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Presenting our Dynasty Warriors 5 Fourth Weapon Walkthrough, a Scholars of Shen Zhou Public Development Project Production. To get fourth weapons make sure you are playing the specified stage, on the specified side, and on hard difficulty. You can get fourth weapons in both Free Mode and Musou Mode. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the project thread, or if you are a part of the project, once you’ve learned the answer, update this page with the new information! Enjoy!


KMA Public Development Project Page
 This walkthrough is a public development project, which means anyone can
    contribute updates and information. Also note that, while in this stage of
        development, content may vary in terms of quality and completion.

I would like to extend my thanks to the members of Scholars of Shen Zhou who participated in this community project. Especially, in no particular order: Sam Wrest, Kongming’s Prodigy, Wo Long, SlickSlicer, SunXia, Bloodriver, Sean, Asellas, and Ezekiel. You’ve helped to build something wonderful for the many people who enjoy using referencing Kongming’s Archives for information!

Wei Officer 4th Weapons

4th Weapon instructions for all Wei Officers (e.g. Cao Cao, Sima Yi, Zhang Liao).

Cao Cao (Mengde)

^ top

Wrath of Heaven

Wrath of Heaven (倚天の奸剣)
Base Attack: 34; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +17, Life +17, Charge +17, Horse +17, Bow +15
Stage: Battle of Xia Pi (Cao Cao)

Location: Outside Xia Pi castle, near the south gate.

Requirements: Defeat Zhang Liao, then Gao Shun before he successfully reinforces the dam.

Walkthrough: Gao Shun will move to reinforce the dam as soon as the stage starts. You must defeat Zhang Liao and then, before he is successful, Gao Shun. Ignore other officers defeat Zhang Liao as quickly as possible. Next move on to Gao Shun, still ignoring other threats, and defeat him too. This should trigger the water attack and your Precious Item Report.

Cao Pi (Zihuan)

^ top


Chaos (無奏)
Base Attack: 34; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +15, Defense +15, Musou +19, Fill +15, Speed +19
Stage: Battle of Wu Zhang Plains (Wei)

Location: On the central platform where the arbalests appear.

Requirements: Quickly bring about the death of Zhuge Liang. Then, defeat all arbalests that appear.

Walkthrough: To bring about the death of Zhuge Liang, defeat 3 generals (not sub-generals). The generals in the center area are mostly generic officers, so they should make easy targets. It is also recommended that you seal Wei’s eastern supply route to help increase your chances of winning the level. When the arbalests appear, be careful in destroying them as there are also archer towers and juggernauts on the platform. Make sure you personally destroy every last arbalest and the precious item message should appear.

Cao Ren (Zixiao)

^ top


Roc (鳳シ凰翼)
Base Attack: 32; Weight: Light
Stats: Attack +15, Defense +18, Life +19, Fill +15, Bow +15
Stage: Escape from Chi Bi (Wei)

Location: Along the left upward curve of the path that forks at the center of the map, in the middle of what almost appears to be eyeglasses.

Requirements: Cao Ren must defeat all Wu and Shu reinforcements except for Liu Bei and Guan Yu as well as Liu Bei’s 2 officers Sun Qian and Mi Fang before Cao Cao’s own reinforcements tell him to leave everything to the officer.

Walkthrough: You must defeat the officers in a reasonable amount of time, but you won’t be heavily pressed. The reinforcements you must defeat include Cheng Pu, Han Dang, Zhu Zhi, Zhao Yun, Zhang Fei, and Guan Ping, and there is no need to defeat sub–generals. It is best to defeat them as they arrive, defeating other officers and gate captains whenever convenient. Once this has been accomplished, defeat Sun Quan for the Precious Item Report.

When the stage begins, start by clearing officers around your guard captains to allow a force to begin forming. Defeat officers and reinforcements as they arrive, following the rough order listed above, until it is time to face Guan Ping. He is tough, but as long as you haven’t surrounded yourself you should be fine. Afterward, Sun Quan will appear. Defeat him and pick up your item. Defeat Liu Bei to clear the stage and open up Cao Cao’s escape route.

Dian Wei

^ top

Mad Bull

Mad Bull (真極牛頭)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Light
Stats: Attack +18, Life +17, Musou +17, Fill +15, Charge +15
Stage: Battle of Wan Castle (Cao Cao)

Location: A short distance in front of the gate you will be defending.

Requirements: Meet Cao Cao and lead him safely to the escape point. Defeat all task leaders (around six) trying to chase him until a message says he is safe.

Walkthrough: As soon as the stage begins, locate Cao Cao. He will start moving to an escape point which you can help by defeating soldiers and officers in his path or immediate area. Continue aiding him until he escapes safely and take note of the gate through which he left.

Use your save now, as the difficult part begins here. Dian Wei will stay behind to defeat any soldiers trying to chase Cao Cao through that gate. Continue until you receive a message saying Cao Cao is safe, which will happen after you have defeated approximately six task leaders. You will then get the Precious Item Report. Be very careful when defending this gate and don’t stray too far, as soldiers and task leaders can generate in a small passage to the right and easily slip past undetected. A second player can help with this task which makes the objective considerably less difficult.

Pang De (Lingming)

^ top

Heavenly Halberd

Heavenly Halberd (驚天動地)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Light
Stats: Attack +16, Defense +15, Life +18, Horse +17, Luck +15
Stage: Battle of Mt. Ding Jun (Wei)

Location: Along the southern edge of the map.

Requirements: Defeat all enemy generals before Cao Cao arrives.

Walkthrough: Cao Cao will arrive sooner if Huang Zhong or Xiahou Yuan is defeated, so your priority should be to keep Xiahou Yuan alive and take Huang Zhong out last. If you choose ascend Mt. Tian Dang (the central mountain) at any time, Huang Zhong will charge down the mountain and Xiahou Yuan will quickly be defeated. Thus, your plan should be to head-hunt enemy generals, occasionally protecting Xiahou Yuan if he is in danger, while never ascending the mountain until the very last moment. Be aware that enemy generals do charge down from the mountain-top, so you will have to support Xiahou Yuan at least once.

Sima Yi (Zhongda)

^ top

Dark Feather

Dark Feather (窮奇羽扇)
Base Attack: 32; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +15, Defense +16, Musou +19, Fill +15, Charge +15
Stage: Battle of Chen Cang (Wei)

Location: Inside Chen Cang castle, near your starting location.

Requirements: Capture the three defense bases along the south side of the map before any damage is done to the castle.

Walkthrough: The best strategy is to immediately head for the 3 bases while ignoring all other opposition. You can also ignore the siege units attacking the castle, since it takes a while for them to do any considerable damage.

Xiahou Dun (Yuanrang)

^ top

Kirin Fang

Kirin Fang (滅麒麟牙)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +17, Defense +17, Musou +16, Charge +17, Horse +16
Stage: Battle of Fan Castle (Wei)

Location: In the northeast corner of Guan Yu’s base camp.

Requirements: Defeat Guan Ping and prevent the water attack.

Walkthrough: Guan Ping is in the northwest corner. Xiahou Dun should be fairly leveled up, as Guan Ping can go into hyper mode if you let him. It is advised that you kill him quickly and prepare to battle the others, as some may come to defend Guan Ping. Also, Guan Yu is extremely hard at the end of this level after you collect the weapon. After you defeat Guan Ping, simply bide your time taking out officers in this stage. Stopping the flood alone should give your army a major morale boost. You don’t need to necessarily rush to kill Guan Yu yet though. After a while Wu reinforcements should come and these definitely help a lot. By now, your army should have higher overall morale than the enemy and even possibly more troops on the field. Zhang Fei shows up to protect his brother pretty soon though. Try to attack Zhang Fei and Guan Yu one at a time, but take out Zhang Fei and most of the other officers first so by the end of the stage you only need to worry about Guan Yu. Once it’s just you versus Guan Yu, you should have little trouble beating him and collecting your weapon.

Xiahou Yuan (Miaocai)

^ top

Enforcer Rod

Enforcer Rod (金剛九天断)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +16, Life +17, Musou +17, Charge +16, Bow +19
Stage: Battle of Chi Bi (Cao Cao)

Location: Near Zhuge Liang’s altar.

Requirements: Thwart all 3 components of Wu’s fire attack. In other words, defeat Pang Tong before he escapes, defeat Zhuge Liang before he calls forth the wind, and defeat Huang Gai before he succeeds in the fire attack.

Walkthrough: When the stage starts, immediately defeat Pang Tong after he betrays you. Then head to Zhuge Liang’s altar and defeat him only after Cao Pi orders it and says he’s a threat. Otherwise defeating him so fast will not get you the weapon. Now play the stage normally, keeping to the east side of the map. Soon Huang Gai will appear, and Cao Pi will grow suspicious of him. When Cao Pi orders you to defeat Huang Gai, immediately do so before Huang Gai starts the fire attack. If everything is in order, the precious item report should appear afterwards.

The quickest and most effective route:

1. Start by killing Pang Tong right in front of you once he defects and escapes. Move to where Jiang Qin is and defeat him as well as the gate nearby. Move further down south and defeat Xu Sheng as well as Pang Zhang who is in front of the alter.

2. Attack Zhuge Liang but DON’T kill him. The reason is because you must wait until Cao Pi’s says he’s a threat. Staying around his location is how you achieve this. And as soon as he does, defeat him, and go back up to the center gate in Wu’s side of the fleet where you will be warned of a boat full of straw.

3. You can either defeat the enemies nearby it and capture the area just by killing the enemies there or just wait for Zhou Yu to command Huang Gai for his fire attack. Once you defeat him you will get the Special Item report located in front of Zhuge Liang’s alter by the 2 boxes that contain 1 weapon and 1 item.

Xu Huang (Gongming)

^ top


Marauder (白虎牙断)
Base Attack: 38; Weight: Light
Stats: Attack +17, Life +18, Fill +15, Speed +15, Luck +15
Stage: Battle of Chang Ban (Cao Cao)

Location: In the southwest corner, near Guan Yu’s starting location.

Requirements: After Liu Qi’s reinforcements arrive, defeat Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

Walkthrough: Liu Qi will arrive with reinforcements only if Liu Bei succeeds in reaching Guan Yu’s unit. Therefore, you will lose the weapon if Liu Bei is surrounded before he joins up with Guan Yu. In general, you want to stay clear of Liu Bei’s retreat path entirely and defeat generals only if they are around Cao Cao’s position. The only neutral bases that you should claim are the ones in the far south because they cannot disrupt Liu Bei from reaching Guan Yu. They also help to prevent Liu Bei from escaping once Liu Qi’s reinforcements arrive.

Xu Zhu (Zhongkang)

^ top

Stone Crusher

Stone Crusher (シ尤瀑布砕)
Base Attack: 38; Weight: Light
Stats: Defense +19, Life +20, Fill +17, Bow +19, Luck +15
Stage: Battle of Tong Gate (Wei)

Location: In the river that runs horizontally across the map(called the Yellow river, where Li Kan starts out). It is south of the central mountain.

Requirements: Defeat Ma Chao and Pang De, with either player, while Han Sui is still alive.

Walkthrough: You can safely disregard orders from Cao Cao. Begin by defeating Ma Chao, which you can accomplish either by fighting your way west until you reach him, or by holding your position until Cao Cao charges, which prompts him to move toward your starting position. Be careful not to rush in if you are weak, as Ma Chao is strong and supported by subordinate officers.

Once Ma Chao has been defeated, fight your way further to the west until you reach Pang De, who is of comparable strength to Ma Chao. Defeat him to prompt the Precious Item Report. Pick it up and support Cao Cao to complete the stage. Note that Xu Zhu does not have to personally defeat these officers which means a second player’s support can make this weapon much easier to obtain.

Zhang He (Junyi)

^ top

Phoenix Talon

Phoenix Talon (朱雀虹)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +16, Musou +18, Fill +15, Charge +15, Speed +19
Stage: Battle of Jie Ting (Wei)

Location: Along the path east of the supply base where Ma Su is located.

Requirements: Isolate Ma Su and force him to retreat, then defeat him before he succeeds in doing so.

Walkthrough: Work your way northwest towards Gao Xiang and the gate captain near him, killing officers as you go along. Once you have defeated them, work your way south, then west toward Wang Ping and his gate captain, and defeat them as well. This cuts off Ma Su’s reinforcements, isolating him on the mountain. Move back towards the location you fought Gao Xiang and clear out what remains of the soldiers there until Ma Su starts retreating. Be careful though, because Ma Su’s retreat is a two-part event. At first he will proclaim his shame and then a few minutes later he will declare that he is retreating. Defeat him only after he physically begins retreating. Immediately move northwest and cut him off to defeat him. You should then get the Precious Item Report.

Zhang Liao (Wenyuan)

^ top

Gold Wyvern

Gold Wyvern (黄龍コワレン刀)
Base Attack: 37; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +15, Life +17, Fill +18, Charge +12, Bow +19
Stage: Battle of He Fei (Wei)

Location: On one of the islands near the Southeast corner of the map.

Requirements: Defeat 9 enemy officers (generals or sub-generals) or 750 enemies before Cao Ren appears.

Walkthrough: Cao Ren appears approximately 10 minutes into the stage, so you’ll want to equip a good saddle and head-hunt the generals while ignoring the soldiers. Sub-generals make good targets, so you should always take them out first. As you progress in killing officers, you should recieve dialogue from the Wu soldiers proclaiming their fear of Zhang Liao. The precious item message appears after the 3rd and final dialogue ’’I am Zhang Liao! Face me and be slaughtered!’’ It is also critical that you take out Gan Ning when he appears, because he becomes the greatest threat to Cao Cao.

The quickest and most effective route:

1. Kill the gate captain in front of you after watching the cutscene. Turn right and defeat Ma Zhong.

2. Go around the base and defeat Ding Feng and his officer in command Pan Zhang. Mount on his horse and go in a southerly direction and kill Zhou Fang.

3. Go north and defeat Zhu Huan and continue all the way north finding Zhu Ran. Then go south where Zhu Zhi is and defeat him to open the gate behind him.

4. Continue south and defeat Chen Wu and continue down again to meet up with Jiang Qin and Zhuge Jin who will be fighting near each other. Zhang Liao will announce himself ’’I am Zhang Liao! Face me and be slaughtered!’’ Then you will get your Special Item report but only if Cao Ren hasn’t arrived. Locate the box via the bridge nearby.

Zhen Ji

^ top

Dark Moon Flute

Dark Moon Flute (月妖日狂)
Base Attack: 32; Weight: Medium
Stats: Defense +18, Life +17, Fill +20, Horse +17, Bow +18
Stage: Battle of He Fei Castle (Wei)

Location: Sun Quan’s ship, near Zhou Tai’s starting position

Requirements: Kill 300 people, then meet with Cao Pi.

Walkthrough: Just go through the level as you normally would, clearing out He Fei castle. Take full advantage of Zhen Ji’s amazing musou to rack up those 300 kills. Try and get your hands on a musou rage, since Sun Quan is fairly tough as usual. Meet up with Cao Pi for the cutscene and you will get a precius item report. Head to Sun Quan’s boat and right when you get past Zhou Tai, it will be on your left. Defeat Sun Quan (be careful, he goes into rage) and the weapon is yours.

Shu Officer 4th Weapons

4th Weapon instructions for all Shu Officers (e.g. Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu).

Guan Ping

^ top

Young Dragon

Young Dragon (神龍昇天刀)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Light
Stats: Attack +17, Life +15, Charge +16, Bow +15, Luck +15
Stage: Escape from Chi Bi (Shu)

Location: Center of the map, slightly north of the destroyed bridge.

Requirements: Defeat all enemy officers.

Walkthrough: This is pretty self–explanatory. When chasing down Cao Cao, eliminate all officers that stand in your way. Sub–officers do not need to be defeated. As you move along, Cao Cao will randomly stop and wait for reinforcements. Defeat the reinforcements that appear and keep following Cao Cao. He will finally reach a point where he stops and waits in the northern-most area of the map. He will wait there until Xun You appears. When he appears he will create an enemy stronghold for Cao Cao to escape. Go defeat him and the Valuable Item report will show up (provided you have defeated every other officer). If you’ve defeated everyone else, you should have plenty of allies to keep Cao Cao busy so you can go and get your weapon. Once you get it, simply run back and defeat Cao Cao.

Guan Yu (Yunchang)

^ top

Blue Moon Dragon

Blue Moon Dragon (黄龍堰月刀)
Base Attack: 38; Weight: Light
Stats: Attack +18, Defense +17, Life +18, Charge +16, Horse +16
Stage: Battle of Fan Castle (Shu)

Location: Bottom right of Fan Castle.

Requirements: Defeat Niu Jin and Yue Jin before the water attack is triggered. Then succeed in the water attack.

Walkthrough: The water attack will be triggered roughly four minutes into the stage, which gives you ample time to locate and defeat both Niu Jin and Yue Jin. Both are in the northern part of the stage, but for their exact location, go into your Unit Info menu and look in Cao Ren’s sub-officers. Once you have defeated both, run around the stage sealing enemy gates, defeating enemy bases, enemy officers and such to make up time, but entering Fan Castle will result in the failing of the water attack. Once the water attack does hit, you will get the special item report for the weapon.

Huang Zhong (Hansheng)

^ top

Oracle Sword

Oracle Sword (破邪旋風斬)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Light
Stats: Defense +15, Musou +15, Fill +18, Horse +15, Bow +20
Stage: Battle of Mt. Ding Jun (Shu)

Location: At the end of the middle path that leads from the supply base on Mt. Tian Dang to Xiahou Yuan.

Requirements: Defeat Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He before Cao Cao’s arrival; Cao Cao arrives.

Walkthrough: Start by defeating Xiahou Hui to capture Mt. Tian Dang. This will give your army a strong start so you can safely ignore them while pursuing your own agenda. Move on to Xiahou Yuan, who will be difficult to defeat. After he is lying in the mud, you only have to chase down and defeat Zhang He, who is much easier. A precious item report should appear afterwards. Don’t be fooled though, because it is the Way of the Musou. The real precious item message for Huang Zhong’s weapon appears only after Cao Cao actually arrives, hence the reason why Cao Cao’s arrival is part of the requirement itself.

The only trick to getting this weapon is the act of defeating Xiahou Yuan, who is in hyper mode on this stage. This is further complicated by the fact that you won’t have enough time to fight your way up with your army. If your Huang Zhong is weak, you may want to make sure you find a Musou Rage before facing him (you can try tracking down Zhang He first). You could also use a second player to weaken him, as long as you make sure Huang Zhong receives the kill.

Jiang Wei (Boyue)

^ top


Blink (昴龍顎閃)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +16, Life +17, Musou +18, Speed +15, Luck +15
Stage: Battle of Tian Shui (Wei)

Location: Upper left–hand side of stage.

Requirements: Defeat Gao Xiang after triggering his ambush.

Walkthrough: At the beginning of the stage, travel to the upper right–hand side of the map and wait, without making any engagement with Shu’s army unless absolutely necessary. After some time, your side’s morale will plummet dramatically, which will result in the eventual fall of both Nan An and An Ding castles. Once they do fall, your commander, Ma Zun, will begin to flee Tian Shui, which will in turn trigger an ambush by enemy commander Gao Xiang in the same corner of the stage that you are located. Take out Gao Xiang immediately, and you’ll get a special item report for Blink (which you can find easily if you keep checking in your Stage History). At this point, Ma Zun will launch a pretty much futile attack on Shu’s main camp. After getting Blink, rush over to the camp and take out Zhuge Liang to finish the stage, but make sure you do it before Ma Zun gets himself killed.

Liu Bei (Xuande)

^ top

Gold Moon Dragon

Gold Moon Dragon (真黄龍剣)
Base Attack: 34; Weight: Medium
Stats: Defense +18, Musou +15, Horse +15, Speed +18, Luck +20
Stage: Battle of Yi Ling (Shu)

Location: Along the east side of the map, near the center.

Requirements: Defeat Gan Ning, Ling Tong, Sun Shang Xiang and Lu Xun.

Walkthrough: It is recommeded that you defeat Zhu Ran (and stop the fire attack), because Gan Ning and Ling Tong become powered-up if you fail to do so. It is also possible to defeat Ling Tong before the fire attack even occurs by sniping him from across the river. Sun Shang Xiang is a sub-general of Sun Quan, and will retreat when Liu Bei meets her in a cut-scene. You must chase after her to defeat her.

Ma Chao (Mengqi)

^ top

Stallion Fury

Stallion Fury (龍騎尖)
Base Attack: 38; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +17, Defense +16, Life +15, Horse +20, Speed +15
Stage: Battle of Tong Gate (Allied)

Location: Northeast area, in the middle of the three neutral bases.

Requirements: Knock Cao Cao off of his horse before he crosses the Yellow river.

Walkthrough: Use either a Red Hare harness or Shadow Runner harness. Essentially any horse will do, but seeing as you must go from one side of the map to the other in about 30 seconds, you want something fast. By using the Red Hare, you ensure a speedy journey, but there are many archers and troops on the way, so a Shadow Harness is another excellent choice to ensure you don’t get dismounted. The fastest route is to go along the Yellow river where Xu Zhu and Zhu Ling are located. Just run past them straight to Cao Cao. When you see him, simply knock him off of his horse. The Valuable Item report will appear and the weapon will be located in the middle of the northeast area, between the three neutral bases.

Pang Tong (Shiyuan)

^ top

Tornado Staff

Tornado Staff (豪風神杖)
Base Attack: 32; Weight: Medium
Stats: Defense +17, Life +15, Fill +18, Bow +16, Luck +15
Stage: Conquest of Nan Zhong (Shu)

Location: Slightly northwest of the poison swamps.

Requirements: Succeed in the strategies against the poison swamps, wild animals, and armored troops.

Walkthrough: Although the requirements may seem fairly complicated, they are actually rather easy to fulfill. Start by capturing the base directly in front of you, thereby succeeding in the poison swamp mission. Afterwards, proceed to the northern central area, where the wild beasts will appear. Foil the Nanman attack by capturing the base east of your location, and Yue Ying’s Juggernauts will arrive to indicate your success. Then proceed towards Wu Tugu in the west, where he will attack with the armored troops. Zhuge Liang will send a task force to set up explosives in the area. Defeat Wu Tugu quickly before the task force is killed, and the precious item message should appear.

The quickest and most effective route:

1. The bridge over the marsh event will occur as soon as you defeat and the secure the base. I advise to use Pang Tong’s JC here to move around avoiding the marshes poison.

2. Defeat King Duosi and secure the gate nearby if you need to. Meng Huo will be fast approaching your position so defeat him and move along the route until you meet and dispatch of Jinhuan Sanjie.

3. Proceed to the next base in the west where the armour troops will be awaiting you and kill Mang Yangchang. Move onto the base and capture it. Locate Wu Tugu and dispatch of him also.

4. Proceed back east and then north and find Ahui Nan and Dong Tu Na who are with each other in the same position. Defeat them both. Proceed further north.

5. You will get a Pang Tong quote here ’’Their movement is odd! Is there a hidden path?’’ All you have to do now is open the base to let Yue Ying through by securing it where she is attacking at the other end by defeating the gate captain, securing the base and then Meng Huo. Then defeat King Mulu who is mounted on an elephant. An easy way to knock him off is with Pang Tong’s musou. Special Item report located by a fallen tree branch slightly north-west of the poison marsh.

Wei Yan (Wenchang)

^ top

Comet Strike

Comet Strike (双極滅星)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +18, Defense +16, Musou +15, Charge +16, Luck +15
Stage: Battle of Chen Cang (Shu)

Location: In the upper-left part of Chen Cang Castle, just south of Sima Yi’s position.

Requirements: Defeat the four Defense Captains guarding Chen Cang.

Walkthrough: At the beginning of the stage, charge up the easternmost side of the map that leads to Chen Cang Castle. Doing so will trigger an ambush, but ignore the attackers and continue on through Chen Cang’s eastern gate. Once inside, head south towards the castle’s wall, and you will encounter three of the four Defense Captains you need to kill. Take them out, and then make your way to Cao Ren’s position, which should be just north of where you are. Defeat Cao Ren to open his gate, and then make your way to the western gate of Chen Cang, which you can find easily by tracking Hao Zhao in your Unit Info menu, and you will soon encounter the fourth and final Defense Captain. Defeat him, and you will immediately receive the special item report.

Xing Cai

^ top


Ambition (煌天)
Base Attack: 34; Weight: Medium
Stats: Defense +17, Life +15, Musou +17, Horse +15, Speed +16
Stage: Battle of Ba Dai Castle (Shu)

Location: Inside Bai Di castle along the west wall.

Requirements: Rescue the volunteer troops, then allow your health to be severely diminished. Liu Chan will march forth, and you must meet with him. Finally, assist him in returning to the castle.

Walkthrough: Make sure Xing Cai is well prepared for this is a tough battle. Work your way towards the west side of the map, killing officers as they come. When Ma Chao says “Wu would attack even the weak?”, you must defeat the officers that are in the southwest. Once it is cleared out, the peasants will thank you, and say they will defend the castle. Now let the enemy hit you until your health bar turns red. Liu Chan will be worried and come out after you. Ride to him and trigger the cut-scene. Now escort him back to the castle (which is why you should have killed the generals in your path at the start) and you will get the valuable item report. I suggest saving a musou rage for Sun Quan, as he is rather tough.

Yue Ying

^ top


Oblivion (湖底蒼月)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Medium
Stats: Defense +17, Life +16, Charge +15, Horse +15, Bow +16
Stage: Battle of Wu Zhang Plains (Shu)

Location: South of Zhen Ji’s position, where there should have been catapults.

Requirements: Eliminate Deng Ai before he sets up the catapults.

Walkthrough: Wu Zhang Plains is a five star battle, so Yue Ying should really be maxed out when trying this. Deng Ai appears as soon as you enter one of Wei’s three supply depots south of Cao Ren. He will also appear if you take too long in entering any of the depots. When he does appear, you should jump on your horse and head straight to him, because he’ll already be heading towards his position. The closer he is, the harder it is to kill him in time. Start to beat him up and do not stop until he is gone, as he will run away if you give him the chance. This is all you have to do to get the weapon, however, it gets harder trying to clear the field. My advice is to go straight for Cao Ren and take him out and then Xu Zhu to get them off your back. They’re really the hardest challenge of the stage. Now proceed to clear the field as you see fit. It will be easier then to kill Sima Yi.

Zhang Fei (Yide)

^ top

Viper Blade

Viper Blade (破軍蛇矛)
Base Attack: 39; Weight: Light
Stats: Attack +19, Defense +15, Musou +17, Fill +16, Horse +16
Stage: Battle of Chang Ban (Liu Bei)

Location: On the center of Chang Ban bridge.

Requirements: Guard Chang Ban Bridge. Do not allow any soldiers or officers to pass. Defeat Xiahou Dun, Wen Pin and Xiahou En (sub-general of Yu Jin).

Walkthrough: If Zhang Fei is strong enough unlocking this weapon is simply a matter of surviving at Chang Ban Bridge long enough to trigger the precious item report. Failing that, this challenge is best approached with two players: have the second player guard the bridge while the first, controlling Zhang Fei, defeats Xiahou Dun, Wen Pin and Xiahou En, all of whom will be moving toward the bridge.

Zhao Yun (Zilong)

^ top

Fierce Dragon

Fierce Dragon (豪竜胆)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +17, Defense +17, Life +17, Musou +17, Charge +16
Stage: Battle of Cheng Du (Liu Bei)

Location: Above the central square in the Southern Fort/Luo Castle.

Requirements: Conquer Luo Castle in under 5 minutes by defeating Liu Xun, his 3 sub-generals, and opening all 3 gates.

Walkthrough: Firstly, proceed forward and take out all enemy troops. Doing so will make the stage easier to finish later, and will also ensure the survival of Zhang Fei. After, take out Lei Tong, the first of Liu Xun’s subordinates, to open the gate to the south fort. Take out all enemy soldiers who come to you, and then move to the north gate of the southern castle and take out the gate captain. After doing so, make your way to Liu Xun’s position, and you will soon encounter Liu Xun’s other two subordinates, Deng Xian and Fei Guan. Defeat both, and then head west to an enemy gate and take out its captain. Lastly, move on to Liu Xun and take out both him and the gate captain behind him, and you will immediately receive the special item report.

Zhuge Liang (Kongming)

^ top

Peacock Feather

Peacock Feather (朱雀羽扇)
Base Attack: 32; Weight: Medium
Stats: Defense +18, Musou +20, Fill +15, Charge +18, Bow +15
Stage: Battle of Tian Shui (Shu)

Location: In the middle of the eastern fort.

Requirements: Defeat Jiang Wei before he returns to Tian Shui Castle.

Walkthrough: To make Jiang Wei retreat in the first place, capture Nan An Castle and An Ding Castle by defeating Xiahou Mao and Cui Liang, respectively. After a while, Jiang Wei will decide to return to Tian Shui Castle. Now intercept him (preferrable on a good saddle) by the eastern route before he can make it back to the castle.

Wu Officer 4th Weapons

4th Weapon instructions for all Wu Officers (e.g. Sun Quan, Zhou Yu, Gan Ning).

Da Qiao

^ top

Qiao Beauty

Qiao Beauty (喬美麗)
Base Attack: 32; Weight: Heavy
Stats: Attack +16, Defense +15, Life +15, Musou +19, Luck +18
Stage: Battle of Xia Kou (Sun Quan)

Location: In front of an archway a little north of Cai Mao’s fleet.

Requirements: Defeat Gan Ning and Cai Mao before Ling Tong is killed.

Walkthrough: Start by moving westward through your main camp to the southwest corner. Then go north and engage in battle with Gan Ning when he appears near the defense base on the right. Kill Gan Ning as fast as you can and make sure Ling Tong does not die in the process. Gan Ning goes hyper, so a musou rage is handy along with the Demon Band if you have it. Also, watch out for Gan Ning’s musou, because it can take out a fairly large portion of your life bar. Afterwards, go through the defense base and south towards Cai Mao and kill him; he’s not nearly as hard.

Gan Ning (Xingba)

^ top

Sea Master

Sea Master (覇海)
Base Attack: 38; Weight: Light
Stats: Attack +19, Musou +15, Charge +15, Speed +15, Luck +18
Stage: Battle of Xia Kou (Huang Zu)

Location: On the docks in the center of the map.

Requirements: Defeat Ling Cao and Ling Tong in less than 10 minutes into the stage.

Walkthrough: When the stage begins, head west straight away and ignore Ling Cao. If you defeat him first, Ling Tong will become enraged and thus become a much more difficult opponent. Ignore all troops and officers on your way and eliminate Ling Tong as soon as you can. Once he is defeated, scurry back to Ling Cao and finish him off for the Valuable Item report.

Huang Gai (Gongfu)

^ top

Dark Shadow

Dark Shadow (断海鞭)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +17, Defense +17, Life +15, Charge +15, Luck +16
Stage: The Yellow Turban Rebellion (Allied)

Location: Inside Zhang Jiao’s castle, right in front of the altar.

Requirements: Defeat all generals and sub-generals outside of the castle.

Walkthrough: The greatest threat to your success is not the enemy, but your allies. Because the Yellow Turban Rebellion is one of the easiest stages in the game, you can easily fail to obtain the weapon by allowing your allies to defeat an officer. The enemy sub-generals are also scattered across the map, so you will have to backtrack fairly often. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you equip a good saddle for this stage. Keep a keen eye on the flow of battle, and defeat officers that are more likely to fall to your allies first. Use the “Unit Info” feature frequently to keep track of sub-generals as well. If you personally defeat every general and sub-general, the precious item message should appear.

Ling Tong (Gongji)

^ top

Dragon Fury

Dragon Fury (怒涛)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +17, Life +15, Charge +16, Speed +19, Luck +16
Stage: Battle of He Fei (Wu)

Location: Inside He Fei castle, on the wall, which you can access using the stairs inside.

Requirements: Ling Tong must defeat Zhang Liao after each of his four appearances.

Walkthrough: You must defeat Zhang Liao each of the four times he appears. As soon as the stage begins, start defeating officers and claiming bases as efficiently as you can, but don’t stray too far from the central area. After a while, Zhang Liao will appear in the south and will charge toward Sun Quan. Cut him off and defeat him. Zhang Liao’s next appearance will be by the central northern gate. Start working your way toward it, defeating officers and capturing gates as efficiently as you can, but be sure to attack him as soon as he appears. His next appearance will be toward the southwest area of the map, and his final appearance will be at the gate near the north wall of Cao Cao’s castle. Between each appearance continue to defeat other threats, and always make sure Sun Quan is safe. After his fourth defeat you should receive a Precious Item Report.

The only real requirement here is Ling Tong being strong enough to defeat Zhang Liao, which doesn’t require much. A second player can help with other threats on the map, or can be used to weaken Zhang Liao during his appearances. Just make sure you remain aware of Sun Quan’s position if things go badly, as it is possible for officers to slip through and finish him off if you don’t kill enough of them.

Lu Meng (Ziming)

^ top

White Tiger

White Tiger (白虎顎)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Medium
Stats: Defense +17, Life +17, Charge +15, Horse +16, Bow +15
Stage: Battle of Fan Castle (Wu)

Location: Near the dam in the northwest, beside the river.

Requirements: Make Fu Shiren and Mi Fang defect. Then, with both of them still alive, defeat Zhang Bao and Zhang Fei.

Walkthrough: Begin the stage as you normally would. After a few minutes, you will be told that an enemy stronghold is preventing reinforcements. Capture the indicated gate, and Xu Huang will appear. Wait approximately 5 minutes for Zhang Fei and Zhang Bao to appear as reinforcements for Guan Yu. Now, go and attack Mi Fang and Fu Shiren after Lu Xun advises you to do so. They will defect after you lower about half of their health. With both of them still alive, quickly defeat Zhang Bao and then Zhang Fei. The precious item report should appear immediately afterwards.

Lu Xun (Boyan)

^ top


Falcon (閃飛燕)
Base Attack: 34; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +15, Musou +19, Fill +15, Speed +20, Luck +18
Stage: Battle of Bai Di Castle (Wu)

Location: Near the Northeast corner of the Stone Sentinel Maze.

Requirements: Defeat Ma Chao and Jiang Wei before Yue Ying arrives.

Walkthrough: Yue Ying arrives 1 minute and 30 seconds after you defeat Xing Cai or set foot in Bai Di castle, so avoiding both of these should be your highest priority. Other than that, play the stage as you normally would. However, be mindful that Ma Chao is very tough on this stage, and becomes enraged when you approach him.

Sun Ce (Bofu)

^ top


Overlord (覇王)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +18, Life +15, Musou +15, Charge +15, Speed +18
Stage: The Trials of Sun Ce (Wu)

Location: In a small area to the north.

Requirements: Defeat all of Yu Ji’s illusions.

Walkthrough: Pretty much just use SSSST and your musou. Bring a good bodygaurd, preferably a mage with the ice element. Just keep defeating everything Yu Ji throws at you, keep juggling the phantoms, and they will quickly fall. He starts off with a few phantoms of himself, one of Da Qiao, one of Sun Jian, and ends with powerful phantoms of himself. You will have to defeat all of them.

Sun Jian (Wentai)

^ top

Savage Tiger

Savage Tiger (真天狼剣)
Base Attack: 34; Weight: Light
Stats: Defense +16, Life +15, Musou +15, Fill +18, Horse +16
Stage: Battle of Si Shui Gate (Allied)

Location: In front of Si Shui Gate.

Requirements: Defeat Lü Bu within 5 minutes of his arrival.

Walkthrough: Because Lü Bu is so difficult to defeat, especially on Hard difficulty, it is highly recommended that you eliminate the majority of Dong Zhuo’s forces before attacking him. Lü Bu will appear once you approach Si Shui Gate, but make sure that your Sun Jian is pretty buffed up before you attempt to get the weapon. The strategy on how to defeat Bu himself is up to your personal preference, but making use of the Musou Rage will make the fight a lot easier. If you defeat Lü Bu within the five minute limit, you will immediately receive the special item report.

Sun Quan (Zhongmou)

^ top

Master Wolf

Master Wolf (白炎皇狼剣)
Base Attack: 34; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +16, Musou +18, Fill +15, Charge +17, Bow +15
Stage: Battle of Chi Bi (Sun Quan)

Location: On the large boat directly south of Cao Cao’s boat.

Requirements: Succeed in all three parts of the fire attack. In other words, succeed in linking the enemy ships, ensuring that Zhuge Liang calls forth the wind, and setting fire to Wei’s fleet.

Walkthrough: Because Chi Bi is only Sun Quan’s second stage in Musou Mode, it is highly recommended that you attempt to get this weapon in Musou Mode rather than Free Mode, where Chi Bi becomes a 5-star difficulty stage. To link the enemy ships, defeat Cai Mao and Wang Lang. Then, proceed to Zhuge Liang when he begins praying for the wind, and defeat all soldiers and generals that come near him. Zhang Liao and his subordinates should approach Zhuge Liang, while Xiahou Yuan should attack Huang Gai. Defeat both of them to ensure the success of their respective targets. Be mindful that Zhuge Liang’s strategy will be delayed (and ultimately foiled) even if only enemy soldiers are present at the altar. Once Cao Cao’s fleet goes up in flames, the precious item message should appear.

The quickest and most effective route:

1. Move foward and defeat Wang Lang. Return back and use the map to locate the alone gate. Approach the gate and secure it. You might come across Yue Jin on the way so dispatch of him quickly.

2. After you’ve secured the center gate on Wu’s side of the navy carry along the path to meet Zhu Ling. Defeat him and make the next few turnings right to meet up with the second ship connection and dispose of Cai Mao. Pang Tong’s cutscene will occur once you’ve moved off the platform and the ships will be contained together. So thats 1 of 3 missions accomplished.

3. In the meantime whilst Huang Gai is moving to his destination use this time to defeat Zhang Liao’s 2 officers, Wen Pin and Xun You on the left island near the alter. You might come across Cheng Yu on the way so kill him and carry on to the 2 officers listed above, securing the 2 gates if you wish to.

4. By now you should notice that Xiahou Yuan is closing in on Huang Gai or is fighting with him. Kill him and as many enemies around Huang Gai’s position to know that he will be safe to leave behind before you head off to Zhuge Liang’s alter.

5. Zhuge Liang’s location is by the alter in the bottom left corner of the map on the left thin island. He should have started to commence his prayer for wind by now but because you’ve taken care of Zhang Liao’s officers things will be easier. Though any small group of enemies can easily delay his prayer as once a single enemy sets foot onto his alter it will stop until the threats been dealt with. So I advise for you to stand right in front of his alters step entrance and wait for the forces to approach you rather you approach them.

Huang Gai’s ship should of set off by now or will do very soon judging he has knowone around him to cause further delay. And by this time Zhang Liao will be closing in on the alter but this shouldn’t be a problem considering he’s by himself and you will have allies nearby keeping him at bay.

6. Wait for Huang Gai to finish his job via the cutscene of his and then straight after Sun Quan’s scene. But you won’t get the item report just yet as you must wait for Zhuge Liang’s prayer to be a triumph via the 3rd and final last cutscene. After this Cao Cao will announce his fleet is burning and you will get the Special Item report. The box is located at one of Cao Cao’s larger ships shaped as a square.

Sun Shang Xiang

^ top

Sol Chakram

Sol Chakram (日月乾坤圏)
Base Attack: 32; Weight: Heavy
Stats: Defense +17, Life +15, Bow +15, Speed +19, Luck +19
Stage: The Invasion of Nan Zhong (Wu)

Location: Right outside of the northwestern base, next to the river.

Requirements: With all ally generals alive, defeat all enemy generals and sub-generals.

Walkthrough: First take out Dong Tu Na, Ahui Nan, and their general, Jinhuan Sanjie. Then go through the southern attack base and towards Meng Huo. He will appear in the northeast corner and King Mulu’s beasts will charge into your base. Kill Meng You and then kill time by killing enemies and the enemy general King Duosi. You need to wait until Sun Quan is nearly completely isolated. After about three minutes the bridge will be destroyed. Run to Sun Quan and there will be a cutscene where Sun Shang Xiang meets Quan. Kill King Mulu and the other general parallel to him at the camp. Reinforcements will begin to appear for the Nanman down near Zhu Rong. Go and kill the general and Zhu Rong, then go towards the defense base south of Meng Huo, where Yang Feng will appear. Kill him too. Then go to the attack base in the west and Wu Tugu will appear. Kill him and the weapon will appear right beside you.

Taishi Ci (Ziyi)

^ top

Tiger Slayer

Tiger Slayer (虎撲殴狼改)
Base Attack: 38; Weight: Medium
Stats: Defense +18, Life +18, Charge +15, Horse +15, Bow +15
Stage: Battle of the Wu Territory (Allied)

Location: Along the northern side of the map, in front of the gate.

Requirements: After Zhang Ying deceives Sun Quan, defeat both Sun Quan and Zhou Tai before they meet.

Walkthrough: This weapon is fairly easy to get. Begin the stage normally and Zhang Ying will soon lure Sun Quan into the eastern fort. Now, rush in and defeat Sun Quan before Zhou Tai is able to meet up with him. This will require a fairly strong Taishi Ci to accomplish. Once Sun Quan is defeated, simply defeat Zhou Tai. The precious item message will then appear.

Xiao Qiao

^ top

Qiao Grace

Qiao Grace (喬佳麗)
Base Attack: 32; Weight: Heavy
Stats: Defense +15, Musou +15, Fill +15, Charge +17, Speed +19
Stage: Battle of Jing Province (Sun Jian)

Location: South of the entrance to the castle courtyard.

Requirements: Kill Cai Mao and Lu Gong before Sun Jian is ambushed.

Walkthrough: Run straight for Cai Mao who is at the castle’s southernmost gate. Soon a cut-scene will happen with a confrontation between Huang Zu and Sun Jian. Just continue towards Cai Mao afterwards. Kill Cai Mao and enter the castle as fast as you can. Now go east through the castle and up until you come to Lu Gong. Quickly kill him, before Huang Zu says “You half wit…”

Zhou Tai (Youping)

^ top


Dusk (宵)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +17, Life +15, Musou +18, Fill +16, Speed +15
Stage: Battle of Yi Ling (Wu)

Location: Southwestern corner of the stone sentinel maze.

Requirements: Defeat Zhao Yun before fire attack. Make sure Zhu Ran’s fire attack succeeds.

Walkthrough: Travel forward and head to the enemy base that is nearest to Zhu Ran. Take the base and kill Li Yan to ensure Zhu Ran survives. Feel free to kill some troops as well. Then quickly head over to Zhao Yun who is stationed at the gate in the east. Don’t worry about killing his sub-generals if they are near him, just head for him, although you might have to kill his sub-generals so they don’t cause you too much trouble. Afterwards, head over to Zhu Ran’s unit. You don’t have to go through your main camp, just wait across the bank from him until the bridge-laying is complete. During this time, defeat as many officers and troops as you like; you’ll probably have to anyway. Follow Zhu Ran until he gets to his designated place, and watch Liu Bei’s camp get incinerated. Then collect the weapon, which will appear in the southwest corner of the stone sentinel maze. Finish the level by eliminating Liu Bei.

Zhou Yu (Gongjin)

^ top

Ancients Sword

Ancients Sword (古錠刀真打)
Base Attack: 34; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +16, Defense +15, Musou +18, Charge +17, Bow +16
Stage: Battle of the Wu Territory (Sun Ce)

Location: On top of the castle’s west wall.

Requirements: Defeat Yan Baihu and Wang Lang.

Walkthrough: This weapon is very easy to get. First run into the northeast fort and take out Yan Baihu. Then run to the fort in the west and take out Wang Lang. The precious item report should now appear. Overall, the most difficult part of getting this weapon is defeating Taishi Ci at the end.

Other Kingdom 4th Weapons

4th Weapon instructions for all Other Kingdom Officers (e.g. Yuan Shao, Dong Zhuo, Zhang Jiao).

Diao Chan

^ top


Diva (金麗玉錘)
Base Attack: 32; Weight: Heavy
Stats: Defense +16, Musou +18, Fill +18, Speed +19, Luck +18
Stage: Battle of Xia Pi (Lü Bu)

Location: Just east of Liu Bei’s initial position.

Requirements: Defeat all generals and sub-generals before Cao Cao’s arrival; rescue Hou Cheng and Song Xian.

Walkthrough: Equip a good saddle for this stage. Immediately leave the castle and move towards Hou Cheng’s position in the west. Rescue both Hou Cheng and Song Xian by defeating Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan’s sub-generals. When you do so, the Xiahou brothers will charge as well. Then defeat Zhang Fei and Guan Yu in the south. Proceed to Liu Bei, who is preparing to attack the castle as well. When you defeat him, Cao Cao will arrive, but so will your weapon.

Dong Zhuo (Zhongying)

^ top


Horror (阿修羅)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +18, Defense +15, Life +15, Horse +17, Luck +17
Stage: Battle of Liang Province (Dong Zhuo)

Location: In the western part of the map, a little bit to the south.

Requirements: Capture all 5 enemy bases, then defeat both Ma Chao and Pang De.

Walkthrough: Reinforcements will arrive for the enemy if you take too long in capturing the bases, but their quick capture is a fairly easy task. Ma Chao and Pang De will be the mightest foes on the field, so it helps to isolate them by defeating lesser generals first. If isolated, they will not prove to be too tough. Pang De is your greatest opponent in this stage. When the two are defeated, the precious item message should appear.

Lu Bu (Fengxian)

^ top

Sky Scorcher

Sky Scorcher (無双方天戟)
Base Attack: 40; Weight: Medium
Stats: Attack +20, Defense +20, Life +19, Musou +19, Horse +20
Stage: Battle of Chang Shan (Yuan Shao)

Location: In the middle of the castle courtyard.

Requirements: Obtain 1,000 KOs.

Walkthrough: Basically, just sit in front of a gate and kill a lot of troops. There are two that you can choose from: the one outside of Chang Shan Castle’s west gate, and the one closest to Gongsun Zan. Either will suffice. Just make sure to eliminate Zhang Yan and the attack base when you begin. Head straight for Zhang Yan, kill him, take the attack base, then head for a gate. You should skip the officer that appears to the right of your starting position, so that Diao Chan and your soldiers won’t steal your kills or get in the way.

Meng Huo

^ top

King of Beasts

King of Beasts (百獣王)
Base Attack: 36; Weight: Light
Stats: Attack +18, Life +19, Fill +15, Charge +15, Horse +15
Stage: Conquest of Nan Zhong (Nanman)

Location: Within the southern secret passage.

Requirements: Defeat Wei Yan, Huang Zhong, and Yue Ying without your allies defecting.

Walkthrough: Dong Tu Na will defect if Wu Tugu and his armored troops fall to Zhuge Liang’s explosives, and Ahui Nan will defect if Jinhuan Sanjie falls to Yue Ying and her juggernauts. Therefore, it is of vital importance that you thwart both of these ploys. Begin by attacking Wei Yan directly in front of you. If you are confident in your abilities, ignore Wei Yan’s sub-generals and go directly for him. After you have finished him, proceed to Wu Tugu, where Zhuge Liang will trigger his explosives. You will recieve a message stating that Dong Tu Na is impressed with Zhuge Liang, asking you to rescue Wu Tugu to prevent a defection. Do so by defeating all task units in the area. Now proceed to the poison swamps in the east, and quickly defeat Huang Zhong. There will be a message asking you to eliminate an entry point so that your reinforcements can arrive, do so if Jinhuan Sanjie is not in danger of defeat. When you arrive at the northern opening, ignore the juggernauts and go directly for Yue Ying. If Jinhuan Sanjie is alive and Ahui Nan is still on your side, you should recieve the precious item report after you defeat Yue Ying.

Yuan Shao (Benchu)

^ top

Sword of Kings

Sword of Kings (真覇道剣)
Base Attack: 34; Weight: Medium
Stats: Defense +18, Musou +17, Fill +15, Horse +15, Bow +15
Stage: Battle of Guan Du (Yuan Shao)

Location: On Guan Du Castle’s northern wall, towards the northeastern corner of the castle. The stairs leading up are inside.

Requirements: Keep Yan Liang and Wen Chou alive until low morale forces the gates of Guan Du open.

Walkthrough: In the novel, while battling Yuan Shao, Guan Yu kills both Yan Liang and Wen Chou in short order. Circumstances aren’t different here, and if Guan Yu finds either of them, he will kill them immediately. For this reason, when the stage starts, his defeat should be your first and only priority. Once this has been accomplished, defeat all other officers in range, as well as inside the fortification where Guan Yu started. This keeps Yan Liang safe, as he will move in that direction.

From this point until the fall of Guan Du, watch for low morale reports on Yan Liang and Wen Chou, attending to them immediately in the event of a problem. Start moving west toward Cao Pi, continuing to defeat officers as they move into convenient range. After you defeat Cao Pi (which will probably trigger a Precious Item Report for the Ice Orb in the valley north of the horizontal central river), start moving north in the direction of Wen Chou. Both officers should be safe by now, so all that remains is to kill officers and support Yuan Shao’s ideas to defeat Cao Cao, and eventually Guan Du’s gates will be forced open, prompting your weapon’s Precious Item Report. If you are having trouble, play the stage in Free Mode where it has a difficulty of only one star.

Zhang Jiao

^ top

Volcano Staff

Volcano Staff (轟火神杖)
Base Attack: 34; Weight: Light
Stats: Defense +18, Life +17, Musou +19, Fill +17, Charge +16
Stage: The Yellow Turban Rebellion (Yellow Turbans)

Location: Near Zhang Liang’s altar.

Requirements: Without letting any ally general or sub-general be defeated, successfully assist Zhang Bao, Zhang Liang, and Zhang Man Cheng in their respective ploys.

Walkthrough: When you begin, help Zhang Man Cheng succeed in dropping rocks on the enemy by defeating Gongsun Yue as he advances. Then proceed to assist Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang in brainwashing Cao Cao and Sun Jian’s troops, respectively, by waiting at the respective altars until the ploy is complete. The greatest threat to your success is the defeat of your allies, so you will want to do everything in your power to ensure that they stay alive. There are a number of ways you can do this. You can bring along a bodyguard that is able to uphold morale, fight alongside your troops to raise morale, or attempt to complete the stage as quickly as possible to prevent your own morale from decreasing too much. You can also bring with you a second player to help fight alongside your allies.

Zhu Rong

^ top


Inferno (業火)
Base Attack: 34; Weight: Medium
Stats: Defense +15, Musou +18, Fill +17, Charge +16, Bow +15
Stage: The Invasion of Nan Zhong (Nanman)

Location: Near the bridge south of Wu main camp

Requirements: Defeat Gan Ning and Jiang Qin before you destroy the bridge.

Walkthrough: You can clear enemies if you want, but do not go near the bridge south of Lü Meng as you will trigger it to be destroyed. About 17 minutes into the game, your beast units will charge into the Wu camp. Gan Ning and Jiang Qin will show up as Wu reinforcements. They will appear in the northwest corner, so it would be advisable to clear enemies around the south. Now go and kill both Gan Ning and Jiang Qin.

Zuo Ci (Yuanfang)

^ top

Trump Deck

Trump Deck (冥天照符)
Base Attack: 40; Weight: Medium
Stats: Defense +15, Musou +20, Fill +20, Charge +15, Bow +15
Stage: Battle of Hu Lao Gate (Allied)

Location: On the southern wall of Hu Lao Gate, west of the main entrance, with the stairs close by. The stairs leading up are inside the castle walls.

Requirements: Zuo Ci must defeat Lü Bu.

Walkthrough: Lü Bu is exceptionally powerful on this stage, but you should not have much difficulty if Zuo Ci has been powered up a little. If Lü Bu is too powerful for you, defeat his soldiers and other officers on the stage to drop his morale and clear out his support. If you are fighting him with other officers, which is common, save when he is nearly dead to make sure another officer doesn’t take your kill. You will get the Precious Item Report once you have defeated him. You can also fight Lü Bu another way. You can lure him to a point where he starts to run back and attack him at that moment. In addition, you can hit him in a direction away from Hu Lao Gate, so that he will keep running back towards the gate. This will ensure that Lü Bu does not attack you and will not guard off your attacks.

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