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by: jzdman
v1.8  10/29/01

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!!!Revision History!!!

Version 1.8 (10/29/01)- fixed Marcus Dion's (ReVeLaTeD) RTK site address
                      - added 'Name of Power' section
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Version 1.7 (8/09/01) - added 'Gameshark Codes' section (under 'Cheats'
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Version 1.3 (6/02/01) - added 'Triggering Scenes' section
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Version 1.2 (5/31/01) - added 'Full Scenarios' section
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Version 1.0 (5/15/01) - everything is new!


     A. Main Menu
     B. In-game Menu
     C. Battle Menu
     D. City Window
     A. If you're the attacker
     B. If you're the one attacked
    A. Horses
    B. Weapons
    C. Weapons (Secret)
    D. Maps
    E. Literature
    F. Healing Books
    G. Miscellaneous
    A. The Yellow Turbans
    B. Dong Zhuo's Ambition
    C. The Warring Lords
    D. The Fight for He-Bei
    E. The Dragon & The Phoenix
    F. Liu Bei, King of Han-Zhong
    G. A Fallen Star; End of an Era
     A. The Volunteer Army
     B. The War with Lu Bu
     C. Unification of He-Bei
     D. Emperor Yuan Shu
     E. The Battle of Chi-Bi
     F. Ma Chao's Revenge
     G. The Officer's List
      A. The Yellow Turbans
      B. Dong Zhuo's Ambition
      C. The Warring Lords
      D. The Fight for He-Bei
      E. The Dragon & The Phoenix
      F. Liu Bei, King of Han-Zhong
      G. A Fallen Star; End of an Era
     A. Scenario 1->2 Transition
    A. Policy
    B. Tactics
       A. Non - Gameshark Cheats
       B. Gameshark Codes
       A. General Gameplay Tips
       B. Officer's Tips
       C. Reader's Tips (!NEW!)

* - Under Construction


ROTK6 is a strategy game mixed with some RPG elements. The setting is
during the Imperial Han Dynasty, 2nd Century AD. You play as one of the
Rulers trying to unify China under one rule. You forge alliances,
battle other rulers for control over a city, recruit officers, find
items and please or betray the Emperor for your own purposes. ROTK6
requires a lot of thinking and time. You can't finish a full scenario
in one day unless you play for about more than 4 hours or so. The game
is also a bit difficult especially if you're a beginner. Don't worry
though, this FAQ will help you understand the game better.


The controls in ROTK6 are simple:

X - select item in the menu
O - cancel
L1/R1 - During Civil mode, go to next/previous city
        During battle, go to next/previous officer

============THE MENU=============

I. New Game - Start a new:
                     a. Full Scenario
                     b. Short Scenario

II. Load Game - If you have previously saved a game, you can load it here
III. New Officer - Create/Modify/Delete Created Officers.
IV. Coming Attraction  view a trailer of KOEI's next game


I. Civil - where you assign civil tasks to your officers:

a. Farming
b. Commerce
c. Public Safety

II. Army

a. War - attempt to occupy a nearby city. If the city is occupied, you
will battle with the officers who are in the city

b. Aid - if you already have a force preparing to attack, you can send
reinforcements to help them.

c. Drft (Draft)- draft troops. The type of troops you draft depends on
what city you are in. The number of troops you can draft depends on the
leadership of the officer you assigned to draft. You can only draft in
a city once a month. Also when you draft, the population of t

d. Raid - don't use this option unless you really need some gold/food.
This will raid the town and collect food and gold. This will affect
your PR and PS.

e. Trap - set traps in your city so when other rulers attack, they will
be caught in the trap during the battle.

III. Move

a. Men - Move officer(s) and let them bring troops with them. You can
only move to nearby cities.

b. Off (Officer) - Unlike Men, this will only allow officer(s) to move
w/o troops. You can move to any city you own.

IV. Dipl (Diplomacy)

a. Ally - Forge alliances with other rulers. This is useful at the
start of the game so you'll have time to manage your cities without

b. Jnt (Joint) - Attack a city together with another ruler. Also useful
if you're in short of troops.

c. Gift - allows you to send gifts to other rulers to keep their ANTI
low or 0.

d. Warn - warn a ruler to surrender. If they do, their cities will
become your vassal cities and you will become their Overlord. If you use it
twice on a ruler and he accepts, the ruler will surrender all his cities and
officers to you (including him).

e. Jail - If one of your officers were captured and imprisoned after a
battle, you can ask the ruler who imprisoned your officer to release
him/her in exchange for gifts.

f. Anul (Annul) - Annul alliances with other rulers.

V. HR (Human Relations)

a. Find - assign an officer to search for officers who can be
recruited. This can be short-term or long-term. During long-term
searches they might meet tigers, yellow turban bandits and other events which
will increase their MExp.

b. Hire - hire an officer from one of the cities. If one of your cities
has a VO, you can hire them easily. You can also hire officers who are
already serving other rulers but it will be difficult. To raise the
chance of success, you can give them gifts such as gold, items or a

c. Item

    c.1. Give - give items to your officers, which will increase their
    c.2. Take - take items from your officers, which will greatly
                decrease their loyalty

d. Job

   d.1. WL (Warleader) - assign a warleader which will advise you in
                         your actions.
   d.2. PRO (Protector) - assign a protector to your cities
   d.3. Rank - give your officers ranks which will increase the amount
               of troops they can lead during battles
   d.4. Spy - assign spies to monitor all military movements in your area.
   d.5. Fire - fire officers.

VI. Plot

a. Turn - convinces an officer to join you and turn from their rulers

b. Rvlt (Revolt) - makes an officer revolt against his ruler to become
another ruler

c. Stir - if you're successful, you can ask the people for help during
          battles in that city like opening the gates.

d. Rmr (Rumor) - make up rumors about their ruler and spread it in the

e. Plnt (Plant) - plant your officer into an enemy's city. The next
month, he will ask for recruitment and then in battle, if the enemy
ruler uses him as a general, you can ask him to turn against the enemy
ruler and join your forces. This will give you more troops and makes it
easier to acheive victory.


a. Shop

   a.1. Buy Food - lets you buy food (duh!)
   a.2. Sell Food - lets you sell food (duh!)

b. Talk - talk to your officers. You should do this every month to keep
your officers happy. They can also ask for conferences with you. During
conferences, they will ask you to declare yourself governor, king or
even emperor. They might also ask you to build palace, move your
capital, etc.

c. Title - if you control the emperor, you can give titles to rulers
and order them to attack other rulers. This is helpful if you want to
weaken an enemy.

d. Aud (Audience) - if you control the emperor, this option will allow
you to talk to him (emperor). If you do what the emperor tells you, he
will give your higher titles such as , King, Commander of Five
Posts, etc. This will also raise your PR.

e. Move - move your capital to another city.


To access this menu, choose an officer in the battle field (during

I. Order - give orders to the officer and his troops.

a. Policy - what they should do after they have done the commands

   a.1. Capture Commander - capture the enemy commander(duh!)
   a.2. Take enemy HQ - occupy/destroy the Headquarters
   a.3. Wipe Out - Wipe out/destroy all enemies
   a.4. Defend - defend the castle
   a.5. Wait - don't do anything, wait for the next orders

b. Command - their first priority

   b.1. Move - move to the indicated location.
   b.2. Chase

     b.2.1. Normal - Pursue and attack the indicated enemy
     b.2.2. Charge - Pursue and charge the indicated enemy. This is
                     more powerful than the normal chase
     b.2.3. Duel   - Duel with the enemy commander
     b.2.4. Deter  - Try to stop the enemy

   b.3. Trick

     b.3.1. Fire - start a fire in the indicated location which will
                   greatly decrease the number of troops who will get caught in
     b.3.2. Taunt - taunt the enemy.

   b.4. Gate - destroy a gate
   b.5. Wait - don't do anything and wait for the next command
   b.6. Policy - follow the policy right away

c. Advisor - only accessible if your army has an advisor

   c.1. Turn - if you have planted an officer and the enemy used
               him/her, use this to turn them from their ruler and join you.
   c.2. Incite - if you have used stir and was successful in that city,
                 use this command so the people will help you by opening the
   c.3. Fake - send fake commands to confuse the enemy, disabling them
               from doing anything
   c.4. Trap Search - if you think the enemy has placed traps in their
                      city, use this so that you'll be able to avoid them.
   c.5. Aid - advise the commander

d. Unit Speed

   d.1. Normal - move in normal speed
   d.2. Fierce - move fast
   d.3. Careful - move slowly

e. Arrow Type

   e.1. Normal - normal type arrow
   e.2. Fire - fire-type; can cause fire
   e.3. Heavy - causes heavy damage

II. OFF - gives information about the officer
III. ARMY - gives information about the army (Chain of Command)

I hope you can understand the diagram!

|                                    |
| (1)                      (2)       |
| |----------| ___                   |
| |          ||(3)|                  |
| |    (4)   ||(5)|                  |
| |          ||(6)|                  |
| |          ||(7)|                  |
| |          |-----                  |------------------------------
| |----------|                       |(8)(10)                   (11)|
| (9)         (14)         (17)      |(12)                      (13)|
| (15)        (16)         (18)      |(19)                      (20)|
| (21)        (22)         (23)      |(24)                      (25)|
| (26)        (27)                   |(28)                      (29)|
|                                    |                              |
|             (30)                   |                              |

1 - Name of city
2 - Name of city's protector
3 - Population
4 - Protector's portrait
5 - Farm
6 - Commerce
7 - Public Safety
8 - Color of Flag
9 - No. of Foot-type troops in the city
10 - Date
11 - Season
12 - Name of ruler
13 - Name of capital city
14 - No. of Tribal-type troops in the city
15 - No. of Horse-type troops in the city
16 - No. of Armored Horse-type troops in the city
17 - Total no. of officers in the city
18 - No. of visiting (free) officers in the city
19 - Gold
20 - I-net
21 - No. of Hillmen-type troops in the city
22 - No. of Shanyue-type troops in the city
23 - No. of active officers in the city
24 - Food
25 - Prestige
26 - No. of Navy-type troops in the city
27 - Total no. of troops in the city
28 - Total no. of troops
29 - Drafting Potential
30 - Size of the city


If you have a question, pls. email it to:
jzdman@yahoo.com or jzdman @hotmail.com

Q: How can I look at other cities' stats (no. of soldiers, etc.)
A: While on the Main City Screen, press Triangle and choose a city.
(from: Wil - yscheung@intergate.ca)

Q: Can you create more than one Champion Class officer?
A: No, unless you have a gameshark.
(from: Sid - sid@ustlru.com)

Q: What is PR?
A: Prestige. It's how popular/famous your ruler is.
(from: Feriano Sugiharto - phyrexia@cbn.net.id)

Q: What is DP?
A: Drafting Potential. Indicates the number of soldiers you can draft.
(from: Feriano Sugiharto - phyrexia@cbn.net.id)

Q: How do I move my officers to a different city?
A: Use the MOVE -> OFF command
(from: Gavin Low - timgy@yahoo.com)

Q: Why can't I use my officer as a ruler?
A: They must be at least 18 yrs. old
(from: omee14@hotmail.com)

Q: How can I get items?
A: You can get items from a captured officer or by doing long-term searches.
(from: deder@pacific.net.ph)

Q: I created an officer with 100 INT but when I used him he only had 92.
A: The officer might still be young. When he grows up to about 40 years
old, he should have the max stats.
(from: nexon@edsamail.com.ph)

Q: Where can I find an online ROTK book?
A: Threekingdoms.com, you can also download an offline version.

Q: How can I have a title higher than Prime Minister?
A: First, you must have a high PR and you must lower the Emperor's PR.
Sometimes, you must
have the Hereditary Seal. When you've met these conditions, talk to an officer
'Empire' or 'Advance' dream.
(from: Fal85@aol.com, IdeoSinKraSee@aol.com)

========CREATING OFFICERS========
To add more fun, they have included a "New Officer" feature, which is
also in other ROTK games.

a. Name  First you'll be asked the name of the officer. Input first
the family name and then the first name.

b. Face  after entering the name, select a face/portrait for your
character. This will also change the character's gender. If you want to
create a female officer, press square and you'll be able to select from
female faces.

c. Birth  this will affect your age during a certain scenario. If you
make your officer too young, you may not be able to use him/her in some
scenarios. Also, if you want to have max stats, make your officer about
30-35 yrs. Old by the time of the scenario you want to play.

d. Family (optional)  Here, you'll be able to select a parent of your
new officer.

e. Dream  you'll be able to select your officer's dream. The
explanation of every dream can be seen in the game when you highlight

f. Ability  first select the officer type (Warrior, strategist, etc.)
then you'll be able to distribute points to every stat of your officer.

...and you're done!


Do you have any created officers? If you do, please send them to me
(jzdman@yahoo.com) and I'll post it here. Proper credit will be given.
You can add more details such as parents, their own bio, and other stuff.

Note: All names and bios are fictional (If you find historical names in this
section, they are
not referring to the historical figure)

(The Officers below are from: IdeoSinKraSee@aol.com)

Name: Cyrus McDohl
Family: Wife- Sarah
           Sons/Daughters- Teos , Rydahl
Birth: 160
Dream: Territorial
Class: Officer
Bio: Originally served under Sun Jian. Was given the city of Ling Ling to
govern after years of service. When Sun Jian died, he broke away from Sun Ce
and went out on his own. Fought and defeated Liu Biao on his own. Then began
a war with surrounding leaders, excluding Sun Jian and Wang Lang.
Successfully absorbed Liu Zhang and Dong Zhou but was defeated by Lie Bei and
executed. Posthumously dubbed the 'Grasping Hand' for his attempts at empire
and for setting off the 'Unification War'

Name- Teos McDohl
Family: Daughter- Lana
Birth: 184
Dream: Advance
Bio: Became ruler after his father's death. Embarked on a war of vengeance
against Liu Bei in retaliation for his father's death. Defeated Liu Bei and
executed his entire clan. After this, he attempted to complete his father's
war for Empire. While a brilliant tactician, Teos was not the equal of his
father's governing mind nor was he as good a judge of character. After
defeating Yuan Shao and Kong Rong, he made Kong Rong's son, Bong Rong, leader
of one of his armies. Bong Rong then betrayed Teos and switched sides in a
major battle between Teos and Cao Cao. Teos was defeated and killed in battle.

Rydahl McDohl
Birth: 185
Family: none
Dream: Territorial
Class: Minister
Bio- Brother of Teos. Assumed control of the McDohl clan after her brother's
death. While not a soldier, she had a quick mind and was an excellent judge
of character. She put a heretofore unknown pair of brothers to the head of
her armies and cities and they, together, were an unstoppable pair. Pahn and
Gremio Jee (the Brothers Jee) launched an all out effort to unify the land.
Pahn's tactical mind and Gremio's able governing combined with Rydahl's
charisma were almost enough to subdue the land. All of the South was absorbed
into the McDohl territory and most of the East and West. However, the
combined power of Cao Cao, Kong Zhou, Gongsun Zan and Serra Madine were
enough to defeat the main armies of McDohl. During the quick retreat that
followed, Sun Ce declared war and managed to take much of the South from
Rydahl. She returned to her new capital of Chang An and, while participating
in the new wars, never again attempted to unfiy the land.

Lana McDohl
Birth: 200
Family: none
Dream: Territorial
Class: General
Bio- Daughter of Teos McDohl. Received rulership over the reduced land of the
McDohls after Rydahl's death at the hands of Ma Chao. During her brief rule,
Lana controlled North Eastern and Eastern China, lands formerly belonging to
Ma Teng and Liu Zhang. She participated in the last battle of the Unification
Wars and was soundly defeated, as were Ran Motley, Cao Ren, Sun Quan and Ma
Chao. Instead of being executed, she was forcibly married to Aeris Madine's
son Gideon, and the Hereditary Seal taken from her and presented to the
victor, Aeris.

hehehe...i'll add more soon!

A. If you're the Attacker
I. Prepare Your Troops

If you want to wage a war, you must first have troops. You can draft
soldiers in a city once a month. Also, your number of troops should not
exceed 1/4 of your total population. An officer with the highest LS can
draft the most no. of troops.

II. Generals

Your troops need to be led by generals. Your generals can only command
50(5000) soldiers unless you give them a rank. The higher their rank,
the more troops they can lead.

III. Enemies

Of course, you can only attack your enemies you can't attack your
allies unless you annul your alliance with them. Be careful though,
they can also attack you if you're not allied with them.

IV. Starting the War

To start a war, select ARMY then WAR. Then choose the city and choose
the generals who will participate in the war. Then give generals a
troop for them to command. If you want, you can bring an Army Advisor
with you and finally input the number of food you want to bring. I
suggest you bring at least 3000 food.

V. Aid

If the city your are attacking is also adjacent to other cities (which
is yours), you can send reinforcements to make your force stronger. Do
this by selecting ARMY and AID.

VI. During the Battle

During the battle, you'll see your generals and the enemy generals. If
you're the attacker, you should always leave one unit (I recommend the
unit with the least no. of troops) in the camp to avoid the food being
captured. Give each unit a command and press O to start the turn.

B. If you're the one being attacked
I. Sally

You can only select this option if you have a good I-net. If you choose
'sally', you won't fight in the castle but in the field instead. If you
lost in the field battle, the enemies will advance to the castle gates
and another battle will occur.

II. Fort

Sometimes if you don't have a good I-net, you won't notice the enemy
movement until they have come to your castle gates. This option will
allow you to fight in the castle. Do not select this option unless your
cannot select the 'Sally' option.

III. Retreat

If you cannot defend the city, select this option to retreat to the
nearest city.

IV. Burn

Just like retreat but this will raze the city. This will also decrease the
ruler's PR.


Titles are given to rulers by the 'real' Han Emperor (Ling/Shao/Xian). If the
Capital (most likely Luo Yang or Xu Chang) is one of your cities, you control
the Emperor.
If you control the emperor, you can talk to him by selecting the MISC -> AUD
If you do what he wants you to do, he will give you a higher title. Titles can
also be given
to other rulers by the ruler who controls the emperor.

Here are the titles which can be given to you by the Emperor and its effects to
your PR:

TITLE                       PR

Lieutenant Governor         +1
Governor                    +1
Commander of Royal Guard    +2
Commander of Tiger Escort   +2
Commander of North Corps    +3
Commander of South Corps    +3
Commander of Right Corps    +4
Commander of Left Corps     +4
Commander of Five Posts     +5
Lord of the Perimeter       +6
Lord of the Capital         +6
Minister of the Exterior    +8
Minister of the Interior    +8
Grand Commander             +9
Lord Grand Marshal          +10
Prime Minister              +12
High Lord                   +13
King                        +14
Emperor                     +0


**            Credits:          **
**                              **
**         Timothy Monzon       **

I've included the officers who will most likely have the item.
I will try to post here where you can find them.

Horses (arranged according to their effectiveness and infamy, lowest to
Shadow Runner - Cao Cao
Gray Lightning - Cao Cao
Stallion of Fierce Winds - Liu Bei
Red Hare - Guan Yu/Lu Bu/Dong Zhuo/Cao Cao

Weapons (and their effects to the officer's WAR stats)
Jeweled Sword/Sword of the Seven Stars (+3) - Wang Yun/Dong Zhuo
Spear of Mortal Thorns (+4) - Shamoke
Striking Staff (+4) - Huang Gai
Great Axe (+5) - Xu Huang
Spear of the Eclipse (+5) - Dian Wei
Ancestral Sword (+6) - Sun Jian/Sun Ce/Sun Quan
Spear of Evil (+6) - Ji Ling
Sword of Fate (+7) - Liu Bei
Serpent Spear (+7) - Cheng Pu
Cobra (+8) - Zhang Fei
Black Dragon (+8) - Guan Yu
Lunar Spear (+9) - Lu Bu
Luminous Sword (+9) - Zhao Yun/Xiahou En/Cao Cao
Sword of Trust (+10) - Cao Cao

Weapons (allows you to learn "Secret" tactic)
Bee's Spike - Zhuge Liang?
Striking Hand - Taishi Ci
Shooting Star
Flying Swords - Zhu Rong
Whispering Blade

Maps (and their effects to the officer's LS stats)
Map of the Southern Region (+5)
Map of Western Shu (+5)

Histories of the Empire (+5 POL)
New Treatise of Meng De (+6 INT)
Way of Peace (+7 POL) - Zhang Jiao
Scrolls of Taigong Wang (+7 INT)
The Autumn and Spring Annuls (+8 POL)
Book of Illusions (+9 POL)
24 Books of Zhuge Liang (+9 INT) - Zhuge Liang/Jiang Wei
War Manual of Sun Tzu (+10 INT) - Sun Jian/Sun Ce/Sun Quan

Healing Books
Secret Books of Healing (Given by Yu Ji)
Medical Book of Hua Tuo (Given by Hua Tuo)

Hereditary Seal (100 CHARM - only for rulers) - Yuan Shu/Cao Cao/He Jin


Ranks can be given to officers for them to be able to command more men in
But before you can give ranks to your officers, you must have a certain title
(King, High Lord, Emperor, etc.). Some ranks can be given to multiple officers
as Horse general and Foot General (you can give these ranks to up to 4

These are the ranks which can be given to your officers:

RANK                                       No. of Troops (in hundreds)

None                                        50
Foot General                                90
Foot General                                90
Foot General                                90
Foot General                                90
Horse General                               90
Horse General                               90
Horse General                               90
Horse General                               90
General of North Glory                      95
General of West Glory                       95
General of South Glory                      95
General of East Glory                       95
General of the Army                        100
General of Peace                           100
General of the River                       100
General of the Kingdom                     100
General of Campaigns                       110
General of Literature                      110
General of the Military                    110
General of Foreign Foray                   110
General of Outer Praise                    120
General of Inner Praise                    120
General of Outer Spirit                    120
General of Inner Spirit                    120
General of Outer Vigor                     130
General of Inner Vigor                     130
General of Outer Growth                    130
General of Inner Growth                    130
General of Relief                          140
General of Outer Peace                     140
General of Pacification                    140
General of Barbarians                      140
General of the Rear                        150
General of the Front                       150
General of the Right                       150
General of the Left                        150
4th General of the North                   160
4th General of the West                    160
4th General of the South                   160
4th General of the East                    160
3rd General of the North                   170
3rd General of the West                    170
3rd General of the South                   170
3rd General of the East                    170
2nd General of the North                   180
2nd General of the West                    180
2nd General of the South                   180
2nd General of the East                    180
1st General of the North                   190
1st General of the West                    190
1st General of the South                   190
1st General of the East                    190
General of Defense                         200
General of Chariot                         200
General of Cavalry                         200
Supreme Commander                          200


**            Credits:          **
**                              **
**             Lu Su            **

Everytime you declare yourself a High Lord, King or Emperor, you will have a
name of power.
The name of power depends on what is your capital city. Here's a list of what
city should be
your capital if you want to get a certain name of power.


Wan            Tang
Jin Yang       Jin
He Nei         Chao
Xia Pi         Chu
Xiang Yang     Chu
Wu Ling        Chu
Ling Ling      Chu
Chang Sha      Chu
Jiang Ling     Chu
Gui Lan        Chu
Jiang Xia      Chu
Xiao Pei       Lu
Chen Liu       Zheng
Ping Yuan      Zhao
Xu Chang       Wei
Ye             Wei
Qiao           Song
Nan Pi         Qi
Bei Hai        Qi
Nan Hai        Wen
Jiao Zhi       Wen
Xiong Nu       Xia
Wuwan          Dai
Luo Yang       Zhou
Chang An       Qin
Tian Shui      Qin
Wu Du          Qin
An Ding        Qin
Qiang          Qin
Ru Nan         Chen
Jian Ye        Wu
Wu             Wu
Hui Ji         Wu
Shou Chun      Cai
Lu Jiang       Cai
Xi Liang       Liang
Han Zhong      Han
Di             Chen
Yong An        Ba
Jiang Zhou     Ba
Cheng Du       Shu
Jian Ning      Shu


Here's the Format:

I. Date - Scenario Title

Free Cities: #


 {# of Cities}
 {# of Officers}
 {Amt. of Gold}
 {Amt. of Food}
List of Scenarios & Rulers:
I. FEB 184 - The Yellow Turbans
Free Cities : 25


ZHANG JIAO              TAO QIAN
 8                       1
 19                      4
 6020                    3300
 6650                    3080

HE JIN                  QIAO MAO
 3                       1
 22                      2
 6870                    3230
 5410                    3630







II. DEC 189 - Dong Zhuo's Ambition
Free Cities: 22


CAO CAO                   LIU BEI
 1                         1
 10                        4
 3490                      3240
 3480                      3660

SUN JIAN                  MA TENG
 1                         1
 7                         2
 3820                      3310
 3890                      3230

LIU YAN                   DONG ZHUO
 3                         2
 12                        26
 4170                      4190
 4850                      3910

LIU BIAO                  YUAN SHAO
 2                         1
 7                         12
 3720                      4520
 3800                      4330

YUAN SHU                  LIU YU
 1                         1
 5                         3
 3410                      3050
 3830                      3250

HAN SUI                   GONGSUN ZAN
 1                         1
 4                         6
 2870                      2890
 3770                      3440

KONG RONG                 TAO QIAN
 1                         2
 2                         8
 3860                      3160
 3750                      3330

KONG ZHOU                 WANG KUANG
 1                         1
 1                         1
 3160                      3280
 3460                      3280
III. OCT 194 - The Warring Lords
Free Cities: 14


CAO CAO                   LIU BEI
 2                         2
 24                        12
 3910                      3310
 4430                      3740

SUN CE                    MA TENG
 1                         2
 12                        9
 2950                      3250
 3590                      3220

LIU ZHANG                 ZHANG LU
 4                         1
 14                        5
 4410                      4560
 5230                      4700

LIU BIAO                  YUAN SHAO
 3                         3
 11                        22
 4790                      4560
 4050                      4900

YUAN SHU                  WANG LANG
 2                         1
 5                         3
 3100                      2780
 3140                      3650

LI JUE                    YANG FENG
 2                         1
 12                        2
 4180                      3060
 3800                      3030

LU BU                     SHI XIE
 1                         1
 10                        2
 2950                      3740
 3360                      3290
IV. FEB 200 - The Fight for He-Bei
Free Cities: 10


CAO CAO                   ZHANG FEI
 6                         1
 47                        7
 8120                      3310
 8300                      3650

SUN CE                    MA TENG
 6                         2
 28                        13
 6420                      3460
 7070                      3430

LIU ZHANG                 ZHANG LU
 4                         1
 15                        5
 5050                      4890
 5980                      4170

LIU BIAO                  YUAN SHAO
 5                         8
 16                        29
 5870                      9360
 6370                      10070

SHI XIE                   GONGSUN DU
 1                         1
 2                         2
 3960                      3330
 3650                      3220
V. MAR 207 - The Dragon & The Phoenix
Free Cities: 8


CAO CAO                    LIU BEI
 14                         1
 56                         12
 12920                      6450
 13920                      3960

SUN QUAN                   MA TENG
 6                          2
 43                         13
 7440                       3250
 7490                       3800

LIU ZHANG                  ZHANG LU
 4                          1
 21                         5
 5490                       4260
 6660                       4820

LIU BIAO                   SHI XIE
 3                          1
 20                         2
 4780                       4120
 5240                       3970

HAN XUAN                   JIN XUAN
 1                          1
 2                          2
 3060                       3150
 3060                       3800

ZHAO FAN                   LIU DU
 1                          1
 2                          3
 3370                       3150
 3590                       3910

VI. JUL 219 - Liu Bei, King of Han-Zhong
Free Cities: 7


CAO CAO                    LIU BEI
 21                         8
 62                         78
 20660                      12380
 23100                      14430

VII. SEP 234 - A Fallen Star; End of an Era
Free Cities: 3


CAO RUI                    LIU CHAN
 23                         7
 65                         48
 26760                      13790
 30580                      16430



A. FEB 180 - The Volunteer Army
   Time Limit: 6 months
   Ruler: Liu Bei
   Objectives: a. Capture Cheng Yuanzhi and execute him
               b. Capture the cities of Ji and Nan-Pi

B. OCT 196 - The War with Lu Bu
   Time Limit: 24 months (2 years)
   Ruler: Cao Cao
   Objectives: a. Capture Lu Bu and execute him
               b. Capture the cities of Xiao Pei, Xia Pi, Shou Chun and 9 other

C. JAN 197 - Unification of He-Bei
   Time Limit: 36 months
   Ruler: Yuan Shao
   Objectives: a. Capture Gongzun Zan and execute him.
               b. Control Xiang Ping, Bei Ping, Ji, Nan Pi, Ye, Ping Yuan, Bei
Hai, and Jin Yang
               c. Obtain a title greater than that of Minister of Exterior

D. MAR 197 - Emperor Yuan Shu
   Time Limit: 48 months (4 years)
   Ruler: Yuan Shu
   Objectives: a. Build an imperial city and gain control of 4 cities

E. SEP 208 - The Battle of Chi-Bi
   Time Limit: 12 months (1 year)
   Ruler: Sun Quan
   Objectives: a. Gain control of Jiang Ling
               b. Capture Cao Cao and execute him

F. APR 211 - Ma Chao's Revenge
   Time Limit: 12 months (1 year)
   Ruler: Ma Chao
   Objectives: a. Capture Cao Cao and execute him
               b. Gain control of Chang An, Luo Yang and Xu Chang

G. MAR 227 - The Officer's List
   Time Limit: 36 months (3 years)
   Ruler: Zhuge Liang
   Objectives: a. Gain control of Chang An, Han Zhong, Cheng Du and 9 other
               b. Capture Cao Rui and execute him


!!!Note - You might find some spoilers in this section!!!
        - Some dates may vary for some scenes

**                  Credits:                    **
**                                              **
**           nesrtkfan - Scen. 2 Scenes         **
**          Lu Su - Scen. 3, 5 & 6 Scenes       **

I. Yellow Turbans

Note: Most of the events here are triggered only if you follow the steps found
Scenario 1 -> 2 Transition (under 'Scenario Transitions' section of this FAQ).

Scene # 1: Zhang Jiao loses the Way of Peace

- This is an easy one. Once Zhang Jiao takes 4 more cities, Nan Hua will show
up and take the
  book away from him.

Scene # 2: Lu Bu is bribed using the Red Hare

- First you must follow the steps in Scenario 1 -> 2 Transition and on Dec 185,
Li Ru will
  ask Dong Zhuo if he wants to bribe Lu Bu using the Red Hare. If you're
playing as Dong Zhuo
  and you want to see the scene wherein Lu Bu killes Ding Yuan, don't bribe him

Scene # 3: Emperor Ling dies

- Follow Scenario 1 -> 2 Transition steps and on APR 189, Emperor Ling will
die. He is replaced
  by Emperor Shao

Scene # 4: Ten Eunuchs murder He Jin; The start of Dong Zhuo's Tyranny

- Follow Scenario 1 -> 2 Transition steps and on AUG 189, He Jin tries to kill
the Ten Eunuchs
  but the Ten Eunuchs murdered He Jin before he can do this. Also, Emperor Shao
and the King
  of Chen Liu will be kidnapped by the Ten Eunuchs and they will be found by
Cao Cao and Yuan
  Shao's search party. Dong Zhuo takes over and replaces He Jin.

Scene # 5: Chen Liu Prince Xian replaces Emperor Shao; Ding Yuan is Murdered;
Yuan Shao flees
           to Nan-Pi

- Follow Scenario 1 -> 2 Transitions steps and on SEP 189, Li Ru will advice
Dong Zhuo to re-
  place Emperor Shao with the Chen Liu Prince, Xian. Ding Yuan disagrees with
Dong Zhuo's plan.
  Dong Zhuo gets mad but can't do anything because Lu Bu is at Ding Yuan's
side. Li Ru then
  bribes Lu Bu and wins him over to Dong Zhuo's side. Lu Bu responds by killing
his foster
  father, Ding Yuan. Fearing Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shao flees to Nan-Pi and becomes a
ruler. (If Nan
  Pi is already occupied, he will flee to a different city)

Scene # 6: Cao Cao Assasination Attempt fails

- Follow Scenario 1 -> 2 Transition and on OCT 189, Cao Cao will try to murder
Dong Zhuo using
  the Sword of the Seven Stars but fails. Dong Zhuo receives the sword from Cao
Cao as a gift
  instead. Having doubts about Cao Cao's real intention, he order Cao Cao to be
arrested but
  he had already fled.

Scene # 7: Cao Cao raises troops in Chen Liu

- This isn't really a scene but this will be triggered after the assasination

Scene # 8: Cao Cao asks for help from other rulers

- If you have successfully done the Scenario transition, you will automatically
see this on
  JAN 189.

Scene # 9: Dong Zhuo burns Luo Yang

- Just like scene # 8, this is automatically triggered 2 months after scene #

II. Dong Zhuo's Ambition

Scene # 1: Cao Cao asks for help from other rulers

- No conditions. You'll see this on DEC 189

Scene # 2: Dong Zhuo burns Luo Yang

- No conditions. You'll see this on FEB 190

Scene # 3: Wang Yun introduces Diao Chan to Dong Zhuo

- You must have Li Ru, Lu Bu and Wang Yun as officers of Dong Zhuo. This
happens on JAN 192

Scene # 4: Dong Zhuo discovers Lu Bu with Diao Chan

- This will follow after Scene # 3, on FEB 192.

Scene # 5: Dong Zhuo is offered the Seat of Heaven

- This will follow after Scene # 3 & 4, on MAR 192.

Scene # 6: Dong Zhuo is killed by Lu Bu

- This will follow after Scene # 3, 4 & 5, on APR 192.

III. Warring Lords

Scene # 1: Dian Wei meets Xu Zhu

- Automatically triggered on NOV 194, no conditions.

Scene # 2: Zhou Yu borrows rice from Lu Su

- Lu Su must still be undiscovered. This happens on FEB 195

Scene # 3: Zhou Yu visits Lu Su

- Lu Su must still be undiscovered. This happens on MAR 195

Scene # 4: Zhou Yu visits Lu Su again

- Lu Su must still be undiscovered. This happens on APR 195

Scene # 5: Zhou Yu invites Lu Su

- Lu Su must still be undiscovered. This happens on MAY 195

Scene # 6: Zhou Yu recommends the 2 Zhangs of East Jing

- The 2 Zhangs must still be undiscovered. This happens on FEB / MAR 196

Scene # 7: Lu Su recommends Zhuge Jin

- Zhuge Jin must still be undiscovered. This happens on FEB / MAR 196

Scene # 8: Yuan Shu declares himself Emperor

- Yuan Shu must have at least one city and has the Hereditary Seal. This
happens within the year
  197 and 198

IV. Fight for He-Bei

V. The Dragon and the Phoenix

Scene # 1: Liu Bei is lost and meets Sima Hui

- Xu Shu must still be undiscovered. This happens within the year 207

Scene # 2: Liu Bei meets Xu Shu

- Xu Shu must still be undiscovered. This happens within the year 207

Scene # 3: Cheng Yu plans on recruiting Xu Shu

- Xu Shu must be recruited by Liu Bei. This happens within the year 207

Scene # 4: Xu Shu is tricked into joining Cao Cao; Xu Shu recommends Zhuge

- Xu Shu must be recruited by Liu Bei. This happens within the year 207

Scene # 5 - 7: The Three Famous Visits to Zhuge Liang

- Scenes 1 - 4 must be triggered. This happens on JAN - MAR 208

Scene # 8: Ma Liang recommends his brother, Ma Su

- This can be triggered if Ma Liang is your officer (any ruler). This happens
within the year

VI. Liu Bei, King of Han-Zhong

Scene # 1: King of Wei deseats the Emperor

- You must not play as Cao Cao/Cao Pi. This happens within the year 220

Scene # 2: Zhuge Liang tricks Liu Bei into becoming the Emperor of Han

- Scene 1 must be triggered first.  Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei must be in Cheng
Du. Automatically
  triggered if you're not playing as Liu Bei.

Scene # 3: Xu Shu asks Cao Cao to declare Sun Quan the King of Wu

- Scene 1 & 2 must be triggered first and Xu Shu must be with Cao Cao.
  This happens within the year 221

VII. A Fallen Star; End of an Era


**            Credits:          **
**                              **
**            menghuo           **

Scenario 1 -> Scenario 2 Transition (by: menghuo - sehghh@yahoo.com)

- First, make sure that you control these rulers:
  He Jin
  Sun Jian
  Zhang Jiao
  Tao Qian
  Liu Yan
  Ding Yuan
  Gongsun Zan
  Dong Zhuo
  (Kong Zhou, Qiao Mao & Han Sui are comp. controlled)
- Do not use the Find command yet
- Have Sun Jian attack cities until he reaches Chang Sha
- Have Zhang Jiao follow Sun Jian by attacking Sun Jian's cities until Sun
Jian's only left
  with Chang Sha (You should see an event where Zhang Jiao loses the Way of
Peace by this time)
- Fire all of Zhang Jiao's officers and kill Zhang Jiao (capture him and
- When Zhang Jiao dies and no officer is left, all of Zhang Jiao's cities will
be vacant.
- Save and keep on passing turns
- Make sure that Han Sui, Qiao Mao and Kong Zhou (comp. rulers) don't get any
new officers.
- On Apr 189, Emperor Ling dies and is replaced by Shao
- Continue passing turns until you reach Aug 189
- On Aug 189 put everyone except Sun Jian in computer control
- He Jin will be murdered by the 10 Eunuchs
- On September 189, Xian will replace Shao as the Emperor
- On October 189, Cao Cao's assasination attempt will fail (start of Scenario
- On December 189, Cao Cao starts building his forces in Chen Liu
- Jan  189 --- you've successfully done the transition!

=====DUEL TACTICS=====
During a war, an enemy general might challenge one of your generals to a duel.
Also, you can
challenge enemy generals to a duel. If they accept, you must first do some
preparations and be
sure that your officer will win.


Before selecting the tactics, you must first select a policy.

1. Suicidal

- You can choose up to 5 tactics.
- Fight until you run out of body.
- Chase your opponent if he runs. If he's getting away, shoot him.
- You can't use the tactics of Seduce, Exchange and Run & Hit.
- You more easily fall prey to Seduce, Capture and Run & Hit.

2. Strong

- You can choose up to 4 tactics.
- Retreat when your body falls below 20.
- Chase your enemy if he runs.
- Most frequently used strategy.

3. Capture

- You can choose up to 3 tactics.
- Retreat when your body falls below 30.
- Chase your enemy if he runs.
- You can only use the tactics of Shout, Capture, Secret and Seduce.
- Most frequently successful strategy.

4. Defensive

- You can choose only 2 tactics.
- Strategy with highest chance of retreating safely.
- Will not chase opponent if he runs, will not be fooled by Seduce and Run &
- Unable to use Secret, One Blow, Special and Arrow.
- You'll more easily fall prey to an opponent's Shout.


1. Shout - shock an opponent with a loud yell, forcing them to retreat.
2. Seduce - take your opponent captive through an ambush.
3. Retreat - persuade your opponent to retreat.
4. One Blow - try to defeat the opponent in one blow. (*)
5. Special - an extremely effective and powerful attack.(@)
6. Run & Hit - pretend to run away and if your enemy chases you, shoot him with
an arrow. (@)
7. Capture - take your opponent captive.
8. Exchange - retreat and exchange with a nearby officer.
9. Fake Info - send out false information to your opponent which will cause him
to retreat.
10. Both Side - attack while avoiding being hit.
11. Arrow - shoot your opponent with an arrow. (*)(@)
12. Secret - throw a secret weapon to your opponent. (^)

* - can only be used in the first pass
^ - even if you throw your weapon, you won't lose it
@ - will lower your opponent's WAR stat temporarily


Here you go! Tips for using the HR->Find command!

This really isn't my own list. I just found them in the GameFAQs Message Board.
I guess
I'll just give them credit for this!

**            Credits:          **
**                              **
**           Arsonist18         **
**           Lu Bu RULES        **
**             Kaney            **
**             Lu Su            **
**            manisan           **

From: Lu Su

YEAR     CITY                OFFICER

194      Ping Yuan           Wang Can
194      Ping Yuan           Mi Heng
194      Xiang Yang          Xiong Chong
194      Jian Ning           Lu Kai
194      Jian Ning           Yong Kai
194      Jian Ning           Dong Yun
194      Jiang Zhou          Wang Lei
194      Yong An             Zhou Ying
194      Yong An             Wang Fu
194      Yong An             Wu Ban
194      Pu Yang             Pan Zhang
194      Wu Ling             Gong Zhi
194      Bei Ping            Tien Chou
194      Bei Ping            Zhu Ling
194      Chen Liu            Xu Shu
194      Hui Ji              He Qi
194      Ling Ling           Xingdao Rong
194      Gui Lan             Bao Long
194      Gui Lan             Zhou Fan
194      Chang Sha           Hong Zhong
194      Han Zhong           Meng Da
194      Chai Sang           Tan Xiong
194      Jiang Xia           Zhao Lei
194      Wu                  Gu Yong
194      Wan                 Lu Yi
194      Chang An            Hanfu Song
194      Luo Yang            Jia Kui
194      He Nei              Sima Lang
194      Ru Nan              Chen Bing
194      Xiao Pei            Yan Jun
194      Xia Pi              Niou Jin
194      Ji                  Fushi Ren
195      Jin Yang            Han Zhao
195      Xia Pi              Lu Su
195      Bei Ping            Lu Wei Huang
195      Wu                  Fu Ying
195      Lu Jiang            Ma Zhong
195      Jiang Shou          Fa Zheng
195      Cheng Du            Lei Tong
195      Cheng Du            Wang Kang
195      Nan Pi              Zhou Cang
195      Xi Liang            Chen Yi
196      Xi Liang            Pang De
196      Ling Ling           Jiang Wan
196      Chen Liu            Xu Sheng
196      Lu Jiang            Zhuge Jin
197      Lu Jiang            Zhang Hong
197      Lu Jiang            Zhang Zhao
197      Xiang Yang          Hua Jin
197      Xiang Yang          Cai He
197      Pu Yang             Hu Ban
197      Chang Sha           Xei Jing
197      Chang Sha           Wang Wei
197      Wu                  Zhou Fang
197      Xin Ye              Wei Yan
198      Wuwan               Gu Jin
198      Wuwan               Ta Dun
198      Qiang               A Gui
198      ?                   Sun Li
199      Wu Ling             Pan Jun
199      Ru Nan              Lu Meng
199      Lu Jiang            Bu Zhi
200      Wan                 Guo Youzhi
201      Xiang Yong          Cai Zhong
201      Lu Jiang            Sun Yi
201      Lu Jiang            Sun Kwang
201      Wu                  Zhu Huan
201      Nanman              Shamoke
202      Cheng Du            Chen Shi
202      Tian Shui           Wang Shuang
202      Chen Liu            Cao Zhen
202      Xiang Yang          Yang Yi
202      Wu                  Quan Zong
202      ?                   Wang Ping
203      Xin Ye              Deng Zhi
203      Lu Jiang            Sun Lang
203      He Nei              Sima Fu
203      Di                  Quan Wan
204      Xin Ye              Li Yan
204      Wu                  Lu Ji
204      Xin Ye (?)          Liao Li
205      Xin Ye              Shen Dan
205      Xiang Yang          Pang Tong
205      Jian Ning           Gao Ding
205      Lu Jiang            Sun Shao
206      Wu                  Lu Xun
206      He Nei              Sima Yi
206      Chen Liu            Cao Xiu
206      Jin Yang            Guan Huai
206      Xu Chang            Xiahou De
206      Xu Chang            Xiahou Mao
206      Xiong Nu            Qu Bei
207      Lu Jiang            Ding Feng
207      Wu Du               Zhang Yi
207      Ping Yuan           Zhang Wen
208      Xiang Yang          Ma Liang
208      Xiang Yang          Ma Su
208      Hui Ji              Luo Tong
208      Jian Ye             Jiang Ji
208      Wan                 Zhuge Liang
208      Wan                 Zhuge Jun
208      Nanman              Mengya Zhang
208      Nanman              Meng Huo
209      Xu Chang            Ma Suen
209      Luo Yang            Geng Ji
209      Xin Ye              Shen Yi
209      Han Zhong           Zhang Yi
210      Jiang Xia           Fei Wei
210      Jiang Ling          Fen Xi
210      Wu Du               Gao Xiang
211      Wu                  Zhu Ji
211      Bei Hai             Wang Ji
211      Lu Jiang            Sun Huan

From: Arsonist18

YEAR     CITY                OFFICER

192/196  Jin Yang            Zhao Yun (depends on scenario)
193      Qiao                Xu Zhu (depends on scenario)
195      Chen Liu            Xu Zhu (depends on scenario)
193      Lu Jiang            Zhou Yu
194      Yong An             Gan Ning
194      Xu Chang            Chen Qun
206      He Nei              Sima Yi
189/190  Chen Liu            Dian Wei (depends on scenario)
185      Xi Liang            Ma Teng
191      He Nei              Sima Lang
194      Qiao                Chen Dao
187      Qiao                Xiahou Dun
193      Cheng Du            Zhang Song
?        Jin Yang            Xu Huang
190/195  Chen Liu            Xu Shu
190      Xu Chang            Guo Jia
193/194  Ping Yuan           Mi Heng
188      Nan Pi              Wen Chou
186      Nan Pi              Yan Liang
187      Nan Pi              Zhang He
185      Jin Yang            Zhang Liao
?        Xiang Yang          Zhuge Liang

From: Lu Bu RULES

YEAR     CITY                OFFICER

184      Chang Sha           Huang Zhong
184      Qiao                Xiahou Yuan
184      Qiao                Xiahou Dun
188      Cheng Du            Zhang Ren
188      He Nei              Xu Huang
189      Bei Hai             Taishi Ci
189      Xu Chang            Guo Jia
189      Shou Chun           Liu Ye
189      Xi Liang            Ma Dai
190      Chen Liu/Qiao       Dian Wei
190      Chen Liu            Cheng
191      He Nei              Man Chong
195      Jiang Zhou          Fa Zheng
195      Jin Yang            Han Zhao
195      Xia Pi              Lu Su
196      Chen Liu            Xu Sheng
196      Lu Jiang/Xiao Pei   Zhuge Jin
196      Xi Liang            Pang De
196      Ling Ling           Jiang Wan
197      Xin Ye              Wei Yan
197      Lu Jiang/Xiao Pei   Zhang Zhao
197      Lu Jiang/Jian Ye    Zhang Hong
199      Lu Jiang            Bu Zhi
199      Ru Nan              Lu Meng
201      Wu                  Zhu Huan
201      Nanman              Shamoke
202      Chen Liu            Cao Zhen
202      Wu                  Quan Zong
202      Tian Shui           Wang Shuang
203      Xin Ye              Deng Zhi
204      Wu Ling             Liao Li
204      Xin Ye              Li Yan
205      Chang Sha           Sun Shao
205      Xiang Yang          Pang Tong
206      Jin Yang            Guo Huai
206      He Nei              Sima Yi
206      Chen Liu            Cao Xiu
206      Wu                  Lu Xun
207      Wu                  Zhang Wen
207      Lu Jiang            Ding Fing
207/208  Xiao Pei/Xiang Yang Zhuge Liang
207/208  Xiao Pei/Xiang Yang Zhuge Jun
208      Jian Ye             Jiang Ji
208      Nanman              Meng Huo
208      Xiang Yang          Ma Liang
208      Xiang Yang          Ma Su

From: Kaney

YEAR     CITY                OFFICER

220      Xin Ye              Deng Ai
225      Xi Liang/Tian Shui  Jiang Wei
240      Xia Pi              Yang Hu
241      Chang An            Du Yu
241/240  Luo Yang            Zhong Hui
242      Cheng Du            Zhuge Zhan
245      Jiang Xia           Lu Kang

From: manisan

YEAR     CITY                OFFICER

184      Chai Sang           Liu Du
191      Chai Sang           Fu Tong
192      Jian Ning           Dong Yun
191      Wu                  Gu Yong
192      Gui Lan             Bao Long
192      Ling Ling           Liu Ba


-A. Non - Gameshark Cheats-

Here are the cheats I know:

This is a very common cheat. First create 29 officers and when you're creating
the 30th
Officer, you can select a new class for him/her: CHAMPION

If you want to draft all types of units in a city, go to ARMY -> DRAFT
and highlight TYPE then press SELECT three times.

To control the enemy and give orders to them during war, press []
(Square) to see a menu of the generals participating in the war and
then select the one of the enemy generals and press O quickly before
the next screen comes up. This will enable you to give orders to the
Note: The enemy generals will follow your orders ONLY if you are the
one being attacked. On rare occasions, this cheat will also work if you are the

This isn't really a cheat but a strategy. When you start the game,
select more than one ruler (8 is the max no.). Make sure you select the
ruler you really want to play. And when the game starts, give all the
other rulers' money, food, items to the real ruler you want to play.

Ex: In the scenario: Liu Bei - King of Han-Zhong
You want to play as Liu Bei. But instead of selecting just Liu Bei,
also select Cao Cao and Sun Quan. Then when the game starts, give all
Cao Cao and Sun Quan's gold, money & items to Liu Bei!

Again, this isn't really a cheat. If you want more rulers in the last two
first select all three rulers when starting the game and make sure that the
rulers die
(ex: Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Liu Chan, Cao Rui or Sun Quan dies). To do this, you can
them in a duel. Now when you're prompted to select the new ruler, select the
last one in
the list.

Ex: Liu Bei dies and you're prompted to select the new ruler. Instead of
selecting Liu Chan,
select the last officer in the WHOLE list (not just the page). When you do,
officers' loyalty should drop greatly and will revolt. Based on experience, at
two officers will succeed in revolting. Now you got new rulers! (I did this to
Liu Bei
and I didn't select Liu Chan. Instead, I selected the last officer in the list
and Guan Yu,
Zhang Fei, and other protectors of cities of Shu revolted against the new
ruler. Now the
Shu emperor has only 4 cities left!

---B. Gameshark Codes---

**            Credits:          **
**                              **
**             butter           **
**           Lu Bu RULES        **

From: Butter

I. Max Money and Food codes: Base Code - 8014????ffff

Replace ???? with:

1)99c4 99c8
2)9a50 9a54
3)9adc 9ae0
4)9b68 9b6c
5)9bf4 9bf8
6)9c80 9c84
7)9d0c 9d10
8)9d98 9d9c
9)9e24 9e28
10)9eb0 9eb4
11)9f3c 9f40
12)9fc8 9fcc
13)a054 a058
14)a0e0 a0e4
15)a16c a170
16)a1f8 a1fc
17)a284 a288
18)a310 a314
19)a4b4 a4b8
20)a428 a42c
21)a39c a3a0

How to use these codes:

The no. before the codes is the Ruler #
The first four nos. are the gold codes and the last four nos. are the food
codes to replace
???? in the base code.

Ex: You want Ruler 1 to have max gold...put in 801499c4ffff
You want Ruler 1 to have max food...put in 801499c8ffff
If you want Ruler 1 to have max gold and food put in both:

II. Max Officer Creation Points:

d01ffdc0 0023
801ffdd8 03e7

Max stats code for creating officers (the RV stats will start at 100)

Works for all classes but champion

NOTE: When switching between officer, warrior, etc. they may change. Don't
worry just start adding to the value(LS, WAR, ETC.)and it should go back to

For example: You switch to warrior and your LS goes to 55/89 as soon as you add
a value
point it would go to 56/100.

III. PR Codes

Base code - 8014????0064

Replace ???? with:


from: Lu Bu RULES

I. Officer's Energy Codes


II. Ruler Energy Codes

Sun Jian - 80135f6e-64c8
Sun Ce - 801361a2-64c8
Sun Quan - 80135eb2-64c8
Liu Bei - 8013ed2a-64c8
Cao Cao - 801352f2-64c8
Lu Bu - 8013fb1e-64c8
Dong Zhou - 8013aa56-64c8
Zhang Jiao - 80137632-64c8
He Jin - 8012d0f6-64c8
Ding Yuan - 80139972-64c8
Liu Yan - 8013e39e-64c8
Han Sui - 8012da82-64c8
Gongsan Zan - 8013022a-64c8
Ma Teng - 8013bbf6-64c8
Liu Biao - 8013ec6e-64c8
Yuan Shu - 8012adb6-64c8
Liu Zhang - 8013e68e-64c8
Yuan Shao - 8012ac3e-64c8
Cao Rui - 801348aa-64c8
Liu Chan - 8013e8c2-64c8



1. Use the ability to control more than one ruler to your advantage. Use the
"Wealthy Start"
cheat found in the cheats section.

2. Always have at least one officer go on a long-term search. He might find new
officers, Yellow Turban bandit or even a tiger which will increase both his
Military Exp
and your Prestige (PR).

3. If you control the Emperor, talk to him. He might ask you to ally with
another ruler,
contribute some food or gold, fire officers or ask you to give another ruler a
title. If he does, accept it (I always do what he tells me to do except fire
officers) and he will grant
you titles. Only stop accepting his requests if you already have the highest
title that can
be given to you (Prime Minister) because he can't give you a title, higher than

4. If it's your first time playing this game (or haven't read the book), watch
the opening sce-
nes. This way, you'll be able to familiarize yourself with the names of the
characters and
the story.

5. An alliance in the game is very helpful. If you're allied with a ruler and
want to attack a
city, you can prepare a joint attack to create a stronger force. Also, if an
enemy city is
adjacent to 2 of your cities and at least 1 of you ally's cities, you can
create a joint, aided
attack which is composed of three forces: Main Force and 2 Reinforcements (1
from ally's city
and 1 from another one of your cities).

6. If you want to challenge an enemy general to a duel and he doesn't accept,
use your Army
Advisor's Fake command to confuse him and after a few tries, he should accept.

7. Use the TALK command at least once a month to increase your officers'

8. Assign officers with high POL stats to Farm or Commerce Task.

9. Assign officers with high WAR stats to Public Safety Task.

10. If you want to force an enemy general in war to a duel, use the army
advisor's FAKE command.


This is what your officers will tell you if you talk to them using the
MISC->TALK command.
I will explain some if necessary. Others are self-explanatory.

1. {Insert Name of Power here}'s officer, {Insert Ruler name here} is said to
draw people
to him like flies.

- If an officer tells you this, it means that he is praising that officer for
his CHAR stats.
  ex: Wei's officer, Cao Pi, is said to draw people to him like flies.

2. It is my dearest wish to find {Insert Item Name here}. There is no other
like it.

- It means he wants to find and receive the item.
  ex: It is my dearest wish to find Stallion of Fierce Winds. There is no other
like it.

3. It is best to appoint those with the same ideas to work together. They get
more done.

4. I feel that it is time that we thought about expansion. (Insert City name
here) appears to
be a likely choice. There are not many troops there. What does my lord think?

  ex: I feel that it is time that we thought about expansion. Xia Pi appears to
be a likely
choice. There are not many troops there. What does my lord think?

5. My Lord, I would be a better protector for {Insert city name here} than
{Insert officer name

- Now here, you will see a rivalry between two officers. Do not always believe
the officer who
will tell you this.
  ex: My Lord, I would be a better protector for Chai Sang than Cheng Pu.

6. My Lord, there is a matter I would like to discuss in council. Do I have
your leave?

- You will be prompted if you want to hold a council with your officers
regarding a certain

7. I hear that people who dream of Empire tend to like military matters and

8. {Insert name of power here}'s officer, {Insert officer name here} can truly
be called a

- The officer is praising another officer for his INT stats.
  ex: Wei's officer, Xu Shu, can truly be called a genius.

9. The higher you climb nobility, the higher ranks you can bestow upon your

10. You receive taxes from trade cities each season.

11. The Han of old made Guan-Zhong their capital and conquered the land. We can
do the same
with {Insert region name here}. Let us start by taking control of {Insert city
name here}.

   ex: The Han of old made Guan-Zhong their capital and conquered the land. We
can do the same
with Yong. Let us start by taking control of Hui Ji.

12. {Insert name of power here}'s officer, {Insert officer name here} is a
truly strong and
noble warrior.

- The officer is praising another officer for his WAR stats.
  ex: Wei's officer, Xu Zhu, is a truly strong and noble warrior.

13. I hope someday, you reward me with the {Insert item type here}, {Insert
item name here}.

- The officer is asking you to give him a certain item.
  ex: I hope someday, you reward me with the Strategy Book, War Manual of Sun

14. Your warleader appears busy. It makes me want to jump in and do it for him.

15. It is more important to wait and build your strength after gaining a new

16. Without a good I-net, you can't detect enemy movement. You end up fighting
in your city.

17. Warleader has such a nice ring to it. I certainly envy {Insert WL name

  ex: Warleader has such a nice ring to it. It certainly envy Sima Yi.

18. Build up a strong force. Have a piece of of land to govern. Seems like a
good plan.

19. My Lord, maybe I shouldn't brag, but I excel at gathering information.

- If an officer tells you this, you might want to assign him to become an
Intelligence officer.

20. {Insert city name here} doesn't seem to have much in the way of farms. We
must develop more.

- It means you should focus on developing farms in a certain city.
  ex: Pu Yang doesn't seem to have much in the way of farms. We must develop

21. The land is in chaos. A time like this is full of chances. Well, at least I
think so.

22. The no. of cities you can build a palace is limited. There's only seven or

23. Lord, there is no point in attacking {Insert ruler name here} now. Just
send an envoy and
I'm sure that {Insert ruler name here} will submit. Shall we try it?

- Don't always believe if an officer tells you this but you might as well try
  ex: Lord, there is no point in attacking Sun Quan now. Just send an envoy and
I'm sure that
Sun Quan will submit. Shall we try it?

24. In war, it is best to have an advisor. Without one, certain strategies are

25. Holding occasional; conferences keeps peace among your men. It lets them
know you care.

26. Building a palace requires six months time and 20000 in gold.

Note: This is not yet a complete list, I will try to complete it on the next


This section contains all the tips that are submitted by the readers of this
If you have a tip, please send it to jzdman@yahoo.com!
Of course, credit will be given to you...

From: manisan
Tips how to maintain your main army:
In battle outside the city, keep your main army surrounded by your sub-armies.
When the enemy
is approaching your HQ, it will be blocked by your other squads, and from the
HQ you could
attack with arrows. It works very well if you handle large enemies. Your HQ
won't lose any
troops and you can eliminate the enemies very fast.

Duel with the enemy commander:
Always try to taunt the enemy commander and if he responds, his army will be
confused. You
can try to challenge the enemy commander after that. The chance of the
commander accepting
the challenge is pretty high.

From: Sun Jian
Easy way to destroy a large power:
The easiest way to destroy a large power is cut off their supply lines. When
you attack an
enemy city and its supply line is cut, they will have no food and are more
easier to defeat.

Other ways to force a duel:
- Set fires
- Charge the target enemy until its soldiers panic

Prevent officers with low loyalty from being recruited:
Make low-loyalty officers go on a long term search so they can't be recruited.
This is useful
for building up a good general's loyalty.

From: fordandmazda
Decrease enemy morale:
Make your strong generals (High WAR stat) challenge an enemy officer. Usually,
they won't
accept the challenge. Their morale will decrease by one everytime the enemy
refuses. Do this
using more than one general and eventually the enemy soldiers' morale will go
down to zero.

Dealing with large enemy reinforcements:
Everytime your army attacks an weak enemy city, they will most likely send
reinforcements to
help the weak army defend their city. In the beginning of the battle, use the
majority of your
army to attack the enemy commander. When the reinforcements arrive, you can
simply ignore them
and concentrate on attacking the enemy commander. If the enemy commander is
defeated, the other
enemy generals will try to flee. You can try to pursue the fleeing enemy
generals and


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