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Frequently Asked Questions Mini-Guide (FAQ)

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If you are reading this it probably means you are experiencing Destiny of an Emperor for your first time. What a treat! Although this game has become extremely well-loved by the many who have played it, as evidenced by the reviews around the internet, it does have a few snags and gotchas which can confuse or surprise players. We hope to cover all of these surprises in detail here so you can focus on enjoying this wonderful game.

Frequently Asked Questions Mini-Guide (FAQ)

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Destiny of an Emperor FAQ (Mini-Guide)

Questions are presented in chronological order for easier navigation.

Q: I just started the game, and it takes me forever to win battles!

A: Though you start the game with equipment, it isn't automatically equipped to your characters. Select a general's items through the menu, select a weapon (Flail or Dagger) or armor (Robe), and choose the equip option. You should be fine now.

Q: I just started the game, and when I walk I lose soldiers!
Q: Do you really start the game with no money to spend on equipment?

A: In the first village you will find a merchant walking around near a horse. Speak with him, and he will give you some money and enough rations begin your journey.

Q: Help! Zhang Jao beats the living tar out of me at Qing Zhou!

A: Start searching for a random battle containing the general Han Zhong, and defeat him. After you win, at this point in the game, you should be offered a chance to try and hire him. Do so, even if it takes you a few tries. After he joins, enter the cave behind Qing Zhou, and place Han Zhong in the lead of your party (select Formation from the main menu). Talk to the Brigand by the water, and he will create a bridge for you. Cross the bridge, explore to find the Ax, then locate and battle Zhang Jao. He will now only have Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang with him.

Q: When trying to hire officers, they complain that I have no steed!

A: In Xu Zhou (the first castle), go to the Merchant. In his inventory, you will see an item called 'Steed' for 200 Gold. If you purchase it, and have one in your inventory when an officer asks to join, you will be able to offer it to them in exchange for their services. You can buy Steeds in other cities as well.

Q: Where to get Chi Tu Ma? Does Chi Tu Ma actually do something?

A: Check the screenshot below for Chi Tu Ma’s location. Early in the game, Chi Tu Ma isn't very useful, but later on, especially if given to an officer with decent agility (Pang Tong, Guan Xing, and Jiang Wei all being good choices), it will help them to go first nearly 90% of the time. This can be a life- saver, especially in tough battles like Zhou Yu, Chen Pu, and the various encounters with Cao Pi or Sima Yi.

It has also been reported by a few people that sometimes Chi Tu Ma can be recovered a second time later in the game. It is worth visiting again later to see if this bug happens to grace your own game. Lord Yuan Shu took a screenshot of this odd occurrence. Shortly after I found a second as well, so it is definitely worth checking.

Q: Help: Where is Wang Gui? Help: Where is Zhou Chao?

A: Zhou Chao, normally a recruitable officer in Chang An, is missing more frequently than he is found. Wang Gui, who would normally be found in Luo Yang (where you fought Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo), also vanishes from time to time. There's not much purpose in worrying about either of them unless you are playing a challenge.

Q: Where is the Trident (a unique powerful mid-game weapon)?

A: You find it in Nan Yang (the city formerly occuped by Yuan Shu). Head to the northeastern area of the city near the merchant who offers to sell the Silver Key. See the road which wraps just above the river around the palace? Search at the end of that road to find the Trident. This is a great toy for Zhang Fei and 1,000+ soldier heavy-hitters such as Yan Liang and Wen Chou.

Q: Help! I am finding open treasure chests, or a listed item is missing!

A: A glitch exists in Destiny of an Emperor which can sometimes cause certain items or treasure chests to be empty (or, in some cases, can even repopulate them). This can lead to missing out on Swords in Jingzhou, several of the Magical Swords, and even the Halberd. If you encounter this glitch, drop what you are doing, go outside, and fight at least 45 random battles. Check to see if the missing item(s) have reappeared. If not, fight a small batch of additional items (this can reverse the glitch). If it still does not reappear, you are better off starting your game over from the beginning. The cause of this glitch is presently unknown.

Q: Zhuge Liang wakes up and gets mad at me! What do I do?

A: Leave the house, come back, and when the game prompts you to wake him do nothing. After several moments he will wake on his own, hold a civil conversation with you, and offer to join your party.

Q: Help! I just got to Shu (after Jingzhou), and officers hit too hard!

A: If you arrive in Shu at a relatively low level, your strategist, be it Pang Tong or Zhuge Liang, will know a tactic called Ji Rou. Cast this tactic at the beginning of a battle (use Chi Tu Ma to make this faster) and damage taken from physical attacks for the full duration of a battle will be reduced by 50%.

Q: How do you break Liu Zheng out of his cell?

A: Stand in front of the cell door and tap up on the direction pad about once ever half second. Do not press firmly or hold it down. After about five or six taps, done correctly, the cell will open up.

Q: I've defeated Liu Zheng and found out about the magical swords, and I'm supposed to attack Sun Quan, but I don't know where to go?

A: South of Gui Yang (south from Chang Sha) you will now find a bridge into Wu territory. Use the inn and save your game before you continue. The generals here are much more powerful than the officers you've been facing in Liu Zheng's territory.

Q: Where is the Halberd (the best weapon in the game)?

A: You find it early in the second cave of Wei, toward the end of the game. See the guide itself for more information.

Q: Help! I cannot 'defeat' Sima Yi's Thunder!

A: When you first face Sima Yi at Ru Nan you will not be able to counter his 'Thunder' tactic. You will wake up in Liu Bei's city. Liu Bei will tell you to speak with Guan Suo, who is waiting with Guan Yu in Chang Sha. Go to Chang Sha (north from Gui Yang in Jingzhou) and you will meet Guan Suo next to Guan Yu. You must speak with Guan Suo or you will not be able to counter Sima Yi.

Guan Suo gives you the tactic, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down. Face Sima Yi again and, after he says you cannot defeat his 'Thunder' tactic you will find that you are not transported back to Jian Ye when you first hit the confirmation button. The button-press will also be accompanied by an odd chime. You have a few moments, here, to ender the 'spell' Guan Suo gave you on the direction pad. If you do it properly, Sima Yi will shrug it off, comment that brute force will suffice, and attack you. If you fail you will again be blasted back to Jian Ye.

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