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Builder/Forging/Weaponry FAQ v2.0

By Marcus Dion (marcus@digital-legacy.net)

(no, there ain't no fancy artwork.  It ain't the drawing that matters, it's

- 07/11/02: Added new information and credits.  Edited existing information to
reflect changes.
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Greetings one and all.  This FAQ is to assist you in getting acquainted with
everything related to the Forge ability.  Knowing this ability and making use
of it can mean victory.  Not familiarizing yourself with its function can mean
certain defeat against certain powerful rulers.  My goal is to provide you with
the tools necessary to make use of the Forge skill, to know what to build when,
and to make best use of the different weapons and armory types that are
available to you.

First, you need to know about the different types of materials that are used. 
Some Arms can be created using one of the materials; others need a combination
of one or more.  Some Arms require special abilities to make use of them.  All
of these different things will be explained in further detail later on.

Now, the materials:

ORE:        A special type of metal.
LUMBER:     Of course, wood.
HORSE:      Pretty self-explanatory.  It's a horse.
LEATHER:    Self-Explanatory.  Leather.
RATTAN:     As I understand it, this is similar to bamboo, or a palm (tree)
with rough stems.
SULFUR:     A non-metallic element.  One of the components of gunpowder.
NITRATE:    NO3 (if you know chemistry, this is the symbol). Normally found in
fertilizer, but also one of the components of gunpowder.

Note that not every city will have certain materials, and there are actually a
few cities that own exclusive rights to certain materials.  This means that if
you want to build a unit that consists of multiple materials, you'll need to
control both cities as  well as have a high enough Tech rating in one or the
other, but it doesn't need to be both.  So for example, if you wanted to build
"Armor", you need Ore and Leather.  So you'd need to control one city that has
Ore, one city that has Leather, and a Tech rating of at least 100 in one of the
two cities.

Some Material-Exclusive cities are:

Yun Nan - RATTAN
Yong Chang, Ling Ling - SULFUR

Because of this, there will be quite a few unit types that you will not be able
to use because you don't have the correct elements, and you will have to fight
somewhat to get control.  It may be tedious, but it will be worth it in the end
when you have powerful units.

Next, a rundown of each Arm that can be Forged:

BOW:  300 Gold, 100 Tech.  Requires LUMBER.
- Foot units can attack with arrows.  This is the basic of the weapons, and is
not very strong.  In order to attack a unit with the Bow, you must be right
next to them.  Unlike the crossbow, it does not allow you to shoot multiple
spaces on the map.  It is still very useful for getting in on combined attacks
without provoking a return attack on your turn (for weaker officers).

TENG JIA: 100 Gold, 200 Tech, Requires: RATTAN
- Forms Teng Jia units.  Basically, these are units that have special armor
that helps to protect them somewhat.  If you've played Dynasty Warriors 3, do
you remember the Nanman Elites?  They were Teng Jia units.  Teng Jia have
slightly greater mobility than other units and their armor helps protect them
against archer attacks, but they have a hard time with fire attacks.

ARMOR: 800 Gold, 100 Tech, Requires: ORE, LEATHER
- With [Horse] and [Harness], forms Cavalry units.  Armor is an Arm that is 1
of 3 that makes up a battle armament.  When you have this, Horse, and Harness,
it turns into an Armored Cavalry unit, which is an upgraded version of the
regular Horse.

CROSSBOW: 500 Gold, 300 Tech, Requires: LUMBER
- Crossbow units can be formed.  This Arm is an upgrade of the Bow.  While
slower, it is more powerful an attack than the Bow due to its automatic nature.
 They are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

ARBALEST: 1200 Gold, 400 Tech, Requires: LUMBER, "Invent" ability
- Crossbow units can fire arrows twice per attack.  This is basically an
enhancement to a Crossbow unit, so it doesn't need to be equipped.  What it
does is allow the owner, as a Crossbow unit, to shoot two consecutive times,
instead of the normal one.  This means double the damage without chance of
counterattack (unless the enemy has the Counter ability and is also a
Bow/Crossbow unit).

TOWER: 1500 Gold, 600 Tech, Requires: LUMBER, LEATHER
- Tower units can be formed.  Towers allow archers to shoot directly at the
enemy units on the walls in a siege battle.  They function as a "Foot" unit on
the regular Field battle, however.

CATAPULT: 2000 Gold, 700 Tech, Requires: LUMBER, LEATHER, "Invent" ability
- Catapult units can be formed.  SO far, what information I've gathered from
the many gamers who have replied to me and gave me great tips is culminated
into this.  It's known for a fact that, when equipped, Catapult units will
function just like regular Foot units in the Field battle.  In the Siege, the
Catapults add to the strength of a unit and cause that unit to fling rocks at
either the enemies on top of the gate or the gate itself, depending on the
function selected.  If anyone has any other information or different
information, please email.

ELEPHANT: 10000 Gold, 0 Tech, Requires: ORE, RATTAN, "Tame" ability, Yong Chang
- Elephant units can be formed.  This is the most unique of the units, for a
few reasons.  First, you MUST have the "Tame" ability to be able to "Forge"
them.  Second, you must be in control of Yong Chang.  For those that aren't
familiar, Yong Chang is right about where the Nanman capital would be, which is
why elephant units can only be found there.  On top of all that, you must have
the Ore and Rattan elements.  Elephant units are slow, but powerful.  These are
useful when used with the "Charge" command in battle.  Wood Ox seems to stop
Elephant troops, however.

HORSE: 500 Gold, 0 Tech, Requires: HORSE (duh)
- Forms Horse units.  When combined with [Harness] and [Armor], forms Cavalry. 
This is the most versatile of the units and can be deadly if used correctly. 
You can "Forge" the Horse and use it in battle as is for added mobility, or you
can also forge the Armor and Harness and combine those to use Cavalry for
mobility as well as defense; the choice is yours.

HARNESS: 1000 Gold, 200 Tech, Requires: ORE, HORSE
- When combined with [Horse] and [Armor], forms Cavalry units.  By itself, the
Harness is useless.  But when combined with the Horse and Armor, it forms
armored Cavalry units to use in battle.

SHIP: 1000 Gold, 0 Tech, Requires: LUMBER, Port City
- Movement increases in rivers and shoals.  This item allows a unit to move
more easily in water-laden battlefields.  They can only be constructed in Port
cities, for obvious reasons.  You can find out if a city is a Port city by
going to the city information screen (hold X).  There should be a little
picture that says "Port", or "Academy", or "Metropolis".

BARGE: 2500 Gold, 500 Tech, Requires: LUMBER, ORE, Port City, "Navy" skill
-  Allows for faster travel over water routes.

FIREBALL: 3000 Gold, 900 Tech, Requires: SULFUR, NITRATE, ORE, LUMBER, "Invent"
- The Fireball goes along with the catapults and allows the catapults to shoot
fireballs instead of normal rocks.  It is extremely effective in siege battles.
 Explodes in flames, like fire arrows, only for catapult.

WOOD OX: 4000 Gold, 1000 Tech, Requires: LUMBER, ORE, SULFUR, NITRATE, "Invent"
-  Increases Offensive/Defensive power of foot troops against elephant troops.

The "Invent" skill is required anytime you need to create a higher level
weapon, above and beyond Foot, Teng Jia, Horse/Cavalry, and Bow/Crossbow.  The
person building the weapon needs the ability.


Much thanks to everyone who emailed me with the answers to a lot of the
questions; it helps to make an excellent source of information in any guide,
not just this one.  In no particular order:

kongming.net Webmaster
fox93 "The Fox"
Yong Heng Wu Fang
Ben Fiedor
Shu Takazama

This guide was written by Marcus Dion, for Digital Legacy Networks.  Please
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