Destiny of an Emperor II

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a) Updates
b) DoaE 2 Background/Gameplay concepts
c) Walkthrough
d) Items
e) Weapons/Armor
f) Enemy Analysis
g) Han Army Analysis 
h) Random Things
i) Tactics/Arrays
j) Ending

a) Updates
.50 - 1-1-06 - Began writing.  
.80 - 1-4-06 - Finished walkthrough
.85 - 1-5-06 - Started on the rest...
.98 - 1-12-06 - Finished!  Kind of.  Although tactics need to be entered 
still...but there are few things left.
.99 - 1-14-06 - Okay, tactics and arrays are done.  Nearly everything has
been entered, although there are some still odds and ends I'll clear up in the
next few weeks.  Basically I'm in the process of leveling up/maxing out and 
I'll analyze the soldier increases when I'm done.  
.995 - 1-16-06 - Well, level 99 is the max.  Just finished that up and I'm not
sure what else is left, so I might take a break and work on the site for a 
while until I think of more to add.  Check the soldier part at the end of the 
guide for the updates...
.996 - 3-05-06 - Revised the Ba Gua Tactic (with help from Dan N (sirhatter)
.998 - 4-25-06 - Added some nice new features regarding arrays, tactics, 
and other random DoaE 2 occurrences.  Item duplication trick is important,
go read about it and thanks again to Samuel for that.

b) Destiny of an Emperor II Story and Gameplay

In gameplay, Destiny of an Emperor II is very similar to it's prequel Destiny
of an Emperor.  However, Destiny of an Emperor II is a more accurate (not 
perfect certainly)portrayal of Liu Bei's attempt at restoring the Han.  

For those unfamiliar with the novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", this is 
all based in late 2nd and early 3rd century China.  Liu Bei's kingdom of Shu 
fell to the stronger nation of Wei in reality yet in Destiny of an Emperor II
the goal is to aid Liu Bei in uniting China.  

Those who have known of DoaE2 for a while have known that it has been 
translated only recently (2001?  2002 maybe?).  This was done by Destiny 
Translations, Magic Translations, Gaijin Productions and The Vale I believe. 
Again these people are thanked by everyone at Lordyuanshu.com and we still 
hope for the DoaE 3 games to be released on Genesis and SNES soon, as these
have great potential also.  

DoaE2 was never released on the NES in the United States, despite Destiny of
an Emperor being considered one of the most revolutionary role playing games
ever made by a large audience.  Fast and efficient gameplay both in and out of
battle was wonderful in an era when other RPGs (Final Fantasy and Dragon 
Warrior for example) were notorious for slow-moving characters, storylines
and battles.  

While you aren't able to recruit the 100 or so generals that you were in the
first Destiny of an Emperor, the thirty four ones that you do recruit go up
levels with your army.  This is important as you then have more real options
at the end of the game as each of the 35 characters provides their own unique
option, instead of having 8 or 9 generals that go up levels to choose from.  

Another change from the first to the second is that each character can equip
their own type of weapon (ie axe, sword, spear, etc) and also can equip a 
shield along with armor and a helmet.  Generals have an official agility 
statistic as well as a deeper array of tactics.  In addition, DoaE2 allows you
to cast tactics outside of battle, nice for healing/casting suo di/casting 
yan dun.  The tactics will be explained as best as I can later, after the 
walkthrough.  The best way to go about it is just to experiment, you'll get 
used to the new Fire/Water/Boulder/Healing tactics you get but try out your 
"other" tactics to get a feel for them.  Some of them, like An Sha (instant 
assassination) and Li Jian (cause enemy to attack own army), are deadly in 
battle.  Also arrays are available, creating an increase/decrease in 
attack/defense/agility for the cost of TP, among other effects.  

Initially I created a guide at my site with pictures and such, but realized
that it would probably be a wise idea to create a text guide as well.  This is
my first attempt at this sort of thing so bear with me if you see my 
guide-writing inexperience at hand.  I'll try to section off the game in 
logical intervals, and the walkthrough will go off in tangents when necessary
to explain concepts/tactics as you progress and get them.  

c) Walkthrough

Make a new history file.  I would choose fast for message speed by the way.  
The separations and the work in general is very similar to my work at the 
website, minus the pictures of course.  
Chasing Yuan Shu and Evading Cao Cao
The game begins with a summary of what happened historically before where you
come in.  The allied forces stop Dong Zhuo, while Yuan Shu steals the Imperial
Seal and declares himself emperor.  Cao Cao then dispatches you to deal with 
him and the screen opens with you by Cao Cao.  Cao Cao has a lot of power in
China at this time so get used to seeing him, he'll be hounding you throughout
the game.  

He will offer you Lu Zhao and Zhu Ling, two mediocre yet somewhat-valuable
generals in this early stage of the game.  If you recruit them, equip their 
weapons/armor(along with Liu Bei and everyone else you get).  Cao Cao will
scoff at you and you will not be able to get them ever if you say no.  This is
not fatal, but may cause you to fight up a few more levels to get by this Yuan
Shu capture mission.  

As you leave, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei will come and force themselves in your 
party and you'll grow to love them.  Zhang Fei has the highest strength 
possible, but his intelligence can make him a viable target for tactics by the
enemy.  Always watch this with Zhang Fei.  Guan Yu is one of the top generals 
(check the Han general analysis section) in the entire game, and Liu Bei is 
more than serviceable for the time you have him.  

Make Liu Bei your tactician and order your generals by soldier count (this is
what I do at least).  Check the town and the shops.  Frequent the armory in 
each new city.  New weapons and armor are key.  If you have the money, save it
for that.  There is a gym also but I don't recommend using it unless you are 
lazy and need a quick level boost (sometimes you can be too far ahead for 
them to train you).  Item shops have the necessities and you can save and 
store items in the dragon-symbol house.  

Dong Cheng is hanging around town and also you'll hear a lot of people 
complainng about Cao Cao's motives.  

Weapons - Short Sword - 100, Stone Axe - 80, Wood Spear - 80, Leather 
Armor - 300, Leather Helmet - 100 and Leather Shield - 100.  

Items - Herbal Medicine - 50, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300 (allows you to 
avoid battle - same as the tactic Yan Dun)

Gym - 500 

Buy the Leather equipment if you can afford it.  Specifically for Liu Bei, 
you'll find out why later.  

Go outside and fight around and gain a level or two.  Take note of the 
different terrain effects (Zhang Fei being better on mountain, Guan Yu on 
plains, etc..).  If you are up for some exploring before you go off to Yuan 
Shu, go northeast to a cave where you can get some quality items, notably a 
Copper Sword and some Leather equipment.  This will help immensely against 
Yuan Shu.  Head south of Xu Zhou when you are ready, to meet Ji Ling.         

Ji Ling comes with Liang Gang and Liang Ji.  Liang Ji is a little bit better 
than Liang Gang but neither of these two should pose a threat to you.  
Instead, ignore them and absorb their weak attacks and take out Ji Ling.  He
is a brute and is much superior to the others, and generally taking out the 
top general or top tactician leads to victory.  Use the all-out command to mop
up the Liang's and the generic forces.  All-out is a vital move; It will save
you so much time and make the game so much more enjoyable for you.  If you 
lost a decent amount of soldiers, head back and rest.  If not, continue to the
east and north to fight Yuan Yin.  

Yuan Yin is the first able tactician you meet.  He comes with two decent 
fighters in Chen Lan and Li Feng.  Again, careful with Zhang Fei, he might get
caught with a Lian Huo or two from Yuan Yin.  Take out Yuan Yin, but beware of
the decent strength of the other two generals.  Really though it shouldn't be
a problem, Chi Xin your party members that get hurt.  Rest up before you 
continue however, Yuan Shu is coming up soon.

Entering the cave, head east immediately for 120 gold coins.  Now go west and
north for a while, until you can go east.  An herbal is here so pick that up
and continue on northward.  The left path going north yields a Leather Helmet
and the next path a Leather Armor.  Continue east here and follow the path as
it winds back west and north.  Grab the visible treasure for another herbal. 
As you continue you will see Yuan Shu waiting.  Chi Xin your party members and
get ready for a five person army.

Each person in Yuan Shu's army is a fighter first and foremost.  Yuan Shu has
a 190 attack, pretty good for this early in the game.  Take him out ASAP, with
tactics like Lian Huo.  Chi Xin the rest of your members as they absorb hits 
from the other fighters.  Once Yuan Shu goes, start taking the others out one
by one.  Lei Bo is the next best fighter and Yue Jiu has a low soldier count 
so you may want to target them next.  Ji Ling returns and he is a formidable
fighter as well with his soldiers but his attack is on par with the others.  
Zhang Xun is relatively worthless, leave him until the end.  As long as your 
tactics are up and Chi Xin is in use, you should overpower these five once
Lord Yuan goes down.  

Head back to Xu Zhou with Yuan Shu defeated.  Lu Zhao and Zhu Ling will scurry
off with the Imperial Seal to return to Cao Cao.  Ugg, sheep.  If you didn't
recruit them you'll hear nothing as you return.  Chen Deng is here at the
gates to warn you of Cao Cao's knowledge of your blood oath.  As you walk 
around town you'll notice another unique-looking general, this is Che Zhou. 
You will fight him upon talking to him.  He will tell you that Ma Teng and 
Dong Cheng (guy who was here before) have been BEHEADED!!!!  He has a decent 
amount of soldiers but his strength isn't good enough to wear down the three 

Go back to Chen Deng now.  He will tell you that you are probably screwed if
you stay around after doing what you've done, so you should probably leave to 
Yuan Shao.  He says he'll take you north to Zheng Xuan to get an Introduction
Letter to Yuan Shao.  Before you leave, transfer any Leather equipment that 
Guan or Zhang have to Chen Deng or Liu Bei.  Buy Liu and Chen the remaining 
Leather armor.  As you leave Xu Zhou, Cao Cao attacks you with a frightening
 army.  Zhang Liao, Xun Yu, Xu Chu, and Dian Wei back him.  Yeah, run away.  

But Zhang Fei and Guan Yu are lost!  That is no good.  Well, head north and 
conserve your tactics as you'll need them for this long treck.  In Zheng 
Xuan's estate, head north and you'll see a blob on the screen (at least on my
emulator).  It is indeed Zheng Xuan and he will give you the letter, but 
first you must have the Map (you can do this before you talk to him).  The Map
is in the cave to the east.  Take the northern path for some gold, then take
the lower path for some more gold and a Leather Helmet, Leather Armor, 
Leather Shield, Copper Sword (GREAT weapon for Liu Bei here), a Revive, and
finally the Map.  

Now head to Zheng Xuan to get the letter, and you can then take that to the
port (past the Yuan Shu cave).  So march all the way back (ignoring the Cao 
Cao-guarded Xu Zhou) to the cave and go through it.  Sail across the sea and 
just head straight to Ji Zhou, so head north east.  You will be blocked by 
Guan Ping's home, so enter and leave and go north again to Ji Zhou castle.  
Escaping Cao Cao and Serving Yuan Shao
Once you enter Ji Zhou, explore the city.  The weapon shop has some nice 
additions, notably the Scale Shield and the Copper Sword.  The Copper Spear is
nice also, buy one, you'll need it in a second.  Go talk to Yuan Shao now. 
He'll comment on you ousting his brother-in-law Yuan Shu, saying how much "of
a lout he was"!  Well.  When you wish to continue the storyline, "USE" the 
Zheng letter and Yuan Shao will open up to you.  He is happy you wish to fight
alongside him, and puts Yan Liang in your party and suggests him be put in the
front.  Yan Liang is a poor man's Zhang Fei.  That said he'll suffice for
these few battles that you need him.  Now that Copper Spear, give that to Yan
Liang.  If you didn't get one you may not want to get one though, he is not in
your party for a long time.  But leave with the three and talk to the old man
outside the armory.  He will tell you to go to the boat, so do so.  

Weapons - Copper Sword - 300, Stone Saber - 80, Copper Spear - 200, Leather
Armor - 300, Leather Helmet - 100 and Scale Shield - 500

Items - Herbal Medicine - 50, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300

Gym - 1000 

This takes you to some gates towards Luo Yang.  Note that when you cross the 
sea with the boat, you cannot go back for the time being.  So head south and 
the first gate is occupied by Wei Xu, Song Xian, and Lu Qian.  The first and
the third are the best fighters, while Song Xian is a bit weaker.  Yan Liang 
will get critical hits every time and the other two should do just fine with 
their Copper Swords.  Keep your soldiers up and you should have no trouble. 
After the fight Yan Liang, the enemy flees in terror of Yan Liang.

Further south is another gate, but Chi Xin everyone to max soldiers before you
hit it.  Cheng Yu has 225 for intelligence here and that is the best you've
seen out of an opposing general so far.  Careful with him, I'd go straight 
after him and kill him in round one with physical attacks.  You'll have to 
absorb the other three's attacks but that shouldn't be too difficult, have 
Chen Deng heal everyone after Cheng Yu is defeated.  Yu Jin and Li Dian are 
similar fighters while Yue Jin is slightly worse than them, so consider them 
nearly equal and hit them with tactics to soften them up for Yan Liang's 
critical hits.  

Before you continue south after this battle you may wish to take some items 
and weapons from Yan Liang.  The battle is against "?????" but his avatar,
figure and statistics look an awful lot like a general you used to have in 
your army.  Guan Yu.  Anyway, this mystery general slaughters Yan Liang and
Liu Bei flees to Ji Zhou.  

Back in Ji Zhou the town is unhappy with Yan Liang being defeated.  The old 
man who helped you earlier says "you people are incompetent".  Thanks bud. 
Head north and see Yuan Shao again.  Or just go see Wen Chou and he will join
you.  Very similar to Yan Liang except he is stronger yet lacking in
intelligence.  Scary, I know.  He has Yan Liang's equipment too.  

Head back to that gate where the ???? general killed Yan Liang.  Low and 
behold, he will kill Wen Chou and Liu Bei will notice it is Lord Guan!  The
people back at Ji Zhou are frightened at the situation unfolding as two of
their top generals have been murdered.   

Yuan Shao is furious but is rational enough to understand that having Guan Yu
in his army would be an upgrade over Yan Liang and Wen Chou.  A messenger is 
ordered to contact Guan Yu, as the scene fades.  
Three Brothers Reunite
Guan Yu is hanging out with Gan & Mi and when he hears of Liu Bei's location
he declares that he must return to him.  The two females join you and don't 
fight, but they have an item slot (with Chi Tu Ma in it) so take the item in
it and give it to Guan Yu.  When he (or anyone) equips it the speed of the 
character walking around is much faster (very similar to DoaE 1) and I believe
the wearer gets an agility increase also, although I cannot confirm that.  At
any rate, equip this on Guan Yu and make him your tactician so you can heal 
when necessary.  Head out of this dead town now.  The guards stop you for a
moment but ultimately allow Guan Yu to leave.

The hut outside of the castle is Hu Hua's and inside he will allow you to 
rest.  After resting talk to him again and he will tell you that his son Hu 
Ban serves Wang Zhi and that he'll write a letter for you to deliver to Hu Ban
to prove your cause.  Remember this.  Head south now.

Kong Xiu will be the first to stop you and he declares that you must have
papers to ask.  Guan Yu realizes he has to fight his way through.  Kong comes 
with 2 forces who are easy to destroy.  Just attack Kong until he is dead and
heal after the battle.  

Continue on for another battle, this time against Han Fu.  Han Fu has a decent
agility but that can't stop you, just attack him twice and he'll be gone.  
Again, heal up and continue on.

Bian Xi will greet you at the gate and offer to get you drunk.  Guan Yu
follows him to the temple (filled with guards) and he asks you to drink.
Now, you can say yes 3 times and each time you do it, more soldiers (probably
50% each time or something) leave Guan Yu.  So if you say yes every time you
could be in trouble, but just Chi Xin and you should be able to recover to 
full soldiers after a few turns.  Or you could just say no to him right away 
and slaughter him as he is a poor general, similar to the last two.  Your
choice, doable either way.  Pu Jing appears at the temple after the battle to
allow you to rest.  Head east now to Luo Yang before you continue on.  

There is not much to do here, but the armory has a Copper Saber for Guan Yu
(also some good defensive equipment if you have the need/money).  The people
implore you to stay under Cao Cao but respect you nonetheless.  

Weapons - Copper Sword - 300, Copper Saber - 150, Wood Spear - 80, Leather
 Armor - 300, Leather Helmet - 100 and Scale Shield - 500

Items - Herbal Medicine - 50, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300

Gym - 1500 

After you are done buying what you need or training at the gym, head north for
another gate.  Hu Ban greets you here and remember that if you got the Hu Ban
letter you can use it on him, allowing you to leave the citadel to avoid the
fire attack.  If you fall for the trick/accept Wang Zhi's Inn invitation, you
will fight Wang Zhi with two outlaw forces and flames will take off 80-120 or
 so soldiers per round.  Again, with Chi Xin this is still feasible as Wang
 Zhi is a poor tactician and little else.  

Qin Qi is at the last gate, and with your new Copper Saber you should be able
to slice him in a round or two.  Hop on the boat and you'll be near Ji Zhou! 
Xiahou Dun will ambush you after 15 steps or so off the boat.  You cannot win
and he probably won't kill you either, so fight him for a few rounds until 
Zhang Liao breaks it up.  

You can do a couple of things here.  First, I would head north west to get to
a village, where you can rest.  The villagers tell you that there are
marauders terrorizing the lands, so head to the north gate to deal with it.  

Zhou Cang (an ex-Yellow Scarve I believe) is at the gate with two bandit 
forces.  Zhou Cang has a decent attack, but overall he is a pretty generic
 character.  After getting his soldier count down he will offer to join you.
 What a scumbag, you can say no to him if you want.  If you do, he'll be 
waiting inside the gate if you ever choose to forgive him.  With characters at
 a premium at this point in the game, picking him up is advised.  

Rest up and head east when you are ready, to Qing Zhou castle.  You'll find 
out that the "ruffian" who seized the city is really Zhang Fei.  He calls you
a traitor for choosing Cao Cao, but Guan Yu offers to prove himself.  Zhang 
Fei throws Cai Yang out for Guan Yu to kill.  Talk to Cai Yang to start the 
battle, going back to Qing Zhou just brings up the Zhang Fei request to kill
Cai Yang.  With two generals now, this should be easy.  Gang up on Qin Qi's 
uncle Cai Yang (who is a tough warrior with 180 strength, but is alone
unfortunately) and all-out when he is near death.  

Enter the castle afterwards and Zhang Fei will join you, along with Zhao Yun.
Now this Zhao Yun character, he's going to be one of the best generals (#2 on
the ranking list) that you are going to find, and you will be able to use him
 throughout the rest of the game.  He will leave once in a while but is a 
must-use when available.  

Go towards Ji Zhou castle now, and enter the shack below it.  Guan Ding is 
here, offering you to rest.  He will also send Guan Ping to Ji Zhou to tell
Liu Bei of the situation.  The scene then shifts to Liu Bei.  

Guan Ping comes up to him and relays the message and joins.  Guan has no 
weapons or armor so you may want to buy him some here.  Talk to Yuan Shao and 
Liu Bei will suggest an alliance with his kinsmen Liu Biao.  Yuan Shao 
accepts, which allows you to get past the guards.  When you leave however, 
Guo Tu and Tian Feng stop you.  These two are dangerous, especially Guo Tu.
Tian Feng has 150 strength and 190 intelligence so he is dangerous overall; 
attack him first.  Once the tactician is gone, Guo Tu will fall shortly.  

Head south and recruit your brothers!  You now have a seven-person army for
the first time yet; you can use the top 5, and the 6th is your backup while
the 7th is your tactician.  Liu Bei should probably be your tactician, with 
Chen Deng sitting out.  If you want Chen Deng to be tactician (beware his 
intelligence isn't that good) then you can have Liu Bei fight in battle (for
Zhou Cang probably).  Talk to Guan Ding before you leave to get Guan Ping an 
attack bonus and TP bonus of 10.  Not quite sure what the TP bonus does as 
Guan Ping cannot be a tactician, but maybe it was referring to Guan Yu's TP. 
Either way, reorganize your party and head south to the boat once again, this
time to Jing Zhou.  
Jing Zhou Introduction and Zhuge's Brilliance
As the chapter begins, you are being courted by the sickly Liu Biao.  A 
messenger runs to warn of a rebellion in the Xia Kou region.  Knowing your 
task, leave and explore the new area.  The question around Jing Zhou castle is
the issue of Liu Biao's potential death and the following succession.  Check 
the stores, nothing has changed much other than the copper armor and copper 
weapons that came in at the armory.  Buy your active party members their 
respective copper weapons and get as much copper/scale armor as you can.  
Chances are you can't afford copper armor for everyone so just give it to your
physical attackers.  Get out of town and head east (ignore the "Xia Kou 
region" comment from that messenger.  Xia Kou castle is being guarded by Liu
Qi and you cannot get in, and the rebellion is east of Jing Zhou at the small

Weapons - Copper Sword - 300, Copper Saber - 150, Copper Spear - 200, Copper
Armor - 600, Copper Helmet - 200 and Scale Shield - 500

Items - Herbal Medicine - 50, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300

Gym - 2500

The first village houses the great Huang Shao.  Actually, with your new army 
these next few battles will probably be some of the easiest you will face in 
the entire game.  Especially if you upgraded your equipment.  Just all-out or
attack Huang Shao and explore the village.  Nothing too special, an Inn is
here and the people tell you to continue further.

Going east, you will meet He Yi at the next village.  Gasp!  He is easier than 
Huang Shao.  Again, you should be able to all-out this clown.  The vibe is the 
same at this village, as there is yet another village you must secure.  

This last village to the east houses a whopping two generals.  Gong Du is the 
stronger and better of the two, although that isn't saying much.  Liu Pi is a 
bad general and I think his name is supposed to be Liu Bi anyway.  You can 
probably all-out but with two generals you should be safe and attack them for
a turn.  Once they are low you can all-out, and rest up in town.  You will be
told that you should return to Liu Biao at Jing Zhou, so do so.

Liu Biao will be pleased and will award you Xin Ye castle to attend to, north
of Jing Zhou.  At Xin Ye you will see the remnants of a castle, and there is a
place to rest and save if you wish but little else.  Leave when you want and
Liu Qi will run at you and say it is the end for his father!  Head to Jing
Zhou immediately.  

On the way to the throne you see Cai Mao who says "damn".  Liu Biao tells you
that Liu Qi must reign and to be wary of Cai Mao.  As you leave the dying Liu
Biao Yi Ji rushes up to you!  This is the first time you meet him and he is a
nice fellow who helps you out on numerous occasions to advance the story.  He
tells you to head through the western wall and go to the estate across the 
river.  Head north and west past Liu Biao's bed.  It is the northwestern-most
passage in the area and you will appear in a cave.  Note that you cannot leave
the throne room here.  

This cave is rather simple.  Head north and east to get an herbal, then 
continue west.  Head down the stairs and head all the way west for 83 gold 
coins.  Go back east and take the lower staircase going up.  This takes you to
a new area on the first floor, where you can head south for 63 gold coins and
then head east (ignore the west route, it is a dead end).  Follow this path 
south all the way to the wall, then head west and north when you can, and take
your first right for an herbal.  Head back and go down that staircase you see.
Go west and south when you can, and further west for four treasure chests.  
They are (starting from upper-right corner and going clock-wise): Copper 
Saber, 88 gold, Powerpil, and a Scale Shield.  Head north from here taking
the right path for 199 gold and then taking the left for the staircase.  
Eastwards after you take this staircase is three treasures, a Copper Spear, 
Copper Sword, and a Copper Axe.  Nice.  Unfortunately the southern path in 
this room yields only 82 gold coins or so.  Having cleaned this area out, head 
back to the staircase.  From here head back south and east and north to get
back to the initial starting point in this area.  Now go west instead, 
ignoring the staircase up to get an herbal further along the path.  After 
taking the staircase, head north when you can to get a Copper Armor.  Now head
back south and west to leave.  

You will appear a matter of steps away from Jing Zhou castle, but this time 
there is a bridge to get to the western hut.  Enter, it is Sima Hui's house.  
He will make a comment that you probably have been hearing often, that you 
have no true tactician.  Liu Bei admits to this and worries, but Sima Hui 
tells him to relax and sends him to bed.  Zhuge Liang visits while you are 
sleeping, despairing over the lack of people to rule with virtue.  Seemingly 
the two are looking for eachother, and when Liu Bei wakes up he asks how to 
get a hold of Zhuge.  Sima Hui tells him to go east past the villages and then
north, so follow these directions.

Zhuge is nowhere to be seen but Zhuge Liang's brother Zhuge Jin is there.  He 
will tell you that Liang is at Cui Zhouping's house and may be gone for a 
while, but that he will give you notice at Xin Ye when he returns.  Okay, well
go back to Xin Ye then.  

Yi Ji is there to tell you that Cao Cao is marching on Xin Ye with 10,000 
troops!  Yi Ji suggests going to the southwestern forest, so go there.  Get 
used to this area, you'll be traversing it often.  Head west and get the 80 
gold coins along the way, and keep going west to get more gold coins.  Now go 
south for an herbal, but return north and east a bit for a Copper Helmet.  
Head south and you'll see two generals, Lu Kuang and Lu Xuang.  Not the 
toughest of generals certainly but formidable fighters with high soldier
counts.  Not quite 10,000 though.  Kuang is the stronger and more stacked 
soldier-wise of the two, so attack him and Ye Huo the two of them, Chi Xin-ing 
when necessary.  Without much resistance they should go down.  South of them 
is 81 more gold coins, and then you can walk back to the beginning and back to
Xin Ye (or you can cast Suo Di to exit the cave, if you have it).  

Back in Xin Ye, Zhuge Jin is there to tell you of Liang's return.  Head back 
there immediately.  Zhuge will be sleeping by himself, and you cannot talk to 
him.  When you check him you'll have the option of waking him up.  If you do 
he'll get upset and tell you to leave.  If you click and leave Liu Bei will 
just say that Zhuge is out cold and that they'll come back later.  The trick 
is to Check him, click don't wake him, and leave it for a few seconds.  After 
waiting, Zhuge wakes up and thanks you for allowing him to sleep.  Liu Bei 
gets straight to business, asking him to join.  Initially he refuses, but 
after seeing the sorrow in Liu Bei, Zhuge reverses his decision and joins you.

The scene fades and opens again with Cao Cao on the attack once again and your
army is at the Xin Ye throne room planning on how to repel it.  Zhuge orders a
bunch of ambushes and goes out with Zhao Yun as a frontal assault.  Make Zhuge
your tactician and equip him if you wish, although it's not absolutely 
necessary.  Xin Ye has been upgraded a bit and there are less people walking 
around town.  Head into the southwest forest and you'll meet Cao Ren before 

Cao Ren comes with Yu Jin and Li Dian, two of the generals you fought with Yan 
Liang.  Cao Ren himself is quite good and a general to be careful with.  
However after the first turn, you'll see your ambush come into affect.  Guan 
Yu will ambush, and then Zhang Fei will the following turn.  After that Guan 
Ping will come in and Cao Ren should be dead.  (Note - I have had problems 
with this part.  If I kill Cao Ren too early (ie before the Guan Ping ambush 
party) the screen will freeze after they go over the experience/gold gained.
Thus I try to just defend and watch the fire burn Cao Ren's party as I've had 
to restart for killing him too soon in the past).

Head back to Xin Ye (note that you can fight random general battles now 
(non-recruitable by the way)).  Chen Deng is still guarding the town, and Liu 
Bei will congratulate you on your work.  A messenger will run in to alert you 
of Liu Biao's failing health, so go see him.  Zhuge will stay back to plan the

Liu Biao begs of you to take his throne but Liu Bei cannot.  Biao dies and the
kingdom belongs to Liu Qi.  Cai Mao runs in to tell you that Cao Cao rebuilt 
his army.  He then asks you why you don't submit to Cao Cao.  He runs off and 
Liu Bei states that Cao Cao is going to ruin the Han and Jing Zhou.  Go back 
to Xin Ye now to speak with Zhuge.  

Zhuge hints that Liu Bei needs to accept the throne.  Liu Bei naturally 
cannot, but they both agree to see Liu Qi in Xia Kou.  Head south and you can 
finally enter this castle.  

You'll hear that Xin Ye and possibly your other castles have been taken over 
by Cai Mao's nephews.  Great.  Well the weapon store has a Copper Shield so 
you may want to buy them if you can.  

Weapons - Copper Sword - 300, Copper Saber - 150, Copper Spear - 200, Copper 
Armor - 600, Copper Axe - 200 and Copper Shield - 1000

Items - Copper Medicine - 100, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300

Gym - 4000

Head to the throne room to speak with Liu Qi when you want.  Before you do, 
talk to his eight attendants in the throne room, they have valuable 
information on some storyline issues that you will be taking part in soon, 
such as the Wu Alliance.  As you talk to Liu Qi, he begs of you to take over 
for him.  You have no choice here, and from here on out Liu Bei is the ruler 
of Jing Zhou and no longer a member of your active fighting party.  :(

Liu Bei orders to you throw out the Cai nephews from your northern castles.  
Rest up and go do this.  Unfortunately your party is setup so Zhuge (or Guan)
will be your tactician, thus making you use Zhou Cang and Guan Ping over one 
of the generals mentioned above.  Hopefully you will be okay, be sure to buy 
equipment for Zhou Cang if he wasn't being used prior to this.  

Head north to Jing Zhou, and you will come across two of the Cai nephews.  Cai
Zhong and Cai He have a high soldier count to make up for their bad stats, 
while Huang Zu and Han Sui have decent strength.  Try to Ye Huo all these 
fighters so you can lower the attacks that they have.  I'd target the lower 
two generals as their attacks are higher.  Use Chi Xin to keep your soldier 
count high for everyone, and try to utilize Ye Huo also.  They try to flee 
after the battle, but the ships are burned and their plan is foiled.  

In Jing Zhou the townspeople are still talking about Liu Biao's health (he's
dead) and the succession (Liu Qi passed it on to you).  Rest up and head to 
Xin Ye to procure the final castle.  

Cai Xun appears with Jiang Xu, Zhang Nan and Kuai Yue.  The former three are 
fighters (albeit bad ones with 100 or less strength) while Kuai Yue is a 
decent tactician.  I'd try to take out Kuai as fast as possible, as the 
warrior generals probably can't last too long if they aren't getting tactical 
support.  Keep your soldiers up and Cai Xun will be coughing up blood and 
cursing you soon enough.  Rest up here and talk to the person in the throne 
room, who suggests that something must be going on at Xia Kou.  He heads there
and you should too.  
Alliance with Wu
In Xia Kou, Lu Su will be visiting Liu Bei.  He will join you and he is quite
a formidable tactician.  Personally, I would use this opportunity to put Lu Su
in as your tactician, allowing you to put Zhuge Liang in for Zhou Cang.  Zhuge
is the best tactical user in the game and he can exploit anyone.  Buy some 
more copper stuff if needed, and head south from Xia Kou when you wish to 
leave.  The ship takes you south, and go south when you get off the port.  
Soon you will see Chai Sang so enter there.  The armory has some nice 
selections, most notably the new iron equipment.  That Iron Sword would be 
ideal for Zhuge or Lu Su.  You will meet a man capable of creating gunpowder 
also, seems as though that might come in handy (especially if you've played 
the first one!).  The throne room holds Sun Quan with his staff of Lu Meng, 
Zhou Yu, and Zhang Song (Zhang ZHAO).  They each request a task of Zhuge Liang
and you must carry each out to get Wu to have faith in you.   

Weapons - Iron Sword - 800, Copper Axe - 200, Copper Spear - 200, Iron 
Armor - 1500, Copper Helmet - 200 and Copper Shield - 1000

Items - Herbal Medicine - 50, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300, Steed - 2000

Gym - 9000

Note that Steed's add 10 to your agility.  When you are ready, head out of the 
castle and go east of Chai Sang.  

You will come across a village in which all of the inhabitants claim to know 
nothing of changing the wind.  Odd, well the guy at the far right of town 
tells you to check out the village elder's hut, so talk to the elder.  He 
tells you to sail east and look for an island called Wa and to find Empress 
Miko there.  Head to the ship and it'll take you near a town, which you should
go in.  The people there open up about the wind, and say that Lady Himiko can 
help you but that she is at Mt. Fuji.  Not much else to do here, so head north
and you will be at Mt. Fuji!  

Head east and grab the 70 gold coins you see.  Continue on and go south until 
you can go west, which you should do to grab an Herbal.  Head back and grab 
the chest below it, which is 144 gold coins.  Straight east from here are two 
more paths leading south, take both for a Copper Potion and another chest of 
150 gold coins.  Head to the northeast now, and you will be at the top of the 
mountain again.  Follow the path east, south, east, north, east, and finally 
south.  No worries there are no turns here.  As you head south and are able to
go east and out of the mountain, quick go west and grab three treasures; a 
Powerpil, 218 gold coins, and a Tent.  

You may want to use a Tent as you get out of here, depending on how hurt you 
are.  After a few steps north you will be stopped by an Orochi and four Python
units.  Orochi is fast and powerful, but a quick round of tactics and physical
attacks should destroy it.  The Pythons are better than outlaw forces but not 
by much.  All-out once the Orochi is dead, and go north to get the Wind Scroll
from Miko!  Head all the way back to Chai Sang now.  

Zhou Yu will commend you and exude confidence knowing you found the Wind 
Scroll.  The gunpowder guy tells you of the two ingredients you need, saying 
that the tree is in the town.  Forget about that for now, we'll get the 
Saltpeter.  Head northeast of Chai Sang, cross the bridge, and head east to 
the cave.  

This is not too complicated.  Head east, sticking to the north end of the 
map.  You will get a Copper Potion along the way, and the path will wind south
and then east, so follow it until it takes you to the other treasure in this 
cave, Saltpeter!  Suo Di or walk out of the cave and head to Chai Sang.

Grab the 1,000 year old tree behind the old man and give him the ingredients.  
He will make gunpowder, and you can figure out where this goes.  Head back on 
the ship and it will take you just outside Xia Kou.  Make your way past the Bo
Wang Po forest and "USE" the Gunpowder on the rocks on the other end of the 
forest.  They will be destroyed and you can continue onward towards Xiang 
Yang.  Heal up and be ready, Cai Mao is here.  

This is probably the hardest battle yet.  Cai Mao is a good overall general, 
so attack him and use Liu Mu or Shui Xing on him.  Wang Can is a decent 
tactician so he should probably be your next target.  After that, there is the
versatile bow-wielding Zhang Yun and the powerful Wen Ping.  Lu Gong is kind 
of worthless, leave him alone until he is by himself.  Use Tong Xian to keep 
your soldier level up and the battle should start going your way once Cai Mao 
or Wang Can dies.  

Xiang Yang is a luxurious area.  Iron weapons are abound, so load up.  The 
town is barren but the shops are all open.  When you are ready head to the 
throne room and go west, grabbing the treasures.  Iron Sword, Iron Spear, Iron
Saber, Iron Armor, Iron Helmet, Arrow Storm, Iron Shield, Iron Axe, quite a 
collection!  Hopefully you didn't buy the weapons already.  With the Arrow 
Storm and Cai Mao dead, head back to Chai Sang.  

Weapons - Iron Sword - 800, Iron Axe - 500, Iron Spear - 500, Iron 
Armor - 1500, and Copper Shield - 1000

Items - Herbal Medicine - 50, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300, Tent - 1000

Just when you think you are ready to face Cao Cao, Sun Quan suggests you find
someone to administer the plan.  Pang Tong's name gets brought up, so go to 
Sima Hui first to look for him.  Sima tells you that he can be located 
southeast of Chai Sang.  Head south and east of Chai Sang, following the 
water.  You will come to a river crossing area here.  

Hop into the boat and go south, east, then north, all while not getting off 
the boat obviously.  This will continue to circle around, going south, west, 
and giving you an option of south or east.  Choose east and grab the Copper 
Shield on the island, and continue east and south.  You will leave here. 

When you are out, go south, west, then north to the cottage.  Pang Tong is 
hanging out here and suggests chaining Cao Cao's fleet together to allow a 
fire attack.  You can tell him it's a bad idea but you have no other options.
Pang Tong goes off to do this, so head back to Sun Quan.  

Sun Quan is happy and orders Zhou Yu to mobilize the troups!  Make sure you 
have the Wind Scroll in ZHUGE LIANG'S INVENTORY SLOT (or else it won't work) 
and head out of here and onto the boat to start the ship battle against Cao 
Cao.  You will approach Cao Cao's fleet and he has Xu Zhu (Chu), Dian Wei, 
Zhang Liao and Xu Huang with him.  Scary, well just use the Wind Scroll.  

Zhuge will go first and use it, then the fire attack will be launched.  Cao 
Cao will attempt to flee but Lu Meng will have them shot with arrows.  Again 
Cao Cao flees but is pursued by the Wu army, led by Taishi Ci, Zhou Tai, Gan 
Ning, Huang Gai, and Zhang Hong.  They hack at Cao Cao's army for a turn and 
then Cao Cao runs again.  Now he is escaping on ground and his army is 
scattered.  Eventually Zhang Fei ambushes Cao Cao and Zhao Yun.  Then Cao Cao 
flees, only to be caught by Zhang Fei.  Attack Xu Zhu or Xu Huang, you can 
kill one of them (although it means nothing).  Cao Cao will flee one last 
time, only to run out of energy and be caught by Guan Yu.  Xu Huang and Cao 
Cao convince Guan Yu to spare them, and Guan Yu has too much respect for Cao 
Cao allowing him to return to Liu Bei.  

Guan Yu returns to Liu Bei and the rest of the army and they expect that you 
won.  Zhuge Liang will say 'ULTIMATE HAPPINESS".  Guan Yu admits however that 
he did not kill Cao Cao but rather let him go.  Zhuge orders execution but 
this is reasoned with.  The chapter ends with Zhuge and Liu discussing the 
future with Cao Cao still alive.
Re-taking Jing Zhou/Xiang Yang and Settling South Jing Zhou
As the scene cuts in, Liu Bei gets a message of Cao Cao taking over Jing Zhou 
and Xiang Yang.  This is your first destination so get your party ready.  It 
looks like you'll need to use Zhou Cang here as you have 6 characters without 
Lu Su.  Worry not, but head to Xin Ye first.  At the entrance, Yi Ji is here 
to offer his help.  Allow him to and make him your tactician.  His TP is not 
very high compared to Zhuge Liang, but at least this allows Zhuge to be in 
battle and not Zhou Cang.  Now head south to settle Jing Zhou.  

Chen Jiao protects Jing Zhou with four Outlaw armies.  Chen is a good 
tactician and may mess up one of your fighters, but keep your soldiers up and 
attack him and Yan Re him if you can.  Once he is out, head into town and 
search in front of the throne in the throne room.  You will get the Tally 
Order (This is vital for the next battle to be able to take off a decent 
amount when attacking, although IT IS NOT NECESSARY (Thanks SlickSlicer)).  
Incidentally, if you wish to go these battles without the Tally Order, try 
using tactics only to defeat your enemies as their defense is really high and 
that is the only thing that changes with the Tally Order, really.  Anyway, 
head to Xiang Yang.

Xiahou Dun is here.  Again, if you have the Tally Order you'll waltz right 
into town and catch Xiahou off guard, lowering his defense.  If you don't 
he'll have a very tough defense (even your best fighters won't be able to take
off more than 75 soldiers) and Liu Mu and Shui Xing will be the only things 
that can help you.  SlickSlicer has confirmed that the Yu Lin formation was 
what he used during this battle to buy himself enough time to oust Xiahou via 
Liu Mu.  It's a fun challenge but if you get the Tally Order you should have 
no problem.  If you don't have the Tally Order, play defensive and use tactics
with Zhuge to slowly wind down Xiahou's soldiers.  One of the villagers says 
you can get to Yi Ling via the southwest port, so do so.  

Head straight south and you should get to Yi Ling.  If you don't have the 
Tally Order, Cao Hong will taunt you and their defense will be similar to the 
previous battle (again, they can be had via tactics like Yan Re or Liu Mu).  
If you do have the Tally Order this battle will be simple.  Throw a few 
powerful tactics Niu Jin's way as he has a high attack and must be dealt with 
soon.  Inside of Yi Ling you will hear of Cao Ren defending Nan Jun, the next 
castle, and of Lu Bu being in the area.  Yikes.  

Items - Copper Medicine - 100, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300

Head to the far east and north to find Nan Jun.  Cao Ren is here with Cao 
Ang.  Both are good fighters and Cao Ren is a bit more intelligent.  Cao Ren 
should be your main target, and Zhuge or Zhao should be using Yan Re or 
something of the sort on him.  Once he is gone, all out.  

Cao Ren then attempts to flee to Han castle to the north, but Lu Bu is there.  
Lu Bu slaughters the two Cao's with his massive 5-general army.  
Consequently, you get no experience for your battle against Cao Ren.  There is
not much to do in Nan Jun although there is the first billetting shop in the 
game here.  I would advise dumping Zhou Cang (but not Yi Ji.  Not yet).  There
isn't much else to do but some of the information is important.  

Items - Copper Medicine - 100, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300, Steed - 2000

Continue north to Han to get a look at this Lu Bu character.  If you go to the 
cave and try to get to south Jing Zhou, two guards will stop you.  Thus you 
must defeat Lu Bu although you cannot hurt him and need a plan.  Head back to 
Nan Jun and ask around.  

Turns out there is a student waiting to tell you of Pang Tong being here.  
This is the house in the upper-right, so go in here and speak with him.  He 
will give you a Brocade Sack to open when fighting Lu Bu (anyone can use 
this).  When you use it in battle against Lu Bu, Guan Yu will feign defeat and
Lu Bu will chase.  Guan Yu then tells Lu Bu he has been tricked and the rest 
of the Liu Bei's army has entered Han castle.  Lu Bu runs back but is indeed 
beat to the castle.  

This battle is much more manageable, although still difficult.  Lu Bu is the 
number one issue, obviously, so use Yan Re or whatever your best attack spell 
is on him.  Yi Xin or Li Jian would help as well.  His supporting generals are
weak but are a nuisance as Lu Bu requires so much concentration that they will 
each get to open up on you while you are killing Lu Bu.  Zhang Ji and Li Jue 
are the tacticians while Guo Si and Li Su are the fighters.  I would try to 
take them down evenly after Lu Bu is finished.  

Han castle has some new things at the armory, notably the Iron Helmet and the
Iron Shield.  Buy as much as you can, and listen to the advice of the 
townspeople and include Yi Ji in your party, it'll save you some time.  Head 
east of Han to the cave when you are ready.  

Weapons - Iron Saber - 400, Iron Axe - 500, Iron Spear - 500, Iron Armor - 
1500, Iron Helmet - 2000, and Iron Shield - 2000

Items - Copper Medicine - 100, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300, PowerPil - 300

This cave is rather easy to traverse.  Skip the first two southern paths, but 
take the third and grab the Steel Armor.  Now take the east path north and 
further east for an Iron Shield.  Heading back, grab the Copper Medicine 
along the way andcontinue west until you can go north.  When you have the 
option, go north, to the northwestern corner.  Here there will be two 
treasures, both gold coins.  Further down is an Iron Sword and all the way 
east is an Iron Sword.  From here, take the southern path right next to this 
one, ignoring the split that goes to the west as that is a dead end.  You 
will then be out of the cave and head east to Ma Liang's villa.  

Again, Yi Ji must be in your party for you to enter here.  Zhuge Liang and Ma
Liang will discuss strategy to take over the four southern Jing Zhou estates.
Ling Ling is to be taken first, so head east and south to the gate.  Xingdao 
Rong is here, with Liu Yan.  Xingdao is a fierce fighter but is not very 
smart.  Yan Re him to death, or Yi Xin/Li Jian him.  Liu Yan is another 
mediocre general that shouldn't harm you much, especially once Xingdao is 

The two of them flee to Ling Ling where Liu Du is there to reinforce them.  
This battle is a bit harder, especially considering you just went through a 
gate battle and a cave and haven't rested.  Get rid of Xingdao as fast as you 
can before his physical attacks pummel you to oblivion.  Liu Du should be next
and he is not too tricky but a solid ruler nonetheless.  Ling Ling is not a 
very happening city and once you rest up you can probably leave south for Gui 

Items - Copper Medicine - 100, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300
Go to Gui Yang now and you will see Bao Long waiting outside.  He will fight 
you with Chen Shu (Chen YING).  Chen Shu is the better fighter but can be 
neutralized with a powerful spell.  Likewise Bao Long is a worse fighter but 
can handle your tactics a little bit better.  Either way these two shouldn't 
be able to uproot your five general team (ideally of Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Guan 
Ping, Zhuge Liang and Zhao Yun).  

The two generals flee into the castle and you chase them.  Zhao Fan, the lord
of Gui Yang, comes out to apologize to you and asks to entertain Zhuge Liang 
among peace in the palace.  Zhang Fei smells a trap and Zhao Yun can be seen 
going around the castle as support.  Meanwhile, Zhuge is led into the throne 
area with Zhao Fan and is ambushed by the two generals you just beat!  Zhuge 
is in trouble!  But Lu Bu comes out of no where to help!  Lu Bu will kill all 
three generals and the rest of your party will run up to help you.  

It is then decided that Lu Bu shall defend Gui Yang while you "advance and 
conquer".  The item shop here is generic and there is no armory either.  
However use the billetting to drop off Yi Ji, so you can have a 5 person army 
with Zhuge as the tactician and still fighting at the same time.

Gui Yang
Items - Copper Medicine - 100, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300

Venture west and you will see a small village.  Here you will hear of Jin Xuan 
and Gong Zhi, and how Gong Zhi is contemplating Liu Bei's army at the cape to 
the west.  Go to this cape (southwest of Wu Ling) and visit him.  As you head 
west through the forest, take the north dead end and search at the end for a 
tactic potion.  Further west is Gong Zhi, and he explains his situation and 
says he'll see you at Wu Ling as you fight Jin Xuan.  

At Wu Ling, Jin Xuan will be waiting for you.  He is by himself and is a poor 
general; mop him up and enjoy the scene afterwards.  Jin runs back to Gong Zhi
to tell him to lower the bridge, but instead Gong Zhi shoots him down and 
peacefully gives you the city.  There are plenty of things to do inside, and 
improving weapons and armor is the most important part.  The people in the 
city will tell you to go to Chang Sha to the west.  

Wu Ling
Weapons - Steel Saber - 1000, Thunder Sword - 2000, Steel Spear - 1500, Steel 
Armor - 4000, and Iron Helmet - 2000

Items - Copper Medicine - 100, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300, PowerPil - 300
At Chang Sha castle, Huang Zhong will be waiting outside and will duel Guan 
Yu.  You fight for two rounds and then the match is over, now don't walk into 
Chang Sha right away!  This is a tough battle, definitely the toughest you've 
fought so far.  Rest up and buy all the new equipment at Wu Ling.  When you 
are ready, head there.  

Han Xuan comes with Huang Zhong, Wei Yan, Han Hao and Yan Ling at his side.  
Wei Yan and Huang Zhong are two of the top generals in the entire game.  Worse
yet, Yan Ling is a powerful fighter as well, and Han Xuan makes up for his 
poor stats with better equipment.  Han Hao is pretty average fortunately.  Try
to neutralize Wei Yan at the beginning of the battle.  If you can Yi Xin or Li
Jian Huang Zhong too, great, but it'll be harder than Wei Yan.  Otherwise, 
Wei Yan will wreak havoc with his physical attacks and Huang Zhong will as 
well.  While Wei Yan is neutralized, hack away at Huang Zhong until he is 
eliminated, as well as Wei Yan.  Hopefully Yan Ling and the others don't mess 
you up too bad.  Come in with full tactics and Zhuge as your fifth member and 
tactician, and you should be able to win a war of attrition against this tough

When you enter Chang Sha, you will see Wei Yan waiting at the front gate.  He 
asks to join, and let him without hesitation.  He is a top warrior, and 
although his intelligence is a little low he is a huge help for a good while 
in your party.  Dump Guan Ping probably and replace him with the Axe-wielding 
Wei Yan.  

Weapons - Steel Spear - 1500, Steel Axe - 1500, Steel Bow - 3000, Steel 
Armor - 4000

Items - Copper Medicine - 100, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300, Steed - 2000

Although southern Jing Zhou is now settled, you must get Huang Zhong to 
continue on.  He is at home, depressed that he can't bury his master's bow 
with his body.  Head to the west cave to help him out so he can join.

Once in the cave, take the south path down the stairs.  The right path 
produces a Thunder Sword and a Copper Potion.  The left side gives you 1000 
gold coins.  Head back up and to the beginning of this cave, where you should 
go west this time.  As you go west you will go south also, to a 4 way split.  
Go south for the quick treasure, 604 gold coins.  Then go left for a Copper 
Potion, and the upper left-hand path produces a Copper Bow.  Head north for 
the staircase.  From here head east for an Iron Helmet, and south for the 
Youyuu Bow!  Now you can use Suo Di or walk out, and return to Chang Sha to 
present this to Huang Zhong.  He will join you.

Now here's why I don't use Huang Zhong here.  First of all, I prefer Wei Yan 
over him.  Second of all, I prefer Huang Zhong over Zhang Fei, but you can't 
dump Zhang Fei.  This means that you can't use Zhuge in battle then, which 
ruins everything.  Thus, Huang Zhong stays in my billetting for a while (I 
think until the Shu area).  Anyways, head back to Ma Liang's estate now.  

As you walk up to the Ma brothers, a messenger runs in to tell you that Lu Bu 
has taken over Gui Yang and plans to vie for power.  Great, well rest up and 
go back there.  Lu Bu will be with Zhang Ji, a decent tactician of his.  Yan 
Re Lu Bu to death, or use Yi Xin or Li Jian, your choice.  Zhang Ji shouldn't 
do too much save for a few spells on your less-intelligent officers (Wei Yan, 
Zhang Fei).  I guess there's one reason to put in Huang Zhong over Wei Yan.  
Anyways, rest up and head to Ling Ling to chase after Lu Bu.  

Lu Bu shows up at the gate with three Jing Zhou generals in Xingdao Rong, Yan 
Ling and Liu Yan.  Xingdao and Yan are both good fighters if you remember, and
Liu Yan is versatile.  That said, use tactics on this group and you shouldn't 
have a problem.  They can provide some brute strength though so beware.  
Again, Yi Xin is your best friend here. 

Rest up and head to Ling Ling for the final confrontation with Lu Bu.  He 
comes with his regular army of Li Jue, Guo Si, Zhang Ji and Li Su.  Careful, 
he surprised my army and nearly killed Zhang Fei in the first turn.  Keep your 
soldiers up and you must get rid of Lu Bu asap or you will probably be cut 
down by the rest of the generals and whatever is left of Lu Bu.  Yi Xin as 
many generals as you can, and abuse Yan Re.  Don't let up once Lu Bu is dead, 
the other generals have some stability themselves.  Try to pop each of them 
with a Yan Re to get them all down a bit otherwise they'll be taking full 
powered shots off you while you are working Lu Bu.  When it's all over you'll 
have Lu Bu's head and you can finally enjoy peace in south Jing Zhou.  Head to
the Ma villa and the guardians there will tell you that they went to Xin Ye 
already.  Head back that way now.  
Invading Han Zhong
At Xin Ye, you will see a huge castle.  Wow.  Chen Deng will join you (enjoy 
billetting, bud).  The armory has been upgraded even.  Grab some Steel Shields
if you can.  

Weapons - Steel Saber - 1500, Steel Axe - 1500, Steel Bow - 3000, Steel 
Armor - 4000, Thunder Sword - 2000, Steel Shield - 4000

Items - Copper Medicine - 100, Revive - 100, Tent - 1000, Steed - 2000

At the throne room the Ma's will join and Zhuge will leave you.  They send you
to consult with Sima Hui.  I'd make a party of Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, and some 
combination of Zhang Fei/Ma Su/Huang Zhong/Wei Yan with Ma Liang as your new 
tactician.  Personally I take Ma Su, Wei Yan and Huang Zhong but that's just 

At Sima Hui's, he will bring up Pang Tong whom you have been hearing much 
about at Xin Ye and elsewhere.  He gives you a bottle of "Jiu" to give to Pang
Tong to get him to open up, so head to Xiang Yang to find him (it's the house 
in the northwest).  Pang Tong isn't there though but some other guy is there 
and if you have the bottle he will ask for it, which you must give him to 
continue on.  He mentions the Young Phoenix so you must be on the right 
track.  Ultimately he asks you to apprehend the bandits in the northwestern 
woods, led by Liao Hua.  Go there now, it's in the middle section of the 
forest formation.  

Immediately head east for 197 gold when you get in.  Then go north and take 
your first east for a Copper Medicine and 152 gold is just north of that.  
Northwest of here is a Revive, and go east and north after this to come to the
bandit's area.  Further north is Liao Hua and three females.  Talk to him and 
you will fight him.  He is a pretty generic general and a few Luo Shi's or Yan
Re's should best him.  Worse yet, he forces to join your party afterwards 
(you can't say no).  But you can just leave him in your billetting.        

At Xiang Yang, Pang Tong will finally join you.  The scene will then cut to 
Liu Bei's throne room at Xin Ye.  Zhang Song rushes in, imploring you to head 
to Shu.  First, you need the Shu map though.  

Head through the Bo Wang Po area once again and go west of Xiang Yang to the 
cave in the far northwest.  Upon entry, grab the treasures on the first floor;
598 gold in the first structure, and a Copper Medicine in the one to the left 
of it.  The third structure has a staircase that leads to a Tactic Potion.  
Head back to the first floor now and go south then east for a staircase, which
you should take and then go east for 1002 gold coins.  Go west, passing the 
staircase, and continuing on to another staircase.  Head west for a Silver 
Medicine and head east for a Tactic Potion, bypassing two staircases along the
way.  Run back to the nearest staircase and take it.  Now head to the 
southwest and take this staircase which leads to the bottom of the cave.  Head
west at the bottom for a Flame Armor, and then present the Liu Bei letter to 
Meng Da.  He will move and allow you to take the Shu Map, but once you head 
back he will block you until you let him join.  Fortunately he is actually a 
good general (really high agility) so you may wish to use him anyway.  Head 
back to Xin Ye now.    

At the throne room, the plan of attack is being discussed.  Fa Zheng from Shu 
runs in to tell you that the Han Zhong army has seized Xia Meng citadel and he 
requests your help.  Zhao Yun and Guan Yu are dispatched to take care of the 
land you have already overtaken, so it is just Pang Tong and Zhang Fei in your
party.  Now when you get control, talk to Liu Bei.  He gives the same line as 
Yi Ji did when you go back to Xin Ye and can recruit him ("Oh Pang Tong, it is
I Yi Ji...etc) and there is a prompt at the end to let him join you.  Say yes,
and supposedly you just recruited Yi Ji, but Liu Bei instead gets off the 
throne and turns into Zhang Lu.  WHAT?!  Everything I just said is true, even 
if it doesn't make sense.  Again, a huge glitch in the game.  Zhang Lu has 
5100 soldiers with 170 attack, 175 agility, and 190 intelligence.  Pretty 
good, I'd venture to say.  His attack is weird, a fire ball image appears 
south of him as he attacks.  He will kill most of the people he hits with a 
few attacks, at least for a while once the generals are still weak and his 
soldier count is twice the size of anyone on your side (at least).  Even at 
the end of the game though, Zhang Lu is still a force.  He does not gain 
levels with the rest of the army however (as he isn't a REAL recruit but a 
glitch).  And please note that recruiting and using Zhang Lu is more or less a 
cheat code as he will make the Han Zhong and Shu areas so easy that you 
probably won't need any real strategy other than using Yin Xian once in a 
while when your soldiers are low.

So you are supposed to go to the port southwest of Xiang Yang now.  You can 
only have a 5-person party (which is good as Pang Tong then is the strategist 
and fights as well.  He is a top general so you'll like that) so choose three 
other members (two if you have Zhang Lu) to join Pang Tong and Zhang Fei.  Ma 
Liang is probably too weak to be considered and Pang Tong is a better 
tactician anyway, and Liao Hua is worthless.  Again, I'd suggest some 
combination of Ma Su/Huang Zhong/Wei Yan/Meng Da.  For the record I'm taking 
Pang Tong, Zhang Fei, Zhang Lu, Huang Zhong and Meng Da.  

At the port Fa Zheng is there and he gives you his ship, if you let him join 
of course.  He'll be in billetting for the rest of the game too, regardless of
whether you have Zhang Lu or not.  The ship takes you west to the Fu Shui 

Liu Zhang is at the throne telling you to stop Ma Chao at Xia Meng.  A man 
named Li Qi is brought up often, as is the Blood Seal that Cao Cao learned of 
and killed Dong Cheng and Ma Teng for.    

Weapons - Steel Saber - 1000, Steel Spear - 1500, Steel Bow - 3000, Thunder 
Sword - 2000, Steel Shield - 4000

Items - Silver Medicine - 500, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300, Tactic 
Potion - 2500

Go north across the bridge and quick go east across another bridge to find Li 
Qi's residence.  He explains the background of the Blood Seal and marks the 
location of Emperor Jing's Tomb on your map.  Follow this and "CHECK" the area 
to find it.  

This is a difficult dungeon and a lot of people have problems with the stone 
walls and the lower floor.  Really, most of it is a trial and error issue.  
I'll try to list your options as best as I can.  

As you enter head west and north when you can.  A Dragon Sword is here, good 
for Zhang Lu or Pang Tong.  South of here is a revive and 232 gold coins are 
to the east.  Now go all the way back to the beginning and head north and east 
for a Copper Potion.  Take the upper-most west path now that leads down and 
take the staircase at the end.  Now you are at the stone wall area.  

East of the entrance is blocked (this is the area that you circle around to 
when you pick the wrong choice and get blocked off and sent back to the 
beginning) so head west and north.  Go east when you can for 284 gold coins 
and a Steel Shield just above it.  Two rows up is a Silver Potion and a Flame 
Armor above that.  As you head further north from here you will be blocked 
off, so head east and south to get back to the beginning of this maze.  You 
may need to enter and re-enter the staircase to reset the stone walls.  

When you are ready to advance, remember the words of the man in north-east Fu 
Shui; take the east path 3 times and the west path 4 times.  This translates 
to going north through the eastern-most path 3 times and then going all the 
way to the west wall and going north 4 times through that one.  You already 
got the treasures on the east wall but there is a tent that is all the way to 
the east after you pass the western-most north path 3 times (ie the east path 
BEFORE the staircase).  So get this Tent and walk all the way back to the west 
and go north, and then all the way east to the staircase.  If you go too far 
north, you'll have to walk ALL THE WAY AROUND.  Count to four and then head 
east and you won't have a problem.  

The bottom floor is a little odd also.  It has things at the middle of the 
four-ways to invert your path.  You can still get everywhere on the map, it's 
just a matter of where you come at the paths.  As you head west and then south 
to enter, advance to the right while staying to the north.  You will come 
across a chest of 596 gold coins.  If you take the path going right that is 
just under this one, you will come to the Blood Seal!  You can Suo Di if you 
want but there are more treasures so I'll guide you to them quick.  Under the 
Blood Seal route is a Smoke Bomb and a few paths under this is a Silver 
Pendant (I think it's a pendant; it heals you I think).  Now Suo Di out.

Head back to Li Qu and he will be happy with the Blood Seal and will talk to 
Ma Chao for you.  Head back to Fu Shui and visit Ma Chao at Xiameng Citadel.  
They will challenge you to a fight and they are tough.  Ma Dai is a better 
tactician and only slightly weaker than Ma Chao.  Keep your guard up and most 
importantly your soldiers up.  Catch either of them with Yi Xin or Li Jian if 
you can, or just a strong tactic like Tou Shi or Da Re.  They are great 
generals but without a tactician as support they should fall relatively easy 
(again, especially if you have Zhang Lu).  Recruit them and put them in your 
party; they are better than anyone save Zhang Lu.  Ma Chao probably will be in
your party for the rest of the game.  Consequently, a party of those three and
Zhang Fei and Pang Tong is pretty formidable.  Anyway, continue north of 
Xiameng now.  

At Yang Ping citadel, Yang Ang shows up with three other generals.  Yang Ang, 
Yang Ping and Cheng Yin are decent fighters, while Yang Reng is only an 
average tactician.  You really shouldn't have problems with this fight 
considering the staff upgrades you've had recently.  Pummel Yang Ren and throw
some Tou Shi's at the fighters (who are decent but not too dangerous).  

There is not too much to do at Yang Ping citadel other than rest and learn 
more about Han Zhong.  Apparently the mountain ahead is Plank Road, so go 
north and check it out.  Take the western path going north for a Silver 
Potion, then take the eastern one.  The south exit yields 593 gold coins, and 
go north sticking east now.  Another pass comes up, take the south route for a 
Tent, the north to continue onwards east.  There will be another fork, go 
north for 293 gold and then south to go further east.  As you go you will see 
another chest so grab it, it's a Dragon Sword.  Follow this north and then 
south, leaving and going north to the next citadel.

Yang Bai Is here with a bunch of mediocre generals and a general named Pang 
De.  Pang has 235 strength so you're going to want to give him a Li Jian or 
some powerful tactics to eliminate him.  The other generals are very similar 
to the ones in the previous battle and there is no real tactician here, so mop
them up and keep using Yin Xian to make sure they don't hack too much off of 

Nan Zheng citadel has another Inn that you should stay at, and a man named Wang
Ping who offers to bribe Yang Song to open the gates to Han Zhong castle.  You
can go on ahead and try to attack, but you can't win (I'm pretty sure; no 
tactics worked at all for me).  So pay Wang Ping and see what happens.  You 
get inside Han Zhong and the fight is doable all of a sudden.  If you have 
Zhang Lu in front you get a funny scene where the real Zhang Lu will tell your 
leader (ie Zhang Lu) that he is going to kill him.  Scary.  Now this battle 
seems easier that you have them surprised.  Zhang Lu is far and away the best 
general here and has the highest tactical ability, so attack him with everyone 
while Pang Tong uses Tou Shi on either him or the other generals.  Zhang Wei 
and Heng are decent fighters, as is Hou Cheng.  But they are all prone to 
tactics; meanwhile Yan Pu is weak but can use some tactics, so you may want to
take him out after Zhang Lu.  

Items - Silver Medicine - 500, Revive - 100, Steed - 2000, Tactic 
Potion - 2500

Han Zhong has not too much for you.  The item shop has some new items but 
that's it.  Head out and Yang Huai will show up and will try to persuade you 
into attacking Liu Zhang.  He will even give you gold to cover the expenses 
(I'm not sure if you actually get gold).  But you must say yes to him and he 
will leave, so head there.  
Settling Shu
At Fu Shui you will see Yang Huai again, so rest up and talk to him.  
Something fishy is obviously going on.  He fights you, with Wu Lan and Gao 
Pei.  Gao has a high soldier count but his strength is lower than Wu Lan.  
Again there is no real tactician so mop them up and recruit Wu Lan inside.  He
probably won't be used but he is a little better than Guan Ping, if that gives
you some perspective.  

People will talk of a Water Gate key that you will need and of Liu Zhang 
giving in to Cao Cao.  Head north to the village when you are ready; Pang Yi 
will reveal the Bronze key to you so take it north.  

Ling Bao (Leng Bao) worries as you rush in.  Deng Xian and Zhang Su are both 
with him and are both weak fighters and average tacticians at best.  Ling Bao 
is an average fighter and the three of them shouldn't bother your army.  As 
you enter, use the key and walk up to the wheel inside the shack.  Press yes 
and you will be able to cross now that the water dried up!  

Unfortunately Zhang Ren will show up at the narrow section, with Liu Kui, Liu 
Ba, and Liu Xun.  Pang Tong will be assassinated and your team will 
automatically fall back to Fu Shui, But Zhang Ren is there again, this time 
with Li Yan, Huang Quan, and Wang Lei.  It looks like you are about to be 
routed, but Zhuge Liang comes in with fire and you should win fine here as the 
fire damage will slaughter Zhang Ren.  

You will be inside Fu Shui and Zhuge Liang will now join you with Zhao Yun and 
Guan Yu.  My, your team is cluttered right now.  I'd suggest getting Ma Liang 
in as your strategist, allowing Zhuge to fight.  With Zhuge I would put in Zhao 
Yun, Guan Yu, Zhang Lu and one of the Ma brothers (if you don't have Zhang Lu
then you don't have to worry about cutting a Ma brother).  Zhang Fei is your 
sixth man and Ma Liang is your tactician.  

Take the boat at the southern port and go east and south a little to come to 
Ba castle.  Yan Yan is a really good general here, but Huo Jun is really bad 
(especially that agility).  Dong He is an average tactician but once you 
eliminate Yan Yan you can probably all out.  Inside you can recruit Yan Yan, 
but unfortunately he doesn't stack up with the guys in your party or even a 
lot of the generals who are in your billetting.  Check out the armory though 
for an Ice Spear or a Flame Armor.

Weapons - Dragon Sword - 5000, Ice Spear - 5000, Steel Saber - 1000, Steel 
Axe - 1500, Flame Armor - 10000, Steel Shield - 4000

Items - Silver Medicine - 500, Revive - 100, Tent - 1000, Tactic 
Potion - 2500

Gym - 20,000

West of Ba castle is Ba citadel.  Liu Ba is here along with Fei Guan and Fei 
Shi.  After one turn they retreat; now remember what the guy in Ba castle said 
and don't move at all.  You'll see a soldier run into the citadel so head in.  
He will ask if Liu Bei fights for justice; if you say yes he'll reveal the 
fire ambush.  If you don't do this, you'll have to fight this group again with 
the fire damage.  Still, this is doable as Liu Ba is the only good general and 
he goes down pretty easily.  If there is no fire you will have no trouble with 
this battle.  Now move on south and west from this citadel to a small village.

This is where the Chen clan live.  You will here of the provisions for Liu 
Zhang that is in north mountain, and that Jianning is impregnable without it.  
Actually if you use the speedup button (~ on FCE Ultra) you can get past the 
arrow barrage in a glitch.  However you must head to North Mountain to get to 
the provisions to truly get past.  

Items - Silver Potion - 500, Revive - 100, PowerPil - 300

As you enter North Mountain, head west and north for a Flame Shield.  Head 
back and go up the stairs now twice for 594 gold and west for a Silver Potion.
As you head north of here you will see a treasure on your right that is 542 
gold coins and you can get it via the ladder.  North of here is another ladder 
with a Silver Potion treasure waiting for you.  West of here are a ladder 
going north to a platform and a ladder going down to a treasure.  The ladder 
going down is a Power Pil and on the platform is a Flame Armor.  Head north 
and to the gate.

Wang Kang and Lu Kai are surprised to see you there and they are no match.  
Wang Kang is completely mediocre while Lu Kai can use tactics but is also one 
of the weakest characters in the entire game.  Attack Lu Kai and all out when 
he is low.  The soldier inside will run away and curse you, so head back to 
the village, rest up, and head to Jianning in the west.

Now that you have the food supply they are lured out.  Lei Tong is a tough 
fighter but can be had via tactics, so I would abuse him first.  You've seen 
the other three before, all mediocre generals with Lu Kai being the most 
dangerous with his intelligence.  You can probably all-out after Lei Tong but 
be careful.  There is not much to do in Jian Ning.  You will hear of Jiang Wan 
and of Yin Ping's stellar fortification.  Bring it on, right.  Your party 
should be pretty dominant at the point in the game and should be near 
unbeatable if you have Zhang Lu.  

Items - Silver Medicine - 500, Revive - 100, Power Pil - 300, Tactic 
Potion - 2500

Anyway, head north.  You can attack Yin Ping, it'll do you no good though.  
Head to Jiang Manor just to the south of Yin Ping.  Jiang Wan is here and 
tells you how helpless he is, as his mother is held hostage but he would like 
to join your army.  Well head west to get his mom.

Take the upper path in the cave for 602 gold coins and go south to a staircase.
Take a south for a long trip to a Power Pil, then head back east for a Silver 
Potion and north to a staircase going up.  Head east for an Ice Spear and 
leave, simple eh.  

Outside is the house that his mother is at.  Gao Pei is here protecting the 
house, but he is by himself and is no match for your army.  All-out him and 
talk to Jiang Wan's mom to set up a scene with her and Jiang back at Jiang 
Manor.  He will join you here and tell you to put him in the front of the 
formation.  Okay, well put him in for Ma Liang and make him your strategist, 
putting him in front as well as that is important.  

At Yin Ping, Jiang Wan will declare you friendly troops and you'll be let in.  
Li Yan will then run at you and yell at Jiang Wan.  Well, Zhang Su and Dong He 
are similar strategists, while Wu Yi is a decent overall character and Li Yan 
is a good fighter.  Again though, you've fought armies like this, so I would 
take out Wu Yi and Li Yan first and leave the weak tacticians for last.  You 
should have no problem.  Dump Jiang Wan after the battle, as he is only an 
average general.  Put Ma Liang back in.  You will hear of a fire stack and TNT
and of Mian Zhu Guan being important to Shu.  Okay, well first head to the 
cave to get the TNT.  

Weapons - Dragon Sword - 5000, Ice Spear - 5000, Steel Bow - 3000

Gym - 30,000

Going to Mian Zhu Guan doesn't initiate a battle but three guards will block 
your way.  Head east to the cave, and head north when you are in to talk to Zi 
Xu.  He talks of TNT and such so head back south and east to go look for it.  
Head all the way to the north here, for 538 gold.  Then go west and north to 
get a Steel Helmet which is nice.  Head back south for 238 gold coins and 
northeast of this is a staircase.  Here you will end up in a four-way.  South 
is a Steel Helmet, while going north and then west is a Silver Potion.  East 
of here is a Qing Long Saber, a great saber for Lord Guan.  Directly south of 
here is a Fire Scroll, and go west at the four-way fork for the TNT!  Now go 
back to Zi Xu and continue north to leave.  

Go into Mian Zhu Guan backwards now and you can administer the TNT to some of 
the logs.  Or you an attack the rebel soldiers here over and over and over. 
But when you use the TNT, a battle will ensue with Zhang Ren opposing you with 
Liu Kui, Liu Xun, Liu Ba, and Lu Kai.  Fortunately, these powerful generals 
are ousted easily as the fire sweeps them away.  Zhang Ren flees to Long You 
and Zhuge orders to charge.  Well, heal up, then charge.

This is probably the toughest Shu battle.  Zhang Ren is a powerful general, 
very similar to Yan Yan in his stats.  Liu Kui and Liu Xun are generic 
fighters, while Liu Ba and Lu Kai are above-average tacticians.  Get Zhang Ren 
and Liu Ba out as soon as possible, then the battle will turn your way.  Wan 
Fu or Yin Xian will help you, as will Hou Shen if you have it.  

Items - Silver Medicine - 500, Revive - 100, Steed - 2000, Tactic 
Potion - 2500

At the Jinyan bridge Zhang Ren meets you to duel your best (or first in line) 
Use Zhang Lu if you have him, or Ma Chao.  You shouldn't have a problem, just 
attack.  Heal up now, Cheng Du is near!  

Liu Zhang is here with his mustache.  I mean with a bunch of generic 
tacticians.  Liu Zhang himself has a poor strength and only a 160 
intelligence.  Not too scary, and neither are his other generals Wang Lei or 
Huang Quan.  Liu Xun is a fighter of little importance, while Liu Ba is the 
only really good general here.  Take him out, then Liu Zhang, as Liu Zhang 
does have equipment upgrades to make him decent.  Really this battle is a 
joke, especially for an end-of-the-section battle.  Go in and rest and explore
your new castle.  
Attacking Cao Cao
Cheng Du has some nice new additions at the armory.  Steel Helmets are a 
necessity for all, as are the new weapons.  The villagers enjoy Liu Bei's 
unification also.

Weapons - Dragon Sword - 5000, Ice Spear - 5000, Qing Long Saber - 4000, Fire 
Axe - 6000, Flame Armor - 10000, Steel Helmet - 4000

Items - Silver Medicine - 500, Revive - 100, Tent - 1000, Tactic Potion - 2500

Gym - 40,000

Liu Bei has you rest and then sends you off to Han Zhong as that has been 
seized by Cao Cao.  Head north and east, and you can skip a lot of time by 
going the rout where Pang Tong was ambushed, and make your way back to Xia 
Meng citadel.  Rest up and go north to Yang Ping citadel.  Xiahou Shang is 
here with three bad generals.  Xiahou is decent overall, so attack and use 
tactics on him.  The other three are completely mediocre although the 
increased A.P. and A.C. around here help them.  But after Xiahou is dead you 
can probably all-out.  Rest up and continue on to Nan Zheng citadel.  

Again, all the generals are bad at Nan Zheng save for Zhang Yi, who at least 
has a decent attack.  Still, a few strong tactics like Huo Shen will oust 
Zhang Yi, and the other three are definitely all-outtable.  Here you will 
learn of Xiahou Yuan being at Han Zhong.  Rest up and be ready, this is tough.

Xiahou Yuan is a powerful general who can hold his own intellectually.  Du Xi 
and Li Tong are similar and are above-average at both strength and 
intelligence.  Yang Xiu is probably the most dangerous general here, so I 
would attack him furiously before he An Sha's one of your generals.  An Sha
(instant kill) will be prevalent in Cao Cao's territory.  Ma Yan is pretty 
generic so leave him for last, but take out Yang Xiu and then Xiahou Yuan as 
fast as you can.  

Han Zhong is optimistic about Liu Bei overtaking Cao Cao.  Inside the palace 
Liu Bei is there as he hears of Cao Cao declaring himself emperor.  Thus in 
221, Liu Bei is ultimately persuaded by Zhuge Liang to ascend to the Shu-Han 
throne and to send out an army to apprehend Cao Cao.  

Zhang Fei will be sent to Xin Ye, and Guan Yu to Cheng Du.  As you leave the
throne room in Han Zhong, Guan Xing will be blocking your way, with Zhang Bao 
next to him.  You must recruit Guan Xing here, and it is worth it as he is 
only marginally worse than Guan Yu.  Zhang Bao has a better intelligence but 
worse strength when compared to Zhang Fei.  An interesting thing to note here 
that is unorthodox but a favorite solution of mine, is that you can skip 
recruiting Zhang Bao.  Personally I prefer to skip him, as Guan Xing and Zhang
Bao cannot be removed from battle (like their fathers) so you are stuck with 
him if you recruit him.  His intelligence is better than Zhang Fei but is 
still a liability, at 90, so pick him up or don't.  Now I would have a party 
of Zhuge Liang, Zhao Yun, Guan Xing, Zhang Lu, and Ma Chao (Ma Dai for Zhang 
Lu if you don't have Zhang Lu).  

East and south of Han Zhong is the gate into Wei, where a generic general in 
Xiahou Mao appears with two other generic generals and a decent tactician in 
Liu Ye.  Take out Liu Ye first, and then Xiahou as he has added equipment.  
The other two can be all-outted.  

South and a little east is Nan' An, where Cao Xiu faces you with three other 
generals; Lu Zheng, Wang Kuang and Fu Gan.  Fu Gan and Lu Zheng are good 
fighters, while Wang Kuang is kind of worthless.  Cao Xiu is a tough overall 
fighter and tactician, so attack him exclusively until he perishes.  The 
others can be mopped up with tactics.  

Weapons - Barrage Sword - 10000, Flame Bow - 6000, Flame Shield - 30,000,  
Flame Armor - 10000, Steel Helmet - 4000

Items - Gold Medicine - 1000, Revive - 100, Smoke Bomb - 300, Tactic 
Potion - 2500

The reknowned Hua Tuo lives here and he will offer to heal you (ie rest).  Do 
so.  Everyone else talks of Jiang Wei and how difficult Tian Shui will be.  
Well, buy some Flame Shield's if need-be and go east to An Ding first.

Cao Chun holds this castle, with Jiangyi Qui, Lu Qian and Heng Huan.  The 
former three are all very similar warriors (all around 160 strength) and they 
all can be had via tactics.  Huo Shen is nice, try that.  Heng Huan is very 
bad, ignore him until you are ready to all out.  You will hear more of the 
Jiang Wei mother-medicine issue here, and you will even see her (in pain too).
Well you can't venture further until you attack Tian Shui, so do so.    

Items - Gold Medicine - 1000, Revive - 100, Power Pil - 300, Tactic 
Potion - 2500

Gym - 50,000

At Tian Shui, Jiang Wei and Xiahou De will ambush you when Xiahou Mao taunts 
you.  They slaughter you and you end up in Ji Ping's house in An Ding.  He 
will explain the situation between Cao's army and Jiang Wei, and will alert 
you that Hua Tuo can help but that his house is guarded.  He writes you a 
letter of approval and sends you off, so go back to Nan' An to check that out.

Fu Wan is waiting outside Hua Tuo's house, and he is a decent tactician with 
good equipment.  Still, he is by himself and should be slaughtered in a few 
turns.  Inside Hua Tuo thanks you and when you read the Intro letter to him, 
he will go to An Ding to aid Jiang Wei's mother.  Go here and she will tell 
you to tell Jiang Wei of this and to have him join you as he supports Zhuge 
Liang.  As you leave town, Jiang Wei will approach you by himself, so be 

Jiang Wei is tough, even by himself.  You probably won't get off many tactics, 
even with Zhuge Liang.  Just attack him and Yin Xian or Wan Fu to make sure he 
doesn't swipe one of your characters.  He will run off, challenging you again, 
until his mother talks some sense into him.  He joins you and you start up a 
scene in An Ding.  

Zhuge leaves the party to work on a plan for a weapon of his, while Jiang Wei 
joins you instead.  Personally, he is the best general in the game.  His stats 
are off the charts, especially that agility.  Always use him in battle if you 
have the option.  

Tian Shui is a much easier siege now.  Xiahou De and Chen Xi are strong 
warriors, but the others offer little and none of them offer much tactically.  
Use Huo Shen or Ji Shi to dispatch of them, and Wan Fu incase they get a 
critical hit or gang up on someone.  

Tian Shui is a prosperous town with fabulous weapons.  Buy as much as you can.

Weapons - Nu Long Sword - 25000, Tiger Axe - 10000, Void Spear - 35000, Ice 
Bow - 15000, Emperor Saber - 12000, Dragon Armor - 40000

Items - Gold Medicine - 1000, Revive - 100, Tent - 1000, Tactic Potion - 2500

Gym - 20,000

There is a Tea dealer here.  Make note of that, you'll need to visit him 
later.  But now go to Chen Cang, northeast of here, to get a Ferry Ticket from 
Hao Zhao.

With your new armor, this battle should be easy despite the tough generals.  
Hao Zhao is a fine general, better than Xiahou Yuan even.  Go after him first.
Hua Xin is a decent tactician but not as dangerous as a lot of the Wei 
tacticians are.  The other three are solid warriors and little else (note that 
this is a different Yang Xiu, one that is bad and doesn't An Sha you).  

Items - Gold Medicine - 1000, Revive - 100, Tactic Potion - 2500, Steed - 2000

The northwest house is loaded with stuff, including the Ferry Ticket.  From 
the upper left, going clockwise; Wind Hat, Thunder Shield, Ferry Ticket, Great 
Armor, Double Axe.  Equip all of those, if applicable.  Now rest up and go 
west and show the Ticket to the character outside of the port.  

Shen Pei instead fights you, but is by himself, negating his good intelligence 
and overall ability.  Hop in the boat to sail towards Bei Di.  Bei Di houses 
Cao Zhen, along with Wang Lang, Zhang He and Chen Yi.  Zhang He is another 
powerful and somewhat intelligent general that should be disposed of 
immediately.  Cao Zhen is pretty good overall so I'd go after him next.  
Wang Lang is an average tactician but nothing to fret about, and Chen Yi is 

Inside Bei Di, you will hear that Sima Yi is nowhere to be found, and that you 
should head back to Zhuge Liang.  As you head back Zhang He will ambush you, 
followed by Xu Huang, Sima Zhao, Sima Shi, and Sima Yi.  Run from each battle 
until you can flee to Tian Shui.  

Zhuge will join you and Jiang will leave, so rotate him in accordingly.  Head 
back and Wang Lang will ambush you at the beginning of the narrow route.  He 
comes with Zhang He, who again is an issue so use Huo Shen or Ji Shi to 
supplant him.  Wang Lang is nothing after that.  

After this head to Bei Di citadel and again you will fight the same four as 
you did last time at Bei Di.  It shouldn't be any different, take out Zhang He 
and Cao Zhen and then all-out. Leave this citadel and go east to Beiyuan Pass.

Head east as you enter for a Wind Hat.  Go all the way north now for a Water 
scroll, and then head west and north again for a Gold Potion.  Head south 
along the western edge to grab the 1054 coins, and then go back north sticking 
to the west end.  This will take you to the top of this mountain, and will 
circle to the right and then go south, and pick up the Void Spear along the 
way.  As you reach the bottom, take the left route for an Ice Bow and then go 
east to leave.  

Outside is Xialuo village, where you should rest.  The battle at Beiyuan 
citadel is tricky, so be prepared.  Cao Zhang is a beast, simply put.  His 
attack is as high as you'll see in Wei, and his intelligence isn't bad either.
Xun You is spectacular with tactics, while Cao Zhi is slightly worse but still 
a threat.  Hou Cheng is a good fighter but far and away the fourth target 
here.  I'd slaughter Xun You first as he can do a real number on your team 
with tactics.  Cao Zhang next and then Cao Zhi.  You'll probably lose a 
general or maybe two, hopefully not more.    

Now that Beiyuan is yours, go north to Luo castle once you are rested.  Cao 
Cao is here!  You must battle him straight up, and he has three of the 
toughest Wei generals with him in Xu Zhu (Chu), Dian Wei, and Pang De.  Xun Yu 
is also at the bottom of the list, and he is as deadly of a tactician as 
anyone in Wei outside of Sima Yi.  Oh, and then there is Cao Cao.  Well it's 
pick your poison basically.  I'd go after Cao Cao and Xun Yu, as you can at 
least predict what the other three will do.  With Cao Cao and Xun Yu, it's 
best to get them out of there before they decide to start An Sha-ing the 
house.  This is going to be a tough battle, one of the toughest you'll fight; 
The Final Confrontation
After this hard fought battle go rest at the inn.  Talk to the villagers to 
learn of a Cloud Burst item at the cave nearby, and also of weapons Cao Cao 
left behind.  In the northeast there are two huts with 6 items each.  The left 
hut has a Sky Helmet, Wind Helmet, Great Armor, Great Armor, Wind Helmet, and 
a Treatise, starting from the bottom left and going clockwise.  The Treatise 
adds 20 to any character's intelligence.  A great addition, I give it to Zhao 
Yun to make him even better.  The right hut has a Dragon Spear, Heaven Sword, 
Halfmoon Bow, Thunder Shield, War Scroll, and a Cun Yu Saber.  Impressive, 
equip these.  

Items - Gold Medicine - 1000, Revive - 100, Tent - 1000, Tactic Potion - 2500

Heading south past Bei Yuan and Xia Luo you will come to a cave.  It is here 
where you find the Cloud Burst item.  First, head north for a Gold Potion.  Go 
east and take the staircase leading south, which ends up with a Gold Pendant.  
On the far east end is 4028 gold coins, and the ladder going down west of this
is symmetrical with the Gold Pendant passage, and the treasure is a Gauntlet.  
This increases A.P. by 20, a good item.  Go back now, and head a little west 
then south, and take the ladder going down and follow that around for a Fire 
Scroll.  When you return, take the south path and that goes for a while and 
leads to the Cloud Burst!  The treasure on the plateau east of this (which is 
accessible through an eastern route) is a Void Spear.  Finally, there is a Nu 
Long sword on the ground floor towards the west end.  This should be it, Suo 
Di to get out of here. 

Be sure to put the Cloud Burst in Zhuge's possession, it's necessary for it's 
use against Cao Cao.  Head north of Luo castle now, and Xun Yu will meet you 
with Pang De.  Tough generals, but alas the two of them shouldn't be able to 
stop you.  Dispatch Xun Yu before he An Sha's someone.  There is not much to 
do in Qi Shan except prepare for the next fight, so make sure the Cloud Burst 
is in Zhuge's hands and head on east and south, where Cao Cao will ambush you 
with fire.  

Plan out the first turn like you would be normally fighting these five, except 
have Zhuge use the Cloud Burst.  The fire will stop and Cao Cao's plan will be
foiled, but he will attack you anyway.  This battle is easier than the Luo 
battle, in my opinion.  Liu Ye and Guo Jia come in for Xun Yu and Pang De.  Xu 
Zhu and Dian Wei, as always, are at Cao Cao's side.  Take out Cao Cao as fast 
as you can, then Guo Jia.  Liu Ye really isn't too potent of a tactician but 
can still harm you if he has enough chances.  I would leave him for last 
though and Huo Shen Dian and Xu after Cao Cao and Guo Jia pass.  Again, you 
should be able to handle this battle if you handled the previous battle in 

Speaking of Luo, Liu Bei is there when you are done with this battle.  He 
hears of Han Zhong being recaptured so he sends Guan Xing to help out.  You 
are sent to battle Cao Pi at Sili citadel, and Guan Suo joins you as you 
leave.  He is the last general you get and a nice one.  Plug him in, and 
you'll have him, Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang, Ma Chao, and Zhang Lu (or Zhang 
Bao/Ma Dai) with someone like Ma Liang in your party as the tactician.  Head 
north and past the Cao Cao flame-ambush area.  

As you get there, Jia Xu ambushes you with some older generals, Zhang Yun from 
Jing Zhou and Li Zhan from the Han Zhong area.  Neither are tough, but Jia Xu 
is another deadly tactician.  Kill him and you can probably all-out after 

I would go rest now, and then come back and hit Sili citadel.  Cao Pi is here 
with the younger generation of Wei, notably Dian Man, Xiahou Wei, Xiahou Ba 
and Chen Qun.  These generals are pretty tough, but a step below the generals 
you fight when you go up against Cao Cao.  Cao Pi's stats are very similar to 
Zhang Lu, and I would target him either first or second, after the deadly 
assassin Chen Qun.  Dian Man is the worst of the lot, just another generic 
fighter general, who can take off a bit if you don't hit him though.  Xiahou 
Wei is a solid tactician that has a 180 attack as well, so he is well rounded.
Xiahou Ba is the strongest general here and his intelligence is higher than 
most of the brutes in Wei.  Again, focus on Chen Qun and Cao Pi.  Xiahou Wei 
is a good tactician but is below average for Wei standards, so you can afford 
to leave him be for a while.  Xiahou Ba is probably the third target, with 
that 220 strength, and you can probably all-out after him.  Good luck, this is 
hard but easier than the Luo battle.  

Item Shop - Gold Potion - 1000, Revive - 100, Tactic Potion - 2500

As you continue forward, Cao Pi is at the next citadel (Wuzhang Yuan).  Sima 
Yi makes his move here and kills Cao Pi, and then knocks you out with some 
high-powered magic.  You will wake up at Cuizhou Ping's house, which is 
northeast of Sili citadel.  

He won't tell you how to counteract the spell though, not until you get him 
some tea.  If you have been talking to the villagers throughout the last few 
cities, you'll have heard about tea dealers and water and other things that 
Cui Zhouping is going to want.  Well, head to Tian Shui for tea.  The tea 
dealer is to the right of the item shop and he will gladly give you some Tea.  
Cui then asks for Water, so go to Xia Luo and get that from the old man north 
of the entrance.  After giving him Water, he then asks for a Tea Set!  This is 
in Luo, again next to the item shop.  Talk to the purple guy outside the house 
and he'll say the old man is home, and he is indeed home and implores you to 
take his Tea Set as your cause is just.  Cui finally tells you the trick after 
the Tea Set is delivered: up, up, down, down, left, right, up, down.  Note 
that you must do all this, you can't just know the combination beforehand and 
skip these parts.  I bet you love Cuizhou Ping now, don't you?  :)

Head to Wuzhang Yuan now.  After the combination, your army will do what Zhuge 
says and the plan will work.  Sima rushes out to attack, but Zhuge's feigned 
defeat puts Sima in a tough position.  Fire will be released and Sima Yi will 
be with his sons Shi and Zhao, along with Xiahou Wei.  Attack them and just 
play defensive; the fire will annihilate their forces soon enough.  

Enter Wuzhang and speak with everyone and rest.  One man will offer to sell 
you a bottle of medicine for 1,000, so do it since that is pretty cheap 
anyway.  You can try traversing the stone formation, you won't be able to do 
it probably.  Head northeast to an old man who complains of losing a Heaven 
Elixir (which you have).  Give it to him and he will reveal himself as Shi 
Guanyuan.  Your leader will ask of the stone wall maze, and he will reply to 
go south 20 times and east 20 times.  Do this (it's not hard) and head south 
after the 20th east step.  

When you get out, head south and east and hit up Chang 'An.  Zhang Liao is 
here, with a bunch of ex-Jing Zhou generals and Xu Shu.  Zhang Liao is a beast 
and should easily be your first target.  Xu Shu is another dangerous tactician 
so he should be next.  The Jing Zhou generals have had a boost statistically, 
but they are still pretty average generals.  Basically, if Zhang and Xu are 
out you should be okay.  

Chang 'An
Weapons - Double Axe - 10000, Halfmoon Bow - 35000, Power Spear - 40000, Cun 
Yu Saber - 30000, Thunder Shield - 60000

Items - Gold Medicine - 1000, Revive - 100, Power Pil - 300, Tactic 
Potion - 2500

Gym - 60,000

Get the Snake Spear from the guy in the northwest part of town, it is a great 
weapon.  You probably don't need the weapons but do get everyone a Thunder 
Shield.  This is the stretch run; use all your money for items/weapons.  Head 
south and east of Chang 'An to get to the "rugged" Luo Yang Pass.  

All the way east is a tent, and north and a little west of here is 6065 gold 
coins.  Go further west and north which takes you to a long bridge that 
travels east.  Follow it as it goes south and head west at the split for a Sky 
Helmet.  Go east now and head north for a Moon Saber and a Youyuu Bow.  The 
Moon Saber is sweet, give it to Guan Suo.  Now go all the way south and all 
the way east for a Thin Axe.  Head west a little and go north and follow it as 
it wraps around, going west when you can to get a Doomsday Scroll.  East of 
here are some more options, and going north leads to another Great Armor.  
That is all the treasures here, so head east and south to get out of this 

Fresh air.  North of here is a port with Zhang Liao guarding it.  He is 
surprised to see you and will not let you by without a fight, of course.  He 
is with Chen Qun, a good tactician if you recall.  The two of them though 
shouldn't be able to get you.  Take out Zhang Liao first as he is a 
dual-threat, but Chen Qun can use some deadly tactics as well.  Zhang Liao 
will curses Wei's fate, and you can get on the boat now.  

This takes you to the area that Guan Yu was at, and Hu Huo will still let you 
stay for free at his house!  The castle is still empty, and further south are 
gates that you have to go through.  Dong Heng is at the first one, with a 
similar warrior in Dian Man with him, and a tough tactician in Guo Yi with him 
as well.  Kill Guo first and this should be easy, the other two are good 
fighters but nothing you can't destroy at this point.

The next gate pits you against Sima Zhao and Xiahou Wei and Jiang Yong.  They 
are all tough tacticians, so Ce Mian will help you as it would any 
tactician-related battle.  Try to get Zhao out first, he is the real dangerous 
one, the others are good but aren't apt to An Sha your party like Sima is.  

Head back and rest, then return to the third gate to see Sima Shi is here.  He 
brings a tough warrior that you have already seen in Xiahou Ba, and a solid 
tactician in Huang You as well.  Sima has 240 intelligence, so careful.  Kill 
him first and try to hit Xiahou with some tactics to weaken him.  Huang You is 
a good tactician but is similar to Xiahou Wei in that he probably isn't smart 
enough to An Sha your party.  After Sima is gone though, it won't matter as 
the battle will be over shortly.  You can still go in here, but Pu Jing won't 
be here to allow you to rest.  Head back and continue to Luo Yang, the final 

First off the Sima brothers come out to battle you.  Two warriors, Dong Heng 
and Dian Man, are with them.  Concentrate on Shi first as he is the smarter of
the two.  Then Zhao.  Try to gang up on one of them so as to limit their Wan 
Fu capability.  They may Ji Mian you which will complicate matters.  Or they 
could An Sha you which would really complicate matters.  Once they are done 
though, the other two fighters are nothing.  

The next battle starts right away, with Sima Yi declaring the need for one 
emperor instead of two.  He comes with some of his best; Xu Huang and Zhang 
He, along with the younger Xiahou's (Wei and Ba).  Xiahou Wei is really the 
only other strategist here besides Sima, so keep that in mind.  You will have 
to deal with a lot of physical attacks, so Ji Mian might help.  Don't bother 
with tactics on Sima Yi, he'll shrug them off, even Zhuge Liang (it can be 
done, just rarely).  Of course you could try to eliminate the other generals 
and deal with Sima Yi last if you wish too.  Sima Yi doesn't have the stamina 
and overall soldier count that he did on DoaE 1 obviously, making his chance 
of Wan Fu-ing himself less, which is nice.  However, he can also kill you a 
lot easier, and he has An Sha also.  Once you find a way to pull this out, 
China is yours!

Luo Yang has the same weapons and items as it did before.  Of course this 
doesn't matter now.  Rest at the Inn, and when you leave the ending music will
be playing.  While you were sleeping, Liu Bei and friends came here to 
congratulate you.  Liu thanks Zhuge especially, and the screen fades to the 
ending, as you see the hacked credits and Liu Bei strolling across China.
End of Walkthrough
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d) Items
NAME           PRICE            EFFECT
Herbal Potion    50             Heals 100 soldiers
Copper Potion   100             Heals 500 soldiers
Silver Potion   500             Heals 1000 soldiers
Gold Potion    1000             Heals 4500 soldiers

Power Stone     N/A             You find this randomly from generals 
Silver Stone    N/A             This heals you by 1000
Gold Stone      N/A             Heals fully.  I believe the difference 
between the stones and potions are that you get 5 or so uses out of the stones
as opposed to only one with the potion.  Not sure but that's all I've noticed.

Smoke Bomb      300             Allows you to walk free, without worry of 
random battles for a short while.
Revive          100             Revives a dead character (they come alive with
400 soldiers)

PowerPil        300             Critical hit is ensured
Tact. Potion   2500             Recovers 30 tactical points
Tent           1000             Acts as an Inn and can be used anywhere.
Crossbow        N/A             Zhuge Liang gives you this, it attacks every 
enemy with a chance to fail and succeed.  Takes off a decent amount if it 

Doomsday Scroll N/A             Casts Ji Shi on all enemies
Fire Scroll     N/A             Casts Huo Shen on all enemies
War Scroll      N/A             Casts An Sha on one enemy
Water Scroll    N/A             Casts Shui Long on all enemies
Wind Scroll     N/A             Used by Zhuge Liang (received from 
Orochi/Miko) against Cao Cao at sea. 
Cloud Burst     N/A             Found at the structure southeast of Bei Yuan 
and is to be used at Shang Fang Valley against Cao Cao.

Map             N/A             Allows you to check non-Shu areas of the 
Chinese map.
Shu Map         N/A             A map of Shu
Chi Tu Ma       N/A             Increases the speed of your character walking 
about when equipped (From Gan & Mi)
Steed          2000             Increases agility of wearer by 10
Gauntlet        N/A             Adds 20 to any character's attack when 
equipped (southeast of Xia Luo)
Treatise        N/A             Adds 20 to any character's intelligence when 
equipped (Luo castle)
Speed Shoes     N/A             Adds 20 to any character's speed when equipped
(bottom left of Xia Luo (search in the grassy area and you'll find it))

Zheng Letter    N/A             Received from Zheng Xuan to use on Yuan Shao
Hu Ban Letter   N/A             Give to you by his dad Hu Huo at the hut.  Use 
on Hu Ban
Intro Letter    N/A             From Ji Ping to give to Hua Tuo. 
Liu Bei Letter  N/A             To give to Meng Da, allowing you to have the
Shu map 

Gunpowder       N/A             Received in Chai Sang from the old man after
 he receivers the lower two items
Deadwood        N/A             Search the tree behind the old man from the
 side facing his back and you will find it.
Saltpeter       N/A             In the cave northeast of Chai Sang.  Check 
the guide for cave directions.
Arrow Storm     N/A             Received in the Xiang Yang upper throne room.
Tally Order     N/A             Received in front of the throne in the Ji Zhou
 throne room.
Brocade Sack    N/A             Given to you at northeast Nanjun by Pang Tong,
 for use against Lu Bu at Han.
Jiu             N/A             Sima Hui will present this to you, to give to 
Pang Tong at Xiang Yang.
TNT             N/A             Zi Xu has this in the cave east of Mianzhu for 
use at Mianzhu.
Blood Seal      N/A             An annoying item to get, Li Qi needs this 
before he'll see Ma Chao for you.  
Bronze Key      N/A             Pang Yi will give you this northwest of Fu 
Shui, for use at the water gate.
Ferry Ticket    N/A             A treasure in Chen Cang that is needed to get 
to Bei Di.
Heaven Elixir   N/A             Purchased at Wuzhang and given to the old man 
east of here for directions to conquer the stone maze.
Tea             N/A             From the guy in the house east of the item 
shop in Tian Shui, for Cui Zhou
Water           N/A             From the old man northeast of the entrance in 
Xia Luo village, south of Bei Yuan.  This is the second item Cui Zhouping asks 
Tea Set         N/A             Given from the old man who gives his trust in 
you to save China, at Luo castle.  The last item you need to get the code from 
e) Weapons/Armor

Body Armor                                   Defense               Cost
Cotton                                          5                   100 (can't
buy it, but that's the sale-rate)
Leather                                        10                   300 
Copper                                         15                   600
Iron                                           25                  1500
Steel                                          40                  4000
Flame                                          60                 10000 (a 
good deal)
Dragon                                         65                 40000 (a
bad deal)
Great                                          75                   N/A (You 
find 4 or 5 of these)

Bandana                                         5                    50
Cap                                            10                   100
Copper                                         15                   200
Iron                                           20                  2000
Steel                                          30                  4000
Wind                                           40                   N/A
Sky                                            50                   N/A

Wooden                                          5                    50
Leather                                        10                   100
Scale                                          15                   500
Copper                                         25                  1000   
Iron                                           40                  2000
Steel                                          50                  4000
Flame                                          60                 30000
Thunder                                        80                 60000 
Fortune                                       110                   N/A (found
in Chang 'An castle, search the road heading north, directly east of the 
armory.  Face north and search once the stretch goes from heading east to 

Stone                                          10                    80
Copper                                         20                   150
Iron                                           40                   400
Steel                                          80                  1000
Qing Long                                     120                  4000
Emperor                                       150                 12000 
Cun Yu                                        200                 30000
Moon                                          220                   N/A
Zeng Zong                                     N/A                   N/A

Wood                                           10                    80
Copper                                         20                   200
Iron                                           40                   500
Steel                                          80                  1500
Ice                                           120                  5000
Void                                          150                 35000
Power                                         200                 40000
Dragon                                        220                   N/A
Snake                                         235                   N/A

Short                                          10                   100
Copper                                         20                   300
Iron                                           40                   800  
Thunder                                        80                  2000
Dragon                                        120                  5000
Barrage                                        90                 10000 
(attacks twice per-round)
Nu Long                                       200                 25000
Heaven                                        220                   N/A
Qing Gang                                     235                   N/A
Note - Qing Gang was found after defeating Cao Pi at Si Li Citadel.

Stone                                          10                    80
Copper                                         20                   200
Iron                                           40                   500
Steel                                          80                  1500
Fire                                          120                  6000
Tiger                                         150                 10000
Double                                        120                 10000
Thin                                          220                   N/A
Thunder                                       235                   N/A
Note - Thunder Axe was found in the Wuzhang Yuan Gate.  The stone path that
leads south, search the left-part of that path and you'll find it.

Steel                                          50                  3000    
Flame                                          70                  6000
Ice                                            90                 15000
Doublemoon                                    120                 35000    
Youyuu                                        132                   N/A   
Li Guang                                      N/A                   N/A
(Note - The location of the Li Guang Bow and Zeng Zong Saber are unknown.  I
have only heard of these from e-mails but I am assuming they fall randomly
from Wei generals like the Qing Gang Sword did for me, or that they are
somewhere on the ground randomly towards the end of Wei.)
f) Enemy Analysis
 Unlike Destiny of an Emperor 1, you cannot recruit generals after a battle. 
 Some join throughout the story though and they'll be listed in
 both the allied general list and the enemy general list.  
 Name        STR  -  INT  -  AGI  -  AP  -  AC  -  SLD.  -  WPN.  -   Land
 ?????       245  -  180  -  160  -  80  - 180  -  3000  - Saber  - Plains
 Bian Xi     110  -   90  -   90  -  25  -  12  -   380  - Sword  - Plains
 Bao Long    125  -   90  -  115  -  90  - 100  -  2900  - Spear  -    N/A
 Cai He       75  -   80  -   55  -  60  -  30  -  2100  - Sword  -    N/A  
 Cai Mao     165  -  160  -  155  -  60  -  40  -  2300  - Sword  -    Sea
 Cai Xun     100  -   70  -   95  -  60  -  40  -  2200  - Sword  -    Sea 
 Cai Yang    180  -  120  -  115  -  35  -  25  -   680  - Sword  -    N/A 
 Cai Zhong    80  -   75  -   45  -  60  -  30  -  2200  - Sword  -    N/A  
 Cao Ang     175  -  110  -  110  -  70  -  60  -  2200  -   Axe  -    N/A  
 Cao Cao     215  -  230  -  155  - 230  - 230  -  9800  - Sword  - Plains  
 Cao Chun    160  -   80  -   95  - 200  - 200  -  7500  -   Axe  -    N/A  
 Cao Hong    150  -  145  -  115  -  80  -  70  -  2800  - Sword  -    N/A  
 Cao Pi      175  -  190  -  195  - 240  - 240  -  9600  - Spear  -    Sea  
 Cao Ren     205  -  155  -  100  -  50  -  40  -  1900  - Sword  -    MTN
 Cao Ren2    205  -  155  -  100  -  70  -  60  -  2600  - Sword  -    MTN
 Cao Xiu     185  -  170  -  110  - 200  - 200  -  9000  - Spear  -    N/A 
 Cao Zhang   235  -  150  -  175  - 225  - 230  -  9400  - Spear  - Plains
 Cao Zhen    165  -  140  -  120  - 220  - 220  -  9200  - Sword  -    N/A
 Cao Zhi      40  -  205  -   95  - 140  - 220  -  8200  -   Bow  -    N/A
 Che Zhou    140  -   85  -   75  -  35  -  25  -   700  - Sword  -    N/A
 Chen Jiao    50  -  195  -   95  -  70  -  60  -  4100  - Sword  -    N/A
 Chen Lan    160  -   60  -   55  -  15  -  12  -   250  - Sword  -    N/A
 Chen Qun    120  -  230  -  105  - 220  - 220  -  9000  - Sword  -    N/A
 Chen Shu    150  -   45  -  125  -  80  -  90  -  3000  - Sword  -    N/A
 Chen Xi     160  -   60  -   85  - 210  - 210  -  8200  -   Axe  -    N/A
 Chen Yi     100  -   90  -   85  - 200  - 200  -  7300  - Sword  -    N/A
 Cheng Yi    110  -   90  -   85  - 130  - 120  -  3900  - Sword  -    N/A
 Cheng Yin   145  -  100  -  100  - 130  - 120  -  4500  - Sword  -    MTN
 Cheng Yu     75  -  225  -   65  -  20  -  20  -   480  - Sword  -    N/A
 Deng Xian    75  -  135  -  100  - 150  - 140  -  4000  - Sword  -    N/A
 Dian Man    195  -   65  -  105  - 230  - 230  -  8800  -   Axe  -    MTN
 Dian Wei    230  -   65  -  135  - 220  - 220  -  9400  - Spear  -    MTN
 Dong He      85  -  160  -   65  - 150  - 140  -  4700  - Sword  -    N/A
 Dong Heng   195  -  105  -   95  - 230  - 230  -  8600  -   Axe  -    MTN
 Du Xi       160  -  150  -  110  - 180  - 180  -  8200  - Saber  -    N/A
 Fei Guan    115  -   95  -   70  - 150  - 140  -  5600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Fei Shi      70  -  130  -   90  - 150  - 140  -  5700  - Sword  -    N/A
 Fu Gan      165  -   60  -   55  - 180  - 200  -  8400  - Spear  -    N/A
 Fu Wan      120  -  170  -  125  - 220  - 220  -  7600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Gao Pei     135  -   90  -   90  - 150  - 140  -  6100  - Sword  -    N/A
 Gao Shun    120  -   75  -   95  - 200  - 200  -  7500  - Sword  -    N/A
 Gong Du     120  -   75  -   65  -  50  -  25  -  1500  - Sword  -    N/A
 Guo Jia      75  -  230  -   50  - 220  - 220  -  8400  - Sword  -    N/A
 Guo Si      135  -   85  -   85  -  90  - 100  -  3000  - Sword  - Plains
 Guo Tu      195  -  100  -   65  -  25  -  15  -   800  - Sword  - Plains
 Guo Yi       75  -  220  -   85  - 230  - 230  -  8600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Han Fu       85  -   55  -  128  -  25  -  12  -   350  - Sword  -    N/A
 Han Hao     105  -   95  -   60  -  90  - 100  -  2900  - Sword  -    N/A
 Han Hao2     75  -   60  -   60  - 180  - 200  -  7200  - Sword  -    N/A
 Han Sui     140  -  110  -   75  -  50  -  25  -  1800  - Sword  -    MTN
 Han Sui2    165  -  135  -   75  - 200  - 200  -  8200  - Sword  -    N/A
 Han Xuan     85  -   50  -   80  - 100  - 110  -  3600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Hao Zhao    210  -  175  -  125  - 220  - 220  -  9400  - Sword  - Plains
 He Yi        80  -   45  -   85  -  50  -  25  -  1200  - Sword  -    N/A
 Heng Huan   100  -  100  -   75  - 180  - 200  -  7200  - Sword  -    N/A
 Hou Cheng   185  -  120  -  115  -  78  - 120  -  4200  -   Bow  - Plains
 Hou Cheng2  175  -  110  -   75  - 200  - 200  -  7600  - Sword  -    MTN
 Hua Xin      70  -  180  -   75  - 200  - 200  -  7800  - Sword  -    N/A
 Huang Quan   65  -  165  -  105  - 150  - 140  -  6400  - Sword  -    N/A
 Huang Shao  105  -   60  -   95  -  50  -  25  -  1400  - Sword  -    N/A
 Huang You    90  -  205  -   75  - 220  - 220  -  8400  - Sword  -    N/A
 Huang Zhong 220  -  175  -  150  -  55  - 100  -  3400  -   Bow  -    MTN
 Huang Zu    130  -   45  -  128  - 128  -  50  -  1900  - Sword  - Plains
 Huo Jun     115  -  105  -   18  - 150  - 140  -  6700  - Sword  -    N/A
 Ji Ling     155  -   70  -  100  -  20  -  15  -   270  - Sword  - Plains
 Jia Xu       75  -  215  -  120  - 200  - 200  -  8600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Jiang Xu     80  -   40  -   65  -  50  -  30  -  1700  - Spear  -    Sea
 Jiang Xu2   170  -   80  -   65  - 200  - 200  -  8600  - Spear  -    N/A
 Jiang Wei   210  -  240  -  245  - 220  - 230  -  8400  - Sword  -    MTN
 Jiang Yong   35  -  160  -   85  - 200  - 200  -  7200  - Sword  -    N/A
 Jiangyi Qui 170  -   80  -   65  - 200  - 200  -  8600  - Spear  -    N/A
 Jin Hui      80  -  105  -   90  - 180  - 200  -  7100  - Sword  -    N/A
 Jin Xuan     95  -  105  -   55  -  90  - 100  -  1800  - Sword  -    N/A
 Kong Xiu     75  -   70  -   55  -  25  -  12  -   320  - Sword  -    N/A
 Kuai Yue     45  -  175  -   60  -  50  -  25  -  1600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Lei Bo      175  -   80  -   80  -  15  -  12  -   280  - Sword  -    N/A
 Lei Tong    205  -   95  -   95  - 150  - 140  -  5400  - Spear  - Plains
 Li Dian     130  -  100  -  105  -  30  -  20  -   750  - Sword  -    N/A
 Li Feng     140  -   65  -   75  -  15  -  12  -   270  - Sword  - Plains
 Li Jue      105  -  100  -   70  -  90  - 100  -  3100  - Sword  - Plains
 Li Su       135  -   60  -  100  -  90  - 100  -  2800  - Sword  -    N/A
 Li Tong     165  -  145  -  100  - 180  - 180  -  8400  - Sword  -    N/A
 Li Yan      190  -  125  -  130  -  90  - 140  -  5800  -   Bow  - Plains
 Li Zhan     130  -  110  -   90  - 130  - 120  -  4000  -   Bow  -    N/A
 Li Zhan2    130  -  110  -   90  - 200  - 200  -  7800  -   Bow  -    N/A
 Liang Gang   85  -   45  -   45  -  15  -  12  -   240  - Sword  -    N/A
 Liang Ji    105  -   90  -   65  -  15  -  12  -   220  - Sword  -    N/A
 Liang Xing  175  -   55  -  100  - 200  - 200  -  8400  - Saber  -    N/A
 Liao Hua    170  -  100  -   85  -  90  -  80  -  4600  -   Axe  -    MTN
 Ling Bao    150  -  115  -  125  - 140  - 130  -  4700  - Sword  -    MTN
 Liu Ba      145  -  190  -  130  - 150  - 140  -  5400  - Sword  -    MTN
 Liu Du      130  -   95  -   30  -  90  -  90  -  3300  - Sword  -    N/A
 Liu Kui     115  -  100  -  110  - 150  - 140  -  5600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Liu Pi       95  -   80  -   70  -  50  -  25  -  1300  - Sword  -    N/A
 Liu Xun     140  -  105  -  100  - 150  - 140  -  5900  - Sword  -    MTN
 Liu Yan     125  -  115  -  110  -  80  -  80  -  2300  - Sword  -    N/A
 Liu Ye       40  -  165  -   65  - 200  - 200  -  8600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Liu Ye2      90  -  195  -   25  - 200  - 200  -  8200  - Sword  -    N/A
 Liu Zhang   115  -  160  -   80  - 160  - 160  -  6500  - Sword  - Plains
 Lu Bu       255  -   50  -  145  - 120  - 110  -  3800  - Sword  - Plains
 Lu Kai       25  -  185  -   65  - 150  - 140  -  4800  - Sword  -    N/A
 Lu Gong      75  -   35  -   55  -  50  -  25  -  1650  - Sword  -    N/A
 Lu Kuang    170  -   55  -   95  -  55  -  30  -  1800  - Sword  -    MTN
 Lu Qian     170  -  100  -  105  -  35  -  20  -   450  - Sword  -    N/A
 Lu Qian2    160  -  125  -   95  - 200  - 200  -  7600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Lu Xiang    150  -   55  -  100  -  55  -  30  -  1700  - Sword  - Plains
 Lu Zheng    165  -   80  -  115  - 180  - 200  -  8400  - Spear  -    N/A
 Ma Chao     240  -  140  -  175  - 130  - 120  -  4600  - Spear  - Plains
 Ma Dai      230  -  170  -  135  - 130  - 120  -  4400  - Spear  - Plains
 Ma Wan      140  -   65  -  105  - 120  - 200  -  7500  - Sword  -    N/A
 Ma Yan      125  -  100  -   85  - 180  - 180  -  7200  - Spear  -    N/A
 Mao Jie     130  -  100  -   90  - 200  - 200  -  7600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Mu Shun      95  -   70  -   60  - 180  - 200  -  7200  - Sword  -    N/A
 Niu Jin     215  -   80  -  105  -  80  -  70  -  2600  - Spear  -    MTN
 Orochi      210  -   10  -  200  -  80  -  60  -  1350  -   N/A  -    MTN
 Python       70  -    5  -  100  -  15  -  30  -   520  -   N/A  -    N/A
 Pang De     235  -  110  -  125  - 130  - 120  -  4100  - Spear  - Plains
 Pang De2    235  -   75  -  125  - 220  - 220  -  9400  - Spear  - Plains
 Qin Qi       90  -   50  -   75  -  25  -  15  -   420  - Sword  -    N/A
 Qui Ji       70  -   75  -   55  - 180  - 200  -  7000  - Sword  -    N/A
 Shen Pei    120  -  180  -  115  - 220  - 220  -  8600  - Saber  -    N/A
 Sima Shi    100  -  240  -  175  - 245  - 250  -  9600  - Spear  -    N/A
 Sima Yi     205  -  250  -  210  - 250  - 255  -  9999  - Sword  - Plains
 Sima Zhao   120  -  230  -  155  - 245  - 250  -  9400  - Saber  -    N/A
 Song Xian   150  -   90  -  100  -  25  -  15  -   480  -   Bow  -    N/A
 Tian Feng   155  -  190  -   35  -  25  -  15  -   580  - Sword  -    N/A
 Wang Bi      95  -   80  -  125  - 180  - 200  -  7100  - Sword  -    N/A
 Wang Can     40  -  185  -  105  -  50  -  30  -  1650  - Sword  -    N/A
 Wang Kang   105  -   95  -   95  - 150  - 140  -  4900  - Sword  - Plains
 Wang Kuang  105  -   80  -   65  - 180  - 200  -  7300  - Sword  -    N/A
 Wang Lang    40  -  165  -   25  - 180  - 180  -  7600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Wang Lei     45  -  170  -   90  - 150  - 140  -  5800  - Sword  -    N/A
 Wang Zhi     50  -  130  -   45  -  25  -  15  -   400  - Sword  -    N/A
 Wei Huang    85  -   90  -   60  - 180  - 200  -  7000  - Sword  -    N/A
 Wei Xu      170  -  105  -   90  -  25  -  20  -   480  - Sword  -    N/A
 Wei Yan     240  -   90  -  130  -  90  - 100  -  3200  -   Axe  -    MTN
 Wen Ping    175  -   45  -   50  -  50  -  30  -  1800  - Sword  - Plains
 Wu Lan      195  -  105  -  110  - 150  - 140  -  4800  - Spear  -    MTN
 Wu Yi       175  -  140  -   75  - 150  - 140  -  5700  - Spear  -    MTN
 Xiahou Ba   220  -  140  -  135  - 235  - 235  -  9400  - Sword  - Plains
 Xiahou De   170  -  135  -  110  - 200  - 200  -  9000  - Sword  -    MTN
 Xiahou Dun  230  -  155  -  115  -  10  - 250  -  1400  - Spear  - Plains
 Xiahou Dun2 230  -  155  -  115  -  80  -  70  -  3600  - Spear  - Plains
 Xiahou Mao  100  -   80  -   70  - 210  - 210  -  9000  - Sword  -    N/A
 Xiahou Shang175  -  140  -  100  - 200  - 200  -  9200  - Sword  - Plains
 Xiahou Wei  185  -  190  -  115  - 235  - 240  -  8800  - Spear  -    MTN
 Xiahou Yuan 215  -  150  -  105  - 200  - 200  -  7800  - Spear  - Plains
 Xingdao Rong180  -   35  -  115  -  80  -  80  -  2600  -   Axe  - Plains
 Xu Huang    225  -  120  -  115  - 245  - 250  -  9200  -   Axe  -    MTN
 Xu Shu      100  -  210  -  115  - 200  - 200  -  8600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Xu Zhu      240  -   50  -  140  - 220  - 220  -  9600  - Spear  - Plains
 Xun You      90  -  230  -   75  - 220  - 220  -  8400  - Sword  -    N/A
 Xun Yu       95  -  240  -   85  - 220  - 220  -  9200  - Sword  -    N/A
 Yan Ling    175  -  120  -   85  -  90  - 100  -  2400  - Sword  -    Sea
 Yan Pu       70  -  155  -   95  - 130  - 120  -  3800  - Sword  -    N/A
 Yan Yan     200  -  160  -  135  - 150  - 140  -  5600  - Spear  -    MTN
 Yang Ang    155  -   70  -  105  - 130  - 120  -  3900  - Sword  -    MTN
 Yang Bai    150  -   85  -   85  - 130  - 120  -  4400  - Sword  -    N/A
 Yang Huai   175  -  105  -  115  - 140  - 130  -  5200  - Sword  -    MTN
 Yang Ping   165  -   70  -   95  - 130  - 120  -  4300  - Sword  -    MTN
 Yang Ren    140  -  160  -  110  - 130  - 120  -  3600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Yang Xiu     75  -  225  -   80  - 180  - 180  -  8600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Yang Xiu2   160  -   85  -   90  - 200  - 200  -  7600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Yu Jin      130  -  115  -   45  -  15  -  30  -   820  - Sword  -    N/A
 Yuan Shu    190  -  135  -  115  -  20  -  20  -   400  - Sword  - Plains
 Yuan Yin     60  -  165  -   60  -  20  -  15  -   320  - Sword  -    N/A
 Yue Jin     125  -   75  -   55  -  20  -  20  -   500  - Sword  -    N/A
 Yue Jiu     150  -  115  -   70  -  15  -  12  -   150  - Sword  -    MTN
 Zhang He    225  -  160  -  120  - 230  - 230  -  9400  - Spear  -    MTN
 Zhang Heng  180  -   75  -  120  - 130  - 120  -  4600  - Sword  - Plains
 Zhang Ji     65  -  160  -   45  -  90  - 100  -  3200  - Sword  -    N/A
 Zhang Liao  230  -  205  -  175  - 235  - 240  -  9400  - Saber  - Plains
 Zhang Lu    170  -  190  -  175  - 130  - 120  -  5100  - Sword  -    MTN
 Zhang Nan   100  -   40  -   75  -  50  -  30  -  2100  - Sword  -    Sea
 Zhang Nan2  130  -   95  -   75  - 200  - 200  -  8600  - Sword  -    N/A
 Zhang Ren   205  -  155  -  150  - 155  - 160  -  6200  - Sword  -    MTN
 Zhang Su     60  -  165  -   80  - 150  - 140  -  5300  - Sword  -    N/A
 Zhang Wei   180  -   80  -  110  - 130  - 120  -  4200  - Spear  -    MTN
 Zhang Xun   120  -   35  -   85  -  15  -  12  -   270  - Sword  -    N/A
 Zhang Yi    160  -   75  -   90  - 180  - 180  -  7300  - Sword  -    N/A
 Zhang Yun   130  -  145  -   90  -  30  -  25  -  1750  -   Bow  -    Sea
 Zhang Yun2  130  -  145  -   90  - 130  - 220  -  8600  -   Bow  -    Sea
 Zhao Fan    130  -   95  -   90  -  80  - 100  -  3200  - Sword  - Plains
 Zhou Cang   165  -   80  -   75  -  20  -  20  -   550  -   Axe  -    MTN
 Zhu Guang   105  -   85  -   55  - 180  - 200  -  7200  - Sword  -    N/A

This SHOULD be complete.  I just put in the second Xiahou Dun.  From now on, 
I'm going to put the first occurrence of any general first, and the second 
will be after that, marked with a 2.  At www.lordyuanshu.com, there is a more 
in-depth analysis on the enemy generals and the battles that you fight them 
at.  Most of the generals are just the same ones with upgraded stats, but Yang
Xiu2, Lu Qian2, Han Hao2, Hou Cheng2, and Liu Ye2 are completely different 
characters from Yang Xiu, Lu Qian, etc.  
g) Han Army Analysis
The Han Army is you.  Unlike DoaE 1, everyone who joins you (save for the 
glitch/temporary people) gets a soldier increase as each level is gained.  
Previously, only 8-10 characters had soldier levels that would raise.  Thus 
your choice is harder towards the end of the game with so many able generals 
at your repertoire.  Balanced generals are the key, and deadly tacticians are 
more valuable than tough warriors (you'll notice you get plenty of 
generic/dumb warriors and you may want to stay away from them, even the king 
of attack power Zhang Fei).  
 Name         STR  -  INT  -  AGI  -  SLD.  -  WPN.  -   Land  -  Rank 
 Chen Deng     50  -  160  -   30  -  9490  - Sword  -    N/A  -    32    
 Fa Zheng     110  -  205  -   75  -  9470  - Sword  -    N/A  -    19
 Guan Ping    160  -  110  -  100  -  9863  - Saber  -    N/A  -    25
 Guan Suo     250  -  160  -  135  -  9719  - Saber  -    N/A  -     7
 Guan Xing    235  -  175  -  150  -  9719  - Sword  -    MTN  -     6
 Guan Yu      245  -  180  -  160  -  9719  - Saber  - Plains  -     5
 Huang Zhong  225  -  175  -  150  -  9385  -   Bow  -    MTN  -    11
 Jiang Wan    140  -  195  -   18  -  9470  - Sword  -    N/A  -    23
 Jiang Wei    210  -  240  -  245  -  9863  - Sword  -    MTN  -     1
 Lei Tong     205  -   95  -   95  -  9468  - Spear  - Plains  -    22
 Liao Hua     170  -  100  -   85  -  9906  -   Axe  -    MTN  -    29
 Liu Bei      130  -  200  -   85  -  High  - Sword  -    N/A  -    26
 Lu Su        105  -  235  -   65  -  High  - Sword  -    N/A  -    20
 Lu Zhao       95  -   50  -   65  -   350  - Spear  -    N/A  -    34
 Ma Chao      240  -  140  -  175  -  9863  - Spear  - Plains  -     9
 Ma Dai       230  -  170  -  135  -  9878  - Spear  - Plains  -    10
 Ma Liang      45  -  235  -   90  -  9440  - Sword  -    N/A  -    18
 Ma Su        170  -  210  -  110  -  9863  - Sword  -    MTN  -    15
 Meng Da      180  -  155  -  185  -  9468  - Sword  -    MTN  -    14
 Pang Tong    150  -  245  -  125  - Lower  - Sword  -    MTN  -     8
 Wei Yan      240  -   90  -  130  -  9396  -   Axe  -    MTN  -    13
 Wen Chou     235  -   45  -   70  -   680  - Spear  - Plains  -    27
 Wu Lan       195  -  105  -  110  -  9518  - Spear  -    MTN  -    21
 Wu Yi        175  -  140  -   75  -  9878  - Spear  -    MTN  -    24
 Yan Liang    230  -   55  -   95  -   600  - Spear  -    MTN  -    28
 Yan Yan      200  -  160  -  155  -  9385  - Spear  -    MTN  -    17
 Yi Ji         40  -  185  -   45  -  9470  - Sword  -    N/A  -    31
 Zhang Bao    240  -   90  -  145  -  9906  - Spear  -    N/A  -    12
 Zhang Fei    255  -   60  -  120  -  9906  - Spear  -    MTN  -    16
 Zhang Lu     170  -  190  -  175  -  5100  - Sword  -    MTN  -     4
 Zhao Yun     240  -  200  -  180  -  9543  - Spear  - Plains  -     2
 Zhou Cang    165  -   80  -   75  -  9396  -   Axe  -    MTN  -    30
 Zhu Ling     120  -   75  -   45  -   380  - Sword  -    N/A  -    33
 Zhuge Liang   80  -  255  -  155  -  9565  - Sword  - Plains  -     3

Rank denotes the overall rank of each playable character.  Several things 
factor into these rankings, from tenure with party to personal preference.  
Cumulative stats are considered, although again a great warrior may not be as 
important as an average tactician, so a lot of it is based on the type of 
party I like to use.  Generals such as Pang Tong, Lu Su, Yan Liang, and Wen 
Chou are all rated lower than they should be statistically but are lowered due
to tenure, or lack-thereof.  By the way, you'll notice that I added the 
soldier count for each Han officer that gains levels with you, and note that 
it is at level 99.  For the Zhang's and Guan's, I'm just assuming the soldier 
count is the same for whoever replaces who, so that's why they're the same.  
Obviously, the soldiers with counts under the 9000's either don't level up 
or leave you too early to be able to tell what their max HP would be, so that
is why I left the estimates up.  
Again, a more in-depth analysis can be found at 

h) Random Things        
Destiny of an Emperor 2 has some strange events in it.  I am not sure if it is
because of the translation or if it was not a completely editted game, but 
there are plenty of miscues both with the translation and with the gameplay.  

- Leveling up - Generally, when I am at the end of the game I am usually in my
late 40's/early 50's for my level.  Further research shows that you can level 
up until 99 and each level past 50 or so requires you to get roughly 170,000 
experience points for the next level.  Again, these are estimations on my part, 
but there is definitely a trend in numbers after a certain point in terms of 
leveling up.  Also of note is that when I checked my experience needed for the
next level when I reached level 90, the record-keeper just told me I needed 0 
experience points.  At this point I thought I maxed out but I noticed I was
still going up levels, so it must just be a glitch because you can definitely
get to level 99 and you definitely can't get past it (there are no Ji Zhou 
old men in this one, you vets of DoaE1).  

- Individuals Leveling up - With the leveling up process, I noticed each
character has their own soldier level and some characters have the same 
soldier level as others.  Liao Hua and Zhang Bao are two that have the same
amount, as are Zhou Cang and Wei Yan, along with Yi Ji/Jiang Wan/Fa Zheng.  
A keen eye notices the similarities in style among those groups (spear users,
axe wielders, tacticians, etc).  In regards to soldier levels, Ma Chao/Jiang
Wei/Ma Su/Guan Ping hold the lead handily for a good 50 or 60 levels.  
However, when leveling up to 99 you'll notice them lose the lead, gain it 
back, only to lose it again to Zhang Bao/Liao Hua.  What's more, Ma Dai and 
Wu Yi pass them also.  But if you're at level 99 you're probably not having
too many problems with this game, haha.  Oh and please god use the "`" key if
you are going to max out your characters, it's horribly boring from level 50 
to level 99.  Just watching out for your sanity.

- Being able to get Zhang Lu after acquiring the Shu Map (this is all at Xin 
Ye castle) is probably the biggest glitch in the game.  As you see above, he 
is the fourth rated general on my list and I stand by that claim even at the 
end of the game, when his 5100 soldiers suddenly isn't much more than some of
your better and more leveled-up generals.  He is solid overall and is a beast
throughout the early stages of getting him.  

- You can skip Yi Ling Castle (on your way to south Jing Zhou) and Ba Castle
(as you are fighting Shu).  Simply head to Nan Jun castle to skip Yi Ling. 
Yi Ling though acts as a buffer for Nan Jun, so Cao Ren, Cao Ang, and an
added Niu Jin have a very beefed up defense.  It is still winnable but you
must do it with tactics.  Regarding the Ba Castle battle, you can just go 
straight to the Ba Citadel instead to fight Liu Ba.  You can return later
to conquer Ba Castle or you can ignore it for the rest of the game.  After
the Shu stage, it turns over to your side and you can walk in and get Yan 
Yan without a fight.  

- If you are a smart DoaE 2 veteran, you will ALWAYS skip Zhang Bao when
Zhang Fei and Guan Yu leave you at Han Zhong.  As you leave the castle, Guan
Xing will immediately be in your way so you have to get him, but that isn't
an issue because he is a worthwhile party member.  Just walk right by
Zhang Bao though, as his intelligence makes him much more of a liability than
an asset for you in the future.

- Item Duplication trick.  First of all, big props to Samuel, I had no idea
of this before him.  Anyway, you can do this for any item the game let's you
drop.  With your top character, have a full inventory, with a weapon equipped
and the item you'd like to have duplicated in his inventory also.  Now drop
the desired item, and then un-equip and re-equip your weapon.  "Check" to 
pick your dropped item, and try to drop it again.  You will, but the item
won't leave your inventory.  "Check" the ground again and you have your
duplicated item.  

Samuel also noted that users of the foreign DoaE2 are able to drop important
items like the Zheng Letter and use them to recruit secret generals like
Zhou Yu and Pang Tong after he dies.  Not sure how this works but that's
just a rumor.  

Definitely duplicate the Treatise, SpdShoes and Gauntlet.  Having five of
each is a good way to make dominant characters.  Also, duplicating special
weapons and armor (like the Fortune Shield/Snake Spear/Sky Helmet, etc.) is
highly advised.

- Name issues - Plenty of names are butchered in this release.  I'll try to 
list them all here.  
Xu Zhu - Xu Chu
Ling Bao - Leng Bao
Chen Shu - Chen Ying
Yan Ling - Yang Ling
Wen Ping - Wen Pin

- There are two generals with the same name, or generals that you fight twice:

Han Hao - One in Jing Zhou Reunification with Han Xuan, and also one in Cao 
Cao's army at the end.  Both aren't good, while the Cao Cao Han Hao is 
actually worse than the older one.   

Han Sui - One in Jing Zhou and one in Chang 'An at the later stages of Wei.  
The Wei Han Sui is improved over the other one. 

Hou Cheng - There is one Hou Cheng at Han Zhong castle with Zhang Lu, and one
Hou Cheng that you fight later on in the Cao army.   

Li Zhan - Li Zhan is another general that you fight twice, once in the Han 
Zhong area and again in the later stages of Wei, when Jia Xu ambushes you.  
Neither are tough although I think the Wei one may be slightly better.   

Liu Ye - There are two of these guys and they are both dangerous.  The later
one with Cao Cao is an especially dangerous tactician, so be sure to not 
assume he is the Liu Ye you fought earlier (who is worse but still a decent 

Pang De - You fight Pang De twice as well, and he is better the first time 
(his INT is higher).  However he is still very dangerous in late Wei and is 
a powerful warrior.  
Xiahou Dun - You fight Xiahou Dun twice, once at Xiang Yang that is winnable 
but should be done with the Tally Order.  Before that you fight him with Guan
Yu for a few turns until Zhang Liao stops the fight. 

Yang Xiu - There are two Yang Xiu's and they are very different.  The first 
one is with Xiahou Yuan at Han Zhong castle and is a deadly assassin with An 
Sha.  The later Yang Xiu is a warrior-only who you fight at Chen Cang with Hao

Zhang Nan - Another Jing Zhou general that comes back for more in Wei, he is a
little better in his Wei version. 

Jiang Xu - Again, a Jing Zhou general hired by Cao Cao and given better 
equipment and stats, but alas it is still feeble.  

- GOLD - As you notice I put specific numbers for the gold I came across in 
caves/dungeons.  Well it's randomized so don't get confused if yours is 
different, because it will be.  
i) Tactics/Arrays
Tactics are vital in Destiny of an Emperor 2, and having a good tactician with
high tactical points is the first key.  For a while your tactician will 
probably be pre-determined (Liu Bei or Chen Deng), so appoint one of the two. 
In battle your tactic menu is simple once you experiment.  The upper-left 
tactic is always a fire spell, the upper-right a water spell, the mid-left a 
boulder/earth spell, and the mid-right is a healing spell.  Unlike the first
Destiny of an Emperor, you can choose whether you want it to be on one person
(more powerful) or a group (spread out) both with healing and attack tactics.
You continually get these as you progress, so utilize them (depending on 
terrain of course).  Huo Shen and Ji Shi are basically what'll get you through
the last leg of the game, if you use them with Jiang Wei and Zhuge Liang.  

- Couple notes about the tactics below.  First of all, Zhuge Liang and Jiang
Wei get every tactic except An Sha and Ji Mian.  Ma Liang is the best
tactician for An Sha.  Zhuge Liang is also the only tactician to get the
ultimate array, Ba Gua.  

-boulder/fire/water magic can only be used in certain terrains.  

From worst to best

Fire Tactics:
Lian Huo - 2TP
Ye Huo - 4TP
Yan Re - 6TP
Da Re - 6TP
Huo Shen - 8TP

Water Tactics:
Shui Tu - 3TP
Shui Xing - 5TP
Shui Lei - 6TP
Hong Shui - 8TP
Shui Long - 10TP

Boulder/Earth Tactics:
Luo Mu - 4TP
Liu Mu - 4TP
Luo Shi - 6TP
Tuo Shi - 8TP
Ji Shi - 10TP

Healing Tactics:
Chi Xin - 2TP
Tong Xian - 4TP
Yin Xian - 6TP
Wan Fu - 8TP
Jin Xian - 4TP (probably the best deal out of all the tactics, TP-wise)

Below these four are two additional choices which pull down more menus; Array
acts as your resource for changing the formation of your party.  Special 
brings down more tactics that are not elemental based, but that provide a 
variety of different effects.  

Special Tactics: 
Xue Lu - 8TP - Causes party to run (can fail).  Expensive TP-wise and I have
no proof that this is more efficient than clicking the retreat option 
(although you'd have to assume using this with a good tactician like Zhuge
will probably give it a decent chance of succeeding).  

Chao Ma - 4TP - Lures enemy out into the open, decreasing their defense.  
Again, this can fail.  

Wei Tui - 8TP - Lures all enemies out into the open, basically Chao Ma on 

Ce Jian - 8TP - Increases tactical defense (can fail).  

Yi Xin - 6TP - Causes an enemy general to distrust their allies (they will 
skip their turn)

Yan Dun - 8TP - Uses smoke on your party, making them harder to hit. 
Outside of battle it is essentially a "Smoke Bomb" item.  

Ce Fan - 8TP - Brings up a reflective shield that sends enemy tactics back
at them (on one ally).

Xing Luan - 4TP - Cuts TP away from chosen enemy.

Li Jian - 8TP - Causes an enemy to turn against their army and attack them.

Fu Sha - 12TP - Causes enemy to doubt army.  If used on every army twice the 
battle will be won.

Jie Zhen - 16TP - Breaks up an enemy array.  Rarely works, it is suggested
you kill a few generals to break the array instead of trying this.  Thanks
to Samuel for information related to Jie Zhen.

Jie Ce - 8TP - Counter's enemy tactics, I believe.  For example, if they have
Ji Mian up and you use Jie Ce, that shuts it down I think.  Also fixes Li
Jian, Fu Sha, and any other tactic done to an ally member.

Xian Jing - 12TP - Attacks the enemy and takes off half their soldiers if it

Ce Mian - 12TP - Causes the enemy to refrain from tactical use, same as Ji
Mian but with tactics.

Ji Mian - 12TP - Causes the enemy to refrain from physical attacks until it
runs out.

An Sha - 16TP - Beheads one enemy if successful.  You get this much later in
the game as opposed to the first one.  Moreover, it is simply not as effective
and doesn't seem to work as often (even when wielded by Jiang Wei/Zhuge Liang)
and the cost is pretty high.  

Li Fan - 16TP - Fu Sha and Li Jian combined - the enemy will attack their own
army and if they are the last ones left it will be considered a victory also.

Some of these tactics you are allowed to use out of battle.  On the world map,
choose Tactics and then Support to bring up your (total of 5) options.  The
first tactic will always be whichever healing tactic you have, which you can
then use on ONE of your allies.  Other tactics include:

Sha Du - 4TP - Allows user to walk over lava/poison freely, for a limited time

Yan Dun - 8TP - The same as using a smoke bomb; a good idea if you need to get
to a new area without fighting. 

Suo Di - 8TP - Acts as an escape/exit spell.  Can't be used in certain caves 
(ie caves/dungeons with storyline additions).  

Zhao Gui - 32TP - Revives a dead warlord (they start with 400 soldiers).

Arrays - Destiny of an Emperor 2 added an entirely new system, one that 
allows you to change the positioning of your army, which in turn leads to 
increases/decreases in attack, defense, and agility.   Like tactics, you learn
them at various level-ups.  Their effects go deeper than just base agility,
attack and defense variations.

To be honest, I've gone through the game without touching one of these.  The
first five or so times I played through this game (several years back) I never
ever touched them.  They cost TP to use, and some of the tactics are unclear.
However after looking through them and understanding them, they have their
advantages.  Basically, each array is going to move a certain group of 
characters a spot back, a spot forward, or they will stay in the middle.  If a
general is forward, they have increased attack/decreased defense.  If they are
in the back, the opposite happens.  I am not entirely sure of how this affects
agility, although I know arrays do.  Chances are if you are to get any
use out of any of these, you'd be wise to experiment thoroughly for yourself 
and use some basic concepts (ie your best fighters/warriors in front, with 
tacticians moved to the back) as you look through them.  Also, many people
around Destiny of an Emperor 2 will tell you some facts about certain 
arrays so listen up when you are offered hints.  

Finally if anyone has any facts on these that I don't add or that I am wrong 
about let me know, admittedly there are some ambiguities that lie in this 

San Kai - 0TP - This is the regular array that you start in.  As the 
default, there is no advantages/disadvantages as all 5 members are in the 
middle. Can't go wrong here, and if you beat the entire game without doing 
anything other than San Kai, then welcome to my world.  

He Yi - 8TP - This is also the name of a poor general in Jing Zhou.  Now the 
He Yi formation sends the middle character to the front, leaving the other 
four in the middle.  This is good if you have one dominant character at any 
point in time (Zhang Lu comes to mind), or if you come across a good 
weapon/defensive equipment that you'd like to utilize on a character.  

Bai Ma - 8TP - Brings the top general forward and the bottom two back.  
Personally this is one of my favorites, with two solid tacticians being moved 
back for defensive purposes, along with a top warrior being pushed forward 
with an enhanced attack.  

Yu Lin - 8TP - Yu Lin brings the middle three characters to the front, keeping 
the top and bottom in the middle.  This is a pretty aggressive tactic, though 
not quite at the level of Yi Wen but close.  Again, this is a good tactic for
leveling up when you are constantly doing all-out (and in turn your attack is 
up so the enemy goes down faster).  

Heng Fang - 12TP - Heng Fang is an odd looking technique, as it brings the 
top, middle, and bottom characters to the front, while putting the second and 
fourth in the back.  It is suggested that you use this if you have three heavy
fighters and two tacticians.  

Feng Jian - 16TP - A similar tactic to Bai Ma, this puts the middle general in 
the front, with the top and bottom going back and the other two staying in the 

Yi Wen - 16TP - All generals move forward.  An aggressive maneuver but one 
that saves time when leveling up later in the game.  Quite frankly this is too 
dangerous and unnecessary to be considered in strategic battles, in my 
opinion, as there is no need to leave yourself so vulnerable defensively.  

Bei Shui - 24TP - All generals in the back.  Exactly the opposite of Yi Wen, 
and a nice choice if you're fighting a bunch of brutes, although your party 
could probably out-brute anything Wei has to offer anyway.

Jing Mo - 32TP - Makes your party invisible.  I don't know the downfall in 
this to be honest, maybe your attack is less likely to succeed.  However, it 
definitely improves your evasion, and it's one of the last tactics you get so
you may want to give it a shot (although it's hefty on the TP).

Ba Gua - 48TP - The last tactic on the menu, this brings the second and fourth
to the front and moves the middle to the back, leaving the top and bottom in 
the middle.  Got all that?  Well, it asks you also who will be the "first line 
of defense" and you can choose whomever and that doesn't affect the formation, 
although maybe it makes the enemy attack the person you choose.  Other than 
that, I noticed that when I used this it made the enemy under Ji Mian and 
sometimes they would even start attacking themselves.  I wasn't completely 
sure what happened but maybe it caused a bunch of random status effects.  You
ARE using 48 tactical points so I'd hope you're doing something relatively 
important to the enemy generals.  

(Ba Gua use in the words of sirhatter@yahoo.com)- regarding first line of
defense; "if your opponent tries to hit the general in the first line of 
defense, it will in fact hit them and hurt them hard .if it tries to hit 2 of
the generals not inthe first line, it will act as a miss (just like ji mian),
if it tries to hit the last two generals, the damage will be reflected upon
themselves, in a manner similar to li jian."

"...clearly in this case, zhang bao is my canddiate for the first line of 
defense.  i tend to stick him at the bottom, since the computer AI tends to go
for the top generals slightly more.  in key battles your army can go nearly
untouched the whole battle with one ce mian from jiang wei (or more as it 
fades), and then you just unload with the crossbow shortly thereafter..."

For more information regarding tactics and arrays, I advise you check out the
forum at lordyuanshu.com, where there is extensively lists and feedback
regarding questions you may have, especially with some of the more complex 

j) Ending
And with that, this guide comes to a close.  Hopefully that covers everything
you need to know about Destiny of an Emperor 2.  If it doesn't please let me
know so I can include it.  

I'd like to thank Capcom for making this game, despite it not being released 
here in the United States.  Because of this, I'd like to thank the translators
who finished the game (and a quality job at that).  The fans also, especially 
the diehards who enjoy dissecting a translated 8-bit NES game in the year 
2006. To all who have helped, thank you, especially sirhatter, junsui, samuel,
taishi, and anyone else I missed.

Everything has been done by me and any copying of it is illegal.  However if
you'd like to discuss anything regarding this guide or DoaE2 in general, feel
free to consult with me at;