Destiny of an Emperor: Battles IX

Destiny of an Emperor: Battles: Chapter IX (Sima Yi)

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On this page all set battles fought in Destiny of an Emperor from Cao Pi's death up until Si Ma Yi's death are listed. Each entry includes a list of officers you must face, a screenshot of the battle, then a strategy for completing it should you have trouble when you play the game.

Chapter IX – Battles Against Si Ma Yi’s Officers

Chapter IX begins after Cao Pi’s death and lasts until the game ends.

Battle 62: Return to Ru Nan Castle
Si Ma Yi - 40972, Xu Zhu - 20020, Dian Wei - 20020, Rebel Force *2
Strategy: Si Ma Yi is twice as dangerous as any other officer in Wei. It is recommended that you use Zhu Ge Liang as your strategist whenever you face Si Ma Yi. You will be ambushed and as a result Si Ma Yi may cause serious damage with his first unrestricted attack. Cast Ce Mian at the beginning of the battle and maintain it until you defeat Si Ma Yi. Have all other generals use Bei Ji on themselves. On the following rounds use Power Pills on Si Ma Yi until he is defeated. After he is defeated make normal attacks against Xu Zhu until he falls then go all-out with Dian Wei.
    If your strategist knows An Sha you should begin by casting Ji Mian. Maintain it as long as Xu Zhu and Dian Wei remain alive. Have your two smartest officers cast An Sha on Xu Zhu and Dian Wei. Repeat on the next round if they survive. Attack Si Ma Yi whenever you can spare an officer. You should conserve your Power Pills for when Si Ma Yi is nearly defeated. When his soldiers are somewhere between 7,000 and 10,000 you should attack him with everything you’ve got. Make sure you do not kill the Rebels. If he heals continue attacking him until you get your chance. When Si Ma Yi casts Wan Fu there is a chance he may target the rebels instead of himself. If you loose you should consider making Zhi Ge Liang your strategist.)

Battle 63: Chen Liu Fortress’ Gate
Niu Jin - 20020, Rebel Force *4
Strategy: Go all-out to kill him. If you are using An Sha you may want to conserve your TP and destroy him with normal attacks unless you don’t mind using Zhu Ge Liang specifically to heal between battles.)

Battle 64: Chen Liu Fortress
Si Ma Yi - 40972, Yang Xiu - 20999, Jiang Gan - 19087, Rebel Force *2
Strategy: Both An Sha and Ji Mian are weak in this battle, so you will want to make your strategist Zhu Ge Liang or Pang Tong for Ce Mian. Your Chi Tu Ma rider activate Ce Mian right away to keep Si Ma Yi from healing or using Ji Mian. Use Bei Ji on Zhang Bao, Zhao Yun, and if you like, Ma Chao using free officers who go faster. Use Power Pills with only the generals using Bei Ji - or with everyone if this battle will make you too weak to continue – and destroy Si Ma Yi before dropping maintenance of Ce Mian. Defeat Yang Xiu next followed by Jiang Gan. If you have a good amount of TP left you may want to preserve it to continue to the next castle, otherwise feel free to prevent Yang Xiu from healing as well and end the battle. Go all-out once Jiang Gan is the only remaining officer.

Battle 65: Chin Castle
Xun Huo - 25418, Li Dian - 23103, Wang Shuang - 20999, Rebel Force *2
Strategy: If using Ce Mian, cast and maintain the tactic with your Chi Tu Ma rider starting at the beginning of the battle, Xun Huo knows An Sha. Cast Bei Ji on Zhang Bao and Zhao Yun, and have them both use Power Pills on Xun Huo. Following round, still maintaining Ce Mian, use Bei Ji on Guan Xing and Ma Chao, then continue to use Power Pills to destroy Xun Huo. Once he is dead either go all-out, or use tactics and attacks to destroy Wang Shuang then Li Dian.
    Though this battle is much easier with Ce Mian, it can be managed with An Sha. If following this tactic, don’t bother with Ji Mian. Use your smartest officers to take Wang Shuang’s head, casting Bei Ji on your two strongest attackers, and have them use power pills on Xun Huo. In the next round have your smartest officers target and kill Li Dian (delaying on Wang Shuang if necessary), have your two strongest attackers use Power Pills (if possible), and have the remaining two use Bei Ji on themselves. Ideally at this point only Xun Huo and two Rebel Force remain. Continue to use Power Pills to destroy Xun Huo as quickly as possible, hoping for a little luck between his Ji Mians and Wan Fus, and you should be able to defeat him. If it is too difficult, return and use Ce Mian instead

Battle 66: Luo Yang’s First Gate
Dian Wei - 20020, Hou Cheng - 18197, Liu Ye - 16540, Rebel Force *2
Note: You can recruit Dian Wei before this gate, removing him from the battle!
Strategy: Go all out, or if you have reason to preserve soldiers, using Ce Mian, spend a round using Bei Ji then wipe out Dian Wei with normal attacks, removing the remaining two by going all-out. If using An Sha, target Liu Ye with your two smartest officers, Hou Cheng with your third most intelligent, and Dian Wei with the remaining two. Clean up whatever mess remains in following rounds.

Battle 67: Luo Yang’s Second Gate
Liu Dai - 26661, Chen Qun - 24233, Lu Wen - 22026, Rebel Force *2
Strategy: Mian, keep it active with your Chi Tu Ma rider and use Bei Ji with all other officers. In following rounds, kill Chen Qun, then go all-out. If using An Sha, kill Liu Dai and Lu Wen with your smartest officers while preparing your strongest with Bei Ji. Once only Chen Qun remains and you have Bei Ji active, go all-out.

Battle 68: Luo Yang’s Third Gate
Le Xin - 29332, Wang Can - 26661, Mao Jie - 24233, Rebel Force *2
Strategy: Go all out, or if you have reason to preserve soldiers, using Ce Mian, keep it active with your Chi Tu Ma rider and use Bei Ji with all other officers. In following rounds, kill Wang Can, then go all-out. If using An Sha, kill Le Xin and Mao Jie with your smartest officers while preparing your strongest with Bei Ji. Once only Wang Can remains and you have Bei Ji active, go all-out.

Battle 69: Luo Yang’s Castle, First Battle
Si Ma Shi - 27965, Si Ma Zhao - 30767, Rebel Force *3
Strategy: Make Zhuge Liang your strategist for this battle, An Sha is not effective against the Si Ma brothers. Have your Chi Tu Ma rider cast and maintain Ce Mian from the first round (they both have An Sha, Je Mian, and Wan Fu) and cast Bei Ji on one of your two best, and either of your third or fourth best (leaving two uncast). In the following rounds use Power Pills with the officers that have Bei Ji active, normal attacks with the other two, and defeat Si Ma Zhao. Once Si Ma Zhao is defeated, still maintaining Ce Mian, defeat Si Ma Shi. If you have a chance to preserve any TP do so, you will need them for the next battle. Don’t go all-out against the Si Ma brothers.

Battle 70: Luo Yang’s Castle, Second Battle
Si Ma Yi - 40972, Yu Jin - 30767, Wei Xu - 27965, - Cheng Yu - 24233, Xu Zhu - 20020
Strategy (Ce Mian): If using a Ce Mian strategist, cast and maintain Ce Mian at the beginning of battle using the officer that rides Chi Tu Ma. Have the two officers with Power Pills remaining (if you followed the strategy listed for the two-part battle) use the Power Pills on Si Ma Yi after being boosted with Bei Ji by other officers. Have everyone else use normal attacks. Keep Ce Mian active while you kill Si Ma Yi using your remaining Power Pills, then continue on to Cheng Yu (making sure you don’t let good attacks spill over on Yu Jin). Once Cheng Yu is defeated, you can go all out or kill them in this order: Xu Zhu, Yu Jin, Wei Xu. If you followed the strategy below, entering the battle with only Si Ma Yi to fight, act as listed above only instead have your four combatants cast Bei Ji on themselves, the Ce Mian user casting it on himself when he has a chance, using Power Pills to proceed normally from there.
    Strategy (An Sha): If you are entering the battle with an An Sha strategist use Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wei to take Cheng Yu’s head if you can. Have other intelligent officers use An Sha on Xu Zhu, Yu Jin, and Wei Xu in that order. Officers who aren’t intelligent enough to use An Sha can start casting Bei Ji on your best warriors with Power Pills. Don’t bother with Ji Mian in this battle. Continue working to get Si Ma Yi alone, even if you run out of TPs, killing Cheng Yu with attacks if necessary, then start using normal attacks to drop Si Ma Yi. When he gets close to death, start using your Power Pills to kill him before he can use Wan Fu. It is possible to defeat Si Ma Zhao and Si Ma Shi followed by Si Ma Yi using an An Sha strategist, but takes a decent amount of skill and a little luck. I’ll leave that strategy up to you.
    Gameplay Tip: You can retreat from the battle against Si Ma Yi after defeating Si Ma Zhao and Si Ma Shi. Though Si Ma Yi and his troops heal to full health if you do this, upon return you do not have to face Si Ma Zhao and Si Ma Shi again. This is an excellent way to make the ending easier if you are having trouble with the dual-battle.

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