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Yufuluo; Yüfulo; 於夫罗

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Yufuluo 於夫罗

Lived: AD ?–195

None Available

Served: Xiongnu

Chief of the Southern Xiongnu. Aided Yuan Shu and Zhang Yang.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Yüfulo
Simplified Chinese: 於夫罗

Family and Relationships

Huchuquan (Brother); Liu Bao (Son); Liu Yuan (Grandson)

Literary Appearances

Sanguozhi: Wei 1, Wei 8


Source Undefined

Yu Fuluo was a chief of the Southern Xiongnu during the Late-Han period. In AD 188, he rose to power following the death of his father Qiang Qu and would later gain the Xiongnu title of Chizhisizhu. At the time when he reigned, the Southern Xiongnu were fairly subservient to the Han. Qiang Qu, Yu Fuluo’s father, in fact, had dispatched Xiongnu troops to serve in Chinese armies on multiple occassions. Because a few Xiongnu objected to this, Qiang Qu was slain by a group of conspirators who set up a high-ranking Xiongnu nobleman as their lord and rejected the right of Yu Fuluo to rule. Though Yu Fuluo attempted to ask for assistance from the Han against these rebels, he was not successful in this endeavor. Instead, Yu Fuluo’s army allied with a group of former Yellow Scarf bandits and plundered Han territories. Later Yu Fuluo went with Yuan Shao and Zhang Yang, a leader of the Black Mountain bandits, when they were camped at Henei. Neither Zhang Yang or Yu Fuluo were satisfied with accepting the authority of Yuan Shao and decided, however, to ally with one another and fight against Yuan Shao.

In AD 192, Cao Cao campaigned against the Black Mountain Bandits and attacked and defeated an army led by Black Mountain Bandit Commander Sui Gu and Xiongnu chieftain Yufuluo. Following Cao Cao’s victory, the black mountain bandits and the southern Xiongnu were weakened. Shortly after their defeat, a detachment of Black Mountain Bandits and Yufuluo’s forces would ally with one of Yuan Shao’s and Cao Cao’s enemies, Yuan Shu. When Yuan Shu tried to flee to Fengqiu, Yu Fuluo and a few Black Mountain Bandits joined Yuan Shu’s armies, although Yuan Shu would be defeated at Fengqiu and other locations multiple times by Cao Cao.

Further weakened by multiple defeats, Yu Fuluo relocated to Pingyang, a county close to the Fen River. In about AD 196 he died and was succeeded by his brother Hu Chuquan. The Southern Xiongnu under Hu Chuquan would later support Yuan Shao’s successors until the Battle of Pingyang. After this battle Hu Chuquan and his following would surrender to Cao Cao and be divided up by Cao Cao and allowed to settle in Bing Province. Here they would grow in population and later become a threat to the Jin dynasty.



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