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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI: Secret Characters

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Gone are the days of Koei filling Romance of the Three Kingdoms with unusual secret characters like Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and Sitting Bull, secret officers haven’t been completely removed from the series. You can unlock secret characters as you play the game and meet certain conditions. No Western personalities, but rather historic and fictional Chinese characters. Below is a list of ten female officers you can unlock by beating the game with a female ruler. Thanks, Banishing Blade!

Sorry, PlayStation 2 only!

Secret Female Characters

Beat the game as a female ruler to unlock the following secret female officers!

Dong Bai

Ldr: 9 War: 7 Int: 48 Pol: 56 Chr: 74
Skill: Wealth
Personality: Timid

Biography: Dong Zhuo’s granddaughter. When Dong Zhuo was assassinated, all of his relatives, young and old alike, were murdered. When Dong Zhuo held political power and his whole family was being given high government positions, Dong Bai was given territory as the Wei Yang Lord before she reached the age of fifteen. After the seal presentation, chief retainers such as commanders, intendants and governors became her advisors. After Dong Zhuo’s death, his mother, father, wife, children and siblings were all wiped out.

Du Shi

Ldr: 14 War: 3 Int: 52 Pol: 48 Chr: 82
Skill: Spousal Support
Personality: Cool

Biography: The wife of Qin Yilu, Lu Bu’s officer, Qin Lang’s mother. She later became Cao Cao’s concubine. While Du Shi’s husband was away seeing Yuan Shu as an envoy, she remained home in Xia Pi. With her great beauty, she became Cao Cao’s concubine when Lu Bu lost and died in Xia Pi. Her child, Qin Lang, was raised in Cao Cao’s court and treated with affection. While Guan Yu had Lu Bu besieged at Xia Pi, he asked Cao Cao many times to let him have Du Shi for his wife.

Guan Yinping

Ldr: 70 War: 82 Int: 52 Pol: 56 Chr: 78
Skill: Escape Route
Personality: Reckless
Father: Guan Yu

Biography: Guan Yu’s daughter. She appears in popular folklore as having the bravery of her father and participating in Zhuge Liang’s conquest of Nanman. When there was a suggestion of a marriage proposal between Sun Quan’s son and Guan Yu’s daughter. Guan Yu refused, saying “How can I give a tiger’s daughter to a dog’s whelp?” This angered Sun Quan, and was one of the reasons Sun Quan’s Forces invaded Jing Province.

Guo Shi

Ldr: 32 War: 6 Int: 79 Pol: 74 Chr: 85
Skill: Siren
Personality: Cool

Biography: Cao Pi’s Empress. Her father was Guo Yong. Her mother was Dong Shi. Guo Shi was extremely beautiful. Because Guo Yong bragged that his daughter was “the king of women,” she was called “Queen.” When Cao Pi became the Wei Emperor, Guo Shi was favored by him as his concubine. After conspiring with Zhang Tao to have Cao Pi execute Zhen Shi, Guo Shi became Empress. She was childless, but raised Zhen Shi’s son Cao Rui. Guo Shi lost both of her parents young and her status dropped, but she was singled out by Cao Cao and came to serve Cao Pi. She helped Cao Pi with her excellent strategizing abilities, and made efforts to have him chosen as successor. With her modest personality, Guo Shi was popular with the court as well, but Cao Rui, his mother having been executed, hated Guo Shi. Some even say she was killed so that Cao Rui could get revenge.

Li Shi

Ldr: 34 War: 18 Int: 68 Pol: 74 Chr: 72
Skill: Resolute
Personality: Bold
Spouse: Ma Miao

Biography: Wife of Ma Miao. Protector of Jiang You Guan of Shu. Scolded her husband after he failed to respond to Deng Ai of Wei’s attack on Jiang You Guan as she feared the fall of Shu. Her husband officially surrendered to Deng Ai, forcing her to hang herself and commit suicide, gaining profound respect from Deng Ai.

Lu Yusheng

Ldr: 22 War: 33 Int: 71 Pol: 70 Chr: 80
Skill: Clear Thought
Personality: Cool
Father: Lu Ji

Biography: The daughter of Lu Ji of Wu. Lu Yu Sheng was so named because she was born while her father was away at his post in Yu Lin. She was the wife of Zhang Bai. Zhang Wen’s younger brother. Lu Yu Sheng married Zhang Bai, who was from the same province, at the age of thirteen. Three months after getting married, Zhang Bai was implicated in an incident that involved his whole family, was exiled and died in his place of exile, making Lu Yu Sheng a widow. She vowed to remain faithful to him, however. No matter how hard life got, she refused all proposals of remarriage and continued to serve Zhang Bai’s sister.

Pang E

Ldr: 52 War: 76 Int: 74 Pol: 70 Chr: 78
Skill: Capture
Personality: Bold

Biography: The eldest daughter of Zhao An. The wife of Pang Zixia. Also known as “Pang E Qin.” When Li Shou killed her father, she and her three younger brothers planned revenge. The younger brothers all died from the plague, however, and Li Shou, thinking she was safe, carlessly let her guard down. On hearing of this, Pang E vowed never to let Li Shou live. In 179, she killed Li Shou in broad daylight, and then calmly and immediately turned herself in at a government office. She was ready to submit to her sentence, but wasn’t punished in the end. Hearing about Pang E’s story, men such as the Governor of Liang Province, Zhou Hong, the Prefect of Jiu Quan, Liu Ban, and an undersecretary, Zhang Huan, all expressed their respect for her.

Xiahou Shi

Ldr: 13 War: 5 Int: 62 Pol: 68 Chr: 74
Skill: Detection
Personality: Cool
Spouse: Zhang Fei

Biography: Xiahou Yuan’s niece. Xiahou Ba’s cousin. Zhang Fei’s wife. The mother of Zhang Shi, Liu Chan’s Empress. In the year 200, when Xiahou Shi was thirteen or fourteen, she was captured by Zhang Fei when out collecting firewood, and became his wife. In 219, when Xiahou Yuan died in battle, Xiahou Shi asked to bury the reamins, Xiahou Ba (who later defected to Shu) was given preferential treatment because he was Xiahou Shi’s cousin, and was promoted to Marshal.

Yang Shi

Ldr: 6 War: 16 Int: 42 Pol: 48 Chr: 72
Skill: Breeding
Personality: Cool
Spouse: Ma Chao

Biography: The wife of Ma Chao. When Ma Chao lost to Cao Cao in the battle at Wei Shui and occupied Ji Cheng, Yang Shi followed her husband into the fortress. But Yang Fu, Zhao Ang and others were out to get Ma Chao, and raised an army against him. While Ma Chao was trying to bring them under control, Liang Kuan and Zhao Qu captured Yang Shi. When Ma Chao returned to the fortress defeated, Yang Shi and their three children were murdered right in front of him. After Yang Shi entered the fortress at Ji Cheng, she came to trust Zhao Ang’s wife, Wang Yi, and they became so close they would talk the whole day through. But this was Wang Yi’s plot to help her husband while he was raising an army, and gave Zhao Ang and the others a chance to prepare to take up arms without raising Ma Chao’s suspicion.

Zhang Shi

Ldr: 56 War: 79 Int: 58 Pol: 66 Chr: 78
Skill: Promotion
Personality: Bold
Father: Zhang Fei
Mother: Xiahou Shi
Husband: Liu Chan

Biography: Zhang Fei’s eldest daughter. Liu Chan’s Empress (Empress Jing’ai). Her mother was Xiahou Shi (Xiahou Ba’s cousin). When Liu Chan became Emperor, according to the advice of Zhuge Liang and others, Zhang Shi became his Empress at the age of seventeen. In the year 221, Zhang Shi entered the court as the consort of the Crown Prince Liu Chan. In 223, she became Empress. She died in 237, and her younger sister became Liu Chan’s Empress.

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