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Mi Heng (Zhengping); Mi Hêng (Chêng-p‘ing); 彌衡 (正平)

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You are viewing the profile of Mi Heng (彌衡), styled Zhengping (正平), born in Pingyuan. “Reputable scholar. Infuriated Cao Cao’s officers with his audacious ways.” Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Mi Heng (Zhengping) 彌衡 (正平)

Lived: AD 176–200


Served: Miscellaneous

Reputable scholar. Infuriated Cao Cao’s officers with his audacious ways.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Mi Hêng (Chêng-p‘ing)
Simplified Chinese: 弥衡 (正平)
Pronunciation: Mi2 Heng2 (Zheng4ping2Pronunciation
Min-Nan: Ni Heng (Ceng-peng)

Birthplace: Pingyuan

Other Names: Ni Heng

Name Notes: Called Ni Heng in the ZZTJ.

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 23, 40, 60

Popular Quotation

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Chapter 23
To Cao Cao, Mi Heng said, “Sir, you are quite mistaken. I know all these things you call people. Xun Yu is qualified to pose at a funeral or ask after a sick man; Xun You is fit to be a tomb guardian; Cheng Yu might be sent to shut doors and bolt windows; and Guo Jia is a reciter of poems; Zhang Liao might beat drums and clang gongs; Xu Chu might lead cattle to pasture; Yue Jing would make a fair reader of elegy; Li Dian could carry dispatches and notices; Lü Qian would be a fair armorer; Man Chong could be sent to drink wine and eat brewers’ grains; Yu Jin might be of use to carry planks and build walls; Xu Huang might be employed to kill pigs and slay dogs; Xiahou Dun should be styled ‘Whole Body General,’ and Cao Ren should be called ‘Money-grubbing Governor.’ As for the remainder, they are mere clothes shelves, rice sacks, wine vases, flesh bags.”


Internet (Trusted)

Mi Heng gained a reputation as a fine debater in his youth and was recommended to Cao Cao by his friend Kong Rong. Mi Heng abused Cao Cao and was sent to Liu Biao where he was treated as an honoured guest. Mi Heng was full of praise for Liu Biao but insulted his attendants who then slandered Mi Heng to Liu Biao, accusing the scholar of insulting Liu Biao. Mi Heng was sent to Huang Zu and was treated well but after insulting Huang Zu in public, Mi Heng was executed.



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