straight to Sima Zhao's base on Red Hare. 
Reduce Sima Zhao's life to a tiny bit, then save and continue.  The two item
crates are outside the bottom right and bottom left of the fort in which Sima
Zhao begins.  There are a lot of crates around, so you may have to try a couple
of times to remember which crates are the correct ones.  Get the two items and
kill Sima Zhao.  Take a look at the items.  If you like them, go ahead and save
the game.  If you don't like them, use soft reset (Select + Start buttons) and
choose to continue the saved game.  Repeat until you get something you like.

It's a lot easier to get orbs in DW4:XL.  I'll say about a quarter of the items
are orbs.  However, this also means that there are a lot fewer Elixirs and
Herbal Remedies now.

=== 6. Acknowledgements ===

Thanks to the Taiwanese players on www.gamer.com.tw.  They have been playing
night and day to determine and verify the requirements for all the characters.
Thanks to DarkPriest and Rampidizer, who also pointed out a mistake, for
providing the English names for the new items.

=== 7. Miscellaneous ===

This guide is submitted to www.gamefaqs.com, www.cheats.de and faqs.ign.com. 
If you see it anywhere else, it has been plagerized.

Feel free to distribute or post as long as:
1. you don't change my name;
2. you don't change the contents;
3. you don't make money off this;
4. you give proper reference to me whenever possible.
5. you tell me if something is wrong or if you have verified something.  My
email address is perrysih(at)yahoo.com

This document is Copyright 2003 Perry Sih.
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.