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King Mulu; King Mulu; 木鹿大王

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You are viewing the profile of King Mulu (木鹿大王). “A Nanman chieftan. Initially drove back Zhuge Liang’s armies with his magic.” King Mulu is a fictional character. King Mulu was affiliated with and Nanman. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


King Mulu 木鹿大王


Game Name:

Lived: AD ?–225


Served: Nanman

A Nanman chieftan. Initially drove back Zhuge Liang’s armies with his magic.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: King Mulu
Simplified Chinese: 木鹿大王
Pronunciation: Mu4lu4 Da4wang2
Cantonese (Yale): Mukluk Daaiwong
Cantonese (Jyutpin): Mukluk Daaiwong
Min-Nan: Boklok Tayong

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 90

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Sanguo Yanyi

Mulu was the King of the Bana Ravine. He cared for a pack of various wild animals, including tigers, leopards, wolves and venomous snakes and rode a white elephant to battle. King Mulu dressed in fine silks with many gold and pearl ornaments and on his belt he carried two swords. After Zhuge Liang defeated the King of the Mang tribe, Meng Huo, on 5 seperate occassions, Meng Huo became distressed and gathered his clan to address them in a meeting. Meng Huo asked what could be done to finally beat Zhuge Liang and in repliance Chief Dai Lai, the brother of Meng Huo’s wife Zhurong, recommended Meng Huo try to employ King Mulu. Chief Dai Lai said good things about this chieftain and so Meng Huo ordered him to draft a letter and send presents to him. When King Mulu came Meng Huo made him a low obeisance and explained to him how Zhuge Kongming managed to defeat him on multiple occassions.

Mu Lu promised to avenge the Mang king’s losses and, after attending a banquet, rode off to battle atop his elephant. The skill of King Mu Lu’s troops, the ability of Mu Lu to cast magic and the wild animals of Mu Lu’s all surprised the Shu troops in battle and the Mangs slew Zhao Yun’s and Wei Yan’s soldiers as far as the city of Three Rivers. In the second battle however Zhuge Liang utilized objects carved to look like wild animals and stuffed with inflammables. When King Mu Lu went to combat Zhuge Liang’s army he tried to use magic to change the wind but the wind blew the other way. Moreover Zhuge Liang’s inventions frightened King Mu Lu’s beasts. When the Shu troops charged they won a great victory and King Mulu died in the melee.



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