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-                    T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                   -

1. Updates         - What's new
2. Introduction    - The intro, and how this FAQ is going to work.
3. Walkthrough     - The meat of the thing
4. Stats           - Stats of every warlord and stuff
5. Oddities        - Strange miscallaneus stuff
6. Credits         - To the deserving
7. Copyright Stuff - Stuff about copyright

-                           U  P  D  A  T  E S                           -

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-                    I  N  T  R  O  D  U  C  T  I  O N                  -

  "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is one of the greatest , if not the
penultimate, novels of ancient China. As in other classical Chinese
novels the epic tale features a cast of over 100 characters, and more than
twenty "main" characters who wield incredible influence over the saga. The
story contains fictional elements but is primarily historical.  It takes place
around 200 CE during a period of civil war.

  Needless to say, a story of such depth makes wonderful material for
One of the most influential game designing companies, KOEI, based many
of their games upon this era. Their games range from the Romance of the
Three Kingdoms series (I - VI), to the three "Hero" episodes
(Sanguozhi - Legend of Heroes, Sanguozhi - Legend of Kong Ming, and
Sanguozhi - Legend of Cao Cao), and to even a fighting game (Dynasty
Koei captures the wonder stemming from that time period.  Panda
created two fighting games for the PC (Sango Fighter 1 and 2) and the
game "Panda Dodgeball" featuring these characters.  Many other companies
various platforms have created RPGs, SIMs, fighting games, and more
based upon
this age in history.

  Of course, there is always the occasional oddball. Among the Capcom
came the Three Kingdoms based fighting game... Warriors of Fate. In this

game names such as Zhao Yun were replaced by Subutai ($%&?!).  It
Capcom wanted to remove the "shame" of basing a game on Chinese
but any eye which is keen can instantly realize these character's
match those of a previously forgotten game by Capcom... Destiny of an

  This game was very revolutionary. However, people rejected it, because

(I suppose) of the Chinese influence. The names, for one thing, are
difficult to pronounce, and even harder to remember, for the Eastern
audience. What's more, the time period seems archaic and obscure for
people to appreciate. This subjectivity kept people from discovering the

many features in the game nobody ever thought of:

1) Gullwings - Items returning you to any of the designated castles in
               game, allowing less tedious and extremely fast travel
2) Recruiting - Any warlord that does not die, and does not belong in
                final battle (e.x. Sima Yi, Xu Zhu, etc.) can be
                into your party! And you thought Pokemon was the first
                to introduce this...
3) A story-telling RPG, instead of the usual "Fight and defeat the evil
   whatever" theme. Alliances change, betrayals occur, surprise events
   everywhere... adding to the storyline.

  It was a very good game, but alas, it did not gain the popularity it
deserved... in the U.S.

  However in Japan it was wholeheartedly embraced. Stories of China and
Japan are taught in the schools, and there is a greater fascination with

the ages of the Three Kingdoms and Feudal Japan than in America... so,
a sequel came out, named Destiny of an Emperor II - Legend of Kong Ming.

(Actually, in Japanese, what we know as "Destiny of an Emperor" is
something like "Devouring the Heavens and Earth" which translates to
"Conquering the Land" [sort of...] )

  It was larger, it was longer, it had a convulated plot, more battles,
caves, more items, and was an overall improvement over the its
Destiny of an Emperor I. Seeing how great the original was, it is easy
see that the second one was really a game worth checking out...
it was never released in the U.S. Aside from the difficult importation
of the
cart itself, a ROM image was the only way to enjoy the game. Since its
discovery, it has floated around the internet, homeless and untouched.

  Or has it?

  Destiny Translations, in conjunction with Magic Translations, Gaijin
Productions, and The Vale, decided to tackle this game of immense scope
and playability. The classic that had been untouched, unknown was now...

an English reality. I have been bestowed the duty of writing an FAQ for
epic RPG. With my intimate knowledge of DoAE I, and the partial FAQ I
have written for it, my Chinese background (helpful with both culture
language), and my brilliant skills at... stuff, I will now present to
you the
FAQ for this incredible sequel.

  Following this intro is the walkthrough, where most of the text will
They go in separate "scenarios" of my design, and all the scenarios are
by "matches", a Chinese writing style not too different from poetry.
matches are be extracted from a translation of the original novel,
Sanguozhi Yan Yi. Of course, if a matching chapter does not exist, I
create a suitable one myself. Scenarios will end with "Decisive Battles"
of my
choosing (NOTE: That doesn't mean you have to WIN them, hehehe)

  Following that, are lists of items, weapons, armor, and I guess the
second largest item in the file... the list of EVERY general/warlord
appears in the game. The latter includes their name, strength, agility,
intelligence, number of soldiers, weapon class, and favorite terrain.

  Third to last, oddities, for strange stuff I chose to put there.

  Second to last, credits for those many deserving people.

  And last, but not least, the copyright stuff for those who need it.


-                          W  A  L  K  T  H  R
U                          -

-1. Yuan Shu's Ambition Drives the Tyrant to Usurp the Throne -
-   Cao Cao's Cunning Enables the Schemer to Expose the Oath  -
(NOTE: This one I made myself. There was no chapter in the novel to
       correctly state this scenario of the game)

  China has been in peace for 200 years. However, evil once again stalks

the land. Following the Yellow Scarves revolt, the warlord Dong Zhuo
to usurp the throne but was stopped by a coalition of generals.  The
royal stone
of the Han Dynasty had somehow fallen into the hands of one of these
Yuan Shu, an ambitious schemer.

  Among those who have risen up against these evils are two distinct
Cao Cao and Liu Bei. Liu Bei is a descendant of the Han Dynasty who,
with his oath brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, have performed many heroic
However, Liu Bei did not receive notice for his achievements, and ended
serving the Han Emperor (Xian Di, or Xian Emperor) who was under the
of Cao Cao.

  Cao Cao, controlling the court, is a brillian general, who is perhaps
ambitious than even Yuan Shu. Comparartively, Cao Cao possessed a keener
and more powerful army. In addition, he held immense influence over the
family.  The Han Emperor was wrapped around Cao Cao's finger. Many men
knew of his
treachery, but none dared to speak openly against him.

  Also under the Han Emperor was a loyal servant and general, Dong
Cheng, who was
a respected advisor for many years. He was repulsed by Cao Cao's evil.
he decreed a blood oath against Cao Cao. The seven oath takers consisted
of both
great officials and generals, such as Wang Zhifu, Ma Teng, and even Liu

  With all of the attention on Yuan Shu, Cao Cao was not alerted of the
conspiracy against him. The one day, word came of Yuan Shu's desperate
escape towards the domain of his brother, Yuan Shao. You, Liu Bei, have
been summoned to the royal court...

  Cao Cao, with his influence on the emperor, decides to use you as a
to stop Yuan Shu. Readying you with 200 gold, Cao Cao also gives you two

of his generals as reinforcements - Zhu Ling and Lu Zhao. (NOTE: You can

always see the stats of the generals in the STATS section.) Walking
you will meet and join up with your brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei at
door of the palace and the gate, respectively.

  At the beginning of the game, all five members of this party start
with the most basic of equipment - a Wooden shield, Cotton armor, and
Bandana helmet. Each member also starts with a basic weapon of his own
class. As for items, Liu Bei starts with two Revive potions, while Guan
prepared 3 Herbal potions. (NOTE: The equipment is of no use to you
unless you "equip" it.)

  Two shops of interest here are the Armory and the Item shop. The
and effects of these items are also in the Stats section. They appear in

every city, with the Armoury being the shop with a sword on its sign and

the Item shop having a bag on its sign.

- Flail (Sword)    - Herbal Potion -
- Stone (Axe)      - Revive Potion -
- Club (Spear)     - Smoke Bomb    -
- Leather (Armor)  -               -
- Cap (Helmet)     -               -
- Leather (Shield) -               -

  There are also other shops: the Gym (Yin-Yang sign), which raises
(to a certain extent) for 500 G; the HQ (dragon sign), which lets
you leave and add items, as well as revealing the experience needed for
level and saving; and the Inn, which currently charges sleeping for 5
each, but will eventually charge more later in the game.

  When you are ready, leave the town and go south as Cao Cao said. Fight

battles on the way and earn experience. Note that Liu Bei and Guan Yu
have tactic points, meaning the tactics they learn (similar to spells in

fantasy RPGs) can be used. Also note that Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang
gain more soldiers after every level. Fianlly, don't forget that Zhang
is an expert at mountain-fighting, and Guan Yu does his best on the
You can make Liu Bei your strategist at any time (Guan Yu can not become

a tactician), and his tactics can be used by everyone.

  Go south, then east. You should see one of Yuan Shu's best generals,
Ling waiting for you. (NOTE: I will post explicit information on
only. The forces they have with them are often just annoyances sitting
there, doing minimal damage to you anyway. Besides, I have no time for
listing every single force's attributes, for they often vary a little)
Go up to him for what I call "a general battle".

  General battles are generally (pardon the pun) harder than normal
battles. The generals usually have their attack and defense powers
"pumped up" for no reason, and empty slots are filled by useless Soldier

forces and such. Here, you will fight Ji Ling, Liang Gan, and Liang Ji.
latter two brothers are almost useless compared to Ji Ling in this
with their very low fighting power.  Ji Ling, however, has a moderate
Focus on Ji Ling first, then Liang Ji, Liang Gan, and use the all-out
to mop up the Soldier forces. The all-out command is a very important
and you should learn to use it. It will save you valuable time.

  If you want, go back and heal up. But the next general battle with
Yin is not really difficult. This time, the lead general comes with Chen

Lan and Li Feng (with two Soldier forces of course) to duke it out. Beat

Yuan Yin first (he can use healing tactics) and then Chen Lan and down
list. He should be out in no time. (NOTE: Remember this strategy of
also. In later, harder battles, sometimes the deciding point in battle
the point an able tactician is defeated. Tacticians might be weak in
fighting, but in the later game, they can do major damage to you in many

aspects with their tactics alone.)

  Still chasing after Yuan Shu, you come north to a cave. Inside is a
east fork. East will be a dead end with a chest of gold, while west
leads to another branch. Going east now will get you a chest with a
potion, but west will lead to a triple branch. The two north branches
to a cap and leather armor, respectively, when the east branch takes a
turn north and west. You have one final choice on heading north and east

for a final herb, or going west, north, and finally east for a battle
with Yuan Shu, Liang Gan, Yue Jiu, Lei Bo, and Zhang Xu. (NOTE: The
of gold you get is random from treasure boxes)

  So far this is the hardest of the three battles thus far... I suggest
out Yue Jiu first because of his small army. Then take out Yuan Shu and
battle is yours. It shouldn't be too hard, but use Chi Xin when you need
After the fight, you can exit the cave, but you will see a pier with no
ship on
it. Go back into the cave and retrace your steps.

  After the battle, return to the castle. Zhu Ling and Lu Zhao will
seeing that their task is done. However, on entering the town, Chen
a general in town, will tell you of Cao Cao's discovery of your plan
(the blood
oath). Talk to Che Zhou (Cao Cao's general) and he will instigate a
fight with
two Soldier units. He packs quite a punch, but after a few rounds it
be okay.

  Talk to Chen Deng again. You realize Cao Cao is furious and you
must flee to Yuan Shao. You don't want that, but it is your only
choice, a desperate one. However, on exiting the city with Chen Deng,
you meet... Cao Cao with four of his best generals, Xu Zhu, Dian Wei,
Zhang Liao, and Xun Yu. They each have over 9,000 men! You better
escape... and when you do, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu are lost in the fray...

-2. The Oath's Gatherers Fail Secrecy and Dies from Cao Cao-
-   The King's Uncle Loses Battle then Escapes to Yuan Shao-
(NOTE: The first line was again something I made, as for the second
       line, the title "King's Uncle" is Liu Bei.)

  What luck. A mission of goodness ends in shambles. Many able men were
beheaded, and what's worse, Liu Bei's brothers dissappeared. With only
the loyal Chen Deng at his side, Liu Bei knows there will be a fighting
chance, no matter how small. He fights bravely out of the fray and

  Barely escaping, Liu Bei decides to go to Yuan Shao. However, after
killing his brother... Chen Deng suggests a letter. Zheng Xuan is a
of reknown living as a hermit in the north. Chen Deng pursuades you to
his help. Going north to a hut, you meet this old man, who suggests you
to get a map first, in the cave below.

  The cave is not hard (no general battles!) and is full of treasure
There are eight in all. Two are gold, one contains the map, one contains

a Revive potion, and the four other chests contain a Copper sword, a
Leather armour, a Cap, and a Leather shield respectively. Equip liu Bei
with these. It improves his defense and offense drastically (I have done

over 250 damage with one hit! After a few levels that is).

  Going back to Zheng Xuan, he writes the King's Letter for you. Now,
have to go all the way back to the cave in which you fought Yuan Shu.
out into the previously unaccessible pier, a boat will take you to
Northern China.

  It has been a long journey with no inns, but just going north you will

see a clearing with an Inn in it! Heal up. Notice a citadel to the left
you. It is empty though. To the east is a castle, also abandoned. The
choice left is going north through a valley, where you reach an empty
with two floors... hmm. Finally, you reach the castle of Ji Zhou, Yuan
Shao's domain.

Ji Zhou
  Besides the new items at the shops and the new training price at the
(1000 G), nothing much is different. The item shop has the exact same
as Luo Yang. (NOTE: Gym prices will consistently go up in the future)

- Copper (Sword) - Herbal Potion -
- Copper (Spear) - Revive Potion -
- Leather (Armor)- Smoke Bomb    -
- Cap (Helmet)   -               -
- Scale (Shield) -               -
- Wood (Saber)   -               -

  On meeting Yuan Shao, be sure to give to him the King's Letter you got

from Zheng Xuan. Yuan Shao decides it is a good time to attack Cao Cao,
and will give you one of his best generals, Yan Liang, to go with you.
him the Copper Spear, and go back southwest to the boat you came here

  You are now in Cao Cao's domain once again. Going south, you see a
This pass is guarded by Wei Xu, Song Xian, and Lu Yi, three useless
bums. They come with two Soldier forces to defend the pass. For some
Yan Liang has an insanely high critical hit rate and can take out around

500 soldiers per successful hit. This battle will easily go your way.

  Continuing south, you will reach a harder pass. This one is guarded by

Yue Jin, Yu Jin, Cheng Yu, Li Dian, and a Soldier force. The ones to
out in this battle are Yu Jin (820 soldiers...) and Cheng Yu, who can
tactics on you. This shouldn't be too hard, for Yan Liang really comes
handy. After bursting through the defenses, you come south to the last

  The pass is guarded by a mysterious general (by himself, nonetheless).
has 3000 men and high stats. Whatever you do, he will critically hit Yan

Liang for all of his men, and kill him. Liu Bei will then retreat to
Ji Zhou castle.

  On hearing the news, Yuan Shao sends Yan Liang's comrade, the famous
Wen Chou with you. Wen Chou will be angered at the death of Yan Liang
swears to slay this strange general. Wen Chou has the same equipment Yan

Liang had, and is a little stronger. Go southwest, board the ship, and
fight the general again. He will, again, kill Wen Chou with one hit.

  Hearing the words "Lord Guan", Liu Bei thinks the strong general might

just be his brother, Guan Yu. He persuades Yuan Shao to send a messanger

to Guan Yu and tell him to reunite with Liu Bei. On hearing that a
with strength much higher than Wen Chou and Yan Liang might become his,
Yuan Shao decides to do as Liu Bei suggested.

-3. The Beautiful Bearded Lord Goes a Thousand Li on One Steed-
-   Han Shou Hou Crosses Five Passes and Kills Six Generals   -
(NOTE: The two titles in the above match (Beautiful... and Han Shou Hou)

       both refer to Guan Yu. And, instead of six generals, you only

  The general was, as Liu Bei predicted, Guan Yu. He has been forced to
serve under Cao Cao since the capture. Although working for Cao Cao,
Yu always thinks of his brothers Zhang Fei and Liu Bei. Taking care of
Liu Bei's wives, ladies Mi and Gan, Guan Yu guards them everyday when he

is not reading or fighting for Cao Cao...

  A messanger comes one day to Lord Guan. He recieves the letter,
to depart, and goes with the ladies Mi and Gan on the Chi Tu steed that
Lu Bu once rode. The castle is empty, and the guards were reluctant in
letting you go. But Guan Yu eventually gets out. There is a hut near by
where Hu Hua, Hu Ban's father lives. He will restore your health and
you a letter to Hu Ban, who currently serves Cao Cao.

  Then, going south, You will see your first pass. It is guarded by Kong

Xin and two Soldier forces. He asks for a pass that you do not have, and

fights you. He should be quite easy. Pick up the Herbal potion he drops
and continue.

  The second pass is guarded by Han Fu and one Soldier force. The pass
is asked of you (although both Cao Cao and Han Fu know that you don't
it). Defeat Han Fu, and continue onto the next pass.

  This one does not require you to fight (yet). The keeper Bain Xi seems

to be one of your admirers, and asks you for a drink of wine. Do not
into this trap (The soldiers standing in the room should give you a
and the general shows his true colors, fighting you with three Soldier
forces. A little more difficult, but after beating him a priest named
Pu Jing will heal you for free.

  After this pass, you can either go to the castle on the right or
In the next pass is Hu Ban, who tells you to go rest in the inn. If you
believe him, you will fight Wang Zhi and be torched 100 soldiers a turn.

So, give Hu Ban the letter his father wrote instead. He will tell you
to exit the village quickly. After you get out, go back in and see what
would have happened if you didn't tell Hu Ban.

  Then you can go on north. However, for your own benefit, you can go
check out the castle to the east.


- Copper (Sword)   - Herbal Potion -
- Club (Spear)     - Revive Potion -
- Copper (Saber)   - Smoke Bomb    -
- Leather (Armor)  -               -
- Cap (Helmet)     -               -
- Scale (Shield)   -               -

  If you get nothing else, be sure to get the Copper Saber. It will help

a LOT, especially in a few coming up battles. Also, try to get a
higher defense, for Guan Yu will be outnumbered in all the fights.

  Go on north to the last gate, guarded by Chin Chi and his three
forces. He, again, shouldn't bee too hard. Then just get on the boat
you see and you will be in Yuan Shao's domain, where Liu Bei is.

  After not a few steps, Xiahou Dun promptly shows up - he wants your
One messenger will try to stop the fight, but Xiahou Dun continues.
Zhang Liao rides up and tells Xiahou Dun Cao Cao's words, and he finally

lets you alone. Guan Yu feels he owes a lot to Cao Cao. (NOTE: If you
haven't figured it out, this whole thing is probably a cunning plan made
Cao Cao himself)

  Going to the hut, the men tells you that bandits seized the empty
camp and the empty castle you saw earlier. Hmm... who could they be?
go to the castle, and you will see, of all people... Zhang Fei. It seems

that Zhang Fei thinks you have betrayed the oath by joining Cao Cao, and
about to fight you to death when Cai Yang shows up. (NOTE: If you wish,
can go recruit Zhou Cang first, and then attack, making the battle a
easier. More information on this is in the next chapter.)

  Get ready for a battle with him and three Soldier forces. Although he
by himself, his attacking and defense are quite strong. Added to the
that Guan Yu is by himself, nonetheless. Concentrate on attacking and
healing when neccessary, and Cai Yang will be defeated.


-4. Cutting Down Cai Yang, the Older and Younger Brother Clear Their
-   Meeting at Old City, the Master and Subordinates Remeet Their
Oath     -

(NOTE: First line is self-explanatory. For the second, the generals in
       game do not meet at Old City (well, not all of them), but it is
       way in the book, so live with it. :) Also, so I won't get much
       about this, yes, I know, the word "yi" can mean celebration,
       honor, and many things, but I think that this definition gives a
       catchier phrase)

  Zhang Fei sees your fidelity and joins you, along with another of the
five Tigers (Zhao Yun). He tells of how he gathered bandits and defeated

the owner of the castle to settle down. Heal at the inn nearby. Now, go
the camp, where you will be confronted by Zhou Cang and two bandit
Shouldn't be too hard, now you have extra generals. After the battle,
can let Zhou Cang join - he is not equipped, however. So equip him with
set of equipment he brought. He will be the first general of yours with
axe.(NOTE: Zhao Yun rules! Check out his stats)

  Finally, the house which you previously found empty now contains the
owner, Guan Ding. He will send his son Guan Ping to escort Liu Bei to
rejoin Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Zhao Yun. Guan Yu's great journey ends

  Pondering with Chen Deng, Liu Bei, in Yuan Shao's estate wonders his
next step. When Guan Ping comes to get him, Liu Bei decides to leave.
Guan Ping some equipment, and talk to Yuan Shao. He thinks you will talk

to Liu Biao about fighting Cao Cao, and agrees to let you out of
the gate. But... Yuan Shao's generals Guo Tu and Tian Feng do not think
you will get away that easily... and ambushes you as you step out of the


  Even if they did not have three Soldier forces, the battle would have
hard. Guo Tu is quite strong and Tien Feng is intelligent. I suggest
hitting off Guo Tu first. Beware of tactics and heal if you may. After a

bloody battle, go south into Guan Ding's hut.

  Meeting your brothers on the top floor, the three central characters
finally see each other together. After getting Zhao Yun, Zhou Cang, Guan
and Chen Deng (who should be your strategist by now), Liu Bei's forces
much increased.

  Go back to Guan Ding. He will ask if Guan Yu wants to adopt Guan Ping.

If Guan Yu does, Guan Ping's Strength and Agility will go up by 10 each.

Guan Ping will be an big asset, for he has many armies and is very
if you didn't see that already. Now, Liu Bei and company will depart to
Liu Biao, another of the Liu line, who lives in the peaceful and
Jing Zhou.

-5. Cao Cao at Chang Ting Breaks Through Ben-chu-
-   Xun-de at Jing Zhou Relies on Liu Biao      -
(NOTE: Chang Ting is a place in China (if you didn't figure that out),
       Ben-chu and Xun-de are "zhi", or a small name, sort of, for Yuan
       Shao and Liu Bei respectively.)

  Visiting your "cousin", it seems that Liu Biao would like you to help
clean out some bandits that attacked the southeastern villages. You also

hear about his sons Liu Qi and Liu Zong. First explore the castle,
Jing Zhou is quite flourishing, and the shops go through big changes
too... the Item shop STILL has the same items though.

Jing Zhou
- Copper (Sword)   - Herbal Potion -
- Copper (Spear)   - Revive Potion -
- Copper (Saber)   - Smoke Bomb    -
- Copper (Armor)   -               -
- Copper (Helmet)  -               -
- Scale (Shield)   -               -

  Abundance in Copper? Well, buy whatever you want here, and head east
toward the bandit-inhibited villages.

  You will see three villages in a row. Each one has a fight and an Inn,

leading you to the next fight. The first village has Huang Shao with
Bandit forces, the second village will challenge you with He Yi and four

Bandit forces, while the third and last one has both Gong Du, Liu Bi,
three forces. They are in increasing difficulty, but not so hard that
would have to heal after each. In the villages you can hear about the
Sleeping Dragon, a mysterious person of great knowledge that lives to
north, in a small estate named Long Zhong.

  There is a small hut to the west of the Jing Zhou castle, where Sima
lives. Go there, and Sima Hui will talk with you. He states that
you have able generals, you need a strategist. He says vaguely that if
get the Sleeping Dragon or the Pheonix Fledgling, you can bring back
the Han dynasty! In the night, a conversation takes place, and Liu Bei
overhears Zhuge Liang talking with Sima Hui. Waking up, Sima Hui informs

you that Zhuge Liang is none except the great Sleeping Dragon himself,
you should go pay him a visit.

  Going to the place as Sima Hui said, it can be seen that this man has
left with Cui Zhoping. But Zhuge Jun, his brother, is still there and
you that they will eventually come back. Go back to Liu Biao. Who
even sicker and  tells you to go to Xin Ye, a beginning castle in the
north. Do as he says.

Xin Ye
  Everything is under construction, so that is pretty good. Look around
and then exit. A messenger will tell you of Liu Biao's increasing
Go back to Jing Zhou and go into the palace. You will see Cai Mao
at his timing.

  Liu Biao wants Liu Qi to be his heir. However, his general
Yi Ji tells you that Cai Mao wants Liu Zong to be heir, and is angry at
this. Yi Ji fears foul play against you, and tell you to go west into
a secret passage from Liu Biao's deathbed.

  A cave... a maze, nevertheless. Many stairs, some treasure... the only

good part is three consecutive chests with a Copper sword, saber, and
axe. Exit and find yourself by Xin Ye. Suddenly, Yi Ji informs
you that Cao Cao's 100,000 men army is attacking this way! By now, Cao
has already defeated the numerically superior Yuan Shao, and obtained
greater forces.

  Go to the forest, like Yi Ji said, and fight through a somewhat linear

path. Fight Lu Kuang and Lu Xiang (quite hard) and exit. They are both
good fighters, so use tactics on them and attack them as hard as you
Remember the stones that block passage. You will need to come back

  Now, in Xin Ye, Zhuge Jun appears. He says his brother is finally back

and you should pay him another visit. Go the same way, but this time,
Zhuge Liang is sleeping. CHECK the floor in front of him and do NOT wake

him up. He will wake up by himself and join you after a series of
conversation. You now have the greatest strategist in Chinese history
(well, one of the greatest, on the line with Sun Bin, Jiang Zhiliang,
Zhang Liang, etc.)


-6. The Millitary Advisor Uses Soldiers at Bo Wang Po to Burn the Enemy-

-   Zhuge Liang Employs Fire in Xin Ye and Immolates the Opposition    -


(NOTE: I have used the combination of two chapter names for this one and

       put them in a match form. The reason is that Zhuge Liang actually

       uses fire twice, but only once in the game. And the place (the
       forest) suggests Bo Wang Po, while the general (Cao Ren) suggests

       Xin Ye. )

  This part of the story starts off with a bang. Cao Cao's 100,000 men
army has arrived! Zhuge Liang devises a strategy quickly and gives most
of your generals orders. Only equipped with the bare meager, you will
control him to go to the southwest forest again with Zhao Yun. Make him
your strategist...

  A little into the forest, and the huge army of 100,000 Soldiers
more like 5,000) appears, lead by Cao Ren. Accompanying him is Yu Jin
Li Dian for their second confrontation with you, and two Soldier forces.

Cao Ren will be surprised at such a small force (in his heart) and
a fight.

  A forest is the best place for fire. Right after the first round, Guan

Yu leaps into the fray and lights up the forest, doing massive fire
to all enemies. Now, Da Re can be used! In the second round Zhang Fei
in, and later Guan Ping and Zhou Cang. Cao Cao's massive army will be
almost literally transformed into ashes, proving Zhuge Liang's

  (NOTE: From this point on, general battles, like DoaE 1, can appear at

any time)

  Right after a victory, Liu Biao's condition worsens even more. Going
to Jing Zhou castle, Liu Bao tries to give up his position to you, but
Bei, being like he is, refuses. Liu Biao dies in sorrow. Cai Mao isn't
impressed and insists that we should surrender to Cao Cao instead.

  Go back to Xin Ye, where you will be notified that Liu Qi asks for
presence. March to Xia Kou (the castle to the south) where Liu Qi

Xia Kou
  Another busy place, with many shops and people. The Armoury introduces

a new shield also - Copper shield. At 1000 G, it is pretty expensive but

offers good protection. The Item shop also has the Copper potion, a
version of the Herbal potion.

- Copper (Sword)   - Copper Potion -
- Copper (Spear)   - Revive Potion -
- Copper (Saber)   - Smoke Bomb    -
- Copper (Axe)     -               -
- Copper (Shield)  -               -
- Copper (Armour)  -               -

  However, you should go to the prince first. Liu Qi lies on the
also, and looks very sick. He begs you to take the position of Jing
governor. Liu Bei thinks, and accepts. Thus, Liu Bei is finally now in
posession of a new fiefdom. However, problems still exist...

  First, the Cai cousins had taken the two castles Jing Zhou and Xin Ye.

They need to be cleaned out. Jing Zhou has Cai Zhong, Cai He, Huang Zhu,

and Han sui guarding it. Although the forces seem difficult, the
are all worthless. After a few rounds the tide will easily turn. After
battle, heal up, and prepare to retake Xin Ye.

  Xin Ye has Cai Xun (a different Cai), Jiao Rong, Zhang Nan, and Kuai
as defense. The latter battle is quite hard with the good balance of
they have. Kuai Yue can be a pain, because he is good at tactics. I
leveling up a couple of levels before Xin Ye. After this battle, go into

the castle at Xia Kai.

-7. Planning Tactics with Sun Quan, Ruses are Plotted Against Cao Cao-
-   Receiving Magic from Lady Miko, Winds will be Set By Kong Ming   -
(NOTE: I made this myself, and I quite like it! The reason I made it
       personally was because there was no Lady Miko in the novel and
       because Zhuge Liang knew how to control the wind already! :)
       Zhuge Liang = Kong Ming, by the way )

  Cao Cao had the whole China under his palm, but here comes a man named

Zhuge Liang who could match his intellect! With 100,000 men destroyed,
treacherous warlord ponders his next step, and thinks about a naval army

attacking Wu (a newly-rose power in the southeast, lead by Sun Quan).

  It is time to seal an alliance between Wu and Liu Bei (not quite Shu
The emissary Lu Su tells you of the importance of this mission, and Liu
Bei decides to do it. Lu Su will join you temporaily. I suggest putting
him near the front because he can take many hits, and use tactics
at a 235 Intelligence rate.

  Go to the dock near the south, and enter the land of Wu. Go into
castle, where the ruler of Wu, Sun Quan, resides.

  A busy castle with many men. The shops, again, varies... this time,
Armoury offers a new suit - Iron Armour that is a good deal for its
Buy at least one here...

- Iron (Sword)     - Copper Potion -
- Copper (Spear)   - Revive Potion -
- Copper (Axe)     - Smoke Bomb    -
- Copper (Helmet)  -               -
- Iron (Armour)    -               -
- Copper (Shield)  -               -

  In this town is an old man babbling about gunpowder. Remember who he
Then, go into the palace where you will confront Zhou Yu, Zhang Zhao,
Lu Meng of Wu. Sun Quan sits on the throne and asks you for help. It
that Cao Cao organized a huge fleet, and Cai Mao, the traiter of Liu
Biao, is helping to train them! Zhou Yu says that with the right help,
is possible to defeat the less experienced troops of Cao Cao, but the
is against them.

  In the town, picking up rumours will tell you that there are people in

the east who might know about wind controlling, as somebody there could
already control the wind. Going east, you will see a village. Although
almost everybody scoffs at the idea of controlling wind, a few people
will tell you about Lady Miko, a mysterious figure who resides on
to the east.

  Return to the dock where you came from, and ride the boats to the
(NOTE: Seems like Japan... a series of islands, Mt. Fuji, and someone
Miko.) You will enter a town with cherry trees (Japanese style) and
huts. Inquiring the folk will tell you that Lady Miko has gone to
a mountain to the north.

  Taking a trip there, and you will find yourself on a mountain. Many
here, and the path is basically linear but winding and twisting. There
are three "mountains" here and you will get across each one. Near the
final mountain is your first "Tent", a very helpful item. Finally, go
east over the long bridge.

  You see Lady Miko in the distance, and march towards her, but... Da Se

(literally Big Serpent) blocks your path with four Snake forces. Their
stats are in the General Stat's section as well.

  These are really a force to be reckoned with. With a speed of 200 and
snakes having speeds of 100, Da Se will strike fast and hard (strength
Focus your attacks on this three-necked Cobra, and then defeat the
It is not all that easy though, as you probably need to save often
this trek. If you are experienced enough, you will finally win this
decisive battle.

  Lady Miko was on a pilgrimage, but the dastardly beast trapped her.
thanks you and gives Zhuge Liang a Wind Scroll, by which he could change

the wind. I would have made her use the wind to blow the army back, but
alas, you have to go all the way back to Sun Quan through the mountain.

  Planning to defeat Cai Mao now, the soldiers need to go to Xiang Yang
back in Jing Zhou. Remember the stones which blocked the way? They can
blown up with gunpowder! Talk to the old man again.

  He needs Saltpeter and Deadwood. First, get the Deadwood. It is right
front of the tree near him! The Saltpeter is not easy to get, though, as

you will need to travel to the cave in the east.

  The water cave is long and windy, but not too confusing. The Saltpeter

will be in a treasure chest at the far right of the cave. Then go all
way back to Sun Quan's palace. (NOTE: Where are the gullwings? :) )

  Make the gunpowder by giving the ingredients to the old man. Then, go
north into Jing Zhou again, and blow up the rocks which previously
your way. This opens up to Xiang Yang, where Cai Mao has taken over.
forward, and fight the traitor at this castle.

  Finally, a hard battle worthy of your steel, right? Cai Mao curses at
your interference and comes to battle with Zhang Yun, Wen Pin, Lu Gong,
and Wang Can. No Soldier forces here...

  Cai Mao is, obviously, the strongest here overall. His attacking and
defense power have also been raised. Absolutely defeat this guy first
Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Guan Ping, and Zhao Yun while slowing down the
with tactics such as Yan Dun and Ce Jian using Lu Su. If you beat Cai
then either concentrate on Wen Pin (strongest hitter) or Wang Can (the
strategist). They will not be as hard as Cai Mao. Defeating the five
generals, you have finally liberated Jing Zhou according to Liu Biao's

-8. Pang Shi-yuan Cleverly Sets the Tactic Lian Huan  -
-   Guan Yun-chang Honorably Frees the Culprit Cao Cao-
(NOTE: Pang Shi-yuan and Guan Yun-chang are Pang Tong and Guan Yu,
       respectively. Lian Huan means "continuous" or "chained up"
       in Chinese. In here it was quite ironic, for the "chained up"

Xiang Yang
  Liu Bei's army has defeated Cai Mao, who guarded Cao Cao's resupply
point. This castle does not have any pedestrians walking around like
usual (When two 5000~6000 men armies fight, the damage level gets pretty

high). The shop holds quite interesting items, though.

- Iron (Sword)     - Copper Potion -
- Iron (Spear)     - Revive Potion -
- Iron (Saber)     - Smoke Bomb    -
- Iron (Axe)       - Tent          -
- Iron (Armour)    -               -
- Copper (Shield)  -               -

  However, walk into the castle. Although empty, the upper left corner
holds a series of stairs... into Xiang Yang's weapon arsenal! Here, you
will find eight chests. In clockwise order from the top left chest, the
items are: Iron Sword, Iron Spear, Iron Saber, Iron Armour, Irom Helmet,

Arrow Storm, Iron Shield, and Iron Axe. Take all of these and give them
to respective people who needs them.

  Going to the west, there is a small cave. Nothing much there except
some potions (including two Tactics Potions!). However, a very important

item on the bottom green floor contains a Flame Armour, which provides
60 points of Protection Points! There is also a general there you can't
get past though. (NOTE: This is completely optional. You can get back
here later anyway)

  Returning to the dock at Xia Kai and going to Sun Quan, talk to each
of his generals there. Now having Cao Cao's Arrow Storm and being able
to harness the wind, the next step is to chain Cao Cao's ships together
for a fire tactic. Zhuge Liang thinks about this and decides to ask one
of the Pang Clan, Pang Tong, for help (the Phoenix Fledging). Sun Quan
suggests asking Sima Hui for the whereabouts of Pang Tong.

  Riding up to Jing Zhou, Sima Hui tells you that Pang Tong lives
southeast of Chai Sang. So, go all the way back to Wu and follow the
path southeast. There will be a small peninsula, go to the tip of
it and you will reach a watery swamp.

  Using a boat, navigate through the swamp. It is not too difficult...
the only treasure in here, by the way, is a Copper Shield. Going through

the long swamp, fighting pirates and such, you reach the other end where

a solitary hut resides. (How does he live here?) Going inside and
to the legendary genius Pang Tong, he agrees to your plan.

  (NOTE: Where are the Gullwings?) You again, have to go all the way
through the watery forest-place. Going into Chai Sang for the final
the master plan of the combined army is complete, as Sun Quan gets ready

to let go his army.

  Putting Zhuge Liang into the lines by telling Lu Su to be tactician
(This is VERY important!) Go to the docks one more time. You will sail
into Cao Cao's massive (alas chained) army, and fight him. Cao Cao, Xu
Dian Wei, Zhang Liao, and Xu Huang will appear, as massive as ever. But,

Zhuge Liang has something up his sleeve...

  Using the Wind Scroll in battle, the southeast wind started to blow.
Sun Quan sends forth the fireboats and instantly immolates the huge
army of Cao Cao. Then, the Arrow Storm of a million arrows will be sent
to Cao Cao, penetrating through his army. Cao Cao escapes though, and
Liu/Sun army chases behind!

  Catching up to Cao Cao's ship, Sun Quan's naval assalt force goes for
an all-out with what Cao Cao has left in his army. Tai Shi Chi, Zhou
Gan Ning, Huang Gai, and Zhang Hong will give Cao Cao's remainants a
beating, and Cao Cao escapes just with Zhang Liao.

  Ending up by the mountains, Cao Cao sighes and is glad that there is
ambush on him at this time... or was there? Zhao Yun jumps out of the
forest and attacks Cao Cao and Zhang Liao. After one round, Cao Cao runs

south, into a village where he remeets Xu Huang and Xu Zhu. However,
Zhang Fei cuts them off and attacks them again. In two more rounds, Cao
Cao managed to escape to near the Black Forest (Hua Rong Dao? Not here).

  But, Guan Yu appears at last to capture the tyrant. Using the fact
Guan Yu was treated well by him back then, when the three brothers
separated, Cao Cao convinces Guan Yu to let him go. The man of honor,
Guan Yu, gives this warlord another chance at life.

  After the great battle, Zhuge Liang is shocked to hear of Guan Yu's
failure. Zhuge Liang wanted to execute him, but Liu Bei talks on Guan
Yu's behalf and explains to Zhuge Liang the conditions of the time.
Zhuge Liang sighs, for the great enemy has escaped. (NOTE: In the novel,

it is quite clear that Zhuge Liang was not REALLY going to execute Guan
Yu, and Zhuge Liang predicted that Lord Guan would free Cao Cao

  Soon, reports say that Cao Cao amassed another army and took over
Jing Zhou and other castles. Zhou Yu of Wu, however, was marching around

south Jing Zhou, and may eventually develop another threat. Liu Bei is
forced to send out his powerful army yet again, to recontrol Jing Zhou.

-9. Eliminating Chen Jiao, Liu Bei Acquires Victory in Jing Zhou    -
-   Taking out Cao Ren, Zhuge Liang Secures the Safety of Nan Jun   -
  (NOTE: I made this, and did not like it)

  After Lu Su left for Wu, Liu Bei's army will march north to Jing Zhou.

(NOTE: Some guy in Xia Kou tells you that Chen Jiao is guarding Jing
Zhou, but he gets 500 gold for this information...) Make sure you are

  At Jing Zhou, you will encounter the general Chen Jiao and four
Forces. Being more of a tactician than a fighter, Chen Jiao can be
defeated, provided that you trained well. However, do not be impulsive
and go to Xiang Yang right away. Talking to the people reveals that Chen

Jiao left the Tally Order, an item needed to get past the gates of Xiang

Yang and Nan Jun, in the palace. Go to the throne and search in front of

it, this will give you the tally. Now, go to Xin Ye.

  Yi Ji meets you at Xin Ye. This time, he will join you... he is very
weak physically, but is quite intelligent and comes with a full pack of
Copper equipment. After making a new addition to your army, go west to
Xiang Yang through the forest again. (NOTE: This is also completely
optional. You will have to get Yi Ji later though)

  Getting past the gates, Xiahou Dun is surprised at your arrival and
attacks you. (NOTE: Without the Tally Order, Xiahou Dun meets you at the

gates, making an insanely difficult battle) Even with four Soldier
he is not TOO much of a problem unless you are weak. He is quite strong
and can hurt you a bit at the beginning, but after knocking him down
with water tactics, you can mop up the remaining forces easily. Then
Xiang Yang.

  The people tells you that the dock to the south is ready to operate to

send you to southern Jing Zhou, where Yi Ling and Nan Jun is. Going on
ship, ride it there. After you land, go south for a while to reach Yi

  Again, the same thing happens. You get past the gate and fight the
guardians Cao Ang and Niou Jin. (NOTE: Cao Ang was supposed to be dead.
I mean, a LONG time ago, before Yuan Shu even got the royal stone!) Cao
Ang is skilled in all aspects and Niou Jin is strong. This will be a
difficult battle. I suggest putting Niou Jin off for a while using Yi
(and if you trained insanely long and hard, Li Jian!) and pound Cao Ang
with all you got. Then eliminate Niou Jin with tactics and the battle
be yours. (Again, three Soldier forces is really no help)

Yi Ling
  This place do not seem busy at all. The shops are quite like usual...
except for the fact that there is no Armoury, and there is no Tent in
item shop... what happened?

- Copper Potion -
- Revive Potion -
- Smoke Bomb    -

  Anyway, the people warn you that Nan Jun is very hard to defeat (and
is) and suggests that you get ready. The thing to do is to get equipped,

and gain a level or two if you haven't already done so. I suggest
everyone to at least over 1,000, and preferably over 1,500 soldiers at

  Going east, you finally meet Cao Ren and Cao Hong at the castle. Cao
is a good general in every aspect, and Cao Hong is quite strong. The
problem is Cao Ren here, and if he uses Li Jian, you know trouble is on
your head. Cut him down as fast as possible, and then beat Cao Hong (it
harder than it sounds). If you can do this without getting hurt too
consider yourself well-trained.

  Defeating the two generals, you can now enter Nan Jun. However, Cao
and Cao Hong runs toward Han castle to the north. What is unexpected,
though, is Lu Bu showing up there with Li Jue, Guo Si, Zhang Ji, and Li
taking the castle. They will easily defeat Cao Ren and Cao Hong and
the castle...

Nan Jun
  Again, the town is quite small. No Armoury, still no Tent, but a new
Billeting place where you can "deposit" or "withdraw" generals. Also,
item shop introduces a new item: Steed, that when equipped, increases
agility by 10!

- Copper Potion -
- Revive Potion -
- Smoke Bomb    -
- Steed         -

  After healing up, go fight Lu Bu at Han castle. He will encounter you
and do serious damage to you. After one round, Zhuge Liang realizes that

it is impossible to win, and retreats.

  Back in Nan Jun, a child lets you see his master, who happens to be
Pang Tong. He gives you a Brocade Sack and tells you to use the tactic
inside it against Lu Bu. Zhuge Liang asks the strategist to join, but he

refuses at this point.

  Going back to Han castle, use the Sack. Guan Yu will retreat and lure
Lu Bu out the castle while the rest of the army marches in quickly. Lu
will, when forced to attack the castle from the outside, be weaker than
he was. Guan Yu comes back from behind in the second round and will
critical hits every turn for the remainder of this battle. It is still
quite hard, but it is possible to win.

  After the battle, Lu Bu curses at his defeat and retreats. You can now

enter the Han castle.


-10. Strong or Weak? The Han's Army Marches Forth to Retake Jing Zhou  -

-    Friend or Foe? The Traitor Lu Bu Settles Down and Defend Gui Yang -


  (NOTE: I still don't like it. These parts get a little out of touch
         with the novel, so I couldn't find authentic matches...)

  Another bustling castle of Jingzhou with many people wandering around.

Talk to them reveals that the guide to the East Cave is Yi Ji and he is
in Xin Ye castle. Hopefully, you have him already in your party. This
every item in the Armoury is Iron and the item shop introduces the Power

Pill, which guarantees critical hits every time you use one.

- Iron (Spear)     - Copper Potion -
- Iron (Saber)     - Revive Potion -
- Iron (Axe)       - Smoke Bomb    -
- Iron (Armour)    - Power Pill    -
- Iron (Helmet)    -               -
- Iron (Shield)    -               -

  Going into the East Cave, you will see a medium-sized cavern
with torches. There are quite a few chests around, and one contains a
of Steel Armour. The exit is to the east in this rectangular maze.

  After getting out, you see a hut. In the hut are the Ma brothers
about in Han Castle, Ma Liang and Ma Su, able generals who agree to join
after you defeat the Cao forces in Ling Ling, Gui Yang, Wu Ling, and
Sha. The first castle, Ling Ling, is visible in the horizon.

  The gate before the castle is guarded by Xingdao Rong and Liu Yan,
with three Soldier forces. Xingdao Rong is quite a hard hitter, but not
really on the intelligent side. I suggest using Yi Xin to put him
temporalily out of the battle as you focus the fighting on Liu Yan.
dispatching these two generals, advance to the Castle itself to the

  Liu Du will come out, followed by Liu Yan, Xingdao Rong, and two
forces to meet you. This battle can be difficult if not adequately
Again, it is a good idea to use Yi Xin on Xingdao Rong and focus on Liu
Du, before taking out his subordinates. Ling Ling is officially taken
to Liu Bei.

Ling Ling
  Being a small castle, there is no armoury here. What's more, the Item
shop is also bare-bones...

- Copper Potion -
- Revive Potion -
- Smoke Bomb    -

  Heal here at the Inn, and proceed south to the next castle of South
Jing Zhou, Gui Yang. There is a village on the way also that will tell
you of a few things.

  At Gui Yang Castle, you will go to battle with Bao Long and Chen Ying,

two of Zhao Fan's generals. Both are quite strong, but the battle
be too hard, even with the three Soldier forces they brought.
on Bao Long first, you should easily win this battle.

  Entering the castle, the owner Zhao Fan invites Zhuge Liang, and only
Zhuge Liang, into the palace. Zhuge Liang thinks it might be a trap, but

decides to tentatively enter. It was of course... a trap, as Bao Long
Chen Ying leap out to ambush Zhuge Liang. However, a surprise source of
help comes from behind... Lu Bu.

  It is a battle between Zhuge Liang and Lu Bu versus Zhao Fan, Bao
and Chen Ying. Lu Bu is very strong in this battle, as he can take out
general with one hit. After three rounds, you win, and the rest of Liu
army talks with Zhuge Liang about Lu Bu's appearance.

  It seems that Lu Bu has turned to the good side, and is willing to
Gui Yang for you. Zhuge Liang agrees to this traitor's request. However,

will this alliance be permanent?

Gui Yang
  Not much here either...

- Copper Potion -
- Revive Potion -
- Smoke Bomb    -

  The next castle, Wu Ling, is located at the west. There is also a
on the way that supplies some gossip about the castle. You will learn
the bridge of the castle was raised due to the castle's guardian, Jin
Xuan. However, you also learn that Gong Zhi of Wu Ling has mixed
and is currently in a peninsula to the west.

  Going into the tip of the peninsula, a short trip through the forest
brings you to Gong Zhi, who tells you of his thoughts. He says that you
fight Jin Xuan outside of Wu Ling, and departs.

  Going into Wu Ling, fight Jin Xuan and his four Soldier forces at the
castle field. He should be very easy for you. When he tries to retreat
after the battle, Gong Zhi refuses to let him in, and in the name of the

Han Dynasty, shoots Jin Xuan.

  (NOTE: There is a Steel Spear hidden in the northwest group of trees
the field of Wu Ling, surrounded on three sides by trees)

Wu Ling
  A relatively bigger castle than the last two, the Power Pill is back
sale in this castle, and Thunder Tridents are sold here (from the SWORD
class). Also, various types of Steel weapons are sold here too, so stock

up on the supplies... you will definately need it.

- Thunder (Sword)  - Copper Potion -
- Steel (Spear)    - Revive Potion -
- Steel (Saber)    - Smoke Bomb    -
- Steel (Armour)   - Power Pill    -
- Iron (Helmet)    -               -

  Journeying to the last castle, Chang Sha, you encounter another
with more gossip about this castle and its powerful generals. The castle

is in sight, and an old general, Huang Zhong, is guarding it.

  Guan Yu leaps forward, and asks this old man to a man-to-man duel.
The two will both have 100 Soldiers, and the only command available is
"fight". After a few rounds, Huang Zhong praises Guan Yu's fighting
and joins his companions inside the castle.

  Attacking the castle, you will meet the hardest battle in the game up
to this point. Han Xuan, Huang Zhong, Wei Yan, Han Hao, and Yang Ling
fills the ranks, with no space (or use) for Soldier forces. Reporting on

the generals will make you gasp... for aside from the fact that most of
the generals have over 3000 soldiers, Huang Zhong, the old man Guan Yu
encountered, has a Strength of 220, Intelligence of 175 and Agility of
Furthermore, the axe-wielding Wei Yan has a stunning Strength on the 240

mark. For those who have played Destiny of an Emperor I, the difficulty
this battle is comparable to the battle against Yuan Shao.

  The final fight is a very easily lost one if you are not trained. My
strategy is to take out Huang Zhong before anybody else, for he is a
striker, hits hard (twice, because of his bow), and is quite resistant
tactics. Wei Yan is also to be feared, able to do around 500~600 damage
a turn with the mighty swipe of the axe. Wei Yan's low intellect allows
to keep him at bay with Yi Xin (a very useful tactic) while everyone
up on Huang Zhong. If you defeat Huang Zhong, consider the battle 33%

  The second step is Wei Yan. Defeating him is easier than Huang Zhong,
but be ware of the flanking attacks of Han Xuan and Han Hao, while you
tactics to beat this general. After vanquishing Wei Yan, clean up the
by clashing with the remaining three generals.

  Finally, south Jing Zhou is secured.


-11. Finding the Youyuu Bow, Old Huang Zhong Joins with the Ranks of
Han   -
-    Betraying the Liu Settlement, Vile Lu Bu Dies by the Fate of
Heaven   -

Chang Sha
  The Chang Sha castle is quite a sight. It has the standard Armoury and

Item shops, as well as the Billeting place and Headquarters.

- Steel (Spear)    - Copper Potion -
- Steel (Axe)      - Revive Potion -
- Steel (Bow)      - Smoke Bomb    -
- Steel (Armour)   - Steed         -

  Talking to the people, you will learn that Huang Zhong is a very able
general at his old age. Also, Wei Yan can be recruited near the front
Entering Huang Zhong's house, he well talk for a while, then conceding
join your army if you find the Youyuu Bow.

  (NOTE: Able generals are flocking up here. You can get rid of
generals such as Zhou Cang or Yi Ji to make room. Guan Ping is a hard
to make here, but do as you desire).

  Going west into a cave, you will find many treasures in it. Go in and
take the first path to the south and climb the stairs. On the other side

you can get three useful items: a Thunder Trident, Copper Potion, and
gold. Climb back to the T-intersection and go left. When the next inter-

section appears, going south, southwest and northwest will give you a
of gold, a Copper Potion, and a Copper Bow respectively. Going north
lead to a stairway to the top floor. Now you can either go east and get
Iron Helmet or go south, east, north and take the Youyuu Bow from a
on the other side of the stairway. Finally, go back to Chang Sha.

  Seeing the bow, Huang Zhong will perform a funeral to Han Xuan (NOTE:
Although it is interesting how you can still see Han Xuan in field
and will then join you. Put the good fighter in the lines with a Steel
and talk to the townfolk. They suggest going back to Ma Liang's house.

  The servants saying "Quickly!" should give you a clue that something
gone wrong. Ma Liang informs you afterwards that Lu Bu, the notorious
infamous for betraying his master, has rebeled against you in Gui Ling
March toward the castle, and prepare for a battle.

  Lu Bu meets you at the gates, spouting his ambition of taking over
With him are Zhang Ji and three Soldier forces. If you know Yi Xin, the
battle should be easy. Yi Xin away at Lu Bu and strike him as hard as
can. After defeating him enter the castle and rest up.

  The poeple at the castle says that Lu Bu fled to Ling Ling and has
generals there to help him. Going there, you will meet Lu Bu, Xingdao
Liu Yan, Yang Ling, and a Soldier Force at the pass. A little harder,
taking out Xingdao Rong and Xingdao Rong should be the first priority.
defeating Lu Bu, head for the castle for the final showdown.

  Lu Bu meets you again, this time with Li Jue, Guo Si, Zhang Ji, and Li
his suboordinates. The battle is quite difficult. There are quite a
of hard hitters in the group. Immobilize them with Yi Xin, or Li Jian if

you learned it, and pound away with tactics, formations, and attacks. Lu
should be your first concern, but afterwards it becomes easy. Lu Bu dies
the end of the battle, and his chronicle closes, "like a leaf in the


-12. Echoing Justice, the Liu Army Defeats the Bandit Called Liao
Hua      -
-    Giving Support, the Young Phoenix Joins the Army Under Liu
Bei        -

  Finally, the traitor was defeated. Remembering the Ma Brothers, you
should pay them a visit. Their servants say that the two have gone to
Ye to visit Liu Bei, so go all the way back to Xin Ye, and...

Xin Ye
  As you enter, a breathtaking view appears. Could this be Xin Ye? The
little run down town that was torn by turmoil? Well it WAS... but now it

is a lot bigger! Chen Deng will join you now after completing his task,
he is really not up to par with the rest, unfortunately.

- Thunder (Sword)  - Copper Potion -
- Steel (Axe)      - Revive Potion -
- Steel (Saber)    - Tent          -
- Steel (Bow)      - Steed         -
- Steel (Armour)   -               -
- Steel (Shield)   -               -

  Wow! Tents for sale! Might as well stock up? The new Steel Shield is a

must-buy also, to add to defense. Now, visit the brand-new castle. Liu
will be in there with the Ma Brothers, who procedes to thank you for
settling Jing Zhou and joins. Zhuge Liang leaves the party at the moment

for planning and other things, and entrusts his hopes to you. Ma Liang
Ma Su, meanwhile, are both good generals. Ma Su also comes with Zhuge
Liang's previous equipment. I suggest putting them in your party and Ma
Liang as the strategist.

  A messanger calls and asks that you visit Sima Hui. So why not? Going
there reveals that something is up with Pang Tong in Xiang Yang, so go
now. Sima Hui also gives you a bottle of Sake, Pang Tong's favorite

  Visiting Xiang Yang, many people will tell you about the bandit Liao
taking their women away, including one's mother. Someone tells you that
the bandits are in a northwestern forest, and takes your Sake as well.
says Pang Tong will join you after you beat them. So head northwest to
forest now.

  In the forest, if you take the first east branch you will find a chest

with gold in a dead end. Going forward, you will find yourself at the
west corner of a rectangular lake. At the southeast corner is a Copper
Potion, northeast, a chest of gold, and northwest, a Revive Potion and a

path leading northeast. The path takes you to the camp of Liao Hua,
the captured women are kept.

  The bandit faces you with four other Bandit Forces. This battle is
relatively easy considering only Liao Hua is a real threat. He hits
but there are ways of preventing that. A fast and easy way to beat this
to use Li Jian on him first turn. The rest, as they say, is history. :)

  Liao Hua pleads you to let him join at the end of the battle, so let
Another ally in the great army of Liu Bei. Going back to Xiang Yang, the

Young Phoenix, Pang Tong, will finally join you in your cause. Make him
your strategist if neccessary, as he is better than Ma Liang in EVERY


-13. Reaching Decision, Liu Bei Receives Shu from the Giving of Zhang
Song -
-    Attempting Duty, Pang Tong Loses Life at the Hands of Zhang
Ren       -

  A wounded man was found in front of Xin Ye castle. After taking care
him, Liu Bei finds that the man was Zhang Song, from Shu. Cao Cao was
him for some reason, and the Hanzhong army was attacking Shu. His plan
to let Liu Bei take Shu instead of its evil ruler, Liu Zhang (NOTE:
Well, in
the novel he wasn't evil, just weak) by telling Liu Bei to pretend to
Liu Zhang repel the Hanzhong army, and then attack. Liu Bei agrees to
although hesitant (NOTE: He was a LOT more hesistant in the novel). Now,
only problem left is the lack of a map. Zhang Song chuckles and sas that
does have one... in the cave northwest of Xiang Yang.

  After receiving the Third Letter, go to the cave. On the third floor,
Da is blocking the entrance to a small room. Using the Letter on him
cause him to let you through and get the Task Map in the chest. Then,
Da will join you. He is quite a disposible general though.

  Returning to Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang offers the following tactic: Pang
will lead the force with Zhang Fei at the van, while Zhao Yun and Guan
are needed to take care of the not-quite-completely-settled Jing Zhou.
you should get three more generals from Billeting to complete the army.
Armed with the new Shu Map, you should be ready now.

  (MISSING STUFF TO BE FILLED IN) (Zhang Lu? What is HE doing here?)

  Going southwest to the Xiang Yang harbor, you will see the previous
messanger, Fa Zheng who offers to join your army. Let him join, then
the boat to Shu.

  The first castle you will see is the Fushui castle, where Liu Zhang
resides. Men talk about Ma Chao, a person in the Hanzhong army who is
strong, and is the son of Ma Teng, the man Cao Cao murdered at the
of the game. A person says something about "3 times through the 3rd gate

in the east and 4 times through the 3rd gate to the west", and someone
talks about Li Qi, a friend of Ma Teng and a wise sage.

- Thunder (Sword)  - Copper Potion -
- Steel (Spear)    - Revive Potion -
- Steel (Bow)      - Smoke         -
- Steel (Shield)   - Tactics       -
- Steel (Saber)    -               -
- Steel (Shield)   -               -

  Going north and then east, you will find Li Qi's cottage where you
meet Li Qi. After seeing the Shu Map, he marks the spot of Emperor
tomb, where the Blood Seal of Liu Bei, Ma Teng, Dong Cheng, and others
are kept. He bids you good luck also.

  Using the map, go north, and find the clearing in the forest. CHECK
ground, and you will enter the Tomb of the Emperor. Taken straight off
a talk with Wildbill: "Hahaha! It is a-maze-ing.". Well, this is the
dungeon/maze in the whole game. It has three levels (and too many items
list). On the first level, make sure to go left and get the Dragon Sword

sitting on a pedestral. It has awesome attack power. On the second
follow the guy's advice you heard in Fu Shui (even I forgot how I got
through), or the walls will close and you have to start over. Pick up a
Flame Armor there also. Finally, on the third level, is the Blood Seal
another pedestral. This sounds fast and easy, but I assure you it is

  Finishing this maze, go outside and talk to Li Qi. He will give the
to Ma Chao. Then, he will ask you to go to Xiameng Citadel. Heal up, and

go north to the Citadel. Ma Chao will face you there. With him is Ma Dai
three Outlaw Forces. They are both incredibly strong and can do much
every hit. Two things: Li Jian; Luo Shi. That should be enough help for

  After beating him Ma Chao will ask you to join. Now, you can head
to Yangping Citadel, and face a big army there of Yang Ang, Yang Ren,
Ping, Cheng Yin, and a Outlaw Force. The battle will be quite difficult
to the overall ability of every general there. Again, Li Jian and Luo
are very useful tactics here.

  Beating them, you can head north for Hanzhong now. You will have to go

through Plank Way though...

  Plank Way is reminescent of Mount Fuji. There are easy to find
here consisting of a Silver Potion, a Tent, and two chests of gold.
is also a Dragon Sword somewhere! The path is quite short. Afterwards,
come to Nanzheng Citadel. You will meet Yang Bai, Pang De, Li Zhang,
Yi, and an Outlaw Force here.

  Pang De is really a pain. He can do >1000 damage to you if you are not

careful. Or you can Li Jian him and watch the fun. Considering all the
generals in this battle are quite non-intelligent, tactics will be a
help here.

  Going into the Citadel, you will meet Wang Ping in one of the houses.
says that Yang Song, a general of Zhang Lu loves gold, and asks for
for bribery uses. Letting him bribe Yang Song, you can go into the
Castle up north. Zhang Lu kills Yang Song for betraying him, and fights

  With Zhang Lu are Zhang Wei, Zhang Heng, Hou Cheng, and Yan Pu. This
quite a large battle, and a hard one at that. The first four generals
have strength 170 or higher, and they are not as stupid as the last
generals. They will use tactics, and can become hard. To beat them, you
be prepared with tactics of your own, and maybe Ji Mian. I suggest using
Jian on Hou Cheng and Zhang Heng, and concentrate on the rest.

  Finally beating Zhang Lu, you can enter the castle and look around.

Han Zhong
  People will thank you for what you did. There is no armory here, and
will see a Headquarters and a Billeting place. Get prepared, and exit.

- Silver Potion -
- Revive Potion -
- Steed         -
- Tactics       -

  Yang Huai will meet you outside and give you gold. He will ask you to
attack Fushui, and leaves. Going back to Fushui, you realize that your
was found, and Liu Zhang is safe in Chengdu. Yang Huai faces you with
Pei, Wu Lan, and two Outlaw Forces.

  Wu Lan is a really hard hitter, so either Li Jian him or beat him
Yang Huai is the next problem. But after the last battle, these are all
comparatively easy. So defeat them and enter Fushui. Wu Lan will ask you

to let him join here, so let him. Then, prepare your army and go north
the previously empty citadel.

  Leng Bao, Deng Xian, and Zhang Su meets you there for a battle. You
be surprised and take a few hits. But the rest is easy. You will find
you won't be able to continue because of the water though. Remember a
on the way here? Inside is Psng Yi, who will give you a Bronze Key.
this key on the locked door will let you in to a control room. After
blocking the water, you can continue north and west. Going south, into a

big forest, you will sense something is fishy here, since the forest
very narrow.

  The suspicions prove correct as Zhang Ren jumps our and ambushes you.

  Zhang Ren meets you with Liu Kui, Liu Ba, and Liu Xun. How did this
happen? After one round where it is virtually impossible to do good
to them, Liu Bei's army will be torn up. But what is worse is... Pang
gets hit by a stray arrow, and dies. Alas... life is short.

  Barely escaping, the troop retreats to Fushui... but it is too late!
Zhang Ren retook Fushui and attacks you again with Li Yan, Huang Quan,
Lei, and an Outlaw Force. What could be worse? They have full troops,
you do
not. They have five armies, you have four. And you lack the strategic
ability of Pang Tong. The situation looks amazingly grim.

  However, after one round that seems to take forever, a huge fire
and does massive damage to each of the opponent's armies! Zhuge Liang
come to reinforce you! Shocked at the death of Pang Tong, he fills your
ranks and fights with you against the enemy. Every turn the opponent
be burned more by the fire, and you should be able to win this fight by
slight margin.

-14. Zhu Ge Liang Leads the Han Army to the Castle of Shu     -
-    Zhang Ren Duels the Liu General at the Bridge of Chengdu -

  Healing the broken army at Fushui, Zhuge Liang joins you along with
Yun and Guan Yu, receiving again a 7-army formation. Now, since the path

way was blocked, Zhuge Liang prepares to attack Ba Castle. Head on to
boat, and sail there.

  Huo Jun, Yan Yan, Dong He, and two Outlaw Forces meets you at Ba
Yan Yan is dangerous. Do not let him hit you. So keep him at bay
or use Da Re / Tou Shi on him to beat him. After they are beaten, Yan
asks to be recruited (in the castle), so let him.

  There is a Gym here. With it is a Headquarters as well. People talk
about not chasing enemies who retreat easily. Keep that in mind.

- Dragon (Sword)   - Silver Potion -
- Ice (Spear)      - Revive Potion -
- Steel (Saber)    - Tent          -
- Steel (Axe)      - Tactics       -
- Flame (Armor)    -               -
- Steel (Shield)   -               -

  Go to Ba Citadel in the west. It is guarded by Liu Ba, Fei Guan, Fei
and two Outlaw Forces. However, after one round, they retreat. Hmm...
do not move at all, and you will see a Soldier unit (or is it Wang
rush in. Then, go in the citadel. The Soldier/Wang Ping will ask you
cause is Liu Bei fighting for. If you say Liu Bei stands for justice, he

will tell you that he was supposed to burn the place trapping you. Then,

as you leave, you will fight the Liu Ba army again. If you did not wait
the Soldier/Wang Ping to go in the pass, you would have been trapped in
that would have dealt much damage to you each turn.

  Now, you will come to a small village. If you go forward to the
you will see that the arrows make it hard to attack. The villagers tell
that the provisions of the Liu Zhang army are at North Mountain. The
also has:

- Silver Potion -
- Revive Potion -
- Power Pill    -

  Going to North Mountain, you will find it is not very long but it has
items. The list of items are two Silver Potions, a Power Pill, a Flame
Armor, an Ice Spear, and a Flame Shield as well as one or two chests of
gold. Going through, you will find the secret camp on the top of the
mountain guarded by Wang Kang, Lu Kai, and three Outlaw Forces. Beating
should be a breeze. Finally, go back to the village, heal up, and go to
the castle.

  The castle is guarded by Lei Tong, Wang Kang, Lu Kai, Deng Xian, and
Outlaw Force. Lei Tong can be a problem. Take him out or use Li Jian on
The others are quite easy. AFter beating them, enter the castle.

??? Castle

- Silver Potion -
- Revive Potion -
- Power Pill    -
- Tactics       -

  Lei Tong will ask to join you here. Let him. You will also hear of
someone called Jiang Wan.

  Go north, and you will see the Jiang Manor where Jiang Wan resides.
is an Inn and a Billeting place there. It seems that Jiang Wan would
you, but his mother is kidnapped and held on a mountain to the west.

  Go west through the cave. On the first floor is a chest of gold. On
second is a Silver Potion and a Power Pill, get them. Finally, back on
first floor there is an Ice Spear to the east. The cave is very short.
When you exit you will reach a villa.

  In there is Gao Pei and four Outlaw Forces holding Jiang Wei's mother.
is very easy to beat. Beat him, and talk to Jiang Wei's mother. You will

return to the manor and Jiang Wei will join you. He tells you to put him
the front line, as he has a ruse for the castle.

  Go to Yinping with Jiang Wan at the lead. He will say that your army
a reinforcement for the castle. Dong He will believe you and open the
Storm the castle, and Dong He will fight you with Li Yan, Wu Yi, Zhang
and an Outlaw Force. This battle is actually very difficult since both
Yan and Wu Yi are very powerful. Use tactics on them, and watch out for
tactics of Dong He and Zhang Su.

  In here, you will see a Billeting Shop and a Headquarters for
There is also a Gym that costs 30000 gold to train. People speak of
Ren guarding Mianzhu Citadel. They say that a trader, Zi Xu, at the
Cave has TNT that might help you. So go there.

-    ARMORY     -
- Dragon (Sword)-
- Ice (Spear)   -
- Steel (Bow)   -
- Tactics       -

  In the cave, Zi Xu says to find a wood pile in the pass and use the
there for a surprise attack. On the first level of the cave are two
of gold and a Steel Helm. On the second level there are many pathes. In
south is another Steel Helm, in the southeast is a Pious Scroll, in the
northeast is a QingLong Saber, in the northwest is a Silver Potion, and
finally in the southwest is the TNT. Get these, and go to Mianzhu from

  If you talk to any of the soldiers, they will be surprised and you can

fight them, 5 armies at a time. But, go to the woodpile eventually and
the TNT in the small niche there. The place will go up in fire and you
find Zhang Ren, Liu Kui, Liu Xun, Liu Ba and Lu Kai, starting a fight.
turn they will be burned by massive fire, so this will be an easy

  After you win, the five will flee to Longyou Castle in the north.
them! At the castle, you will fight the five generals again. This is a
difficult battle, and the most dangerous of the generals are Zhang Ren
Liu Ba. Focus on Liu Ba and try to somehow neutralize Zhang Ren.

  Longyou is not far from Chengdu now. Take a rest, and prepare for the
battle of Shu. There is a Headquarters here and a Billeting place also.

- Silver Potion -
- Revive Potion -
- Steed         -
- Tactics       -

  Going north, west, and south, you will see Zhang Ren, by himself and
desperate for Shu, across the bridge. If you challenge him, he will
your lead general one-on-one, in a battle similar to the Guan Yu - Huang

Zhong battle. If you beat him, he will sigh over the fate of Shu, and
There ends one of the most loyal generals of Liu Zhang, dropping as a
feather in a pond.

  Finally, you approach Chengdu in the south, for the:

  Liu Zhang meets you at the gates with Liu Xun, Huang Quan, Liu Ba, and

Wang Lei. The battle music for this battle is also different. Liu Xun is
strongest fighter here, so you can use Li Fan or Ji Lian on him and turn
battle to your advantage. However, the other four generals are all
good at tactics, Liu Ba being the most dangerous. And at this stage of
game, tactics are very powerful. So beware of Ji Mian and such and
of Liu Ba first, then work your way up and take out all except Liu Xun,
finally focusing on him. IF you win, Shu will finally be settled.


  Liu Bei, the hero with a lowly start, will finally find a new home in
grand Chengdu castle. Go to a rest at the Inn, and Liu Bei will
arrive. The people of Shu are excited that Liu Bei are coming, and it
that he is rising to the top as one of the greatest lords in China.

  What a grand place!

- Dragon (Sword)   - Silver Potion -
- Ice (Spear)      - Revive Potion -
- Fire (Axe)       - Tent          -
- Qinglong (Saber) - Tactics       -
- Flame (Armor)    -               -
- Steel (Helm)     -               -

  All of the weapons with attack power 120 are here, as well as the new
Steel Helm. The Billeting place and the Headquarters are also here, as
as a Gym that costs 40000 to train.

  However, in spite of all of the peacefulness, Liu Bei tells you that
Cao just took Hanzhong castle! The rocks that were blocking the way are
gone, and you can go there now. So, get your equipment, and go.

  At Yangping, you will fight first Xiahou Shang, Han Hao, Jin Hui, Qui
and an Outlaw Force. Then, at Nanzheng, Zhang Yi, Wang Bi, Wei Huang, Mu

Shun, and an Outlaw Force will meet you. Both of these battles are quite

easy, and the only generals to watch in each case are the lead ones.
you have had easier battles then this, you should be able to win these.

  The battle at Hanzhong though, is not so easy... you will face Cao
trustworthy general Xiahou Yuan, and Du Xi, Li Tong, Ma Yan, and Yang
Every stat of every general is above 100 with Xiahou Yuan's 215
except for Ma Yan's 85 agility, and two of Yang Xiu's stats. But Yang
easily makes up for that with a 225 intelligence, and you will think
when An Sha comes into play (Oh yes, tactics REALLY become powerful
I can't say much about this battle besides: Get rid of Yang Xiu and then

Xiahou Yuan. FAST. Yang Xiu is relentless with tactics, especially An
while Xiahou Yuan is just good with anything, and takes off more than
soldiers a hit.

  Now, take a rest in Hanzhong and wait for Liu Bei to come. When he
he thanks you for the job well done, but then a messanger flies in with
that Cao Cao is acting as if he were the emperor! This act of treason
be stopped at once! Liu Bei will ask Zhuge Liang to take the battle to
Cao Cao's domain, but Zhuge Liang says something else is in order

  Shocked at hearing that he must also declare to be the emperor, Liu
initially refuses. But Zhuge Liang explains that it takes the
of a true emperor to defeat a false one, and that Liu Bei, and not
else, deserves to be the emperor because of his blood line. Liu Bei
accepts, and now declares himself the emperor of Han.


  Now, Zhuge Liang must amass a huge army to enter Wei, leaving Liu
domain with few soldiers. The solution of this is to let Guan Yu and
Fei, the most trustworthy generals, go guard Chengdu and Xinye, the key
castles, respectively. At the gate of the palace, however, Guan Xing and

Zhang Bao, the sons of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, will ask to join taking
fathers' equipment. Both are strong fighters, albeit not as good as

  Now, the rocks to the east are cleared. You can now head east into
The first citadel you will come to is guarded by Xiahou Mao, a son of
Xiahou Yuan. With him comes Mao Jie, Liu Ye, Zhu Guang, and an Outlaw
This battle should be very easy, just concentrate tactics on all the
generals. Liu Ye is probably the biggest threat here, which is not

  Bursting through the citadel, the castle is guarded by Cao Xiu, Lu
Zheng, Wang Kuang, Fu Gan, and an Outlaw Army. This is definately harder

than the most, with Cao Xiu being the most threatening. Defeat him first

with powerful attacks and tactics while keeping the rest at bay.

  It seems that the closest castles are Anding to the east and Tianshui
the northeast.

- Flame (Armor)    - Gold Potion   -
- Flame (Shield)   - Revive Potion -
- Steel (Helm)     - Smoke         -
- Flame (Bow)      - Tactics       -
- Barrage (Sword)  -               -

  Pick up whatever you like, and talk to the townsfolk. You will gather
a famous doctor Hua Tuo lives here and a powerful general named Jiang
lives in Tianshui, with his mother in Anding. Hua Tuo, by the way, will
heal you for free.

  Anding is guarded by Cao Chun, Heng Huan, Jiangy Qui, Lu Qiang, and an

Outlaw Army, all brutes and easy to defeat. But Tianshui is guarded by
Xiahou Mao, Jiang Wei, Xiahou De, Chen Xi, and Gao Shun, all powerful
fighters and Jiang Wei with all stats above 200, whose tactic will get
the moment you attack the castle, causing you to lose miserably.

  So go to Anding first. In there, people will talk about many things
might need to know.

  You can gather that there is yet another famous doctor named Ji Ping.
Jiang Wei's mother is ill and the medicine is controlled by Cao Cao.
this medicine is probably fake!

- Gold Potion   -
- Revive Potion -
- Power Pill    -
- Tactics       -

  There is a Gym costing 50000 gold here, as well as a Billeting Place
a Headquarters. Jiang Wei's mother is also here...

  Attacking Tianshui, like I said, you will lose miserably. Then, Ji
receives you and tell you that Hua Tuo can help Jiang Wei's mother, but
Cao has guarded his home. He will give you a Intro Letter.

  Go back to Nan'an. Hua Tuo's home is guarded by Fu Wan and four Outlaw

Forces. Defeat them easily and USE the Letter on Hua Tuo. He will go to
Jiang Wei's mother, and cure her. She will tell you that to tell her son

she is fine.

  What a turn of events! Right when you exit Anding, Jiang Wei ambushes
on the spot. He refuses to listen to you and fights you. After you beat
you will cut off his retreat. His mother runs out and explains the
situation to her son. Jiang Wei realizes his original thoughts, and
your side.

  Now, Zhuge Liang will leave and work on a new weapon for a moment.
Organize your army (you may want Jiang Wei in your ranks, so use
like Ma Liang as tactician) and head for Tianshui.

  Tianshui is guarded by the original generals less Jiang Wei. It
be very difficult now, with a new powerful general at your side.

  Zhuge Liang will come here, so take a rest and wait for him. Both the
Billeting Place and the Headquarters is here also, as well as more

- NuLong (Sword)   - Gold Potion   -
- Tiger (Axe)      - Revive Potion -
- Void (Spear)     - Tent          -
- Ice (Bow)        - Tactics       -
- Emperor (Saber)  -               -
- Dragon (Armor)   -               -

  North of the lonely tree in the east of the castle is a hidden Great
Armor, the best armor in the game! Take it.

  Northeast of here is Chencang, and northwest is Beidi. However, Beidi
separated from here by water, and you will need a Ferry Ticket that
to be gotten from Hao Zhao, in Chencang. So go there first. Besides,
say that there are powerful weapons there.

  Hao Zhao guards Chen Cang with Hua Xin, Yang Xiu, Ma Wan, and Liang
Hua Xin and Hao Zhao are both tough enemies here, but it is better to
dispose of Hua Xin first. Then, try to beat Hao Zhao somehow with
and attacks. He is very dangerous though and can do much damage, so
for some healing.

  With just an Item Shop, the place actually has very good stuff...

- Gold Potion   -
- Revive Potion -
- Tactics       -
- Steed         -

  Go in the upperwest house. There are six chests. Starting from the
right chest, in clockwise order are: a Great Armor, a Double Axe, a Wind

Helm, a Thunder Shield, a Power Spear, and a Ticket respectively! Give
awesome equipment to your generals and head west.

  Shen Pei guards the boat. If you give him the Ticket, he will say they

shut down because of the invaders... namely, you! He battles you with
Outlaw Armies, but it shouldn't be hard at all. Using the boat and
north, you will come to the narrow forest path that you heard about.
Citadel is north.

  Guarded by Cao Zhen, the Commander of Wei, his Head Tactician Wang
and two generals Zhang He and Chen Yi with an Outlaw Army, the battle is

actually quite hard. Zhang He is the biggest threat as he is immensely
powerful and can take out many troops each hit. Defeat him first, then
up the rest starting at Cao Zhen. Cao Zhen retreats after the long

  Entering Beidi, you will receive an important warning: If a battle is
hard or impossible, run away. The people will tell you that Zhuge
weapon is now finished and you should head back to Tianshui. People also

wonder the whereabouts of Sima Yi who was supposed to be here.

  Going out, at the narrow path, you'll be ambushed by Zhang He, who
that Sima Yi's ruse has worked. He is impossible to defeat, so run! But
after another movement he leaps out again with Xu Huang. Escaping, the
will catch up with Sima Zhao coming. Dash away, but Sima Shi joins the
generals! If you make it out here barely and hopes for a breath, you are

wrong, because Sima Yi finally appears with the other four generals.

  Narrowly escaping and heading back to the boat, you should remember
Sima Yi. You'll meet him again...

  At Tianshui, talk to Zhuge Liang. He will send Jiang Wei to the
Place to rest and join your army with his mighty new creation, the
Let an intelligent general take this weapon into his inventory, and head

back to Beidi. You might also want to retake Jiang Wei.

  Back to the boat, and to the other side of the lake. At the forest
you'll be ambushed again by Wang Lang and Zhang He with a three-Outlaw
reinforcement. They can be defeated quite easily, if you dispatch Zhang
first with fire tactics or whatever. Then, at the gates of Beidi, you
the same lineup as last time, lead by Cao Zhen.

  The battle should be just as easy as the last, so win it. Now, you
take the rugged Beiyuan pass into the deeper parts of Wei, where Cao Cao

is stocking his weapons in Luo Castle.

  The walk is quite long. At the east is a Wind Helm on a cliff and a
Scroll up. If you go up, to the east is a chest of gold. Up more is a
Potion. If you go really up though after backtracking, then you come to
long and high bridge. East ftom here, you'll see a long path going
On the way is a Void Spear, and if you have reached the bottom, the exit

is east. If you want to, going west instead from the bottom and then up
can get you an Ice Bow.

  Now, you are in Xialuo Village. It seems that the water is quite good
and you could take some... if you had a container. You'll also hear Cao
Cao is stockpiling gunpowder for some reason. Hmm... For now, just rest
and then go tackle Beiyuan Citadel to the north. You'll have to go to
cave to the east later, so remember that.

  At this difficult citadel is Cao Zhang and Cao Zhi, two of the best
of Cao Cao, with Hou Cheng, Xun You, and an Outlaw Army. Cao Zhang and
Hou Cheng are deadly fighters, and Cao Zhi and Xun You are devious
strategisys. Beware of both, for both can use powerful tactics on you.
should use Li Fan or something similar on Cao Zhang, or just keep the
fighters at bay with Ji Mian. But take out Cao Zhi and Xun You first

  In the citadel, there is just a Headquarters for you to prepare
for the huge upcoming battle. Are you ready? Rest up and go north to

  Quote Cao Cao: "There was once a time in which Liu Bei and I could
but that time has ended." Was he speaking with pride, or sorrow, or
We would never know. But, the gigantic, unfinished fight is here. Cao
meets you with Xu Zhu, Dian Wei, Pang De, and Xun Yu. Xu Zhu, Dian Wei,
Pang De are all mighty warriors with huge strength ratings and Xun Yu's
tactics is no pushover, being even better than his nephew, Xun You. Cao
himself is no wimp, having all attributes over 200! I suggest using
besides Zhuge Liang as tactician and An Sha the three middle generals to

oblivion with Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wei while pounding on Xun You as
as possible. Xun Yu or Cao Cao will also harass you with Ji Mian at
so be prepared with a Jie Ce. But, the battle will take long in any
After the long fight, Cao Cao will retreat.

  Cao Cao have put explosives in Shangfang Valley as the people says.
is he up to? But the important thing is that Cao Cao has left great
in the castle! Go to the Headquarters or Billeting later, get the
first! Nevermind the person that talks about an old man who sells tea
also, for now.

- Gold Potion   -
- Revive Potion -
- Tent          -
- Tactics       -

  Well, there are two houses side by side in the northern part of the
huge castle. Let's try the left one, shall we? It also contains six
Starting from the bottom left, clockwise, are: A Dragon Spear, a Heaven
Sword, a Halfmoon Bow, a Thunder Shield, a War Scroll, and a CunYu

  In the right house are: A Sky Helm, a Wind Helm, two Great Armors in a

row, another Wind Helm, and a Treatise! Equipping the Treatise increases

Intelligence by 20 points, up to 255! I would either let your tactician
equip it (that is not Zhuge Liang, because Zhuge Liang can't use certain

powerful tactics like An Sha) or let a warlike general equip it to
his chances of being fooled by a tactic.

  Talking with the people, you hear about the cave to the south with an
ancient scroll within that could make the clouds burst, calling forth
It seems that someone like Zhuge Liang might be able to master this
so why not go south and check it out?

  The cave is extremely big, but luckily it only has one level (well,
of). Going a different path will get you a different item. In here,
is a Pious Scroll, a Guantlet (awesome item that when equipped gives 20
extra Attack Power), a chest of gold and a Gold Potion in various
But, there are two isolated chests on rocky "pedestrals" here. One has a

Void Spear, and one has a Cloudburst Scroll.

  Putting Zhuge Liang in your battle group, head north. My favorite
formation at this point is having Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wei in the first

and fifth positions, with Ma Chao, Guan Xing, and Zhao Yun in the middle

under the YuLin formation. This is beneficial because the awesome
Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wei has more tactic power and the strong fighters
the middle gets higher power. Another plus is that the enemies' rate of
using a successful tactic goes down, failing most dangerous ones like An

Sha and so forth.

  At Qishan Citadel, you face off against Xun Yu and Pang De with their
three-Outlaw Army reinforcement, desperately trying to hold you back.
Defeat them (this will definately be easier than the last battle) and
continue to Shangfang Valley, that is shaped like a gourd.

  Going almost through the place, you'll be ambushed for Cao Cao. He
and sends thousands of fire arrows to burn the valley and block your
trying to immolate your whole army to death. Then, he faces you with Xu
Zhu, Dian Wei, Liu Ye, and Guo Jia. Now, let Zhuge Liang use the
Scroll. The clouds will suddenly burst, and rain will wash away the
flames, spoiling Cao Cao's whole ruse. Now, angry at this, Cao Cao will
his last stand against you, by brute force.

  The cool theme that you heard when fighting Liu Zhang is here again.
Again, take out Xu Zhu and Dian Wei with tactics like An Sha or Li Fan.
Meanwhile, concentrate on Liu Ye and Guo Jia, both very dangerous due to

their tactics. Wipe them out, and then hit Cao Cao head on with Power
to finish them off. The great battle ends here.


  Now, Liu Bei will go to Luo castle. So go there, rest at the Inn, and
wait. Just as Liu Bei thanks you, a messanger yet arrives again. The
problem now is that Cao Cao's elder son Cao Pi is massing a great army
Sili, south of Shangfang Valley. There seems to be invaders at Hanzhong
well, exposing the southern defense. To reply to this, it is vital that
Guan Xing be sent to protect Hanzhong. Guan Xing will now leave. Then,
will be ordered to go to Sili.

  Stepping outside the castle, Guan Suo, the third son of Guan Yu,
He has Guan Xing's equipment and is extremely strong. Let him join.


  Going right and up will lead to a Tent, but if you went less right,
up will fetch some gold. Going really up, right, and finally down will
to a branch. Going left here will let you get a Sky Helm and to the
is a Moon Saber and a Youyuu Bow, both strong weapons. Now, go down.
really right and up from here will lead to a Thin Axe. Head back left a
little and go up, right, and down. To the left is a Doomsday Scroll and
the right is yet another branchway. Going up will lead to a Great Armor
going down and then right is the exit.

  Now, you'll have to go north into Wei. Zhang Liao and Chen Qun makes a

last desperate stand against you here with three Outlaw Armies. If you
defeat them, Zhang Liao will sigh for the fate of Wei, and die. Now take
boat, and prepare for the last stage of the game.

  You will come to a familiar place (remember Guan Yu's scenario?) Hu
father is still here and will give you a rest, but the left castle is
empty, as well as all other structures you will come across, giving a
nostalgic feeling to this area. This is especially true of the burnt
and of the temple. But alas, it is not siteseeing time. The fate of
is at stake! Head south to the first Citadel.

  The first line of defense of the remaining Wei Army comprises of Dong
Heng, Dian Man, Guo Yi, and two Outlaw Armies. Except for Guo Yi, the
two generals are just dumb fighters that can be easily disposed of by An

Sha. If you are not into this lowly tactic, it is still not very hard to
this battle.

  Sima Yi's second son, Sima Zhao, guards the second citadel with Xiahou

Wei and Jiang Yong, two very dependable generals and two Outlaw Armies.
Concentrating on defeating Sima Zhao first, and neutralize Xiahou Wei
tactics. Then take out Jiang Yong. This battle should also not be very
difficult at all.

  Now, Sima Shi guards the third castle with Xiahou Ba and Huang You.
is a bit harder. Sima Shi and Huang You can be big problems, so dispose
them somehow. But Xiahou Ba is also very strong... so pick an order of
attack and follow it before Jin Xian comes into play. Then, the elder
flees to Luo Yang.

  You'll now come to the village with the temple... brings old memories,

no? Take a deep breath, heal up, and head for Luoyang.

  Sima Shi and Sima Zhao holds at the gate with Dian Man, Dong Heng, and
Outlaw Army. This battle is pretty hard actually. Dispose of Dian Man
Dong Heng ASAP and work your best to route Sima Shi. Sima Zhao should
afterwards. But conserve your tactic points and items... right after
resistance is defeated, you will be met by Sima Yi.

  The cool battle music plays one last time in the battle that will
the fate of China. Sima Yi strikes with Zhang He and Xu Huang (the two
fighters left in Wei), and the Xiahou brothers Wei and Ba, sons of
Yuan and able fighters. This is truly a hard battle, since you just had
a battle beforewards. Since most of the opponents are fighters, it is
to neutralize them (a good way to do this is with a single Ji Mian or Ba

Gua, although I prefer Ji Mian since Ba Gua does not have other
that I know of) first. Or, an alternative is just An Sha the four off
by one if you are not using Zhuge Liang as tactician. This will seem
but the problem of Sima Yi is still there. He is a hard hitter himself,
will not hesitate to heal himself either! If you use Zhuge Liang, you
stop his commands with Ce Mian. So there is a tradeoff here, similar to
the battle of Destiny of an Emperor I. Save those Power Pills. They
definately come in handy.

  After the battle, step into Luoyang and talk to the people. Finally,
in the palace. Enjoy the ending!

-                             S  T  A  T  S                                -

-Generals (alpha. order by last name (The first word of a general's name)-
-       Name        -  STR  -  INT  -  AGI  -  SLDR  - Weapons -  Terrain  -
-  ?????????        -  245  -  180  -  160  -  3000  -  saber  -  plains   -
-  Bian Xi          -  110  -   90  -   90  -   380  -  sword  -  plains   -
-  Bao Long         -  125  -   90  -  115  -  2900  -  spear  -          -
-  Cai He           -   75  -   80  -   55  -  2100  -  sword  -          -
-  Cai Mao          -  165  -  160  -  155  -  2300  -  sword  -
water    -
-  Cai Yang         -  180  -  120  -  115  -   680  -  sword
-          -
-  Cai Zhong        -   80  -   75  -   45  -  2000  -  sword
-          -
-  Cai Xun          -  100  -   70  -   95  -  2200  -  sword  -
water    -
-  Cao Cao          -  215  -  230  -  155  -  9800  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Cao Chun         -  160  -   80  -   95  -  7500  -   axe
-          -
-  Cao Ren          -  205  -  155  -  100  -  1900  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Cao Xiu          -  185  -  170  -  110  -  9000  -  spear
-          -
-  Cao Zhang        -  235  -  150  -  175  -  9400  -  spear  -
plains   -
-  Cao Zhen         -  165  -  140  -  120  -  9200  -  sword
-          -
-  Cao Zhi          -   40  -  205  -   95  -  8200  -   bow
-          -
-  Che Zhou         -  140  -   85  -   75  -   700  -  sword
-          -
-  Chen Deng (J)    -   50  -  160  -   30  -   280  -  sword
-          -
-  Chen Jiao        -   50  -  195  -   95  -  4100  -  sword
-          -
-  Chen Lan         -  160  -   60  -   55  -   250  -  sword
-          -
-  Chen Xi          -  160  -   60  -   85  -  8200  -   axe
-          -
-  Chen Yi          -  100  -   90  -   85  -  7300  -  sword
-          -
-  Chen Ying        -  150  -   45  -  125  -  3000  -  sword
-          -
-  Cheng Yi         -  110  -   90  -   85  -  3900  -  sword
-          -
-  Cheng Yin        -  145  -  100  -  100  -  4500  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Cheng Yu         -   75  -  225  -   65  -   480  -  sword
-          -
-  Chin Chi         -   90  -   50  -   75  -   420  -  sword
-          -
-  Da Se (Big Snake)-  210  -   10  -  200  -  1350  -         -
mountain -
-  Deng Xian        -   75  -  135  -  100  -  4000  -  sword
-          -
-  Dian Man         -  195  -   65  -  105  -  8800  -   axe   -
mountain -
-  Dian Wei         -  230  -   65  -  135  -  9400  -  spear  -
mountain -
-  Dong He          -   85  -  160  -   65  -  4700  -  sword
-          -
-  Dong Heng        -  195  -  105  -   95  -  8600  -   axe   -
mountain -
-  Du Xi            -  160  -  150  -  110  -  8200  -  saber
-          -
-  Fa Zheng         -  110  -  205  -   75  -  vary  -  sword
-          -
-  Fei Guan         -  115  -   95  -   70  -  5600  -  sword
-          -
-  Fei Shi          -   70  -  130  -   90  -  5700  -  sword
-          -
-  Fu Gan           -  165  -   60  -   55  -  8400  -  spear
-          -
-  Fu Wan           -  120  -  170  -  125  -  7600  -  sword
-          -
-  Gao Pei          -  135  -   99  -   90  -  6100  -  sword
-          -
-  Gao Shun         -  120  -   75  -   95  -  7500  -  sword
-          -
-  Gong Du          -  120  -   75  -   65  -  1500  -  sword
-          -
-  Guan Suo (J)     -  250  -  160  -  135  -  vary  -  saber
-          -
-  Guan Xing (J)    -  235  -  175  -  150  -  vary  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Guan Yu (J)      -  245  -  180  -  160  -   185  -  saber  -
plains   -
-  Guan Ping (J)    -  160  -  110  -  100  -  vary  -  saber
-          -
-  Guo Jia          -   75  -  230  -   50  -  8400  -  sword
-          -
-  Guo Si           -  135  -   85  -   85  -  3000  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Guo Tu           -  195  -  100  -   65  -   800  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Guo Yi           -   75  -  220  -   85  -  8600  -  sword
-          -
-  Han Fu           -   85  -   55  -  128  -   350  -  sword
-          -
-  Han Hao          -  105  -   95  -   60  -  2900  -  sword
-          -
-  Han Hao          -   75  -   60  -   60  -  7200  -  sword
-          -
-  Han Sui          -  140  -  110  -   75  -   800  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Han Xuan         -   85  -   50  -   80  -  3600  -  sword
-          -
-  Hao Zhao         -  210  -  175  -  125  -  9400  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  He Yi            -   80  -   45  -   85  -  1200  -  sword
-          -
-  Heng Huan        -  100  -  100  -   75  -  7200  -  sword
-          -
-  Hou Cheng        -  185  -  120  -  115  -  4200  -   bow   -
plains   -
-  Hou Cheng        -  175  -  110  -   75  -  7600  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Hou Xuan         -  185  -  120  -  115  -  4200  -   bow   -
plains   -
-  Hua Xin          -   70  -  180  -   75  -  7800  -  sword
-          -
-  Huang Quan       -   65  -  165  -  105  -  6400  -  sword
-          -
-  Huang Zhu        -  130  -   45  -  128  -  1900  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Huang Shao       -  105  -   60  -   95  -  1400  -  sword
-          -
-  Huang You        -   90  -  205  -   75  -  8400  -  sword
-          -
-  Huang Zhong (J)  -  220  -  175  -  150  -  3400  -   bow   -
mountain -
-  Huo Jun          -  115  -  105  -   18  -  6700  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Ji Ling (T)      -  155  -   70  -  100  -   270  -  sword
-          -
-  Jiang Wan (J)    -  140  -  195  -   18  -  vary  -  sword
-          -
-  Jiang Wei (J)    -  210  -  240  -  245  -  8400  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Jiang Yong       -   35  -  160  -   85  -  7200  -  sword
-          -
-  Jiangy Qui       -  170  -   80  -   65  -  8600  -  spear
-          -
-  Jiao Rong        -   80  -   40  -   65  -  1700  -  spear  -
water    -
-  Jin Hui          -   80  -  105  -   90  -  7100  -  sword
-          -
-  Jin Xuan         -   95  -  105  -   55  -  1800  -  sword
-          -
-  Kong Xin         -   75  -   70  -   55  -   320  -  sword
-          -
-  Kuai Yue         -   45  -  175  -   60  -  1600  -  sword
-          -
-  Lei Bo           -  175  -   80  -   80  -   280  -  sword
-          -
-  Lei Tong         -  205  -   99  -   95  -  5400  -  spear  -
mountain -
-  Leng Bao         -  150  -  115  -  125  -  4700  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Liao Hua (J)     -  170  -  100  -   85  -  4600  -   axe   -
mountain -
-  Li Dian          -  130  -  100  -  105  -   750  -  sword
-          -
-  Li Feng          -  140  -   65  -   75  -   270  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Li Su            -  135  -   60  -  100  -  2800  -  sword
-          -
-  Li Tong          -  165  -  145  -  100  -  8400  -  sword
-          -
-  Li Yan           -  190  -  125  -  130  -  5800  -   bow   -
plains   -
-  Li Zhan          -  130  -  110  -   90  -  4000  -   bow
-          -
-  Liang Gang       -   85  -   45  -   45  -   240  -  sword
-          -
-  Liang Xing       -  175  -   55  -  100  -  8400  -  sword
-          -
-  Liang Ji         -  105  -   90  -   65  -   220  -  sword
-          -
-  Liu Bei (J)      -  130  -  200  -   85  -   250  -  sword
-          -
-    His wives (T)  -    0  -    0  -    0  -     0  -
-          -
-  Liu Ba           -  145  -  190  -  130  -  5400  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Liu Bi           -   95  -   80  -   70  -  1300  -  sword
-          -
-  Liu Du           -  130  -   95  -   30  -  3300  -  sword
-          -
-  Liu Kui          -  115  -  100  -  110  -  5600  -  sword
-          -
-  Liu Xun          -  140  -  105  -  110  -  5900  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Liu Yan          -  125  -  115  -  110  -  2300  -  sword
-          -
-  Liu Ye           -   40  -  165  -   65  -  8600  -  sword
-          -
-  Liu Ye           -   90  -  195  -   25  -  8200  -  sword
-          -
-  Liu Zhang        -  115  -  160  -   80  -  6500  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Lu Bu            -  255  -   50  -  145  -  vary  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Lu Kai           -   25  -  185  -   65  -  4800  -  sword
-          -
-  Lu Kuang         -  170  -   55  -   95  -  1800  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Lu Gong          -   75  -   35  -   55  -  1650  -  sword
-          -
-  Lu Qian          -  160  -  125  -   90  -  7600  -  sword
-          -
-  Lu Su (T)        -  105  -  235  -   65  -  1400  -  sword
-          -
-  Lu Xiang         -  150  -   55  -  100  -  1700  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Lu Yi            -  170  -  100  -  105  -   450  -  sword
-          -
-  Lu Zhao (T)      -   95  -   50  -   65  -   350  -  spear
-          -
-  Lu Zheng         -  165  -   80  -  115  -  8400  -  spear
-          -
-  Ma Chao (J)      -  240  -  130  -  175  -  4600  -  spear  -
plains   -
-  Ma Dai (J)       -  230  -  170  -  135  -  4400  -  spear  -
plains   -
-  Ma Liang (J)     -   45  -  235  -   90  -  vary  -  sword
-          -
-  Ma Su (J)        -  170  -  210  -  110  -  vary  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Ma Wan           -  140  -   65  -  105  -  7500  -  sword
-          -
-  Ma Yan           -  125  -  100  -   85  -  7200  -  spear
-          -
-  Mao Jie          -  130  -  100  -   90  -  7600  -  sword
-          -
-  Mu Shun          -   95  -   70  -   60  -  7200  -  sword
-          -
-  Pang De          -  235  -  110  -  125  -  4100  -  spear  -
plains   -
-  Pang De          -  235  -   75  -  125  -  9400  -  spear  -
plains   -
-  Pang Tong (J)    -  150  -  245  -  125  -  vary  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Qui Ji           -   70  -   75  -   55  -  7000  -  sword
-          -
-  Se (snake)       -   70  -    5  -  100  -   520  -
-          -
-  Shen Pei         -  120  -  180  -  115  -  8600  -  sword
-          -
-  Sima Shi         -  100  -  240  -  175  -  9600  -  spear
-          -
-  Sima Yi          -  205  -  250  -  210  -  9999  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Sima Zhao        -  120  -  230  -  155  -  9400  -  saber
-          -
-  Song Xian        -  150  -   90  -  100  -   480  -   bow
-          -
-  Tian Feng        -  155  -  190  -   35  -   580  -  sword
-          -
-  Wang Bi          -   95  -   80  -  125  -  7100  -  sword
-          -
-  Wang Can         -   40  -  185  -  105  -  1650  -  sword
-          -
-  Wang Kang        -  105  -   95  -   95  -  4900  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Wang Kuang       -  105  -   80  -   65  -  7300  -  sword
-          -
-  Wang Lang        -   40  -  165  -   25  -  7600  -  sword
-          -
-  Wang Lei         -   45  -  170  -   90  -  5800  -  sword
-          -
-  Wang Zhi         -   50  -  130  -   45  -   400  -  sword
-          -
-  Wei Huang        -   85  -   90  -   60  -  7000  -  sword
-          -
-  Wei Xu           -  170  -  105  -   90  -   480  -  sword
-          -
-  Wei Yan (J)      -  240  -   90  -  130  -  3200  -   axe   -
mountain -
-  Wen Chou (T)     -  235  -   45  -   70  -   680  -  spear  -
plains   -
-  Wen Pin          -  175  -   45  -   50  -  1800  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Wu Lan (J)       -  195  -  105  -  100  -  4800  -  spear  -
mountain -
-  Xiahou De        -  170  -  135  -  110  -  8000  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Xiahou Dun       -  230  -  155  -  115  -  vary  -  spear  -
plains   -
-  Xiahou Mao       -  100  -   80  -   70  -  9000  -  sword
-          -
-  Xiahou Shang     -  175  -  140  -  100  -  9200  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Xiahou Yuan      -  215  -  150  -  105  -  7800  -  spear  -
plains   -
-  Xingdao Rong     -  180  -   35  -  115  -  2600  -   axe   -
plains   -
-  Xu Huang         -  225  -  120  -  115  -  9200  -   axe   -
mountain -
-  Xu Zhu           -  240  -   50  -  140  -  9600  -  spear  -
plains   -
-  Xun You          -   90  -  230  -   75  -  8400  -  sword
-          -
-  Xun Yu           -   95  -  240  -   85  -  9200  -  sword
-          -
-  Yan Liang (T)    -  230  -   55  -   95  -   600  -  spear  -
mountain -
-  Yan Pu           -   70  -  155  -   95  -  2800  -  sword
-          -
-  Yan Yan (J)      -  200  -  160  -  135  -  5600  -  spear  -
mountain -
-  Yang Ang         -  155  -   70  -  105  -  3900  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Yang Bai         -  150  -   85  -   85  -  4400  -  sword
-          -
-  Yang Huai        -  175  -  105  -  115  -  5200  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Yang Ling        -  175  -  120  -   85  -  2400  -  sword  -
water    -
-  Yang Ping        -  165  -   70  -   95  -  4300  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Yang Ren         -  146  -  160  -  110  -  3600  -  sword
-          -
-  Yang Xiu         -   75  -  225  -   80  -  8600  -  sword
-          -
-  Yang Xiu         -  160  -   85  -   90  -  7600  -  sword
-          -
-  Yi Ji (J)        -   40  -  185  -   45  -  vary  -  sword
-          -
-  Yu Jin           -  130  -  115  -   45  -   820  -  sword
-          -
-  Yuan Shu         -  190  -  135  -  115  -   400  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Yuan Yin         -   60  -  165  -   60  -   320  -  sword
-          -
-  Yue Jin          -  125  -   75  -   55  -   500  -  sword
-          -
-  Yue Jiu          -  150  -  115  -   70  -   150  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Zhang Bao (J)    -  240  -   90  -  145  -  vary  -  spear
-          -
-  Zhang Fei (J)    -  255  -   60  -  120  -   180  -  spear  -
mountain -
-  Zhang He         -  225  -  160  -  120  -  9400  -  spear  -
mountain -
-  Zhang Heng       -  180  -   75  -  120  -  4600  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Zhang Ji         -   65  -  160  -   45  -  3200  -  sword
-          -
-  Zhang Liao       -  230  -  205  -  175  -  9400  -  saber  -
plains   -
-  Zhang Lu         -  170  -  190  -  175  -  5100  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Zhang Nan        -  100  -   40  -   75  -  2100  -  sword  -
water    -
-  Zhang Ren        -  205  -  155  -  150  -  6200  -  sword  -
mountain -
-  Zhang Su         -   60  -  165  -   80  -  5300  -  sword
-          -
-  Zhang Wei        -  180  -   80  -  110  -  4200  -  spear  -
mountain -
-  Zhang Xu         -  120  -   35  -   85  -   270  -  sword
-          -
-  Zhang Yi         -  160  -   75  -   90  -  7300  -  sword
-          -
-  Zhang Yun        -  130  -  145  -   90  -  1750  -   bow   -
water    -
-  Zhao Fan         -  130  -   95  -   90  -  3200  -  sword  -
plains   -
-  Zhao Yun (J)     -  240  -  200  -  180  -   535  -  spear  -
plains   -
-  Zhou Cang (J)    -  165  -   80  -   75  -   550  -   axe   -
mountain -
-  Zhu Guang        -  105  -   85  -   55  -  7200  -  sword
-          -
-  Zhu Ling         -  120  -   75  -   45  -   380  -  sword
-          -
-  Zhuge Liang (J)  -   80  -  255  -  155  -  vary  -  sword  -
plains   -

(J) Joins you AND Gains more soldiers at level-up. If they come later in

    the game, then men number will not be listed because they may vary.
    they both fight you and joins you, then the number listed will be
    army as an enemy.
(T) Joins you TEMPORILY. They will not increase soldier level as you

-Individual Generals-
(NOTE: These may have different army numbers. The list tells the
       order of occurence of change)

(1)Xiahou Dun has 1400 and 3600 soldiers at Luo Yang and Xiang Yang,
(2)Lu Bu usually has 3800 soldiers, but he has only 2500 in Gui Yang
   you fight him.
(3)Two Yang Xius... the top one (smarter) is not in the Chencang battle
   while the bottom one is.
(4)Two Hou Chengs. The second one is in Cao Cao's army.
(5)Pang De seems to change his stats in the game once.

-    Name    - Def. Value -  Price  -
-  Cotton    -       5    -    150  -
-  Leather   -      10    -    300  -
-  Copper    -      15    -    600  -
-  Iron      -      25    -   1500  -
-  Steel     -      40    -   4000  -
-  Flame     -      60    -  10000  -
-  Dragon    -            -  40000  -
-  Great     -      75    -   none  -
--------                            --------
-Helmet-                            -Shield-

-    Name    - Def. Value -  Price  -    Name    - Def. Value -  Price

-  Bandana   -       5    -     75  -  Wooden    -       5    -     75
-  Cap       -      10    -    100  -  Leather   -      10    -    100
-  Copper    -      15    -    200  -  Scale     -      15    -    500
-  Iron      -      20    -   2000  -  Copper    -      25    -   1000
-  Steel     -      30    -   4000  -  Iron      -      40    -   2000
-  Wind      -      40    -         -  Steel     -      50    -   4000
-  Sky                              -  Flame     -      60    -  30000
                                    -  Thunder   -      80    -



-    Name    -  Cose  -
Use                        -

- Herbal P.  -    50  - Heals 100
HP                                       -
- Copper P.  -   100  - Heals 500
HP                                       -
- Silver P.  -   200  - Heals 1000
HP                                      -
- Gold P.    -
-                                                    -
- Smoke      -   300  - Gives a period of time with no random
battles      -
- Power Pill -   300  - Automatic critical
hit                             -
- Revive P.  -   100  - Revives a fallen
general                           -
- Tactics P. -  2500  - Increases 30 Tactic
Points                         -
- Tent       -  1000  - Heals entire party (like in an Inn) in World
Map   -
- Steed      -  2000  - Raises Agility by 10 when
equipped                 -
- Chi Tu Ma  -  none  - Doubles speed of walking when
equipped             -
- Guantlet   -  none  - Raises Attack Power by 20 when
equipped            -
- Treatise   -  none  - Raises Intelligence by 20 when
equipped            -

- Map          -  Used to see the map of China and your
location           -
- Shu Map      -  A map of the Shu
area                                    -
- King's L.    -  Give to Yuan Shao to show your
help                      -
- Hu Ban L.    -  Give to Hu Ban, from his
father                          -
- Intro L.     -  Give to Hua Tuo to cure Jiang Wei's
mother               -
- Saltpeter    -  Ingredient for
gunpowder                                 -
- Deadwood     -  Ingredient for
gunpowder                                 -
- Gunpowder    -  Use to blow up the rock near Xiang
Yang                  -
- Wind S.      -  Lady Miko's scroll of taming the
wind                    -
- Arrow Storm  -  Cao Cao's weapon of 1 million
arrows                     -
- Tally Order  -  The document Cao Cao gave to Chen
Jiao                   -
- Sack         -  The Brocade Sack with Pang Tong's strategies in
it       -
- Sake         -  Give to the man in Xiang Yang for
information            -
- Third L.     -  Give to Meng Da to lend
passage                          -
- Task Map     -  Important to conquering
Shu                              -
- TNT          -  To set fire on
Mianzhu                                   -
- Pious S.     -  Uses HuoShen on all
enemies                              -
- Water S.     -  Uses ShuiLong on all
enemies                             -
- Doomsday S.  -  Uses JiShi on all
enemies                                -
- War S.       -  Uses random
tactic?                                      -
- Cloudbrst S. -  Zhuge Liang can call rain with
this                      -
- Crossbow     -  Attacks all
enemies                                      -
- Tea          -  Give to Cui
Zhouping                                     -
- Water        -  Give to Cui
Zhouping                                     -
- Tea Set      -  Give to Cui
Zhouping                                     -

-Weapons(by class)*-
-    Name    - Att. Value -  Price  -
- Short      -      10    -    100  -
- Copper     -      20    -    300  -
- Iron       -      40    -    800  -
- Thunder    -      80    -   2000  -
- Dragon     -     120    -   5000  -
- Barrage    -      90    -  10000  - Hits twice
- NuLong     -     200    -  25000  -
- Heaven     -     220    -   none  -
- QingGang
- Club       -      10    -     88  -
- Copper     -      20    -    200  -
- Iron       -      40    -    500  -
- Steel      -      80    -   1500  -
- Ice        -     120    -   5000  -
- Void       -     150    -  35000  -
- Power      -     200    -         -
- Dragon     -     220    -         -
- Snake      -     235    -   none  -
- Wood       -      10    -     80  -
- Copper     -      20    -    150  -
- Iron       -      40    -    400  -
- Steel      -      80    -   1000  -
- QingLong   -     120    -   4000  -
- Emperor    -            -  12000  -
- CunYu      -            -         -
- Moon       -            -         -
- ZengZong
- Stone      -      10    -     80  -
- Copper     -      20    -    200  -
- Iron       -      40    -    500  -
- Steel      -      80    -   1500  -
- Fire       -     120    -   6000  -
- Tiger      -            -         -
- Double     -            -         -
- Thin       -            -         -
- Thunder
- Copper     -      12    -         -
- Steel      -      50    -   3000  -
- Flame      -            -   6000  -
- Ice        -      90    -  15000  -
- Doublemoon -            -         -
- Youyuu     -            -   none  -
- LiGuang    -
 * Order (from top to bottom): Sword, Spear, Saber, Axe, Bow


-                    H  I  D  D  E  N    I  T  E  M
S                     -

Region                Item           Location

Jingzhou Castle       Iron Sword      NE corner from palace, near water
Chaisang Castle       Deadwood        Front of bush near "Gunpowder" Man

Jingzhou Castle       Tally Order     By throne after battle or Red
Nanjun Castle         Steel Armor     Intersection of south and west
Han Castle            Thunder Sword   Directly behind the palace
Village near Guiyang  Tactic Elixir   On west side of small lake.
Guiyang Castle        Iron Helmet     Northwestern corner
Outside Wuling Castle Steel Spear     Between 3 bushes to northwest, by
Cape west of Wuling   Steel Shield    South of Gong Zhi
Cape west of Wuling   Tactic Elixir   Right and up from Gong Zhi
Fushui Castle         Flame Armor     Between 3 bushes by northwest
Xiameng Citadel       Revive Elixir   To right of small tower at top
Yangping Citadel      Tactic Elixir   Along south wall in gap between
Nanzheng Citadel      Tent            Middle east wall in gap between
Hanzhong Castle       Tiger Axe       Northeastern corner
Ba Castle             Tent            Northeastern Corner
Ba Citadel            Ice Spear       Southwest side behind trees
North Mountain        Silver Nugget   Middle east side by cliff and bush

Jianning Castle       Flame Armor     Northwest side, between 3 trees
Yinping Castle        War Scroll      Behind the palace on left side
Yinping Castle        Steel Helmet    One tile above the southwest
Mianzu Citadel        Dragon Armor    Near barricaded gate, right and up

Longyou Castle        Water Scroll    Right of north gate, by bushes
Longyou Castle        Doomsday Scroll Northwest from Inn, in trees
Longyou Castle        Fire Scroll     Northwest corner, down one tile
Nan'an Castle         Void Spear      Northeastern area below palace
Anding Castle         Emperor Sword   Northwestern corner
Anding Castle         Silver Nugget   Southwestern house among trees
Tianshui Castle       Great Armor     Near first tree (NE) of last
Tianshui Castle       Barrage Sword   Near last tree of (SW) of last
Beidi Citadel         Gold Elixir     Southeastern corner
Xialuo Village        Speed Shoes     Bottom farm row left of entrance
Xialuo Village        Silver Nugget   Northwestern corner
Luo Castle            Gold Nugget     Left of entrance
Luo Castle            Halfmoon  Bow   Behind billeting
Qishan Citadel        Barrage Sword   Southeastern corner, above trees
Sili Citadel          Gold Nugget     Below the Item Shop, next to wall
Wuzhangyuan Citadel   Thunder Axe     From north gate, 6 down and 1 left

Chang'an Castle       Power Nugget    By bush next to Snake Spear Man
Chang'an Castle       Thin Axe        From gate, up 15, left 17, up 9
Chang'an Castle       Fortune Shield  From Armory, right 7, up 1


-                         O  D  D  I  T  I  E
S                           -

1) Chen Jian - Chen Jiao
2) Def. Tactics - Formation Tactics
3) Liu Yan, you mean Liu Bi?
4) Lu Bu has 2500?
5) Guan Ping's WHAT increases?
6) Castle in Guan Yu's journey?
7) Lord Bei? Lord Liu.
8) Ling Cao? Liao Hua.
9) Reunite with? Guan Yu and Liu Bei? Zhang Fei.
10) Luo Yang? Then what was the beginning castle.
11) Chen Deng problem.
12) Han Zhong army?
13) Graphixs changed for Zhuge Liang and them?
14) Ling Bao? Leng Bao.
15) Yang Bai?
16) Order castle? At order? pointer mistake...
17) Liu Bei used a Xu Luo tactic? San Kai?
18) Hou Xuan = Hou Cheng?
19) Some castle nw of Cheng Du, Luoxian?
20) in acting as if
21) Jiang Wan's strategy -> Zhang He? Dong He.
22) Two Han Haos?
23) The two fights before Xiahou Yuan
24) Jiangy Qui? #@#Q$!
25) Hou Cheng changes? Pang De changes?
26) Wang Kang? Kang Kuang? I need to definately check this.
27) Hua Tuo says "i'll help the lady?"
28) Why not call the Pious Scroll Fire Scroll?
29) Crossbow is not a good name.
30) Was the Wang Lang/Zhang He battle at the second Beidi seige
31) Beiyuan pass?
32) Xu Chu! Not Xu Zhu.

-                           C  R  E  D  I  T
S                            -
Special thanks to:
Destiny Translations/Magic Translations/Gaijin Productions/The Vale, for
translating this great game! :)
Capcom, for making this great game! :)
Fans of Destiny, for enjoying this great game! :)
Bill Flemming (of Destiny Trans. ), for offering me the opportunity to create
this FAQ and being a semi beta-tester.
Contributors, for giving me help and support I need.
Luo Guanzhong, who wrote the great novel "Three Kingdoms"
Musashi, for helping me and being a generally cool guy.
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