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Kongming’s Archives is dedicated to Luo Guanzhong’s novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, related games (e.g. Koei’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dynasty Warriors), and the history behind them. Kongming’s Archives is also a place for you to share your Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel and history works and and knowledge with everyone else in the Three Kingdoms community.

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Lady Liu Lifespan Unlisted
From a wealthy family. She was courted for marriage by Lü Fan despite his humble roots.

More: Chen Shi (Zhonggong), Zhao Bao (Weihao), Shen Zhong, He Pan (Huixing)

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Learn about the history behind the Three Kingdoms (Sanguo)
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Compete against other human players in this strategic forum-based
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New Romance of the Three Kingdoms Announced October 29, 2014
by James Peirce

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Good news! Koei Tecmo has announced development of a new entry in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series to celebrate their 30th anniversary. A discussion of the topic has started in our forum.

Kong Pow’s Chicken April 1, 2014
by James Peirce

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Pardon our April Fools’ shenanigans.

Shiny New Gears March 21, 2014
by James Peirce

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Hello there! We shared news in some time, but I have a small update to share. Our previous host was falling behind the times and various things started to break. My ability to share updates with you on the Kongming's Archives home page, for example. Sometimes it seemed as if the website were held together with duct tape. I have recently completed the process of migrating everything—Kongming's Archives, Scholars of Shen Zhou, and Simulated RTK—over to a new server, and for the past week I have been repairing a range of issues across the website.

On your end, you should find that everything is faster and more dependable. If you happen to encounter something which has broken—a distinct possibility—please take a moment to contact me so I can repair it. You might be surprised how long an issue can go before it is reported. This includes broken links, missing images, any sort of error—anything that is as perhaps it should not be.

Once everything is running smoothly we have some new things to set up and share. For example, forum member capnnerefir has been translating and sharing some excellent Three Kingdoms biographies from the Zi Zhi Tong Jian and we haven't done them justice here, though they've been linked in the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia. Stay tuned.

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Dynasty Warriors 6 (PC)July 2008UnknownJuly 2008
Dynasty Warriors BB (PC)UnknownUnknownSep 26, 2006
Romance of 3 Kingdoms X (PS2)June 2005UnknownMar 9, 2005
Romance of 3 Kingdoms XI (PS2)February 2007UnknownSep 27, 2006
Romance of 3 Kingdoms Touch (iTunes)October 2009UnknownUnknown
Romance of 3 Kingdoms DS 2 (DS)UnknownUnknownMar 20, 2007
Samurai Warriors 2 (PC)UnknownJune 2008Unknown
Sango 2 (PC)April 2008UnknownReleased
Sango 2 (PC)April 2008UnknownReleased

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May 13, 2014