Shin Sangoku Musou 2 Pro Action Replay 2 Codes
Version 4.00 (10.20.01)
Compiled by Peas On Earth (
Written by Muni Shinobu (

These codes are for and works only on the Japanese Pro Action Replay 2
(PAR2) together with the Japanese version of the game Shin Sangoku
Musou 2.

For numeric calculation, use the PAR2 Numeric Calculator:


Must Be On Code
EC849298 143C2E4C

All Items Status Max
1CA8C970 F55544A5
1CA8C974 F55344A7
1CA8C978 F55944A1
1CA8C97C F55744A3
1CA8C980 F54D449D
1CA8C984 F54B449F
1CA8C988 14514499
1CA8C98C 144FE79B
1CA8C990 1445E7B5
1CA8C994 1443E7B7
1CA8C998 1449E7B1
1CA8C99C 1447E7B3
4CA8C9A0 1456E7AD
* save after activating codes, do not play game with codes on

All Character Status Max (Version 1.6 or later only)
7CA8C250 142DE79D
3DC9821C 1456E7A5
7CA8C254 142DE79D
3C9719BA 1456E7A5
* do not activate these codes together with the item codes, make a save
  with one first, then activate the other

All Guards Status Max (Version 1.6 or later only)
7CA8C268 142DE79D
3B968328 1456E7A5
7CA8C26C 142DE79D
3B968427 1456E7A5


** Note on max values of HP, Musou, Attack, and Defense

Simply giving max values to everything in this game will not result in a
super character, this is why.

Within this game, there is a formula for determining a character's HP,
Musou, Attack, and Defense values, which goes like this:

 character's HP value + weapon HP addition + item HP addition
 character's Musou + weapon Musou addition + item Musou addition
 character's Attack + weapon Attack addition + item Attack addition
 character's Defense + weapon Defense addition + item Defense addition

Presumably, the max values for these properties are 255.
The maximum values of weapon and item additions are a set amount.

 Weapon maximum additions:
 HP = +90
 Musou = +90
 Attack = Basic+50, Addition+30
 Defense = +60

 Item maximum additions:
 HP = +60
 Musou = +60
 Attack = +20
 Defense = +40

So the equation is like this:

 character Attack (155) + weapon addition (80) + item addition (20) = 255

Without using codes, if you maxed out a character the ordinary way, and
you get more Attack-up or Defense-up items in the game, your character
won't continue to level up.
With that in mind, the game actually resets a value back to 1 if the value
too high. In other words, if you use codes and create a character like this:

 character Attack (255) + weapon addition (80) + item addition (99) = 434

The character's Attack value actually resets to 1.

With that understanding, the maximum values to use when inputting
codes is actually 155, which is


But to prevent bugs, a slightly lower than max value is recommended.

 1456E736 = 145

Then level up the character to the max the ordinary way within the game.



All Characters, All Stages, All Options (Version 1.6 and later only)
7CA8D1C8 143DE7A6
3D988229 1456E7A5
* these are all unlockable with in-game button codes

Challenge Mode, VS Mode, All Characters Status Max (V1.6 or later only)
7CA78B48 142DE79D
3D0782B8 1456E7A5
7CA78B4C 142DE79D
3C977D1E 1456E7A5



* codes will not work if there is a previous save data
* put in desired numerics for the HP, Musou, Attack, and Defense (** Note)
* equip weapon value codes are listed at the end of this section
* for equip items, use the last 2 digits of the Item Codes

4CA78B48 1456xxxx - HP Gage
4CA78B46 1456xxxx - Musou Gage
3CA78B4C 1456E7xx - Attack
3CA78B4D 1456E7xx - Defense
3CA78B4A 1456E7xx - Equip Weapon
3CA78B4B 1456E7xx - Equip Item 1
3CA78B50 1456E7xx - Equip Item 2
3CA78B51 1456E7xx - Equip Item 3
3CA78B4E 1456E7xx - Equip Item 4
3CA78B4F 1456E7xx - Equip Item 5

4CA78B68 1456xxxx
4CA78B66 1456xxxx
3CA78B6C 1456E7xx
3CA78B6D 1456E7xx
3CA78B6A 1456E7xx
3CA78B6B 1456E7xx
3CA78B70 1456E7xx
3CA78B71 1456E7xx
3CA78B6E 1456E7xx
3CA78B6F 1456E7xx

4CA78B88 1456xxxx
4CA78B86 1456xxxx
3CA78B8C 1456E7xx
3CA78B8D 1456E7xx
3CA78B8A 1456E7xx
3CA78B8B 1456E7xx
3CA78B90 1456E7xx
3CA78B91 1456E7xx
3CA78B8E 1456E7xx
3CA78B8F 1456E7xx

4CA78A88 1456xxxx
4CA78A86 1456xxxx
3CA78A8C 1456E7xx
3CA78A8D 1456E7xx
3CA78A8A 1456E7xx
3CA78A8B 1456E7xx
3CA78A90 1456E7xx
3CA78A91 1456E7xx
3CA78A8E 1456E7xx
3CA78A8F 1456E7xx

4CA78A08 1456xxxx
4CA78A06 1456xxxx
3CA78A0C 1456E7xx
3CA78A0D 1456E7xx
3CA78A0A 1456E7xx
3CA78A0B 1456E7xx
3CA78A10 1456E7xx
3CA78A11 1456E7xx
3CA78A0E 1456E7xx
3CA78A0F 1456E7xx

4CA78DA8 1456xxxx
4CA78DA6 1456xxxx
3CA78DAC 1456E7xx
3CA78DAD 1456E7xx
3CA78DAA 1456E7xx
3CA78DAB 1456E7xx
3CA78DB0 1456E7xx
3CA78DB1 1456E7xx
3CA78DAE 1456E7xx
3CA78DAF 1456E7xx

4CA78DC8 1456xxxx
4CA78DC6 1456xxxx
3CA78DCC 1456E7xx
3CA78DCD 1456E7xx
3CA78DCA 1456E7xx
3CA78DCB 1456E7xx
3CA78DD0 1456E7xx
3CA78DD1 1456E7xx
3CA78DCE 1456E7xx
3CA78DCF 1456E7xx

4CA78C88 1456xxxx
4CA78C86 1456xxxx
3CA78C8C 1456E7xx
3CA78C8D 1456E7xx
3CA78C8A 1456E7xx
3CA78C8B 1456E7xx
3CA78C90 1456E7xx
3CA78C91 1456E7xx
3CA78C8E 1456E7xx
3CA78C8F 1456E7xx

4CA78F68 1456xxxx
4CA78F66 1456xxxx
3CA78F6C 1456E7xx
3CA78F6D 1456E7xx
3CA78F6A 1456E7xx
3CA78F6B 1456E7xx
3CA78F70 1456E7xx
3CA78F71 1456E7xx
3CA78F6E 1456E7xx
3CA78F6F 1456E7xx

4CA78F88 1456xxxx
4CA78F86 1456xxxx
3CA78F8C 1456E7xx
3CA78F8D 1456E7xx
3CA78F8A 1456E7xx
3CA78F8B 1456E7xx
3CA78F90 1456E7xx
3CA78F91 1456E7xx
3CA78F8E 1456E7xx
3CA78F8F 1456E7xx

4CA78BA8 1456xxxx
4CA78BA6 1456xxxx
3CA78BAC 1456E7xx
3CA78BAD 1456E7xx
3CA78BAA 1456E7xx
3CA78BAB 1456E7xx
3CA78BB0 1456E7xx
3CA78BB1 1456E7xx
3CA78BAE 1456E7xx
3CA78BAF 1456E7xx

4CA78BC8 1456xxxx
4CA78BC6 1456xxxx
3CA78BCC 1456E7xx
3CA78BCD 1456E7xx
3CA78BCA 1456E7xx
3CA78BCB 1456E7xx
3CA78BD0 1456E7xx
3CA78BD1 1456E7xx
3CA78BCE 1456E7xx
3CA78BCF 1456E7xx

4CA78BE8 1456xxxx
4CA78BE6 1456xxxx
3CA78BEC 1456E7xx
3CA78BED 1456E7xx
3CA78BEA 1456E7xx
3CA78BEB 1456E7xx
3CA78BF0 1456E7xx
3CA78BF1 1456E7xx
3CA78BEE 1456E7xx
3CA78BEF 1456E7xx

4CA78AA8 1456xxxx
4CA78AA6 1456xxxx
3CA78AAC 1456E7xx
3CA78AAD 1456E7xx
3CA78AAA 1456E7xx
3CA78AAB 1456E7xx
3CA78AB0 1456E7xx
3CA78AB1 1456E7xx
3CA78AAE 1456E7xx
3CA78AAF 1456E7xx

4CA78DE8 1456xxxx
4CA78DE6 1456xxxx
3CA78DEC 1456E7xx
3CA78DED 1456E7xx
3CA78DEA 1456E7xx
3CA78DEB 1456E7xx
3CA78DF0 1456E7xx
3CA78DF1 1456E7xx
3CA78DEE 1456E7xx
3CA78DEF 1456E7xx

4CA78D08 1456xxxx
4CA78D06 1456xxxx
3CA78D0C 1456E7xx
3CA78D0D 1456E7xx
3CA78D0A 1456E7xx
3CA78D0B 1456E7xx
3CA78D10 1456E7xx
3CA78D11 1456E7xx
3CA78D0E 1456E7xx
3CA78D0F 1456E7xx

4CA78C28 1456xxxx
4CA78C26 1456xxxx
3CA78C2C 1456E7xx
3CA78C2D 1456E7xx
3CA78C2A 1456E7xx
3CA78C2B 1456E7xx
3CA78C30 1456E7xx
3CA78C31 1456E7xx
3CA78C2E 1456E7xx
3CA78C2F 1456E7xx

4CA78CC8 1456xxxx
4CA78CC6 1456xxxx
3CA78CCC 1456E7xx
3CA78CCD 1456E7xx
3CA78CCA 1456E7xx
3CA78CCB 1456E7xx
3CA78CD0 1456E7xx
3CA78CD1 1456E7xx
3CA78CCE 1456E7xx
3CA78CCF 1456E7xx

4CA78CE8 1456xxxx
4CA78CE6 1456xxxx
3CA78CEC 1456E7xx
3CA78CED 1456E7xx
3CA78CEA 1456E7xx
3CA78CEB 1456E7xx
3CA78CF0 1456E7xx
3CA78CF1 1456E7xx
3CA78CEE 1456E7xx
3CA78CEF 1456E7xx

4CA78C08 1456xxxx
4CA78C06 1456xxxx
3CA78C0C 1456E7xx
3CA78C0D 1456E7xx
3CA78C0A 1456E7xx
3CA78C0B 1456E7xx
3CA78C10 1456E7xx
3CA78C11 1456E7xx
3CA78C0E 1456E7xx
3CA78C0F 1456E7xx

4CA78B08 1456xxxx
4CA78B06 1456xxxx
3CA78B0C 1456E7xx
3CA78B0D 1456E7xx
3CA78B0A 1456E7xx
3CA78B0B 1456E7xx
3CA78B10 1456E7xx
3CA78B11 1456E7xx
3CA78B0E 1456E7xx
3CA78B0F 1456E7xx

4CA78A28 1456xxxx
4CA78A26 1456xxxx
3CA78A2C 1456E7xx
3CA78A2D 1456E7xx
3CA78A2A 1456E7xx
3CA78A2B 1456E7xx
3CA78A30 1456E7xx
3CA78A31 1456E7xx
3CA78A2E 1456E7xx
3CA78A2F 1456E7xx

4CA78A48 1456xxxx
4CA78A46 1456xxxx
3CA78A4C 1456E7xx
3CA78A4D 1456E7xx
3CA78A4A 1456E7xx
3CA78A4B 1456E7xx
3CA78A50 1456E7xx
3CA78A51 1456E7xx
3CA78A4E 1456E7xx
3CA78A4F 1456E7xx

4CA78AE8 1456xxxx
4CA78AE6 1456xxxx
3CA78AEC 1456E7xx
3CA78AED 1456E7xx
3CA78AEA 1456E7xx
3CA78AEB 1456E7xx
3CA78AF0 1456E7xx
3CA78AF1 1456E7xx
3CA78AEE 1456E7xx
3CA78AEF 1456E7xx

Sonken Sr
4CA78D28 1456xxxx
4CA78D26 1456xxxx
3CA78D2C 1456E7xx
3CA78D2D 1456E7xx
3CA78D2A 1456E7xx
3CA78D2B 1456E7xx
3CA78D30 1456E7xx
3CA78D31 1456E7xx
3CA78D2E 1456E7xx
3CA78D2F 1456E7xx

Sonken Jr
4CA78D48 1456xxxx
4CA78D46 1456xxxx
3CA78D4C 1456E7xx
3CA78D4D 1456E7xx
3CA78D4A 1456E7xx
3CA78D4B 1456E7xx
3CA78D50 1456E7xx
3CA78D51 1456E7xx
3CA78D4E 1456E7xx
3CA78D4F 1456E7xx

4CA78C48 1456xxxx
4CA78C46 1456xxxx
3CA78C4C 1456E7xx
3CA78C4D 1456E7xx
3CA78C4A 1456E7xx
3CA78C4B 1456E7xx
3CA78C50 1456E7xx
3CA78C51 1456E7xx
3CA78C4E 1456E7xx
3CA78C4F 1456E7xx

4CA78C68 1456xxxx
4CA78C66 1456xxxx
3CA78C6C 1456E7xx
3CA78C6D 1456E7xx
3CA78C6A 1456E7xx
3CA78C6B 1456E7xx
3CA78C70 1456E7xx
3CA78C71 1456E7xx
3CA78C6E 1456E7xx
3CA78C6F 1456E7xx

4CA78F28 1456xxxx
4CA78F26 1456xxxx
3CA78F2C 1456E7xx
3CA78F2D 1456E7xx
3CA78F2A 1456E7xx
3CA78F2B 1456E7xx
3CA78F30 1456E7xx
3CA78F31 1456E7xx
3CA78F2E 1456E7xx
3CA78F2F 1456E7xx

4CA78F48 1456xxxx
4CA78F46 1456xxxx
3CA78F4C 1456E7xx
3CA78F4D 1456E7xx
3CA78F4A 1456E7xx
3CA78F4B 1456E7xx
3CA78F50 1456E7xx
3CA78F51 1456E7xx
3CA78F4E 1456E7xx
3CA78F4F 1456E7xx

4CA78FE8 1456xxxx
4CA78FE6 1456xxxx
3CA78FEC 1456E7xx
3CA78FED 1456E7xx
3CA78FEA 1456E7xx
3CA78FEB 1456E7xx
3CA78FF0 1456E7xx
3CA78FF1 1456E7xx
3CA78FEE 1456E7xx
3CA78FEF 1456E7xx

4CA78F08 1456xxxx
4CA78F06 1456xxxx
3CA78F0C 1456E7xx
3CA78F0D 1456E7xx
3CA78F0A 1456E7xx
3CA78F0B 1456E7xx
3CA78F10 1456E7xx
3CA78F11 1456E7xx
3CA78F0E 1456E7xx
3CA78F0F 1456E7xx

4CA78A68 1456xxxx
4CA78A66 1456xxxx
3CA78A6C 1456E7xx
3CA78A6D 1456E7xx
3CA78A6A 1456E7xx
3CA78A6B 1456E7xx
3CA78A70 1456E7xx
3CA78A71 1456E7xx
3CA78A6E 1456E7xx
3CA78A6F 1456E7xx

4CA78AC8 1456xxxx
4CA78AC6 1456xxxx
3CA78ACC 1456E7xx
3CA78ACD 1456E7xx
3CA78ACA 1456E7xx
3CA78ACB 1456E7xx
3CA78AD0 1456E7xx
3CA78AD1 1456E7xx
3CA78ACE 1456E7xx
3CA78ACF 1456E7xx

4CA78D68 1456xxxx
4CA78D66 1456xxxx
3CA78D6C 1456E7xx
3CA78D6D 1456E7xx
3CA78D6A 1456E7xx
3CA78D6B 1456E7xx
3CA78D70 1456E7xx
3CA78D71 1456E7xx
3CA78D6E 1456E7xx
3CA78D6F 1456E7xx

4CA78D88 1456xxxx
4CA78D86 1456xxxx
3CA78D8C 1456E7xx
3CA78D8D 1456E7xx
3CA78D8A 1456E7xx
3CA78D8B 1456E7xx
3CA78D90 1456E7xx
3CA78D91 1456E7xx
3CA78D8E 1456E7xx
3CA78D8F 1456E7xx

4CA78CA8 1456xxxx
4CA78CA6 1456xxxx
3CA78CAC 1456E7xx
3CA78CAD 1456E7xx
3CA78CAA 1456E7xx
3CA78CAB 1456E7xx
3CA78CB0 1456E7xx
3CA78CB1 1456E7xx
3CA78CAE 1456E7xx
3CA78CAF 1456E7xx

4CA78FA8 1456xxxx
4CA78FA6 1456xxxx
3CA78FAC 1456E7xx
3CA78FAD 1456E7xx
3CA78FAA 1456E7xx
3CA78FAB 1456E7xx
3CA78FB0 1456E7xx
3CA78FB1 1456E7xx
3CA78FAE 1456E7xx
3CA78FAF 1456E7xx

4CA78FC8 1456xxxx
4CA78FC6 1456xxxx
3CA78FCC 1456E7xx
3CA78FCD 1456E7xx
3CA78FCA 1456E7xx
3CA78FCB 1456E7xx
3CA78FD0 1456E7xx
3CA78FD1 1456E7xx
3CA78FCE 1456E7xx
3CA78FCF 1456E7xx

4CA78E28 1456xxxx
4CA78E26 1456xxxx
3CA78E2C 1456E7xx
3CA78E2D 1456E7xx
3CA78E2A 1456E7xx
3CA78E2B 1456E7xx
3CA78E30 1456E7xx
3CA78E31 1456E7xx
3CA78E2E 1456E7xx
3CA78E2F 1456E7xx

4CA78E48 1456xxxx
4CA78E46 1456xxxx
3CA78E4C 1456E7xx
3CA78E4D 1456E7xx
3CA78E4A 1456E7xx
3CA78E4B 1456E7xx
3CA78E50 1456E7xx
3CA78E51 1456E7xx
3CA78E4E 1456E7xx
3CA78E4F 1456E7xx

Weapon Value Codes

First and Second Weapons
A5 Tekken (Iron Sword)
A6 Zantetsuken (Cut Iron Sword)
A7 Shyouken (General Sword)
A8 Shyoumeiken (General Bright Sword)
A1 Bokutou (Wood Knife)
A2 Gokou (Go/Wu Hook)
A3 Chyokusou (Straight Spear)
A4 Chyoutetsusou (Long Iron Spear)
9D Nagaetou (Long Handle Knife)
9E Houtengeki (Square Sky Lance)
9F Senfu (Battle Axe)
A0 Senjinfu (Battle Quick Axe)
99 Saibou (Crush Stick)
9A Hasaibou (Break Crush Stick)
9B Souken (Double Sword)
9C Hisouken (Fly Double Sword)
B5 Souben (Double Whip)
B6 Soudaben (Double Snake Whip)
B7 Sousui (Double Hammer)
B8 Fuyousui (Hibiscus Hammer)
B1 Usen (Feather Fan)
B2 Yokusen (Wing Fan)
B3 Kaken (Summer Ring)
B4 Engetsuken (Round Moon Ring)
AD Daifu (Big Axe)
AE Goudaifu (Chivalric Big Axe)
AF Tekkou (Iron Hook)
B0 Hiyousou (Fly Eagle Claw)
A9 Tetteki (Iron Flute)
AA Shyunkouteki (Spring Queen Flute)
AB Tetsuben (Iron Whip)
AC Tessaiben (Iron Crush Whip)
C5 Senkon (Rotate Bar)
C6 Senkatsukon (Rotate Tighten Bar)
C7 Nagaesoutou (Long Handle Double Knife)
C8 Bisentou (Brow Sharp Knife)
C1 Daijyou (Big Stick)
C2 Genjyou (Illusion Stick)
C3 Banken (Ban/Man Fist)
C4 Genkouken (Black Shell Fist)
BD Toukojin (Toss Curve Blade)
BE Hieijin (Fly Shadow Blade)
BF Ousen (Cherry Fan)
C0 Shikinsen (Purple Forbidden Fan)
B9 Kyoken (Huge Sword)
BA Saikouken (Crush Hard Sword)
BB Saiken (Slender Sword)
BC Senriken (Sharp Beautiful Sword)

Third Weapons
D5 Rindou (Dragon Guts)
D6 Seiryuuengetsutou (Green Dragon Block Moon Falchion)
D7 Dabou (Snake Lance)
D8 Kiringa (Kirin Tooth)
D1 Gozu (Cow Head)
D2 Shiyuusai (Tribe Chief Crush)
D3 Koteitou (Ancient Currency Knife)
D4 Hien (Fly Swallow)
CD Koboku-ourou (Tiger Jump Beat Wolf)
CE Reigyokusui (Beautiful Jade Hammer)
CF Byaku-usen (White Feather Fan)
D0 Iten-noken (Iten Sword)
C9 Houtengageki (Square Sky Draw Lance)
CA Kenkonken (Kenkon Ring)
CB Kouryuuken (Yellow Dragon Sword)
CC Tenrouken (Sky Wolf Sword)
65 Ourouken (King Wolf Sword)
66 Daiseiken (Big Star Sword)
67 Hadouken (Fierce Path Sword)
68 Tekkisen (Iron Ride Sharp)
61 Kousen (Yellow Fairy)
62 Kuga (Dog Tooth)
63 Seiryuukourentou (Green Dragon Hook Sickle Sword)
64 Koku-usen (Black Feather Fan)
5D Kogaku (Tiger Jaw)
5E Hakou (Fierce River)
5F Issen (One Flash)
60 Kashinjyou (Fire God Stick)
59 Gadan (Tooth Break)
5A Kujyakukou (Peacock Rainbow)
5B Getsuyou (Moon Demon)
5C Dankouben (Break River Whip)
75 Shyouhaou (Small Fierce King)
76 Soukyokusei (Double Pole Star)
77 Fuujinjyou (Wind God Stick)
78 Jyuu-ou (Beast King)
71 Kaen (Fire Flame)
72 Kyoubi (Qiao Beauty)
73 Kyouka (Qiao Goodness)
74 Shiseidaiken (Four Holy Big Sword)
6D Shiseisaiken (Four Holy Slender Sword)

Fourth Weapons
6E Gourindou (Chivalric Dragon Guts)
6F Kouryuuengetsutou (Yellow Dragon Block Moon Falchion)
70 Hagundabou (Break Army Snake Lance)
69 Metsukiringa (Destroy Kirin Tooth)
6A Shingokugozu (Real Extreme Cow Head)
6B Shiyuubakufusai (Tribe Chief Waterfall Crush)
6C Koteitoushinuchi (Ancient Currency Knife Real Hit)
85 Senhien (Flash Fly Swallow)
86 Koboku-ouroukai (Tiger Jump Beat Wolf Change)
87 Kinreigyokusui (Gold Beautiful Jade Hammer)
88 Suzaku-usen (Red Sparrow Feather Fan)
81 Iten-nokanken (Iten Devious Sword)
82 Musouhoutengeki (Musou Square Sky Lance)
83 Jitsugetsukenkonken (Sun Moon Kenkon Ring)
84 Shinkouryuuken (Real Yellow Dragon Sword)
7D Shintenrouken (Real Sky Wolf Sword)
7E Shin-ourouken (Real King Wolf Sword)
7F Shindaiseiken (Real Big Star Sword)
80 Shinhadouken (Real Fierce Path Sword)
79 Ryuukisen (Dragon Ride Sharp)
7A Kousenhitou (Yellow Fairy Secret Knife)
7B Shinkuga (God Dog Tooth)
7C Kouryuukourentou (Yellow Dragon Hook Sickle Knife)
95 Kyuuki-usen (Poor Strange Feather Fan)
96 Byakkogaku (White Tiger Jaw)
97 Hakai (Fierce Sea)
98 Kouissen (Maintain One Flash)
91 Goukashinjyou (Explode Fire God Stick)
92 Byakkogadan (White Tiger Tooth Break)
93 Suzakukou (Red Sparrow Rainbow)
94 Getsuyounikkyou (Moon Demon Sun Madness)
8D Dankaiben (Break Sea Whip)
8E Haou (Fierce King)
8F Soukyokumessei (Double Pole Destroy Star)
90 Goufuushinjyou (Chivalric Wind God Stick)
89 Hyakujyuuou (Hundred Beast King)
8A Gouka (Hell Fire)
8B Kyoubirei (Qiao Beautiful Beauty)
8C Kyoukarei (Qiao Goodness Beauty)
25 Fukki no Taiken (Fu Xi's Big Sword)
26 Jyoka no Saiken (Nu Wa's Slender Sword)



* put in desired numerics for xx

4CA8C970 1456xxA5 - God Speed Spell
4CA8C96E 1456xxA6 - Fly Boots
4CA8C974 1456xxA7 - Blue Dragon Gut (Courage)
4CA8C972 1456xxA8 - Red Sparrow Wing
4CA8C978 1456xxA1 - White Tiger Tooth
4CA8C976 1456xxA2 - Black Turtle Shell
4CA8C97C 1456xxA3 - Kouchyuu Bow
4CA8C97A 1456xxA4 - Vine Armor
4CA8C980 1456xx9D - Kyou (Jiang) Tribe Horn
4CA8C97E 1456xx9E - Rider Armor
4CA8C984 1456xx9F - Seven Star Jade
4CA8C982 1456xxA0 - Vacuum Book
4CA8C988 1456xx99 - Alive Pill

4CA8C986 1456E79A - Red Hare Saddle
4CA8C98C 1456E79B - Tekiro Saddle
4CA8C98A 1456E79C - Emperor Saddle
4CA8C990 1456E7B5 - Suntsu's Book of War
4CA8C98E 1456E7B6 - Guard Learned Lesson
4CA8C994 1456E7B7 - Real Ranbu Book
4CA8C992 1456E7B8 - Explode Legend Book
4CA8C998 1456E7B1 - Stubborn Iron Shell
4CA8C996 1456E7B2 - Cleansed Flame Arrow
4CA8C99C 1456E7B3 - Horned Demon Wrist
4CA8C99A 1456E7B4 - Hard Soft Method Book
4CA8C9A0 1456E7AD - No Release Rein



* value codes are at the end of the section

1ST & 2ND

Tekken (Iron Sword)
1CA8C9A4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C9A8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C9AC 1456wwxx
4CA8C9AE 1456yyzz

Zantetsuken (Cut Iron Sword)
1CA8C9B4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C9B8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C9BC 1355wwxx
4CA8C9BE 1456yyzz

Shyouken (General Sword)
1CA8C9C4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C9C8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C9CC 1654wwxx
4CA8C9CE 1456yyzz

Shyoumeiken (General Bright Sword)
1CA8C9D4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C9D8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C9DC 1553wwxx
4CA8C9DE 1456yyzz

Bokutou (Wood Knife)
1CA8C9E4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C9E8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C9EC 185Awwxx
4CA8C9EE 1456yyzz

Gokou (Go/Wu Hook)
1CA8C9F4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C9F8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C9FC 1759wwxx
4CA8C9FE 1456yyzz

Chyokusou (Straight Spear)
1CA8C904 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C908 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C90C 1A58wwxx
4CA8C90E 1456yyzz

Chyoutetsusou (Long Iron Spear)
1CA8C914 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C918 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C91C 1957wwxx
4CA8C91E 1456yyzz

Nagaetou (Long Handle Knife)
1CA8C924 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C828 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C82C 0C4Ewwxx
4CA8C82E 1456yyzz

Houtengeki (Square Sky Lance)
1CA8C834 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C838 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C83C 0B4Dwwxx
4CA8C83E 1456yyzz

Senfu (Battle Axe)
1CA8C844 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C848 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C84C 0E4Cwwxx
4CA8C84E 1456yyzz

Senjinfu (Battle Quick Axe)
1CA8C854 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C858 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C85C 0D4Bwwxx
4CA8C85E 1456yyzz

Saibou (Crush Stick)
1CA8C864 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C868 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C86C 1052wwxx
4CA8C86E 1456yyzz

Hasaibou (Break Crush Stick)
1CA8C874 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C878 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C87C 0F51wwxx
4CA8C87E 1456yyzz

Souken (Double Sword)
1CA8C884 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C888 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C88C 1250wwxx
4CA8C88E 1456yyzz

Hisouken (Fly Double Sword)
1CA8C894 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C898 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C89C 114Fwwxx
4CA8C89E 1456yyzz

Souben (Double Whip)
1CA8C8A4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C8A8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C8AC 0446wwxx
4CA8C8AE 1456yyzz

Soudaben (Double Snake Whip)
1CA8C8B4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C8B8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C8BC 0345wwxx
4CA8C8BE 1456yyzz

Sousui (Double Hammer)
1CA8C8C4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C8C8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C8CC 0644wwxx
4CA8C8CE 1456yyzz

Fuyousui (Hibiscus Hammer)
1CA8C8D4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C8D8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C8DC 0543wwxx
4CA8C8DE 1456yyzz

Usen (Feather Fan)
1CA8C8E4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C8E8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C8EC 084Awwxx
4CA8C8EE 1456yyzz

Yokusen (Wing Fan)
1CA8C8F4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C8F8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C8FC 0749wwxx
4CA8C8FE 1456yyzz

Kaken (Summer Ring)
1CA8C804 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C808 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C80C 0A48wwxx
4CA8C80E 1456yyzz

Engetsuken (Round Moon Ring)
1CA8C814 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C818 uuvvwwxx
1CA8C81C 0947wwxx
4CA8C81E 1456yyzz

Daifu (Big Axe)
1CA8C824 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB28 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB2C FC3Ewwxx
4CA8CB2E 1456yyzz

Goudaifu (Chivalric Big Axe)
1CA8CB34 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB38 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB3C FB3Dwwxx
4CA8CB3E 1456yyzz

Tekkou (Iron Hook)
1CA8CB44 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB48 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB4C FE3Cwwxx
4CA8CB4E 1456yyzz

Hiyousou (Fly Eagle Claw)
1CA8CB54 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB58 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB5C FD3Bwwxx
4CA8CB5E 1456yyzz

Tetteki (Iron Flute)
1CA8CB64 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB68 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB6C 0042wwxx
4CA8CB6E 1456yyzz

Shyunkouteki (Spring Queen Flute)
1CA8CB74 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB78 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB7C FF41wwxx
4CA8CB7E 1456yyzz

Tetsuben (Iron Whip)
1CA8CB84 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB88 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB8C 0240wwxx
4CA8CB8E 1456yyzz

Tessaiben (Iron Crush Whip)
1CA8CB94 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB98 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB9C 013Fwwxx
4CA8CB9E 1456yyzz

Senkon (Rotate Bar)
1CA8CBA4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CBA8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CBAC 3436wwxx
4CA8CBAE 1456yyzz

Senkatsukon (Rotate Tighten Bar)
1CA8CBB4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CBB8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CBBC 3335wwxx
4CA8CBBE 1456yyzz

Nagaesoutou (Long Handle Double Knife)
1CA8CBC4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CBC8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CBCC 3634wwxx
4CA8CBCE 1456yyzz

Bisentou (Brow Sharp Knife)
1CA8CBD4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CBD8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CBDC 3533wwxx
4CA8CBDE 1456yyzz

Daijyou (Big Stick)
1CA8CBE4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CBE8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CBEC 383Awwxx
4CA8CBEE 1456yyzz

Genjyou (Illusion Stick)
1CA8CBF4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CBF8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CBFC 3739wwxx
4CA8CBFE 1456yyzz

Banken (Ban/Man Fist)
1CA8CB04 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB08 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB0C 3A38wwxx
4CA8CB0E 1456yyzz

Genkouken (Black Shell Fist)
1CA8CB14 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB18 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CB1C 3937wwxx
4CA8CB1E 1456yyzz

Toukojin (Toss Curve Blade)
1CA8CB24 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA28 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA2C 2C2Ewwxx
4CA8CA2E 1456yyzz

Hieijin (Fly Shadow Blade)
1CA8CA34 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA38 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA3C 2B2Dwwxx
4CA8CA3E 1456yyzz

Ousen (Cherry Fan)
1CA8CA44 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA48 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA4C 2E2Cwwxx
4CA8CA4E 1456yyzz

Shikinsne (Purple Forbidden Fan)
1CA8CA54 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA58 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA5C 2D2Bwwxx
4CA8CA5E 1456yyzz

Kyoken (Huge Sword)
1CA8CA64 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA68 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA6C 3032wwxx
4CA8CA6E 1456yyzz

Saikouken (Crush Hard Sword)
1CA8CA74 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA78 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA7C 2F31wwxx
4CA8CA7E 1456yyzz

Saiken (Slender Sword)
1CA8CA84 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA88 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA8C 3230wwxx
4CA8CA8E 1456yyzz

Senriken (Sharp Beautiful Sword)
1CA8CA94 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA98 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA9C 312Fwwxx
4CA8CA9E 1456yyzz


Rindou (Dragon Guts)
1CA8CAA4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CAA8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CAAC 2426wwxx
4CA8CAAE 1456yyzz

Seiryuuengetsutou (Green Dragon Block Moon Falchion)
1CA8CAB4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CAB8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CABC 2325wwxx
4CA8CABE 1456yyzz

Dabou (Snake Lance)
1CA8CAC4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CAC8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CACC 2624wwxx
4CA8CACE 1456yyzz

Kiringa (Kirin Tooth)
1CA8CAD4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CAD8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CADC 2523wwxx
4CA8CADE 1456yyzz

Gozu (Cow Head)
1CA8CAE4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CAE8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CAEC 282Awwxx
4CA8CAEE 1456yyzz

Shiyuusai (Tribe Chief Crush)
1CA8CAF4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CAF8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CAFC 2729wwxx
4CA8CAFE 1456yyzz

Koteitou (Ancient Currency Knife)
1CA8CA04 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA08 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA0C 2A28wwxx
4CA8CA0E 1456yyzz

Hien (Fly Swallow)
1CA8CA14 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA18 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CA1C 2927wwxx
4CA8CA1E 1456yyzz

Koboku-ourou (Tiger Jump Beat Wolf)
1CA8CA24 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD28 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD2C 1C1Ewwxx
4CA8CD2E 1456yyzz

Reigyokusui (Beautiful Jade Hammer)
1CA8CD34 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD38 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD3C 1B1Dwwxx
4CA8CD3E 1456yyzz

Byaku-usen (White Feather Fan)
1CA8CD44 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD48 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD4C 1E1Cwwxx
4CA8CD4E 1456yyzz

Iten-noken (Iten Sword)
1CA8CD54 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD58 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD5C 1D1Bwwxx
4CA8CD5E 1456yyzz

Houtengageki (Square Sky Draw Lance)
1CA8CD64 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD68 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD6C 2022wwxx
4CA8CD6E 1456yyzz

Kenkonken (Kenkon Ring)
1CA8CD74 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD78 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD7C 1F21wwxx
4CA8CD7E 1456yyzz

Kouryuuken (Yellow Dragon Sword)
1CA8CD84 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD88 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD8C 2220wwxx
4CA8CD8E 1456yyzz

Tenrouken (Sky Wolf Sword)
1CA8CD94 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD98 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD9C 211Fwwxx
4CA8CD9E 1456yyzz

Ourouken (King Wolf Sword)
1CA8CDA4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CDA8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CDAC D496wwxx
4CA8CDAE 1456yyzz

Daiseiken (Big Star Sword)
1CA8CDB4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CDB8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CDBC D395wwxx
4CA8CDBE 1456yyzz

Hadouken (Fierce Path Sword)
1CA8CDC4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CDC8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CDCC D694wwxx
4CA8CDCE 1456yyzz

Tekkisen (Iron Ride Sharp)
1CA8CDD4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CDD8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CDDC D593wwxx
4CA8CDDE 1456yyzz

Kousen (Yellow Fairy)
1CA8CDE4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CDE8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CDEC D89Awwxx
4CA8CDEE 1456yyzz

Kuga (Dog Tooth)
1CA8CDF4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CDF8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CDFC D799wwxx
4CA8CDFE 1456yyzz

Seiryuukourentou (Green Dragon Hook Sickle Sword)
1CA8CD04 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD08 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD0C DA98wwxx
4CA8CD0E 1456yyzz

Koku-usen (Black Feather Fan)
1CA8CD14 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD18 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CD1C D997wwxx
4CA8CD1E 1456yyzz

Kogaku (Tiger Jaw)
1CA8CD24 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC28 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC2C CC8Ewwxx
4CA8CC2E 1456yyzz

Hakou (Fierce River)
1CA8CC34 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC38 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC3C CB8Dwwxx
4CA8CC3E 1456yyzz

Issen (One Flash)
1CA8CC44 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC48 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC4C CE8Cwwxx
4CA8CC4E 1456yyzz

Kashinjyou (Fire God Stick)
1CA8CC54 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC58 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC5C CD8Bwwxx
4CA8CC5E 1456yyzz

Gadan (Tooth Break)
1CA8CC64 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC68 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC6C D092wwxx
4CA8CC6E 1456yyzz

Kujyakukou (Peacock Rainbow)
1CA8CC74 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC78 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC7C CF91wwxx
4CA8CC7E 1456yyzz

Getsuyou (Moon Demon)
1CA8CC84 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC88 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC8C D290wwxx
4CA8CC8E 1456yyzz

Dankouben (Break River Whip)
1CA8CC94 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC98 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC9C D18Fwwxx
4CA8CC9E 1456yyzz

Shyouhaou (Small Fierce King)
1CA8CCA4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CCA8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CCAC C486wwxx
4CA8CCAE 1456yyzz

Soukyokusei (Double Pole Star)
1CA8CCB4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CCB8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CCBC C385wwxx
4CA8CCBE 1456yyzz

Fuujinjyou (Wind God Stick)
1CA8CCC4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CCC8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CCCC C684wwxx
4CA8CCCE 1456yyzz

Jyuu-ou (Beast King)
1CA8CCD4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CCD8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CCDC C583wwxx
4CA8CCDE 1456yyzz

Kaen (Fire Flame)
1CA8CCE4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CCE8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CCEC C88Awwxx
4CA8CCEE 1456yyzz

Kyoubi (Qiao Beauty)
1CA8CCF4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CCF8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CCFC C789wwxx
4CA8CCFE 1456yyzz

Kyouka (Qiao Goodness)
1CA8CC04 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC08 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC0C CA88wwxx
4CA8CC0E 1456yyzz

Shiseidaiken (Four Holy Big Sword)
1CA8CC14 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC18 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CC1C C987wwxx
4CA8CC1E 1456yyzz

Shiseisaiken (Four Holy Slender Sword)
1CA8CC24 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF28 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF2C BC7Ewwxx
4CA8CF2E 1456yyzz


Gourindou (Chivalric Dragon Guts)
1CA8CF34 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF38 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF3C BB7Dwwxx
4CA8CF3E 1456yyzz

Kouryuuengetsutou (Yellow Dragon Block Moon Falchion)
1CA8CF44 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF48 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF4C BE7Cwwxx
4CA8CF4E 1456yyzz

Hagundabou (Break Army Snake Lance)
1CA8CF54 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF58 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF5C BD7Bwwxx
4CA8CF5E 1456yyzz

Metsukiringa (Destroy Kirin Tooth)
1CA8CF64 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF68 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF6C C082wwxx
4CA8CF6E 1456yyzz

Shingokugozu (Real Extreme Cow Head)
1CA8CF74 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF78 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF7C BF81wwxx
4CA8CF7E 1456yyzz

Shiyuubakufusai (Tribe Chief Waterfall Crush)
1CA8CF84 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF88 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF8C C280wwxx
4CA8CF8E 1456yyzz

Koteitoushinuchi (Ancient Currency Knife Real Hit)
1CA8CF94 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF98 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF9C C17Fwwxx
4CA8CF9E 1456yyzz

Senhien (Flash Fly Swallow)
1CA8CFA4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CFA8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CFAC F476wwxx
4CA8CFAE 1456yyzz

Koboku-ouroukai (Tiger Jump Beat Wolf Change)
1CA8CFB4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CFB8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CFBC F375wwxx
4CA8CFBE 1456yyzz

Kinreigyokusui (Gold Beautiful Jade Hammer)
1CA8CFC4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CFC8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CFCC F674wwxx
4CA8CFCE 1456yyzz

Suzaku-usen (Red Sparrow Feather Fan)
1CA8CFD4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CFD8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CFDC F573wwxx
4CA8CFDE 1456yyzz

Iten-nokanken (Iten Devious Sword)
1CA8CFE4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CFE8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CFEC F87Awwxx
4CA8CFEE 1456yyzz

Musouhoutengeki (Musou Square Sky Lance)
1CA8CFF4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CFF8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CFFC F779wwxx
4CA8CFFE 1456yyzz

Jitsugetsukenkonken (Sun Moon Kenkon Ring)
1CA8CF04 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF08 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF0C FA78wwxx
4CA8CF0E 1456yyzz

Shinkouryuuken (Real Yellow Dragon Sword)
1CA8CF14 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF18 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CF1C F977wwxx
4CA8CF1E 1456yyzz

Shintenrouken (Real Sky Wolf Sword)
1CA8CF24 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE28 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE2C EC6Ewwxx
4CA8CE2E 1456yyzz

Shin-ourouken (Real King Wolf Sword)
1CA8CE34 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE38 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE3C EB6Dwwxx
4CA8CE3E 1456yyzz

Shindaiseiken (Real Big Star Sword)
1CA8CE44 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE48 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE4C EE6Cwwxx
4CA8CE4E 1456yyzz

Shinhadouken (Real Fierce Path Sword)
1CA8CE54 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE58 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE5C ED6Bwwxx
4CA8CE5E 1456yyzz

Ryuukisen (Dragon Ride Sharp)
1CA8CE64 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE68 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE6C F072wwxx
4CA8CE6E 1456yyzz

Kousenhitou (Yellow Fairy Secret Knife)
1CA8CE74 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE78 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE7C EF71wwxx
4CA8CE7E 1456yyzz

Shinkuga (God Dog Tooth)
1CA8CE84 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE88 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE8C F270wwxx
4CA8CE8E 1456yyzz

Kouryuukourentou (Yellow Dragon Hook Sickle Knife)
1CA8CE94 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE98 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE9C F16Fwwxx
4CA8CE9E 1456yyzz

Kyuuki-usen (Poor Strange Feather Fan)
1CA8CEA4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CEA8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CEAC E466wwxx
4CA8CEAE 1456yyzz

Byakkogaku (White Tiger Jaw)
1CA8CEB4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CEB8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CEBC E365wwxx
4CA8CEBE 1456yyzz

Hakai (Fierce Sea)
1CA8CEC4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CEC8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CECC E664wwxx
4CA8CECE 1456yyzz

ouissen (Maintain One Flash)
1CA8CED4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CED8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CEDC E563wwxx
4CA8CEDE 1456yyzz

Goukashinjyou (Explode Fire God Stick)
1CA8CEE4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CEE8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CEEC E86Awwxx
4CA8CEEE 1456yyzz

Byakkogadan (White Tiger Tooth Break)
1CA8CEF4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CEF8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CEFC E769wwxx
4CA8CEFE 1456yyzz

Suzakukou (Red Sparrow Rainbow)
1CA8CE04 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE08 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE0C EA68wwxx
4CA8CE0E 1456yyzz

Getsuyounikkyou (Moon Demon Sun Madness)
1CA8CE14 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE18 uuvvwwxx
1CA8CE1C E967wwxx
4CA8CE1E 1456yyzz

Dankaiben (Break Sea Whip)
1CA8CE24 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D128 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D12C DC5Ewwxx
4CA8C12E 1456yyzz

Haou (Fierce King)
1CA8D134 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D138 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D13C DB5Dwwxx
4CA8D13E 1456yyzz

Soukyokumessei (Double Pole Destroy Star)
1CA8D144 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D148 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D14C DE5Cwwxx
4CA8D14E 1456yyzz

Goufuushinjyou (Chivalric Wind God Stick)
1CA8D154 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D158 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D15C DD5Bwwxx
4CA8D15E 1456yyzz

Hyakujyuuou (Hundred Beast King)
1CA8D164 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D168 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D16C E062wwxx
4CA8D16E 1456yyzz

Gouka (Hell Fire)
1CA8D174 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D178 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D17C DF61wwxx
4CA8D17E 1456yyzz

Kyoubirei (Qiao Beautiful Beauty)
1CA8D184 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D188 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D18C E260wwxx
4CA8D18E 1456yyzz

Kyoukarei (Qiao Goodness Beauty)
1CA8D194 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D198 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D19C E15Fwwxx
4CA8D19E 1456yyzz

Fukki no Taiken (Fu Xi's Big Sword)
1CA8D1A4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D1A8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D1AC 94D6wwxx
4CA8D1AE 1456yyzz

Jyoka no Saiken (Nu Wa's Slender Sword)
1CA8D1B4 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D1B8 uuvvwwxx
1CA8D1BC 93D5wwxx
4CA8D1BE 1456yyzz

UU = attribute value for VV
08 - 20
2C - 40
20 - 60
F5 - 99

VV = added attribute
53 - HP Gage
54 - Musou Gage
5A - Attack
59 - Defense
56 - Speed
55 - Jump
4C - Luck
4B - Attack Radius
52 - Musou Increase
58 - Arrow Attack
57 - Arrow Defense
4E - Ride Attack
4D - Ride Defense
3D - No Attribute

WW = attribute value for XX
DB - 20
FF - 40
F3 - 60
44 - 99

XX = added attribute
A8 - HP Gage
A7 - Musou Gage
A1 - Attack
A2 - Defense
A5 - Speed
A6 - Jump
9F - Luck
A0 - Attack Radius
99 - Musou Increase
A3 - Arrow Attack
A4 - Arrow Defense
9D - Ride Attack
9E - Ride Defense
AE - No Attribute

YY = weapon element
DF - Red
D7 - Blue
07 - Purple
CF - Red + Blue
FF - Red + Purple
F7 - Blue + Purple
EF - Red + Blue + Purple
E7 - No Element

ZZ = Musou Ranbu / Real Musou Ranbu
A5 - Normal Musou Ranbu
A2 - Always Real Musou Ranbu


ALL WEAPON CODES (Version 1.6 and later only)

All Weapons, same attributes
7CA8C9A4 14D4E7A1
uuvvwwxx 1456E7A5
7CA8C9A8 14D4E7A1
uuvvwwxx 1456E7A5
7CA8C9AC 14D4E7A1
3CF4wwxx 1456E7A5
7CA8C9B0 14D4E7A1
yyzz8328 1456E7A5

All 4th Weapons only, same attributes
7CA8CF34 142DE7A1
uuvvwwxx 1456E7A5
7CA8CF38 142DE7A1
uuvvwwxx 1456E7A5
7CA8CF3C 142DE7A1
3CF4wwxx 1456E7A5
7CA8CF40 142DE7A1
yyzz8328 1456E7A5

UU = attribute value for VV
48 - 20
24 - 40
30 - 60
5B - 99

VV = added attribute
96 - HP Gage
95 - Musou Gage
93 - Attack
94 - Defense
97 - Speed
98 - Jump
9D - Luck
9E - Attack Radius
9B - Musou Increase
91 - Arrow Attack
92 - Arrow Defense
9F - Ride Attack
A0 - Ride Defense
90 - No Attribute

WW = attribute value for XX
97 - 20
AB - 40
BF - 60
E4 - 99

XX = added attribute
27 - HP Gage
26 - Musou Gage
2C - Attack
2D - Defense
28 - Speed
29 - Jump
2E - Luck
2F - Attack Radius
34 - Musou Increase
2A - Arrow Attack
2B - Arrow Defense
30 - Ride Attack
31 - Ride Defense
41 - No Attribute

YY = weapon element
44 - Red
4C - Blue
1C - Purple
54 - Red + Blue
24 - Red + Purple
2C - Blue + Purple
34 - Red + Blue + Purple
3C - No Element

ZZ = Musou Ranbu / Real Musou Ranbu
97 - Normal Musou Ranbu
94 - Always Real Musou Ranbu



Another Must Be On Code
EC849298 1456E79B

Change Chou-Un's name into Mikado
1CA577E0 ABD49227
4CA577E4 1456A827
1CA57E70 ABD49227
1CA57E74 63D4A827
4CA57E78 1456E7A5


* All non-Karat codes created by Aoya, Tomo, Mikado and company.
** This document should have been written by Peas on Earth, the only
   reason I ended up writing it was because he's too lazy to do it.

The Pro Action Replay 2 is a product of Karat Software Corporation.

This Document Copyright 2001 Peas on Earth & Muni Shinobu