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                D Y N A S T Y    T A C T I C S   G E N E R A L S

                              DYNASTY TACTICS FAQ
                           December 9, 2002, ver. 0.4
                         for the PS2  (English version)
                     Agung Pujanata (apujanata@yahoo.com)

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Dynasty Tactics is (c) Koei

This General Text was written for English version of Dynasty Tactics (in
Japan, it was released under the Sangokushi Senki title)

The purpose of this document is to give more insight into each of the generals
that play a role in Dynasty Tactics game. Since this game is based on the
Three Kingdom era, it will also be helpful for players of ROTK series and
Dynasty Warriors series.


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Bao Long
An officer under Zhao Fan and Marshal of Gui-Yang. He is said to have killed
two tigers with his bow. He fakes defecting to Zhao Yun, upon the latter's
attack on Gui-Yang, but is beheaded by an unfooled Zhao.

Bu Zhi
A minister of Wu. In the invasion of Jing, he accurately predicts both Guan Yu
and Cao Ren's movement and is able to guide Wu to victory. When Sun Quan
ascend the Imperial Seat, he is given a high rank. Later, he is made Prime

Cai Mao
An officer under Liu Baio. Comes from a noble family in Jing. Is the younger
brother of Liu Biao's second wife. His plot to assassinate Liu Bei in order to
make Liu Cong successor ends in failure. He excels as a naval commander.

Cao Bao
An officer of Tao Qian. When Cao Cao invaded Xu, he duels with Xiahou Dun, but
is forced to retreat due to heavy winds. He later joins Liu Bei, but is killed
in a fight with Zhang Fei.

Cao Xiu
A Wei officer and nephew of Cao Cao. A brilliant archer, he serves Cao Pi and
Cao Rui following the death of Cao Cao. He is fooled by Zhou Fang's false
defection and loses many troops. His health fails due to embarrassment and
he dies.

Cao Zhang
Cao Cao's third son. A brave general said to have killed wild beasts with his
bare hands. Was given the nickname. "The Yellow Beard." He saved his father
Cao Cao from his pursuers during the assault on Han Zhong.

Cao Zhen
Officer of Wei and Cao Cao's nephew. Left in charge by Cao Pi. He leads the
army against Zhuge Liang's campaign and is soundly defeated. He is taunted in
a letter and dies of indignation.

Chen Deng
Child of Chen Gui. He joins Liu Bei, when the latter is left in charge of the
Xu territories by Tao Qian. He surrenders to Cao Cao after Liu Bei's loss to
to the same and is made Protector.

Chen Gui
Famous scholar of Xu and father of Cheng Deng. He betrays Lu Bu out of concern
for the future of his country and corresponds with Cao Cao. With his son, Deng,
he contributes to the victory of Cao Cao and Liu Bei.

Chen Jiao
A minister of Wei. He and Cao Ren attempt to protect the southern part of
Jing, but fall prey to Zhuge Liang's plan. Later, as a minister of Wei, he
helps Cao Pi take the throne. He rises to the position of Minister of the
Interior during Cao Pi's reign.

Chen Qun
A minister of Wei. He enacted the "Nine Official Ranks Law", that became the
foundation of the Wei government and kept administration running smoothly.
Upon the death of Cao Pi, he, Sima Yi, Cao Zhen and others help support Cao

Chen Wu
An officer of Wu. A beast of man, his face was yellow and his eyes red. He is
the fourth genral at Chi Bi. At Ru Xu, he is taken captive by Pang De.

Cheng Pu
An officer of Wu. A master with his Serpent Spear, he served three
generations of the Sun family. He was often refereed to as "Master Cheng"
by the other generals. He served at the Battle of Chi Bi, teaming with
Zhou Yu to defeat Cao Cao at Jiang Chang.

Deng Ai
A Wei officer. A talented officer discovered by Sima Yi, he was active in the
Shu Campaign. He teamed up with Zhong Hui to destroy Shu, but later fought
with him. Thanks to Zhong Hui's accusations, he is captured and while being
escorted away, is assassinated.

Deng Zhi
A minister of Wei. He makes numerous trips between Shu and Wu after Liu Bei's
death attempting to bring about an alliance between the two. He is successful.
With Zhao Yun, he leads the vanguard during the northern campaigns. Famous for
his wisdom and courage.

Dian Wei
A giant of a man often referred to as pure evil. Served as Cao Cao's personal
bodyguard and was constantly by his side. After Zhang Xiu's night attack on
Wan Castle, he alone stood before the enemy troops, giving his life so that
Cao Cao could escape.

Ding Feng
A Wu officer who served from the time of Sun Quan. In his first battle, he
showed excellent skill, including the defeat of Zhang Liao. Serving Wu for
more than 70 years, he was promoted as high as Commander General

Dong He
A minister of Liu Bei. Originally a follower of Liu Zhang, he urges that
Liu Zhang request assistance from Zhang Lu. After Liu Bei's acquisition
of Shu, he is made a commander.

Dong Xi
A Wu officer. He was responsible for introducing the famous doctor Hua To to
Sun Ce. He fights well in the defense of Ruan Xu, but due to strong winds,
his boat is capsized and he drowns. His corpse was later buried by Sun Quan.

Dong Yun
A minister of Shu. He, Zhuge Liang, Fei Wei and Jiang Wan formed the "Four
Heads". While he lived, Huang Hao was restrained is what he could do. He
was know to be level-headed and have a straightforward nature. He was the
guardian of Shu's Yellow Gate.

Fei Yi
A minister of Shu. He and Jiang Wan were left in charge of Shu during the
northern campaigns. Following the death of Zhuge Liang he advances in rank
and, with Jiang Wan, oversees Shu's administration.

Fei Zhan
An overlord of the Shan-Yue. He is based in Dan-Yang. He is friendly with Wei,
but is attacked and scattered by Lu Xun.

Gan Ning
A Wu officer. A former pirate, he served both Liu Biao and Huang Zu, but after
being passed over for promotion, took his services to Sun Quan, who at the
recommendation of Zhou Yu and Lu Su, welcomed him to Wu. He later fought at
Chi Bi and in the campaign against Wei.

Gao Shun
An officer under Lu Bu. A brave general who fought for Lu Bu and was known as
the general who could break any enemy camp. After the defeat of Lu Bu, he is
brought before Cao Cao, but he gives no excuses and dies honorably.

Gong Zhi
Protector of Wu-Ling. He is originally a minister of Jin Xuan. When Zhang Fei
attacks, he advises surrender and is ignored. After Jin Xuan's defeat, he
kills Jin and delivers both Jin's head and the city's surrender to Zhang Fei.
He is later appointed Protector of Wu-Ling.

Gu Yong
A minister of Wu and student of Cai Yong. This officer serves Sun Quan at
Zhang Hong's recommendation. He becomes Prime Minister when Sun Quan declares
himself Emperor. It is said that he didn't talk much and never drank.

Guan Ping
An officer under Liu Bei. The second son of Guan Ding, he becomes Guan Yu's
adopted son after he takes an interest in him. After Liu Bei entered Shu, he
and his father protected the Jing Province. Captured by Wu at Mai Castle, he
suffered the same fate as Guan Yu.

Guo Huai
An officer of Wei under Cao Zhen and Sima Yi. He serves as Liutenant Governor
of Yong and suppresses Xiahou Ba during the latter's rebellion. He rescues
Sima Zhao at Mt. Tiedi.

Han Dang
A Wu officer and veteran general who served three generations of the Sun
family. He participated in numerous battles, including the Battle of Chi Bi,
the campaign against Guan Yu, and the Battle of Yi Ling. At Chi Bi, he
rescued Huang Gai, who had fallen overboard after being hit.

Han Song
A strategist under Liu Biao. He goes to Xu-Chang to discover Cao Cao's plans.
He was called before the Imperial Court and made Protector of Ling-Ling. Upon
his return, he is thrown in jail by an angered Lu Biao.

Han Xuan
Protector of Chang Sha; sentenced Huang Zhong to death on suspicion of treason
after Huang Zhong failed to shoot Guan Yu in battle. However, he is killed
by Wei Yan before he can carry the sentence out. Extremely short tempered.

Hao Zhao
An officer of Wei. Through Sima Yi's recommendation, he is given Chen-Kuang
to defend. He was a genius at defensive warfare. With three thousand men, he
held off Zhuge Liang's 300,000 for over 20 days.

Hu Ban
Advisor to Wang Zhi. He is ordered to burn and kill Guan Yu, on the latter's
journey to finnd Liu Bei. He ignores orders and lets Guan Yu go. He later
journeys to Jing and swears loyalty to Liu Bei.

Hua Xin
A strategist under Cao Cao and a minister of Wei. He left his position as
Minister to the Han and offered his services to Sun Ce and then Cao Cao. In
plays, he threatens the Emperor into abdicating and then raises Cao Pi to
the throne. History and drama portray two entirely different people.

Huang Gai
An officer with Wu since the days of Sun Jian. A master of the iron
staff. At the Battle of Chi Bi, together with Zhou Yu, he hatched the
"Last Resort" plan. After being "attacked" by Zhou Yu, Huang Gai
surrendered to Cao Cao, where he then set fire to the Wei fleet,
leading to a great victory for Wu.

Huang Zhong
A Shu officer. A master with a bow. He served both Liu Biao and Han Xuan. He
later served Liu Bei. He accompanied Liu Bei during his ascension to the
throne of Han Zhong, and was appointed to the Five Tigers.

Huang Zu
Officer of Liu Biao. Defends Jiang Xia, but is defeated by Sun Jian. He blames
the defeat on Gan Ning's pirate background, causing Gan Ning to flee to Wu. He
is later killed by that same Gan Ning, who had become a Wu officer.

Huo Jun
An officer under Liu Biao and father of Shu's Huo Yi. He serves Liu Bei after
the latter gainns control of the Jing territory. With Meng Da, he is given the
Gate of Jia-Meng to protect.

Ji Ling
An officer under Yuan Shu and wielder of the "Spear of Evil". When Liu Bei
attacks, he holds his own against Guan Yu for a long time. Under orders from
Yuan Shu, he later attacks Liu Bei, but is forced into a treaty bu Lu Bu.

Jiang Qin
A Wu officer. He received high praise together with Zhou Tai while under Sun
Ce. During the Southern campaign, he led the invasion, but suffered a great
deeat, which almost led to his execution. In the campaign against Guan Yu, he
controlled the naval forces and surrounded him.

Jiang Wan
A minister of Shu. A follower of Liu Bei from the latter's time in Jing, he
excelled at internal affairs. He is entrusted with the rearguard of the
northern campaigns. Following Zhuge Liang's death he controls Shu government.

Jiang Wei
An officer of Shu. Once of Wei, he was cast out due to a plot of Zhuge Liang's
and joined Shu. He idolized Zhuge Liang, and was treated as a successor. After
his mentor's death, he vowed to fulfill Zhuge Liang's ambition, and continued
the attack against the North.

Jin Xuan
The Protector of Wu-Ling. When Zhang Fei attacked his city, he ignored the
counsel of Kong Zhi, and went out to challenge Zhang. He was soundly defeated
and retreated to his castle, only to find it closed to him. He was killed by
an arrow from Kong.

Kan Ze
A strategist under Sun Quan. He assists Huang Gai and Zhou Yu in their
schemes. He personally goes to Cao Cao as an emissary, and lays the seeds
for the plan's success. He recommends a young Lu Xun as the one to oppose the
invasion of Shu.

Kong Rong
Protector of Bei Hai in the Later Han. He was 20th in a direct line from
Confucius. He joins the confederation against Dong Zhuo. He later serves Cao
Cao, but is killed when opposes the campaign against Liu Bei.

Lei Bo
An officer under Yuan Shu. When Yuan Shu declares himself Emperor and begins
a decadent lifestyle, he leaves him and goes with Chen Lan to Mr. Song Shan
and joins the bandits there. He later attacks a fleeing Yuan Shu and steal all
his goods.

Li Hui
A Shu vassal. Sensing Liu Zhang's defeat, he surrendered to Liu Bei. He also
persuaded Ma Chao, who had come to aid Liu Zhang, to join Liu Bei. He served
both in the Northern and Southern campaigns.

Li Su
A minister under Dong Zhuo. He entices Lu Bu to follow Dong Shuo by giving
him the Red Hare. He later participates in Wang Yun's plot to assassinate
Dong Zhuo. He is given the role of calling Dong Zhuo to the Imperial Palace.

Ling Tong
A Wu general and the son of Ling Cao. Upon joining Wu, he tries to seek
vengeance for his father on Gan Ning and is reproached by Lu Meng and Sun
Quan. Later, when fighting with Yue Jin of Wei, his life is saved by Gan
Ning, upon which he makes peace and swears an oath of friendship.

Liu Ba
A minister of Shu. He is originally Liu Zhang's advisor. Out of loyalty to
Liu Zhang, he does not immediately serve Liu Bei. But after Liu Bei
personally visits him, he decides to join Bei. He also joins the northern

Liu Biao
Governor of Jing and a member of the eight geniuses of Jiang Xia. He led Jing
to a time of stability amidst the chaos of the central plains. Due to his
indecisive nature, he missed out on numerous opportunities to unify the land.

Liu Du
Protector of Ling-Ling during the Later Han. He sends his son, Liu Xian, and
Xingdao Rong to stop Liu Bei's forces. He surrenders after Liu Xian is
defeated. He is left as Protector of Ling-Ling by Liu Bei.

Liu Feng
Liu Bei's adopted son. He serves in the defense of Chang Yang, but refuses
Guan Yu's request for reinforcement. As a result, Guan Yu and his son are
killed. Enraged, Liu Bei has him executed at Cheng Du.

Liu Qi
Liu Biao's oldest son. His stepmother tries to kill him so that his younger
brother can succeed to the throne, but he receives advice from Zhuge Liang
which allows him to escape from danger. He later went on to be the governor
of Jing.

Liu Xian
Protector of Ling-Ling and son to Liu Du. He fights with liu Bei's forces
but is taken captive by Zhang Fei. He is released on the provision that he
convince his father to surrender. He fulfills his promise and is forgiven.
He then serves Liu Bei.

Liu Yong
The governor of Yang. From the same homeland as Taishi Ci, he enlists Ci's
services, but is unable to use him properly. He is invaded by Sun Ce and
defeated, fleeing to Yu Zhang.

Liu Zong
Second son of Liu Biao. At the urging of Cai Mao he becomes the successor to
his father. He surrenders to Cao Cao and is made Governor of Qing. However,
on his way to Qing, he is murdered by some of Cao Cao's followers.

Lu Fan
A minister of Wu. He is a strategist for Yuan Shu, but leaves to serve Sun
Ce. He proposes the plan to marry Sun Quan's sister to Liu Bei and then
serves as the emissary between them.

Lu Ji
A minister of Wu related to Lu Xun. He is adept at fortune telling and
history. On a visit to Yuan Shu while still young, he is said to have hidden
an orange in his shirt to take back to his mother.

Lu Meng
A Wu officer. An able warrior, he devoted himself to study and became
extremely learned. He was greatly admired by Lu Su, as a great servant
of the Wu Kingdom. Together with Lu Xun, he retook the Jing Province,
capturing the great Guan Yu in the process.

Lu Su
A vassal of Wu. On Zhou Yu's recommendation, he goes to serve Sun Quan. He
advises joining with Liu Bei at Chi Bi. He becomes Commander uponn the death
of Zhou Yu, and serves Wu against Wei and Shu.

Lu Xun
A Wu officer and married to Sun Ce's daughter. With Lu Meng, he defeated
Guan Yu and succeeded in recapturing Jing. As Commander at the Battle of
Yi Ling, he led Wu to victory over Liu Bei and the forces of Shu.

Man Chong
A vassal of Wei. He convinces Yang Feng's officer, Xu Huang, to join Cao Cao.
He advises Cao Ren to defend Fan Castle when attacked by Guan Yu. He succeeds
in repelling Guan Yu.

Mao Jie
A minister of Cao Cao. He is recommended by Man Chong to Cao Cao. He excelled
at internal administration and stressed farming as vital. At the time of
occupation of Jing and following the death of Cai Mao, he and Yu Jin were
appointed Naval Commanders.

Meng Da
An officer who has served under Liu Zhang, Liu Bei and Cao Pi. He contributes
to Liu Bei's Shu campaign, but he deserts Guan Yu and joins Wei. After the
death of Cao Pi, he attempts to return to Shu, but is defeated by Sima Yi.

Mi Fang
An officer under Liu Bei and Mi Zhu's little brother. He protected Southern
Jing under Guan Yu. Hoever, he is persuaded by his friend Fu Tu Ren to betray
Guan Yu and join Wu. He later return to Shu, but is executed for his betrayal.

Mi Zhu
A vassal under Liu Bei and wealthy merchant from Xu. Following the death of
his master, Yan Qian, he served Liu Bei, where he experienced numerous ups and
downs. After Liu Bei's capture of Shu, he was promoted to a position higher
than even Zhuge Liang.

Pan Zhang
A Wu officer. Together with Zhu Ran he captured the great Guan Yu, receiving
Blue Dragon as a reward. Later, he is pursued by Guan Yu's son, Guan Xing,
and when caught by surprise from seeing Guan Yu's ghost, is cut down and

Pang Tong
An official under Liu Bei. A classmate of Zhuge Liang, he was often compared
to the Sleeping Dragon as an accomplished strategist. At Chi Bi, he helped
ensure victory for the Allied forces. After joining Liu Bei, he suggested
the capture of the Shu lands and led the campaign himself.

Quan Zong
An officer of Wu, he was successful in a campaign against bandits. Later, he
and Lu Xun attack the Wei troops who are deceived by Zhou Fang's fake
defection. He defeats Wei's Bi Qiao.

Sha Moke
The King of Wu Xi Man. Helping Liu Bei in his campaign against Wu, he killed
Gan Ning with an arrow. After being attacked by fire, he flees, but is
followed by Wu's Zhou Tai, who cuts down and kills him.

Shi Xie
A general of Wu and Protector of Jiao-Zhi during the Later Han. He swears
allegiance to Sun Quan in the year 210 and is made General of the Left. He
later climbs to the rank of General of Defense.

Su Fei
An officer under Huang Zu and Marshal of Jiang-Xia. His friend, Gan Ning, who
came from a family of pirates, in not trusted by Huang Zu and plans to defect
to another ruler. Later, he is captures by Sun Quan, but his life is saved
by Gan Ning, who had joined Quan's entourage.

Sun Ce
The oldest son of Sun Jian. After his father's death, Sun Ce went on to
raise his own army. In a short while, he had stabilized the land of Jiang
Dong, and earned the nickname "Little Conqueror." Starting with Zhou Yu,
he went on to gather many officers, layinng the foundation for the Wu

Sun Li
The daughter of the Sun clan and younger sister of Sun Ce and Sun Quan. She
took interest in the martial arts from a young age. She later became Liu
Bei's wife, but is is said that her ladies-in-waiting were constantly
outside her room, dressed in full armor.

Sun Qian
A vassal of Liu Bei. Immediately before his death, Yan Qian recommended him
to Liu Bei. He went on to help the wandering Liu Bei as advisor and diplomat.
Upon Liu Bei's entrance into Shu, he was next only to Mi Zhu.

Sun Quan
The first Emperor of the Wu Kingdom. The second son of Sun Jian and younger
brother of Sun Ce. Sun Ce praised his ability at governance. At the Battle
of Chi Bi, Sun Quan met with the much larger forces of Cao Cao and managed
to emerge victorious.

Sun Shao
He was taken from the Yu family by Sun Jian, who adopted him, making him
cousing to Sun Huan. During the attack against Wei, he opposed Xu Sheng. He
created confusing among the Wei troops. With the help of Ding Feng and others,
he achieed a great history.

Sun Zhong
Yellow Turban officer. He takes control of Wan Castle along with Han Zhong
and Zhao Hong. He battles with the anti-Turban force led by Liu Bei and Zhu
Jun and is defeated. He is shot by Liu Bei while trying to flee.

Taishi Ci
An officer of Wu. With his strong sense of duty and a feeling of
obligation to his mother, he saved Kong Rong from danger. Later, he
serves Liu Yong and fights Sun Ce to a draw. Liu Yong eventually loses
to Sun Ce, forcinng Taishi Ci to submit to Sun Ce, serving him from
there on.

Tian Feng
An aide of Yuan Shao. Xun Yu calimed he had an unpliable nature and was
disobedient to his Lord. He was against the fight with Cao Cao. He was put
in jail for proposing a war of attrition. He committed suicide after Feng Ji
slandered his good name.

Wang Fu
A minister to Guan Yu. When Guan Yu decides to attack Xiang-Yang, he is uneasy
about Jing's defenses and cautions Guan Yu about them. He protects Mao-Cheng
after Guan Yu goes to get help. He learns of Guan Yu's death and commits

Wang Lang
A vasal of Wei, formerly of the Later Han. He later serves Cao Cao, and later
presses the Emperor to abdicate. At the Battle of Wei Shui, he tries to debate
with Zhuge Liang, but is utterly defeated and dies in shame and frustration.

Wei Yan
A Shu officer. He served under Liu Biao until the latter's death. Later,
despite his rebellious spirit, and the disapproval of Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei
took him in as one of his own. He went on to become a Five Tiger and was a
major force in the Shu efforts to take the North.

Wen Pin
An officer of Liu Biao and later, Wei. Together with Liu Cong, he is about to
surrender to Cao Cao, but embararrassed he couldn't protect his country, is
unable to serve him. Impressed, Cao Cao makes him the Governor of Jiang Xia.

Xiang Chong
An officer of Shu and the nephew of Xiang Lang. In the Officer list created by
Zhuge Liang for his northern campaigns, he is recorded as having a bright
future in the military for his qualities, actions and personality. He
protected the rear flank during the northern campaigns.

Xiang Lang
A minister of Liu Bei and uncle of Xiang Long. He serves Liu Biao, but after
Biao's death, he swears allegiance to Liu Bei. He serves as an advisor to
Guan Yu, and was given the charge of defending Jing.

Xing Daorong
An officer under Liu Du. He opposes Liu Bei, but can not stand against Zhang
Fei and Zhao Yun and surrenders. After being released, he once again raises
an army and attacks, but is struck down by a blow from Zhao Yun.

Xu Gong
Protector of Wu in the Later Han. He sends a message warning Cao Cao to
beware of Sun Ce. His message is discovered and he is killed. In revenge,
three of his guests shoot Sun Ce, wounding him badly.

Xu Huang
A Wei officer. He joined Cao Cao after being persuaded by Man Chong. A wise
and valiant general, Cao Cao labeled him "a match for Sun Tzu", after his
victory over the army of Guan Yu at Fan Castle. He is counted among the
Five Generals of Wei.

Xu Jing
A minister of Shu. When Liu Bei asked for Liu Zhang's surrender, he was
among the first to do so. He gained an excellent reputation. When Liu Bei
became Emperor, he was made Minister of Interior.

Xu Sheng
A Wu officer. He served in the Battle of Chi Bi, and in the attacks on
He Fei and the Jing Province. When Cao Pi attacked Wu, he took a group
of troops and by building a phony castle, was able to deceive and evade
the Wei forces.

Xu Shu
A student of Sima Shi's and user of the "Attack Sword". He serves as Liu Bei
Warleader until his mother was taken by Cao Cao. After that he was forced to
serve Cao Cao. He recommended the "Sleeping Dragon" Zhuge Liang to Liu Bei.

Xu You
A strategist to Yuan Shao. He switched alegiances to Cao Cao, with whom he
was on good terms, at Guan Du. He provided information about Niao-Chao which
turn the tables of the war and allowed Cao Cao to snatch victory from the
jaws of defeat.

Xu Zhu
A Wei officer. An extremely large man as big around as he was tall. He served
as Cao Cao's personal bodyguard. Normally fairly absent-minded, he
transformed on the battlefield, fighting with the fierceness of a tiger,
earning him the nichname Crazy Tiger.

Xun You
A servant of Cao Cao and nephew of Xun Yu. Raised on the battlefield, he was
able to give many points of advice. At the Battle of Chi Bi, he served along
with Cheng Yu.

Xun Yu
A vassal of Wei. It is said he was extremely clever. He served under Cao Cao
as an advisor. He disagrees with Cao Cao's accession to the Wei throne and
filled with anguish, dies of illness. It has also been said that he committed

Yan Baihu
A bandit from the Wu territory. Calls himself the "Benevolent King of East
Wu. Sho by Sun Ce, he turns to Wang Lang of Hui Ji for help is defeated once
again. He flees, but he is kolled by Dong Xi, who offers his head to Sun Ce.

Yan Jun
Minister of Sun Quan. He debated with Zhuge Liang when the latter visited
Wu for an alliance. He loses the debate. He is given various appointments
after Sun Quan becomes Emperor.

Yan Liang
A brave warrior under Yuan Shao. He spearheaded the attack at the Battle of
Bai Ma, defeating both Song Xian and Wei Xu. He also forced the brave Xu
Huang to retreat, but shortly after, he was killed in one blow by Guan Yu,
who was serving under Cao Cao at the time.

Yan Xing
The younger brother of Yan Baihu. He serves as an emissary for peace to Sun
Ce. During the negotiations, he proposes that they split Jiang Dong in two.
He is killed by an enraged Sun Ce.

Yang Xiu
A Wei vassal and the sonn of Captain Yang Biao of the Later Han. Although
talented, he is neglected by Cao Cao. It's said that this was due to the
fact that he was Yuan Shao's nephew, or that perhaps because it had been
suggested by Cao Zhi.

Yu Fan
A Minister of Wu. Originally from Hui Ji, he joins Sun Ce after Wang Lang,
Protector of Hui Ji, is defeated in battle. He introduces the famed doctor,
Hua Tuo, to Shou Tai. Later, he convinced Shu's Fu Shiren to defect and
was instrumental in taking the Jing territory.

Yu Jin
A brave general serving Cao Cao since he first raised his army. Cao Cao was
very impressed with his coolness. He surrenders while defending Fan Castle
after being defeated by Guan Yu. Sun Quan sends him back to Wei, but he is
disgraced and dies of illness.

Yuan Shao
A member of the Yuan clan, he seres as leader of the Allied forces against
Dong Zhuo. Following Dong Zhuo's death, he fought with Cao Cao over conntrol
of the central plains. Howeer, despite his large army, internal strife and
various other troubles brought him defeat.

Yue Jin
A general under Cao Cao. He showed tremendous skill during his many battles
and was revered as one of Wei's Five Generals, who include the likes of
Zhang Liao, Yu Jin, Xu Huang and Zhang He.

Zhao Hong
A Yellow Turan officer. He takes control of Wan Castle along with Sun Zhong
and Han Zhong. He battles with the anti-turba force led by Zhu Jun. He is
knocked from his horse by Sun Jian, who had joined the fight, and killed.

Zhang Xun
An officer of Yuan Shu. When Yuan Shu names himself Emperor, he is made
Supreme Commander. He attacks Lu Bu with a force of 250,000 men, but runs
away defeated.

Zhang Ying
Officer of Liu Yong. He boasts he can defend Niu Zhu with a single unit
against the invasion of Sun Ce but is defeated. He is alter killed at Mo Ling
by Sun Ce's Chen Wu.

Zhang Yun
An officer under Liu Zhang. He is one of Cao Mao's trusted firends. With Mao,
he surrenders to Cao Cao and is put in charge of the Naval forces. He falls
under suspicion of treason by a plot of Zhou Yu and is put to death with Cai

Zhang Zhao
A minister of Sun Quan. This man is one of the "Two Zhang" strategist. He is
invited to become Sun Ce's aide at Zhou Yu's urging. On his deathbed, Sun Ce
recommended that Quan "listen to zhang Zhao in matters relating to internal

Zhao Cen
An officer under Dong Zhuo. He followed Hua Xiong to attack the Allied forces
of Yuan Shao. When Dong Zhuo moved the capital from Luo Yang to Chang An, he
followed suit and evacuated the Fan Shui Gate.

Zhao Fan
Protector of Gui-Yang. After the Battle of Chi-Bi, he surrenders his city to
Zhao Yun. He proposes the marriage of his brother's widow to Zhao Yun, but
is refused and beaten.

Zhang Hong
A minister of Wu. He and Zhang Zhao were strategists know as the "Two
Zhangs". At Zhou Yu's urging, he is invited to become an aide. He
participates at the Battles of Chi Bi and He-Fei. Before his death, he urges
Sun Quan to move Wu's capital to Jian-Ye.

Zhou Cang
A former Yellow Turban general. As a bandit on Mt. Wo Niu, he meets with
Guan Yu and becomes his trusted companion. He was a hero well trained in the
water. However, he does not actually appear in real history.

Zhou Tai
A Wu general. Together with a friend from his days as a pirate, Jiang Qin, he
joined Sun Ce. After being attacked by bandits and despite receiving heavy
injuries, he managed to save Sun Quan. Later, Sun Quan expressed his thanks
for Zhou Tai's self-sacrifice.

Zhou Yu
A Wu officer. The sworn brother of his Lord, Sun Ce. According to Sun
Ce's will, he became chief lieutenant to the young Sun Quan. At the
Battle of Chi Bi, he served as the commander, leading his fleet to
victory over the much larger forces of Cao Cao. He was often
complimented on his good looks.

Zhu Huan
A Wu officer. He served in the defense of the Wu outpost in the campaign
against Wei. At You Ting, he enjoys tremendous success on the battefield,
including the defeat of Cao Xiu's troops (who had been deceived by Zhou
Fang's defection), and the defeat of the Wei general Zhang Pu.

Zhu Ran
A Wu officer. He controlled the naval forces at the Battle of Yi Ling. He gave
Chase after Liu Bei, who fled from Lu Xun's fire attack. However, he was
stopped by Zhao Yun, who came to Liu Bei's aid, allowing him to escape.

Zhu Zhi
A Wu officer. He served three generations of the Sun family. He suggests that
Sun Ce borrow troops from Yuan Shu in order to gain independence. He is made
warlord of the Wu territory and seres at the Battle of Chi Bi.

Zhuge Jin
A vassal of Wu and Zhuge Liang's older brother. He serves at the
recommendation of Lu Su. Extremely generous, he was deeply trusted by Sun
Quan. He helped smooth relations between Shu and Wu.


In Game Text

Sun Ce Walkthrough

Task One : Sun Ce's Beginning (By my father's Sword)

Pre Task text :
I shall become conqueror, and

After the death of Sun Jian, the son Sun Ce
 borrowed troops

Post Task Text :
Sun Ce had finally taken up arms. He gathered his loyal retainers together to
take council on what would be the first step to take in unifying the country.
Sun Ce : My friends, thank you for joining me here. Before we begin, I have
   something I would like to tell you. The famous Master Zhang Zhao has
   listened to my plea and agreed to join us in our struggles.
Zhang Zhao : It is a pleasure to join you. My name is Zhang Zhao. I would ask
   that you overlook my blunt and outspoken nature.
Sun Ce : Master, we welcome your wisdom. Now, let me introduce the remainder
   of us. This is my long time friend and brother in law, Zhou Yu. He has no
   match in the realm of strategy.
Zhou Yu : It is my honor to meet you. I am Zhou Yu.
Sun Ce : Next is the cunning Huang Gai, who served my father before me.
Huang Gai : My name is Huang Gai. The spear is my weapon and there is none who
   can match me on the battlefield!
Sun Ce : Excellent. Now I would like to make one thing clear. My goal is to
   unify the land. It is not power or wealth. I desire the thrill of battle,
   of defeating all who stand before me. I wish to see how far my own skill
   will take me in this land of ours.
Zhou Yu : A concept that many will find difficult to understand. However, I
   believe that it is this simplicity that will give Lord Ce the strength to
   win. And it is my extreme pleasure to aid him in achieving this dream.
Huang Gai : Exactly! We are all anxiously awaiting the day that our Lord Ce
   will command a unified land!
Sun Ce : I have no plans past the unification of the land. Nor am I
   interested in rule. I shall leave govering and order to those more suited
   to the task. One of you who follows me may find yourself holdinng absolute
   power someday! Ha ha ha!
Zhang Zhao : I shall look forward to it. My mind is already filled with ideas
   for the structure of a new country.
Huang Gai : With all of this chaos, our homeland of Jiang Dong had become a
   stirring pot of thieves and rebels. It was my Lord Ce's father, Lord Jian,
   who pacified the land and brought peace to us. Lord Ce, the people of
   Jiang Dong look to you to continue your father's work and defend the peace
   of the land.
Sun Ce : I am fully aware of that! I swear that I shall do all I can to
   protect our land.
Zhou Yu : It appears that we each have our own reasons for following my Lord
Sun Ce : Yes, and if I am successful in carrying on in my goal to unify the
   land, all of your expectations will be fulfilled. So what should be our
   first step ?
Zhou Yu : We do not yet have a stable land base. We must spread our territory
   and build a base from which to conquer the world.
Sun Ce : Then which land should we take first ?
Zhang Zhao : That would of course be Jiang Dong. The people here are groaning
   under the whips of such villains as Liu Yong, Yan Bai Hu, and Wang Lang.
   It will not be difficult to destroy them and take all of Jiang Dong.
Huang Gai : The people of Jiang Dong will surely rejoice at the coming of my
   Lord Sun Ce.
Sun Ce : All right! I see that your thoughts match mine. It is decided! Our
   first goal is Jiang Dong! We must prepare for battle at once!
Zhou Yu : My lord!

Hearing that Sun Ce had raised an army, former officers of his father, Sun
Jian, rush to his aid. With the momentum on his side, Sun Ce marches against
Wu's Yan Bai Hu and Jui Ji's Wang lang to gain total control of the Jiang
Dong Region.

Zhang Zhao, Cheng Pu and Han Dang have joined Sun Ce. Sun Ce has decided to
attack Wu and Hui Ji.

Task Two : Sun Ce at Jiang Dong

Post Task Text :
Having connqured the territory of Jiang Dong, Sun Ce selected Jian Ye for his
capital. While fortifying his position, he began to evaluate the surrounding
In the Imperial Captial of Xu Chang, Cao Cao controlled the Emperor and
wielded Imperial power. This was a threat that even Sun Ce in distand Jiang
Dong could not ignore.
Zhou Yu sends spies to Xu Chang to discover Cao Cao's plans. One day, the
spies come back with two pieces of information.
Sun Ce : The bastard! Who does he think he is ?
Zhou Yu : There is no need to become angry.
Sun Ce : What?! He calls me a rabid dog of little consequence, and you say
   not to become angry ? I'll take Xu Chang now and have his head
Zhou Yu : My Lord, you must stay calm! A general holds the lives of all in his
   hands. He must not lose control, especially over an enemy's taunts.
Sun ce : Ah... Forgive me. You've told me that many times before
Zhou Yu : Now, I deem this other piece of information to be of greater
   importance. Rumors have long spoken of an impending clash between Yuan Shao
   and Cao Cao. Word is that Yuan Shao is finally moving toward the Capital
   Xu Chang. Cao Cao is cetain to take his entire force to meet Yuan Shao. The
   battle will probably occur around the area of Guan Du. Then there will be
   no one defending Xu Chang!. This is our Chance! If we take the emperor and
   imperial capital, we'll be a lot close to unifying the country! That is
   true, my lord. However, Xu Chang is extremely far off. It would not be easy
   to reach there. Also, I am concerned over Jing's Liu Biao. There is a good
   chance that he would attack us from behind if we were to leave on such a
   long campaign. Rather than do that, I believe we should concentrate on
   building our forces while Cao Cao and Yuan Shao are distrated in the north.
Sun Ce : I see. And where do you think we should go first ?
Zhou Yu : The bounty of the Jing Province is well known. It is also a
   strategic location that will give us access to the entire land. I believe
   this should be our first priority. To start, we should attack the city of
   Lu Kou.
Sun Ce : As always, you are thinking one step ahead. Still, the idea of making
   a fast thrust through to Xu Chang is hard for me to let go.
Zhou Yu : The decision is yours. However, I beg to consider carefully. Once
   you start out on either road, there will be no turning back.
Sun Ce : I will keep that in mind.

Sun Ce has decided to attack either Lu Kou or Xu Chang.

Sun Ce has made Jian Ye his capital.

Task Three : Kingdom of Wu

Task Four A : Cao Cao take the North (Aim for the Heavens)

Post Task Text :
Having conquered all of He Bei, Cao Cao's forces were immense. In comparison,
the forces that Sun Ce could call on were ridiculously small.
Soon after he subjugates all of Jiang Dong, Sun Ce faces the greatest danger
of his life. However, he does not appear worried.
Sun Ce : Cao Cao has invited me to go hunting with him.
Zhou Yu : By likening war to hunting, he apparently thinks he's being clever.
Sun Ce : It looks like some believe we should surrender. But I have no qualms
   about fighting.
Zhou Yu : I am well aware of that.

During Sun Ce's frantic preparation for battle, Liu Bei's messenger, Zhuge
Liang, arries in camp with a proposal to join forces to fight Cao Cao.
Zhuge Liang : My Lord Liu Bei has long heard of the courage and strength of
   Lord Sun...
Sun Ce : I dislike flattery. Come to the point.
Zhuge Liang : Forgive me. I have come to offer our aid to you in your
   upcoming battle against Cao Cao.
Sun Ce : You would aid us in our fight ? Jing is soon to be overrun by Cao
   Cao. How is a landless Lord Liu going to fight ?
Zhuge Liang : Yes. Among the General's land is Jiang Xia. This overlooks
   Jiang Ling in the west and borders Lu Kou to the south. Our forces will
   defend this land. If General Sun holds Chai Sang, we will be able to catch
   Cao Cao between our two forces and destroy him.
Zhou Yu : In other words, we'll fight Cao Cao with you, so give us Jiang Xia,
   right ?
Zhuge Liang : I would prefer not to put it that way. How about, we will
   defend your land of Jiang Xia for you.
Zhou Yu : What was it...the "Three Kingdoms"? After we defeat Cao Cao, you
   use Jiang Xia as a starting point to take Jiang and the Yi. Is that about
   right ?
Zhuge Liang : My Lord is keen. There is no response to that and so I will
   withdraw and await your answer.
Zhou Yu : Allowing Liu Bei into Jiang Xia will certainly provide a breakwater
   against the forces of Cao Cao. If that is what you want then the alliance
   is an excellent idea. However, in the long run, allowing Liu Bei to gain
   strength is not a wise plan.
Sun Ce : I do not need aid to defeat the likes of Cao Cao!

Sun Ce presses for an immediate showdown with Cao Cao. Hoeer, Zhou Yu opposes
this and urges him to wait to meet Cao Cao in a naval battle on Chang Jiang.
Sun Ce accepts this idea. He agrees to concentrate on preparing his forces
until Cao Cao defeats Liu Bei and overcomes all of Jing.

Sun Ce has entered battle with Cao Cao.

A man called Fei Zhan has occupied Shi Shin and appears to be opposing Sun Ce.

Task Four B : Sun Quan's Stand

Task Five A : Shoot for the Sun

Task Five B : Night before Chi Bi

Task Six A : The Fleeing Liu Bei (Conqueror)

Pre-Task Text :
Pressed by Cao Cao, Liu Bei fled Jing. Liu Bei and all his officers
disappeared. Meanwhile, Cao Cao sent an advance force across the Chang Jiang
and it occupied Lu Kou. The showdown between the forces of Sun Ce and the
forces of Cao Cao was fast approaching. Cao Cao's force, gathered from the
heavily populated Zhong Yuan area, was said to approach a million men. In
contrast, the forces of Sun Ce are few. In an attempt to even the odds, Sun
Ce calls a council of War and begins to lay plans.
Zhou Yu : My Lord, you were missing this morning.
Sun Ce : Yes, we had excellent weather today, so I decided to take a ride and
   see how the enemy was formed.
Zhou Yu : By yourself ?
Sun Ce : It is faster that way. There is no one around who can keep up with
Zhou Yu : My Lord ! A commander of men must not place himself in danger
   unnecessarily! Think of your men! If anything were to happen to you, it
   would mean our defeat!
Sun Ce : Ha ha ha, don't get so angry! Actually, I have brought back some
   interesting information from my ride. I have learned where the enemy's
   supply depot is. All supplies are being gathered at Mt. Ju Tie. Also the
   defenses there are rather weak.
Huang Gai : Cao Cao defeated Yuan Shao by burning his supplies. I do not
   believe he would allow the same thing to happen to himself.
Sun Ce : I saw it my own eyes! There is no mistake. Cao Cao is taking me
   lightly. He believes that I will try for a naval battle on the Chang Jiang.
Huang Gai : And so what do you believe we should do?
Sun Ce : We must attack Mt. Ju Tie and burn his supplies! Without supplies,
   Cao Cao will have no choice but to retreat! To open the path to Mt. Ju Tie,
   we must first take and hold Lu Kou. When we have that in hand, I will ...
Zhou Yu : My Lord, you are not going to say that you will personally lead the
   assault, now are you?
Sun Ce : Of course I am! This battle will decide the war! Do you think I will
   let something this fun be done by someone else?
Zhou Yu : But my Lord! The commander...
Sun Ce : Stop, Zhou Yu! Not another word. This is something I must do!

Sun Ce has decided to attack Lu Kou.
The armies must be reorganized for the attack.

Post task text :
After occupying Lu Kou, Sun Ce quickly formed a special assault force. He
personally took command of the force and attacked Cao Cao's supply depot at
Mt. Ju Tie.

Success is ours
Pull back before reinforcement arrives
End of FMV

Sun Ce's assault went without a hitch, and the supply depot was burned to the
With this defeat, Cao Cao's overwhelming numbers became a liability, and
supplies became a problem. Cao Cao was forced to forego his dreams of conquest
and return with his army to Xu Chang.
Though the people of Wu were giddy with victory, Sun Ce himself had not
escaped unharmed.
During the battle of Chi Bi, Sun Ce, who had personally led the pursuit, had
been surrounded. Though his bold spear allowed him to escape, he was badly
However, not wanting to show weakness, he orders the men with him to silence,
and says nothing of his wound to Zhou Yu and the other officers.

Sun Ce has decided to campaign into both northern and southern Jing.

Task Six B ?? : Liu Bei borrows Jiang Xia (The Moment Of Truth)

Task Seven A : Assault on Mt. Jiu Tie

Post Task Text :
Even after being wounded, Sun Ce tried to act as if nothinng had happened.
However, Zhou Yu soon perceived the subtle difference in his lord's behaviour.
Waiting until the other officers were away, Zhou Yu questions Sun Ce.
Sun Ce : I knew I couldn't hide it from you.
Zhou Yu : The wound may be deep. However, if you rest and gain aid, I am
   certain it will heal. An excellent opportunity. You should concentrate on
   commanding this battle and leave the front lines to us!
Sun Ce : I can not do that! I was born to wield a spear. It is my life!
Zhou Yu : If you were merely a regular soldier, that would be truly
   praiseworthy. However, as I have said many times before, a Commander does
   not have that freedom!
Sun Ce : I will not stay out of the fight! I must be in the fighting! Asking
   others to fight, while you sit and watch... That is for cowards.
Zhou Yu : Lord Ce...
Sun Ce : Don't look at me like that.

Around this time, Sun Quan and Sun Li took the field to aid their older
brother Ce. Sun Quan was rumoured to be the equal of his brother in ability.
Sun Li was well versed in the arts of war and strategy and had a fiery spirit,
equal to that of her brothers.
In this way, Sun Ce strengthened and organized his forces for battle against
both the approaching Cao Cao and the internal uprisings that had occured.

Sun Quan and Sun Li has joined Sun Ce.
Xu Gong has taken Wu. Shi Xie has taken Nan Hai. Both oppose Sun Ce.

Task ??

The wound he received from battle with Cao Cao slowly began to affect Sun Ce's
health. Sun Ce realized that his remaining time was short. He knew that if he
was going to attack the powerful Cao Cao and seize the greater portion of
land, he had to attack soon. He gathers his advisors to plan.
Zhang Shao : Attack Cao Cao? Are you serious? Even the smallest child on the
   streets knows that Wu cannot stand against that force.
Sun Ce : Regardless, I wish to attack Cao Cao now!
Zhang Zhao : Do not be childish!
Huang Gai : Lord Zhang is right! To stand any chance at all against Cao Cao we
   must gain more strength.
Sun Ce : (I don't have that time! But I can't tell them that!)
Huang Gai : Lord Zhou, don't just sit there. You tell our Lord how foolish
   his idea is as well.
Zhou Yu : ...Forgive me, but I cannot say anything at this time.
Huang Gai : What? What's wrong? That is not like you.
Zhang Zhao : Whatever. Wu is still too weak to survive a confrontation with
   Cao Cao. We must gain strength. First, in order to raise strength quickly,
   we must take Yi away from Liu Zhang. You understand that, don't you ?!
Sun Ce : All right. Then that is what we will do. Prepare for battle. We shall
   attack Liu Zhang's capital, Cheng Du!
Huang Gai : My Lord!

Task ??

Sun Ce entered the Yi province. Aiming to occupy Cheng Du, Sun Ce pushed
through Yi. To further the attack on Liu Zhang, Sun Ce temporarily makes
Wu Ling his capital.

Task ??

Liu Zhang was pushed into a corner by Sun Ce's attack. Suddenly, Liu Zhang
was visited by the long absent Liu Bei and his men. Liu Bei declared that as
a relative he would side with Liu Zhang in this conflict.
However, Liu Bei's purpose was different. He plans to take over Yi after
Sun Ce has been driven off.

Liu Bei's army has joined Liu Zhang's force.

Occupy Cheng Du within the time given.