Destiny of an Emperor 2 Cao Wei Mod Guide

By: Samuel

Chapter 1: Conquering Dong Zhuo

	Instead of Liu Bei, we control Cao Cao in this mod.  When the game begins,
 talk to Yuan Shao (the person sits on the throne).  Afterwards, talk to
 Liu Bei (stands beside Yuan Shao) and he lends you Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.
  Cao Ren will run up as you leave the palace, allow him to join.  You
 walk out of the palace and the screen turns to Xu Zhou’s map.  Cao Hong
 will approach you.  Let him join.  Cao Ren’s weapon is sabre while Cao
 Hong uses spears.  Even though the city map is Xu Zhou, the city is named
 Jin Yang in this mod.  Assign Cao Cao as the tactician (only person being
 capable of the job in this early stage).

	Accumulate several levels around Jin Yang (the landscape map is exactly
 the same as the original DOAE2).  You can visit the cave northeast of
 Jin Yang in order to obtain gold, map, weapons and armour.  Note that
 only Cao Cao can equip that copper sword, since no one else uses sword
 at this point.  When you reach level five, march down and battle the first
 group of Dong Zhuo’s army.  It includes Li Jue, Guo Si, Li Su , and
 two guards.  Li Jue and Guo Si are average soldiers; however, Li Su’s
 wisdom is 160.  He can cast spells so kill him first.

	The second group of Dong Zhuo’s army includes Xu Rong, Li Ru, and Li
 Su.  Despite the fact that Xu Rong has a strength index of 200 and 600
 soldiers, Li Ru’s wisdom is 220.  Li Ru is much more dangerous so kill
 him first, followed by Li Su and Xu Rong.  Finally, you head to the cave
 where you fight Yuan Shu in the original DOAE2.  Now you battle five Dong
 Zhuo generals: Hua Xiong, Xu Rong, Li Jue, Guo Si, and Li Ru.  Hua Xiong
 can inflict massive damages.  Kill him and Li Ru first, followed by Xu
 Rong.  Li Jue and Guo Si are average so kill them last.

	Guan Yu and Zhang Fei will leave you as soon as you return to Jin Yang.
  Cheng Yu is waiting for you at the gate of Jin Yang.  He tells you that
 Dong Zhuo’s army is approaching, encouraging you to ally with Yuan Shao
 at Ji Zhou.  With Cao Cao, Cao Ren, and Cao Hong, you battle Hua Xiong
 once again.  After you kill Hua Xiong, talk to Cheng Yu again and he will
 join you.  Make Cheng Yu become your tactician because he has a wisdom
 index of 232 (slightly higher than Cao Cao).  You leave Jin Yang and wow!!!
  Dong Zhuo attacks with Lu Bu, Li Ru, and Jia Xu.  Do not fight, retreat
 (you will not win).  Unfortunately, Cao Ren and Cao Hong are lost.  You
 only have Cao Cao and Cheng Yu.

	Go northeast to a hut and you will find Zheng Xuan, receive the Zheng’s
 Letter from him.  Then, head to Ji Zhou in the same way as the original
 version.  Use the Zheng’s Letter in front of Yuan Shao and Yan Liang
 will join you.  Ji Zhou has new weapons and armours.  Please remember
 to upgrade (of course, you can buy one and duplicate).

	You then head to the dock (Cheng Yu is the tactician).  The ferry will
 take you to Bai Ma, where you will fight Dong Zhuo’s army at three gates.
  The first gate has Li Jue, Guo Si, and Zhang Ji.  I raise my level to
 eleven.  Attacks from Yan Liang and Cao Cao, along with Cheng Yu’s Ye
 Huo, easily defeat them.  The second gate features Fan Chou, Li Ru, and
 Li Su.  Kill Li Ru first (see the second battle against Dong Zhuo’s
 army in Jin Yang) and the rest should be easy.  You will not see Guan
 Yu at the third gate.  Yan Liang should win for you, shouldn’t he? 
 Unfortunately no, Lu Bu took Guan Yu’s persona.  Lu Bu has 3000 soldiers
 and he killed the poor Yan Liang in one blow.  Cao Cao and Cheng Yu return
 to Yuan Shao (automatic).  Yuan Shao will send Wen Chou.  But Wen Chou
 suffers the same fate.  Lu Bu killed him in one blow.  Poor Yan Liang
 and Wen Chou . . .

	The story turns to Cao Ren in an empty city.  He has taken Guan Yu’s
 persona in this mod.  He first asks Cao Cao’s wife to join, equip her
 Red Hare horse.  Notice that Cao Ren’s wisdom index is 152 so he cannot
 become a tactician.  You have to use herbal or inns in order to revive
 his soldier counts.  Cao Ren fights four Dong Zhuo generals (Chui Yong,
 Hu Zhen, Hu Jian Er, skip the one with fire attack) in the same way as
 Guan Yu kills Cao Cao generals in the original game.  You can resupply
 at Cheng Du (Luo Yang in the original DOAE2 although having Cao Ren in
 Shu makes no sense).  After Cao Ren defeats the fifth citadel (Dong Zhuo’s
 nephew Dong Min), he boards a ferry and head to Ji Zhou.

	Lu Bu ambushes him along the way.  After the second round, Xia Hou Yuan
 rescues you.  Lu Bu retreats.  Cao Ren then heads north to a village,
 where villagers want him to defeat the bandits at the north gate.  The
 leader of the bandit is in fact Xia Hou Dun, who will join you after two
 rounds.  Xia Hou Dun is very good and he can be a tactician (wisdom 187).
  His weapon is spear.  Cao Ren and Xia Hou Dun head east and they meet
 Cao Hong.  Cao Hong asks you to kill Cai Yang, which is an easy battle.
  Enter the city.  Cao Hong and Xia Hou Yuan will join.  Xia Hou Yuan,
 who uses spears, is as good as Xia Hou Dun.  The Cao army now heads to
 the hut in front of Ji Zhou.

	The screen turns to Ji Zhou Castle.  A man visits Cao Cao, telling him
 that Cao Ren and Cao Hong are in Ji Zhou.  He joins Cao Cao.  Who is he?
  He is one of Cao Cao’s most powerful general: Dian Wei.  He equips
 spears.  After a conversation with Yuan Shao, Cao Cao leaves Ji Zhou in
 order to return to Xu Chang and Luo Yang and fight Dong Zhuo.  Before
 departure, please make sure that Dian Wei is armed with a copper spear
 and armours.  Yuan Shao’s advisors, Ju Shou and Guo Tu, lead an ambush.
  With Dian Wei armed, this is an easy battle.  Cao Cao arrives at the
 small hut and meets Cao Ren and Cao Hong in the second floor.  As they
 leave the hut, chapter 1 ends.  Now Cao Cao has six other generals: Cao
 Ren, Cao Hong, Xia Hou Dun, Xia Hou Yuan, and Cheng Yu.  I prefer Cheng
 Yu to Cao Cao as tactician, since Cao Cao can fight.  Cao Hong has the
 lowest strength index so I do not play him at the next stage.

Note: the map layout is exactly the same as the original version.  Characters
 are the only difference.

Chapter 2: Control the Han Emperor

	The map is Jing Zhou but now Jing Zhou Castle is renamed Xu Chang (find
 an iron sword by using “check”).  Cao Cao speaks to the Han Emperor
 and he wants Cao Cao to defeat Yuan Shu.  Cao Cao finds Yuan Shu’s armies
 in the three villages southeast of Xu Chang.  Ji Ling leads the charge
 in the first village, while Yuan Yin features the second.  Each village
 has only one general so the two battles should be very easy.  Yuan Shu
 and a guard attacks Cao Cao’s army as soon as Cao Cao enters the third
 village.  Cao Cao’s force easily kills Yuan Shu.  Poor Yuan Shu, he
 cannot escape the fate of death even though he does not appear until chapter

	The emperor is very glad that Cao Cao defeats Yuan Shu.  He bestows Cao
 Cao the castle of Luo Yang (Xin Ye in the original version).  But Cao
 Cao discovers that Dong Zhuo has burnt the castle.  People begin to rebuild
 it.  Note: you can find an iron armour by using the “check” command.
  When Cao Cao leaves Luo Yang, a messenger reports that the emperor is
 gravely ill.  Cao Cao returns to Xu Chang immediately.  The emperor is
 so sick that he has to stay in bed.  Cao Cao talks to the emperor, who
 asks Cao Cao to take over power after he dies.  Jia Xu tells Cao Cao that
 Dong Zhuo’s follower, Zhang Xiu, attempts to assassinate him.  Jia Xu
 advises Cao Cao to escape via the underground path, hidden at the northwestern
 corner of the palace (same as the original version).

	A bridge joins Xu Chang’s neighbourhood with a hut.  Cao Cao visits
 Xu Shao at the hut.  He suggests Cao Cao to find an advisor.  Cao Cao
 then sleeps overnight.  A man visits Xu Shao during the night.  Cao Cao
 hustles to Xu Shao and asks for the visitor’s identity.  Xu Shao says
 that it is Xun Yu.  Cao Cao rushes to Xun Yu’s hut, in the two isolated
 trees at the east of Xu Chang (where we find Zhu Ge Liang in the original
 version).  Unfortunately, Xun Yu’s nephew, Xun You, says that Xun Yu
 has left home.  Xun You will tell Cao Cao at Luo Yang when Xun Yu returns.

	Cao Cao returns to Luo Yang and Jia Xu reports that Lu Bu has invaded.
  Lu Bu murders Dong Zhuo and leads an army of ten thousand at Bai Ma Po
 (Bo Wang in the original).  Cao Cao battles Lu Bu at Bai Ma.  This battle
 is much more difficult than the original version with Lu Kang and Lu Xiang.
  Lu Bu has three good generals: Chen Gong (210 wisdom and can cast Yi
 Xin), Zhang Liao (230 strength and 205 wisdom), and Gao Shun (200 strength).
  Lu Bu’s horse, Red Hare, provides a formidable opponent too.  Yes,
 the Red Hare is an individual troop with a strength index of 220!!!  I
 train my troops up to level 15 so I can cast Yi Xin on the Red Hare. 
 First, gang up and kill Lu Bu although the three other generals are strong.
  Afterwards, take down Zhang Liao and Chen Gong.  But do not gang up on
 them.  The Red Hare and Gao Shun can inflict massive damage.  One or two
 generals need to attack them in order to limit their strikes.  Cao Cao
 finally won but he suffers significant damage.  What???  Zhang Liao does
 not join Cao Cao here!?  Cao Cao desperately wishes him to follow.

	Anyway, Cao Cao returns to Luo Yang.  Xun You says that Xun Yu has returned.
  Cao Cao visits him at the hut, convincing him to join.  Use the same
 way to recruit Xun Yu as Zhu Ge Liang.  Xun Yu is asleep.  Use “check”
 and do not wake him up.  Then, Xun Yu will join.

Note: this chapter is the same as the original version’s second part,
 in terms of landscape.  The battle against Lu Bu is hard so train the
 troops as much as possible.  Generals will challenge Cao Cao’s army
 during regular battles.  In the original version, they do not emerge until
 the Chi Bi stage.

Chapter 3: Chi Bi

	Yuan Shao’s army of 100,000 has invaded and it gathers at Bai Ma Po.
  Xun Yu lays out the tactics the same way as Zhu Ge Liang in the original
 version.  Xun Yu and Xia Hou Yuan face Yuan Shao directly (assign Xun
 Yu as the tactician).  Cheng Yu leaves the group in order to direct Luo
 Yang’s rebuilding process (big loss considering that we do not have
 many good advisors).  Yuan Shao’s army includes Zhang He (dangerous
 bow user with a strength index of 225) and Tian Feng.  Hang in there during
 round one.  Then, Cao Ren will launch a fire attack.  Cao Cao’s army
 should attack Yuan Shao and Zhang He while reviving HP with revival tactics
 and herbal.  Cao Hong arrives in the second round, followed by Dian Wei
 in the third.  Cao Cao’s army kills Yuan Shao in this battle, securing
 northern China.  Note: Luo Yang has stepped forward in rebuilding.  An
 iron sword and iron armour are available by using “check”.

	The group returns to Luo Yang.  A messenger tells Cao Cao that the emperor
 is dying.  Cao Cao joins the army and they head to Xu Chang, leaving Xun
 Yu in Luo Yang for defensive purposes.  When they reach Xu Chang, the
 emperor asks Cao Cao to take power.  He then breathes his last and passes
 away.  Meanwhile, Zhang Xiu arrives.  He has to retreat to Chang An and
 leaves.  Cao Cao and his officers decide to head back to Luo Yang.  They
 would like to consult Xun Yu regarding the next step.  In Luo Yang, Xun
 Yu joins the group and they head to Jiang Ling (not sure about the name’s
 accuracy, but it changes from Xia Kou in the original version).  They
 would like to discuss the successor, Liu Xie (Xian Di of Han).

	But Liu Xie is gravely ill too.  He can only lie in his bed.  Cao Cao
 finally agrees to take over as the temporary emperor, succeeding in controlling
 other warlords.  However, rebels have seized Luo Yang and Xu Chang.  They
 took a general, Huang Gai, as hostage too.  Cao Cao does not join battles
 for now.  Xun Yu becomes the tactician and the army heads to Luo Yang,
 where they battle Ma Teng (Ma Chao’s father), Wu Zi Lan, Wang Zi Fu,
 and Dong Cheng (not related to Dong Zhuo).  This is a difficult battle
 even with Tong Xian.  Cao Cao’s generals have low tactic levels in general.
  Xia Hou Dun is the highest with 187.  Tactics will not succeed so save
 the SP for reviving tactics.  Meanwhile, Ma Teng’s strength index is
 230.  The other three generals can cast Yi Xin on Cao Cao’s generals.
  I took a while to defeat them, by killing Ma Teng first.  Subsequently,
 speak to a man in the palace.  He will then leave.

	Huang Gai stands right beside Cao Cao in Jiang Ling.  He tells Xun Yu
 to recapture Xu Chang.  Xun Yu and the rest head there.  They battle Geng
 Ji, Wei Fang, and Jin Yi.  None of them is particularly strong but their
 wisdom levels are high enough to successfully cast Yi Xin on Dian Wei
 and Cao Hong.  I really dislike these two battles because Cao Cao’s
 generals have relatively low wisdom indexes.  Unfortunately, I cannot
 do anything about it.  Huang Gai joins after Xun Yu wins the battle and
 returns to Jiang Ling.  Hey, Huang Gai is actually a spy from Zhou Yu
 and Sun Quan.  Why does Cao Cao let him join???

	Regardless, they travel to Jiang Xia (Cai Sang in the original version)
 by ferry.  In the palace, Xun Yu meets his comrades (Yue Jin, Liu Ye,
 Li Dian, and Man Chong).  They ask Xun Yu to solve three problems in order
 to prepare for the Chi Bi war against Zhou Yu of Wu and Liu Bei.  Solving
 the problem of easterly wind is the same as the original version (visits
 the village in the east and head to Japan by boat).  I have to mention
 the battle at the top of Fuji because it is extremely difficult (I died
 twice before winning it in my third attempt).  Himiko leads the boulder
 snake, tiger, horse, and snake.  Her wisdom and attack indices are 255.
  The boulder snake and tiger have high strength indices and they inflict
 severe damage.  Cao Cao’s generals must load up on copper and revival
 pills, as well as training up to level 20 with Yan Re.  In the battle,
 Himiko is not as dangerous as her statistics appear.  The boulder snake
 and tiger hit very hard so kill them with Yan Re first.  Then, deal with
 the horse and the snake one by one.  Finally, gang up on Himiko.  When
 we revive, we should use pills.  We then focus our SP spending on Yan
 Re.  Do not use Yi Xin.  It costs 32 SP in this mod instead of 6 in the
 original.  After the victory, walk up to meet Himiko and she gives the
 Wind Scroll.  Xun Yu should equip it because only he can use it.  Head
 back to Jiang Xia immediately.

	Make gun powder through the same process as the original version.  Then,
 go to Bai Ma Po and blow the rocks away.  Cao Cao’s army then attacks
 Zhang Xiu’s troops (Hu Che Er, Fu Wan, Kong Rong, and Chui Tan) at Chang
 An.  Zhang Xiu himself is not very strong.  Cao Cao’s force should kill
 Kong Rong first.  Kong Rong’s wisdom is as high as 205 and he can cast
 Yi Xin.  After the victory, Cao Cao’s troops go to the second floor
 of the castle.  They find the 1,000,000 arrows along with many iron weapons
 and armours.  Equip everybody with iron weapons.  Note: Cao Cao’s troops
 can obtain the flame armour prior to the battle against Zhang Xiu.  Go
 around Chang An above the gate.  Head to a cave in the northwest and obtain
 the flame armour in the third floor underground.  They will revisit this
 cave in order to pick up the Wu map later.

	Return to Jiang Xia.  You can now use the Zheng’s Letter and recruit
 Liu Ye.  Yue Jin also wonders how we can chain Zhou Yu’s ships together.
  They conclude that Guo Jia is the best person.  Where can we find Guo
 Jia?  Yue Jin tells Xun Yu to ask Xu Shao.  Go to Xu Shao’s hut.  He
 says that Guo Jia lives in a hut southeast of Jiang Xia.  Return to Jiang
 Xia and head southeastward.  After a river pass and they reach Guo Jia’s
 hut.  Talk to Guo Jia and he agrees to convince Zhou Yu in locking up
 his ships.  Then, go back to Jiang Xia and speak to Yue Jin.  Board the
 ship and the Chi Bi battle begins.

	History has turned its course!!!  Xun Yu uses the Wind Scroll and changes
 the wind’s direction (remember to hand the tactician’s job to Xia
 Hou Dun before boarding the ship).  Everything else follows like the original
 version.  Cao Ren releases Zhou Yu but Zhou Yu probably ends up dead on
 his own.  Cao Cao defeated Zhou Yu and Liu Bei.  History changes in the
 DOAE world!!!

Note: This stage is a little hard.  The Himiko battle is obviously the
 most difficult.  In addition, lack of good advisor in battles weakens
 Cao Cao’s troops.  Xun Yu is the sole tactician and he cannot fight.
  No one can successively cast tactics on enemies.

Chapter 4: Conquering Jing Zhou

	Cao Cao asks Cao Ren and company to recapture Chang An and Xu Chang, since
 Liu Bei’s troops have invaded.  Guan Yu takes over Jing Zhou and Cao
 Ren needs to seize it.  First, head to Luo Yang and Jia Xu finally joins.
  He is very valuable because he has a wisdom index of 240.  He solves
 the lack of tacticians in battles.  Head to Xu Chang and defeat Fu Shi
 Ren.  He is much easier than Chen Jiao of the original version.  Enter
 Xu Chang and find the Tally Order (in front of the throne).

	Enter Chang An with the Tally Order.  Wu Ban and Sun Qian challenge Cao
 Cao’s force at the gate.  I strongly recommend replacing Cao Hong with
 Jia Xu.  Jia Xu’s wisdom index of 240 allows him to cast many tactics
 successfully.  In this battle, Jia Xu can inflict extensive damage on
 Wu Ban and Sun Qian via Shui Lei.  Cao Cao’s troops win easily with
 Jia Xu.

	The rest of this chapter is exactly the same as the original, except for
 generals.  All castles’ names in Jing Zhou are identical to the initial
 version.  Go south to Yi Ling via the ferry docked at the pier southwest
 of Chang An.  Cao Cao’s army battles Feng Xi and Jian Yong.  It is a
 very easy battle with the presence of Jia Xu, who kills Feng Xi with a
 few Yan Re.  Besides, Jian Yong’s intelligence index is mediocre.  A
 steel armour is available in Yi Ling.

	Nan Castle features Hu Ban and Ma Liang.  Jia Xu easily handles Hu Ban
 if we train up to level 24 with Luo Shi.  Everyone else concentrates on
 hitting Ma Liang.  Hu Ban and Ma Liang escape to Fan Castle but Lu Meng
 and his Wu troops take it ahead of them.  Regretfully, Hu Ban and Ma Liang
 lose Fan Castle to Lu Meng.  A steel armour is also available in Nan but
 it is useless if everyone is armed with the flame armour.

	Cao Cao’s force attacks Fan Castle but it cannot resist the devastating
 strikes from Lu Meng’s troops.  Everyone retreats to Nan after one round.
  Guo Jia appears once again.  He gives them a brocade sack.  It contains
 a tactic that can defeat Lu Meng.  Only Cao Ren can execute it.  Train
 as many levels as we can (preferably up to 26 with Li Jian).  The battle
 at Fan will be difficult even though Lu Meng falls into the tactic like
 Lu Bu.  Note that Lu Meng has 4000 soldiers.  His strength and wisdom
 indices are over 200.  Furthermore, his tactics (Da Re, Hong Shui, Fu
 Sha, Li Fan, Yi Wen, Feng Jian) are superior to this chapter (they belong
 to chapter 5).  The other four generals (Han Dang, Chen Wu, Jiang Qin,
 Pan Zhang, all of them are pivotal generals for Wu) launch heavy blows.
  Jia Xu needs to cast Luo Shi very often.  Do not use Li Jian because
 it costs 36 SP in this mod.  With Jia Xu’s Luo Shi and timely revival
 medicines, Cao Cao’s troops capture the Fan Castle.  A thunder sword
 is available in the castle.  Xun Yu and Jia Xu need to equip it (duplicate

	Citizens instruct Cao Cao’s force to conquer four castles in southern
 Jing.  Pass through the cave and visit the hut, where Xun You and Cao
 Xiu reside.  Jia Xu must be present in order for the two men to yield
 at the door.  After conversing Xun You and Cao Xiu, go to Wu Ling instead
 of Ling Ling.  Pick up a steel spear first.  Duplicate and equip Xia Hou
 Dun, Xia Hou Yuan, Dian Wei, and Cao Hong with the spear.  Head to the
 southwestern cape and talk to Meng Da.  He rebels and coaxed Liu Feng
 out of Wu Ling.  Pick up a steel shield and a wisdom pill.  Everyone equips
 the steel shield by duplicating it.  Defeat Liu Feng at Wu Ling.  Meng
 Da kills Liu Feng and opens the castle.  Purchase a steel sabre for Cao

Now we go back to Ling Ling.  Defeat Zhou Cang at the citadel.  Move to
 the castle where Zhou Cang, Liao Hua, and Ma Liang guard.  Ma Liang somehow
 resurrects from Lu Meng’s hand.  His tactics can be dangerous so kill
 him with strikes from Cao Ren, Xia Hou Yuan, and Dian Wei.  Meanwhile,
 Xia Hou Dun and Jia Xu reduce soldier counts of Zhou Cang and Liao Hua
 by means of Yan Re.  Cao Cao eventually seizes Ling Ling.  In the castle,
 a steel shield is available.  Since Cao Cao’s forces upgrade weapons
 at Wu Ling, the battle at Ling Ling should be a lot easier.  Upgrading
 weapons is the reason why I advise us to attack Wu Ling first.  Furthermore,
 messing up the order does not stall the game.

	Go to the Guei Yang village and find a wisdom pill.  Defeat Liu Feng and
 Guan Ping at the Guei Yang Castle.  Enter the castle and Guan Yu comes
 out.  He pulls Xun Yu into the palace.  Liu Feng and Guan Ping emerge
 and the three of them try to kill Xun Yu.  Lu Meng rushed in and defeated
 them.  Lu Meng takes charge of Guei Yang.  Now Cao Cao’s force can recruit
 Lu Meng by using the Zheng’s Letter in front of him!  I replace Dian
 Wei with Lu Meng because Dian Wei’s wisdom index of 98 is way too low.

	Head to Chang Sha.  Cao Ren battles Guan Yu on a duel.  Each one has 100
 soldiers.  Zhang He separates them after two rounds.  Then, attack Chang
 Sha.  Lu Meng has to be in the army.  Enemies include Guan Yu, Guan Ping,
 Zhou Cang, Xu Shu, and Ma Liang.  Despite the drop in wisdom, Guan Yu
 remains the most dangerous.  Kill him first.  Xia Hou Yuan, Xia Hou Dun,
 and Cao Ren then concentrate on Xu Shu and Ma Liang.  Lu Meng and Jia
 Xu deal with Guan Ping and Zhou Cang through tactics.

	Xu Huang joins after the victory at Chang Sha.  He is the only general
 on Cao Cao’s side that equips axes.  Zhang He joins after Cao Cao’s
 troops find the Yang You Bow for him in a cave.  Go back to Xun You’s
 hut.  A soldier reports that Lu Meng has rebelled at Guei Yang.  Xun You
 and Cao Xiu instruct to defeat Lu Meng.  What happens when the troops
 arrive at Guei Yang?  Lu Meng is not there because he is on our side!!!
  Instead of Lu Meng and Jiang Qin, only Jiang Qin and three soldiers fight
 us.  The battle is a breeze because Lu Meng follows Cao Cao.  Jiang Qin
 flees to Ling Ling after losing to Cao Cao’s troops.

	Since Lu Meng defects to Cao Cao, Han Dang takes over as the Wu troops’
 leader.  He guards the Ling Ling citadel with Chen Wu and Pan Zhang. 
 They retreat to Ling Ling Castle after Lu Meng and Cao Cao force defeat
 them at the citadel.  Han Dang leads Chen Wu, Jiang Qin, and Pan Zhang
 in the final Jing Zhou battle.  Cao Cao claims Jing Zhou after the victory.
  Cao Cao’s troops quickly head to Xun You’s hut; however, they have
 already gone to Luo Yang.

	Everyone returns to Luo Yang.  Once the generals arrive, they discover
 that Cheng Yu has rebuilt Luo Yang and its glamour.  Cheng Yu officially
 rejoins the team.  They meet Xun You and Cao Xiu in the palace.  They
 join the team too.

	However, Xun Yu leaves the team.  He is assigned to rebuild Jing Zhou
 that is torn by wars.  Cao Cao must find a replacement tactician now.
  His troops visit Xu Shao, who gives them a bottle of wine.  Xu Shao instructs
 them to visit a drunkard in Chang An.  In Chang An, citizens express their
 suffering under a bandit.  The drunkard instructs the troops to fight
 the bandit.  In return, he will give them “the Phoenix.”

	After passing through the forest (in the middle of a quadrilateral shaped
 forest), the troops encounters the bandit leader Xu Zhu.  He joins after
 the troops defeat them.  Finally, the “Tiger General” is with Cao
 Cao.  Xu Zhu has the highest strength index among Cao Cao’s generals.
  The forest contains several hidden items in addition to the chests, particularly
 a steel helmet.  Everyone should equip it by means of duplication.

	Talk to the drunkard in Chang An.  He is in fact Guo Jia, who joins Cao
 Cao as the replacement tactician.  The screen automatically turns to Luo
 Yang.  An injured general (I do not know his name) tells Cao Cao about
 Wu.  Zhang Liao also enters.  He hides a map in a cave northwest of Chang
 An (where we find the flame armour) with his friend Pang De guarding it.
  He passes a letter to Cao Cao, who gives it to Cao Ren and company. 
 Use the letter in front of Pang De, who then moves over.  Open the chest
 and Cao Ren retrieves the Wu map.  Talk to Pang De and he joins Cao Cao.

	Return to Luo Yang and Cao Cao decides to invade Wu (Replacing Shu with
 Wu is ridiculous, putting Wu in southwestern China).  Cao Ren and Xia
 Hou Yuan leave the team.  Cao Hong and Guo Jia become leaders.  We can
 only choose three more generals at the billet.  Zhang Liao officially
 joins at the dock southwest of Chang An (finally!!!).  I go with Xia Hou
 Dun, Lu Meng, Zhang Liao, Cao Hong, and Guo Jia.  If you did not recruit
 Lu Meng through Zheng’s Letter, you can consider using Xu Zhu, Dian
 Wei, or Jia Xu.

	Note: the map is straight forward.  However, I wish Xu Zhu and Zhang Liao
 to join much sooner.  Xu Zhu’s strength can be higher (e.g. 250) because
 he is the strongest general in Cao Cao’s army.  Once we upgrade weapons
 at Wu Ling and recruit Lu Meng, this Jing Zhou stage becomes very easy.
  By the way, I reach level 29 and receive a surprise.  No one learns Fu
 Sha.  This mod probably deletes it and raises Yi Xin’s SP to 32.

Chapter 5: Conquering Wu

	Cao Hong and company arrive at a city as soon as they land in Wu.  This
 city is Fu Shui in the original version but I do not know its name in
 this mod (could it be Xiang Yang?).  Cao Hong meets Li Dian, who tells
 them that Liu Bei has conquered Han Zhong.  Cao Hong and company have
 to defeat Liu Bei before conquering Wu.  Head to a hut in the northeast
 and meet Meng Da.  He points out the location of Emperor Jing’s tomb.
  Unfortunately, Cao Hong has to go through this dreaded tomb for the Blood
 Seal.  The good thing is that the tomb’s structure remains the same.

	Cao Hong brings the Blood Seal to Meng Da, who travels to Xia Meng Citadel.
  Meng Da returns a moment later.  He asks Cao Hong to visit it.  Cao Hong
 and others then engage in a battle against Wu Lan and Lei Tong.  After
 the victory, Guo Huai and Cao Zhen join.  Move north to Yang Ping Citadel
 and fight Huang Zhong, Fa Zheng, and Yan Yan.  Guo Huai is a candidate
 worth using because his strength and wisdom indices are higher than 200.
  Xia Meng Citadel has a revival pill while Yang Ping Citadel has a wisdom

	Pass through Ding Jun Mountain and Cao Hong arrives at Nan Zheng Gate.
  An all star combination of Liu Bei’s generals, featuring Zhang Fei,
 Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, and Wei Yan, battle Cao Hong and company.  Fortunately,
 Cao Hong’s generals have all star caliber too.  It is very important
 to train up levels because Liu Bei’s star studded generals inflict severe
 damages.  Focus on Zhao Yun because his strength index is 240 while his
 wisdom index is 200.  Guo Jia and Zhang Liao take care of Zhang Fei through
 tactics.  A tent can be found in Nan Zheng.

	Cao Hong and troops enter Nan Zheng.  They encounter a man that promises
 them to open Han Zhong’s castle gate.  He demands $10,000 gold in return.
  Cao Hong agrees.  The man bribed Zhang Da, who kills Zhang Fei (loyal
 to the ROTK novel but we will not see Zhang Fei any more).  Zhang Da demands
 tribute as soon as Cao Hong enters Han Zhong.  Liu Bei rushes out and
 discovers the plot.  He kills Zhang Da and immediately challenges Cao
 Hong to a battle.  Liu Bei leads Fa Zheng, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong, and Wei
 Yan.  Guo Jia can use Huo Shen (level 40).  In this case, Cao Hong should
 have an easier time.  A white tiger axe is available in Han Zhong.

	Lu Su greets Cao Hong’s troop once they leave Han Zhong, saying that
 Wu wants to treat them with a feast owing to victory against Liu Bei.
  Cao Hong heads back to the city that they land but discovers that Lu
 Su tricks them.  Lu Su leads Zhu Zhi and Han Dang in this battle.  Yang
 Gu joins after the victory.

	Head north and find the Bronze Key in the basement of a hut.  Then, fight
 the Wu generals (Zhu Huan, He Qi, Zhu Ge Jin) at the water gate.  After
 triumph, enter the gate and turns on the leverage with the key.  The water
 is gone and Cao Hong can pick up a Qing Long sabre and a steel helmet.

	Cao Hong heads southwest via the pass that is exposed from the disappeared
 water.  Like the original version, an ambush occurs at the pass.  Instead
 of Liu Zhang’s troops, Wu generals Lu Xun, Tai Shi Ci, Gan Ning, and
 Zhu Ge Liang attack Cao Hong’s troops.  Guo Jia dies in this battle.
  Remember to re-assign tactician because Guo Jia will die.  They are ambushed
 once they return to the initial city.  But Xun Yu comes to rescue.  Everyone
 gathers at the palace.  Xun Yu, Cao Ren, and Xia Hou Yuan rejoin.

	Head south to a castle by ferry (the Ba Castle in the original) and defeat
 Zhu Ge Liang, Quan Zong, and Ling Cao.  Zhong Hui joins Cao Cao.  The
 weaponry has ice spear so equip it among spear users.  A tent is available
 too.  Everyone then travel west to a citadel.  Xu Sheng, Gu Yong, and
 Ling Tong battle Wei troops but they retreat half way.  Like the original
 version, wait until a soldier enters from the other side.  Enter the citadel
 and talk to the soldier who uncovers Xu Sheng’s fire tactic.  Find the
 spear and fight Xu Sheng (without the fire) once again.

	Lu Ling Castle is in the west of this gate.  However, Cao Cao’s troops
 cannot enter.  Visit the Chens’ village first.  Then, head north to
 a mountain pass.  Unlock all chests and equip the fire shield for everyone
 (duplicate).  A citadel is located north of the pass, where our old friend
 Huang Gai guards.  Zhang Hong is with him.  Defeat them and talk to the
 soldier inside the citadel.  He angrily leaves.  Find the silver stone
 at the southeast corner of the citadel and head to Lu Ling.  Defeat Zhu
 Ran, Ding Feng, Bu Xi, and our friend Huang Gai.

	The next castle (Yue Jin in the original) is so tightly fortified that
 Cao Cao’s force cannot enter.  Generals have to visit the village northwest
 of Lu Ling and find Deng Ai.  He wants to join Cao Cao but Wu captivates
 his mother.  Go to the cave southwest of the village.  Enter the hut outside
 the cave and find the white tiger axe.  Fight the general in front of
 the hut (very easy battle) and rescue Deng Ai’s mother.  Deng Ai then
 joins and he must be at the front of the troops.  But Wu’s generals
 discover it.  Zhang Ti, Shen Ying, Wu Yan, and Lu Kai challenge Deng Ai
 and company.  Du Yu joins Cao Cao after the victory.  A steel helmet and
 a tactic scroll are available.

	Go north past a bridge.  Enter a cave and speak to an old man, who tells
 Cao Cao’s force that he hides a gun powder bottle in the cave.  Cao
 Cao’s force decides to use it and conquer Dan Yang Citadel.  Find the
 TNT along with other items in the cave.  Enter Dan Yang Citadel from the
 back.  Even though Dan Yang Citadel is the original game’s Mian Zhu,
 its soldiers will not fight upon conversation.  Cao Cao’s troops cannot
 train levels up to 99.  Regardless, make sure that Cao Cao’s force picks
 up the Dragon Armour before burning it.  Lu Xun, Gan Ning, Zhou Tai, Zhu
 Ge Jin, and Ding Feng come up and battle Cao Cao’s army under a sea
 of fire.  With the help of fire, Cao generals easily win.  Xun Yu orders
 to pursue Wu’s troops in Wu Jun.  Fight the same five generals.  Lu
 Xun’s tactics are very dangerous, since they are in level five (ie.
 Huo Shen, Ji Shi, Shui Long).  Kill him first.  Meanwhile, damage Gan
 Ning and Zhou Tai with tactics (put Zhang Liao, Deng Ai, and possibly
 Zhong Hui in the battle).  Cao Cao eventually conquers Wu Jun.  Three
 scrolls are available in the castle.

	Keep going southwest.  Zhou Tai challenges the lead general to a duel.
  Xu Zhu should be the guy since he has the highest strength index.  Besides,
 he is the “Tiger General.”  Xu Zhu kills Zhou Tai.  Everyone invades
 the final Wu castle, Jian Ye.  Sun Quan launches a final assault with
 Lu Kang, Tai Shi Ci, Zhang Zhao, and Zhu Ge Ke.  This battle is extremely
 difficult.  Both Sun Quan and Lu Kang know An Sha.  My Xu Zhu was killed
 by it.  I therefore advise to make sure that Cao Cao’s generals have
 high wisdom indexes of over 180 (e.g. Zhang Liao, Xia Hou Dun, Deng Ai,
 Zhong Hui).  Deal with Sun Quan and Lu Kang while cast tactics on Tai
 Shi Ci.  Zhang Zhao and Zhu Ge Ke are less dangerous.  Wu is destroyed
 once Cao Cao’s troops win.  Enter Jian Ye and rest.  Speak to Cao Cao
 the next day.

	Note: this chapter is much harder than the original version.  Enemies’
 soldier counts and tactic levels increase.  Sun Quan’s generals are
 much stronger and wiser too.  I personally do not like to have Zhou Tai
 challenging to a duel.  Gan Ning should be the one, since he is the strongest
 general in terms of might (Tai Shi Ci dies early according to history).
  Training is very crucial, especially late in this chapter.  Cao’s troops
 need at least level 40 in order to defeat Sun Quan.

	I also notice some differences in terms of tactics learned and its SP
 values.  Cao Cao’s troops do not learn Fu Sha, Xian Jing, and Ba Gua
 until somewhere between levels 50 and 60.  These tactics and formation
 cost significantly more SPs than the original game.  I hereby list the
 tactics whose SP values increase in this mod:

Ji Mian: 30 SP
Yi Xin: 32 SP
Ce Mian: 32 SP
Li Jian: 36 SP
Li Fan: 48 SP
Xian Jing: 48 SP
Fu Sha: 100 SP
An Sha: 120 SP
Ba Gua Array: 200 SP

	Think carefully before using these powerful tactics.  Bring many tactic
 potions to battles too.

Chapter 6: Defeat Shu and Unite China

	Liu Bei’s troops have invaded Han Zhong.  Cao Cao instructs his forces
 to recapture it.  Some of Liu Bei’s generals launch deadly tactics such
 as An Sha.  Take out Xu Zhu for the time being.  Use people like Deng
 Ai and Zhong Hui.  Unfortunately, I cannot take out Cao Ren and Cao Hong.
  Otherwise, I would have done it long time ago.

	Go to Yang Ping Citadel via the pass where Guo Jia dies.  Defeat Guan
 Ping and Zhang Bao.  Nan Zheng Citadel features Wang Ping and Ma Dai.
  The battle is easy.  Cao’s forces face Zhu Ge Liang in Han Zhong for
 the first time.  Guan Ping, Zhang Bao, Wang Ping, and Ma Dai accompany
 him.  I implement the Ba Gua array in this fight.  Even though the Ba
 Gua prevents enemies from striking my generals, my attacks are reduced
 to one-tenth of normal.  How worthy is Ba Gua in this mod (200 SP and
 one-tenth of attack power)?

	Anyway, Cao’s forces meet Cao Cao in Han Zhong.  Soldiers report that
 Liu Bei has become the emperor.  Cao Cao decides to conquer this foe head
 on.  Cao Ren and Cao Hong finally leave (for good too!!!) as they defend
 Jing Zhou and Wu.  Two generals join in front of the palace.  One of them
 is Cao Cao himself!!!  This is quite an “ULTIMATE HAPPINESS” because
 Cao Cao sets a role model for his generals.  Besides, his abilities remain
 top (215 strength and 230 wisdom).  Xia Hou Ba stands besides Cao Cao.
  He joins but he can head straight to the billet.  My lineup now includes
 Cao Cao, Xu Zhu, Zhang Liao, Xia Hou Dun, Deng Ai, Zhong Hui, and Xun
 Yu.  Its potency dramatically increases as soon as we get rid of mediocre
 Cao Ren and Cao Hong.  I am very tempted to use Dian Wei along with Xu
 Zhu; however, their wisdom indexes are too low.  Enemies’ An Sha easily
 kills them.  I therefore use Xu Zhu only.  Deng Ai, Zhong Hui, and Cao
 Cao can protect Xu Zhu from being hurt by tactics.

	Before I move on, I have to mention the three mystic enemy generals appearing
 in this chapter.  They are Tao Kai, Zu Di, and Du Zeng.  All of them serve
 the Jin Dynasty as prominent generals.  Sima Yan established the Jin Dynasty
 by unifying Wei, Shu, and Wu.  Why do the three generals appear before
 they are born???  Anyway, all of them are powerful with over 30,000 soldiers.
  Their strength, wisdom, and speed are over 200.  Be really careful when
 they appear in battles.  Fortunately, they do not show up in castles and

	Cao Cao and company arrive at the citadel bordering Han Zhong and Shu.
  Defeat Wu Yi, Li Yan, and Huang Quan.  Head southeast and battle Huo
 Jin, Li Hui, and Zhang Yi in a castle (Nan An in the original).  A doctor,
 Zhang Zhong Jing, offers a free rest.  An Air Spear is available in this

	Cao Cao and his generals heads east to the castle that is named An Ding
 in the original game.  Defeat Ma Zhong, Zhang Yi, and Liao Hua very easily.
  Find the Gu Ding sabre for Xu Zhu and Zhang Liao.  A silver stone is
 also available.  Cao Cao meets Sima Yi’s mother but she is too sick
 to talk.  People in the city say that Sima Yi is forced to serve Liu Bei
 because Liu Bei gives medication to Sima Yi’s ailing mother.  This is
 the most outrageous part of the story.  Sima Yi serves Liu Bei.  He joins
 Zhu Ge Liang and attacks Cao Cao’s troops with fire at Zi Tong.  Sima
 Yi replaces Jiang Wei in this story but the story should never describe
 him to serve Liu Bei!!!!!!!

	Zhu Ge Liang, Sima Yi, Huang Quan, Ma Su, and Deng Zhi defeat Cao Cao’s
 troops.  A man rescues Cao Cao and brings them back to the city southeast
 of Zi Tong (the one that Cao Cao defeats Ma Zhong, Zhang Yi, and Liao
 Hua).  He writes a referral letter for Cao Cao to bring it to Zhang Zhong
 Jing.  Cao Cao and his troops go back to the castle in the west, defeat
 Guan Suo in front of Zhang Zhong Jing’s house.  Zhang Zhong Jing then
 visits Sima Yi’s mother and heals her.  Sima Yi challenges Cao Cao to
 a battle and joins him.  This whole Sima Yi episode drives me crazy, since
 it abuses Chinese history.  The Zi Tong battle should be really difficult.
  Once Cao Cao conquers Si Tong, Sima Yi waits at the gate to join.

	Back to the story, Xun Yu leaves the army.  Sima Yi becomes the tactician
 for the second Zi Tong battle.  After defeating Zhu Ge Liang, Huang Quan,
 Ma Su, and Deng Zhi, Cao Cao and his generals must rest at Zi Tong.  Xun
 Yu greets Cao Cao at the palace the next day (we are stuck in the game
 if we do not rest).  By the way, do not start Xu Zhu in the Zi Tong battle.
  All four enemy generals can cast tactics.  Instead, I use Cao Cao, Zhang
 Liao, Xia Hou Dun, Deng Ai, and Zhong Hui.  A Great Armour and a Barrage
 Sword are available at Zi Tong.

Talk to Xun Yu in Zi Tong and he instructs Cao Cao to seize Jiang You.
  In doing so, Cao Cao can obtain the Ferry Ticket and attack Jian Ge Pass.
  Everyone attacks Jiang You Castle and defeat Li Yan, Guan Xing, Zhang
 Bao, Ma Dai, and Ma Su.  Get the Ferry Ticket in one of the six chests
 in a supply hut (northwest corner of Jiang You).  Cao Cao and his officers
 can upgrade their weapons, armours, helmets, and shields too.  A Sky Helmet
 is available in Jiang You, apart from the supply hut.

Use the Ferry Ticket right in front of Guan Suo, who stands at the ferry
 dock.  He challenges Cao Cao to a battle.  Unfortunately, Cao Cao easily
 kills him.  Take the ferry and head to Jian Ge; yet, Jiang Wei is not
 around.  Instead, Ma Su leads Liu Bei’s troops.  Wang Ping, Wu Yi, and
 Ma Dai accompany him.  Enter Jian Ge and people tell Cao Cao that Xun
 Yu has invented a new weapon.  A Gold Stone is available.

Cao Cao heads back to Zi Tong but Jiang Wei’s troops ambush him one by
 one.  Cao Cao and his generals must retreat.  They cannot fight Jiang
 Wei at this point.  In Zi Tong, Xun Yu has built the Crossbow and he rejoins.
  Crossbow’s success depends on the wisdom index so Deng Ai or Cao Cao
 should carry it.  Sima Yi has replaced Xun Yu as the tactician but Xun
 Yu cannot be dumped into the billet.  I consequently give Zhong Hui a

Cao Cao is prepared to invade Jian Ge for the second time.  Defeat Wang
 Ping and Wu Yi easily at the pass.  Then, defeat Ma Xu, Wang Ping, Wu
 Yi, and Ma Da at Jian Ge.  Cao Cao and everyone head east towards the
 mountains.  They reach a village afterwards.  Most villagers are elderly
 people.  Cao Cao finds a silver stone and a pair of speed shoes.  Duplicate
 the speed shoes and equip them for Zhang Liao and Xia Hou Dun.  Cao Cao’s
 army charges Jian Men Citadel (northeast of the village), where officers
 battle Zhang Yi, Xiang Chong, Huo Yi, and Liao Hua.  It is easier than
 the original version because Liu Bei’s officers are much less talented.

Cao Cao leads his officers to Liu Bei’s base – Fu Castle.  Cao Cao
 and Liu Bei, the old foes of the Three Kingdom Period, finally meet. 
 They have tremendous respect to each other from the days of discussing
 heroes of their time.  However, only one can survive.  Liu Bei defends
 Fu Castle with Pang Tong, Chen Dao, Zhang Bao, and Guan Xing.  The enemies
 are strong because Pang Tong and Liu Bei have wisdom indices of over 200
 (Pang Tong is at 245, equal to Xun Yu).  Zhang Bao and Guan Xing can inflict
 heavy damages through their strikes.  I sit Xu Zhu and put Xun Yu in the
 battle.  Kill Pang Tong first because his tactics can be lethal.  Meanwhile,
 Deng Ai and Xun Yu deal with Zhang Bao and Guan Xing by means of fire
 tactics.  I try the sixth level boulder tactic that only Sima Yi knows.
  It actually appears to be a thunder strike (a little bit like Sima Yi’s
 thunder trick in the original game) that zaps a general to immediate death.
  The tactic is powerful although it costs 50 SP (use with your own discretion).
  I call it Luo Lei, which means “thunder drops” in Chinese.  If you
 want to access this tactic, your levels must be really high (I cheat and
 reach level 99 by altering the mod, since I do not have time training
 my troops).

People in Fu Castle reveal that Liu Bei is stocking gun powder.  One tells
 Cao Cao that a Cloud Burst Scroll can call upon rain and storm.  Cao Cao
 finds the scroll and the Gauntlet in a cave southeast of Jian Men Citadel.
  Xun Yu has to equip the Cloud Burst Scroll.  No one else other than him
 can use it.  Then, head north to a citadel north of Fu Castle.  Cao Cao’s
 troops easily defeat Chen Dao and Huang Quan.  A Barrage Sword is available
 in the citadel.

The final battle against Liu Bei arrives.  Cao Cao and his officers head
 to a valley.  The landscape has changed.  Several opened gates and mountain
 passes cover the land instead of a sea.  Do not worry.  Keep going and
 Cao Cao reaches an enormous plain valley.  As people in Fu Castle say,
 Liu Bei ambushes with a fire.  But Xun Yu prays to the heavens with the
 Cloud Burst Scroll.  Suddenly, the sky darkens.  Heavy rain falls upon
 the valley and puts out the fire.  Liu Bei leaves with no tactics other
 than a desperate challenge on Cao Cao.  Ma Chao, Huang Zhong, Zhao Yun,
 and Pang Tong battle along with Liu Bei.  Kill Zhao Yun and Pang Tong
 first, since they are the most dangerous with high attacking abilities
 and lethal tactics.  Then, focus on Liu Bei and Huang Zhong.  Xun Yu easily
 kills Ma Chao by using Luo Lei.  Liu Bei succumbs to defeat and dies.
  Who succeeds him in Shu?

After a soldier’s report, Cao Cao’s troops return to Fu Castle.  Talk
 to Cao Cao (how can Cao Cao talk to himself?  Is this Cao Cao’s body
 double???).  He recalls the memories of Liu Bei and laments his death.
  Meanwhile, reports emerge about Liu Chan, Liu Bei’s son.  He has already
 succeeded Liu Bei as the emperor of Shu.  Furthermore, barbarians invade
 Han Zhong.  Cao Cao leaves the troops and defends it.  But I do not understand
 how Cao Cao can sit on the throne at Fu Castle while travels to Han Zhong
 at the same time.  Wow!  Cao Cao probably knows some Ninja skills.

Regardless, Cao Pi joins at the door of the palace.  He is the son of Cao
 Cao but we can dump him to the billet.  Despite the fact that his strength,
 wisdom, and speed are over 200, his wisdom at 216 is still too low at
 this stage.  I would rather use Zhong Hui with his wisdom of 240 (much
 better in defending tactics).  As a result, Cao Pi enjoys his food, wine,
 and concubines in the billet.  Zhong Hui invades Shu along with Deng Ai
 and others (following the actual ROTK history in which Deng Ai and Zhong
 Hui led Wei’s invasion towards Shu).

A soldier wanders in front of the two supply huts in Fu Castle.  If you
 want a challenge, talk to him (you do not have to).  Secret bosses emerge!!!
  Liu Yuan, Liu Cong, Liu Yao, Shi Le, and Wang Mi confront Cao Cao’s
 troop under a sea of fire.  The fire does not burn Cao’s officers but
 each enemy has over 40,000 soldiers.  I raise my levels to 99 but I succumb
 to defeat.  The battle is nearly impossible.  Our only chance is probably
 the Luo Lei, which kills approximately 20,000 soldiers every time.

If you skip this secret boss, head north and pass through the citadel.
  Keep going beyond the mountain passes and the plain valley.  Cao Cao’s
 troops reach a citadel.  Liu Chan leads Que Zheng, Jiang Wan, Fei Yi,
 and Dong Yun.  Liu Chan’s abilities are very low and such setting is
 loyal to history.  Defeat Fei Yi and Dong Yun first, since they have the
 highest wisdom indices.  The rest of them should be easy.  A gold stone
 is available at this citadel.

Go south to Mian Zhu Citadel.  Liu Chan is here.  Zhu Ge Liang appears
 as well.  Unlike Sima Yi kills Cao Pi in the original game, Zhu Ge Liang
 supports Liu Chan and fights Cao Cao’s army.  Jiang Wei, Wei Yan, and
 Ma Dai join Zhu Ge Liang and Liu Chan.  The Luo Lei tactic becomes very
 handy with Xun Yu casting it.  Besides, this mod eliminates the tea component.
  Cao Cao’s army does not need to run around and find tea, water, and
 a tea set.  After all, Zhu Ge Liang is faithful to Shu.  He would not
 kill his lord and usurps the throne.  A thunder axe is available.  It,
 however, has no use unless Xu Huang or Pang De are in the lineup (both
 of them equip axes).

Purchase the Heaven Elixir for 1,000 gold pieces from a man (instead of
 10,000 in the original).  Cao Cao’s troops also hear introductions to
 the Ba Gua array.  I have talked about the enormous SP cost and its effects
 in this guide.  Ba Gua becomes a purely defensive array.  You decide whether
 it is worth spending so many SP points for this defensive strategy.

Cao Cao’s troops (I have Zhang Liao, Xu Zhu, Xia Hou Dun, Deng Ai, Zhong
 Hui, Xun Yu, and Sima Yi) head south and encounter a stone pass.  Leave
 immediately.  Go east and enter a hut.  The old man in the hut looks for
 a beloved item, which is the Heaven Elixir that Cao Cao’s army just
 bought in Mian Zhu.  Use the Heaven Elixir and the old man instructs the
 stone pass’ solution.  Zhu Ge Liang builds it.  Go south 20 steps, followed
 by 20 steps east.  The exit is located there.

Zhu Ge Liang’s troops wait for Cao Cao’s generals at the Luo Castle.
  It is located east of the stone pass’ exit.  Zhu Ge Liang is not present.
  Huang Zhong leads the defense with Ma Chao, Ma Dai, Xiang Chong, and
 Fa Zheng.  Enter Luo and find the Fortune Shield.  Duplicate it so everyone
 equips it.  Talk to the old man in the northwest part of Luo.  He bestows
 a snake spear so Xia Hou Dun equips it.  Find the power stone beside the
 tree in the same area.
Cao Cao’s troops past the Yin Ping Mountain Pass (much like Deng Ai did
 in ROTK).  Ma Chao and Ma Dai guard the ferry that travels to Cheng Du.
  Defeat them and take the ferry.  We now return to the area in which Cao
 Ren kills five Dong Zhuo generals.  The empty castle remains empty.  Go
 to the hut and an old man offers a free rest.  Attack the first gate in
 the south and defeat Fu Qian and Dong Yun (very easy victory).  March
 southwards to the second gate and defeat Lu Xun (not the Wu advisor) and
 Fei Yi (very easy victory).  Continue the charge by seizing the third
 gate (Luo Qian and Jiang Wan, another easy triumph).

The final battle (or is it?) arrives.  This Wei mod reaches its climax
 in Cheng Du.  Cao Cao’s troops must fight two consecutive battles. 
 Wang Ping, Liao Hua, Zhang Yi, Dong Que, and Huo Yi feature the first
 one.  Save as many SP points as possible because Cao Cao’s troops need
 them for the second and final war.  Zhu Ge Liang, with increased strength
 and soldier counts, summons Jiang Wei, Zhao Yun, Wei Yan, and Fa Zheng
 for this final showdown.  Cao Cao’s forces experience a tough fight
 from Zhu Ge Liang, Jiang Wei, Zhao Yun, and Fa Zheng.  Wei Yan is a weak
 spot because of his low wisdom.  Kill him easily with Luo Lei.  Concentrate
 on Zhu Ge Liang by ganging up on him.  Once he dies, take out Jiang Wei.
  Cao Cao’s troops can take some hits from Zhao Yun.  Finally, kill Zhao
 Yun and Fa Zheng.  Zhu Ge Liang breathes his last and dies.  Cao Cao unites
 China and his troops enter Cheng Du.

Cao Cao does not arrive at Cheng Du until the next day so rest first. 
 Everyone expresses their happiness in Cao Cao’s unification.  However,
 an old man wandering around the western part of Cheng Du has other ideas.
  Talk to him and he transforms to Jiang Wei!!!  He is not dead and he
 challenges Xun Yu and Sima Yi.  Jiang Wei summons five Chinese gods to
 fight for him!!!  Each has soldier counts ranging from 50,000 to 60,000,
 led by the Jade King with 65,000 soldiers (followed by Mystery Bell King,
 Dragon King, Evil Spirit Eater, and Wind).  Besides, one or both of their
 strength and wisdom is higher than 230.  This is an impossible battle
 although fire burns the enemies every around.  Cao’s officers die one
 after the other.

What happens then?  The surviving generals can still meet Cao Cao in the
 palace.  Liu Chan stands at the side because he has surrendered.  Cao
 Cao feeds him with extravagant food every day (much like the ROTK history).
  Everyone thanks Xun Yu and generals for the tremendous work in killing
 Zhu Ge Liang.  What would they do regarding the gods and the hidden boss
 at Fu Castle?  They will take it step by step.  But China is united for
 now.  Cao Cao leads you to tour China in the end.

Note: the final chapter is very interesting with Sima Yi’s Luo Lei and
 the two hidden bosses.  Hopefully the Luo Lei will trigger your interest
 in training up the troops.  The very final battle and the two against
 Liu Bei are the hardest in this chapter.  They have many wise tacticians
 so do not put Xu Zhu in battles.  Use him as the sixth man during travels.
  Substitute Xun Yu for him during castle and citadel fights.  Please tell
 me your keys to success against the two secret bosses, if you beat them.
  Have fun in this mod!!!

Samuel finishes on September 14, 2006.