Dynasty Warriors 3 Walkthrough/FAQ
Version 1.4
Last Updated August 24th, 2002
By Patrick G. Lowery aka. XLord Ma ChaoX (wi.rr','com',0);return false;">IrvineKinneasDx@wi.rr.com)

Table Of Contents

1. Intro

2. Recent Updates

3. Game Strategies
   a. Bodyguards
   b. Combos
   c. Attack
   d. The Art of Musou     i. Regular Musou     ii. True Musou
   e. Arrow Shooting/FPV
   f. Change Maps
   g. Different Ways of Transportation
   h. Mounted Attacks
   i. Secure
   j. Retreating
   k. My (Cheap but effective) Tricks
   l. Game Errors

4. Characters
   a. Shu Characters
   b. Wei Characters
   c. Wu Characters
   d. Neutral Characters
   e. My Personal Favorite Characters

5. Frequently Asked Question

6. The Walkthrough
   a. The Yellow Turban Rebellion
   b. The Battle at Hu Lao Gate
   c. Surprise Attack on Liu Biao
   d. The Battle at Wan Castle
   e. Assault On Wu Territory
   f. The Battle at Guan Du
   g. Guan Yu's Escape
   h. The Battle at Chang Ban
   i. The Battle at Chi Bi
   j. The Battle at Tong Gate
   k. The Battle at He Fei
   l. The Battle at Fan Castle
   m. The Battle at Mt. Ding Jun
   n. The Battle at Yi Ling
   o. Nanman Campaign
   p. The Battle of Jie Ting
   q. The Battle at You Ting
   r. The Siege of He Fei Castle
   s. The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains

7. 4th Weapon Stategies
   a. Character's Weapons
   b. Elemental combo's

8. Getting Items
   a. Regular Items
   b. Special Items

9. Thank You's/Credits

10. Cheat Codes (Use at your own risk)

11. Do's and Dont's

12. Legal junk

13. Outro

1. Intro

Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough. This FAQ focuses on events,strategies,
and battles and Hidden Items. I'm assuming since the controls and
whatnot are in the Dynasty Warriors 3 game booklet, you'll know the

2. Recent Updates

--Version 0.1 (2-21-02) - Just started this stuff out. Intro and this
update thing added

--Version 0.2 (2-24-02) - Bleh. Added alot of game strategies.. some
more to be added in, Shu kingdom character descriptions finished

--Version 0.3 (2-26-02) - Game Strategies section is just completed, as
well as the character description part. The neutral people will come in
soon, Some Questions added?

--Version 0.4 (2-27-02) - Six of the battles in this game have been
added on, everything so far is complete up to this battle part.

--Version 0.5 (2-28-02) - Ok, lots of battles added, only four more to
add on. A few Shu and Wei 4th weapon have been added to this. And lots
of stuff to come soon since I finished all my homework up at schhol, and
no school tomorrow.. yay.

--Version 0.6 (3-4-02) - I've been lazy. I have to add the last battle,
but the 4th weapon stratigies are completely finished. For the record, I
have an annoying cold, and I think I'm coming down with something. But I
don't want to complain and tell you everything wrong with me.. I might
be slow to work, because well.. I'm sick.

--Version 0.7 (3-5-02) - Spell checked and edited everything. Hopefully
my grammar will improve sometime in the near future.

--Version 0.8 (3-8-02) - The final battle for Dynasty Warriors three had
been added. Everything you see so far is dealt with. As you can see..
I've finished the regular items, and did some special items.

--Version 0.9 (3-10-02) - Thirty minutes until The Simpsons,  I've got
some more things that I want to add.. which should take 5-10 minutes
each part. This FAQ/Walkthrough shall be done by tommorow at earliest
and Wednesday at the latest.

--Version 1.0 (3-11-02) - Mmm.. six months since the terrorist attacks
in Manhattan. Well... Everything is done, the only thing that will be
added on is more questions you've asked me for the FAQ.

--Version 1.1 (3-14-02) - I'm making it to the big times. People have
actually asked me for my work. Lol, I didn't expect that to happen.
Fixed up some stuff in my FAQ, that's pretty much it.

--Version 1.2 (3-22-02) - Just got back from the Nation's Capital, and
it was pretty weak there. Rainy.. but I had some amount of fun. Changed
some stuff around, people contributed alot of stuff while I was in D.C.

--Version 1.3 (3-30-02) - Stupid cold. Making me so tired.. its only
like 9:30 and I'm out of it. There's not much chance I'll be able to
stay up much later.

--Version 1.4 (8-24-02) - Hi everyone.. remember me? I wrote the FAQ
for this game, but I uh.. never updated it since I finished it..
sorry. Im lazy!

3. Game Strategies

Your Bodyguards
Ah.. the loyal bodyguards. They don't even know that you couldn't care
less about them (Unless their Elite). Most of the time the bodyguards
end up being puppets for you.They distract generals while you attack
them from behind. Depending on the level, and what type of player you
are, you use different weapons. Bow's and Crossbows are good for the
people who like to annoy the other side with their arrows.. as for me..
I ABSOLUTLY HATE ENEMY ARCHERS! Arrrggg.. they make me so mad because
they run when you get close to them and when theirs too many they just
sit their flining arrows at you, so you can barely move. Back to what I
was saying. Spears and Pikes are good for holding out some place such as
a castle, then advancing as you've wiped out all the invaders, or
defenders of the place. Swords are good for getting up close and
personal with the enemy and just bursting through everything and killing
everyone. Should you stumble upon the Bodyguard manual and equip it,
they'll be stronger, more aggressive, and have more power. It's good
because the battle will be somewhat easier. Its bad because they will
take your kills, and more less your points, and it tends to get them
into bigger clusters with more enemys, but since yours guards are
stronger, I guess it'll be easier and you'll get about the same amount
of kills too.

Combo Attacks
The last hit of a your combo needs recovery time, being that you just
did a powerful attack. During this time your in the open for attacks
from other enemys. If you need to attack quickly and repeatedly use
attacks that use one less hit than your maximum combo. For example, if
your character has a four hits maximum, only hit your enemy three times.
You can do the same with stronger weapons that allow more hits as well.

Here are the specified attacks (Assuming your using default controls.

|  				          |
| S (Square.. Aka regular attack) |
|				          |
| T (Triangle.. aka Power attack) |
| 				          |


Not very effective.. just a basic combo for an easy battle..

.. But what if you run into a stronger officer? You'll need a better
combo.. Lets try.

t  =  Just a basic knockback attack to send your enemy down showing them
your ready for a fight.
s-t  =  A regular attack and a power attack. Somewhat effective.. knocks
an enemy into the air. This combo can be done over and over and over,
until somebody attack you, and you kill them for messing up your great
s-s-t  =  Attack that stuns your enemy, good on strong generals so you
can get in more hits.
s-s-s-t  =  A fairly good attack that knocks your enemy back, and can
send him through other people, including your men.
s-s-s-s-t  =  A five hit combo that sends your enemy into the air, and
you can then follow up by pressing Triangle again, and giving him a
'knockdown' type move. Or just keep doing it over and over.. or just hit
s-s-s-s-s-t  =  The best combo with Square and Triangle..does knock back
or stun, depending on which character your using. Certain characters can
press Triangle after the sixth hit to get more hits off. You usually
have to have the 4th weapon to do this..

Also, you could do any of the combos above and then use your musou RIGHT
after you finish, that is also a strong combo.


Attack Generals or Officers when their backs are turned, as you can not
block turned the other way. So while a General is struggling with
someone in your army in a duel, attack him from behind! Cheap.. Yes..
Effective.. Yes.

The Art of Musou

The Types of Musou Attacks

Musou attacks can be preformed when the gauge below your health is full
and blinking. To Do so press Circle and hold it. You will unleash a
powerful attack on your opponents. To gain musou you can Hold Circle
down when your just standing there, or attack people/be attacked.

True Musou

The True Musou attack can be used when your down in low (red) health.
You will perform a musou attack, but it will be stronger, and have fire
added in. Also your musou gauge will replenish by itself.

Arrow Shooting/First Person View

Hold Down R1 to get in first person view. To fire your arrow, get in
first person view and Press either Sqaure (Regular Arrow), Triangle
(Paralyzing Arrow) or Circle (Musou Arrow which can fire more than one)

Change Maps

Press R2 to get a map of whats going on around you, press R2 again to
get a view of the whole stage.

There are five different horses in this game. Unlike Dynasty Warriors 2,
they horse's speed and ability is not generic, here are their rankings
and Information.

Light Brown
This horse sucks. It can't run through anything. Usually Sergeants
Captains ride these. You can mount them at any level.

Dark Brown Horse
These are Ok.. I guess, they're not so great. You have to be rank 13 to
mount them. They can run through weaklings but not Guards Captains or
stronger ranked people. They're usually ridden by Loser no-Name

White Horse
Minimum Rank is 11 to ride it. These are usually ridden by officers that
you can play as. This is the best horse you can get in most level's
except Hu Lao Gate..

Hex Mark Horse
A black horse. You need to be level 5 to ride this horse. Its like the
Red Hare, but the Red Hare can outrun it just barely. You can get this
by obtaining the Hex Mark Saddle at Cheng Du. These horses are hard to
find.. as yhe only person I've seen ride a Hex Mark was Liu Bei.

Red Hare Horse
The fastest in the game. Ridden by the Almighty LU BU!!! ::Terror Music
plays:: You can obtain a Red Hare by getting the Red Hare Saddle at Hu
Lao Gate.

Oh yeah! Everyone talks about them, and you get them during the Nanman
Campaign. Every time I played the Nanman campaign I could use an
elephant so Im guessing they don't have a level. But If your above level
12 by the Nanman Campaign start killing more people. Meng Huo and Zhu
Rong's elephants however, require you to be a Knight General/Perimiter
General (or whatever.. rank 1) to ride it.

Mounted Attacks

Mounted Attacks aren't all that great. Actually, they suck. You can't
turn around and they cant go up some hills. If you like Mounted Attacks,
great. I hate them and so do most people. You usually end up getting
shot down by the bow-men which I hate so much, or knocked off by a

Securing the Gates

Whenever you pass a gate, take care of the gate captain. Kill him, that
way he can't send out more troops, and your team will have it. A message
will appear saying "Your Guy/Girl unit has secured the gate". The gate
captain also drops a defensive item, so you get stronger. Secure as many
gates as you can in the beginning so you can win easier and get better

Enemy Retreat

Usually when you kill an entire fleet.. for instance you kill Xiahou Dun
and his one officer. Therefore, his troops have nobody to give out
orders. So the enemy retreats. They will run to the nearest gate they
have, unless ones not around for miles, then they will just fight
poorly. But, should they retreat, leave them be. You want as many people
alive as possible. All that pursuing a retreating team will do is kill
some of your men and hurt you a bit. Just leave the Cowards to run.

My Cheap Tricks

Here are some of my cheap tricks that I use when I need to win a battle.
First, when your in red and surrounded by the enemy just use the musou
and run like heck. Or, should you get knocked down, stay down until your
forced to get up or until your Musou gauge is full again. That way, you
can wipe out some people until some team comes and saves your dying
butt. Second, Let your troops get everyone down and almost dead and then
move in for the death slaughter. You'll get most of the kills and more
points at the end of the battles, In ther meantime, just kill the
commanding officer, then the troops, Im sure most of you would do this,
but Its my usual Strategy.

Game Errors

--Guan Du, Yuan Shao's side, every time Guan Yu kills a general, it will
say "Guan Yu7 Has scattered This General's troop!"

--At the Assault on Wu Territory, Wu side, when playing as Sun Jian,
Zhou Yu will still call him Sun Ce

--In the DW3 Manual under "Other Hero's" Yuan Shao is listed at "Yuan

--In the DW3 Manual under Wu's army. it will say Sun Jian is the
commander but show Sun Quan's picture.

--In the Database under Officers.. in Dian Wei's info you will see..
"@After Zhang Xiu's attack on Wan Castle.." the @ isn't supposed to be

--When you play as Dian Wei on Musou mode and free mode at Chang Ban,
Wei side, it'll begin with Xu Huang's face being shown but Dian Wei's
voice saying that he'll cut them down, then it goes to Dian Wei's face and what he says,

but Xu Huang's voice is in place

4. Characters of the Three Kingdoms (In no particular order)
SHU (Green)

Zhao Yun (initial) -- Guy with the armor and spear. Not many people
choose him because thats the guy who always starts off selected.

Guan Yu (initial) --  A good pick for a beginner. Has a long black beard
and a cool looking glaive. He's a great asset to your team,but a pain
when you face him.

Zhang Fei (initial) -- Powerful looking man with a somewhat long beard..
Acts pretty tough and cocky.

Zhuge Liang -- Pretty cool guy in a white robe, green hat and fan. He's
pretty weak when he starts off and gets stronger. Experts Only for him..
trust me.

Ma Chao -- A brave soldier in gold dragon armor. He's my favorite
character. Uses a spear.

Wei Yan -- A dude in a mask. He's not all that great. Wei Yan does not
talk too much, so he's not very noticeable.

Pang Tong -- Looks like a hobo and talks funny. He uses a staff. I
didn't really like him too much, but he does have good combos once you
get him better.

Huang Zhong -- He's SUPPOSED to use a bow, but he uses a sword. He looks
like he should retire from war.. but, he's actually not all that bad.
The only thing I noticed about him, is this fool has absoultly NO

Jiang Wei -- I didn't even notice this fool until I was playing as Liu
Bei. He looks just like a no-name officer. I didn't like him all that
much, and he really needs a change of clothes.

Liu Bei -- Shu Kingdom ruler. The guy is the man. Near the end of his
musou he has an "Extendo-Sword" like move. You gotta love the speech he
gave at Chang Ban. One of my favorites.

WEI (Blue)

Xiahou Dun (initial) -- Guy with the big sword, blue cap, gold armor..
and eyepatch. A little slow, but pretty good.

Zhen Ji -- Hot looking girl in that blue dress.. Uses a flute to make
men fall in love with her.. then abuses them. Dang.

Dian Wei (initial) -- What a fitting last name.. Wei, the name of his
kingdom. He's a bald dude with an axe and a horsehead.

Zhang He (initial) -- The guy with A big claw and the purple pants.
Kinda flamer like if you ask me. He's not all that bad though. He asks
if the enemy camp is pretty on one stage, which is probably one of the
funniest cut scenes ever.

Xu Zhu -- Fatty as myself and my friends call him. He uses a club to
attack. And what he says after he beats the first level had me laughing.
Musou attack and jump attack is hilarious. Word of warning: Get a horse
for him or the battle you'll be running POWER slow. Dont tell anyone I
said this but he's pretty cool..

Xiahou Yuan -- Fat guy with a sword, Sandals (Odd fellow isn't he) and a
purple robe. Related to Xiahou Dun.

Sima Yi -- Guy in dark purple robes who uses a feather fan. Eventually
becomes the leader of Wei (unless you play through as Cao Cao)

Zhang Liao -- A man in a sailor like suit.. using a glaive. Thinks he's
great. He looks like he's been drinking or something, but he does come
in handy, especially at He Fei.

Xu Huang -- Guy who uses a battle axe. He's good for intermediate
players.. but must be unlocked first.

Cao Cao -- Wei kingdom ruler whom uses a sword. Who dosen't enjoy using
this evil warlord? Runs away too much when you face him.

WU (Red)
Sun Shang Xiang (initial) -- One of the four people in the Sun family of
Wu. She uses a chakram and is speedy. Only initial girl you can pick.

Zhou Yu (initial) -- Wears a red robe and a sword. He sounds like he's
got something in his throat.. or he hasn't hit puberty yet.  Good for

Huang Gai (initial) -- Big.. Fierce looking fella with a club.

Da Qiao -- Da Qiao is the black haired girl with the red fans. She's
only 15, but shes quick.. and is married to Sun Ce.

Xiao Qiao -- Xiao Qiao is the other girl who is Da Qiao's sister. She is
married to Zhou Yu... but I have a feeling Zhou Yu likes boys. Shes 15
years old, and like her sister, shes quick, but cuter than her sister.

Lu Xun -- A midget with two little glowing swords, and a funky red hat.
He's stronger than you'd think though.

Sun Ce -- Guy with the nightsticks or a tonfa.. which is supposed to
make him sound bad. He sounds different than he looks.

Sun Jian -- Man in gold armor and carries a sword. Gets crushed by
rocks, and even though he dies, its funny.

Lu Meng -- Dude with a ghetto spear, and is quite good if you use him

Gan Ning -- Guy with all these tattoo's, red pants and bells on him
pants (Supposidly scares people.. lol) Wields a big sword if you
fighting him, if your him, he starts with a stupid weak baby sword.

Taishi Ci -- A man with some attacking sticks I guess. He joins the Wu
army after The assault on the Wu Territory.

Sun Quan -- A leader of Wu who uses a sword.  I guess he takes on the
role of King of Wu after Sun Jian dies.. but he sounds like a little
punk when you hit him, quite annoying too.

Neutral (Grey)
(Not available in Musou Mode)

Lu Bu -- A legend and supposedly the best there is (Even though I beat
him with my first time playing through the game)

Dong Zhuo -- He's repulisive and he's a loser. Im so glad he dies, I
can't stand him.

Diao Chan -- The hot lady who wears pink and white. Mmm.. easy to kill..
and most likely easy to thrill.

Zhang Jiao -- Calls his group the way of peace, even though he sends his
"Children of the Yellow Turban" to slaughter a village. He's good for
playing with, but it satisfys me killing him. He's also the only person who
can ride Red Hare in Endurance mode.

Yuan Shao -- Dude with yellow armor, cape and sword. He's wearing some
odd battle equipment.

Meng Huo -- Ack. Fat Savage who runs around like a wild animal with
beast claws. Whatever you do dont do a running attack with him or a
jumping attack with him, You see under his pants.. and thats something
you'll regret forever.

Zhu Rong -- Desendant of the God of Fire or something like that. Her
guards are all sexy woman, and so is she.

Fu Xi -- Looks like an RPG Character and has a cool big sword.

Nu Wa -- Fast girl who can do a great musou combo that can get ALOT of
hits off.

Unlocking them
SHU (Green)

Complete musou mode with one Shu general. Or load your Dynasty Warriors
2 saved file (If available) and you'll unlock...

Ma Chao
Wei Yan

Clear Musou mode once with any Shu General and you will unlock...

Zhuge Liang

Clear Musou mode with 2 Shu Generals and you'll unlock...

Huang Zhong
Liu Bei

Clear Musou Mode with Zhuge Liang and you unlock..

Jiang Wei

Beat Cheng Du with a Shu General (Musou mode only) with Pang Tong Alive
and you unlock

Pang Tong (Duh)

WEI (Blue)

Beat Musou mode once or load your Dynasty Warriors 2 Saved file to the
game (If Available). And you'll unlock....

Xu Zhu
Zhen Ji

Complete Musou mode with one Wei General and you'll get...

Sima Yi

Complete Musou mode with two Wei Generals and you'll unlock...

Cao Cao
Xu Huang

Beat The Battle at Mt. Ding Jun and kill Xiahou Yuan and you'll

Xiahou Yuan

Beat The Siege of He Fei Castle and kill Zhang Liao.. to unlock..

Zhang Liao

WU (Red)

Clear Musou mode with one Wu General or load your Dynasty Warriors 2
save file onto the game (If Available).. and you'll unlock...

Lu Xun
Da Qiao

Zhou Yu or Da Qiao beats musou mode once and you'll unlock..

Xiao Qiao

Beat Musou Mode with two Wu Generals and you've unlocked..

Sun Jian
Sun Ce

Defeat Liu Yong at the Assault on Wu Territory (Musou Mode Only) which
will have Taishi Ci defect to your side. Keep him alive to unlock...

Taishi Ci

Beat the battle at Fan Castle with Lu Meng still living and you'll

Lu Meng

Get Gan Ning's suprise attack on the battle at He Fei and defeat him to

Gan Ning (Of the bells.. oh yeah)

At the battle of He Fei.. Have Taishi Ci get defeated.. Zhang Liao and
Gan Ning's Surprise attacks..  have Sun Quan Retreat.. and Cao Cao's
retreat (Its worth it).. to unlock

Sun Quan

Not Playable in
Musou Mode

Defeat 1000 or more people at the battle of Hu Lao Gate to unlock..

Lu Bu

Beat Diao Chao at Hu Lao Gate to Unlock

Diao Chao

Defeat Lu Bu and Diao Chao at Hu Lao Gate to unlock

Dong Zhou

Defeat Meng Huo during the Nanman campaign 7 times to unlock

Meng Huo (Just keep checking on the pause menu map for where his unit is
located and go there)

On the Nanman campaign.. kill Zhu Rong to unlock

Zhu Rong

At Guan Du, fight as Wei, kill Yian Liang and Wen Chou to unlock...

Yuan Shao

Against the Yellow Turbans, fight as Han, kill Zhang Bao, Zhang Liang,
and Zhang Jiao to unlock...

Zhang Jiao

Beat Musou Mode with all the girls (Zhen Ji,Xiao Qiao, Da Qiao and Sun
Shang Xiang) to unlock...

Nu Wa

Beat Musou mode as all the Kingdom rulers (Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun
Jian) to unlock...

Fu Xi

|My top 10  |
|Favorite   |
|Characters |

1. Ma Chao
2. Sun Ce
3. Zhang Liao
4. Lu Meng
5. Gan Ning
6. Liu Bei
7. Huang Gai
8. Cao Cao
9. Lu Bu
10. Sima Yi

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Question- I want new Characters! How do I unlock them?
Answer- Just Clear Musou mode with people from different Armys every
time. Usually after you beat it you'll unlock somebody, and if your
dumb, it was explained before!

Question- My character is a weak loser.. I cant even beat a trooper.
What level can I power him up on and how can i make it easier.
Answer- Play in free mode with your selected character. Facing the
Yellow Turbans isn't to hard, and if your new to Dynasty Warriors or
games similar to this, put the difficulty setting on Easy. My favorite
stage to level up people on was Guan Du, Wei side. I just went to the
far left, and killed nearly 800 people there with Xu Zhu (Level 15.. and
he sucks.) It got me a whole lotta points too!

Question- My troops fail me. They blow. How can I get my bodyguards to
be better instead of relying on my crappy troops?
Answer- Level up. As you go up, your Bodyguards fighting ability will go
up. Find the Bodyguard Manual (read on for location) and they'll be more
fierce. They wont go from weakling to Superman in one battle. You have
to be a pretty good rank before you'll get 8 elite guards.

Question- How come I cant use initial characters I used in Dynasty
Warriors 2?
Answer- They've changed them around I'm guessing. If you still have your
Dynasty Warriors 2 saved file, load it onto the game. You'll get a few
characters that were initial in Dynasty Warriors 2.

Question- Does making your combo's bigger, like 255+ hits on officers
make my prize better?
Answer- No, but yes. Sometimes it does.. But I think It only works on
the playable officers.

Question- Holy Banana's Batman! (Insert Bosses Name here) kicked  my
butt, what should I do to win?
Answer- Kill easier and weaker Generals. Then leave most of it up to
your troops. Check out his health with L2 every once in awhile. And once
he's almost dead, charge your musou gauge up, attack him from the back
and Musou attack him just before he hits the ground.

Question- How do you get the Grand Star for Dong Zhou? How do you get
(Insert name)'s final weapon!?
Answer- Just refer to the section with weapons. Also, if someone has to
stay alive, either go and fight along side him/her or have one of your
buddy's fight as him.

Question- How do I get a better item, I want something with +40 or something
and all I get is +9!
Answer- Fight on Harder stages with harder difficultys.

6. Walkthrough

Note: This walkthrough assumes that you are playing on Normal
Difficulty. If your playing on Easy it will be considerably easier, and
if your playing on hard it will be considerably harder then thiss
walkthrough states. Every stage for every Kingdom will be included.

184 A.D.
The Yellow Turban Rebellion
Han vs. Turbans
Played By
Han: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Huang Zhong, Wei Yan, Cao Cao, Xu Huang, Xiahou
Yuan, Xiahou Dun, Huang Gai, Sun Jian, Lu Meng and Da Qiao

Han Dynasty Side:

You'll see a FMV of the turbans destroying a village. Odd that Zhang
Jiao calls his clique the Way of Peace and yet he's slaughtering
innocent people. He dies now. You see all of the leaders of the kindoms,
but mainly yours.. Then the first battle ensues. First of all clear as
many gates as possible. Heres the sceneario.. your defending a large
castle and your Commanding General is some dude called He Jin. The Three
Kindgom Commanders are in all different places.. Sun Jian is at the west
side of the castle,Liu Bei is at the east side of the castle, and Cao
Cao is on the south side. The thing that makes it easier is that You
dont have loser no-name generals, you have playable, good characters as
Generals. That assist you somewhat. And all the turbans have is Zhang
Jiao. The rest are no names.. but watch out, they can be tough.

The best thing to do in your situation is to clear out everything around
you, steal a horse and defeat Zhang Jiao in the southwest. After you do
he'll say he has no time for unenlightenment and he will then teleport
and start attacking the castle in the north. Your forces can handle it
so go the the far east on the map and up the hill. Then Zhang Bao will
start will start dropping boulders down the cliff. Kill the strong
people, and try hard not to get hit by boulders, The bad part is it does
a fair amount of damage on your Weak Ass Character. The good part to
this is it crushes everyone, even your enemys, Once you get up far
enough you dont have to face boulders any more, and you will get a scene
where your dashing them boulders up. They're gone for good, Secure the
gate on the right, and then go to the "Island" to the right and kill
Zhang Bao. After he dies his little bodyguards flee with their tails
between their legs.

Around this time, Zhang Liang will freeze the river and the turbans will
move across to the castle. They suck, so dont worry about it. Now hurry,
run to the castle. It might be in trouble.. wait the turbans cant fight
their way out of a wet paper bag. If it is, you suck.. though you get an
exception if your on Hard.. Anyway.. go their and save He Jin, and if
not go through the castle. If Zhang Jiao was defeated by somebody in
there or you kill him when the castle is under attack you'll get a
cutscene of him saying.. "When All else fails attack!" That boosts the
Turbans Morale. Crap. Anyway, he appears in the northwest, but by then
you should have wiped out most of the Turbans. If He Jin has enough Han
troops surrounding him, Go kill Zhang Jiao, if not, protect him until
the troops in the castle are dead, then kill Zhang Jiao.

As your advancing towards Zhang Jiao you'll notice most of his stupid
weak baby troops have died, and everyones morale for the Han side will
skyrocket. They now counterattack. Zhang Jiao is screwed, and as you
kill him he leaves you with his message... "Though my body may die.. My
Spirit will live forever" Riight. What a loser, your done with those

Yellow Turban Side:

Not exactly a walk in the park. More like a walk through a field full of
Claymore Mines. I reccommend using someone who can kick alotta booty. Or
else you might be in trouble. The Han Dynasty puts up a fight, a real
good fight. My strategy is the protect Zhang Jiao with your life, And if
your Zhang Jiao, fight like you've never fought before. Next, Advance
and kill all the Generals (Liu Bei,Sun Jian,Cao Cao). They're troops
will scatter like... a.. Japanese Tea Bag. The three generals aren't as
tough as they are near the end, so your lucky. Then go in the castle and
send the troops down, then kill the commanders and fast as you can.. let
your troops attempt to take down the ambush teams, then after you've
cleared most of the castle, kill the ambushers if they're still living
(Easier said than done). Now advance to He Jin's position and kill as
many people as you can an He Jin. He Jin is harder and has extreme
stamina, he dosen't completely and utterly suck and he isn't a
chumpstain, like he was in Dynasty Warriors 2.

191 A.D.
The Battle at Hu Lao Gate
Allied Forces vs. Dong Zhou
Played By
Allied Forces: Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Jian, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Pang
Tong, Wei Yan, Dian Wei, Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Xu
Huang, Zhen Ji, Huang Gai, Taishi Ci, Xiao Qiao, Da Qiao and Lu Meng

Allied Forces:  This isn't too hard of a battle if you beat the Yellow
Turban Rebellion easily, or if you've played Dynasty Warriors or Dynasty
Warriors 2 before. The Allies have Dong Zhou's frog looking self
outnumbered, and its hard for Yuan Shao to die, he's surrounded in a
secluded area with Many, many troops. Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Jian's
forces will take care of the forces easily. If you think your good
enough, go over to where Yuan Shu is and fight Lu Bu, if not, go there
anyway and attack his troops.. or just follow your respective leader.
And If you are Liu Bei,Sun Jian or Cao Cao.. follow the orders Yuan Shao
gives you or you'll get kinda screwed up and the part where you were
supposed to go will get swarmed by enemys.

After your done doing either of the above,move toward Hu Lao Gate. As
your moving there, you'll trigger about 15 archers. Stop right away!
Take out your bow and kill em' all. Or else your troops will suffer and
so will you. After thats done you'll Reach Hu Lao Gate. From there, an
Assault Unit will appear. Protect the Assualt Captain, then after you've
reached a closed Hu Lao Gate, a cutscene will occur with your Character
ready to storm Hu Lao Gate. Kill everyone back there, and Hu Lao Gate
will fall, Then people SWARM out of the gate, and right there is Diao
Chan. Kill her.. shes weak, no more than a few hits should destory her.
Go up to the top of the gate and kill people up there. Then take out all
three gate captains. No more troops will appear but possibly crappy
reinforcements of Dong Zhou that Cao Cao usually takes care of. And you
dont have to worry about Yuan Shao, hes moving towards Hu Lao Gate and
he's got plenty of troops.

Kill alot of soliders inside the gate, and keep your distance from Dong
Zhou. Then.. ATTACK THE FROG LOOKING FOOL! Kill him, and leave that foo.
He deserves to die.. after thats done, Congrats! You've won.

Dong Zhou Forces: I found it fun playing on his side. You usually start
around Hu Lao Gate, go wipe out Yuan Shu with Lu Bu. Then your free to
do whatever, make sure nobody gets releativly close to Hu Lao Gate. Cut
them off it they get on the path to Hu Lao Gate. Kill people, officers
and then just defeat Yuan Shao. And even though he has alot of troops,
its not all that hard.

192 A.D.
Surprise Attack on Liu Biao
Sun Jian vs. Liu Biao
Played By
Sun Jian: Sun Jian, Taishi Ci, Huang Gai and Da Qiao

Sun Jian Forces: This isn't too hard of a battle to win, just like the
last two. In this battle, Sun Jian dies, unless your playing as him. He
gets CRUSHED by rocks. Now avenge him. Just beat up the officers, and
leave them to your troops, or exterminate them.. whatever you want. Then
advance onward, and destroy Liu Biao and his troops should they get in
your way. Easier Done than said (And I said that correctly, its not the
other way around)

Liu Biao Forces: Theres not much to explain here. Just make sure Liu
Biao dosen't die, and move towards Sun Jian, and take him out.

197 A.D.
The Battle at Wan Castle
Cao Cao vs. Zhang Xiu
Played By
Cao Cao's Force's: Cao Cao, Xu Huang and Dian Wei

Cao Cao's Forces: Zhang Xiu set Wan Castle on fire, and ambushed it,
They want to take it over. Well, Cao Cao wont allow this.. and neither
will you. This is just a warm up for hard battles to come. You fight
alot Generals and officers, all no name generals that aren't too great.
You have two ways to win from this level. 1. Clear a way for Cao Cao to
leave,  and 2. Defeat Zhang Xiu. Either way, you can't be really crappy
to beat this level. You have to have ranked your character up somewhat.

Zhang Xiu: This side is tougher than playing on Cao Cao's side, you have
no really good officers while Cao Cao has pretty good ones.  However,
Cao Cao does not have any gates to bring out more soldiers, but along
the way some reinforcments will come.  Dian Wei is the first guy you'll
have to fight.. You'll have to beat him to clear the first gate and
advance on. As you get closer, the reinforcing Xiahou Brothers.. Xiahou
Dun and Xiahou Yuan will appear. If you want, you can go fight them. Cao
Cao is guarded by two people and a bunch of other guys though, so wait
until your Cao Cao's force is almost dead.  If you continue north, you
will be raped by Ambush parties. You have to take these guys out fast,
Musou up before the attack, because Cao Cao will try and escape.

197 A.D.
Assault On Wu Territory
Sun Ce vs. Allies
Played By
Sun Ce's Forces: Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Zhou Yu and Diao Qiao

Sun Ce Forces: This stage is pretty easy, come on, bring on the hard
ones, is that what your saying? Just you wait.. you'll get beaten up
soon. There are 3 generals you have to kill to win. None of them are
good, and none are actually playable characters. But you do have to face
the powerhouse Taishi Ci. Since your character probably wont be good
enough to beat this monstrocity.. just kill Liu Yong. Taishi Ci then
joins your side.. and makes the battle even easier because this man is a
tank. From here you can pick where you wanna go, press start and look at
the unit info, choose what person you wanna beat, and go there.

Allies Side:  I guess you could say this is just a "Slaughter
Everybody!" level. Make sure your leaders aren't dying, or at least save
one. Look for Zhou Yu and Sun Ce, and take out their generals. Both
should have 4, which isn't good, Oh well, you can do it. Beat Zhou Yu
and his troops first, then make your way to Sun Ce, and send anyone and
everyone in your path to the ground.

200 A.D.
The Battle At Guan Du
Cao Cao vs. Yuan Shao
Played By
Cao Cao: Cao Cao, Xu Huang, Xu Zhu, Sima Yi, Zhang He, Xiahou Dun and
Xiahou Yuan

Cao Cao's Forces: This stage is finally a difficult one. Go to them If
it's the depot, you will see a cut scene, after which you must
infiltrate the stronghold and kill the gate captain, then, its set on
fire.  Once you've done this, Cao Cao's troops will counter attack.
And.. An enemy unit will appear in the castle near the beginning. Take
them down, or they'll do significant damage. At some point Guan Yu and
Liu Bei will meet. They don't want to fight each other, so Liu Bei's
unit retreats. Thats good, he's tough, and now he's gone. Go where you
please, but once you have nowhere good to go, go to the northwest part
of the map. And Yuan Shao will be there. He's strong, only because he
has So many troops. Take alot of them out and he should be alot easier
to beat.

Yuan Shao's Forces: There's not too much I can say about this one here.
Every time Guan Yu kills an officer, that loser officer will seem like
he's gonna kill Guan Yu, but Guan Yu kills him without any effort. Its
quite funny. He retreats once he encounters Liu Bei though, so thats
good. Just move through places, protect Yuan Shao, and eventually get
into the castle and Kill Cao Cao.

201 A.D.
Guan Yu's Escape
Guan Yu vs. Cao Cao
Played By
Guan Yu: Guan Yu
Cao Cao: Xiahou Dun

Guan Yu's Forces: Mmm.. Challenge. In order to beat this stage, you'll
have to fight and defeat Zhang He, Zhen Ji, Xiahou Yuan, Xu Huang, and
Xu Zhu.  Each of these enemies will have a no-name officer.  Plow
through the officers and generals, and keep on riding fast. Too add to
your worries, Xiahou Dun appears at the starting point of the stage and
starts to chase you down. He'll most likely catch up to him, and then
you must dispose of him. Its a good idea to wait for him because, after
you kill him, he'll drop a special Item. Im not saying what it is (And
you can easily find out what it is).. but just for suspense.. wait until
the battle is finished to find out what it is, dont just scroll down and
find it. Make sure to grab the life max up near the wagons in the first
area, and after you pass the second gate, there will be a Musou gauge
power up directly to the right of the exit.  This is a good stage to
level up on because its fast and you get good experience and items from
the many officers. And once you beat it, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei show up
to help their brother.

Cao Cao's Forces: A nice came of catch up is what you'll be playing.
Guan Yu will be leaving on a carriage, and the only person pursuing him
is Xiahou Dun. Looks like its gonna be hard, but your not taking Defeat,
oh no your not. Guan Yu is gonna leave troops for you to fight, so
dispose of the officer guarding the gate and keep advancing. But, at the
fifth gate, you have to face Zhao Yun, which isn't so easy. The final
battle.. Guan Yu, kill him. Make sure he's not waaaay infront of you or
else he'll be gone.

208 A.D.
The Battle of Chang Ban
Liu Bei vs. Cao Cao
Played By
Liu Bei's Forces: Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, Zhao Yun, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao,
Huang Zhong, Guan Yu, Jiang Wei, Pang Tang and Wei Yan
Cao Cao's Forces: Cao Cao, Xu Zhu, Zhang Liao, Sima Yi, Zhang He, Zhen
Ji and Dian Wei

Liu Bei's Forces:  You start off near Xiahou Dun and Zhang Liao, along
with two enemy gate Captains. Cao Cao has not yet arrived, don't fret,
he'll be there soon and closer than you think. Try to take Zhang Liao
and Xiahou Dun out, taking out the two Gate Captians isn't that bad of
an Idea either. Once your done, you got two choices, Escape the area and
get somewhere else and battle enemys, or, wait for Cao Cao to appear, as
he will show up after about 5-10 minutes. If you want, you can defeat
the stage quickly by beating Cao Cao. But if you hate Wei, or just want
an all out war, leave Cao Cao for later. Eventually, Liu Bei's rescue
ships will appear.  You can clear the stage by beating all the enemy
generals between Liu Bei and his ships and letting him escape.  You also
could accompany the peasants, but thats not too much of a worry unless
you wanna do it the hard way, be warned, if the peasants Die, Liu Bei
won't retreat. I would reccomend just beating Cao Cao if your characters
isn't all that good..

Cao Cao's Side:  It looks like the odds are against you for some reason,
even though you have more troops, Liu Bei's unit puts up a fight..On
this stage, Liu Bei will move southwest and retreat, then ya lose. Your
not letting that happen though. Take out the foolish general around you,
and if he has a good horse, take it if you dont have a fast character..
Zhang Fei will hold off your guys at the Chang Ban bridge, so take him
out yourself, so that your guys can continue to advance on Liu Bei. Liu
Bei is stuck fighting your guys now, so charge him, and take him out.

208 A.D.
The Battle at Chi Bi
Allies vs Cao Cao
Played By
Allied Force's: Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao,  Jiang Wei,
Pang TOng and Zhao Yun,  Sun Jian, Zhou Yu, Lu Meng, Sun Ce, Sun Quan,
Huang Gai, Sun Shang Xiang, Lu Xun, Taishi Ci,Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao and Gan
Cao Cao's Force's: Cao Cao, Zhen Ji, Xu Zhu, Dian Wei, Zhang He, Zhang
Liao and Sima Yi

Allied Forces:  -Wu Forces-:   This stage is a good battle.  If you rush
through it, stuff is gonna happen.  First, make your way up to the
center of the screen, where Xiahou Dun is waiting for a battle, beat him
and then.. After a while, Zhuge Liang will use the wind (Which I dont
think really means a darn thing).  This will set Huang Gai into motion
towards the center. And Zhou Yu will start acting like a moron, running
around in a triangle and acting like he's important if the fire attack
is stopped, so..  All units are supposed to cover him, but if you took
Xiahou Dun out of the way, he'll have no problems getting there.  This
will set up the fire attack later on, that will lower Cao Cao's Morale,
and everybody on Cao Cao's side will get worried. Just move on to Cao
Cao from there, pick whatever way you want to go kill Cao.  The end
fight with Cao Cao can be tough. He has plenty of Gates and those
moronic archers which I so totally despise.  You should have a good
amount of troops if you didn't rush through this stage, and if only like
2 or 3 officers died, its not too bad, you'll be able to win if you've
got at least one other unit attacking with you.

Allied Forces: -Shu Forces-:  This is pretty simple and alot like the Wu
side, You'll start off far left of Sun Quan, just wipe out the people on
land, and make sure Huang Gai dosen't die. Soon the winds should kick
in, and then everyone has to cover Huang Gai, DO IT PLEASE! If you dont.
Zhou Yu should start running in a triangle back and fourth and acting
like a moron,  and its so annoying, that loser Zhou Yu dosen't deserve
to be a General, he should be a Private! Well, anyway, advance upward,
and make sure the fire attack gets off, and just fight I guess.

Cao Cao's Forces:  This stage is just to stop the fire attack, and take
out everybody.  You can stop the fire attack by defeating Zhou Yu or
Huang Gai. Beat Zhou Yu so he dosen't sniff glue because he failed and
run around like a fool.  If the fire attack goes off, your morale will
drop down.  Once you've stopped the fire attack, just take out the
enemies that get in your way.  You'll have to take down some pretty
tough Wu people, but you can handle it, and your troops probably can
too. So move to Sun Quan, and fight him.

211 A.D.
Battle at Tong Gate
Allies vs Cao Cao
Played By
Allied Forces: Ma Chao
Cao Cao's Forces: Cao Cao, Xu Zhu, Zhang Liao, Xu Huang

Allies Forces:  This is just a brawl for all. You have strong troops but
you've also got to defeat  Xu Huang, Xu Zhu, Cao Cao and Xiahou Yuan,
which isn't too easy. Keep your officers alive or Han Sui will defect to
Cao Cao and bring your Morale down twice, that means Pang De or Mai Dai
MUST LIVE.  The troops are just regular, but the officers and generals,
are sorta tough.

Cao Cao's Forces: This is a pretty hard battle if you dont have a strong
character. Ma Chao's guards are probably stronger than you at this point
in time. If you can defeat Ma Chao's two officers, Han Sui and Cao Cao
will meet. Cao Cao will eventually get Han Sui to defect. Other than
that, it's a basic, kill everyone on the opposing side, then finish off
Ma Chao You can just take an easy way out though by finding Ma Chao,
whom is right by Tong Gate and kill him, but he's pretty strong this
time around, so you might actually wanna wait for some troops to damage
him a bit.

214 A.D.
Assault on Chen Du
Liu Bei vs Liu Zhang
Played By
Liu Bei's Forces: Liu Bei, Zhao Yun, Pang Tong, Huang Zhong, and Zhang

Liu Bei's Forces: This is a pretty easy, but theres alot of officers you
have to defeat, none of them are that tough though. There's no map when
you start out in the forest.  Basically just kill people,then Liu Zhang.
The only cutscene is when Pang Tong leaves the forest and comments on
where he is. Right after this, Zhang Ren will come after his unit. Go
help him. Once you beat him, kill every other officer, and after Liu
Zhang is the only one left, get to Hex Mark Saddle. When you've killed
everyone, He will surrender, or you could just kill him, hes not too

Liu Zhang's Forces: Basically all your doing is fighting three Shu
Generals. Beat up troops, then beat Zhou Yun and Pang Tong, which are a
little hard. Also, you have to beat Liu Bei.

215 A.D.
The Battle at He Fei
Wei vs Wu
Wei: Cao Cao, Dian Wei, Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Zhang Liao, Xu Huang
and Zhen Ji
Wu: Sun Jian, Sun Quan, Sun Ce, Xiao Qiao Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, Taishi Ci,
Sun Shang Xiang, and Gan Ning

Wei's Forces:  Make sure Zhang Liao stays alive. He's a big thing in
this battle, because he wipes out Taishi Ci with his archers for you. If
you defeat the other generals in the main square, Zhang Liao will tell
Cao Cao he's leaving and is gonna attack the enemy commander. Shortly
after Zhang Liao is done with Taishi Ci, Gan Ning will jump out of a
ditch or river like the little troll he is and attack. He has a pretty
big fleet, so advance slowly on him. As you finish Gan Ning of.. kill
the commander (Sun Quan/Ce/Jian)

Wu's Forces:  You'll be put in the middle of the battle, the heart of
the battle, the center of the map.. anyway, thats good because you can
go more than one way. Kill Zhang Liao or else Taishi Ci is gonna die.
You've got to kill Cao Cao once you get to him, so kill most enemy
generals and then move to Cao Cao, whom is fairly hard to defeat.

219 A.D.
The Battle at Fan Castle
Shu vs Allies
Played By
Shu Forces: Guan Yu
Allies Forces: Sima Yi, Sun Ce, Lu Xun, Gan Ning, Lu Meng

Shu Side:  This stage is tough, even though its small  All Shu has is
Guan Yu and his son Guan Ping.  You'll probably end up beating
everybody, or you could just make a run for Sima Yi and wipe him out.
Oh, and you can't be killed by Guan Yu's water attack, after you get up
to higher grounds, the water will kick in and anybody below dies. At
this point, a bunch of Wu troops will show up and attack, and they are
pretty good, you could just kill Lu Meng, and all of Wu will retreat.
Its your choice, or you can just advance to Sima Yi, and defeat him to
win the stage.

Allies Side:  This stage is pretty much a push over after Reinforcements
arrive. Move to Guan Ping and kill him, and take down some of his troops
if possible. Soon a water attack from Guan Yu will take plkace, and
you'll lose some guys, thats ok, Wu will save the day soon. Once Guan
Ping is gone, go after Guan Yu, but take out his gate captains first..
then him.

219 A.D.
The Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
Shu vs Wei
Played By
Shu Forces: Liu Bei, Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong
Wei Forces: Cao Cao, Xiahou Yuan, Zhang He

Shu Forces:  This stage is just self explainitory. Go down the hills and
beat Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He. But be careful, you dont wanna hit the
spikes because your going downhill, and those spikes do a good amount of
damage. Early in the battle, Huang Zhong fires an arrow at Xiahou Yuan's
troops in a cutscene, and their morale drops, which is good for you.
Anyway, after you killed Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He, move through the
troops of Cao Cao, and just send Cao Cao to the ground.

Wei Forces:  This is pretty much the same as Shu's point of view. You
fight Huang Zhong and Liu Bei, and as your moving towards Liu Bei, Zhou
Yun will show up and help his lordship out. Watch out for the enemy
archers in the towers. Also, really soon in the battle, Huang Zhong will
fire an arrow at Xiahou Yuan, but it barely misses him and hits a
Sergeant, Xiahou Yuan gets mad and his force morale drops. Nothing you
can really do to prevent it. Kill Huang Zhong, advance, go back and kill
Zhou Yun and his ambush party, go to Liu Bei, pass him up and then kill
the gate captains, then finish off Liu Bei.

222 A.D.
The Battle at Yi Ling
Shu vs Wu
Played By
Shu Forces: Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao,
Huang Zhong, Wei Yan, Jiang Wei, and Pang Tong
Wu Forces: Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Sun Shang Xiang, Zhou Yu, Lu Xun,
Taishi Ci, Gan Ning, Huang Gai, Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao and Lu Meng

Shu Forces:  This is a hard level, from both armies.  Early on Lu Xun
will see that Zhuge Liang isn't there (Unless he IS there, with you
playing as him). But then it will say either Zhu Ran or Lu Xun is
preparing for the fire attack. You now will have to jack a horse, or run
fast to Zhu Ran (Check the start menu map under undit info to find where
his unit is) Rush there and kill him, or find Lu Xun and kill him. He is
hard though. If he is successful with the fire attack, your kinda
screwed, I beat it the first time playing it with the fire attack (On
easy) but I was lucky because I had already killed Gan Ning and Lu Meng
at the time.  Also, an ambush party will appear near Liu Bei.  Once
you've haulted the fire attack attack, you can begin the business of
taking out Sun Quan's other minions.  Watch out for Lu Xun, as he's
stronger than normal in this stage.  Most of the other generals are
pretty strong too, and I found Lu Meng harder than Sun Quan. Lu Xun is
pretty tough to beat, so give it your all, as you have to defeat him to
advance to Sun Quan. If you take out the other generals, you'll have
more people facing Sun Quan, which is a great thing.

Shu Side:  On the Wu side, your doing just about the same thing. Make
sure the fire attack comes through or your gonna be in  trouble. Kill
the general nearest you. Now you have to wipe out every general except
Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang. Its hard, but it must be done.  There are
several archers in towers, which isn't a good thing.   Dont fight Zhuge
Liang and Liu Bei until all of the gates have been secured and those two
are the only left. Now, your troops will close in, Take out Zhuge Liang
or Liu Bei. I'd reccommend Zhuge Liang first, then finish off Liu Bei.
If you've killed everyone else, you should have no problem with Liu Bei
and Zhuge Liang.

225 A.D.
Nanman Campaign
Shu/Wu vs Nanman
Played By
Shu Forces: Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei,Ma Chao, Zhou Yun, Pang
Tong, and Jiang Wei
Wu Forces: Sun Jian, Sun Quan, Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, Taishi Ci, Sun
Shang Xiang, Xiao Qiao, and Gan Ning

Shu/Wu Forces:  This is a LONG stage if you don't know what your doing,
even sometimes if you DO know what your doing. You will have to fight
Meng Huo 7 times to "break his spirit". However, if you go to the
bottom, left hand side of the map, Menh Huo and his unit will appear in
a stronghold camp like thing. But, its better you fight him seven times
to prepare for your last battles, as this is one of your last ones.
And, theres plenty of enemy officers to beat, and Meng Huo will usually
appear near them. By doing this, you will get a bigger fleet to charge
Meng Huo and Zhu Rong at the end of the battle. The Nanman elite (Guys
with wooden hats) can't be shot with arrows. Also, you'll need an
elephant some point in this battle. You can just shoot an arrow at them,
or use the wing boots, and have a high jumping character reach up there.
There are also certain wooden walls you'll need to break with the
elephants to get to Meng Huo. Once you get near Meng Huo's base for the
final battle, you'll have to deal with his wife, Zhu Rong.  Be aware,
she is tough, so beat her with lots if troops  backing you up, and
advance on Meng Huo. If you want, take out the archers, because there's
alot of them in towers.

Nanman Forces:  This stage is tough, and Meng Huo dosen't have to get
beaten 7 times, he's only got to lose once. About 10-15 minutes into the
fight, two coward officers will meet, and retreat, which really throws
your morale down, but it should come up if you have officers to back
your team up. Once you've beaten everyone else, head to enemy HQ for a
battle with Zhuge Liang.  Kill the gate captains to the right and left
of their HQ.  When you enter the gates, fire arrows are shot at your
troops, which lowers your morale again.. But, Zhuge Liang shouldn't be
too hard to beat if you've taken out most of the Shu troops.

228 A.D.
Battle of Jie Ting
Shu vs Wei
Played By
Shu Forces: Liu Bei,  Zhuge Liang, Wei Yan,and Jiang Wei
Wei Forces: Sima Yi, Xiahou Dun and Zhang He

Shu Side:  This stage is basically a rumble, and a rumble that needs to
be beaten. During the fight, Ma Su will disobey your orders, climb to
the mountain's, go save his worthless ass, you'll want him for Sima Yi.
During this fight you'll encounter Zhen Ji, Zhang He, and a couple no-
names. Beat them and take down Cao Cao/Sima Yi.  Zhao Yun will also
reinforce you sometime in the battle.  There are a lot of archers
towards the end too so get pissed off now, not when playing the battle.
Sima Yi is waiting with three gate captains, but all around, Shu has
more troops, unless Ma Su dies.

Wei Side:  Basically the same except your in the moutains, and defending
Sima Yi. Its basically the same as I said, so just rampage down the
mountain and kill officers, and dont hesitate to take out Zhuge Liang or
Zhou Yun will appear, which isn't good.

228 A.D.
Battle at You Ting
Wei vs Wu
Played By
Wei Forces: Dian Wei, Zhen Ji
Wu Forces: Sun Jian, Sun Quan, Lu Xun, Huang Gai

Wei Forces:  This stage can be really tough if you dont kill quickly.
Everybody sorta sucks here, I mean, their trying their best, and they
failed Miserably.. the lesson here is to never try, ok, enough with the
Simpsons, its time for you to take action. Go to the left fort side or
right fort side, take out some troops and then the enemy general troops.
Make sure you dont fight Diao Qiao and Xiao Qiao at the same time. These
ladies are quick and will put up a fight. Soon into the battle, Zhou
Fang will defect to Wu. Your not in trouble if you've kept the forts on
your side.  If both forts fell to Wu, stand by the gate leading to Sima
Yi and protect it with your life, should people already be inside the
gate, you failed, restart. Unless you are great at this game then dont
restart, but you'll probably have to deal with Sun Quan, his sister, and
everybody who you didn't kill. If you've protected the forts, take out
Zhou Fang quickly,then go around the map, and take out the gate captain
in the back. Now come back to the heart of the battle (The Middle) and
take out Sun Quan.

Wu Forces:  A good way to win is to storm through the middle, and taking
out everyone and attack both forts from behind.  Go to the west or east
base, though the west Base has a no name officer, while the east one has
Zhang He and Zhen Ji around. Go whatever way you want.. Both sides also
have archers.. many archers. Once you've taken out one fort, head across
the map to take out the other.  You must do this quickly to gain the
advantage, otherwise Sima Yi will know Zhou Fang is gonna go defect to
your side. When you take out both towers, Zhou Fang will defect to your
side. Since you'll have taken out the middle, everyone should be
storming Sima Yi.The enemy will get reinforcements, but it's not too
big. Once you've taken care of all the enemies, you can proceed to the
Wei base to take out Sima Yi.  You'll meet Xu Zhu's fat self along the
way, so waste that fool. Sima Yi has 3 gate, take them out should you
want to, which I would reccomend.

234 A.D.
The Siege of He Fei Castle
Wei vs Wu
Played By
Wei Forces: Cao Cao, Sima Yi, Dian Wei, Xu Zhu, Zhen Ji, Zhang He and
Zhang Liao
Wu Forces: Da Qiao, Huang Gai, Lu Meng, Sun Quan, Sun Jian, Sun Shang
Xiang, Lu Xun, Gan Ning

Wei Side:  No matter what anybody says... this stage is TOUGH. It even
took me awhile to beat when I first played this game.  Its pretty much
you vs. Wu, because Wei isb basically getting their butt kicked through-
out this whole battle. Also, DO NOT USE THE STONE BRIDGE. That triggers
tons of Wu archers which is horrible for this tough stage. And theres
some fool running around trying to steal the name Zhen Ji, he's a no-
name officer. Kill that Zhen Ji poser first, since he's the first guy
you'll run into. Now, the hard part of the battle. You enter the heart
of the battle, the center. There you do the hardest part, Kill Lu Meng,
Lu Xun and Sun Shang Xiang quickly. Take one out after another, you'll
meet Lu Xun first, so fight him, win. Then you'll run into either Sun
Shang Xiang or Lu Meng, either way, its gonna be hard, if your hurt from
fighting Lu Xun, retreat and stand back for a little bit, clear out some
troops. Then when you get life, attack Lu Meng and Sun Shang Xiang, As
your fighting them, Zhuge Jin and Sun Shao will arrive, dont worry,
their not too good and it'll take a bit to have them get to you. Now,
after you've killed Lu Xun,Lu Meng and SSX, Gan Ning will make his way
over there, should he not, you go to him and kill him. Now,
reinforcements will arrive, and you've got it in the bag.. every gate
will open and Sima Yi orders you to charge. Do so, and move towards Sun
Shao and Zhuge Jin who should be around where Gan Ning was. Kill em,
move to Sun Quan and defeat him, Wei is victorious..... for now.

Wu Side:  Wu has the advantage in this battle. Start the battle off by
making your way to the left side, taking out whoever gets in your way.
You find Zhen Ji around, or somebody. Kill them, and move to the heart,
and kill everybody, I guess its about the same as Wei's side. Just kill,
kill, KILL! You have a good advantage in this battle, so once every
officer is wiped out, move to Sima Yi, who shouldn't be too much of a

234 A.D.
The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains
Shu vs Wei
Played By
Shu: Liu Bei,Zhuge Liang,Ma Chao Zhao Yun,Wei Yan, Guan Yu, Jiang Wei
and Huang Zhong,
Wei: Sima Yi, Cao Cao, Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Xu Huang, Xu Zhu, and
Zhang He

My Point of View: Well.. I dont think you should use a Walkthrough for
the final stage. I know, I sound like those strategy guides.. but its
the last stage. Why have me ruin everything that happens here. Oh well..
its your choice. Here it is.

Shu Side:  The final battle. You have more troops and Zhuge Liang is
completely surrounded by Shu troops. Either Sima Yi or Cao Cao will be
the target, depending on who you are.  If you have Liu Bei, Cao Cao will
appear, and along with Sima Yi, that makes the fight even tougher.  Take
your time and beat like every general so you can reach Sima Yi/Cao Cao
and win the battle.  Unlike Wei's side however,Shu's fort is protected,
but it DOES get hit with Catapults, which isn't good.

Wei: If you're playing as Cao Cao here, you are commander, otherwise
Sima Yi is. One thing going for you on this stage is that Zhuge Liang is
the boss, unless your Cao Cao, then Liu Bei is the boss, and Zhuge Liang
is an officer. Take out the general around where you start, and protect
Sima Yi or Cao Cao's base. Then move towards Shu HQ, go through its
slowly, and take out Zhuge Liang/Liu Bei

7. 4th Weapon Strategies
NOTE: To get the character's final weapon you must play the level on
HARD difficulty.

SHU (Green)

Character: Zhao Yun
Stage: Chang Ban
Force: Shu
How to get it: Defeat Xiahou Dun and Zhang Liao.  Soon, Cao Cao's will
join the battle. Liu Bei will call for help, so get a horse and help Liu
Bei, and then a Cutscene will come up. Kill Zhang He  A supply troop
will appear near Zhang He's starting point, pursue the team, kill the
captain and, grab the weapon he drops and complete the stage.

Character: Guan Yu
Stage: Guan Yu's Escape
Force: Guan Yu
How to get it: Once you pass the fourth gate, A supply team will appear
north of the fourth fort, kill the captain, grab the weapon, and finish
the stage.

Character: Zhang Fei
Stage: Chang Ban
Force: Liu Bei's
How to get it:  Meet the enemies at the Chang Ban Bridge, south of Cao
Cao initial position. Kill the Xiahou Brothers (Dun and Yuan). A supply
team will appear by the entry point near Xu Zhu's initial position. Kill
the supply captain and finish the stage.

Character: Wei Yan
Stage: Jie Ting
Force: Shu
How to get it: Wait for Ma Su to disobey order and get attack by an
ambush party. Save him..  Defeat all the enemy generals except Sima Yi,
then enter his camp.  The special item will appear on top of the hill
where Ma Su made camp. Take it and finish off Sima Yi.

Character: Zhuge Liang
Stage: Wu Zhang Plains
Force: Shu
How to get it: Wait for the reinforcement troops to come for the enemy.
Kill Cao Xiu.. one of the reinforcement generals. Zhuge Liang's 4th
weapon will appear where he started. To make this stage easier, kill as
many generals as you can before  reinforcements arrive.

Character: Huang Zhong
Stage: Mt. Ding Jun
Force: Shu
How to get it: Head down the center route and defeat Xiahou Shang.  The
special item report will then appear west of Cao Cao's original
position.  Grab it and
finish the stage.

Character: Liu Bei
Stage: Yi Ling
Force: Shu
How to get it: Defeat Sun Shang Xiang and a special Item will be
discovered on the northwest side of Sun Quan's camp, find it, take
it,and complete the level.

Character: Jiang Wei
Stage: Jie Ting
Force: Shu
How to get it: Defeat Zhen Ji and Cao Zhen.  The supply team will appear
near Sima Yi.Kill the supply captain to get it, then complete the stage.

Character: Pang Tong
Stage: Assault On Chen Du
Force: Liu Bei
How to get it: Pang Tong will comment about how Cheng Du is a strange
place, then you will get a message that Zhang Ren's troops have
surrounded you. Kill Zhang Ren and a special item will be discovered in
the northwest. Get it, and complete the stage.

WEI (Blue)

Character: Xiahou Dun
Stage: Guan Yu's Escape
Force: Cao Cao
How to get it: Defeat Zhou Can, Chen Zen, and Guan Ping.  The special
item will appear on the northeast side of the fort Guan Ping started
off.. which is pretty close to you, grab it and kill Guan Yu.

Character: Zhang He
Stage: Guan Du Stage
Force: Cao Cao
How to get it: With Wen Chou and Yan Liang still alive, you must find
and burn the enemy's supply depot, which can be done by killing the gate
captain/officer inside the fort, then it will be set on fire. Move
towards the center of the map where it was discovered, grab it and
finish the stage.

Character: Dian Wei
Stage: Wan Castle Stage
Force: Cao Cao
How to get it: Defeat Hu Che. A supply unit will appear near Jia Xu.
Kill the supply captain and get them item he drops, then finish the

Character: Xu Zhu
Stage: Tong Gate stage
Force: Cao Cao's
How to get it: Kill Ma Dai and Pang De.  Then enter the fort and get
to the southeast corner of the fort.  The special item will appear

Character: Xiahou Yuan
Stage: Mt. Ding Jun
Force: Wei
How to get it: After Huang Zhong runs down the mountain, kill him. Will
will appear west of his initial position. Grab it and complete the

Character: Cao Cao
Stage: Yellow Turban Rebellion
Force: Han
How to get it: You must defeat Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang without any
gates being lost for any force. A supply team will appear near the upper
northwest part of the map.. take your horse, hopefully a red hare and
kill the supply captain, then finish the stage. Play this stage with a
friend or something, because it is really hard to beat by yourself, even
if it IS the yellow turbans.

Character: Xu Huang
Stage: Fan Castle Stage
Force: Wei
How to get it: Kill Guan Ping before Guan Yu's water attack kicks in
The precious item will then appear around the northeast edge, on the
ground. Grab it, and kill Guan Yu to complete the stage.

Character: Zhang Liao
Stage: He Fei
Force: Wei
How to get it: Kill Zhou Tai and have Taishi Ci be assinated by your
archers, which will appear in cutscene.  The special item will appear
north of the bridge, grab it and complete the stage.

Character: Sima Yi
Stage: Wu Zhang Plains
Force: Wei
How to get it: Getting Sima Yi's final weapon requires lots of patience.
Kill Zhang Bao, then wait about 20 minutes.. At around
the initial point of Zhang Bao's area, a supply team will appear.  Kill
the captain to get, to get not a darn thing. Now, a special item will
item report near the the Southeast in Shu HQ, grab it and complete the

Character: Zhen Ji
Stage: Jie Ting
Force: Wei
How to get it: Kill Jiang Wei.  After that, you will see a precious item
report near Zhuge Liang.  Grab the weapon then clear the stage.

WU (Red)

Character: Zhou Yu
Stage: Chi Bi
Force: Allied - Sun Quan's
How to get it: Defeat Xiahou Dun and Zhang He, and the special item will
appear south of Cao Cao's initial position.  Get the weapon and finish
the stage.

Character: Huang Gai
Stage: Chi Bi
Force: Allied - Sun Quan's
How to get it: Defeat Zhang Liao.  The special item will be by Zhuge
Liang's place of prayer, grab it and finish the stage.

Character: Sun Shang Xiang
Stage: You Ting
Force: Wu
How to get it: Kill Cao Xiu. Her final weapon will appear near Cao Xiu's
initial position. Grab it and complete the stage.

Character: Lu Xun
Stage: Yi Ling
Force: Wu
How to get it: Either Lu Meng or Gan Ning must stay alive while you do
this.  First you must break though Zhuge Liang's stone warrior
formation. Its near Liu Bei, so once you get in there, and break through
it Zhuge Liang will appear, beat him and Lu Xun's final weapon will
appear on the northwest side of the maze. Grab it, and beat the stage.

Character: Sun Jian
Stage: Suprise attack on Liu Biao
Force: Sun Jian
How to get it: Kill Lu Gong. The special item will appear near the path
that led to him. Go back and grab it, then finish the stage.

Character: Sun Ce
Stage: Assault on Wu Territory
Force: Sun Ce
How to get it: Defeat Liu Yong which will make Taishi Ci defect to your
side. The weapon will appear around the place where Taishi Ci was
initially placed. Grab it, and finish the stage.

Character: Taishi Ci
Stage: Assault on Wu Territory
Force: Allies
How to get it: Kill all the enemy generals except Sun Ce. His weapon
will appear near the center north entry point. Take it, and finish the

Character: Gan Ning
Stage: He Fei
Force: Wu
How to get it: Wait for the Taishi Ci to be assassinated by Zhang Liao's
archers. A supply team will appear at the entry point at the northwest
of the map and be running for the southeast side. Have a good horse
hopefully, track them down and kill em.

Character: Lu Meng
Stage: Fan Castle
Force: Allies
How to get it: Kill Guan Ping.  The Precious item will appear southeast
of Wei base on a mid level part. Grab it, and finish off the stage.

Character: Sun Quan
Stage: The Siege of He Fei Castle
Force: Wu
Force: Kill Zhang He.  The special item will appear to the east of the
pond in the center of the map, take it and finish the stage.

Character: Da Qiao
Stage: You Ting
Force: Wu
Kill Zhang He.  The special item will appear around the northwest entry
point. Get the item, and finish the stage.

Character: Xiao Qiao
Stage: Nanman Campaign
Force: Wu
How to get it: Kill Zhu Rong.  The special item will appear to the east
of the bridge on the northwest side of the map.  Grab it and finish the

Neutral (Grey)

Character: Lu Bu
Stage: Hu Lao Gate
Force: Dong Zhuo
How to get it: Kill Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei. Make sure to kill
Liu Bei last, or his troops will retreat, including Guan Yu and Zhang
Fei. Once you've killed all these guys, a supply team will appear on the
northeast part of the map, and head for the entry point behind Cao Cao's
initial position.  Kill the supply captain, grab the weapon and complete
the stage.

Character: Diao Chan
Stage: Hu Lao Gate
Force: Dong Zhou
How to get it: Kill Yuan Shu.  The special item will then appear on the
left side of Fan Shui Gate (around Sun Jian).

Character: Dong Zhuo
Stage: Hu Lao Gate
Force: Dong Zhuo
How to get it: Wait for all your officers to be killed except Diao Chan
and Lu Bu. Then, Diao Chan will defect to the allies. Kill her, and the
item will appear near the entry points, wst on the map. Grab it, and
complete the stage.

Character: Yuan Shao
Stage: Guan Du
Force: Yuan Shao
How to get it: Keep Wen Chou alive for 10 minutes.  A supply
team will appear north of the southeast fort and head toward the
southeast entry point. Pursue em, and kill the captain to get the

Character: Zhang Jiao
Stage: The Yellow Turban Rebellion
Force: Yellow Turban's
Defeat all of Cao Cao's or Liu Bei's or Sun Jian generals. The special
item report will appear on the southeast side of the river on the north
side of the map.  Take the weapon, and finish the stage.

Character: Meng Huo
Stage: Nanman Campaign
Force: Nanman
How to get it: Theres two ways to get it.. defeat Ma Chao, Zhang Yi, and
Ma Dai, or you can kill Zhang Fei, Zhang Bao, and Guan Xing. Either
way.. The special item report will then appear west of the blocking
mountain at the center of the map.  Grab it and complete the stage.

Character: Zhu Rong
Stage: Nanman Campaign
Force: Nanman
How to get it: Keep Dong Tu Na and Huei Nan alive for 15 minutes, where
they'll meet and retreat.. cowards. Then the item will appear near the
bridge on the center of the map

Character: Nu Wa
Stage: Wan Castle
Force: Zhang Xiu
How to get it: Defeat Dian Wei.  The special item will appear near him.
Take the weapon, and finish the stage.

Character: Fu Xi
Stage: Suprise attack on Liu Biao
Force: Liu Biao
How to get it: Kill Huang Gai.  Special item will appear at the
northwest section of the beach (by the ships). Grab it and complete the

Elemental Combo's
You'll notice some character's combinations aren't listed. That is
because they dont have an elemental weapon. And.. (T) means to press
Triangle a few more times to make the combo alot stronger and better

Zhuge Liang: SSSST
Jiang Wei: SSSSST

Xiahou Dun: ST
Dian Wei: SSSSST(T)
Cao Cao: SSSSST(T)
Xiahou Yuan: SSSST
Sima Yi: SSST
Zhang He: SSSSST(T)

Zhou Yu: ST, SSSST
Gan Ning: SSSSST(T)
Lu Xun: SSST
Xiao Qiao: SSSSST(T)
Sun Jian: SSSST

Zhang Jiao: SSSST
Dong Zhou: SSSSTT
Meng Huo: SSSSST

8. Getting Items

Regular Items

Speed Scroll - Increases Speed
This is good for slow running people such as Xu Zhu,Meng Huo, if you
have a fast person, you wont need it really.

Wing Boots - Increases Jump Height
This is really not to great of an item. The only time you'll need it
possibly is to take out people on Elephants.

Dragon Amulet - Increase Musou Maximum
This item isn't too great. If you like strong and long Musou, I'd
suggest you get a good one such at +40.

Peacock Urn - Increases HP
A good item for tough stages. Especially useful when its in a high

Tiger Amulet - Increases Attack Power
Its good for a weak character, and really good when its high or to its
max. But when your character is strong, its not all that great for use
at all.

Tortoise Amulet - Increases Defense
Brings up your defense. Better than the tiger amulet in battle, so its a
good thing to use.

Huang Bow - Better Bow attack Power
Good for taking out archers on level with many archers, or just to snipe
someone out. Not too great, and theres better items than this bow.

Shell Armor - Increases Bow Defense
Good for people who hate archers (like me). I like this item pretty
much, it comes in handy alot.

Horned Helm - Stronger Mounted Attack
Good for people who like to attack on horses. Even though horses arent
all that good, it comes in handy if its at a strong level (over +20).

Calvary Armor -  Mounted Defense Stronger
Not too great. If you get hit, you get knocked off the horse anyway, so
theirs no real point for this item anyway.

Seven Star Orb - Increases Luck
Luck is said to give you better items, but I dont know if its true or
not. It does make officers drop more health items like meat buns, which
can come in handy.

Wind Scroll - Increases Reach
This helps increase the length you can attack with. Its very rare, so
you'll have to fight somewhat to get it.

Elixir - Increase Musou Charge Speed
When you press circle when you dont have musou, or get hit, your musou
goes up alot quicker, great for people who like to charge through fast.

Special Items

Hex Mark Saddle - Start Battle Mounted On a Hex Mark
Getting It: Kill every enemy general at Chen Du except Liu Zhang. It
will be in a box near Liu Zhang, most likely in the corner.

Red Hare Saddle - Start Battle Mounted on a Red Hare
Getting It: At Hu Lao Gate, defeat Lu Bu. Then, the supply unit will
appear near Cao Cao (Near Fan Shui gate in other words).. kill the
supply captain and he'll drop it.

Imperial Saddle - Mount any horse, regardless of your rank
Getting It: At Yi Ling, Shu Side, stop the Wu's fire attack by killing
Zhu Ran, then kill Lu Xun. The item will appear in Sun Quan's camp. Take
it, and finish up the stage.

The Art of War - Temporary Items last about 1/4longer
Getting it: At the siege of He Fei Castle, Wei side.  Beat every enemy
general in Wu, except Sun Quan. After a while, thespecial item report
will appear on Sun Quan's ship, which is waaaayy at the bottom of the

Bodyguard Manual - Makes Bodyguards more aggressive
Getting it: At the siege of He Fei Castle, Wu side, defeat Xu Zhu.. and
the item will appear around his initial position

The Way Of the Musou - Use True Musou Regardless of health.
Getting it: At Guan Yu's Escape, Guan Yu's side, defeat Xiahou Dun and
he'll drop this item. One of the most useful items in the game.

Survival Guide - When in critical health, your attack power doubles.
Getting It: At Wu Zhang Plains, Shu side, two playable characters have
to die.. once that happens you'll see a cutscene, then the special item
will appear in the middle of the screen, in the Shu HQ.

Defender - When in critical health, your defensive strength doubles.
Getting it: At Wu Zhang Plains, Wei side, two playable characters have
to die, you'll see a cutscene and the item will appear at the top right.

Fire Arrows - When using a bow, you shoot fire arrows
Getting it: At Chi Bi, Wei side, kill Zhou Yun before the fire attack
takes place, the item will appear at the center of the map, at a dead
end of one of the ships.

Buckler - Never overpowered when blocking (using L1)
At He Fei, Wu side, Wait for Taishi Ci to be assassinated by Zhang
Liao's archers, then retreat with Sun Quan, Zhang Liao will then attack,
kill him and he will drop the Buckler.

Power Scroll - Wont lose when locking weapons
At He Fei, Wei Side.  First you must get Zhang Liao to assassinate
Taishi Ci, then defeat other officers in the center square, and
eventually, Zhang Liao will leave for a surprise attack on Sun Quan.
Right after this attack, Gan Ning will jump out of a ditch near Wei HQ,
beat him and you'll get it.

Golden Harness
Getting it: Tong Gate, Wei Side, kill Ma Chao's two officers which
should get Han Sui to defect about two minutes afterwards. Kill every
officer on the Allies side, then ma Chao will retreat towards the
castle. A supply unit should appear, attack the captain, and he'll drop
the item after he dies.

9. Thank you's/Credit's

-The people who wrote FAQ's for this game before me: Helped me get
through the game.

-Murrad and Ryan G.: Giving me the only challenges in vs. mode, even
though Ryan W. gave me some competiton.


-Ryan W./Dylan: Hey, you guys helped me get fourth weapons that were
pretty hard to get. And Ryan.. we definatly had laugh riots during some
vs. mode matches, especially with PANG TONG! LOL!

-Colin: Told me about some Error's I didn't notice.

-Long Chan Chan: Corrected me about lots and lots of things.

10. Cheat Codes

Use these at your own risk. I mean, this takes out excitement of the
game. A friend of mine used codes to unlock everyone, eventually beat
musou mode with his character, and erased his record and started a new
game, with no codes. I would have to say this takes enjoyment out of the
game. Here they are anyway..

Unlock all stages in free mode- R1 R2 L2 L1 Square L1 L2 R2 R1 Triangle

Unlock all movies under options menu- Triangle L1 Triangle R1 Triangle
Square L2 Square R2 Square

Unlock opening under options menu- R1 Square R1 Triangle R1 L1 Square L1
Triangle L1

Unlock all Sound tests- L1 L1 R1 R1 L2 L2 R2 R2 Square Triangle

Unlock all Shu Characters- L1 Square Triangle R2 L1 L2 L2 R1 Square L1

Unlock all Wei Chars- L2 L1 Square Triangle L1 L2 R1 R2 L1 L2

Unlock all Wu Chars- Triangle Triangle L1 Square R1 R2 L1 L2 L2 L2

Unlock all Characters- R2 R2 R2 L1 Triangle L2 L2 L2 R1 Square

11. Do's and dont's

*Ask me a question that hasn't been answered
*IM me on AIM/AOL.. I'm bored! Talk to me about anything
*Correct stuff you've noticed in my FAQ
*Discuss how enemy archers are big time losers.
*Share DW3 war stories with me, I've got some good ones.

*Ask me a question thats already been answered in the FAQ
*Use bright yellow or some other bright color if you email me
*Use all capital letters
*Type with the knowledge of a 1st grader (Unless, of course, you are
*Ask me to be your friend
*Ask me to spend the night at your house
*Invite me to Christmas dinner with your family

12. Legal Junk

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             /is property of Patrick G. Lowery. And   \
             \nobody elses. If you use this without   /
             /permission your as good as SUED! All you\
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             /is to ask. Your answer will most likely \
             \be yes. If you want to be a big man and /
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             \ Sites to find this FAQ at:             /
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13. Outro

Well I guess thats all there is to say. Have fun with my vast knowledge
of Dynasty Warriors 3. Until our two dead ends meet.. oh, and Im
counting the days. You can look for me to possibly write a character
guide for a DW3 character. And of course, you can count on me writing a
Dynasty Warriors 4 FAQ/Wakthrough... I guess its goodbye for now.