Dynasty Warriors 3
                        Shin Sangoku Musou 2

                      For the Sony PlayStation 2

                         Copyright Koei 2001


  FAQ/Enemy Dropped Items Weapons PowerUps on Hard Difficulty
  Version 2.00 /April 11, 2002
  by Amy "FemmeTora" Ludwig


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  I.   Introduction
  II.  Description of terms
  III. Spoils of each Stage
  IV.  Revision History
  V.   Administrivia


  I. Introduction

  Well this is my first FAQ.  I am excited to have finally finished 
  this project that I started a few months ago.  

  I have decided to post this FAQ merely due to the many generals and 
  officers that I've come up against in this wonderful game from Koei.
  Also, I felt that writing all of this valuable information was 
  crucial to aiding in leveling up my characters more readily.

  I have beaten the entire Musou mode with all of the characters who
  are allowed to participate in Musou mode.  I have wasted much time
  chasing after an enemy that dropped a particularly worthless item 
  or powerup.

  I have listed the Defense and Attack powerups as they appear on 
  the screen after normally defeating an enemy. All stats listed are the
  base value. While some can be mulitplied by two using combo 
  strings equalling 8 or greater, generally you can not multiply the base
  that is already equal to 2 or greater.

  However the combo must K.O. the enemy to get the base value multiplied
  by 2. If you can successfully K.O. an enemy officer or general with a
  combo of 24 or greater, you can generally yield greater rewards in 
  terms of powerups, such as the Defense Up +n and the Attack Up +n. 
  However, this only works in the later stages of Dynasty Warriors 3. It
  is possible to attain an Attack +16 in the last stages if you are 
  very skilled with combinations greater than or equal to 24.

  This FAQ is designed to aid those who are playing either Free and/
  or Musou mode on the 'Hard' difficulty. I will not type up one for 
  easy mode, because the rewards are very miniscule. I have already 
  submitted a faq for the 'Normal' Mode, but it will not be posted
  due to the fact that there are two faqs already up.


  II. Description of terms

  Most enemy generals and their officers will drop an Item, Weapon, 
  Defense Up +n, or an Attack Up +n. Very rarely you will find a stage
  where the attack or defense may be x2 for 30 seconds. An example 
  of this occurrence is found is found on the 'Battle at Chi Bi' board.

  Item: Frequently an item will either be one of 13 blue items, or one
  of 12 red items. The blue items have variable stats, which will
  be randomly determined by the game, or perhaps the luck stats can also
  effect its strength? The red items serve a special function or power
  that will aid in making the game easier or more convenient.

  Weapon: A weapon dropped by an enemy will appear inside of an 
  elaborate black and gold box. It's level and stats are mostly deter-
  mined by luck or by random. Generally the best weapons are 
  found in the more difficult latter stages. Each playable character
  has four weapons available to unlock throughout the game.

  Defense Up: This powerup will appear after defeating the appropriate
  enemy Generals/officers. It is a shield that can range in strength from
  1 to 8, 1 being the minimum and 8 being the maximum at one time. It will
  increase your characters defensive stats, provided that the character is
  not fully maxed out. The Defense Up shall be referred to as Defense.
  Attack Up: This is nearly identical to the Defense Up, except it increases 
  your characters offensive stats, provided that the character is
  not fully maxed out. It appears as a sword of a variable strength. The
  Attack Up shall be referred to as Attack.

  All Generals will appear above and to the left of their respective officers.
  As you have no doubt witnessed yourself, frequently enemy (and_very_rarely
  allied) reinforcements arrive after certain events in the game. Generally to 
  avoid confusion(for you the reader), I have decided to list these generals
  and/or officers at the bottom of each battle scenario. Their names shall
  appear inside of [brackets].

  If you feel that you need help, or need to make suggestions, please feel 
  free to e-mail me,  but please do not send me spam. It is: 


  III. Spoils of each Stage

  (Please note that this is not the final version, as there may be more 
  additional characters that may need to be added. Depending on which 
  character you use, you may find a slight variation of enemy officers.)

               184 A.D.  The Yellow Turban Rebellion

      Han Forces                |       Turbans' Forces
   Hejin           N/A          |    Zhang Jiao         Defense +1
      Liu Yan      Defense +1   |             2         Defense +4
      Zhang Chao   Defense +1   |             3         N/A
      Zou Jing     Weapon       |       Ma Yuan Yi      Attack +1
   Huangfu Song    Defense +2   |    Zhang Liang        Item
   Zhu Jun         Defense +1   |       Han Zhong       Defense +1
   Lu Zhi          Item         |       Zhao Hong       Weapon
   Liu Bei         Item         |    Zhang Bao          Item
      Zhang Fei    Attack +4    |       Gao Sheng       Attack +1
      Guan Yu      Attack +2    |    Pei Yuan Shao      Attack +1
   Sun Jian        Weapon       |    Guan Hai           Attack +2
      Huang Gai    Attack +1    |    He Yi              Weapon
      Han Dang     Defense +1   |    Yan Zheng          Attack +2
      Cheng Pu     Defense +1   |       Sun Zhong       Attack +1
   Cao Cao         Weapon       |    Zhang Liang        (N/A)
      Xiahou Dun   Attack+2     |       Cheng Yuanzhi   Attack +1
      Xiahou Yuan  Attack+2     |       Deng Mao        Weapon
      Cao Ren      Defense+2    |   [Zhang Man Cheng ]  Attack +2
      Cao Hong     Item         |     [ Bo Zhang ]      Item

               191 A.D.  The Battle at Hu Lao Gate

      Allies                    |       Dong Zhuo's Forces
   Yuan Shao       N/A          |    Dong Zhuo          N/A
      Yan Liang    Attack +1    |       Li Meng         Item
      Wen Chou     Weapon       |       Diao Chan       Defense +4
   Gongsun Zan     Item         |    Lu Bu              Attack +4
   Liu Bei         Defense +2   |       Zhang Liao      Weapon
      Zhang Fei    Attack +4    |       Gao Shun        Attack +2
      Guan Yu      Attack +4    |    Hua Xiong          Attack +2
   Sun Jian        Defense +2   |       Hu Zhen         Attack +1
      Huang Gai    Weapon       |       Zhao Cen        Weapon
      Han Dang     Item         |    Fan Chou           Item
      Cheng Pu     Defense +2   |       Niou Fu         Attack +1
   Cao Cao         Defense +2   |    Xu Rong            Attack +1
      Xiahou Dun   Attack +2    |       Wang Fang       Defense +1
      Cao Ren      Weapon       |   [Li Jue]            Weapon
      Cao Hong     Defense +1   |   [Guo Si]            Item
   Yuan Shu        Item         |   [Li Ru]             Defense +2    

               192 A.D.  Surprise Attack on Liu Baio

      Sun Jian's Forces         |       Liu Baio's Forces
   Sun Jian        N/A          |    Liu Baio           N/A
   Sun Ce          Attack +4    |       Chen Sheng      Attack +1
      Da Qiao      Defense +2   |       Cai Mao         Defense +1
   Huang Gai       Attack +2    |       Kuai Liang      Defense +2
      Cheng Pu     Defense +1   |    Huang Zu           Attack +2
      Han Dang     Item         |    Zhang Hu           Attack +2
                                |    Lu Gong            Attack +1

                197 A.D.  Assault on Wu Territory

      Sun Ce's Forces           |       Allies
   Sun Ce          N/A          |    Liu Yong           Defense +2
      Huang Gai    Attack +4    |       Zhang Ying      Weapon
      Da Qiao      Item         |       Chen Heng       Weapon
      Zhou Tai     Attack +1    |       Yu Mi           Item
      Zhu Zhi      Weapon       |    Yan Bai Hu         Attack +2
   Zhou Yu         Defense +4   |       Yan Yu          Weapon
      Xiao Qiao    Item         |    Wang Lang          Defense +2
      Cheng Pu     Defense +1   |       Zhou Xin        Item
      Han Dang     Attack +1    |    Taishi Ci          Attack +4

                  197 A.D.  The Battle at Wan Castle

      Cao Cao's Forces          |       Zhang Xiu's Forces
   Cao Cao         N/A          |    Zhang Xiu          N/A
      Xu Zhu       Attack +2    |       Xu Rong         Attack +2
      Cao Ang      Item         |       Wang Fang       Defense +1
      Cao An Min   Item         |    Hu Che Er          Attack +2
      Yu Jin       Defense +2   |       Hu Zhen         Defense +2
   Dian Wei        Attack +4    |       Zhao Cen        Weapon
   Xu Huang        Weapon       |    Jia Xu             Defense +2
   [Zhang He]      Weapon       |       Fan Chou        Item
   [Sima Yi]       Defense +4   |       Niou Fu         Attack +2
   [Zhang Laio]    Weapon       |
   [Zhen Ji]       Defense +4   |

                   200 A.D.  The Battle at Guan Du

      Yuan Shao's Forces        |       Cao Cao's Forces
   Yuan Shao       N/A          |    Cao Cao            N/A
      Zhang He     Attack +4    |       Xu Zhu          Attack +2
      Yuan Tan     Item         |       Jia Xu          Defense +2
      Ju Shou      Defense +2   |       Cao Ren         Defense +2
      Chun Yuqiong Weapon       |       Cao Hong        Defense +1
   Yan Liang       Attack +2    |    Xiahou Dun         Attack +2
   Wen Chou        Attack +2    |       Yu Jin          Weapon
      Gao Lan      Attack +1    |       Yue Jin         Attack +1
   Yuan Xi         Item         |    Xiahou Yuan        Attack +2
   Yuan Shang      Defense +1   |       Liu Yan         Item
   Lu Wei Kuang    Weapon       |       Li Dian         Item
   Xun Chen        Item         |    Xu Huang           Attack +2
   Han Meng        Weapon       |       Wei Xu          Weapon
   Liu Bei         Defense +4   |       Shi Huan        Defense +1
      Zhang Fei    Attack +2    |    Zhang Liao         Attack +2
                                |       Xun You         Defense +2
                                |       Cheng Yu        Defense +2
                                |       Song Xian       Item
                                |    Guan Yu            Weapon

                    201 A.D.  Guan Yu's Escape

      Guan Yu's Forces          |       Cao Cao's Forces
   Guan Yu         N/A          |    Zhang He           Attack +2
   Carriage        N/A          |       Zhu Ling        Item
  [Zhou Cang ]     Attack +2    |    Zhen Ji            Defense +4
  [Guan Ping ]     Defense +4   |       Yu Jin          Defense +1
  [Chen Zhen ]     Defense +2   |    Xiahou Yuan        Attack +2
  [Zhao Yun ]      Attack +4    |       Xiahou En       Weapon
                                |    Xu Huang           Attack +2
                                |       Yue Jin         Weapon
                                |    Xu Zhu             Weapon
                                |       Li Dian         Item
                                |   [Xiahou Dun ]       Item

                    208 A.D.  The Battle at Chi Bi

      Allies                    |       Cao Cao
   Sun Quan        N/A          |    Cao Cao            N/A
      Lu Su        Defense +4   |       Cao Hong        Item
      Ling Tong    Attack +2    |       Cheng Yu        Defense +2
   Zhou Yu         Defense +8   |       Xun You         Defense +1
      Huang Gai    Weapon       |    Xiahou Yuan        Attack +2
      Xu Sheng     Item         |       Cao Ren         Weapon
   Cheng Pu        Weapon       |       Yu Jin          Attack +1
      Zhuge Jin    Defense +4   |    Xu Huang           Attack +2
   Gan Ning        Attack +8    |       Cao Zhang       Weapon
      Xu Ran       Item         |       Wen Pin         Attack +1
      Zhu Huan     Weapon       |    Zhang Liao         Attack +2
   Taishi Ci       Item         |       Cai Mao         Defense x2
      Jiang Qin    Attack +2    |    Xu Zhu             Attack +2
      Ding Feng    Attack +2    |       Jia Xu          Defense +2
   Lu Meng         Attack +4    |    Cao Pi             Item
      Zhou Tai     Defense +2   |    Man Chong          Defense +2
   Han Dang        Attack +2    |    Yue Jin            Attack x2
      Pan Zhang    Attack +2    |    Li Dian            Attack +1
                                |   [Xiahou Dun]        Weapon
                                |       [Xun Yu]        Item

                   208 A.D.  The Battle of Chang Ban

      Liu Bei                   |        Cao Cao
   Liu Bei         N/A          |    Xiahou Dun         Attack +4
      Zhao Yun     Defense +4   |    Zhang Liao         Attack +2
   Zhang Fei       Attack +4    |    Xiahou Yuan        Weapon
      Mi Zhu       Item         |        Xiahou En      Item
   Zhuge Liang     Defense +4   |    Zhang He           Item
      Zhou Cang    Attack +2    |        Zhu Ling       Defense +1
   Sun Qian        Defense +1   |    Xu Huang           Attack +2
   Mi Fang         Weapon       |        Cao Zhang      Weapon
   Liu Feng        Weapon       |        Yu Jin         Attack +2
   Chen Zhen       Item         |    Xu Zhu             Defense +4
   Jian Yong       Defense +1   |        Li Dian        Item
   Ma Liang        Defense +1   |   [Cao Cao]           N/A
      Ma Su        Attack x2    |       [Cao Ren]       Defense +4
      Liao Hua     Weapon       |       [Cao Hong]      Weapon
  [Liu Qi]         Item         |
     [Guan Yu]     Attack +4    |
     [Guan Ping]   Attack +1    |

                   211 A.D.  The Battle at Tong Gate

      Allies                    |        Cao Cao
   Ma Chao         N/A          |    Cao Cao            N/A
      Pang De      Attack +4    |        Xu Zhu         Attack +8
      Ma Dai       Attack +4    |    Xiahou Yuan        Attack +4
   Yang Qiu        Defense +4   |    Cao Ren            Defense +4
   Li Kan          Defense +4   |    Cao Hong           Defense +1
   Cheng Yi        Defense +2   |   [Xu Huang]          Weapon
   Hou Xuan        Attack +4    |   [Jia Xu]            Defense +4
   Cheng Yin       Weapon       |   [Zhu Ling]          Item
   Han Sui         Item         |   [Han Sui]           Item

                   214 A.D.  Assault on Cheng Du

      Liu Bei                   |        Liu Zhang
   Liu Bei         N/A          |    Liu Zhang          N/A
   Zhao Yun        Attack +8    |    Liu Han            Defense +8
   Pang Tong       Defense +8   |    Liu Xun            Attack +8
                                |    Zhang Ren          Defense +2
                                |    Deng Xian          Defense +1
                                |    Leng Bao           Weapon
                                |    Li Yan             Attack +4

                   215 A.D.  The Battle at He Fei

      Wei                       |        Wu
   Cao Cao         N/A          |    Sun Quan           N/A
      Xu Zhu       Attack +4    |        Han Dang       Item
      Zhang Liao   Attack +8    |    Lu Meng            Attack +8
                  ({Item}       |        Ling Tong      Attack +2
          only afr ZL's attempt |        Dong Xi        Defense +1
          of assassination on   |     Lu Xun             Attack +8
          Sun Quan, & provided  |        Xu Sheng       Weapon
          that you didn't defeat|    Taishi Ci          Attack +8
          ZL prior to the event)|    Cheng Pu           Defense +2
   Xu Huang        Attack +4    |       Zhu Huan        Item 
   Xiahou Dun      Attack +4    |       Zhu Ran         Weapon
      Li Dian      Item         |    Zhou Tai           Attack +4  
   Cao Pi          Weapon       |       Ding Feng       Weapon
      Zhen Ji      Defense +8   |    Lu Su              Defense +4
   Cao Ren         Defense +4   |       Jiang Qin       Item
      Yu Jin       Item         |       Pang Zhang      Defense +1
   Cao Hong        Weapon       |   [Gan Ning]          Item  
      Pang De      Attack +2    |
   Cao Zhang       Weapon       |
      Jia Xu       Defense +4   |

                  219 A.D.  The Battle at Fan Castle

      Shu                       |       Allies
  Guan Yu          N/A          |    Sima Yi            N/A
  Guan Ping        Attack +8    |       Cao Ren         Defense +2
  Zhou Cang        Defense +4   |    Xu Huang           Attack +8
                                |       Pang De         Defense +8
                                |   [Lu Meng]           Weapon
                                |      [Lu Xun]         Item
                                |      [Gan Ning]       Attack +4

                  219 A.D.  The Battle of Mt. Ding Jun

      Shu                       |       Wei
  Liu Bei          N/A          |    Yang Xiu           Defense +1
      Liu Feng     Defense +1   |    Xiahou Yuan        Attack +8
      Meng Da      Weapon       |       Xiahou Shang    Defense +1
  Huang Zhong      Attack +8    |       Du Xi           Attack +4
      Yan Yan      Weapon       |    Zhang He           Defense +8
      Fa Zheng     Defense +2   |       Xiahou De       Weapon
  Zhang Fei        Attack +4    |       Han Hao         Item
      Chen Shi     Item         |   [Cao Cao]           N/A
 [Zhao Yun]        Defense +8   |   [Cao Hong]          Weapon

                 222 A.D.  The Battle at Yi Ling
      Shu                       |       Wu
  Liu Bei          N/A          |    Sun Jian           N/A
      Guan Xing    Attack +2    |       Zhu Huan        Attack +2
      Zhang Bao    Attack +2    |    Gan Ning           Attack +8
  Ma Chao          Attack +8    |       Zhou Tai        Weapon
      Ma Dai       Attack +2    |       Jiang Qin       Weapon
      Guan Suo     Attack +2    |    Lu Xun             Defense +8
  Zhao Yun         Attack +8    |       Han Dang        Attack +2
  Huang Zhong      Weapon       |       Pan Zhang       Item
      Yan Yan      Defense +4   |    Sun Shang Xiang    Defense +8
  Wei Yan          Weapon       |       Ling Tong       Item
  Huang Quan       Weapon       |    Lu Meng            Attack +8
      Shamoke      Item         |       Xu Sheng        Weapon
 [Zhuge Liang]     Defense +8   |    Cheng Pu           Defense +2
     [Ma Liang]    Defense +4   |       Ding Feng       Attack +2
 [Liu Bei]         N/A          |   [Lu Xun]            N/A
     [Lei Tong]    Item         |      [Zhu Ran]        Item
     [Wu Lan]      Item         |

                 225 A.D.  The Nanman Campaign

      Shu                       |       Nanman
  Zhuge Liang      N/A          |    Meng Huo           Weapon
      Ma Su        Defense +4   |           2           Attack +4
      Liao Hua     Item         |           3           Attack +4
  Zhao Yun         Defense +8   |           4           Defense +4
      Wang Ping    Attack +2    |           5           Item
  Zhang Fei        Attack +8    |           6           Attack +8
  Zhang Bao        Weapon       |           7           N/A
  Ma Chao          Attack +8    |    Zhu Rong           Attack +2
  Zhang Yi         Weapon       |    Yong Kai           Item
  Ma Liang         Defense +4   |       Zhu Bao         Defense +1
  Li Hui           Item         |    Wu Tugu            Attack +2
  Guan Xing        Attack +4    |    Meng You           Weapon
  Ma Dai           Weapon       |    Dong Tu Ne         Item
                                |    King Duosi         Defense +2
                                |       Ahui Nan        Defense +1
                                |    Dailai Dongzhu     Weapon
                                |       Gao Ding        Defense +1
                                |    King Mulu          Defense +2
                                |   [Meng Huo]          N/A
                                |      [Meng Jie]       Defense +2
      Wu (***Coming Soon***)    | I am not sure it it is possible

                 228 A.D.  The Battle of Jie Ting

       Shu                      |       Wei
  Zhuge Liang      N/A          |    Sima Yi            N/A
       Wang Ping   Weapon       |       Deng Ai         Item
       Li Hui      Item         |       Sima Zhao       Defense +1
       Li Yan      Item         |    Zhang He           Attack +8
  Ma Chao          Attack +4    |       Du Xi           Item
       Jiang Wei   Defense +4   |    Zhen Ji            Defense +8
       Zhang Yi    Item         |       Huang Quan      Weapon
  Wei Yan          Weapon       |    Cao Zhen           Attack +4
       Gao Xiang   Weapon       |       Sun Li          Weapon
       Ma Dai      Defense +2   |       Cao Hong        Weapon
  Ma Su            Defense +2   |   [Zhang He]          N/A
       Chen Shi    Defense +1   |      [Xin Pi]         Item
 [Zhao Yun]        Attack +8    |

                 228 A.D.  The Battle of You Ting

       Wei                      |       Wu
  Sima Yi          N/A          |    Sun Quan           N/A
       Xu Zhu      Attack +8    |       Lu Xun          Attack +8
  Xu Huang         Attack +4    |       Zhuge Jin       Defense +2
  Zhang He         Defense +8   |    Sun Shang Xiang    Defense +8
       Hu Zhi      Item         |       Zhu Huan        Attack +4
  Cao Xiu          Item         |    Da Qiao            Item
       Zhen Ji     Weapon       |       Quan Zhong      Item
       Man Chong   Item         |    Xiao Qiao          Weapon
  Zhang Pu         Weapon       |       Xu Sheng        Defense +1
  Zhou Fang        Weapon       |   [Zhou Fang]         Weapon
 [Cao Xiu]         (N/A)        |
     [Jia Xu]      Defense +1   |

                  234 A.D.  The Siege of He Fei Castle

       Wei                      |       Wu
  Sima Yi           N/A         |    Sun Quan           N/A
  Xu Zhu            Attack +8   |    Lu Xun             Attack +8
  Zhang He          Attack +4   |    Gan Ning           Attack +8
  Xu Huang          Attack +8   |    Sun Shang Xiang    Defense +8
  Zhang Liao        Defense +8  |    Lu Meng            Defense +8
  Zhen Ji           Defense +8  |    Zhen Ji            Attack +2
 [Cao Rui]          Attack +2   |    Zhuge Jin          Defense +2
 [Man Chong]        Defense +2  |    Sun Shao           Attack +4

                   234 A.D.  The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains

        Shu                     |       Wei
  Zhuge Liang       N/A         |    Sima Yi            N/A
        Huang Zhong Weapon      |    Zhang Liao         Attack +8
  Jiang Wei         Defense +8  |    Xu Huang           Attack +4
        Guo Xiang   Defense +1  |    Xu Zhu             Attack +8
  Wei Yan           Attack +8   |    Cao Ren            Attack +2
  Yan Yan           Defense +4  |    Zhen Ji            Defense +8
  Zhang Fei         Attack +8   |    Sima Zhao          Defense +4
        Liao Hua    Weapon      |    Sun Li             Weapon
  Ma Dai            Attack +4   |    Cao Hong           Item
  Wang Ping         Item        |    Man Chong          Item
  Guan Xing         Item        |        Deng Ai        Weapon
  Zhang Bao         Weapon      |   [Cao Xiu]           Item
  Zhang Yi          Weapon      |   [Jia Xu]            Defense +4
  [Zhuge Liang]     N/A         |   [Xin Pi]            Weapon
       [Huang Quan] Attack +2   |


  The following are the 3 exclusive musou stages:
                    Raid on the Rogue Fortress

  Lt. Commander      Attack +2
  Lt. Commander      Defense +2
  Lt. Commander      Attack +4
  Lt. Commander      Defense +4
  [Commander]        N/A

  In this stage, the Commander will appear after you have met certain
  conditions. Depending on which character you use, the Commander may
  be replaced by a famous general. Regardless of who it is, you will
  not get a reward, the stage will end.


                    Pirate Attack on the High Seas

  Commander          N/A
  Lt. Commander      Attack +2
  Lt. Commander      Defense +2
  Lt. Commander      Defense +4
  Lt. Commander      Attack +4


                   The Mountain Bandit Campaign

  Lt. Commander      Attack +4
  Lt. Commander      Defense +4
  Lt. Commander      Attack +2
  [Commander]        N/A

  In this stage, the Commander will appear after you have defeated
  the three Lt. Commanders. Depending on which character you use, the
  Commander may be replaced by a famous general. Regardless of who 
  it is, you will not get a reward, and the stage will end.

  IV. Version History
  1.00 (02/17/2002): First version containing basic layout of my FAQ.
                     Including the Introduction, Description of terms, 
                     Spoils of each Stage, and the Administrivia.
  1.01 (02/18/2002): Corrected some grammatical mistakes and added some
                     extra stuff to the Adminstrivia section. Added 
                     brackets to the Hu Lao Gate section of the FAQ.
  1.11 (02/22/2002): Added some clarification to the Introduction. Added
                     other useful info provided by MysticalOSIV@.......
                     Included Raid on the Rogue Fortress and Pirate
                     Attack on the High Seas. Added some other important
                     items to the Administrivia section.
  1.12 (03/26/2002): Remove banter, corrected new e-mail address.
  2.00 (04/11/2002): Added The Mountain Bandit Campaign. Added websites
                     allowed to host my faq.

  V. Administrivia

  Sources and Thanks:
    This FAQ was put together in a joint effort by my husband and I. 
  Mainly myself, since he is quite busy with his job all week long. A 
  very big thank you goes out to my dearest husband ^-^

    Who can forget our two little twerps? Koji and Muush, the two 
  sweetest kittens in the universe. We are honored to treat you both
  as though you were our own children. We will love you forever 
  my sweeties. ~miaow~

    A very heartfelt thank you goes out to the One who was, who is, 
  and who is to come. Thank you my Lord! 

    Thank you my Father who art in Heaven! Words can not express my 
  gratitude to You! 

    Thanks to MysticalOSIV for your information on the +24 combos. Your helpful
  feedback is greatly appreciated :)

    A huge and greatful thank you goes out to IBM. 

    Domou Arigatou Gozaimashita to Koei! DW3 is one of my current all-time 
  favorite games. Koei, you are awesome. I'm looking forward to DW4!!

    Contacting me:
   If you have stuff to aid or some advice, please e-mail me at

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