Dynasty Warriors 3:  Xtreme Legends Fifth Weapon FAQ!  In Plain English!

Table of Contents:

1.  Version History

2.  What are Fifth Weapons?

3.  Before you Begin

4.  Unaligned Forces

5.  Wu Kingdom

6.  Wei Kingdom

7.  Shu Kingdom

8.  Other Stuff like Contributors

1.  Version History

Version 1.0 (1/26/03):  Fifth weapons and methods to get them for all


Version 1.1 (1/27/03):  Yes, itís early for updates, but I have unlimited

updates, so Iím going to use them.  Three changes to the FAQ.  Changed Lu Buís

method around to show motorcitymadmanís method, added HugDaddyís method to

Zhang Fei, added one more requirement to Zhao Yunís fifth weapon with the help

of Sky Scorcher, and changed his method around.

2.  What are Fifth Weapons?

A lot of people have complained about fifth weapons.  When it was first

announced that fifth weapons were going to be in the game, everyone was

waiting (and hoping) for god like weapons.  When we first heard some of the

stats on the weapons, some complained about how they weren't that much of an

improvement over the fourth weapons, if any improvement at all.  So what are

fifth weapons good for?  First off, fifth weapons are another alternative.

Fifth weapons give you a choice between one really good weapon and another

really good weapon.  For example, Ma Chao's fourth weapon pretty much meant

you either used his Charge 6 attack all the time or you rode a horse all the

time.  His fifth weapon gives you another way to play Ma Chao.  Also, a neat

feature about fifth weapons is the fact that on weapons without an element

(and Lu Bu's weapon), you can have an item.  For example, Lu Bu and Guan Yu's

weapons give you the Red Hare Saddle without taking up a spot in your item

list.  Another reason why to use a fifth weapon is that the fifth weapons have

different graphics then the fourth ones.  The fourth weapons looked exactly

like the third weapons.  Fifth weapons, however, look completely different.

The final reason why fifth weapons are a welcome addition is that some fifth

weapons are better then their fourth counterpart, like Dong Zhou's fifth.  If

anything, it's a great challenge for DW fans to undertake.

3.  Before you Begin

Before you begin reading this guide, remember this:  This guide is based on

1 player.  This guide is not based on the two player trick.  Some methods in

this guide can be pulled off with 2 players, some may not be able to.  I have

not tested any of these strategies with 2 players.  I got all my fifth weapons

with only 1 player.

Before you begin an attempt at a fifth weapon, make sure that the difficulty

is on Very Hard mode.  You can't get fifth weapons on any other mode.  Also,

make sure that you're on the correct side and stage.  There's Xtreme and

Original stages in DW3:XL.  Nine characters can only get their fifth weapons

on the Xtreme stages.  The rest can only get their fifth weapons on Original

mode.  Also, remember to save a couple of times during the level.  It's very

common to mess up or miss the fifth weapons.  If you save in the middle of

getting the fifth weapons, then you don't have to start all over.

4.  Unaligned Forces

Lu Bu

Weapon:  Demon Slayer

Basic:  +50

Fire Element:  Activates on ST, SSST, and SSSSST (on the stomp)

Musou Max:  +90

HP Max:  +90

Attack:  +30

Reach:  +30

Red Hare Saddle

Stage:  Chi Bi, Lu Bu's side, Xtreme mode

Requirements:  Defeat reinforcement generals Lu Meng, Taishi Ci, Huang Gai,

and Gan Ning.

Location:  Prayer area in the southwest corner of the map.

My Method:  You can do either two things at the beginning.  One way is to

clear out the entire left side by defeating Li Jue, Jia Xiu, and Huangfu Song

and then going into the center and defeating whatever generals you can.  The

other way, which was provided by motorcitymadman, is to go to the center

and defeat Niou Fu, Xu Rong, Zhao Cen, and Li Meng and not worry about the

left side.  Both have itís advantages and disadvantages.  The first one keeps

most of your troops and gate captains alive on the left side.  The other makes

sure that you donít get double teamed by a general and Lu Meng.  Both work

equally well.  Either way, when the Wu army comes as reinforcements, go

directly to the camp where Diao Chan is and kill Lu Meng. Then stand by Diao

Chan's side and let the other officers come to you.  Diao Chan should help you

in killing off the other officers.  If you get really low on life, there's a

full health meat bun to the right of the platform with the tent on it.  Once

all four generals are dead, get the weapon and finish the level.

Weapon Assessment:  Lu Bu's weapon is the only one that comes with an element

and an item attached to it (because Lu Bu's special like that).  This weapon

is almost like his fourth weapon stats wise except his fourth weapon has

defense instead of reach and jump instead of the Red Hare Saddle.  It all

comes down to how much you like having Red Hare around and how much you liked

Lu Bu's lightning slashes.

Diao Chan

Weapon:  Imperial Mace

Basic:  +40

Fire Element:  Activates on SSST (on the swing with the mace, not on the kick)

Jump:  +21

HP Max:  +72

Attack:  +25

Reach:  +30

Musou Charge:  +10

Stage:  Diao Chan's Escape, Diao Chan's side, Xtreme mode

Requirements:  Defeat Lu Bu

Location:  Dropped by Lu Bu.

My Method:  If you like having no time to kill generals, then this weapon

should be your favorite.  The enemy generals don't really do much to kill you.

They just block a lot, which is a bad thing because you have 30 minutes to

kill 9-11 generals.  This gives you around...5 minutes per gate.  The first

two generals are Song Xian and Wei Xiu.  You should try to isolate one general

and finish him off as quickly as possible and then move on to the other one

and kill him as fast as possible.  Then you move onto gate two, where you see

Lu Meng.  Now, here's where you can do one of two things.  You can kill all of

Lu Meng's guards and then focus on him, which takes a lot of time but is

possible, or you can let Lu Meng get you into the red health and then just

block until your musou bar is completely filled and then unleash it on him.

The second method requires Diao Chan's fourth weapon and a pretty good Elixir

(+15 or better) to make things go faster.  Either way, do the same with Taishi

Ci, who's waiting on the other side of the bridge.  Defeat Taishi Ci and the

next gate opens.  Your next opponent is Zhang He.  If you're using the second

method, watch out for Zhang He.  His fighting style and musou can sometimes

hit the side of your body and go around your block.  However, try to keep

Zhang He on the northern side of the hill, because on the southern side of the

hill is Xiahou Dun.  Two on one is not what you need on this level because of

time restraints.  A two on one gives the enemy generals more chances to heal.

Once you get past these two Wei officers, Huang Zhong and Zhao Yun await you.

Use the same methods as before, taking each general out one at a time.  Once

these two are dead and the fourth gate is open, Lu Bu starts tracking you

down.  Here's what you should do now:  stay on the right side of the hill

because there are archers on the left side that are really annoying.  Kill Gao

Shun and everyone on the right side of the hill.  The archers should not be a

problem to you.  Lu Bu should come around.  If you're using the true musou

trick, Lu Bu will be the easiest general on the level.  If you're not using

the true musou trick, he should still be easier then most of the other

generals.  Kill Lu Bu and that should make Zhang Liao (who was waiting near

the fifth gate) retreat.  I'm not sure that if you leave Gao Shun alone that

he would also retreat if you kill Lu Bu, but he might.  Now, pick up the

weapon Lu Bu drops (that's Diao Chan's fifth weapon) and just get past the

millions of archers guarding the last gate and you're home free.

Weapon Assessment:  Diao Chan's fourth weapon has the most musou charge for

any weapon.  Her fifth weapon hardly has any musou charge.  Musou charge is

the only thing that both weapons have.  Her fifth weapon has nothing else that

her fourth weapon has.  Also, her fire attack isn't all that great.  Diao Chan

has a good SSSST, but no fire element was added to that.  It just comes down

to how you like playing.  Her fourth weapon is mainly a defensive weapon based

around her musou attack.  Her fifth weapon is mainly an offensive one based

around her regular attacks.

Dong Zhuo

Weapon:  Black Steel

Basic:  +41

Death Element:  Activates on SSST

Musou Max:  +74

Defense:  +45

Mounted Defense:  +53

Reach:  +29

Arrows:  +30

Stage:  Wu Zhang Plains, Dong Zhuo's side, Xtreme mode

Requirements:  Stop the catapult attack by defeating Pang Tong (its okay to

have the cut scene of the catapults being set up, but there cannot be the

second cut scene of the catapults being used).  Then keep Fan Chou alive til

the 7:30 minute mark.  That's when allied reinforcements arrive (if Fan Chou

dies, enemy reinforcements arrive).  The item should appear after the allied

reinforcements arrive.

Location:  Bottom center, the area right of the fort.

My Method:  I had to do this level three times.  The first time, I stood by

Fan Chou and killed Ma Dai, Ma Chao, and Wei Yan when they tried to attack Fan

Chou.  At the 7:30 mark, the allied troops appeared, but no fifth weapon.

Second time, I attacked Pang Tong to stop the catapults.  I killed Wei Yan

and then kill Pang Tong, but after the catapults started their attack.  When

I killed Pang Tong, the catapults stopped.  Fan Chou stayed alive past the

7:30 mark, allied troops appeared, but still no fifth weapon.  Third time, I

lured Wei Yan away from Pang Tong and killed him in the open plains south of

Pang Tong's plateau, killed off all nine archers in the area, and killed Pang

Tong before the catapults attack cut scene.  At 7:30, Fan Chou was alive,

allied backup troops appeared, and so did the fifth weapon.  I ran directly to

Fan Chou, killed Ma Dai, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, and Jiang Wei.  I got the weapon

and went north and killed Zhao Yun.  I used the backup troops (I think it's

Wang Fang's troops) to help kill Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei.

Weapon Assessment:  I felt that Dong Zhuo's fourth weapon was just missing

one more stat improvement and an elemental attack on his sixth charge to make

the weapon really good.  Dong Zhuo's fifth weapon is by far better then his

fourth weapon, even though his death attack is kind of hard to aim.  The death

attack is better then the lightning attack on his fourth weapon.  Also, I

liked the fact that his fifth weapon still has a reach bonus.  The reach bonus

was what I felt that made Dong Zhuo's fourth weapon pretty good.

Yuan Shao

Weapon:  Imperial Saber

Basic:  +44

Fire Element:  Activates on SSSST and SSSSST

Speed:  +21

Attack:  +27

Defense:  +54

Bow Defense:  +49

Stage:  Hu Lao Gate, Allied side, Xtreme mode

Requirements:  Before Li Jue and Guo Si arrive, defeat Diao Chan.

Location:  Northeast camp (Where Yuan Shao starts off in Original Hu Lao Gate)

My Method:  I ran directly do Diao Chan first and killed her off.  Then I

killed Hua Xiong,  By this time, Dong Zhuo's reinforcements arrived, so I

killed off Jia Xiu, Li Jue, and Guo Si.  By this time, I was the only officer

left on my side.  I ran to get the fourth weapon.  Dong Zhuo followed me into

that area around northwest most gate.  That's where all of Dong Zhuo's and Lu

Bu's sub generals attacked me.  I finished off them all with a little help

from the gate captain in the area.  Dong Zhuo then came and tried to attack

me, but Lu Bu never showed up.  I finished Dong Zhuo off before he could show


Weapon Assessment:  Yuan Shao's fourth weapon isn't bad...it's just not that

great.  Yuan Shao's fifth weapon is really great.  Yuan Shao's fifth weapon

turns him from a good general into a powerhouse general.  The defense bonus

stays from his fourth weapon, but everything else that Yuan Shao really

doesn't need (bow attack???  Yuan Shao doesn't need bow attack on his fourth

weapon!) goes.  Replacing things like bow attack and mounted attack are speed,

attack, and bow defense, each very valuable to Yuan Shao.  Now Yuan Shao is

faster, hits harder, and takes longer to die.  Oh...not to mention he has fire

attack his Charge 5, which is very good for juggling, and his Charge 6, which

turned a great move into one of the best charge attacks in the game (and it's

better the Ma Chao's fire attack).

Zhang Jiao

Weapon:  Thunder Staff

Basic:  +37

Lightning Element:  Activates on SSST, SSSSST, and Musou

HP Max:  +68

Defense:  +43

Mounted Defense:  +55

Luck:  +18

Meat Bun Recovery:  +15

Stage:  Nanman Campaign, Yellow Turbans' side, Xtreme mode

Requirements:  All four peasants must escape.

Location:  On the path leading to the left forest area

My Method:  I first went into the left area and took out Wu Tugu and Dalai

Dongzhu (who goes and joins Wu Tugu in the forest).  A funny thing happened

when I was fighting them, I was focusing on Wu Tugu, trying to separate him

from Dalai Dongzhu.  Wu Tugu started attacking me so I unleashed Zhang Jiao's

musou attack, which managed to kill Wu Tugu.  I started looking for Dalai

Dongzhu, but I couldn't find him.  A message pops up saying that Zhang Jiao's

troops killed Dalai Dongzhu.  I don't know if I hit him on accident with my

musou or my troops killed him, but I wasn't about to stand around and figure

it out.  I just accepted it and went along.  Okay...enough story time.  Around

this time, I believe Zhuge Liang sprung his ambush.  I killed Zhuge Liang

without worrying about his sub generals.  Then defeated Dong Tu Ne.  From

here, I went to King Duosi (who should be very close to your peasant group

over there on the right hand side).  Killed King Duosi and went south.  I

knocked off the gate down there (it helps keep Zhu Rong from getting more and

more troops).  From here, I believe I killed Zhu Rong before Meng Jie, but I'm

not completely sure.  Once Zhu Rong and Meng Jie are gone, the peasants should

have a clear path to the area where they escape.  If they're not moving, then

hop on an elephant and knock down some barriers where the peasants are at.

Once they've all escaped, grab the weapon and finish the level.

Weapon Assessment:  I have serious problems deciding on which of the two

weapons I like more.  One the one side, Zhang Jiao's fourth weapon has a lot

of attack bonuses on it and reach to go along with it.  On the other side, his

fifth weapon has defensive and hp bonuses.  However, my main problem with

Zhang Jiao's fifth weapon comes with the elemental attacks.  If Zhang Jiao's

lightning attacks only hit an enemy once, the enemy, instead of being knocked

into the air and causing shockwaves when he lands, just writhes in pain and

falls to the ground without leaving his feet, therefore creating no shockwaves

for additional damage.  This makes Zhang Jiao's fourth weapon better because

it deals extra fire damage no matter what.  However, see each of Zhang Jiao's

lightning attacks at least once.  They are very cool to see.

Meng Huo

Weapon:  Shadow Beast

Basic:  +48

Lightning Element:  Activates on SSST

Speed:  +24

Attack:  +30

Mounted Attack:  +54

Luck:  +13

Charge:  +8

Stage:  Assault on Wu Territory, Nanman side, Xtreme mode

Requirements:  Defeat in order Lu Xun, Taishi Ci, Gan Ning, and Lu Meng.

Location:  Near the northern middle gate (where Meng Huo starts).  There's

a regular weapon box in the area of the fifth weapon, so be sure to pick up

both to make sure you have the right one.

My Method:  A maxed out Speed Scroll or a Red Hare Saddle is not only

recommended, but pretty much required.  You cover a lot of distance on this

level with very little time to do it.  Meng Huo is slow, so if you don't

use the Red Hare Saddle, make sure you steal a horse from one of the other

people.  The first general you run into is Huang Quan.  You can kill him if

you want or if you think you're good enough to knock him off and have time to

do everything else, but if you think he'll only hamper your progress, just

leave him alone and go directly to Lu Xun.  Just run past Lu Meng and kill

Lu Xun's sub general Zhu Huan if you want (I personally knocked them both off)

or just run past him and kill Lu Xun.  Then run all the way back to where Gan

Ning is (ignoring Lu Meng again).  When you get to Gan Ning's fort, run south,

ignoring Gan Ning.  When you come near the southwestern fort, Taishi Ci

and his group of merry men should show up.  Make sure you enter the fort

because Gan Ning will follow you until you enter Taishi Ci's fort and you don't

want to accidentally knock off Gan Ning.  Kill Taishi Ci, run north, kill Gan

Ning, and then run back to Lu Meng and kill him.  This should make the weapon

appear.  Grab the weapon and then finish the level.  You don't have much time,

so spend only about 4-5 minutes on each general.  You need a good amount of

time to beat Zhuge Liang and all his archers.

Weapon Assessment:  Even though Meng Huo's fourth weapon does have a nice fire

attack, Meng Huo's fifth weapon has the stats edge.  More attack, more power,

and speed, which is what Meng Huo desperately needs.  Add in a decent

lightning attack and you have a great fifth weapon.

Zhu Rong

Weapon:  Tri Blade

Basic:  +42

Wind Element:  Activates on SSSSST

HP Max:  +78

Attack:  +25

Reach:  +26

Arrows:  +47

Stage:  Siege at He Fei Castle, Zhu Rong's side (not Meng Huo's side) Xtreme


Requirements:  Defeat Zhou Yu, Xiao Qiao, Cao Pi, Zhen Ji, and Diao Chan,

there will be some messages about how no one can beat Zhu Rong and Meng Huo

(not a cut scene), then the item will appear.

Location:  In the area south of the Wind Corridor Trap.

My Method:  Defeat Zhou Yu first since he's right there at your doorstep.

I took out Sun Shao also in this area, but you don't have to.  I would suggest

taking out Cao Pi next.  By this time Meng Huo's is being surrounded, so go

into the middle and activate all those nice archers (you have no choice

because Meng Huo likes to die).  Zhen Ji should join you in the middle, so

welcome her in by taking her out.  Meng Huo should help you out.  A few sub

generals will also need welcoming, so make sure you show them that Nanman

hospitality.  Zhu Rong's musou is great for taking out archers at long

distance, so be sure to use that to your advantage.  Once all the archers and

sub generals are gone from the middle, it's time to charge Xiao Qiao.  She

should hang around south of the middle area, but she might decide to attack.

If she doesn't attack, you have to leave the safety of the middle and take her

out.  Make sure you don't let too many common soldiers enter the middle or

else they'll wipe out Meng Huo.  Once Xiao Qiao is dead, you no longer have

to really worry about Meng dying, so go chase down Diao Chan (I found her to

the south of the castle, but she could be where Lu Bu is).  Once Diao Chan

bites the dust, you'll get some messages about how no one can defeat Zhu

Rong and Meng Huo when they're together.  The weapon will appear.  Now all

that's left is to kill Lu Bu.

Weapon Assessment:  They could have used this weapon to make Zhu Rong's musou

better, but they didn't.  While the wind element is good for juggling, Zhu

Rong's fire attacks were better.  Even though her fifth weapon has more attack

and more HP on it, the added arrows isn't that much help.  Her fourth weapon

is more focused on defense, which is always a good thing.  Still, if you like

all out attack power, her fifth weapon will be a better pick then her fourth.

Fu Xi

Weapon:  Dragon Slayer

Basic:  +46

No Element, Item Attached

Musou Max:  +86

HP Max:  +80

Reach:  +28

Charge:  +8

The Art of War

Stage:  Wan Castle, Zhang Xiu's side, Original mode

Requirements:  Defeat Xu Huang and Xu Zhu.

Location:  Around where Fu Xi starts off at.

My Method:  Wow...I've never seen so many archers in one area.  I would suggest

equipping a really good Shell Armor, a really good Elixir, and Fu Xi's fourth

weapon.  This way, 2 or 3 arrows will max out your musou bar, then you can

unleash Fu Xi's musou on the archers.  Kill Dian Wei first.  This should make

Xu Huang and Zhen Ji show up as reinforcements.  Kill Xu Huang and ignore Zhen

Ji (although you can kill her if you want).  Kill off all archers you can right

now because there's going to be an ambush party of about 50 archers.  Now,

here's where a little bit of luck comes in.  Cao Cao will retreat in either one

of two directions:  He will go right away from you or left towards you.  I

don't know what influences his decision to retreat, but if he goes right,

you're pretty much not going to kill Xu Zhu and catch up with him.  If he goes

left, Zhang Xiu should prevent Cao Cao from retreating.  Either way, kill

Xu Zhu as fast as possible.  You'll probably run into 3 other of Cao Cao's sub

generals, but focus as much as you can on Xu Zhu.  Fu Xi's musou attack is

great for clearing everyone out.  Once Xu Zhu is dead, run down Cao Cao before

he can escape the castle.  If you're going to use a horse to get around faster

on this level, you need to equip either the Musou Armor or the Golden Harness

because the archers will not allow you to ride around for very long.

Weapon Assessment:  Fu Xi's fifth weapon loses a good fire element, a kick butt

musou charge, and defense and attack bonuses.  So what's to like about his

fifth weapon?  Not much.  The Art of War is a good item, just not good enough

to save this weapon.

Nu Wa

Weapon:  Dragon Rapier

Basic:  +39

No Element, Item Attached

Attack:  +23

Defense:  +41

Reach:  +30

Musou Charge:  +20


Stage:  Yellow Turban Rebellion, Yellow Turbans' side, Original mode

Requirements:  Kill Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Liu Bei in under five minutes.

Location:  Southwestern area of the castle.

My Method:  You start off near the three brothers, so it shouldn't take too

long to reach them.  Kill Guan Yu and Zhang Fei first because they will run

away if you kill Liu Bei first.  You don't have that much time, but luckily,

they don't have that much stamina, so they should fall quickly.  Then run and

grab the weapon, kill off generals in the castle if you want, and then run to

He Jin and finish him off.  You should do this before Cao Cao and Sun Jian

reach Zhang Jiao, because they will make quick work of your commander.

Weapon Assessment:  Normally I would never pick a non elemental weapon over

a weapon with a death element, but Nu Wa's death element is the worst one.

Her fifth weapon gives her a musou charge and good reach bonuses.  Defender

isn't really all that great, but anything's better then a death element that

rarely hits more then one person.

5.  Wu Kingdom

Xiao Qiao

Weapon:  Blue Grace

Basic:  +38

No Element, Item Attached

Musou Max:  +85

Attack:  +28

Bow Defense:  +54

Reach:  +22

Survival Guide

Stage:  Assault on Wu Territory, Wu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Defeat Yan Bai Hu and Wang Lang.

Location:  In the southeastern fort area where Liu Yong is.

My Method:  First, quickly dispose of Zhang Ying and Chen Heng to open up the

east gate.  Then knock off the middle north gate captain and the sub general

there.  Now, you can kill Taishi Ci if you want (I did), but you don't have to.

Xiao Qiao's death element is good for killing really tough generals like

Taishi Ci, so it's not that hard to give him a good beating.  I killed Yan

Bai Hu next, ran all the way to Wang Lang and knocked him off.  Finally, get

the weapon and take out Liu Yong.

Weapon Assessment:  Loss of musou charge, loss of defense, loss of the best

death element for one on one fights with generals.  There is no way that more

attack and the Survival Guide can make up for this loss.  The flower can't

even save this weapon.

Da Qiao

Weapon:  Yellow Beauty

Basic:  +37

Fire Element:  Activated with SSST

HP Max:  +65

Attack:  +26

Reach:  +22

Meat Bun Recovery:  +10

Stage:  Surprise Attack on Liu Biao, Wu side, Original mode

Requirements:  After Sun Jian dies in the rock slide, kill Kuai Liang.

Location:  In the right camp, north of Sun Jian's boat.  There's a

regular weapon box here along with the fifth weapon, so be sure to grab both

of them to make sure you have the right one.

My Method:  Kill the first gate captain, kill Huang Zu, kill Zhang Hu, kill

the gate captain there, kill Chen Sheng, kill Kuai Liang, kill Cai Mao,

kill Lu Gong, get weapon, kill Liu Biao.  This is the easiest weapon to get.

Weapon Assessment:  Well, since it was so easy to get, you don't get much

improvement.  The fire attack is nice, but it really doesn't account for the

loss of defense, musou max, and luck.  I was looking forward to a great weapon

for Da Qiao and was sorely disappointed.  The flower definitely doesn't save

this weapon.

Sun Ce

Weapon:  God of War

Basic:  +42

Lightning Element:  Activated with SSSSST (on the last hit or the very

last two hits if you press T enough)

Speed:  +22

Bow Defense:  +50

Reach:  +30

Musou Charge:  +23

Stage:  Surprise Attack on Liu Biao, Wu side, Original mode

Requirements:  After Sun Jian dies in the rock slide, kill Cai Mao.

Location:  In the left camp, north of Sun Ce's boat.

My Method:  Kill the first gate captain, kill Huang Zu, kill Zhang Hu, kill

the gate captain there, kill Chen Sheng, kill Kuai Liang, kill Cai Mao,

kill Lu Gong, get weapon, kill Liu Biao.  This is the easiest weapon to get.

(I love copy and paste)

Weapon Assessment:  Well, since it was so easy t...oh wait.  Was going to copy

and paste the other part also, but there is improvement in this weapon.  You

lose a pretty good fire attack not much is gained elemental wise, but the

reach was badly needed for this character.  Also, musou charge and bow defense

never hurts anyone.  Overall, the fifth weapon is much better then the fourth,

unlike Da Qiao.

Huang Gai

Weapon:  Spiked Mace

Basic:  +44

Lightning Element:  Activates on SSST

Musou Max:  +85

Attack:  +25

Mounted Attack:  +50

Reach:  +28

Stage:  Yellow Turban Rebellion, Allied side, Original mode

Requirements:  kill He Yi then Zhang Bao in order and without killing any other


Location:  Southeastern area of the map.  Go all the way southeast on the dirt

hill.  There should be another ledge that you have to jump up on to.  The

weapon is on this plateau.

My Method:  I first knocked off Zhang Liang's gate captain.  I ran north across

the land bridge and killed Pei Yuan Shao's gate captain.  These two are

optional and recommended, but the next gate captain you kill should be a must.

It's Zhang Jiao's gate captain.  This will stop the continuous flow of enemies

into the level and will help He Jin survive.  Kill He Yi and then go south

(the river should be frozen by then) and kill Zhang Bao.  Run to He Jin.  He

Jin will become your best friend.  Stay right by his side and kill everyone

that comes near him.  Then get the weapon and kill Zhang Jiao.

Weapon Assessment:  Despite the lack of creativity that KOEI has shown in

naming this weapon (I like Muni's translation, Break Space Whip, better then

Spiked Mace), this weapon isn't that bad.  The lightning element is okay and

the attack bonus helps Huang Gai become an even more devastating killing

machine.  Too bad there's no musou charge on this weapon like his fourth

weapon has.  Still, it's not a bad weapon if you like seeing many people land

and create many shockwaves.

Gan Ning

Weapon:  Seven Seas Blade

Basic:  +46

Wind Element:  Activate on SSSSST

Speed:  +24

Defense:  +45

Reach:  +28

Meat Bun Recovery:  +12

Stage:  Yi Ling, Wu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Navigate the Stone Warrior Formation and then defeat Zhuge


Location:  North of the left entrance of the mountain path (also north of

Huang Zhong's initial position) in the area with the huts.

My Method:  Kill Ma Chao and make his groupies retreat and then help Zhu Ran

get off the fire attack by killing Zhang Bao and Guan Xing.  Kill Wei Yan

(who's probably already disposed of Lu Meng) and Zhao Yun (who should be

helping Wei Yan cause problems for Lu Xun).  Take out Huang Zhong and then run

through the Stone Warrior Formation.  Kill Lei Tong and Wu Lan, who appear

in the maze and make your way through to the exit.  Then kill Zhuge Liang,

take out Liu Bei's gate captain, claim your prize, and finish the level.

Weapon Assessment:  The handle's ugly.  That's the only reason you need for

not equipping this weapon.  Oh, and the fact that Gan Ning's fourth weapon is

much better with a much better elemental attack.

Lu Meng

Weapon:  Fighting Tiger

Basic:  +45

No Element, Item Attached

HP Max:  +82

Attack:  +25

Mounted Attack:  +50

Reach:  +25

Musou Armor

Stage:  Siege at He Fei Castle, Wu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Defeat Xu Huang and Zhang He.  Enter the center area and set off

the archer trap (FUN!).  Then run to Xu Zhu and defeat him.  This should all

be done before Cao Rui and Man Chong arrive as reinforcements.  Defeat Cao

Rui and Man Chong.  Item should appear after all this.

Location:  West of Zhang He's initial starting position.

My Method:  Run directly to Xu Huang and Zhang He.  Do not pass go, do not

collect $200.  Take these two to jail (kill them).  Now for the fun part!

You know that center area that you were always told to avoid because a lot of

nasty archers will show up to give you an early death?  Well, now you're going

to make many, many happy archers appear!  Each and every single one of them

wants to turn you into a pin cushion!  Or at least an arrow cushion.  Jump

like there's no tomorrow to avoid the arrows.  If you get hit by one arrow,

you can be plenty sure that other arrows will light you up as you're falling

down, so don't get hit unless you want to see how fast 10 arrows can take your

health from full to almost empty.  Once you've avoided the spawns of the devil

himself, take out Xu Zhu and clean house around Sun Quan til reinforcements

appear.  If you have time, knock off the gate captain on the middle left.

This will help Sun Quan stay alive and will provide you with help later on.

Kill Cao Rui and Man Chong and then clean house, making sure there's no red

dots anywhere near Sun Quan.  Go up the left path though the arrow trap and the

wind corridor.  Sun Quan's troops should follow you through these areas.  Make

sure they reach the middle because they're going to be your distraction.  Now,

when you reach the area that the archers start attacking you, start jumping

again and jump your way all the way to Zhang Liao's side.  Sun Quan's troops

should keep the archers over in there area.  A funny thing is, Sun Quan's

troops actually should kill off most of the archers by the time you complete

the level.  Kill Zhang Liao and his gate captain and then finish off Sima Yi.

Weapon Assessment:  Lu Meng's fourth weapon turns him into a defensive machine.

Lu Meng's fifth weapon turns him into an offensive force that's not really

afraid of arrows.  Even though his fifth lacks the musou charge his fourth

weapon had, it's still a great weapon.

Sun Quan

Weapon:  Heavenly Wolf

Basic:  +42

Death Element:  Activates with SSST

Musou Max:  +68

HP Max:  +70

Bow Attack:  +52

Mounted Attack:  +55

Stage:  He Fei, Wu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Defeat Zhang Liao before he kills Taishi Ci in the cut scene,

then defeat Xu Zhu.  You cannot defeat Xu Zhu before you defeat Zhang Liao,

but you can defeat other generals after defeating Zhang Liao and before

defeating Xu Zhu.

Location:  In the area where Lu Meng and Xiahou Dun start off at, northeast

of the gate.

My Method:  Run to Zhang Liao and kill him quickly.  The cut scene is pretty

quick in going off.  Clear out the middle of Xu Huang and Cao Zhang.  I would

suggest going northeast first to take out Cao Pi and Cao Hong.  If you can,

quickly take these two out before Xiahou Dun and Cao Ren join the party.  You

don't have to kill all these generals, but they can get annoying.  If you don't

think you can take out everyone, then just run to Xu Zhu and Cao Cao and finish

them off after Xu Huang and Cao Zhang.

Weapon Assessment:  Considering that his fifth weapon was nothing to party

about, his fifth weapon is definitely more deadly.  Sun Quan does lose defense,

musou charge, and attack power, but he gains a death attack that is pretty

deadly.  You don't really need attack bonuses if you can kill something in one


Sun Jian

Weapon:  Wolf Blade

Basic:  +43

No Element, Item Attached

Musou Max:  +82

Defense:  +42

Bow Attack:  +55

Reach:  +26


Stage:  Siege at He Fei Castle, Wu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Defeat Cao Rui and Man Chong.  Lead allied units through the

wall of arrows trap and the wind corridor trap into where Zhang He and Xu

Huang are.  Defeat Zhang He and Xu Huang, then defeat Xu Zhu.

Location:  East of Xu Huang's initial position.

My Method:  Kill Sima Yi's gate captain right away.  This will stop the

constant flow of enemies into the lower area where your army is.  Kill as many

troops as possible until Cao Rui and Man Chong show up.  Kill them and their

entire army.  There should be no red near Sun Quan's boats.  Lead a party up

through the wall of arrows and the tornado room.  Kill Zhang He, Xu Huang, and

Xu Zhu.  Grab the item and finish the level.  Don't walk into the center

unless you have a death wish.

Weapon Assessment:  There would be no doubt in my mind that Sun Jian's fifth

weapon is better then his fourth weapon if the bow attack on Sun Jian's fifth

weapon was just regular attack.  It's not though.  Still, nice defensive

bonuses and a reach bonus that Sun Jian needed.  The Buckler is one of the best

items in the game.  I would have to say Sun Jian's fifth is an improvement

over his fourth weapon.

Sun Shang Xiang

Weapon:  Dragon Chakram

Basic:  +40

Fire Element:  Activates on SSSSST (only the last three hits and only if you

press T enough times)

HP Max:  +75

Attack:  +20

Luck:  +28

Reach:  +30

Arrows:  +30

Stage:  Fan Castle, Wu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Defeat Guan Ping before the flood event.

Location:  On the second level of the southern wall (you need to climb up a

set of stairs or go across the rooftops to get to it).

My Method:  Kill Guan Ping as fast as possible, get the weapon, then kill

Guan Yu.  You want more?  Fine.  Knock off Guan Yu's gate captain if you feel

like it.  You still want more?  You aren't getting more.  There's not much else

to this level.

Weapon Assessment:  Her fifth weapon is almost like her fourth weapon except it

has an element attached to it.  Both have some pretty non useful stats and both

have some useful stats.  What gives her fifth weapon the edge is the attack

bonus that it gets.

Taishi Ci

Weapon:  Tiger Wolf

Basic:  +45

No Element, Item Attached

Speed:  +22

Defense:  +46

Bow Defense:  +55

Reach:  +26

Divine Helm

Stage:  He Fei, Wu side, Original mode

Requirements:  After Zhang Liao ambushes Sun Quan, defeat Zhang Liao.

Location:  South of Cao Cao's initial position along a hillside.  It's inside

Cao Cao's fort.

My Method:  Wow.  This was a tough one.  To make Zhang Liao ambush Sun Quan,

you must get Sun Quan to jump over the broken bridge.  To get Sun Quan to jump

over the broken bridge, one of your side's officers must die and then you must

meet Sun Quan at the broken bridge.  Since this is on Very Hard, it's a sure

thing that one of your officers will die in the first minute of the battle.  It

takes a while for Sun Quan to actually reach the broken bridge, so while you're

waiting for him to reach his destination, kill of Xu Huang and Cao Zhang.  You

should knock these two off before even thinking about making Sun Quan jump over

the bridge.  Once these two officers are dead and Sun Quan performed his horse

trick, you can either wait for the flood of generals, soldiers, archers, and

ambushes or you can go quickly kill one general.  I killed Zhen Ji and made

it back to Sun Quan in time to see Zhang Liao do his thing.  Kill Zhang Liao

and then make Sun Quan your best friend.  Use Sun Quan and his archers to help

you get rid of all who dare step into your territory.  Once Xiahou Dun, Cao Pi,

Cao Ren, and Cao Hong (an entire generation of Cao's wiped off the face of the

map), then you need to quickly get your weapon.  Run directly to it and grab

it.  More then likely, Gan Ning's already sprung his surprise attack and Sun

Quan has ordered that everyone push towards Cao Cao's base.  You must beat

Sun Quan to Cao Cao's base.  Once Sun Quan gets in Cao Cao's base and face,

Cao Cao retreats and the game's over.  You don't want that to happen if you

don't have the weapon, so get the weapon as fast as possible.

Weapon Assessment:  Taishi Ci's fourth weapon turned him into an offensive

force on all fronts.  Taishi Ci's fifth weapon turns him into a tank that can't

be stunned.  I would suggest using Taishi Ci's fifth weapon because of the

speed, defense bonus, and the Divine Helm.

Lu Xun

Weapon:  Flash Blade

Basic:  +42

Wind Element:  Activates on SSSSST

HP Max:  +80

Attack:  +24

Bow Defense:  +55

Reach:  +30

Stage:  You Ting, Wu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Cao Xiu, Zhou Fang and either Zhang He or Zhang Pu must survive

for 10 minutes (they're enemies).  A cut scene of Sima Yi discovering Zhou

Fang's fake defection will happen.  Then, Lu Xun will say some lines and the

weapon will appear.

Location:  In front of the gate that leads into Sima Yi's camp (the gate that's

in front of the bridge).

My Method:  I took out Xu Huang, Zhen Ji, Zhang Pu, and Man Chong before Zhou

Fan was discovered.  I would suggest taking out Zhang Pu instead of Zhang He

because Zhang Pu has a tendency to die fast.  Zhang He won't become too much

of a problem until after 10 minutes are up.  When 10 minutes are up, kill

everyone on the board.

Weapon Assessment:  Lu Xun has the best death attack.  Enough said.  There's

no way his fifth weapon can compare to the amount of damage Lu Xun's fourth

weapon can cause.  Even though Lu Xun's fifth weapon looks cooler then his

fourth, there's just no comparing the two.

Zhou Yu

Weapon:  Elder Moon

Basic:  +46

Wind Element:  Activates on SSSSST

Speed:  +23

HP Max:  +82

Attack:  +25

Reach:  +28

Stage:  Assault on Wu Territory, Wu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Before the cut scene of the Wu army dividing forces occurs,

defeat Liu Yong.

Location:  Near where Zhou Yu starts off at (the northwestern most fort).

My Method:  Kill Chen Heng and Zhang Ying in under 2 minutes to get the east

gate to open.  Take out the gate captain and the general there if you feel

that you have enough time to do so.  I got both the gate captain, the general,

Liu Yong, and Liu Yong's gate captain all before the dividing forces cut

scene.  Killing Liu Yong is enough though.  Taishi Ci should surrender and

join your cause and the weapon should then appear.  Now pick up the weapon and

finish everyone else off.

Weapon Assessment:  Considering that Zhou Yu really doesn't need that much

more speed, his fifth weapon is lacking the musou charge of his fourth weapon,

and that his wind element doesn't really help much, Zhou Yu's fourth weapon

is better then his cooler looking fifth weapon.

6.  Wei Kingdom

Zhen Ji

Weapon:  Half Moon Flute

Basic:  +37

Fire Element:  Activates on SSST

Speed:  +21

Musou Max:  +68

Attack:  +22

Reach:  +28

Stage:  Guan Du, Wei side, Original mode

Requirements:  Find the supply depot on the fourth try, then burn it.

Location:  Along the outside of the castle wall, north of the entrance to the


My Method:  Kill Yan Liang and Wen Chou.  Go to the first fort and kill the

general outside the fort (you can pick which one you like best).  Save your

game before you enter the fort.  Load your game again and enter the fort.  If

it is the supply depot, press start and select at the same time and reload

your game.  Then go to all the other forts and enter them before going back and

entering the supply depot.  If it's not the supply depot, then go to the next

fort, kill the general outside the fort, save your game, and repeat the

process.  This should make it so that you'll be able to enter the supply depot

on the fourth try.  Once you have entered the supply depot on the fourth try,

kill Chun Yuqiong, watch the fort go up in flames, get the weapon, and finish

the level.

Weapon Assessment:  Zhen Ji's fire attack isn't that great, but it's not like

her fourth weapon had anything of real value, other then the defense bonus.

Just not much more to say about this weapon except that her SSSSST should have

had a fire element on it.

Zhang He

Weapon:  Phoenix Talon

Basic:  +43

No Element, Item Attached

HP Max:  +73

Bow Defense:  +58

Reach:  +25

Musou Charge:  +30

Survival Guide

Stage:  Jie Ting, Yuan Shao's side, Xtreme mode

Requirements:  Defeat in order Xiahou Yuan, Zhang Liao, Cao Zhen, Dian Wei,

and Xu Huang.

Location:  Near where Xiahou Yuan starts, in the left entrance of the passage

that leads from Xiahou Yuan to Yuan Tan's initial position.

My Method:  Kill people FAST.  Kill Xiahou Yuan fast and then kill Zhang Liao

fast.  Zhang Liao will appear north of the left most clearing (where Ma Su

normally gets ambushed at).  Xu Huang will also appear with Zhang Liao and

will normally kill Yuan Shao after a while.  Kill Cao Zhen, who should be south

of the clearing.  If you've killed people fast enough, you can kill Dian Wei

and not worry about Yuan Shao.  However, if you were a little slow, then you

should go to Yuan Shao and kill off most of Xu Huang's forces so it's only

Xu Huang left.  Then run back to Dian Wei, who should also be in the path south

of the left clearing, kill him, run back up to Dian Wei, kill him, grab the

weapon and finish the stage.

Weapon Assessment:  The Survival Guide isn't that good to begin with, let

alone can be considered better then Zhang He's death element.  Not to mention

the stats on Zhang He's fourth weapon are better then the stats on his fifth.

Xu Huang

Weapon:  Tiger Fang

Basic:  +46

Fire Element:  Activates on SSSSST

Speed:  +23

HP Max:  +81

Defense:  +41

Reach:  +28

Stage:  Tong Gate, Wei side, Original mode

Requirements:  Han Sui must defect.

Location:  Near the top right gate.

My Method:  Run to Xiahou Yuan.  Kill Pang De and Ma Dai.  Enter the fort and

start cleaning house, taking out all the generals you can (don't kill Han

Sui!).  Eventually, Han Sui will meet with Cao Cao and then there will be a

cut scene of Cao Cao trying to get Han Sui to defect.  Continue to kill

generals and gate captains (don't kill Han Sui!) until Han Sui defects.  Get

the weapon and kill Ma Chao.

Weapon Assessment:  The best thing about Xu Huang's fifth weapon is that he

kept the speed bonus.  In fact, he's got more speed on his fifth weapon then

on his fourth one, which is a good thing because Xu Huang is slow without his

weapons.  The fire attack does help a lot, which gives his fifth weapon the

edge over his fourth weapon.

Sima Yi

Weapon:  Raven Feather

Basic:  +40

No Element, Item Attached

HP Max:  +71

Bow Defense:  +55

Reach:  +30

Musou Charge:  +25


Stage:  Siege at He Fei Castle, Wei side, Original mode

Requirements:  Before the Wu and Wei army's full scale attack (all the gates

will open), defeat in order Lu Xun, Lu Meng, Sun Shang Xiang, and Gan Ning.

Location:  South of the wind corridor trap.

My Method:  When I first saw these requirements, I almost fainted.  This weapon

is HARD to get.  No, VERY HARD to get.  No, NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to get.  Especially

with one player.  So how do you go about doing this?  Well, first, take out

the archers that like to hang around north of Lu Xun.  Then get your health

into the red area so that your musou bar charges up.  Make sure you have a good

Elixir and Sima Yi's fourth weapon equipped.  You're going to need all the

musou charge you can get.  Then just block Lu Xun's attacks until your bar

is filled, then unleash on him.  Once you're done with your musou, jump forward

and away from the group of troops surrounding you, turn around, and block

again.  You should have no one behind you and Lu Xun trailing you.  When Lu

Xun starts attacking, unleash your musou again.  It should take about five

musou attacks to down Lu Xun.  Repeat on Lu Meng, Sun Shang Xiang (watch out

for their archers) and Gan Ning.  You should be able to kill each one in about

two minutes, which should leave you enough time to kill them all before the

cut scene happens.  Then grab the weapon, get some life, and finish the level


Weapon Assessment:  Sima Yi's fifth weapon should be renamed "The Worst Weapon

That You'll Ever Die 1000 Times Over".  This weapon is horrible compared to his

fourth weapon.  Sima Yi's fourth weapon turned him from a below average

character into one of the better characters in the game.  However, his fifth

weapon demotes him back down to below average.  Stick with Sima Yi's fourth


Zhang Liao

Weapon:  Dragon God

Basic:  +48

Fire Element:  Activates on SSSST

Attack:  +27

Bow Defense:  +53

Reach:  +25

Musou Charge:  +23

Stage:  Guan Du, Yuan Shao's side, Xtreme mode

Requirements:  After the archer towers arrive and before the north castle wall

falls, kill all the archers in the archer towers.

Location:  Inside along the northeast portion of the castle walls.

My Method:  Before this battle, equip a good Shell Armor, a good Huang's Bow,

and possibly a good Mountain Quiver (preferably all maxed out).  When the

level starts off, kill Xiahou Dun and Cao Ren to delay the north wall's fall.

Then, when the archer towers arrive, go inside the castle.  Along the eastern

castle wall, there's a box with 20 arrows.  You're going to need them.  Climb

up the stairs on the eastern wall and find a good spot where you can only be

shot at by one set of archers.  Kill both archers in the tower and go onto the

next tower.  Make sure only one set of archers can see you.  Well all the

towers along the eastern castle wall are devoid of archers, shoot down all

other archers you can see.  There will come a point where you can see no more

archers.  You have to jump off the wall and look for more archers in towers.

Also, there's a stationary tower that holds two archers.  Those archers need

to die also.  Once all the archers are dead, you should get a message saying

the archers have ceased their attack.  Then the weapon will appear.  All you

have to do now is find Cao Cao in one of the forts and finish the level


Weapon Assessment:  Zhang Liao's fourth weapon is good if you like being on

horses a lot.  If you don't like mounted combat, his fifth weapon is the better

option.  A good juggling fire elemental, good attack and reach, and a fair

musou charge.  Bow defense never hurts either.

Xiahou Yuan

Weapon:  Mystic Fang

Basic:  +45

Death Element:  Activates on SSSSST

Attack:  +24

Bow Attack:  +58

Mounted Attack:  +58

Reach:  +21

Stage:  Tong Gate, Wei side, Original mode

Requirements:  Han Sui must defect.

Location:  Inside Ma Chao's base near the bridge.

My Method:  Kill Pang De and Ma Dai.  Enter the fort and start cleaning house,

taking out all the generals you can (don't kill Han Sui!).  Eventually, Han

Sui will meet with Cao Cao and then there will be a cut scene of Cao Cao

trying to get Han Sui to defect.  Continue to kill generals and gate captains

(don't kill Han Sui!) until Han Sui defects.  Get the weapon and kill Ma Chao

(I love copy and paste).

Weapon Assessment:  I won't use the bad joke I used last time I used copy and

paste for my methods.  Even though Xiahou Yuan's fifth weapon looks like

something meat cleaver, the death element gives Xiahou Yuan a use for his

Charge 6.  This weapon makes Xiahou Yuan an overall attacking powerhouse.

Cao Cao

Weapon:  Blue Steel

Basic:  +45

No Element, Item Attached

HP Max:  +86

Defense:  +51

Bow Defense:  +58

Reach:  +24

Musou Armor

Stage:  Mt. Ding Jun, Wei side, Original mode

Requirements:  Kill Huang Zhong in under five minutes.

Location:  Southwest of the downhill slope (in the little path west of the


My Method:  Run to Huang Zhong and take him out as fast as possible.  If you

can, take out the archer first.  Try to lure Huang Zhong away from his sub

generals.  Once Huang Zhong is out of the way, grab the weapon, take out

Zhang Fei, kill Zhao Yun, who arrives as reinforcements, and finish off Liu


Weapon Assessment:  No amount of Musou Armor is going to make Cao Cao's fifth

weapon any better then his fourth weapon.  Cao Cao's death element propelled

Cao Cao into the top ten of many people's favorite lists.  This weapon isn't

going to make people forget about Cao Cao's death element on his fourth


Xu Zhu

Weapon:  Earthly Mace

Basic:  +50

Fire Element:  Activates on SSST

Speed:  +24

HP Max:  +82

Defense:  +55

Bow Defense:  +50

Meat Bun Recovery:  +14

Stage:  Siege at He Fei Castle, Wei side, Original mode

Requirements:  Defeat Lu Xun, Lu Meng, Sun Shang Xiang, and Gan Ning.  It

does not have to be in order and does not have to be done in a certain time


Location:  Where Man Chong and Cao Rui's reinforcements arrive (the fence


My Method:  This could be worse.  This could be the return of Sima Yi's

nightmare requirements, but it's not.  Xu Zhu's probably the only character

who actually benefits from the survival guide.  There's a trick to his musou

attack:  If your life is in the red, perform his musou, but don't hold down

the button.  Just tap the button.  If you've equipped a good Elixir, your

musou bar should completely fill up while Xu Zhu is on the ground.  Combo this

with the Survival Guide (every time Xu Zhu gets up without an Attack x 2 bonus,

the Survival Guide gives him Attack x 2) and you have an almost invincible

warrior.  I would also suggest muting the TV as his noise when he does his

musou attack gets really annoying.  With the Survival Guide trick, generals die

in the matter of three to five musou attacks.  Also, if your musou bar doesn't

completely refill while Xu Zhu is on the ground, when Xu Zhu gets up, jump once

and then unleash his musou.  Just do this to run through all of the generals.

Once all the generals except Sun Quan are dead, grab the weapon, knock off

Sun Quan's gate, and finish off Sun Quan.

Weapon Assessment:  Xu Zhu's fifth weapon trades in attack for much needed

speed and luck for meat bun recovery.  While attack and luck are good, Xu Zhu

needs speed and he needs it BADLY.  His elemental attack isn't that bad either

as enemies take a long time in falling down from Xu Zhu's Charge 4.

Dian Wei

Weapon:  Beast Axe

Basic:  +49

No Element, Item Attached

HP Max:  +90

Attack:  +28

Defense:  +52

Bow Defense:  +50

Hex Mark Saddle

Stage:  He Fei, Wei side, Original mode

Requirements:  After the cut scene where Zhang Liao ambushes Taishi Ci, defeat

Lu Xun and Gan Ning.

Location:  Around where Gan Ning ambushes you.

My Method:  At first, this doesn't look hard, but when you realize that He

Fei has tons of archers and tons of generals spread out, it becomes a mess.

Where to being?  I would suggest cleaning out the middle of all the sub

generals (and Zhou Tai).  Also make sure you lure Taishi Ci over near Zhang

Liao.  Zhang Liao will be too busy fighting off Zhou Tai's troops to make

Taishi Ci drop dead.  Once the middle is relatively clean (I left one sub

general in the area, I would suggest you don't leave more then one), run to

Cao Cao's side.  By this time, Lu Xun and Cheng Pu have made really short work

of Cao Hong and Cao Pi.  They should be knocking on Cao Cao's door.  Take them

out and their archers.  When you're fighting off Lu Xun and Cheng Pu, Gan Ning

will probably attack and Sun Quan will probably start trying to get into Cao

Cao's headquarters.  Take out Gan Ning as fast as possible, grab the weapon,

and finish off Sun Quan.  You don't have much time once Sun Quan starts moving.

If Sun Quan gets near Cao Cao, Cao Cao retreats and it's game over for you.

Notice how Lu Meng isn't mentioned at all.  He's not a threat.  Oh, Cao Cao

calls for reinforcements.  The only help you'll get is Yue Jin, but that should

be enough to stop Sun Quan and Gan Ning from becoming too much of pests.

Weapon Assessment:  Well, apparently since Liu Bei and Pang Tong both had no

elements on their fourth weapon, therefore disqualifying them from getting the

Hex Mark Saddle on their fifth weapon, Dian Wei was obviously the next best

choice.  They must have wanted to give Hex Mark to one of the slower generals,

and since Xu Zhu had no element on his fourth weapon, the next slowest was

Dian Wei.  Even though Dian Wei does lose musou charge on this weapon, his

fifth weapon is much better because it gives attack and defense and a way for

Dian Wei to get around quickly.

Xiahou Dun

Weapon:  Tempest Sword

Basic:  +48

Wind Element:  Activates on SSSSST

HP Max:  +82

Attack:  +28

Mounted Attack:  +55

Reach:  +25

Stage:  Jie Ting, Wei side, Original mode

Requirements:  Once Ma Su is surrounded, defeat Wei Yan, Jiang Wei, and Ma

Chao before Ma Su starts breaking through Zhang He's barricade or before Ma

Su defeats Zhang He.

Location:  On the center path.

My Method:  To get Ma Su officially surrounded, you must kill Chen Shi, who is

south of the area where Ma Su gets ambushed.  Once Chen Shi is dead, you get

about 6 minutes to kill Wei Yan, Jiang Wei, and Ma Chao.  Kill Jiang Wei before

you kill Ma Chao, otherwise Jiang Wei will run away.  Another way you can get

this weapon is if you kill Wei Yan, Jiang Wei, and Ma Chao very quickly.  If

you're fast enough and kill them before Ma Su kills Zhang He, the weapon should

appear.  Then avenge Zhang He's death by taking out Ma Su and whatever other

generals that Zhuge Liang sends your way.

Weapon Assessment:  Xiahou Dun's fire attack isn't that great because Charge 2

Attacks aren't really that great for juggling on harder difficulties.

However, his wind element isn't really something to jump up and down about

either.  Xiahou Dun's fourth weapon is mainly a defensive weapon while his

fifth one is more of an offensive one.  The deciding factor in this decision:

Xiahou Dun's fifth weapon looks cooler.

7.  Shu Kingdom

Pang Tong

Weapon:  Lightning Staff

Basic:  +38

Lightning Element:  Activates on SSSSTT

Musou Max:  +80

Defense:  +56

Bow Defense:  +50

Musou Charge:  +30

Charge:  +5

Stage:  Chi Bi, Shu side, Original mode

Requirements:  After Huang Gai's fire attack happens, defeat Xiahou Dun (who

comes as reinforcements).

Location:  Around the south most gate on the west side (the one that's on land,

not the one on the boats).

My Method:  Take out Xiahou Yuan first.  This should allow Gan Ning to stay

alive and should provide ample troops for you to assault Cao Cao with.  Next

defeat Cao Pi, as he is normally the one that stops the fire attack.  This

should allow the fire attack to occur.  Li Dian also sometimes prevents the

fire attack, so he should be next.  By this time, the fire attack should have

occurred and Xu Huang should be very close to Sun Quan.  Xu Huang should be

your next target.  Once Xu Huang is dead, it's your choice.  I would take out

Xu Zhu and Yue Jin before Xiahou Dun comes because they normally can interfere

with killing Xiahou Dun.  Xiahou Dun only shows up if the fire attack happens.

If there's no fire attack, there's no Xiahou Dun.  Once Xiahou Dun does show

up (he should start in Cao Cao's north camp and then head towards Xu Zhu's

initial starting point), take him out.  Grab the weapon and finish off whatever

generals are left.

Weapon Assessment:  When you think of Pang Tong, you think of two things:  a

kick butt musou and a move set that is easily broken up.  With that said,

Pang Tong's fourth weapon focuses on his attack abilities, while Pang Tong's

fifth focuses on his musou attacks.  The lightning element for Pang Tong

doesn't do much, but it's better then nothing I guess.

Wei Yan

Weapon:  Twin Stars

Basic:  +46

No Element, Item Attached

Musou Max:  +82

HP Max:  +82

Reach:  +22

Musou Charge:  +20

The Way of the Musou

Stage:  Yi Ling, Shu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Defeat all main generals and gate captains.  You do not have to

defeat sub generals.

Location:  Near the entrance to the Wu headquarters.

My Method:  Now, I know what you all are saying:  "Yi Ling on Very Hard?

Impossible!  I could barely beat Yi Ling on Hard!  Killing all generals too?

You have to be kidding me!  There's barely any way to take out the ungodly

trio!"  However, Yi Ling has been toned down, a lot.  Lu Meng, Gan Ning, and

Lu Xun no longer have more stamina then Carl Lewis.  They actually can die!

With that said, show Lu Meng just how he dies first.  When the Lu Xun cut

scene happens (the one that starts off the fire attack), don't stop the fire

attack.  Liu Bei before the fire attack is out in the open.  Liu Bei after

the fire attack is safe and sound.  Therefore, don't stop the fire attack!  If

Liu Bei is okay to retreat, then go to Gan Ning and take him out.  If the Wu

army is getting close to Liu Bei, then go take out Cheng Pu and Pan Zhang.

Either way, once Liu Bei retreats, take up a position at the entrance to the

Stone Warrior Formation and take out whatever main generals that come inside.

By this time, Sun Shang Xiang should be close to getting to Liu Bei, so run to

his side and teach his wife that she shouldn't attack her husband like that.

Once all the main generals except Sun Quan are dead, start going around and

taking out gate captains.  The best thing about Wei Yan's fourth weapon:  It

can take out Sun Shang Xiang's gate captain from the depths of the earth in

hit!  I love hitting him with the death attack and watching his life slowly

go down until it's all gone.  Anyways, knock off Ma Chao's gate in the

southeast and then go after Sun Quan's gates.  There are about 50 archers near

Sun Quan, so be sure you're ready for them.  Quickly knock off the north most

gate and then lead the archers to the bridge.  This should make them all group

up.  Now grab the Imperial Seal from the box that is in the area and go off

on the archers.  This should take out about 10-20 of them.  Then just go around

and knock off the rest of them with regular attacks and musou attacks.  Go to

the last gate, kill him, grab the weapon, and give Sun Quan a taste of your

death element.

Weapon Assessment:  Even though Wei Yan's fifth weapon has musou charge on it,

his fourth weapon has a pretty good death element on it.  I'm not all too

crazy about the Way of the Musou, especially on a guy that really doesn't

benefit much from the Way of the Musou.  Add into the fact that his fourth

weapon has good defensive and attack bonuses, and his fifth weapon is left far

behind in the dust.

Jiang Wei

Weapon:  Starlight Pike

Basic:  +41

No Element, Item Attached

Musou Max:  +79

Attack:  +21

Defense:  +58

Musou Charge:  +20


Stage:  Yi Ling, Shu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Defeat all generals, including sub generals.

Location:  In the northwest area near a boat.

My Method:  Didn't we just do this?  Oh, now you're looking for sub generals

instead of gate captains.  Lu Meng, Sun Shang Xiang, Cheng Pu, and Sun Quan

all have one sub general, Gan Ning has two, and Lu Xun has three.  Yikes.

That's a lot of generals to kill.  Okay.  Start off with Lu Meng and his sub

general.  This shouldn't be too hard.  Let the fire attack happen again.  If

you have time, go south and take out both of Gan Ning's sub generals.

Otherwise, just go into the Stone Warrior Formation and wait for Lu Xun and his

sub generals.  They normally go into the Stone Warrior Formation.  Gan Ning

will also try to navigate the maze to get to Liu Bei, so you can set up shop

here until Liu Bei starts to get into trouble.  Once he's in trouble, run to

him and take out all the generals and sub generals.  Sun Shang Xiang and Cheng

Pu, along with their groupies, should attack from the north, so once they're

gone, you don't have to worry about the north.  Now finish off Gan Ning's

forces and run to where Sun Quan is.  Knock off the gates and the sub general,

use the musou for 10 seconds item to take out a few archers, claim your prize,

and claim Sun Quan's head.

Weapon Assessment:  Aside from having one of the cooler names and cooler weapon

designs, Jiang Wei finally gets a great weapon in terms of stats.  His fourth

weapon didn't improve him much.  This weapon turns Jiang Wei into a killing

machine while making Jiang Wei harder to kill.  Defender is a good item, I was

just hoping to see something like a Buckler or Musou Armor for him.  Defender

is still good though.  Better then a Survival Guide.

Huang Zhong

Weapon:  Mystic Blade

Basic:  +44

Wind Element:  Activates on SSSSST

Defense:  +52

Bow Attack:  +60

Reach:  +28

Arrows:  +47

Meat Bun Recovery:  +10

Stage:  Yi Ling, Shu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Stop the fire attack and then defeat Lu Xun.

Location:  Southeast area near Ma Chao's initial position.

My Method:  By now, you're getting tired of this stage.  You're about to get

even more tired of this stage.  You cannot let the fire attack happen, which

means Liu Bei will be out in the open for all to attack.  So how do you go

about doing this?  You start off near Sun Shang Xiang.  Your initial reaction

is to kill Sun Shang Xiang.  Your initial reaction is WRONG.  Instead, go kill

Cheng Pu first.  Make sure you are quick about it.  Run to where Zhu Ran shows

up and wait for him.  Kill Zhu Ran and then go towards Liu Bei.  There is

probably a good 30 archers around Liu Bei.  Use Huang Zhong's regular attacks

on them as his musou won't kill off enough of them and will just make them

scatter.  Gan Ning and Lu Meng should be in the area.  Kill them off and don't

worry about their sub generals.  Also, kill Pan Zhang as he's a pain.  If

you're having trouble with this, save right after Zhu Ran bites the dust.  This

should give you infinite chances to die.  I mean infinite chances to get it

right.  Where's Sun Shang Xiang?  She's busy dealing with your sub general,

Yan Yan.  Since you've killed a good amount of generals, your moral should be

very high, if not maxed out.  This will allow Yan Yan to survive and keep Sun

Shang Xiang out of your hair.  You killed Cheng Pu first because he normally

helps in attacking Liu Bei.  Sun Shang Xiang does not help with attacking Liu

Bei because she hasn't done her initial task, and that's defeating Yan Yan.

Now that I've explained my tactics, stay by Liu Bei's side and defeat all that

comes your way.  Sun Shang Xiang's sub general might come down and visit Liu

Bei, but you can easily kill him.  Once it's only Lu Xun sending troops

towards Liu Bei, start running to Lu Xun, slowly.  Kill off all the troops that

Lu Xun sends towards Liu Bei.  Liu Bei can survive an attack by three generals,

but he can't survive Lu Xun's puny soldiers.  Once you get to Lu Xun and Liu

Bei is safe, take out Lu Xun.  From here, you can get the weapon and take out

Sun Quan.

Weapon Assessment:  Huang Zhong's fourth weapon has more useful stats on it

then his fifth weapon, unless you like shooting a lot of arrows.  There's not

much good with Huang Zhong's fifth weapon except a lot of defense.  As I've

said before, the wind element isn't much help.

Ma Chao

Weapon:  Lightning Spear

Basic:  +42

Lightning Element:  Activates on SSST

Jump:  +21

Musou Max:  +87

Luck:  +15

Reach:  +21

Charge:  +8

Stage:  Cheng Du, Shu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Before Pang Tong dies, defeat either Liu Han or Liu Xun.

Location:  South of Liu Zhang's initial position.

My Method:  Run directly to Liu Han and defeat him.  He should be easier to get

to then Liu Xun.  Once Liu Han is dead, run to Liu Bei and stand by his side.

Let Pang Tong die.  Kill off all who come near Liu Bei.  Then get your weapon

and kill Liu Zhang.  Getting this weapon will give you new respect for Cheng

Du.  It's not as easy as I make it sound.

Weapon Assessment:  Ma Chao's fourth weapon turned him into the best at

mounted combat.  Ma Chao's fifth weapon turns him into something.  I have no

clue what Ma Chao's fifth weapon really does good for him.  The only good

things I can see are reach and charge bonuses.  Also, the lightning element

isn't as good as the fire one, so stick with the fourth weapon.

Liu Bei

Weapon:  Dragon Star

Basic:  +40

Lightning Element:  Activates on SSSSTT

Speed:  +24

Musou Max:  +65

Defense:  +40

Mounted Attack:  +44

Arrows:  +27

Stage:  Jie Ting, Shu side, Original mode

Requirements:  When Ma Su gets ambushed by Zhang He, defeat Xin Pi to save

Ma Su.

Location:  The horizontal path near Sima Yi's base that lead from the right

most path to the center path.

My Method:  This is no fun.  Right away, go take out Huang Quan and Zhen Ji.

By the time you've done this, Ma Su is in trouble.  Go rescue Ma Su by

defeating Xin Pi.  Also, take out Zhang He while you're there.  This is where

all the fun begins.  You must do everything you can to avoid the archers and

sub generals that Cao Zhen surrounds himself with.  You can go through each

and every one of Cao Zhen's sub generals to make things easier, but you'll

probably end up with very little time to take out Sima Yi and his 15 million

crossbowmen.  Do whatever you can to take out Cao Zhen as fast as possible.

Then it's just a matter of cleaning up Sima Yi's sub generals.  After the

supply depot and Zhuge Liang are both safe, go knock out Sima Yi's gate

captains and then his crossbowmen.  Finally, Sima Yi should be easy to take


Weapon Assessment:  I honestly don't know what to make out of either one of

Liu Bei's weapons.  Liu Bei's fourth weapon turns him into a mounted

powerhouse, but his fifth weapon gives him more defense.  The lightning

element is really a non factor here.  I would say that I would rather have

defense over mounted defense any day of the week, which would give the edge

to Liu Bei's fifth weapon.

Zhuge Liang

Weapon:  Griffin Feather

Basic:  +40

Wind Element:  Activates on SST and SSSSST

Speed:  +22

HP Max:  +80

Attack:  +30

Luck:  +22

Reach:  +25

Stage:  Chi Bi, Shu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Get 1000 KOs

My Method:  How do you get 100 KOs with the worst character in the game?  It

is not easy.  First, you must kill Xiahou Yuan, then Cao Pi, then Li Dian.

This will allow the fire attack to happen and lower morale for Cao Cao.  Then,

take out Xu Huang.  I would suggest you take out Zhang Liao and Yue Jin next.

By this time, Xiahou Dun has arrived to the party, so he's your next victim.

He tried to double team me with Cao Hong, but I led them to Zhou Yu and our

team took out their team.  Xu Zhu should try to attack Sun Quan at this point,

so run down there and show the fat man some fan power.  Finally, here is where

you get most, if not all, of your kills.  You shouldn't have taken out any

gate captains at all, except for the one that's in the southwest.  Cao Cao's

gate constantly sends troops.  They normally head for Xu Zhu's initial

position.  Work your way up to the center camp, killing as many of Cao Cao's

troops as possible.  In the center camp, you can kill until your heart is

content (or until you're almost out of time).  Grab the weapon and finish the

level.  Move wise, Zhuge Liang doesn't have much.  I normally did a

combination of Charge 4, Charge 6, and musou attacks.  For generals, I did

mainly a lot of hit and runs with musou and Charge 6 attacks.

Weapon Assessment:  Here's the whole reason why the wind element was invented:

to give Zhuge Liang juggling power.  With the wind element, Zhuge Liang can

actually juggle people!  It is amazing!  Zhuge Liang's fourth weapon just kept

him as a defensive player.  His fifth weapon gives him some offence.  Although,

by the time you get 1000 kills on Chi Bi, you won't even want to see Zhuge

Liang for the rest of your life.

Zhang Fei

Weapon:  Serpent Blade

Basic:  +47

Fire Element:  Activates on SSSSST

Musou Max:  +83

HP Max:  +81

Bow Defense:  +58

Musou Charge:  +24

Stage:  Mt. Ding Jun, Shu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Perform Shu's downhill attack and get the Shu's downhill attack

successful message.  Then defeat Cao Hong.

Location:  On the right path south of the bridge.

My Method:  Either get a horse or equip the Red Hare Saddle.  Also, you might

want to equip the Golden Harness or the Musou Armor to prevent archers from

knocking you off your horse.  Now, the fun part of the whole process:  You must

run down the center path while on your horse.  You can fall off, but you must

get right back on and continue to go down.  Do not enter the area where

Xiahou Dun is without completely the downhill attack first.  If you do fall

off your horse, perform a musou or a Charge 6 and then get back on.  You

cannot continue down the path on foot if you fall off.  You will not get the

message.  Doing this task requires luck and a good knowledge of where the

spikes are at.  HugDaddy has a different approach to this, which works a whole

lot better then my approach.  ďPatience, not speed, is the key here.  Simply go

to the top of the Mt. Ding Jun (near Huang Zhong), then, after running through

the large gate, make your way down the mountain by steering Red Hare while

pressing and holding the block button (L1), which will allow you to trot

downhill (not run) while facing downhill constantly.  Enemies will approach

from below during this run, but, since they are running up the hill, you can

simply swat any slow soldiers that get too close for comfort (most obstacles

you can circle around easily).  Once you get near the bottom of the hill,

sprint past Xiahou Yuan until you get a message stating that the Shu downhill

attack was successful.Ē Either way you do this, when you get the message, kill

Cao Hong, get the weapon, and kill Cao Cao.

Weapon Assessment:  This weapon actually allows Zhang Fei's Charge 6 to do

a little damage!  It's still not a lot of damage though.  Zhang Fei loses

attack and defensive bonuses for musou, hp, and the fire attack.  If you like

attack and defense over musou and hp, take his fourth weapon.  Otherwise, go

with the fifth.

Guan Yu

Weapon:  Divine Dragon

Basic:  +49

No Element, Item Attached

Speed:  +21

Musou Max:  +82

Defense:  +50

Musou Charge:  +25

Red Hare Saddle

Stage:  Fan Castle, Shu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Defeat in order Pang De (he cannot die in the flood), Lu Xun,

Gan Ning, and Lu Meng.

Location:  Near your gate captain.

My Method:  Run directly to Pang De and destroy him.  There's not really

that many archers you have to worry about, so don't really worry about them

unless they're sticking arrows in your backside.  Then run back to your initial

position and allow the flood attack to finish off Cao Ren and Xu Huang.  Run

towards Sima Yi and Lu Meng's reinforcements should arrive.  Kill Lu Xun's

archers and then kill Lu Xun.  Run past Lu Meng.  Gan Ning should be past Lu

Meng.  By this time, Gan Ning has already taken out Guan Ping, so it's pretty

much just you versus his whole army.  If Lu Meng tries to double team you

with Gan Ning, run north and west.  This should separate the two, as Gan Ning

should follow you but Lu Meng shouldn't.  However, Lu Meng will eventually

track you down so be quick with Gan Ning.  Finally, take out Lu Meng, get your

weapon, and take out Sima Yi.

Weapon Assessment:  Guan Yu loses a worthless element and attack bonuses for

speed and Red Hare.  Considering that Guan Yu did need speed, this weapon is

pretty good.  Good thing this weapon didn't lose any musou charge, or else it

would be scrap iron.

Zhao Yun

Weapon:  War Dragon

Basic:  +43

Lightning Element:  Activates on SSSST and SSSSST (the last hit)

Musou Max:  +78

HP Max:  +75

Reach:  +25

Musou Charge:  +20

Stage:  Nanman Campaign, Shu side, Original mode

Requirements:  Defeat all main generals.  Defeating Meng Huo 7 times is not

required and defeating sub generals isn't either.  However, defeating Zhu Rong

last is required.

Location:  In the middle area across the river from the Shu base.

My Method:  Defeat Meng Huo first.  This should protect your camp from his

advances.  Next, I would go left into the forest and defeat Wu Tugu, Dong Tu

Ne, and Meng Huo again.  From here, you should take out King Duosi and Meng

Huo for the third time.  Next, Dailai Dongzhu should feel the wrath of Little

Dragon.  Also, Meng Huo should be lurking around, so humiliate him a fourth

time.  What this does is when Meng Huo appears again, heís in the second to the

left path blocked by a wall.  He will not move from this spot until you visit

him from the east or break down the wall.  You do not want him to break free

while youíre fighting off the rest of his soldiers, so just leave him there.

Yong Kai and King Mulu should both go away next.  Now, cross the bridge and

kill Meng You.  Sky Scorcher informed me that if Zhu Rong isnít the last main

general you kill, other then Meng Huo, the weapon will not appear.  I tested

this and found out he was right.  I left Dailai Dongzhu alive and killed Zhu

Rong first, then killed Dailai Dongzhu.  No weapon appeared.  I restarted the

same game (I saved right before heading towards Zhu Rong) and killed Dailai

Dongzhu and then Zhu Rong.  The weapon appeared.  Therefore, it is required

that you kill Zhu Rong last.  After Zhu Rong is dead, get your weapon and beat

up Meng Huo one last time for good measure.

Weapon Assessment:  Zhao Yun loses attack and defense bonuses, but gains

reach and musou charge bonuses.  If you thought his reach was great before,

give him this weapon and he can reach out and touch anyone he wants to.  Plus,

musou charge never hurt anyone.  Element wise, the lightning element is better

then most lightning elements out there.  While his fire element is still better

for generals, the lightning element is good for common soldiers.

8.  Other Stuff like Contributors

This is where the copyright and contributors and anything else I want go.

If you have any good strategies about any of the fifth weapons, feel free to

e-mail me them at lightning345@yahoo.com  I want good strategies though, not

anything that is simple or too obviously.  Little tips and tricks and such.

If I like what you say, I'll put it in my FAQ.  Just don't send me spam or

hate mail or such.  If you don't like my FAQ, then don't read it.  You don't

have to tell me that you hate it.  I quite frankly don't care.


Muni Shinobu:  For making the first and greatest FAQs on DW3: XL.  I couldn't

have gotten all the fifth weapons without his FAQs.  Writing this FAQ really

made me respect him even more for his hard work and dedication to the game.

motorcitymadman:  For his insights on how to get Lu Bu's fifth weapon.

HugDaddy:  For his method on getting down the hill on Mt. Ding Jun to get

Zhang Feiís fifth weapon.

Sky Scorcher:  For his help in finding out another requirement for Zhao Yunís

fifth weapon.

The people on the DW3: XL message board who constantly try to help people in

getting fifth weapons.  I got a lot of information and help from the message


And that's it.  Have fun getting fifth weapons!

This document is copyright 2003 by Rampidzier.  You may use this FAQ on your

site or anywhere else, just don't try to make a profit on my FAQ.  Otherwise,

you won't like the consequences.  ^_~