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                  S A N G O K U S H I    S E N K I  ( J P )

                              SANGOKUSHI SENKI FAQ
                             July 7, 2002, ver. 0.5
                         for the PS2  (Japanese version)
                     Agung Pujanata (apujanata@yahoo.com)

 Unpublished work Copyright 2002 Agung Pujanata

 This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
 Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot
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 my express written permission.  This FAQ was created and is owned by
 me, Agung Pujanata .  It can be found
 at (www.GameFAQs.com).  All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged
 and respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.

Sangokushi Senki is (c) Koei

This FAQ was written for English speaking user.


        3.1   Main Menu
        3.2   Save/Load Menu
        3.3   Map Menu
        3.4   Battle Menu and Tutorial Explanation
        3.5   Unit Statistic Explanation
        3.6   General Tactic

        4.1   Liu Bei Campaign
        4.2   Cao Cao Campaign
        4.3   Sun Ce Campaign

        5.1   Tactic List
        5.2   Unit List
        5.3   General List
        5.4   Skill List
        5.5   Item List
        5.6   Formation List
        5.7   Terrain List



VERSION 0.5  (July 7, 2002)
 - Updated 3.4 Battle menu, 5.2 Unit List, 5.3 General List, 5.5 Item List,
   5.6 Formation List. Added 5.7 Terrain List.
 - Give a more comprehensive (turn by turn) walkthrough of early task to help
   with getting the feel of the game.
   Size : 68 KB

VERSION 0.4  (June 30, 2002)
 - Updated 5.1 Tactic List, 5.3 General List and 5.4 Skill List. Added 5.5
   Item List and 5.6 Formation List.
   Size : 47 KB

VERSION 0.3  (June 23, 2002)
 - Change prince to liege, which is more accurate. Completed Section 3.3
   Size : 32 KB

VERSION 0.2  (June 16, 2002)
 - Write a more comprehensive explanation of battle and tutorial. Moved
   tutorial from section 3.1 to section 3.4. Updated Unit List. Correct some
   error. Size : 22 KB

VERSION 0.1  (June 14, 2002)
 - Finish a simple menu explanation FAQ. Size : 14 KB.

VERSION 0.0  (June 14, 2002)
 - Start playing the game. Noticed that there is no FAQ on the gamefaqs.com,
   and since there were demand on the board for a simple FAQ on menu, I
   decided to write one to help people get interested in this game.


Koei is a company that is famous for their strategy/simulation game.
My first encounter of this company is a game called "Romance of the three
Kingdom", a PC game of war in the Three Kingdom era. Then the next game I play
is "Nobunaga Ambition", a PC game of war in the Japan, during the Oda Nobunaga
era. Then follow a series of update of the Romance of the three kingdom and
Nobunaga series, all on PC. But I have never been enticed to play the Romance
of the Three Kingdom (or for short ROTK) in videogame or console, until
Sangokushi Senki (or literally translated to "War Story of Three Kingdom")
arrive. This game is very tactic heavy, and I found it very attractive, hence
I decided to help other people who wanted to play this game, but have
difficulty because of its Japan language origin.

Based on Dengeki sales tracking system, Sangokushi Senki, which from now on I
will refer to as SS, were released on February 14, 2002 in Japan. 125,171 unit
were sold by March 24, 2002.
This data was released by Dengeki Japan, who track sales of software in Japan.
Please note that the figure is not a complete sales, but covered more than 50%
of software sold in Japan.

You can get the latest version of this FAQ at GameFAQ (refer to the top of
the FAQ for instruction). This guide is for the Japanese version of SS. I
understand that there will be an English version of this game to be released
in USA (around September). If you wanted to find out about the release date,
you can go to www.koeigames.com. For japanese language, there is a better
site, www.gamecity.ne.jp.

If you're reading a version of this FAQ that has been translated,
HTML'ized, or whatever, please send all inquiries to those people who
did the changes and not me, as they may have an older version or have
added their own corrections and I won't be able to help you.

I WILL NOT answer any gameplay related questions about this game.
I would like to hear from you if you've spotted this FAQ being plagiarized
in any sort of publication.  You can reach me at: .


General Button usage :
"O"        select
"X"        cancel

  3.1  MAIN MENU

General Button usage :
"O"        select
"X"        cancel
"R2"       help/detail

When you first play the game (there is no save game of SS in memory card), you
will automatically be brought forward to the tutorial menu. There will be
three set of training. Details of how you can finish the tutorial can be seen
at section "3.4 Battle Menu, Action Menu and Tutorial Explanation" below.
After you finished the three tutorial, you will then see the main menu :

      Select Liege
         Liu Bei
         Cao Cao
         Sun Ce
      Tutorial (the one that you have just gone through)
         Normal Fight
         Direct Tactic Fight
         Simultaneous Tactic Fight
6. ??

Menu Explanation
Continue Game : You will be asked for the memory slot (1 or 2), and then you
  choose the saved game you wanted to restore.
Resume Battle : This is used to restore in-battle-savegame. For details on
  saving in-battle-savegame, please see section "3.4 Battle Menu" below. Note
  that the only way to restore in-battle-savegame is through this menu.
Two Player Game : Since I play this game alone, I also could not tell you this
  menu details.
Option : Is used for changing the option. Since I have not played in this
  menu, I will tell you the details later on, when I have played with it.
?? : This menu is disabled in my game, so I could not tell what it's function
Extra : Gave you a demo movie of ROTK 8. Not too usefull, since there is no
  screen of the game itself.


When you press select in the map menu, you will be brought to this menu.

LIST (of General you have encountered).

I believe all of the menu is self explanatory. For details of the map menu,
please see section "3.3 Map Menu" below.

  3.3  MAP MENU

General Button usage :
"O"        select
"X"        cancel
"Triangle" move cursor to capital/palace
"Select"   show up Save/Load Menu
"Start"    end turn, and start battle (if there is any)
"R1"       go to your army
"L1"       go to your army
"R2"       show list of your General
"L2"       show list of NPC General

This menu will show up most of the time. This is the menu that pop up when you
moved the cursor around in the map, hence the name, "Map Menu". Depending on
the cursor position, the menu that show up will be either only the first three
option or the complete menu. Complete menu will only show up when you put your
cursor on your capital city (city that have your color and have flag on it).
By default, every beginning turn, the cursor will automatically moved to your
capital city.

   Select the name of the leader of army
     "O" on table top
        Move Army
        Edit Army (change the member of the army)
        Disband Army (all army member will return to capital as free general)
     "O" on the four row below the table top (General name)
        Tactic Selection (used if you have more tactics than available slots)
        Unit Type (to change unit type)
        Item (to give or remove an item, weapon, book etc)

   Select General
     Recall (cancel the duty and general will return to capital as free
     Tactic Selection (used if you have more tactics than available slots)
     Unit Type (to change unit type)
     Item (to give or remove an item, weapon, book etc)

3. NPC GENERAL (General that have not joined any king/prince)
4. FREE GENERAL (General under your command, but not joined into army or on
5. ARMY CREATION (Army number could not exceed no of Capital under your rules)
     Select Commanding General for Army (only those that have flag in their
       statistic screen will be available for CC slot)
     Move cursor up and down to select other position. (First row is C&C,
       second row is the advisor, third and fourth row is the underling).
6. TASK (Envoy/Emissary)
     Select General that you wanted to put on duty ("X" to finish selection)
     After selecting, menu no 2 will be enabled, and you can use the on duty
7. Finish / end turn (can also be done through the "start" button).

There are many type of point/node in the map.
Capital  : node that have flag on it, very big size
Big City : node that have big house on it
City     : node that have small house on it (small color on top of house)
Fort     : node that have no house on it (no color on top, can't be conquered)

I have not find out the difference between Big City and City.

Every general can have three status :
- Joined in army (use menu no. 5 to create it, and menu no. 1 to move it, edit
     it, view it or disband it).
- On duty as envoy (use menu no. 6 to select, menu no. 2 to move it, view it
     or disband it). If your general have diplomacy skill, then he can be used
     for creating alliance between other liege and you.
- Free (use menu no. 4 to view their statistic)


Creating an army :
To create an army, use menu no. 5 to select the CC (Chief Commander), then you
can put other general (maximum 3 additional, for 4 general per army). The
first row is your CC, second row is the Advisor position, while the third and
fourth is your other general slot.


Battle Menu
In battle, if you press "select" button, battle menu will appear.
SAVE (Save in battle save, which can be restored later using option 3 of Main
   Menu. For details see 3.1 Main Menu). After saving, you can reset or stand
   by the PS2. The only way to restore the in-battle-save is through the "Main
AUTOMATIC (let the computer play for you).
LIST (of General that are currently in battle).

Start of Battle, Formation

During the start of the battle, you will be asked to select which formation
you wanted to use. Based on the terrain type, there will be different
formation available for you to choose. Depending on the formation you choose,
your primary advisor will get additional tactic that is the result of
formation. For which formation resulted in what tactic, see section "5.6
Formation List". If you have more than two group, then the advisor will come
from the group that have their CC acting as CC of the combined forces (the one
that have big flag on his unit).

Battle End
Battle will end if one of thing happens :
1.  Your CC (the one that have big flag) is Knocked out (have 0 soldier).
    This will result in you losing the battle.
2.  Enemy CC is K.O. This will result in you winning the battle.
3.  Days reached zero (I have not experienced this yet, since all of my war
    were finished by Day 10). 

During battle, every general will do the following phase :
1. Move
2. Decide on the facing direction.
3. Choose from a list of menu (attack, shoot arrow, wait, tactic, open gate)

Move phase will show the square that the unit can move to, which is denoted by
blue square. Red square mean a square that the unit can move to, and the unit
can do tactic on this square.

Decide on direction to face will determine what square you can attack, and
also whether you can do any tactic on that direction. Direction arrow that
were colored red mean that you can do tactic if you are facing that direction.

Choose from ACTION MENU :
1. Attack: will show up if you unit is facing an enemy unit.
2. Shoot arrow: will show up if your unit is an bow unit, and in your
      direction, exist enemy that you can shoot.
3. Wait: if you do-not-want-to/can-not do anything.
4. Tactic: will show up if you put your unit on the red square, and face the
      right direction (usually toward enemy, but not always, depending on the
      unit's available tactics). After you choose tactic, you will be given
      another option : Direct (first row) and Simultaneous (second row). For
      explanation of Direct and Simultaneous, and their difference, please
      see "Tutorial Explanation" below.
5. Open Gate: will show up (always below wait menu) if your unit is in front
      of castle gate.
6. Special ?? : will only show up if your unit is special type, and fulfill
   the requirement of at least one of the sub command. For details of the
   sub command, see section "5.2 Unit List"
7. Heal : Will only show up if your unit is special type, and your front is
   ally unit. This will also remove confused status of the ally.

Every battle will last no more than 30 days. Every beginning of day, there
will be a count down of days, beginning with 29, and counting down.

Every beginning of day, every unit will have a big number floating on top of
it. This number signify the move list. Unit that have number 1 will move
first, then the unit that have number 2, then unit number 3, and so on. After
every move, every unit will have their number decreased by one (unit no 2
become unit no 1, unit no 3 become unit no 2, and so on), unless if the unit
is tied up in the SIMULTANEOUS TACTIC or become confused. Unit that is tied up
in Simultaneous tactic (for detail see tutorial explanation) will have a cage
surrounding them, while confused unit animation will keep on turning and
turning until they are not confused anymore. The number is based on the
"Leadership" capabilities of all unit. The higher the leadership value, the
unit will move first.
Example: Your have Cao Cao and Xiahou Dun, while enemy have Sun Ce and Zhou
   Yu. Leadership value of Cao Cao is 54, Xiahou Dun is 42, Sun Ce is 53,
   Zhou Yu is 41. Therefore, Cao Cao will move first, then Sun Cen second,
   Xiahou Dun third, Zhou Yu fourth.
Note : I have found out later that the sequence does not have to be exactly
  like above formula (based on leadership value). I think that there is
  additional factor that were also used (like random number and/or terrain
  effect, like being on plain is different (faster) than on forest or river).
  Any input from reader on the other factor of the formula is welcomed.

On the beginning of the turn, sometime you will also be awarded special event
that will be executed by your advisor. I think this event depend on some
condition, and also on your advisor intelligence.
Some of the special event :
- Make one of the enemy unit confused
- Change one unit turn to the last (biggest number or last to move in a turn)
- Enjoy the skill effect (example : Iron Wall)
- Increase all of our general's morale (+5), while decreasing all of enemy
  general's morale (-5)

Tutorial Explanation
In the tutorial explanation, I use the following convention:
Front mean the current facing of the unit
Left mean the left side of current facing of the unit
Right mean the right side of current facing of the unit
Back mean the behind of current facing facing of the unit
If unit is facing north, then front=North, left=West, right=East, back=South
If unit is facing West, then front=West, left=South, right=North, back=East

FIRST : will teach you of the standard fighting using the standard way of
  fighting (melee unit will attack one square right in front of it, while
  archer unit will attack area that is usually two square in front of it).
  The actual range of the archer is more complicated, but for tutorial
  purpose, just use the "two square in front" rules.
SECOND : will teach you about "TACTIC DIRECT". Tactic is a capability of each
  general to execute a special attack, in which the attacking unit will not
  suffer any damage, while the defending unit will suffer great damage. If
  positioned correctly, the result of a tactic will result in second "tactic"
  attack, and even third and fourth "tactic" attack by unit that have
  correct tactic and are facing the square that the enemy landed on, and
  fulfilled the requirement to trigger the "tactic" attack. If you are
  confused by my explanation, the beginning walkthrough is as follows :
  Use the triangle button once to change the Xia Hou Yuan ?? tactic to fire.
  Move Cao Cao front 2 square, Face left, Tactic : 2nd Row. The result is
  that Cao Cao will attack, the resulf of it is the enemy will move one
  square, resulting in tactic attack from Xia Hou Dun (one eyed general), and
  as result of this tactic attack, the enemy will move in front of Xia Hou
  Yuan, and Xia Hou Yuan will attack the enemy using his tactic (alway first
  row tactic). If you have not changed Xia Hou Yuan tactic, then you will
  only get two attack, one from Cao Cao and another from Xia Hou Dun.
THIRD : will teach you about "TACTIC SIMULTANEOUS" or round-robin tactic.
  Walkthrough: (please note that tactic is always the last row in the action
  menu for the purpose of the third tutorial)
  Sun Cen : Move front one square, face left, tactic, choose 2nd row
  Zhou Yu : Move front one square, face front, tactic, choose first row,
    choose second row (Simultaneous)
  Huang Gai : Move front three square, face front, tactic : first row.
  Huang Gai's tactic make Sun Ce unit turn right, facing enemy unit. When
  Zhou Yu's simultaneous tactic executed, the enemy CC will be killed and you
  will win the battle, and thus finish the third and final tutorial.
  To compare between direct tactic and simultaneous tactic, replay the third
  tutorial, and change Zhou Yu's tactic from Simultaneous (second row) to
  Direct (first row). You will see that after Huang Gai movement, the enemy
  CC will not be dead, but will keep on fighting until his troops were zero.
  A simultaneous tactic will be executed when another tactic is executed. It
  does not have to be targeted to the same target. The tactics will be
  cancelled/not executed if :
  - The general that execute it is hit by enemy
  - It is time for the general that execute it to move again
  - Sometime during the target general's turn, the tactics will be cancelled


Unit Statistic Screen 1 ASCII (Unit/Troop focus)

|    ___________             _____________     |
|   |           |  Flag     |   Upper     |    |
|   |           |           |             |    |
|   | Portrait  |           |    Axis     |    |
|   |           |           |             |    |
|   |           |           |Left    Right|    |
|    -----------             -------------     |
|                                              |
|   Name  :                  _____________     |
|   Skill :                 |  Active     |    |
|   Soldier amount :        | Tactic List |    |
|   Training :              |             |    |
|   Soldier type :           -------------     |

Unit Statistic Screen 2 ASCII (General focus)
|    ___________             _____________     |
|   |           |  Flag     |   Upper     |    |
|   |           |           |             |    |
|   | Portrait  |           |    Axis     |    |
|   |           |           |             |    |
|   |           |           |Left    Right|    |
|    -----------             -------------     |
|                                              |
|   Name  :                  _____________     |
|   Fighting Skill (EXP) :  |             |    |
|   Level :                 | Friend List |    |
|   Title :                 |             |    |
|   Item  :                  -------------     |

To change from screen 1 to screen 2 and vice versa, press "square" button.

Screen 1 explanation
Portrait is the portrait of the general.

If there is a flag symbol, then it means that you can use this general to
become CC of your army. If there is no flag, then you can not use this
general to become CC, but he can be in the other three position.

In the upper right part of general's (unit) screen, there is a picture of
three axis. This three axis represent general statistics, and their meaning
is as follows:
Up Axis    : Power/Fighting Skill. Actual Translation : Wu Yi : Skill in
             Wushu, martial art of ancient China.
Left Axis  : Intelligence/Wisdom. Actual Translation : Zhi Mou : Know war.
Right Axis : Leadership.

Name : It is the name of the general. The name is usually 4 kanji (chinese
character), but I will only refer to the first two character. Example : Guan
Yu's complete name is Guan Yu Yun Chang, but I will refer to him as Guan Yu.

Skill : Is a skill that the general inherently have. When the situation is
right (fulfill the trigger requirement), then the effect will be activated.
When you are in battle, the general that have their skill activated will be
having an aura in his unit animation (aura is like the unit is on fire). For
detail of the skill, please see section "5.4 Skill list"

Soldier amount : the maximum value of this is closely tied to the level the
general is. The formula is as follows : (Level + 2)* 1000. So, if for example
Sun Ce is level 4, then the maximum value of his soldier amount is 6000. If
the value is not maximum, then it will automatically increase each turn,
provided that you put the general in "Capital", "Big City" or "City" node.
In "fort" node, the general will NOT increase his soldier value toward maximum
value. For detail of node, see section "3.3 Map Menu".

Training : It is the value of the training that the entire troops received.
This will affect the starting morale of the troops in the battle. The higher
the value, the better. To increase the training value, you need to have the
general participate in a war and win it (+3 for main army, +2 for second
Every general have sets of training value, one for each soldier type/ unit
type. This value is closely related to the unit type. Training value for a
soldier type will not increase because of an increase in other soldier type.
Example : In my game, Huang Gai have a higher training value (34) if he is a
bow unit. For infantry type, his training value is 30.

Soldier type : There can be several soldier type and their subtype (for
details see section "5.2 Unit List"). For summary, the differences between
unit type is as follows :
Infantry : Short range, normal movement, Standard attack, High defence.
Bow Type : Long range, normal movement, weaker attack, weaker defence.
Cavalry  : Short range, fast to front, High attack, standard defence.
Special  : to be used to purposes other than war (heal, create tower).
Every general has a fixed soldier type. If he can only have two soldier type,
for example infantry and bow, then this will not change at all during the
game. For detail of each general, please see "5.3 General List"

Active Tactic List : List of Active Tactic, strategem that the general can use
in battle. The maximum I have encountered so far is 5 active tactics. There is
a difference between tactics learned and active tactics. Active tactics is
the ones that is shown in the unit screen and during battle. But learned
tactics can only be seen during changing tactics screen. It is possible that
your learned tactics is less than the available active tactics slot. If that
is the case, then you will have empty slot, which you can only fill after
you learn new tactic.
Example : Sun Ce is a level 6 general, he have learned 5 tactics, but he can
only use 4 of them for his use in battle.

Screen 2 explanation

Fighting Skill (EXP) : Every battle have possibility to increase this value
(provided you win the battle). The higher the value, the better, since this
value determine the level of the general.

Level : Level value is determined by the "EXP". The range is as follows
(still in draft, not finished yet)
Lvl  From - To      Tactics  Formula Start    Formula Increase
0  :                               0                20
1  :   20 -   70       3          20                60
2  :   96 -  177       3          80               100
3  :  183 -  319       3         180               140
4  :  327 -  499       4         320               180
5  :  500 -  717       4         500               220
6  :  722 -  966       4         720               260
7  :  985 - 1222       5         980               300
8  : 1240 - 1585       5        1280               340
9  :                            1620               380
10 :                            2000               420

Actual result, based on game result is in the From - To column.
I have deduced the formula used to determine the limit of next level, and
I put it on the above table as formula start and formula increase. Formula
start is the starting point of the level, and the formula end is (formula
start of next level - 1). If you examine the "formula increase", you will
see that "formula increase" will increase by 40 every level.
Next level formula start = current level formula start + current level
                           formula increase.
Example : Your character is level 3, he will increase if his level exceed
320, or 180 + 140

Based on the table above, if the general's EXP have moved him/her into a
different level area, then the general will:
1. Increase "maximum soldier amount" value by 1000/level.
2. Increase their statistics (power, intelligence, leadership) by 4/level.
   This increase will be distributed based on the "soldier type" that the
   general have during the level increase. See "5.2 Unit List" for list of
   unit type and sub-type, including their distribution of statistics
3. Acquire new tactic (possible, but not always)

Example : Sun Ce EXP increase from 310 to 400. It means his level will
increase from level 3 to level 4. The effect of the level increase will
increase his maximum soldier from 5000 to 6000. Since Sun Ce is using
Infantry, sub type Spear Infantry, then the 4 increase of statistics will be
distributed as follows : Power 2, Intell 1, Lead 1. If Sun Ce is using
Bow, Strong Bow, then his increase will be distributed as follows : Power 0,
Intell 1, Lead 3.

Title : You can not change the title. So far, I could not see any purpose
of this one, except to put in name the level of the general. It is possible
that based on the name of the title, you can deduct the type of unit this
general is capable of. But I have not check it out yet.

Item  : Item that were used by the general. One general can use only one item
at a time, but the item can be changed.

Friend List : This show all the general this unit is friendly with. Example:
In Zhou Yu friend list, Sun Ce is named there, so Zhou Yu is friendly with Sun
Ce. Some of the effect of being friendly that I have noticed so far :
1. You can recruit a character using the general he is friendly with. To refer
   back to the example, if Zhou Yu is an NPC general, he can be recruited by
   Sun Ce. To recruit Zhou Yu character, create an army with the Sun Ce as
   part of the army (Sun Ce can be the CC, advisor or even the underling, his
   position in the army  does not matter). Then move the army that contain Sun
   Ce to the node/place where Zhou Yu reside. In beginning of the next turn,
   Zhou Yu will automatically ask to join your company. You can then choose
   "O" to accept, or choose "X" to reject him.
2. When traveling together in an army, there is a possibility of an
   interaction between friendly generals. In cases I have encountered so far,
   the result can be :
   - increase in EXP
   - new tactic that is teached by the general's friend
   - increase in statistics (power, intelligence, leadership)
   - increase in training.
Please be aware that friend list may change from one task/chapter to another.
Example : when Zhuge Jin show up, he has only Zhang Zhao in his friend list.
But in later task, the list will change to include Zhuge Liang name.


- Try as much as possible to daisy-chain tactics (combo tactics). You can
  capture enemy general if you hit him hard and his soldier amount become
  zero. At the end of combo, there will be a message. One message say that the
  general escape, while another message say that the general is captured.
  After playing several times, you will know which character represent escape,
  and which character represent capture.
- If you are given a certain amount of time to do task, and you can finish it
  earlier, delay the finish until the last moment so you can do other things
  like recruiting general, conquering city (if allowed), get into more war
  since you were attacked continuosly (see Sun Ce Campaign, Task 5 B).
- Remember that general that does not have the full soldier allowed, will only
  replenish its soldier if staying at city, not at fort. So try to avoid
  putting your general in a fort. Replenishment rate varied, but I am not sure
  what factor it depend on. It could be level of the general, type of city he
  is on. Minimize movement for this general, since moving him around will
  lessen his replenishment (around 50% decrease).
- Make use of the soldier type and their distribution of attribute increase.
  For general with high intelligence, it is better to use the special unit
  type, while for general with high power, it is better to use the cavalry
- Please note the statistics of the general, and select the tactics that he is
  best at. High power general select power tactics, while high intelligence
- The terrain should be considered when you are executing Pit trap tactics,
  or for that matter any tactis that get the enemy to move, since those tactic
  will only be succesfull if the enemy can move toward the target square. So
  if any of the square have difference of more than 1 level, you can not
  execute Pit Trap Tactic.
- If you execute a tactic that force enemy to move, but because of terrain or
  other reason (like there was another unit in the square he should move to),
  the tactics you use will not be used. What I mean is, the tactic will be
  executed, but the tactics will not dissapear (usually the tactic will
  dissapear after use). This bug/feature will not be valid if you are chaining
  tactics (doing combo).

To be completed later



It is my believe that Liu Bei's campaign is harder than other campaign, with
Cao Cao's being the easiest. But this is my believe based on previous play
with ROTK game, not with SS game. After I play this campaign, I will give you
my impression.

Historically :
Liu Bei died on year 223.
Guan Yu died on year 220.
Zhang Fei died on year ??? (earlier than Guan Yu)
Zhuge Liang died on year 234.

To be completed later.


Historically :
Cao Cao died on year 220.
Xiahou Yuan died on year 218.

To be completed later.


I first started play using Sun Ce, since I like playing Sun Quan, his brother.
As I play, I will complete this section first. Then I will play as Liu Bei,
then Cao Cao.

First Battle:
In the first battle, you will encounter 3 enemy general, one of them is inside
castle, while the other two is outside of the castle. You will have three
general. The first one to move is your liege, Sun Ce. The second one to move
is Zhou Yu, your advisor (high intelligence). The third one to move is Huang
Gai, your other general.

I suggest you finish the two that are outside castle. Make yourself familiar
with your general's tactic, and use your tactic as much as possible. After
defeating the two enemy, use Sun Ce to break down the castle door (remember,
use the last option to break down castle door), and position the other unit
on the left and right square of Sun Ce. Let the enemy CC approach Sun Ce,
while your other units (which were bow unit) attack the CC (Liu Yan ??) from

After you win your first battle, you will encounter MAP MENU. Save your game
using "select" button, which will cause SAVE/LOAD MENU to appear. Note that
since you have not saved anything yet, you will need to use the last row
(create new game) to create a new savegame. Note that the year of the first
task is 195AD.

Task One :
- Defeat Wang Lang and ??
Time :  6 turn
Year : 195
The two lieges that you need to defeat is located on the east of your
eastmost city.

General Note :
I started attacking the two city on turn 4 (remaining 3 turn) and turn 6
(remaining 1 turn).

Turn by turn Note :
  On turn 1, move Sun Ce to where Taishi Ci and Chen Wu were. Create a new
army using Cheng Pu as CC, Han Dang and Zhang Ing. Move Cheng Pu to the city
that they can move to that has not been conquered yet (the city is located
between capital and Wang Lang city, sout of where Taishi Ci were). On
beginning of next turn, since Taishi Ci were friendly with Sun Ce, he will
automatically offer to join you. Just accept (press "O" button), and he will
show up on your capital (the one that have flag). Since you will also be
having Huang Gai in Sun Ce army, and Chen Wu is friendly with Huang Gai, Chen
Wu will also offer to join your army.
If you are having difficulty on deciding/knowing who is who, then use the list
on 5.3 General List to see the beginning statisticss of the generals, so that
you can know who is Taishi Ci, who is Chen Wu and so on. Remember, from now on
I will refer an army to the name of it's CC.
  On turn 2, rearrange (edit) Sun Ce's army so that only Sun Ce remain on the
army. Create a new army using Taishi Ci (CC), Zhou Yu (advisor), Huang Gai and
Chen Wu. Move Sun Ce to recruit Zhou Tai, while Taishi Ci move to recruit Liu
Yan ??. Move Cheng Pu's army to a neutral city on the right (east) of his
current city (target city name : Zhang An).
  On turn 3, move Sun Ce to recruit Zhu Zhi. Edit Taishi Ci army to exchange 
Chen Wu with Zhou Tai, and let Taishi Ci stay at his current city. Move Cheng
Pu to city south of his current city (target city name : Jian An). You will
get a book in Jian An.
  On turn 4, disband Sun Ce. Edit Cheng Pu's army so that the new CC is Sun
Ce, and remove Han Dang from the army. Move Sun Ce to north west city from
his current position (Jian An to ??).Create a new army using Cheng Pu (CC),
Zhu Zhi (Advisor), Han Dang and Chen Wu. Give the newly found Intelligence
+10 book to Zhou Yu. Move Taishi Ci and Cheng Pu to the northen enemy city
(target city name : ??). Enjoy the fight.
  On turn 5, move Sun Ce to the north city from his current position (target
city name : Pan Yang). You will get a book in Pan Yang.

Notable new general : Zhuge Jin (Int), Zhou Tai (Pwr), Taishi Ci (Pwr),
Cheng Pu (Int).

Note : Since Sun Ce is going to be killed in between Task 6 B and Task 7 B,
I decided to not use him (it hurts when a level 8 general suddenly die,
especially when you have painstakingly upgrade his capability). But if you
wanted to use Sun Ce, feel free to do so.
The turn by turn note above mentioned army composition. You are always free
to change the composition as you like. I just put the best combination (in my
opinion) that I use in my game. Notable new general is the list of new general
that either have quite high statistics (compared to other that is available)
or the ones that I use quite a lot in the the current task or in the next
several task.

Task Two :
- Attack either Cao Cao or Liu Biao
Time : 10 turn
Year : 200

General Note :
This is an conquering and recruiting task. You can not have a fight with Cao
Cao or Liu Biao, since once you attack one of them, the task end.
Don't forget to get the Book of History (Leadership +20) in the "Nan Hai"
city. If you have difficulty to recognize the city, just go south and in one
of the neutral southern city (first right from the leftmost cisty) you will
find this item. Just remember that to get the item, you will need to conquer
it, and you will need to carry minimal two general in an army (one general
will not be enough). City that you have conquered will change color to your
color (which in this case is red).
Depending on whether you attack Cao Cao or Liu Biao, you will get different
result and different next scenario.

Attack Cao Cao result : Sun Ce will die (which is historically correct), the
liege title will transfer to Sun Ce's brother, Sun Quan, and he will inherit
Sun Jian's (Sun Ce's and Sun Quan's father) sword. Next Scenario is Year 208.
I will refer to this branch as A branch, and all task for this branch will
have A ending. Example : Task Three A.

Attack Liu Biao result : Sun Ce will not die (yet), Sun Quan will not
appear (yet). Next Scenario is Year 205. I will explore this branch first.
I will refer to this branch as B branch, and all task for this branch will
have B ending. Example : Task Three B. After task 6 B, and before task 7 B,
Sun Ce died and Sun Quan appear.

Notable new general : Lu Meng (automatically appear on turn 5), Xu Sheng

Task Three B :
- Defeat Liu Biao city (the one that glow)
Time : 6 turn
Year : 205

General Note :
You will have to attack twice, once to ??, second to the target city (??)

Turn by turn Note :
  On turn 1 : Move Taishi Ci army (Taishi Ci, Zhou Yu, Huang Gai, Empty) and
Zhou Tai army (Zhou Tai, Lu Meng, Cheng Pu, Empty) to the leftmost node that
is the nearest to the glowing city.
  On turn 2 : Create Sun Ce army (Sun Ce, Xu Sheng) and have them recruit
Ding Feng which very recently show up on Task one capital). Move Taishi Ci
army and Zhou Tai army to the city that is bordering to the city south of
glowing city.
  On turn 3 : Move Sun Ce army (Sun Ce, Zhu Zhi) to recruit Zhu Huan. Edit
Taishi Ci army so it consist of Taishi Ci, Zhou Yu, Huang Gai and Xu Sheng.
Edit Zhou Tai army so it consist of Zhou Tai, Lu Meng, Cheng Pu and Ding Feng.
Attack Liu Biao using Taishi Ci and Zhou Tai army. Try to capture Pang Tong
using combo tactics.
  On turn 4 : Move Sun Ce to recruit ??. Create new army (Pang Tong, Zhu Huan)
and recruit Lu Xun (who just appear).
  On turn 5 : If your army has recover, you can attack the glowing city. If
not, just rest.
  On turn 6 : Fight using Taishi Ci (Taishi Ci, Zhou Yu, Huang Gai, Xu Sheng)
and Zhou Tai (Zhou Tai, Pang Tong, Lu Xun, Zhu Huan). Try to capture Gan
Ning or Xu Tu ??

Notable new general : Ding Feng, Zhu Huan, Lu Xun, Pang Tong (captured), Gan
Ning (captured).

Task Four B :
- Defeat the rebel that show up south of your capital (the one that is green)
- Ally with Liu Bei
Time : 4 turn
Year : 205

General Note :
Nothing much to do here. Just attack the rebel using Taishi Ci (Taishi Ci,
Zhou Yu, Huang Gai, Gan Ning) and Zhou Tai (Zhou Tai, Pang Tong, Lu Xun, Zhu
Huan). Sent a general with "Diplomacy skill" to fulfill the ally with Liu Bei

Notable new general : None

Task Five B :
- Attack Cao Cao's city.
Time : 6 turn
Year : 205

General Note :
Just attack the city that is glowing (south of Liu Bei and west of you). If
you sent only one army, then Liu Bei will automatically sent his unit to
help you. But if you sent two army, or have other army nearby when you sent
the one army to attack the city, then Liu Bei will not sent any troops, since
you will automatically attack with two troops (the other troops will move
automatically to the city that you are attacking or being attacked if the city
is within movement range).

Turn by turn Note :
Easy way (One fight) :
  On turn 1 : Attack the glowing city using the unit that is automatically
created by the computer. Liu Bei will sent another army (Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang,
Guan Yu, Zhang Fei). You should be able to win this battle easily.

Not so easy way (Many fight) :
  On turn 1 : Your one unit is automatically combined into one unit. Edit your
one unit so that it became Taishi Ci (Taishi Ci, Zhou Yu, Huang Gai, Gan Ning)
and move it to Sun Ce's city that is bordering on the target city. Create Zhou
Tai army (Zhou Tai, Pang Tong, Lu Xun, Zhu Sheng) and move them as close as
possible to the city that Taishi Ci go to.
  On turn 2 : Move Zhou Tai to the city. After you end the turn, Cao Cao will
attack you. Use combo to get the best general, and defeat all generals, saving
the CC for the last. If you defeat the CC, then Cao Cao will not attack you
any more, and when you attack the glowing city, you will encounter Xiahou Dun
and Cao Cao himself. But if you let the CC live (by not defeating him, run
away and erecting barricade using your three special general : Zhou Yu, Pang
Tong and Lu Xun), and the day counter reach zero, you will automatically win,
and Cao Cao will still attack you next turn. What I did is let Cao Ren (the CC
in my game) alive, and I captured Yu Jin and Xu Zhu.
  On turn 3 : Do nothing. After the fight, I captured Xu Huang (I used a combo
of 4 generals, and one of the combo is almost 13,000 soldier killed) and Hao
Zhao. Capturing Xu Huang made my day, and it is quite difficult to capture
him. If you managed to get Pang Tong and Zhou Yu to reach level 5, they will
learn "Pit Trap" Tactics. This is one of the useful tactics to capture enemy
general, so learn it well. Sima Yi also have the "Pit Trap" capability. Gan
Ning also have a useful skill in level 5, "Taunt" Tactic. This tactic is
easier to use than "Pit Trap", but have a negative of giving enemy morale
  On turn 4 : Do nothing. After the fight, I captured Sima Lang, Xiahou Ba, Xu
You. The only one that is not bad is Xiahou Ba, the other two is useless.
  On turn 5 : This turn I was not attacked, so I decided to start the fight on
glowing city. On the fight, I encounter Cao Cao. Managed to capture Deng Ai
and Zhang Liao. Deng Ai is even more difficult to capture than Xu Huang. I
capture him using a six move tactic (combo), with he become zero after 4
combo, and the last combo alone generate more than 50,000 soldier killed.
If you can only get one general, try to get Deng Ai, since his statistic is
better all-around. I also managed to get Cao Cao's book using combo. This book
give you the evil Hero ?? capability, which in my opinion is very useful.

From Cao Cao's general, I managed to capture : Yu Jin, Xu Zhu, Hao Zhao, Xu
Huang (must get), Sima Lang (useless), Xiahou Ba, Xu You (useless), Deng Ai
(must get), Zhang Liao (must get).

Cao Cao's armies :
Xiahou Dun, Guo Jia, Hao Zhao, Xu Huang
Xiahou Yuan, Xun Huo ??, Yu Jin, Xu Zhu
Cao Ren, Sima Yi, ?? Jin, Dian Wei
Cao Cao, Tian Feng, Deng Ai, Zhang Liao

Task Six B :
- Conquer the four city that were Cao Cao's.
Time : 10 turn
Year : 205

General Note :
Just attack the four city that is glowing in the east south part of the map.
Suggested order of attack : Central one, North one, West one, South one.
My armies composition (from best to worst):
Deng Ai (Deng Ai, Pang Tong, Xu Huang, Gan Ning)
Taishi Ci (Taishi Ci, Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, Xu Zhu)
Huang Gai (Huang Gai, Lu Meng, Zhou Tai, Xu Sheng)

Turn by turn Note :
  On turn 1 : Move Deng Ai (Deng Ai, Pang Tong, Xu Huang, Gan Ning) and Taishi
Ci (Taishi Ci, Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, Xu Zhu) to the city nearest the target cities.
Also move Huang Gai (Huang Gai, Lu Meng, Zhou Tai, Xu Sheng) to that city.
  On turn 2 : Attack the north east city using Taishi Ci and Deng Ai. I
captured Huang Zhong and Wei Yan.

Notable new general : Huang Zhong, Wei Yan
After you finished this task, Sun Ce dies, and Sun Quan show up.

Task Seven B :
- Conquer the eastern most city near Sun Quan area.
Time : 6 turn
Year : 208

Historically :
Sun Ce died on year 200.
Zhou Yu died on year 211.
Sun Quan died on year 251.

To be completed later.



Name    : Attack Together
Type    : Leadership
Trigger : - Enemy is in front of me
          - Ally neighbour is enemy
Effect  : Ally attack enemy

Name    : Back Attack ??
Type    : Leadership
Trigger : - Enemy back ??
          - Enemy back has no unit (free) ??
Effect  : - I move to enemy's back
          - Attack enemy (back side)
          - Enemy become confused, move away 1 square

Name    : Back Continuous ??
Type    : Leadership
Trigger : - Ally is front of me
          - Enemy is front of ally
Effect  : - Ally attack enemy
          - Ally exchange place with me (Ally move back, I move forward)

Name    : Breakthrough Charge
Type    : Power
Trigger : Enemy is in front of me
Effect  : Attack enemy and emerge 3 square away (behind enemy)

Name    : Encourage
Type    : Leadership
Trigger : Ally in front (side ??)
Effect  : Morale increase

Name    : Fire Arrow
Type    : Power
Trigger : - Me is bow unit
          - ??
Effect  : - Enemy/ies attack decrease
          - Enemy/ies move away 1 square
          - Enemy/ies become confused
Area    : 

Name    : Fire Trick
Type    : Intelligence
Trigger : - Enemy is in front of me
          - Enemy square is grass or forest
Effect  : - Attack ??
          - Enemy/ies become confused, move away 1 square
Area    :

Name    : Flank Attack
Type    : Power
Trigger : Enemy's left or right is in front of me
Effect  : - Enemy attack & morale decrease
          - Enemy move front 1 square

Name    : Help
Type    : Leadership
Trigger : - I am beside ally
          - Ally has enemy in front
          - I have same direction with ally
Effect  : - Ally's morale increase
          - Ally attack enemy

Name    : Intimidate/Terrorize
Type    : Power
Trigger : Enemy is in front of me
Effect  : - Enemy retreat (move away). Cav. 1 square, other 3 square.
          - Enemy's morale decrease.

Name    : Pursuit Attack
Type    : Power
Trigger : Enemy's back is in front of me
Effect  : - Enemy attack & morela decrease
          - I move front 1 square
          - Enemy move front 1 square

Name    : Retreat To Lure
Type    : Intelligence
Trigger : Enemy is in front of me
Effect  : - Enemy attack ??
          - I move back 1 square
          - Enemy follow me, move forward 1 square

Name    : Sameside attack
Type    : Intelligence
Trigger : - Enemy (A) is in front of me
          - Enemy other unit in the neighbourhood of A
Effect  : - Enemy units attack each other
          - Enemy morale drop
          - I move back 1 square

Name    : Sound East Attack West
Type    : Intelligence
Trigger : Enemy is in front of me
Effect  : - Enemy move front 1 square
          - Enemy move so that back is toward me
          - Enemy attack and morale decrease
          - Enemy move forward 1 square

Name    : Sudden Attack
Type    : Power
Trigger : Enemy is in front of us
Effect  : - Enemy attack ??
          - Enemy change facing toward us

Name    : Supervise Battle
Type    : Power
Trigger : Ally in front of us
Effect  : - Ally morale increase
          - Ally move away 1 square
          - Remove confused status.

Name    : ?? (Ji Fu)
Type    : Leadership
Trigger : - Enemy is in front of me
          - Ally in the (same row with me and ??) back of enemy can reach the
            enemy and attack
Effect  : - Enemy attacked by me
          - Enemy back hit by ally
          - Enemy become confused

Name    : 
Type    : 
Trigger : 
Effect  : 

To be completed later

  5.2  UNIT LIST

Type     Subtype             Training Attack Defense Power Intell Lead
Infantry Light Infantry          1      25     30      2      0     2
         Infantry               25      30     40      1      0     3
         Mountain Infantry      50      30     40      0      0     4
         Spear Infantry         30      40     30      2      1     1
         Heavy Spear Infantry   70      40     50      1      2     1

Bow      Bow                     1      20     25      2      1     1
         Longbow                25      30     20      1      1     2
         Naval                  50      35     20      1      2     1
         Crossbow               40      40     15      1      1     2
         Strong Crossbow        70      50     10      0      1     3

Cavalry  Light Cavalry           1      35     25      3      0     1
         Heavy Cavalry          30      45     30      4      0     0
         Armoured Cavalry       70      45     45      3      1     0
         Bow Cavalry            40      35     25      2      2     0

Special  Worker                  0       5      5      0      4     0
         Medic ??                1      20     15      0      3     1
         Heavy Special ??       40      25     20      0      2     2

Medic ?? have a special menu, and he can do the following during battle :
1. Erect a barricade. This will be on the three square in front of him. To
   destroy the barricade need one attack.
2. Erect a tent. This tent will have an area effect of 3 squares radius. All
   of your unit in the area will have their morale increase each beginning of
   day. To destry this tent need three attack.
3. Erect a bow tower. This will have an area effect of 2 squares radius. All
   enemy that enter this area, or are in the area in the beginning of turn
   will be attacked. To destry the tower need two attack.

Heavy special ?? have a different skill sets, which are :
1. Create Balista (shooting arrow)
2. Create Catapult (shooting stone/boulder)


Name            Flag  Lev  Pow  Int  Lea  Skill                Inf Cav Bow Spe
Cao Cao          Yes   4    30   50   54  Evil Hero ??      
Cao Pi           Yes   4    28   42   37  Hero
Cao Ren ??       Yes   5    49   32   47  Iron Wall
Cheng Pu         Yes   1    38   44   37  Thousand             Yes     Yes
Chen Gui         No    2     2   40   14  Worker
Chen Wu          No    2    35   19   35  Iron Wall            Yes     Yes
Dian Wei         Yes   5    61   11   40  Iron Wall            Yes
Ding Feng        Yes   3    43   29   37  Heavenly Bow         Yes     Yes
Deng Ai          Yes   7    58   39   48  Oustanding Exp.      Yes Yes
Dong Xi          No    3    40   28   36  Heavenly Speed       Yes     Yes
Gan Ning         Yes   3    56   34   40  Thousand                     Yes
Guan Ping ??     No    7    56   20   30
Guan Yu          Yes   3    63   26   45  ??
Guo Jia          Yes   0    12   55   31  Strategist
Hao Zhao         Yes   5    39   41   49  Iron Wall
Han Dang         No    1    38   24   37  Iron Wall            Yes
Hua Xin          No    2    19   40   21  Bao Nue              Yes
Huang Gai        Yes   2    43   31   38  Indomitable          Yes     Yes
Huang Zhong      Yes   5    52   21   43  Heavenly Bow                 Yes
Ji Ling ??       Yes   5    51   21   38  Indomitable          Yes Yes
Jiang Qin        No    3    39   24   38  Khong Beng           Yes     Yes
Ling Tong        No    3    47   17   32  Fervour              Yes     Yes
Liu Bei          Yes   4    27   29   54  Hero
Liu Biao         Yes   2    12   27   22  Diplomacy
Liu Yan ??       No    2    11   22   13  Bao Nue              Yes
Lu Bu            Yes   5    69   11   32  ??
Lu Meng          Yes   2    37   43   42  Stealth Strategy     Yes     Yes Yes
Lu Xun           Yes   3    28   54   42  Strategist           Yes     Yes Yes
Pan Zhang        No    3    44   20   36  Khong Beng           Yes     Yes
Pang Tong        Yes   3    25   56   49  Strategist                   Yes Yes
Sima Lang        No    4     9   47   20  Worker                           Yes
Sima Yi          Yes   5    17   58   46  Strategist
Sun Ce           Yes   4    51   29   53  ?? Emperor           Yes Yes Yes
Sun Quan         Yes   4    23   34   53  Hero
Sun Shao         No    2    35   30   34  Bao Nue                      Yes
Tai Shi Ci       Yes   3    55   29   39  Ten Thousand         Yes     Yes
Tian Feng        Yes   5    15   62   34  Stealth Strategy                 Yes
Wang Lang        No    3    15   33   23  Worker               Yes         Yes
Wei Yan          Yes   5    54   18   37  Thousand             Yes     Yes
Xiahou Ba        Yes   4    51   17   33  Support                  Yes Yes
Xiahou Dun       Yes   2    48   28   42  Thousand
Xiahou Yuan      Yes   1    49   14   34  Heavenly Speed
Xu Sheng         Yes   3    45   33   42  Iron Wall            Yes     Yes
Xu Huang         Yes   5    67   28   40  Thousand             Yes Yes
Xu You           No    4    14   45   19  Worker                           Yes
Xu Zhu           Yes   4    59    9   32  Ten Thousand         Yes
Xun Huo          Yes   5    20   55   31  Stealth Strategy             Yes Yes
Xun You ??       No    2    19   49   36  Khong Beng
Yu Jin           Yes   5    50   25   41  Khong Beng               Yes Yes
Zhang Fei        Yes   3    59   14   35  Ten Thousand
Zhang Ing        No    2    27    8   23  Khong Beng
Zhang Liao       Yes   3    55   25   43  Thousand             Yes Yes
Zhang Pu ??      Yes   5    59        40  Thousand
Zhang Zhao       Yes   1     7   41   20  Diplomacy            Yes
Zhao Yun         Yes   5    68   27   39  Thousand
Zhou Tai         Yes   2    49   17   33  Thousand             Yes     Yes
Zhou Yu          Yes   3    33   54   41  Fervour              Yes     Yes Yes
Zhu Huan         No    3    46   33   43  Iron Wall            Yes
Zhu Zhi          No    2    33   29   31  Support                      Yes
Zhuge Liang      Yes   4    19   50   43  Strategist
Zhuge Jin        No    2    22   40   32  Support              Yes
?? Jin           Yes   5    48   21   43  Indomitable          Yes     Yes

To be completed later


Name      : (Bao Nue)
Trigger   : Morale < 40, enemy nearby
Effect    : Attack increase (2)

Name      : Diplomacy
Trigger   : Battle, Envoy
Effect    : Emissary/Envoy Capabilities

Name      : Evil Hero ??
Trigger   : Morale > 80
Effect    : Intel based tactic increased ??
            Leadership based tactic increased ??

Name      : Fervour (Ji Qing)
Trigger   : One of your ally is defeated
Effect    : Attack, defence increase (2)
            Increase your Morale

Name      : Heavenly Bow
Trigger   : Morale > 80
Effect    : Long range attack increase (5)

Name      : Heavenly Speed
Trigger   : Morale > 80
Effect    : Faster movement ??

Name      : Hero
Trigger   : Morale > 80
Effect    : Leadership based tactic increased (??)

Name      : Indomitable
Trigger   : Morale < 40
Effect    : Attack increase (2)

Name      : Iron Wall
Trigger   : Morale > 80
Effect    : Defense increase (2)

Name      : Khong Beng (officer)
Trigger   : Commander-in-Chief (CC) is nearby
Effect    : Attack increase (2)

Name      : Outstanding Experience (Shu Shu)
Trigger   : Get experience
Effect    : Experience received is doubled

Name      : Stealth Strategy
Trigger   : Morale > 80
Effect    : Tactic --> Confused ??

Name      : Strategist
Trigger   : Morale > 80
Effect    : Intell based tactic increased ??

Name      : Support
Trigger   : Morale > 80
Effect    : ?? (Attack)

Name      : Ten Thousand (One man equal Ten Thousand)
Trigger   : Morale > 80
Effect    : Power based tactic increased ??

Name      : Thousand (One man equal Thousand)
Trigger   : Morale > 80
Effect    : Attack increase (2)

Name      : Worker
Trigger   : Battle, Envoy
Effect    : Worker capability can be used ??

Name      : 
Trigger   : 
Effect    : 

To be completed later

  5.5  ITEM LIST

Name      : ?? (Gu Ding) Sabre
Effect    : Power +10
Who/Where : Sun Jian's weapon, inherited by Sun Ce at his campaign beginning,
            passed to Sun Quan when Sun Ce die.
Note : Literal translation : Gu = Ancient, Ding = ??

Name      : Heaven Sword
Effect    : Power +15
Who/Where : Cao Cao's

Name      : ?? (Wei/Yu Liao Zi)
Effect    : Intelligence +10
Who/Where : Jian An City

Name      : Book of History (Zhi Ji)
Effect    : Leadership +20
Who/Where : Nan Hai city

Name      : Sun Tzu Book
Effect    : Give Skill : Stealthy Strategy
Who/Where : Taishi Ci's item in Sun Ce's campaign.

Name      : Book of Warring State (Zhan Guo Ce)
Effect    : Give Skill : Diplomacy
Who/Where : Pan Yang City

Name      : Book of ?? (Han Su Li ?? ??)
Effect    : Give Skill : Heavenly Bow
Who/Where : Huang Zhong have it in Sun Ce's Campaign.

Name      : Book of ?? (Han Su ?? ?? ??)
Effect    : Give Skill : ??
Who/Where : 

Name      : 
Effect    : 
Who/Where : 

To be completed later


All formation list will assume that you are attacking with 2 army.
Convention of number :
1.  CC of combined forces (have big flag on it)
2.  Advisor of the CC army (have small flag on it)
3.  Underling 1 on CC army (third row)
4.  Underling 2 on CC army (fourth row)
5.  CC of the second army (first row)
6.  Advisor of second army (second row)
7.  Underling 1 on second army (third row)
8.  Underling 2 on second army (fourth row)

If you are attacking with one army, just use the number 1 to 4 position.

The battle map is 16x16 square, with your army occuping one side of it, and
the enemy occupying the other side (opposite your army).

Name in Mandarin : Shu/shuo
Name in English  : 
Tactics you get  : Supervise Battle (Power)
Position :  |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
??          |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X 6 X 3 X 4 X 5 X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X 8 X 2 X 1 X 7 X X X X|

Name in Mandarin : She Xing
Name in English  : Walking Snake
Tactics you get  : ?? (Ji 531 Fu 347)
Position :  |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X 6 X X X X 5 X X X X X|
            |X X X X 8 X 3 X X 4 X 7 X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X 2 1 X X X X X X X|

Name in Mandarin : Fang
Name in English  : Side ??
Tactics you get  : Back Continuous (Hou Jie)
Position :  |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X 7 X 2 X 6 X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X 3 X 4 X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X 7 X 1 X 8 X X X X X|

Name in Mandarin : ??
Name in English  : 
Tactics you get  : Back Attack
Position :  |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X 3 X X X X|
            |X X X 2 X X 6 X X X X X X 4 X X|
            |X 5 X X X X X X X 1 X X 7 X X X|
            |X X X X 8 X X X X X X X X X X X|

Name in Mandarin : Feng Wu
Name in English  : Cut ??
Tactics you get  : Sudden Attack
Position :  |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X 4 2 3 X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X 6 X X X 5 X X X X X|
            |X X X X X 8 X X 1 X X 7 X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|

Name in Mandarin : 
Name in English  : 
Tactics you get  : 
Position :  |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|
            |X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X|

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Terrain Type    Height  Defence
Mountain          +2    
Hill              +1
Plain              0
Grass              0
Forest             0
Shore             -1
River             -2

When moving your troops (moving from A to B), you can not move directly from
position that has two or more difference in height.
Example : When you are on River, you can not move to Plain, if you do not go
through Shore first.

            |P P P P P|
            |P SBP SCP|
            |R S RAS R|
Unit A that is in River (RA) can not move forward to P that is in front of
him. He can only move to Shore B (SB) or Shore C (SC), since shore is higher
1 level only compared to River.

The Height will also determine the level of defence. The higher the height,
you will receive less damage, so try to avoid staying at a river square.

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Q : My Character is slow in increasing his experience and level. What can I do
    to speed up his experience.
A : - First, you need to take him into battle. This should be obvious and have
      been done by you. No pain, no gain. No battle, (almost) no experience.
    - Second, during the battle, every attack action will increase experience.
      What I have found out so far :
      - Defeat enemy, but not capture it : 30 EXP.

Q : 
A : 


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