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IRC Connection Tutorial for Kongming’s Archives

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You are viewing our step-by-step tutorial for chatting with our website and forum members through IRC, a chat protocol that allows for a chatroom-like communication setting. If you are already familiar with IRC and only need the basic settings, get your information here. If IRC is new to you and you would like detailed instructions, you’re in the right place!

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Chat With Us Over IRC

Welcome to our step-by-step tutorial. First, we will download mIRC, an IRC chat client. With this program you can chat with other Kongming’s Archives viewers and members of our forum, Scholars of Shen Zhou. IRC is similar in ways to a chat program like AOL Instant Messenger, but it is built around group discussion and sharing.

  1. Head to the mIRC Download Page.
  2. Click the big green Download mIRC Button.
  3. Now at CNET Downloads, click the new Download Now button.
  4. Save the .exe file to your computer. When you have downloaded it, launch it to install mIRC. When the mIRC window appears, click the ‘Next’ button. Don’t worry—mIRC is virus and spyware free.
  5. License Agreement” window: click I Agree to continue.
  6. Choose Install Location” window: click Next to continue.
  7. Choose Components” window: click Next to continue.
  8. Select Additional Tasks” window: select or deselect any checkboxes based on personal preferences, then click Next to continue.
  9. Ready to Install” window: click Install to confirm.
  10. Completing the mIRC Setup Wizard” window: click the Run mIRC checkbox so the program launches next, then click Finish to continue.

mIRC will launch into a thirty-day evaluation period. After thirty days you can continue to use the program without paying, but it will remind you of registration on launch or occasionally when joining a channel. There are also many more IRC clients, often free, which you can explore down the road if you want something new.

Now, let’s configure mIRC:

  1. Options: Dismissthe registration prompt and mIRC will automatically take you to its configuration menu (you can access it in the future by selecting [Tools] –> Options… from the topmost menu). Options are divided into categories managed through a menu on the left-hand side. We’re going to stay inside the Connect category.
  2. Name and Nickname: You begin in Connect. Enter the requested information. Your ‘Nickname’ and ‘Alternative Nickname’ are the handles which will be used when you chat. (Don’t click ‘OK’ just yet. Proceed to step 2).
  3. Server Settings: Description: 'Kongming's Archives'; IRC Server: 'irc.lunarnet.org'; Ports: '667'; Group: 'LunarNet.org'Add Server: Under Connect: Servers click Add on the right-hand side. In the pop-up window, enter the information shown in the screenshot shown to the right.
  4. Select Server: Kongming’s Archives has been added to the list in the folder LunarNet.org. Click on Kongming’s Archives to select it, then click the Select button.
  5. Connect to Server: In the next window simply click the Connect button.
  6. Join Channel: Some text will fly across the screen and a window will come up prompting you to join a channel. Type #sosz and click Join.
  7. Learn More: Congratulations! You’ve joined the Kongming’s Archives IRC chatroom. To learn more about IRC feel free to ask members of the chatroom or post your questions to our IRC chatroom discussion in our forum, Scholars of Shen Zhou. You can also learn more by visiting the online mIRC help documentation.
  8. Connect Button: IRC's Quick Connec/Disconnect button looks like a lightning bolt. Click it to quickly toggle your connection to a server.mIRC will remember that you are connected to LunarNet.org. In the future you can use a special ‘Connect’ button in the program's main menu (see button to the right) to quickly connect and disconnect from your server.
  9. Auto-Connect: You can configure mIRC to automatically connect when you launch it. Enter the mIRC options [Tools] –> Options… and choose the Options category under Connect on the lefthand side. Activate Connect on Startup checkbox and then click OK to confirm.
  10. If you are prompted in the future to select a channel, use #sosz. You can also join #sosz from a chat window by typing /join #sosz. If you need to connect to the LunarNet.org server again you can do so by entering the program options.
  11. Good luck!




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March 7, 2014