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Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Dragon of Destiny
(C)1993 KOEI Corporation



KOEIis Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a strategy game designed around the 
characters and times of the 14th century historic Chinese novel eRomance  the 
Three Kingdomsi by Lo Kuan-Chung.  The game player becomes a ruler, in a 
land fragmented by warring lords, with the task of unifying China.  You must 
display great cunning, statesmanship, and battle skill to become the greatest 
ruler in Chinais history.


Select scenario 1, a strong ruler such as Cao Cao or Liu Bei,  beginner level, and
historic mode when just learning to play Dragon of Destiny.  Do not create a 
ruler or generals until you have become familiar with the general strategy of this

	1.	Plan your strategy in advance.  Some of your plans will not prove 
fruitful for a number of years.

	2.	Invest gold in cultivation and  your cityis economy.  Assign civil 
officers for 6 month periods of duty throughout the year to these tasks.  Your 
food and gold will increase.

	3.	Train your troops, rally the armies, hire or draft new troops to build 
your forces.

	4.	Do not forget to purchase sufficient weapons from the merchants 
with which to arm your troops. 

	5.	Use the PLOT command RVL (rival) to create dissension among 
other war lords, this action will reduce their forces and give you space in which
to make your city-state strong.

	6.	Beware of committing yourself to alliances that will prove to be 
cumbersome, but make strategic alliances when necessary for the protection of 
your fledgling empire.

	7.	Use the commands INFO and SPY to gain information on the cities 
and rulers around you.  Send your spy in for a minimum of 3 months.  You may 
be able to recruit your rivals' generals and gain enough information to plan the
acquisition of another city.

	8.	War with other rulers, once you have built your forces, and gain 
new cities for your empire.

	9..	When you gain a new city, start building up resources immediately.

	10.	Strengthen your army before moving.

	11.	Keep using the RVL command to create dissension and reduce the 
armies of cities targeted in your plan of conquest.


	Appoint governors of sufficient ability, officers of  Advisor level, to rule 
vassal cities.  You will lose control of vassal cities whose governors do not have
high enough ability.  You will lose control of your ruler (and lose all hope of 

winning the game) if he is moved into one of these uncontrollable cities.

Use this routine to raise your cityis economy, cultivation of food, and defensive
and offensive strength while keeping other rulers away.   Start your ruleris 
conquest when there is enough food, gold and armed troops to conquer and hold 
new territory.

(C)1993 KOEI Corporation