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Tan Fu (Wenyou); T‘an Fu (Wên-yu); 檀敷 (文友)

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You are viewing the profile of Tan Fu (檀敷), styled Wenyou (文友), born in Shanyang. “One of the Eight Paragons of Jiangxia. From Shanyang.” Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Tan Fu (Wenyou) 檀敷 (文友)

Lived: Unknown

None Available

Served: Miscellaneous

One of the Eight Paragons of Jiangxia. From Shanyang.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: T‘an Fu (Wên-yu)
Simplified Chinese: 檀敷 (文友)
Pronunciation: Tan2 Fu1 (Wen2you3)
Cantonese (Yale): Taan Fu (Man-yau)
Cantonese (Jyutpin): Taan Fu (Man-jau)

Birthplace: Shanyang

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 6

Zizhi tongjian: 56



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