Dynasty Warriors 3 FAQ


  In 184 A.D. War Was Beginning.

  What Happen?

  Someone Set Us Up The Ambush.

  Gate Captain: We Get Message.

  Hex Mark Turn On.

  Its You!

  How Are You Commander?

  All Your Kingdom Are Belong To Us.

  What You Say?

  You Have No Chance To Escape Chang Ban Make Your Time.

  Take Off Every Tiger General.

  You Know What You Doing.

  For Great Justice.

  -- From The Five Wei Generals Form The "Defending The
     China From the Outside Organisation" and the lovable
     "Diao Chan" when God aliens launch their attack on
     the human being.

                        A MORE VIOLENT ATTACK
                    WAIT FOR YOU! PAY ATTENTION!!

** All bad dialogue courtesy of Toaplan. Bay-bay-bay-bay-bay-bay-base.



1.0 Characters
 .1 Unlocking Them (muni_shinobu)
 .2 Details
 .3 Who'd I'd date in Sim-Dynasty Warriors 3: Hot Date
2.0 Life +10 and Musou +10 Item Locations (muni_shinobu)
 .1 Stage Reference Charts
 .2 Fastest Way to Power-up Your Weak Ass Character
 .3 Enemies
 .4 Enemas
3.0 Items
 .1 Regular
 .2 Extra Crispy (Red Named Items) (muni_shinobu)
 .3 What They Actually Do (Recommendations)
 .4 Selected Item Officer Locations
4.0 When You've Had Too Much DW3 and Don't Want to Commit Ritual Suicide
 .1 If Isabella Valentine was in this game, I'd . . .
 .2 Soul Reaver 2 soldiers versus Dynasty Warrior 3 soldiers
5.0 Fourth Weapons Appendix (muni_shinobu)
 .1 Stage Event Appendix (muni_shinobu)




SHU KINGDOM (The Green Force. Also known as: House Ordos)

Zhao Yun (initial):
Young guy in blue armour and spear. Your cursor starts off here.
Five Tiger General.

Guan Yu (initial):
Fat guy Blackbeard look-a-like in a green toga. He looks funny to
Western-slash-Foreign-Devil eyes but will kick your ass in Hard Mode.
Uses the Halberd set of weapons. Five Tiger General.

Zhang Fei (initial):
Fat bearded guy with a red bandanna. Also uses a Halberd set of weapons.
Five Tiger General.

Ma Chao:
Some guy in elaborate armour. Some kinda spear. Five Tiger General.

Wei Yan:
Guy in a South American/Mexica mask. Slow, powerful, wields the staff
in a Darth Maul kinda way. Wei Yan also don't talk much. Looks like
Tam Tam from Samurai Shodown.

Zhuge Liang:
Some guy in a white robe and funny green hat. He's the minister-head-guy
of this warlord kingdom and uses a white fan to kill people. He does not
move as cool as the one and only "Lee" (aka Wong Fei Huang) of Last Blade

Huang Zhong:
Old guy in armour with a bow in the picture, but uses a sword in the game.
You can tell he's old by the colour of his beard, which is white. Five
Tiger General.

Liu Bei:
Shu Kingdom ruler. The guy has a neatly trimmed beard and a hair net.
True Musou makes him look like he has a lightsaber.

Jiang Wei:
Fruity looking young guy in silk pants and sounds like that wannabe-a-man
character in Last Blade 2, but is actually a guy this time. Now tell Eddie
Murphy to shove off.

Pang Tong:
Scary looking hobo in green rags. Carries a stick that's also green.

WEI KINGDOM (The Blue Force. Also known as: House Atreides)

Xiahou Dun (initial):
The man with the two handed sword. Eyepatch, blue cape, big ass sword.
He's commonly known as, "The Berserk Guy" since his gameplay resembles
Gatsu from Sword of the Berserk (Dreamcast).

Zhang He (initial):
Fruity fellow with the claws and tight pants. Looks like Vega from Street
Fighter 2, but more beautiful. Is he gorgeous or what? One of the Five Wei
Generals; two are not playable in this game.

Dian Wei (initial):
Bald guy with axe.

Xu Zhu:
Fat guy with hammer.

Zhen Ji:
Hot looking woman in a dragon dress with a midriff cut-out and leather
webbing on her upper thigh. No higher than that. Higher. Higher, dammit.
Uses a flute to sexually destroy men who look at her wrong.

Sima Yi:
Guy in dark purple robes who uses a feather fan. Wei's scary prime minister.

Cao Cao:
Wei kingdom ruler in purple robes and uses a sword. Isn't as cool as he
thinks he is.

Xu Huang:
Battleaxe using dude in a turban. Actually it's a coif to keep the sun off
but who's counting? One of the Five Wei Generals; two are not playable in
this game.

Xiahou Yuan:
Fat guy with a sword.

Zhang Liao:
Some guy in blue armour using a spear. Screams like an animal when he starts
his Musou. One of the Five Wei Generals; two are not playable in this game.

WU KINGDOM (The Red Force. Also known as: House Harkonnen)

Zhou Yu (initial):
Fruity looking fellow in red robes and a sword. The Alucard type,
if he was Chinese.

Huang Gai (initial):
Big guy with a club.

Sun Shang Xiang (initial):
Only woman you can pick initially. Uses the chakram like Xena, but doesn't
get shot with arrows, beheaded, and hacked into little pieces. In this game,
she keeps her sexual preferences and her loyalty to the Sun Family. She's
also known as, "SSX" because her name is too damn long.

Lu Xun:
Young guy with a funny red hat. Not a Shriner. Wu's minister after Zhou Yu.

Da Qiao:
I think it's pronounced, "Chao," like the little crawling nipple things from
Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) but we'll have to look at the Chinese characters
to be sure. Big Qiao is the black haired girl with the red fans. For the
purpose of this game, she's eleven.

Xiao Qiao:
Little Qiao is the other girl with the fans and cuter with her one pigtail
thing her older sis don't have. She doesn't age one year past nine in the
course of fifty years.

Sun Jian:
Dude in gold armour and a sword. Oh yeah, he's also the Wu kingdom ruler, but
gets mashed into butt gravy by a rock if you play through story mode with one
of the sons (see below).

Sun Ce:
Guy with the nightsticks (tonfa, japaheeno) and pissy attitude. Sees Sun Jian
get mashed into butt gravy by a rock (see above).

Sun Quan:
Guy with a sword. Supposedly the Wu kingdom ruler, but sounded too annoying to
Omega-Force, so they made him a reh-goo-lar character.

Taishi Chi:
Dude in armour with the two big sticks. The Walking Tank.

Gan Ning:
Half nekkid guy with a sword and red pants. Hella tattoos. Do those bells
mean he's a pirate? Kinda.

Lu Meng:
Dude with a spear.

NEUTRAL (House Other)

Lu Bu:
The other walking tank. The alien headgear should be a dead givaway.

Diao Chan:
The chick you see in the Full Motion movie at the Battle of Hu Lao Gate.
Wears white, and has the pinkest and weirdest silk pantyhose in Ancient China.
I also wonder if Koei put Nu Wa in this game, then why weren't the other three
of the "Four Precious Sluts of Ancient China" (of whom Diao Chan is one of 'em)
as fink characters? They can all use a pair of golden globes as weapons.
Huhuhuhuhuuu. Flames for this little tidbit is as certain that someday, I will
see you in hell.

Dong Zhuo:
Fat, disgusting little toad with the gross sneer. Killing him brings much
satisfaction. I'll see you in hell.

Yuan Shao:
The dude in the Nazi Helmet. He's also the only other guy with a cape. And
he's in yellow armour. I'll see YOU in hell.

Zhang Jiao:
Looks and plays like Jesus Christ, except he has a flamethrower in his
walking stick. Shrieks like a rabid monkey when attacking. I - WILL - SEE -

Meng Huo:
Fat guy with the stubby claw weapons. If you put him in the Opening Movie
as the "Enchantress" you will get a close up view of his nipple. I did not
need to type that. Note to self: psycho-therapy Monday. Tuesday: visit cat

Zhu Rong:
Tyris Flare look-a-like, but without the thong. Damn. Her makeup makes her
look the most appealing above the neck, if you know what I mean and I think
you do.

Nu Wa:
Little girl! Her little sword will make little holes in your little body.

Fu Xi:
Other guy with the big ass sword. Not as cool as Xiahou Dun. See you in hell.


  1.1   UNLOCKING THEM (muni_shinobu)


** Activity in Story Mode take precendence over Free Mode, so do all you
can in Free Mode to unlock characters when you can.

SHU KINGDOM (The Green Force)


  Zhao Yun
  Guan Yu
  Zhang Fei

Clear Story Mode once with Shu
or Dyansty Warrior 2 save file:

  Ma Chao
  Wei Yian

Clear Story Mode once with Shu:

  Zhuge Liang

Clear Story Mode with two Shu generals:

  Huang Zhong
  Liu Bei

Zhuge Liang Clears Story Mode:

  Jiang Wei

Complete Cheng Du (Lost Forest Stage) in Story Mode w/ Pang Tong alive:

  Pang Tong

WEI KINGDOM (The Blue Force)


  Xiahou Dun
  Zhang He
  Dian Wei

Clear Story Mode once with Wei
or Dynasty Warriors 2 save file:

  Xu Zhu
  Zhen Ji

Clear Story Mode once with Wei:

  Sima Yi

Clear Story Mode with two Wei generals:

  Cao Cao
  Xu Huang

Complete Ding Jun Mountain in Story Mode and kill Xiahou Yuan:

  Xiahou Yuan

Complete Siege of He Fei Castle in Story Mode and kill Zhang Liao:

  Zhang Liao

WU KINGDOM (The Red Force)


  Zhou Yu
  Huang Gai
  Sun Shang Xiang

Clear Story Mode once with Wu
or Dynasty Warriors 2 save file:

  Lu Xun
  Da Qiao

Zhou Yu or Da Qiao Clears Story Mode:

  Xiao Qiao

Clear Story Mode with two Wu generals:

  Sun Jian
  Sun Ce

Kill Liu Yong in Assault on Wu Territory with Taishi Chi alive, Story Mode:

  Tai Shi Chi

Trigger Gan Ning's surprise attack in the Battle of He Fei in Story Mode,
then kill the mo'fo and complete the stage:

  Gan Ning

Clear Fan Castle in Story Mode with Lu Meng still alive:

  Lu Meng

Trigger Tai Shi Chi's death, Sun Quan's retreat, Zhang Liao's and Gan Ning's
surprise attacks, and Cao Cao's retreat in Story Mode (oh my gawd):

  Sun Quan


Free or Story Mode, Hu Lao Gate, kill 1000 soldiers:

  Lu Bu

Free or Story Mode, Hu Lao Gate, defeat Diao Chan:

  Diao Chan

Free or Story Mode, Hu Lao Gate, defeat Diao Chan and Lu Bu:

  Dong Zhuo

Free or Story Mode, Guan Du, fight as Wei, kill Yian Liang and Wen Chou:

  Yuan Shao

Free or Story Mode, Yellow Turbans, fight as Han, kill Zhang Bao,
Zhang Liang, and Zhang Jiao:

  Zhang Jiao

Story Mode, Naman, defeat Meng Huo seven times (you will trigger a movie
each time you do; if you didn't, you didn't kill him) in the following

#1 - Initial position in front of Shu/Wu HQ
#2 - West Maze Area of map, south of the rice paddy village.
#3 - East Maze Area of map, north of the poisoned springs.
#4 - West of the Shu/Wu HQ, and fairly close too.
#5 - West Area of map in a fort that needs to be breach by an elephant.
     (you will trigger a movie with Zhu Rong after you defeat him this time)
#6 - East of Shu/Wu HQ, and fairly close too.
#7 - Naman HQ
     (Meng Huo will appear here if you kill Zhu Rong, or if you pass
      the southern most gate in the South Area of the map.)

  Meng Huo

Free or Story Mode, Naman, kill Zhu Rong:

  Zhu Rong

Xiao Qiao, Da Qiao, Zhen Ji, Sun Shang Xiang (SSX) Clear Story Mode:

  Nu Wa

Sun Jian, Liu Bei, Cao Cao Clear Story Mode:

  Fu Xi


  1.2   DETAILS


Combo Legend:

w = weak hit (default: square)
s = charge hit (default: triangle)

Combos are so easy even a lobotomised idiot oranguatuan can do it:


As you can see, the combo system is fast and furious button mashin'.

For the more advanced, there are the charge hit comboes:


Each charge hit does different things, despite the simplicity of execution:

s = charge 1 hit, does stun or knock back, depending on the character.

w-s = charge 2 hit, knocks an enemy into the air to start an air combo.
      This combo can be done multiple times to achieve an infinite number
      of hits.

w-w-s = charge 3 hit, causes enemy or enemies hit to be stunned.

w-w-w-s = charge 4 hit, knocks back enemy or enemies, depending on character.

w-w-w-w-s = charge 5 hit, starts an air combo, but delivers more hits if
            Triangle is pressed again as a "finisher." If the finisher is not
            done, the combo can be chained for an infinite number of hits.

w-w-w-w-w-s = charge 6 hit, does knock back or stun, depending on the character.
              Some characters can press Triangle after the sixth hit to perform
              more hits than normal. Using this combo usually invokes the fourth
              weapon element as well.

A character's special attack or musou attack is done by pressing the Circle button.
Press the circle button to reagin your life -- no wait, that's Metal Gear. Press
the Circle button to invoke the musou attack. You can also hold down circle to
prolong the attack.

Low life means your Musou bar will automatically refill (because you suck). If you
activate the musou during this time, you will do the True Musou attack, which does
slightly more damage than the regular musou attack and makes you invincible to enemy
attacks for a while. You can also hold down the circle button to prolong this musou,
which for some people, last almost forever.

First Person Shooter:
Hold R1 and L1 to move while aiming your bow.

Fast Message Dot Removal:
Remove the minimap ping by pressing R2 twice to quickly go in, then get out of,
the up close-up map.

Avoid Slowdown:
Remove the enemy lifebars to speed up gameplay when things bog down. Sometimes,
even that can't help.

Bodyguards add to your bonus points at the end of a stage, but penalise you
should they die; it's just like the SAT if you think about it. Bodyguards have
five weapons to pick from that will affect how they will fight.

Sword    - attacks and defends at normal rate.
Spear    - range is increased at cost of attack and defense.
Pike     - attack is increased at the cost of speed and defense.
Bow      - shoots arrows at normal rate.
Crossbow - damage is increased at cost of rate of fire.

Bodyguards are healed if you fetch a meatbun when you are at full life or if
you fetch a Full Restore.

There are five different types of horses in the game:

Light Brown -
Ride at any class, but slow and will rear at anything in front of it,
even Privates. This horse is ridden by Guard Captains anyone else who
is leading a squad of soldiers (occasionally a Sergeant).

Dark Brown -
Minimum Class 13 to ride, second slowest horse and can run down Privates
and Sergeants , but not anyone of higher rank. Ridden by an Officer or a
Flag Officer who is not "distinct" (but will show on the worthy opponents
list in the stage result screen).

White -
Minimum Class 11 to ride, the average horse in the game and the best
you'll normally get. Can run down everything except for other Officers
and your own bodyguards. This horse is ridden by distinctive officers,
i.e., characters who you can play in the game.

Hex Mark -
Charcoal grey horse, minimum Class 5 to ride. This horse has abilities that
are very similar to Red Hare, and can be counted as another ride in a
different colour.

Red Hare -
Red horse, minimum Class 1. Fastest horse that can barely outrun Zhen Ji
with a Speed Scroll +16.

Elephant -
Pachyderms do not count as horses but act more like tanks. Minimum Class
unknown (possibly 11). Meng Huo and Zhu Rong's elephants require Class 1

Mounted Attacks:
Mounted attacks suck. You will most likely hit an enemy once, doing little damage,
or you will get knocked off by an arrow or by a "horse-jack" hit (note that this is
one of the few instances that an enemy soldier or officer will jump). Stick with
fighting on foot while using a horse to get you to where you need to go (much like
how Nathan Bedford Forrest used his infantry as 'horse infantry' in the American
Civil War). Elephants are pretty much the same, except Stampy is used to break the
wooden palisades in the Nanman map.

Cheap Shit Enemy Officer Tactics:
Enemy officers can regain their life by simply concentrating and a random
meatbun will spawn inside them. Conversely, your own allied officers will
do the same provided that there are no enemies to distract them from
engaging the sub-routine.

This occurs with alarming regularity on Hard Mode.

To keep this from happening, use bodyguards equipped with bows to shoot
these cheap bastards out of their stance, allowing you also to do some
disfiguring damage to their privates. Bow bodyguards are always preferred
to any other bodyguards. Gate and Supply Captains can also regain life,
although their preferred "power-up" is to summon a Defense x2 when they
are low on life. Officers do this with alarmingly regularity too on Hard.

Force Destruction (not the Jedi Knight kinda way):
Killing Flag Officers immediately causes the soldiers under that Officer
to flee towards the closest enemy troop entry point -- even if it was
"closed" or secured by killing the Gate Captain. If you get in the way
of the feeling troop though, they will attempt to kill you, so stay out
of their way and they will flee the battlefield, leaving you to freely
kill someone else. Any adjutant officers under a "flag-officer" (the unit's
commander) will simply vanish when their C.O. is killed; this will definitely
occur if the subordinate officers are not on the screen. Also, a destroyed
force will sometimes linger on the battlefield since they cannot successfully
withdraw to the edge of the map due to barriers, walls or other obstacles.

Gate Closing:
When you first play the game, close enemy gates as you pass. This will not
only stem the tide of enemies and allow you to get a feel of what's going on,
but each Gate Captain you cack will drop a Defense +1 for your trouble. You'll
develop your damn defences and let your character be that much tougher next time
around. After a while, you will notice that all Gate Captains are under the
map's objective officer, so they will never flee the scene until the battle is
over. However, you will also notice that if every other unit (except the enemy
objective officer) is routed, only the gates closest to the action (where your
army is engaged with his army) will respawn reinforcements. Yup. Do yourself
a favour and kill those gates first before you engage the objective officer
in battle. It's better to have your army surround the bad guy than to have his
army surround you.




Name of Character
Rating of Gameplay Model
Rating of In-game Japanese Voice ('I defeated an Officer!')
Rating of Victory Pose
Rating of Musou War Cry
Rating of Dash Attack
Rating of Game Over Bitmap

Ranking Legend:

 ! --- 100 --- - --- 75 --- - --- 50 --- - --- 25 --- - --- 0 --- ?!

 Totally Hot   -    Sexy    -   So-So    -    Mild    -  Was Once a Man

Sun Shang Xiang
  Gameplay Model =  25
  In-game Voice  =  25
  Victory Pose   =  75
  Musou War Cry  =  15
  Dash Attack    =  15
  Game Over Pic  =   0
Total Sexiness   = 155

Zhu Rong
  Gameplay Model =   0
  In-game Voice  =  25
  Victory Pose   =  50
  Musou War Cry  =   0
  Dash Attack    =  10
  Game Over Pic  =  75
Total Sexiness   = 160

Diao Chan
  Gameplay Model =  50
  In-game Voice  =  25
  Victory Pose   =  50
  Musou War Cry  =  75
  Dash Attack    =  50
  Game Over Pic  = 100
Total Sexiness   = 300

Zhen Ji
  Gameplay Model = 100
  In-game Voice  =  75
  Victory Pose   =  25
  Musou War Cry  =  25
  Dash Attack    =  75
  Game Over Pic  =  25
Total Sexiness   = 325

Da Qiao
  Gameplay Model =  75
  In-game Voice  =  50
  Victory Pose   = 100
  Musou War Cry  =  75
  Dash Attack    =  50
  Game Over Pic  =  25
Total Sexiness   = 375

Xiao Qiao
  Gameplay Model =  75
  In-game Voice  = 100
  Victory Pose   =  25
  Musou War Cry  =  75
  Dash Attack    = 100
  Game Over Pic  =  25
Total Sexiness   = 400

Nu Wa
  Gameplay Model =  75
  In-game Voice  = 100
  Victory Pose   =  75
  Musou War Cry  = 100
  Dash Attack    =  25
  Game Over Pic  =  75
Total Sexiness   = 450

Conclusion -- I'd sleep with all of 'em, possibly at the same time.  :P


  2.0   LIFE +10 AND MUSOU +10 ITEM LOCATIONS (muni_shinobu)


Life +10 increases a character's max HP by ten.
Musou +10 increases a character's max musou by ten.

They will all be inside a box or a pot.
There are no exceptions.


Siege of the Yellow Turbans (Han vs. Yellow Turbans)
Life +10 - North face of the city's outer wall; at the opening to the river.
Life +10 - East outer wall; the first balcony north of the East Gate.
Musou +10 - West Area of map, southwest of Sun Jian's inital position.
            Between the edge of the map and the most south-westernly small
            impassable boulder. Conversely, follow the edge of the map south
            from Zhang Liang's initial position and you will reach it.
Musou +10 - West outer wall; the first balcony south of the West Gate (the gate
            not on the river).

Battle of Hu Lao Gate (Allied vs. Dong Zhuo)
Life +10 - on top of Hu Lao Gate (gate near Dong Zhuo's initial position).
Musou +10 - on top of Fan Shui Gate (gate near Sun Jian's initial position).

Surprise Attack on Liu Biao (Sun Jian vs. Liu Biao)
Life +10 - near Zhang Hu's initial position where three pots are lined in a row.
Musou +10 - on the beach, pot by a group of tents farthest to the West.

Battle of Wan Castle (Cao Cao vs. Zhang Xiu)
Life +10 - from the gate near Hu Che Er's initial position, go right along the
           castle wall until you reach the pot.
Musou +10 - from the castle gate at the bottom right of map, go left and up, in
            the shadow of the house there

Assault on Wu Territory (Sun Ce vs. Allies)
Life +10 - near the northern-most troop entry point.
Musou +10 - North of Yian Bai Hu's initial position, the West of the two towers.

Battle of Guan Du (Cao Cao vs. Yuan Shao)
Life +10 - center of the map, at the point where the rivers come together.
Musou +10 - in the center of Cao Cao's fortress, along the north, in a pot along
            the waterway.

Guan Yu's Escape (Guan Yu vs. Cao Cao)
Life +10 - past the first gate, next to a small building on the East side
           (the first set of archers in the stage appears next to it).
Musou +10 - on the other side of the second gate/second fortress.

Battle of Chang Ban (Liu Bei vs. Cao Cao)
Life +10 - directly South of Zhang He's initial position.
Musou +10 - along the shore of Liu Bei's escape route.

Battle of Chi Bi (Wu vs. Wei)
Life +10 - in between the two troop entry points at the northwest of screen.
Musou +10 - from the entry point at the southeast of the map, directly north to
            the boat, in a pot on that boat.

Battle of Tong Gate (Allies vs. Cao Cao)
Life +10 - most Norhtwesternly area of the map, at the end of a narrow path.
Musou +10 - North area of the map, before entering the narrow path, near a Cao
            Cao troop entry point.

Battle of Cheng Du (Liu Bei vs. Liu Zhang)
Life +10 - Southwest of Zhao Yun's initial position.
Musou +10 - at the edge of Liu Bei's HQ/initial posiition.

Battle of He Fei (Wu vs. Wei)
Life +10 - Northwestern-most point of map, near a Cao Cao troop entry point.
Musou +10 - Northeastern-most point of map, in the area Zhou Yu is initially.

Battle of Fan Castle (Shu vs. Allied)
Life +10 - Southern edge from Sima Yi's initial position; mid-level area.
Musou +10 - North-eastern most corner of the Shu troop entry point; top level area.

Battle of Ding Jun Mountain (Wei vs. Shu)
Life +10 - far to the left from where Cao Cao is initially positioned.
Musou +10 - East fork on the downhill run; near a high tower.

Battle of Yi Ling (Shu vs. Wu)
Life +10 - Stone Warrior Formation. Eastern most canyon "cell."
Musou +10 - Stone Warrior Formation. Southwestern most canyon "cell."

Naman Campaign (Naman vs. Shu; or Naman vs. Wu)
Life +10 - at Meng Huo's 5th appearance, in the fortress area that needs to be breached

           by an elephant. The pot along by the river at the center of the map.
Musou +10 - from the Northern fortress, crosss bridge to the West and go North to the

            dead end (away from the rice paddy village).

Battle of Jie Ting (Wei vs. Shu)
Life +10 - Northwest corner of the mountain clearing where Ma Su sets up camp.
Musou +10 - Northwest of Wei Yian's initial position is a house (the center avenue
            through the village).

Strategic Battle of You Ting (Wu vs. Wei)
Life +10 - center of the map in the maze like area north of SSX's initial position.
           I'm not referring to Cao Xiu's fortress.
Musou +10 - Cao Xiu's fortress. Northeastern most corner.

Siege of He Fei Castle (Wu vs. Wei)
Life +10 - North wall of Wind Corridor Trap Room.
Musou +10 - North area past the Broken Bridge (East side of city).

Battle of Wu Zhang Plains (Wei vs. Shu)
Life +10 - near the troop entry point south of Sima Yi's initial position.
Musou +10 - west of where Zhuge Liang initially is; near a tower.


Mountain Bandit Campaign
Life +10 - Northeast area of map, to the side of a house (you do not need to cross
           the water of this Kurosawa Seven Samurai rip-off stage).
Musou +10 - Northwest area of the map, around a house (both items are past the
            flimsy wooden fences).

Sea Pirate Attack
Life +10 - in the boat at the very bottom left.
Musou +10 - around the troop entry point on the right.

Assault on the Rogues' Fortress
Life +10 - North outer wall, accessible only by jumping from the top of the inner
           wall past the barricade of towers and buildings. Afterwards you will need
           to head east to go back around.
Musou +10 - East inner wall, near a Lt. Commander.




             Stage          ||         Force(s)           ||  Limit
                            ||                            ||
 Yellow Turbans             ||   Allied vs. Yellow Turban ||  90:00   
 Hu Lao Gate                ||   Allied vs. Dong Zhuo     ||  90:00
 Attack on Liu Biao         ||   Liu Bei vs. Liu Zhang    ||  30:00
 Wan Castle (Castle on fire)||   Cao Cao vs. Zhang Xiu    ||  30:00
 Assault on Wu Territory    ||   Sun Ce vs. Allies        ||  30:00
 Guan Du (Supply Depot)     ||   Cao Cao vs. Yuan Shao    ||  90:00
 Guan Yu's Escape           ||   Guan Yu vs. Cao Cao      ||  30:00
 Chang Ban (Retreat)        ||   Liu Bei vs. Cao Cao      ||  90:00
 Chi Bi (Fire Ships)        ||   Wu vs. Wei               ||  90:00
 Tong Gate (vs Ma Chao)     ||   Allied vs. Cao Cao       ||  30:00
 Cheng Du (Lost Forest)     ||   Liu Bei vs. Liu Zhang    ||  30:00
 He Fei (Taishichi bites it)||   Wu vs. Wei               ||  90:00
 Fan Castle (Flood)         ||   Shu vs. Allied           ||  30:00
 Ding Jun Shan (Downhill)   ||   Wei vs. Shu              ||  30:00
 Yi Ling (Stone Warrior)    ||   Shu vs. Wu               ||  90:00
 Naman Campaign             ||   Naman vs. Shu / Wu       ||  90:00
 Jie Ting (Attack on summit)||   Wei vs. Shu              ||  30:00
 You Ting (Defection)       ||   Wei vs. Wu               ||  30:00
 He Fei Castle (Big Siege)  ||   Wu vs. Wei               ||  90:00
 Wu Zhang Plains            ||   Shu vs. Wei              ||  90:00




(Step 1) Try and get a character's fourth weapon before they start on
         Story Mode. This doesn't apply to the first character you play,
         but to every character you can play after the first. Use the
         second player to achieve all the objectives to get the weapon
         while the first character keeps the enemies' levels low (because
         the first character is Class 16).

         The fourth weapon allows a character to achieve a lot in a short
         amount of time, even finishing the game quickly on Normal.

(Step 2) Build up your HP max and Musou max quickly by finding the four
         max bar power-ups in Yellow Turbans. Sweep from one side of the
         map to the other and be sure to kill Zhang Liang (dude who
         freezes the river) to make him freeze the river after he dies.
         You'll be able to pick up the Life +10 item easily and finish
         the stage as well when you cross the river to the North Coast
         to showdown with Zhang Jiao (flaming Jesus).

         With practice, you can complete this level with all four power-
         ups in under 7 minutes, usually less.

(Step 3) Maxxed out with HP and Musou, build attack and defence by playing
         He Fei Castle on Normal (play Wei). This siege stage should go by
         quickly since all the enemy generals migrate towards the center
         of the map. Totalling up the kills, we get:

         Lu Meng          -- Defense +8
         Sun Shang Xiang  -- Defense +8
         Zhuge Jin        -- Defense +2
         Lu Xun           -- Attack +8
         Gan Ning         -- Attack +8
         Zhen Ji          -- Attack +2
         Sun Shao         -- Attack +4

         For a total of 18 points of Defense and 22 points of Attack. Did
         I mention the best part? Armed with The Way of Musou, Elixir, and
         the character's fourth weapon, you can scarf up all the bonuses
         and finish the level by killing Sun Quan in less than 20 minutes.
         This is the fastest way to build your people up, period.

         Just remember not to head straight down the middle of the big
         pavillion in the center of the city (right after you start) or
         you'll trigger enemy archers. Go around the lake instead and stay
         away from bridge entrances that lead into the pavillion and you'll
         avoid this hazard.

(Step 4) Repeat, ad nauseum.


  2.3   ENEMIES


All enemies are indistinct save for the "people with names." However,
there are some important enemies that you need to know. All enemies,
when struck, will display their commanding officer and their status in the
lifebar at the top left of the screen. For example, fighting Cao Cao's
bodyguard will yield this display:

 Commanding Officer -->  Cao Cao ========== lifebar here ============
 Rank of enemy      -->   Guard

The rank of the enemy will determine what task the game has them do, be
it guarding a gate, or defending an enemy officer. Be sure to know these
enemies since they are vital to getting special weapons and items:

 Private - These are the weakest soldiers.

 Corporal - Gives Adrian Shephard a bad name. Privates with tougher sneer
            but little ability.

 Sergeants - Slightly stronger than regular grunts, but die just as easily.

 Lieutenants - Low ranking officers who show up in some specific stages,
               like Assault on the Rogue Fortress. In that particular case,
               Lieutenants guard small "micro-gates" -- killing them will
               open these gates. They are otherwise identical to Sergeants.

 Captains - Don't let the name fool you. These are the Yellow Turban's
            equivalent to the Sergeants.

 Majors - These will be the toughest normal enemies you face beyond Guards;
          they are simply referred to as "those ass buckers*" once you play
          on Hard Mode. Their only saving grace is that they drop temporary
          items in the form of Battleaxes and Chainmails when they die, so
          you can use it to kill the rest of their gay buddies.

* "buckers" substituted for a variant of a four letter term commonly used
  in the military acronym, "FUBAR."

 First Bow,
 Bow Captain - Alike in all but name. They shoot, and shoot, and shoot some
               more. Their hobbies include turning you into a human pin
               cushion and they tend to run off when you get close rather
               than die like men. Their great numbers and constant attacks
               will be the cause of your death on more than one occasion on
               Hard Mode. Musou to avoid getting hit, but kill them with
               regular blows since that does more damage. First Bows and
               Bow Captains drop arrows when dead.

 Gate Guard,
 Gate Captain - These are special guards who defend troop entry points.
                Defeating a gate guard is fairly easy, but killing the
                gate captain not only closes a gate (denying enemy
                reinforcments) but also nets you a Defense +1 (or +2 if
                you do a big enough combo).

 Supply Guard,
 Supply Captain - Rare squad that guards a precious item or even rarer
                  fourth weapon. Ignore the guards and kill the captain;
                  you don't get the goodies if someone else kills him.

 Guard Captain - The dudes with the shortest names are the baddest of them
                 all. Guards are tough to kill and Guard Captains even
                 tougher. The Guard Captains are also the only ones who
                 drop health restoration items when they die, so look for
                 one when your life is low.

 Soldier/Rogue - This is the Yellow Turban/Nanman/Bandit equivalent to the
                 Han Private.

 Warrior - This is the Nanman equivalent to the Han Sergeant.

 Nanman Elite - This is the Nanman equivalent to the Major, although the
                same body shroud will be used for Nanman Guards and Guard
                Captains. I like the Raiden hat.

 Amazoness - If Amazons are the fabled women warriors, then what the hell
             is an "Amazoness?" Is Koei implying that Amazons are in fact
             half-and-half, and that's why the "-ness" suffix was added to
             enable this legendary race of people to reproduce?

             I'm intrigued. Gamewise, these are the Sergeant equivalents
             for Zhu Rong's army. However, don't get caught staring --
             these Tyris Flare wannabes know how to handle "swords" if you
             know what I mean and I think you do.


  2.4   ENEMAS


  Don't know about that.
  Ask your local Health Nazi.
  Or a whore -- which ever is easier.


  3.0   ITEMS


There are permanent and temporary items. Temporary items are extremely
powerful, but last only for a short duration. Permanent items are in
two camps: ones that raise your attack and defense, and the ones that
are "equipable" items that further enhance your statistics or give you
special abilites.

Temporary Items:

Battleaxe -
The Battleaxe doubles you current attack -- for a measly 30 seconds.
It applies to both normal attacks, charge hits, and musou attacks.

Chainmail -
Chainmail is good, doubling your current defense, bow defense, and
mounted defense for 30 seconds.

Imperial Seal -
Grants permission for you to use your musou for 10 seconds without
stopping. Conversely, you can use it to refill your musou and leave
it at that.

Instant Items That-Are-Temporary-In-Nature-But-Have-Permanent-Effects:

Single Meatbun -
Restores 50 Hit Points.

Double Meatbun -
Restores 100 Hit Points.

Triple Meatbun -
Restores 200 Hit Points.

Big Fat Meatbun -
Restores to maximum HP, regardless of status.

Jug o'Wine -
Not Hooters, not Jugs, just a Jug o'Wine. Fills Musou to max.

Full Recover (blue glass bottle) -
Restores to maximum HP and Musou, regardless of status.

Permament Items, Part One:

Sword -
Increases character attack statistic by 1, 2, 4, or 8. The bigger the combo,
the harder the difficulty, the "later" the level, the better the bonus.

Shield -
Increases character defense statistic by 1, 2, 4, or 8. The bigger the combo,
the harder the difficulty, the "later" the level, the better the bonus.

Weapon Box -
You get a weapon for the character you're playing. You will get to review
whether you want to keep this new weapon or an old one that you have in
stock. You can only keep one of each weapon (see your Database).

Item Bag -
You get an equipable item (section 3.1). If it's a repeat, you'll have to 
decide what to keep. Check your Database to see what you have and what to
shoot for. Red "Ability" Items are in Red Item Bags while regular items
are in brown bags.


  3.1   REGULAR


Items are completely random, but officers consistently drop items in
certain stages so if you need a good item, go replay that stage until
you get it. Later stages and harder diffulties will yield better items
of higher values. Luck may or may not help. It's totally up to you.
Luck also increases the percentage of an item being dropped, but that's
about it.

Peacock Urn - Increases Hit Point Max.
Dragon Amulet - Increases Musou Max.
Tiger Amulet - Increases Attack.
Tortoise Amulet - Increases Defence.
Speed Scroll - Increases Speed.
Wing Boots - Increases Jump.
Huang's Bow - Increases Bow Attack.
Shell Armour - Increases Bow Defence.
Horned Helm - Increases Mounted Attack.
Cavalry Armour - Increases Mounted Defence.
Seven Star Orb - Increases Luck.
Wind Scroll - Increases Reach (of weapon).
Elixir - Increases Musou Charge Rate.

Item Score Max:
  60 - HP Max
  60 - Musou Max
  20 - Attack
  40 - Defence
  40 - Bow Attack
  40 - Bow Defence
  40 - Mounted Attack
  40 - Mounted Defence
  16 - Speed
  16 - Jump
  20 - Luck
  20 - Reach
  20 - Musou Charge


  3.2   EXTRA CRISPY (RED NAMED ITEMS) (muni_shinobu)


Red Hare Saddle - start stage on Red Hare Horse.
Hex Mark Saddle - start stage on Hex Mark Horse.
Emperor Saddle - can ride all horses, regardless of experience Class.
The Art of War - Battleaxe, Chainmail, and Imperial Seal last longer.
Bodyguard Manual - Bodyguards become more aggressive.
The Way of Musou - Can use True Musou attack regardless of health.
Survival Guide - attack strength doubled when life critical.
Defender - defense doubled when life critical.
Fire Arrows - you shoot fire arrows instead of normal arrows.
Buckler - won't be overpowered when guarding.
Power Scroll - won't lose weapon clashes.
Golden Harness - won't fall off horse when shot by an arrow.


Red Hare Saddle
Stage: Hu Lao Gate
Side: Allied
Method: defeat Lu Bu, supply team will appear on top of Fan Shui Gate and 
        head towards the northern most troop entry point.

Hex Mark Saddle
Stage: Cheng Du
Side: Liu Bei (Shu)
Method: kill all enemy generals except Liu Zhang; precious item report
        at southwest edge of map.

Emperor Saddle
Stage: Yi Ling
Side: Shu
Method: prevent fire event by defeating Zhu Ran (under Lu Xun) in the
        small valley to the east of Sun Shang Xiang's initial position
        after Lu Xun surveys the camp. Then defeat all Wu generals except
        Sun Quan, and a supply team will appear from a troop entry point
        near Sun Quan's command base. Defeat Lu Xun last to be closer to
        the supply team when it enters the map.

The Art of War
Stage: Siege of He Fei Castle
Side: Wei
Defeat: all enemy generals except Sun Quan. After five minutes, precious
        item report will appear on Sun Quan's ship.

Bodyguard Manual
Stage: Siege of He Fei Castle
Side: Wu
Method: defeat Xu Zhu; precious item report at the dead end path adjacent
        to the room with the enemy archers and Musou +10 Item.

The Way of Musou
Stage: Guan Yu's Escape
Side: Guan Yu
Method: defeat Xiahou Dun

Survival Guide
Stage: Wu Zhang Plains
Side: Shu
Method: Allow two of the Five Tiger Generals to be defeated (Zhao Yun,
        Zhang Fei, or Huang Zong) to trigger the falling star event.
        A precious item report will apppear directly north of the right-
        angle ramp entrance to Zhuge Liang's encampment.

Stage: Wu Zhang Plains
Side: Wei
Method: Allow two of your distinctive officers to be defeated (Zhang He,
        Zhen Ji, Xu Huang, Xu Zhu, or Zhang Liao) to trigger the falling
        star event. It can be that threee Five Wei Generals are the only
        valid candidates for this item. Precious item report at the
        Northeastern most point of the map (in Sima Yi's camp).

Fire Arrows
Stage: Chi Bi
Side: Wei
Method: kill Zhou Yu before the fire event (winds called up is okay).
        Precious item report at the center of the map.

Stage: Battle of He Fei
Side: Wu
Method: trigger Taishi Chi assassination event, Sun Quan jump bridge
        event, Zhang Liao's surprise attack event, kill Zhang Liao.

Power Scroll
Stage: Battle of He Fei
Side: Wei
Method: trigger Zhang Liao surprise attack event, Gan Ning surprise
        attack event, kill Gan Ning.

Golden Harness
Stage: Tong Gate
Side: Wei
Method: trigger Han Sui's defection, then kill all enemy generals except
        Ma Chao. Pass Tong Gate and the supply troop will appear in a bit
        from the western troop entry point.




 Tiger Amulet
 Tortoise Amulet
 Huang's Bow
 Shell Armour
 Horned Helm
 Cavalry Armour

Note that defence, bow defence, and mounted defence is completely separate
from each other. In fact, the best scenario is that the defence characteristic
is halved and applied to the bow and mounted defences. The worst case scenario
is that all three attack and defence values are separate from each other.

With that in mind, equip the items that will help the character if s/he sucks
at say, defense. The little bit of attack you add won't pay off if you can't
take six steps before dying in a puddle of your own urine.

Overall, I recommend more defence than attack since you want to prolong your
stay in the battlefield. So what if you more damage if you can't sustain the
hits? Enemy officers can regain their life, unlike you, so you must outlast
them at all costs.

 Wing Boots
 Speed Scroll

Jump is not necessary unless you need that extra height to reach riders on
elephants. Speed is essential if your character is slow. Balance the need
though between that extra speed that gets you to a hot spot, but without
the proper defence or firepower that you require. Conversely, speedy
characters do not need a speed scroll unless you want to see if they can
outrace a horse.

 Seven Star Orb

Luck only influences whether or not items are dropped from defeated enemies.
For example, high luck people will get meatbuns from lowly Sergeants while
low luck characters may not even get an item from a Guard Captain. Other than
that, luck serves no purpose.

 Wind Scroll

Extra weapon reach is good. But whether you can do the damage is another.
Be sure to give this a try on characters with 360 degree attacks like Zhen Ji
or Pang Tong to extend their area of effect.

 The Way of Musou
 Dragon Amulet

Always a good item to have, even if you have fast Musou Charge already.
Faster musou charge means you can stay in Musou attack mode more, which
in turn makes you invincible most of the time. With the True Musou item,
you can kill lotsa things in a short period of time. The Dragon Amulet
will prolong the attack for a few more moments and enhance the combo.

 Bodyguard Manual

A good idea, when you consider you have eight bodyguards who are elite
killing machines. It's a bad idea to bring this idea and let your bodyguards
die though since the space the Manual takes up will become dead weight. If
you intend to let your bodyguards bite the dust, take another item and
consider bodyguards an expendable resource.

 Power Scroll

Weapon clashes are rare, but they do occur. A power scroll would be great
in countering it, but ask yourself, "How often do you encounter a clash?"
The space can be used for a better item, and one that can actually do
more in a span of more time. And while you won't lose a weapon clash, you're
not garuanteed a win either -- the worst you do with this item is achieve
a draw with your opponent on Hard Mode.

Additionally the buckler should be considered when you are playing
conservatively as a "turtle" and waiting for your Musou gauge to build
when you're low on life. It will prevent you from staggering, which can
prove fatal when surrounded on Hard Mode.

 Red Hare Saddle
 Hex Mark Saddle
 Golden Harness

A horse should be used only if you need to do something fast. Otherwise
you will be wasting a space on something you can fill with something else.
Horses should only be used if you are considering just assassinating a
Flag Officer or if you really have slow character. Keep in mind that you
can be shot off the horse. If you use the Golden Harness, you can say in
your seat, but you still take damage from the arrow and you can still be
"horse-jacked" if someone takes a swipe at you.

 Fire Arrows

Not as cool as it may seem. It merely does damage (a little bit) when they
hit an enemy, doing more damage than a normal arrow hit (charged or regular).
And no, your bodyguards do not set people on fire even if you have this item.

 Survival Guide
 The Art of War

Interesting little item the Defender, it's supposed to grant you double
defence when you are at critical life (musou auto-builds). It does, but
requires you to get up from a prone position while having that level of
low life. That means you can't trigger an escape jump with L1 to avoid
being comboed in the air. When it does activate, it basically spawns a
Chainmail in your character that lasts 30 seconds. Pretty sucky. The
same goes for the Survival Guide, but it's the Battleaxe. However, Xu Zhu
can be made to fall down voluntarily after he finishes his True Musou
attack. When he gets up, he will automatically trigger the Defender and
Survival Guide.

Before you go and try it, to have the critical items working, the life
is already pretty low to begin with, so I wouldn't recommend this whole
arrangement until Xu Zhu is properly built up. To add insult to injury,
you can throw in The Art of War to prolong the effect.




   Wu Zhang Plains

     Wei:                                Shu:
   item - Cao Hong                     item - Guan Xing
   item - Cao Xiu (event officer)      item - Wang Ping
   item - Man Chong (event officer)

   You Ting

     Wu:                                 Wei:
   item - Quan Zong                    item - Man Chong
   item - Da Qiao                      item - Hu Zhi
                                       item - Zhang Yi

   Jie Ting

     Wei:                               Shu:
   item - Du Xi                       item - Li Yan
   item - Deng Ai                     item - Li Hui
                                      item - Zhang Yi

   Nanman Campaign

     Nanman:                            Shu:
   item - Dong Tu Ne                  item - Li Hui
   item - Yong Kai                    item - Liao Hua
   item - Meng Huo #5                 weap - Zhang Yi
   weap - Meng Huo #1                 weap - Ma Dai
   weap - Dailai Dongzhu              weap - Zhang Bao
   weap - Meng You

   Yi Ling

     Wu:                                Shu:
   item - Pan Zhong                   item - Wu Lan
   item - Zhu Ran                     item - Lei Tong
   item - Ling Tong                   item - Shamoke
   weap - Jiang Qin                   weap - Wei Yan
   weap - Zhou Tai                    weap - Huang Zhong
   weap - Xu Sheng                    weap - Huang Quan

   He Fei Field

     Wu:                                Wei:
   item - Han Deng                    item - Yu Jin
   item - Jiang On                    item - Li Dian
   weap - Ding Feng                   weap - Cao Zhang
   weap - Zhu Ran                     weap - Cao Hong
   weap - Xu Sheng                    weap - Cao Pi
                               hubba hubba - Cap Pi's wife

   Guan Du

     Yuan Shao:                         Cao Cao:
   item - Yuan Xi                     item - Li Dian
   item - Xun Chen                    item - Lin Yan
   item - Yuan Tan                    item - Song Xian
   weap - Han Meng                    weap - Yu Jin
   weap - Chun Yiqiong                weap - Wei Xu
   weap - Lu Wei Kuang                weap - Guan Yu

   ** I'm not being paid enough for this shit to go on
      giving you people free information.




#1  - Go and play something else.
#2  - That failing, play DW3 again but with another character.
#3  - Go for that infinite combo we always talk about.
#4  - Imagine female characters fighting nekkid.
#5  - See how many Red Hares you can get: knock off Lu Bu and make it respawn.
#6  - Start doing really weird shit like walking backwards into every fight.
#7  - Piss into the wind.
#8  - Play the fat people.
#9  - Sell the game for $5 or best offer, then buy DW4.
#10 - Then take dump while reading the DW4 manual.




. . . play her until I knew her better than my wife. She'd definitely get
my attention if she was in this game. Her True Musou would be a combination
of her Heel Spin, frenzied whipping, and her drop kick (aaaarrrrrrrrgh).

  Ivy can violate my rights anytime :P

Ivy's 4th Weapon -
Element : Purple (complements her eyes, but I'm not really into her eyes)
Basic: 40
 Reach +30
 Defence +30
 Jump +15
 Musou Charge +15
 Musou Max +50
Method: Something so disgusting, it may cause your computer screen to explode
        from the effort of keeping it from soiling your eyes and insulting
        your sexuality.

Isabella Valentine
  Gameplay Model = 100
  In-game Voice  =  50
  Victory Pose   =  75
  Musou War Cry  =  50
  Dash Attack    =  15
  Game Over Pic  = 500
Total Sexiness   = Do you think I care at this point?




Quick Notes:
The Legacy of Lame, Soul Beaver 2 had some cool looking human enemies, esp.
that hot looking sorceress with the tight butt and girly fireball throwing
motion. I also liked the war hounds working in conjunction with their
religious fanatic masters who resembled the Christian Crusaders a millenia
ago. So I'm asking myself if we theoretically put the two enemy AIs together
in a street brawl (like the Battle of Hastings kinda, but with these fellas)
what would the outcome be?

Soul Beaver 2                             Dynasty Warriors 3
=============                             ==================
Soldier - Sword                           Soldier - Sword
Soldier - Pike                            Soldier - Spear
Soldier - Cannonade (Crossbow)            Soldier - Pike
Soldier - Sorceress (hubba hubba)         Soldier - Bow
Soldier - War Hound                       Soldier - Crossbow
Soldier - Crossbow (SR1)                  Soldier - Mounted Horse
Soldier - Flamethrower (SR1)              Soldier - Mounted Elephant

Possible Officers:                        Officers:
-----------------                         --------
Sarafan Raziel                            Anybody can kill Sarafan.
Sarafan Turel                             They suck. Some games suck,
Sarafan Dumah                             but SR2 was the suckiest bunch
Sarafan Rahab                             of sucks that ever sucked.
Sarafan Zephon
Sarafan Melchiah





All battles have to be fought on the Hard Difficulty. Both Story Mode and
Free Mode are acceptable. After enemy supply teams appear or precious item
reports appear, you can go to History and check for the location.

Precious item will stay at the same spot and do not "disappear" unless the
box is broken. Precious item will be found in a wooden box, break the box
to retrieve the item or weapon.

A Supply team will move and is subject to being killed or fleeing the map.
Using the map on the top right of the screen, you can track the movement
of the Supply team by keeping an eye on the small group of red dots that
appeared when the supply team appearance message appeared. You need to
catch up with the supply team as quickly as you can because if they reach
a troop entry point or if they are eliminated by your allies, the item will
be lost. Supply team will be led by a supply team captain, defeat the captain
to retrieve the item (see section 2.3). 

Weapon Elements:

Red (Flame) Does damage to enemies after initial hit.

Blue (Thunder) Juggles enemies for extra combo hits after landing.

Purple (Death) Doubles damage after element is invoked.

Easy Fourth Weapon Retrieval:

Some fourth weapon appearances are time limited, and could be missed if
you are not quick enough to get to it. Here is a convenient trick to
avoid that.

Start a game on 2 player cooperation mode, with 1P as the 4th weapon
retrieving character and 2P as the character you want to play with. At
the beginning of the game, place 1P near the 4th weapon appearance
location or a safe place near the 4th weapon appearance location and
leave him there. Start playing the stage using 2P and fulfill the 4th
weapon appearance requirements. When the 4th weapon appears, switch
back to controlling 1P and retrieve the precious item conveniently
located nearby.

This gets extremely easy (even on Hard Mode) if the 1st player is Class 16
and the 2nd player is a powered up max character.

SHU / Green

Fierce Dragon
Element : Red
Basic +43
HP +74
Attack +25
Defense +52
Musou Gage +80
Stage: Chang Ban
Type: Supply Team
Location: Entry point near Zhang He
Direction: Toward Northeast entry point
Method: Defeat Xiahou Dun and Zhang Liao, Cao Cao backup troops appear
        event, ride to Liu Bei to trigger Zhao Yun announces his presence
        event, defeat Zhang He.

Blue Moon Dragon
Element : Blue
Basic +49
HP +87
Attack +28
Defense +59
Musou Increase + 25
Stage: Guan Yu's Escape
Type: Supply team
Location: North of 4th fort
Direction: Toward South
Method: Pass the 4th gate.

Viper Blade
Element : None
Basic +47
Attack +29
Defense +58
Ride Attack +56
Ride Defense +57
Musou Increase +24
Stage: Chang Ban
Type: Supply team
Location: Entry point near Xu Zhu
Direction: Toward Northeast entry point
Method: Meet with enemies on the Chang Ban Bridge, Zhang Fei shout event,
        defeat Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan.

Oracle Sword
Element : None
Basic +44
Attack +23
Defense +45
Arrow Attack +60
Arrow Defense +58
Radius +26
Stage: Ding Jun Mountain
Type: Precious item
Location: To the west of Cao Cao's initial position
Method: Run down the center route, defeat Xiahou Shang.

Steel Dragon
Element : Red
Basic +42
Jump +21
Ride Attack +60
Ride Defense +60
Radius +21
Stage: Tong Gate
Type: Supply team
Location: Right side of the bridge on the North of the map
Direction: Toward Northeast entry point
Method: Cao Cao meets Han Sui event, Han Sui defects to Cao Cao event,
        wait for a while. Make that a long while.

Double Comet
Element : Purple
Basic +46
Jump +23
Attack +24
Defense +56
Radius +22
Stage: Jie Ting
Type: Precious item
Location: On top of the hill Ma Su made camp
Method: Wait for Ma Su to move up the hill on his own, enemy ambush attacks
        and surrounds Ma Su, defeat the enemy general attacking Ma Su to rescue
        him (Zhang He), defeat all enemy generals except Sima Yi, enter Sima
        Yi's camp.

Element : Blue
Basic +41
Musou Gage +74
Attack +23
Luck +25
Stage: Jie Ting
Type: Supply team
Location: Entry point to the Northeast of Sima Yi
Direction: Toward Northwest entry point
Method: Defeat Zhen Ji and Cao Zhen

Tornado Staff
Element : None
Basic +38
HP +66
Attack +22
Arrow Attack +46
Radius +28
Musou Increase +29
Stage: Cheng Du
Type: Precious item
Location: Northwest of map
Method: Pan Tong surrounded by Zhan Ren message, defeat Zhang Ren.

Peacock Feather
Element : Red
Basic +40
Speed +22
Jump +22
Defense +55
Arrow Defense +55
Ride Defense +55
Stage: Wu Zhang Plains
Type: Precious item
Location: East end of Zhuge Liang's initial position
Method: Enemy backup troop appear, defeat enemy backup troop general Cao Xiu.

Gold Moon Dragon
Element : None
Basic +40
Speed +20
Musou Increase +70
Ride Attack +44
Ride Defense +52
Luck +22
Stage: Yi Ling
Type: Precious item
Location: Inside Sun Quan's camp
Method: Defeat Sun Shang Xiang.

WEI / Blue

Mad Bull
Element : Blue
Basic +49
HP +84
Attack +27
Musou Increase +28
Stage: Enjyou (Wan Chen)
Type: Supply troop
Location: East of Hu Che Er's initial position
Direction: Toward entry point guarded by Jia Xu
Method: Defeat Hu Che Er

Peacock Talon
Element : Purple
Basic +43
Jump +23
Attack +24
Radius +27
Musou Increase +29
Stage: Guan Du
Type: Precious item
Location: Center of map, around the bend of the central river
Method: With Yian Liang and Wen Chou still alive, find and burn the
        enemy supply depot.

Kirin Fang
Element : Red
Basic +48
Attack +26
Arrow Defense +60
Ride Defense +56
Radius +24
Stage: Guan Yu's Escape
Type: Precious item
Location: Northeast corner of the fort Guan Ping is in
Method: Defeat Zhou Can, Chen Zhen, and Guan Ping.

Demon Fang
Element : Red
Basic +45
Musou Gage +84
HP +78
Arrow Attack +58
Arrow Defense +59
Stage: Ding Jun Shan
Type: Precious item
Location: In the alcove West of Huang Zhong's initial position
Method: After Huang Zhong's downhill charge event, defeat Huang Zhong.

Stone Crusher
Element : None
Basic +50
Musou Gage +88
HP +86
Attack +28
Defense +58
Luck +27
Stage: Tong Gate
Type: Precious item
Location: Southeast of Ma Chao's fort
Method: Defeat Ma Dai and Pang De, then pass through Tong Gate into Ma Chao's fort.
        2P will not trigger event, but may still kill Ma Dai and Pang De and
        Have 1P (as Xu Zhu) go pass gate and trigger precious item.

Dragon Breath
Element : None
Basic +48
HP +79
Attack +25
Ride Attack +58
Ride Defense +58
Radius +21
Stage: Battle of He Fei
Type: Precious item
Location: North of the broken bridge
Method: Defeat Zhou Tai (or his non-union Mexican equivalent).

Element : None
Basic +46
Speed +21
Musou Gage +82
Attack +24
Luck +24
Radius +22
Stage: Fan Castle
Side: Wei /Blue
Type: Precious item
Location: Near Northeast edge of the ground level
Method: Defeat Guan Ping before the flood event.

Dark Moon Flute
Element : None
Basic +37
Speed +23
Defense +52
Arrow Attack +50
Ride Attack +50
Radius +25
Stage: Jie Ting
Type: Precious item
Location: Around Zhuge Liang's camp
Method: Defeat Jiang Wei.

Dark Feather
Element : Blue
Basic +40
Attack +28
Arrow Attack +50
Ride Attack +55
Radius +29
Musou Increase +26
Stage: Wu Zhang Plains
Type: Supply team & precious item
Location: Entry point Southeast of Shu base
Method: Defeat Zhang Bao, 20 minutes later the supply team will appear
        around Zhang Bao's initial position, defeat supply team captain
        but receive nothing, instead receive precious item report.

Wrath of Heaven
Element : Purple
Basic +45
Attack +24
Arrow Attack +52
Ride Attack +48
Radius +24
Stage: Yellow Turbans
Type: Supply troop
Location: Entry point Northwest of map
Direction: Toward center North entry point
Method: Defeat Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang without losing any of the enemy
        entry points and not losing any ally entry points.

WU / Red

Ancients' Sword
Element : Red
Basic +46
Attack +23
Defense +50
Radius +25
Musou Increase +27
Stage: Chi Bi
Type: Precious item
Location: To the Southwest of Cao Cao's initial position
Method: Defeat Xiahou Dun and Zhang He.

Sol Chakram
Element : None
Basic +40
Speed +23
Jump +22
HP +66
Luck +23
Radius +30
Stage: You Ting
Type: Precious item
Location: Around Cao Xiu's initial position
Method: Defeat Cao Xiu.

Black Shadow
Element : None
Basic +44
HP +82
Defense +57
Ride Attack +52
Radius +23
Musou Increase +27
Stage: Chi Bi
Type: Precious item
Location: To the Northwest of Zhuge Liang's praying structure
Method: Defeat Zhang Liao.

Element : None
Basic +42
Speed +22
Musou Gage +75
Defense +43
Radius +29
Stage: Yi Ling
Type: Precious item
Location: Northeast of Zhuge Liang's Stone Warrior Formation.
Method: With either Lu Meng or Gan Ning still alive, break through
        the Stone Warrior Formation Maze and defeat Zhuge Liang.

Tiger Slayer
Element : Blue
Basic +45
HP +81
Attack +26
Arrow Attack +55
Ride Attack +51
Stage: Assault on Wu Territory
Side: Allied Troops
Type: Precious item
Location: Area in front of the center North entry point
Method: Defeat all enemy generals except Sun Ce.

White Tiger
Element : Blue
Basic +45
Defense +53
Arrow Defense +54
Ride Defense +54
Musou Increase +25
Stage: Fan Castle
Type: Precious item
Location: Southeast of Wei base, on the middle level platform.
Method: Defeat Guan Ping.

Sea Master
Element : Blue
Basic +46
Speed +22
Jump +21
Attack +25
Luck +26
Musou Increase +28
Stage: Battle of He Fei
Type: Supply team
Location: Entry point Northwest of map
Direction: Toward entry point Southwest of map
Method: Wait for Taishi Chi's death event.

True Beauty
Element : None
Basic +37
Musou Gage +64
HP +65
Attack +22
Defense +48
Luck +29
Stage: You Ting
Type: Precious item
Location: Dead end to the West of the Northwest entry point
Method: Defeat Zhang He. This one cannot be obtained in Musou Mode.

True Grace
Element : Purple
Basic +38
Speed +24
Defense +47
Luck +28
Musou Increase +30
Stage: NaMan Campaign
Type: Precious item
Location: To the East of the bridge at the Northwest of map
Method: Defeat Zhu Rong.

Element : Red
Basic +42
Speed +21
Jump +20
Musou Gage +80
HP +72
Stage: Assault on Wu Territory
Type: Precious item
Location: Southwest of Taishi Chi
Method: Make Taishi Chi defect to your side by defeating Liu Yong
        without defeating Taishi Chi.

Master Wolf
Element : None
Basic +42
Musou Gage +68
Attack +22
Arrow Attack +49
Arrow Defense +50
Musou Increase +26
Stage: Siege of He Fei Castle
Type: Precious item
Location: To the East of the pond in the center of the castle
Method: Defeat Zhang He.

Savage Wolf
Element : Red
Basic +43
Musou Gage +76
HP +68
Attack +22
Defense +49
Stage: Surprise Attack on Liu Biao
Type: Precious item
Location: To the right of the entrance of the path toward Lu Gong
Method: Defeat Lu Gong.


Sky Scorcher
Element : Blue
Basic +50
Jump +24
Musou Gage +90
HP +90
Attack +30
Defense +60
Stage: Hu Lao Gate
Type: Supply team
Location: Entry point Northeast of map
Direction: Toward entry point behind Cao Cao's initial position
Method: Defeat Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Liu Bei, and Gong Sun.

Gold Globes (She's gotta pair of 'golden globes')
Element : None
Basic +40
Musou Gage +65
Defense +48
Luck +30
Radius +28
Musou Increase +30
Stage: Hu Lao Gate
Type: Precious item
Location: West of Fan Shui Gate
Method: Defeat Yuan Shu (read: not Yuan Shao).

Grand Star
Element : None
Basic +41
HP +70
Defense +45
Radius +25
Stage: Hu Lao Gate
Type: Precious item
Location: Entry point West of map
Method: Wait until all your generals are defeated except for Lu Bu and Diao Chan.
        Diao Chan will defect to the Allied side, defeat Diao Chan.

Grand Master
Element : None
Basic +44
Jump +20
Musou Gage +78
Defense +54
Arrow Attack +51
Ride Attack +46
Stage: Guan Du
Type: Supply team
Location: North of the Southeastern fort
Direction: Toward Southeast entry point
Method: Keep Wen Chou alive for 10 minutes.

Volcano Staff
Element : Red
Basic +37
Musou Gage +72
Attack +43
Radius +27
Stage: Yellow Turbans
Type: Precious item
Location: Southeast of the river North of map
Method: Defeat all three generals of Liu Bei, all five generals of Cao Cao,
        or all four generals of Sun Jian.

King of Beasts
Element : Red
Basic +48
HP +88
Attack +27
Ride Attack +54
Ride Defense +54
Stage: Nan Man Campaign
Type: Precious item
Location: West of the blocking mountain at the center of the map
Method: Defeat all enemy generals on the East side - Ma Chao, Zhang Yi, and
        Ma Dai; or all enemy generals on the West side - Zhang Fei, Zhang
        Bao, and Guan Xing.

Magma Wheel
Element : Red
Basic +42
Musou Gage +72
Defense +52
Arrow Defense +52
Radius +26
Stage: Nan Man Campaign
Type: Precious item
Location: Near the bridge at the center of map
Method: Keep Dong Tu Na and Ahui Nan alive for 15 minutes, the two of
        them will trigger an escape from battlefield event.

Fu Xi's (Big) Sword
Element : Red
Basic +46
Attack +26
Defense +51
Radius +23
Musou Increase +24
Stage: Surprise Attack on Liu Biao
Side: Liu Biao (not Sun Jian)
Type: Precious item
Location: Dead end area at the Northwest corner of the beach
Method: Defeat Huang Gai.

Nu Wa's (Slender) Rapier
Element : Purple
Basic +39
Musou Gage +62
HP +62
Attack +21
Defense +46
Stage: Wan Castle
Side: Zhang Xiu (not Cao Cao)
Type: Precious item
Location: North of Dian Wei's initial location
Method: Defeat Dian Wei.




Stage Event Guide courtesy of Muni Shinobu (muni_shinobu@yahoo.com)
The INglish was translated by Simalcrum, closet bastard


 "-"  . . . what event or catalyst triggers the event.
 "->" . . . what effect the event has, if any.
 "-x" . . . how to prevent this event, if possible.
 "-?" . . . questionable or possible trigger.
 "-*" . . . miscellaneous notes.

Stages are listed in the order presented in Free Mode, American:

Siege of the Yellow Turbans

Zhang Bao starts dropping rocks:
 -  set time pass OR going up the hill to Zhang Bao's
    initial position while his unit is still there.

Zhang Liang freezes rivers:
 -  set time pass OR kill Zhang Liang.

Zhang Jiao teleports into city:
 -  defeat Zhang Jiao outside the city (initial position).

Zhang Jiao teleports to North shore:
 -  defeat Zhang Jiao inside city OR after Zhang Liang
    freezes river, player crosses to North shore through
    the North city gate.

Battle of Hu Lao Gate

Yuan Shu's unit won't move:
 -  set time pass.
 -> Sun Jian gets mad, Sun Jian's unit morale drops.

Lu Bu's appearance:
 -  set time pass.

Three Brothers (Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei) battle Lu Bu:
 -  Yuan Shu's unit destroyed, set time pass.

Dong Zhuo backup troops arrive:
 -  set time pass.
 -> backup troops appear around allied troop base.

Ambush archers appear:
 -  enter narrow round path before Hu Lao Gate.

Zhang Liao faces Lu Bu:
 -  play musou mode with Zhang Liao.

Lu Bu defects:
 -  Diao Chan defeated before Lu Bu.
    (event occurs when playing Dong Zhuo's side only)

Surprise Attack on Liu Biao

Sun Jian crushed by rocks:
 -  Sun Jian enters far into enemy territory.
 -> Sun Jian's unit destroyed.
 -x play as Sun Jian.

Battle At Wan Castle

 -* Battle At Wan Castle has no scripted events.

Assault on Wu Territory

Zhou Yu gives Sun Ce advice:
 -  set time pass.
 -> Zhou Yu and SUn Ce divide troops.
Sun Ce convinces Taishi Chi
 -  Liu Yong defeated before Taishi Chi
 -> unlocks Taishi Chi.

Battle At Guan Du

Castle wall destroyed:
 -  set time pass.
 -> North Wall of Cao Cao's castle destroyed.

Troop supplies discovered:
 -  when Yuan Shao's supply depot is found.

Supply depot destroyed:
 -  Chen Yu Qing (or officer in supply depot) defeated.
 -> Yuan Shao's troops supplies razed.
 -> All allied Cao Cao's forces mobilise.

Yuan Shao orders men to charge:
 -  Cao Cao's forces achieves upper hand, set time pass.
 -> Yuan Shao starts to attack.

Guan Yu's Escape

First gate falls:
 -  Guan Yu reaches first gate OR defeat Zhang He.

Shu troops appear at first gate:
 -  Guan Yu clears first gate (Guan Yu's side only).

Second Gate falls:
 -  Guan Yu reaches second gate OR defeat Zhen Ji.

Shu troops appear at second gate:
 -  Guan Yu clears second gate (Guan Yu's side only).

Third gate falls:
 -  Guan Yu reaches third gate OR defeat Xiahou Yuan.

Shu troops appear at third gate:
 -  Guan Yu clears third gate (Guan Yu's side only).

Fourth gate falls:
 -  Guan Yu reaches fourth gate OR defeat Xu Huang.

Shu troops appear at fourth gate:
 -  Guan Yu clears fourth gate (Guan Yu's side only).

Fifth gate falls:
 -  Guan Yu reaches fourth gate OR defeat Xu Zhu.

Battle at Chang Ban Bridge

Cao Cao appears:
 -  set time pass.
 -> Cao Cao appears at the Northeast.

Zhang Fei's Stand, not to be confused with Custer's Last Stand:
 -  Zhang Fei crosses Chang Ban Bridge.
 -> Cao Cao's forces' morale drops.

Retreat ships arrive:
 -  set time pass.
 -> Liu Bei gives order for his forces to go Southwest.

Battle of Chi Bi (Wall o'Fire)

Zhuge Liang summons wind:
 -  set time pass.
 -> Huang Gai starts to move.
 -x defeat Lu Meng.

"The wind is here":
 -  playing Wu side only.
 -> your character is amazed.

Huang Gai fools Cao Cao:
 -  Huang Gai reaches Xiahou Dun's initial position.
 -> fire trick succeeded, Cao Cao's army morale drops.
 -x defeat Huang Gai after his team appears at Xiahou Dun's initial position.

Wu troops, don't let the glory be taken by others!:
 -  after fire trick succeeds, set time pass.
 -> Shu troops appear from Northwest of map.
--x defeating Zhou Yu quickly will prevent all four events.

Cao Cao backup troops arrive:
 -  set time pass
 -> backup troops appear around Cao Cao's location

Battle at Tong Gate

Cao Cao appeals to Han Sui in a nonhomosocial manner:
 -  Han Sui's morale drops.

Han Sui defects:
 -  both Ma Chao's subordinate officers defeated, Cao Cao appeals
    to Han Sui, set time pass.
 -> Han Sui defects to Cao Cao.
 -> Ma Chao's army morale drops (playing as Allied Forces only).

Battle at Chen Du

You got lost. DING! (Interstate 76):
 -  at the beginning of battle, Liu Bei's forces only.
 -> map disappears while in the forest.

This is Drop Phoenix Valley...:
 -  Pang Tong arrives at the Valley.
 -> Liu Zhang's ambush troops will appear after set time pass.

Pang Tong settles to die:
 -  Liu Zhang's ambush party appears, set time pass.
 -x defeat Zhang Ren before ambush appears.
 -> if alive, Pang Tong will become unlocked.

Liu Zhang surrenders:
 -  all enemy generals defeated except for Liu Zhang, set time pass.
 -> Liu Zhangsurrenders

Battle at He Fei

Death of Taishi Chi (Wei Side):
 -  Zhang Liao still alive.
 -  Taishi Chi enters the center square area, set time pass.
 -> Taishi Chi's unit is destroyed.

Death of Taishi Chi (Wu Side):
 -  set time pass.
 -> ambush archers led by Zhang Liao shoots Taishi Chi, Taishi
    Chi's unit destroyed.
 -x kill Zhang Liao.

Zhang Liao pulls out from center square area:
 -  Taishi Chi is killed, other generals that were initially placed
    in the center square area killed.

Sun Quan jumps bridge:
 -  when playing as Wu only.
 -  Sun Quan is still near the Southeast bridge.
 -  approach Sun Quan.
 -> Sun Quan's unit teleports to southeast area.

Zhang Liao attacks:
 -  set time pass after Sun Quan's jump event; Zhang Liao must
    have pulled out from center square area earlier.
 -> Zhang Liao teleports into Sun Quan's HQ.
 -x if playing as Zhang Liao, Wei side.

Gan Ning attacks:
 -  set time pass (Wu) OR after Zhang Liao teleports into Sun Quan's
    HQ (Wei).
 -> Gan Ning's troops appear in front of Cao Cao's HQ.
 -> Sun Quan army launches all out attack
 -* Cao Cao may now be defeated if Sun Quan approaches Cao Cao' HQ.
 -x if playing as Gan Ning, Wu side.

Wei backup troops arrive:
 -  set time pass.
 -> backup troops appear around Cao Cao's command base.

Battle at Fan Castle

Water attack iminent:
 -  "Guan Yu is preparing to flood the castle!" message appears, set
    time pass.
 -> lower portion of Fan Castle flooded (kills all units on lower level).

Guan Yu meets Xu Huang:
 - when Guan Yu meets Xu Huang.

Wu betrays Shu:
 -  set time pass.
 -> Wu troops arrive to aid Wei.
 -> Lu Meng, Gan Ning, and Lu Xun appear.

Battle at Ding Jun Shan

Huang Zhong displays octagenarian valour:
 -  set time pass.
 -> Huang Zhong shoots arrows toward the enemy.

"Brother Dun, the rest is yours!":
 -  Shu side only.
 -  defeat Xiahou Yuan.
 -> Xiahou Yuan unlocked.

Downhill charge:
 -  your character Huang Zhong while riding a horse.
 -> Huang Zhong rides down the hill heroically and proves old
    people can do other physical activites besides sex.

Battle at Yi Ling
Master Zhuge Liang is not here:
 -  set time pass.
 -> Lu Xun surveys battlefield.
 -> Lu Xun orders the fire attack.
 -> Zhu Ran (non-flag officer; under Lu Xun) appears in the valley
    East of Sun Shang Xiang.

Shu base razed:
 -  set time pass after Lu Xun orders fire attack.
 -> Shu army morale drops.
 -x defeat Zhu Ran before fire attack occurs.

Zhuge Liang arrives:
 -  set time pass
 -> Zhuge Liang appears in Liu Bei's HQ.

Stone Warrior formation:
 -  when playing as Wu side only.
 -  enter Stone Warrior formation.
 -  exit Stone Warrior formation.

Nanman Campaign

Shu/Wu troops flee from elephants:
 -  your character encounter an elephant troop OR set time pass.
 -> elepant troops appear and start attacking.

Arrows fleck off super Nazi Raiden soldier:
 -  your characters Naman Elite soldier OR set time pass.
 -> arrows can't damage Naman Elite soldiers (in the funny Raiden hats).

Nanman surprise attack:
 -  set time pass.
 -> Nanman troops appear from the Northwest.

Zhu Rong goes into Angry Mode (tm):
 -  Meng Huo defeated five times by you, and not your buddies.
 -> Zhu Rong's morale rises.

Subjugate Meng Huo:
 -  fight and personally defeat Meng Huo seven times.
 -> Meng Huo unlocked.

"What is this!?" OR "What's going on here!?!?":
 -  Nanman only, enter Zhuge Liang or Lu Xun's HQ.

Meng Huo teleports to Nanman HQ:
 -  Zhu Rong killed.
 -> You won't need to fight his fat ass seven times.

Battle at Jie Ting

Zhao Yun arrives:
 -  set time pass
 -> Zhao Yun appears at Shu HQ.

Zhang He does his beautiful charge:
 -  Ma Su defeated, set time pass.
 -> Zhang He does his beautiful charge. Seriously, who'd pay good 
    money to see him and Bon Jenet (Mark of the Wolves, Neo Geo)
    tongue kiss for one whole minute?

Battle at You Ting

Zhou Fang swaps sides (Wei):
 -  set time pass.
 -  Sima Yi says something sinister.
 -> Zhou Fang defects to Wu.

Zhou Fang swaps sides (Wu):
 -  defeat the two units that are initially north of Xiao Qiao and Diao
    Qiao; causes the following messages, "East Fortress has fallen!" and
    "West Fortress has fallen!".
 -> Zhou Fang defects to Wu.

Zhen Ji meets Sun Shang Xiang:
 -  Zhen Ji meets Sun Shang Xiang.
 -* I like t'see these two wrestle like a coupla nekkid mud weasels.

Siege at He Fei Castle

Wu backup troops arrive:
 -  set time pass
 -> Wu backup troops appear on the sides of the castle.

Wei backup troops arrive:
 -  set time pass
 -> Wei backup troops appear east of Sun Quan.

Archer troops:
 -  cross the stone bridge at the center of castle.
 -x don't cross the stone bridge. This is very important.

Arrow Trap, Wind Tunnel Trap:
 - enter the castle through the Northeast, you have to pass
   through these trap rooms.

Battle at Wu Zhang Plains

Wei backup troops arrive:
 - set time pass, after defeating Sun Li and Cao Hong.

Shu backup troops arrive:
 -  set time pass.

Wooden Ox (Shu side only):
 -  south of the small village on the East.
 -> inside the cows are emergency rations from Zhuge Liang.

Catapult bombardment:
 -  set time pass.
 -> Wei will start tossing rocks at Shu HQ.

Sima Yi taunted:
 -  reach Wei HQ.
 -> Sima Yi will lose his cool.
 -> Sima Yi's troops start attacking, but lose morale.
 -> You cannot use Sima Yi to taunt Sima Yi (Free Mode).
 -* This is Dynasty Warriors 3, not Mortal Kombat 3.

Ambush! (Warhammer):
 -  assault Shu HQ from the East.
 -> ambush team will appear in front of the fort entrance.

Falling star (Wei):
 -  when playing on Wei's side.
 -  two of the Five Wei Generals defeated (Zhang He or Xu Huang).
 -? possible it may also be triggered by allowing Zhen Ji or Xu Zhu
    be defeated as well.
 -> player character sees shooting star.
 -> special item report.

Falling stars (Shu):
 -  when playing on Shu's side.
 -  two of the Five Tiger Generals defeated (Huang Zhong or Zhao Yun).
 -? possible to allow Wei Yan, Jiang Wei, or Zhang Fei to trigger this
 -> player character sees shooting star.
 -> special item report.

Story Mode Only

Pirates on the High Seas

"Please spare this ship." "NO!" Bleyahh! (ROTK):
 -  Captain is killed.
 -> You lose.

Mountain Bandit Campaign

"Kurosawa should sue Koei for ripping off the Seven Samurai -- I mean,
 please save my village! Bandits are attacking!":
 -  Start the mission.
 -> Nothing really, just go kill.

Assault on the Rogue Fortress
Player character stupefied:
 -  meet a dead end after passing one of the outer gates.

Leader shows his face
 -  breach the inner stone keep.
 -* leader changes when using different characters on different sides.


Content in this work Copyright 2001 Muni Shinobu (muni_shinobu@yahoo.com)
The useful shit was all his, but it was all in Japaheeno so no one could
understand what the hell he was saying. So I'm givin' it to you in INglish
with his, her, or its blessing.

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Other additions in this were added by Simalcrum, a man of complete and
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