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Editing the level-up table in Destiny of an Emperor is not terribly difficult, but doing so in any sort of coherent, consistent and scalar manner certainly is. But you’re in luck, that’s precisely the dilemma we’ve created this tool to solve. Rather than editing numbers and fretting about conflicts we’ve given you three filters to use, independently or in conjunction, to create a level-up table appropriate for your remake of the game.

Level-up Adjustment Form

Enter the desired percentage for each filter and click ‘Submit’. A new table with an orange banner appears below the green one. Copy from the green table to your ROM to restore regular level-up requirements. Copy from the orange table to your ROM to use the new level-up values.


Original Hexadecimal Level Data

Enter the original hexadecimal values below into your ROM.
(Level progression will be restored to the original game settings).



Filter Instructions

Read below for an introduction of each filter and to better understand how this tool might help you to mold Destiny of an Emperor into the game you wish to create. Once you have selected your filters and submitted the form a new output table (with an orange banner) will offer the hexadecimal code needed to update your ROM. A table populated with detailed information for each level and how your filters affected it will also be provided to aid in any additional fine-tuning you wish to perform.

Low Level Filter

This level filter is best used to increase the overall game difficulty. Starting with the second level (the first you receive in the game) the experience requirement for each is increased by the percentage value you specify in this filter, but also, with each level, the percentage increases drops (until it eventually becomes non-existent for level 50). This filter increases overall game difficulty, especially in the earlier portions of the game.

Mid-Level Filter

This filter was designed specifically to address the middle of the game, particularly traveling through Shu and Wu where the player’s tactician begins to learn powerful tactics. If you have increased soldier counts this becomes a noteworthy problem as tactics like An Sha and Ji Mian are introduced, significantly diminishing the level of skill and strategy needed to complete key battles. The mid-level filter increases the experience required for the mid-range levels (centered at level 25). Its influence diminishes and eventually expires on lower and higher levels.

High Level Filter

This filter is best combined with other filters. It is the opposite of the low-level filter, but is applied at a much lower percentage to avoid requirements above higher level experience requirements above 999,999. Experimental support for higher values is available (which we implement by attempting to alter the level 51 experience value). See ‘Entering Higher Values’ below for more information.

Upper Level Filter

This is a hidden filter which you can access by adding &upper_scale=[value] (where 'value' is a percentage) to the end of the URL and pressing Return to reload the page after you have selected and submitted your other filters. This is a custom filter devoted to a dramatic experience requirement increase from roughly early entry into Wu (around the point you’re learning your last tactics) all the way up to level 50. Combine with the high-level filter to heavily increase experience requirements without breaking the 999,999 experience barrier.

Entering Higher Values

Higher filter values are supported by this tool and the Destiny of an Emperor ROM. The options presented in the form avoid game-breaking bugs and are selected for enjoyable gameplay. After submitting the form, though, you can manually edit each filter’s value (illegal values will be ignored) and load the page to apply them (the form will not recognize higher values). The requirement for level 51 should (hopefully) be adjusted and it should (hopefully) work. Check the output table to make sure level requirements increase steadily (it should go without saying things break with a decrease) and test your ROM carefully. Only the insane will enjoy fighting three hours for a level-up.

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March 7, 2014